Maple Leaves at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Game 63.leafs
Maple Leaves at Rangers.


Martin St. Louis makes his Rangers debut, wearing Dave Maloney’s old No. 26, while the ya boys play the first game of the post-Ryan Callahan era.

Say what you will about the trade and the negotiations with Callahan, and there certainly was a cost involved and St. Louis’ age to be considered. But the Rangers got the best player that moved on NHL trade deadline day, and they got him for next season too.

The Rangers have lost two in a row and need to get this turned around quickly with only 20 games remaining.

The Rangers are just 15-15-3 at home this season. After tonight they play seven of their next nine on the road.

St. Louis was to slide right into Callahan’s spot on the right of Brad Richards and Carl Hagelin, and into Mats Zuccarello’s spot on the power play. Henrik Lundqvist starts his third in a row in goal.

Derek Dorsett returns to the lineup, so J.T. Miller is going back to Hartford (AHL), especially with Mats Zuccarello ready to return as soon as Friday. Rafael Diaz, the defenseman obtained from Vancouver today, also will not play, along with Justin Falk.


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  1. Great deal by Slats!

    St Louis! Awesome!!! Since 2007, only Ovechkin has more points in the NHL. Amazing trade! He will be loved by NYC.

    I will miss Cally! But, I’ll make sure to watch the Tampa games because I love watching the guy play. Should be fun to see him play for a contract.

    Who cares about draft picks? It’s a crap shoot anyway! Trading a prospect like Miller would have been a mistake! I make this deal every time!

  2. Sather did a great job making Callahan look like the bad guy.

    Although, is he insane asking for Corey Perry money?

  3. As long as Sather can act like he “won”, everything is ok in the front office.

  4. bull dog line on

    Callahan was the bad guy, Manny.
    He wanted to go. if the Rangers had agreed to the no trade, Cally would have asked for something else. Cally just wanted to stall as long as he could hoping the deadline would pass with him being a Ranger. then leave July 1 to Buffalo.

  5. No trades are fantasies. They don’t exist. Everyone waives them when need be. And if a no trade works one way, it should work the other way too. Where the team can deny the players demand for a trade when things don’t go their way.

  6. I absolutely loved Cally. What more could you want in a captain. A true heart and soul guy. BUT, I am sorry….. 36M for 6 years is a huge amount of money for an intangible guy who will never put up big numbers. There is a part of me that is glad that Sather held the line at 6M for 6; because I honestly believe he was overpaying at that price. I hate that we gave up a 29 year old for a 38 year old, but better to get something than have him walk for nothing!

  7. _He wanted to go. if the Rangers had agreed to the no trade, Cally would have asked for something else_

    Stop. He came down repeatedly while the Rangers held, you can’t pretend he was the problem.

  8. I see the Rangers had to unretire Erik Christensen’s #26 for St-Louis? Well, isn’t that special?!

  9. We didn’t just get something. We got one of the best offensive players in the League.

  10. at the end of the season, Manny, they name a first- and second-team all-star team. Six players on each. That’s it. Pretty exclusive club.

  11. Some day, I’ll go back into the archives and see who contrasted Dubinsky with Callahan and see if I can find assurances that “the Rangers would take care of Callahan next time”. I can virtually guarantee someone said it, would just be a matter of finding it.

  12. Hopefully St Louis plays like a man possessed tonight and wins us over as soon as possible (not that he really has anything to prove to anyone). That’d be the only thing that would take away the sting right now.

  13. There are very few employees, Manny, who have no say in their employer for the first decade of their career.

  14. bull dog line on

    I am not the one pretending MrD. when he signs with Buffalo in the summer you will realize what Callahan’s motivation has been this whole time. 5×6 was more than fair. 6×6 was over the top for a player like Cally. he still turned it down.

  15. I’m still not sure exactly why Sather was compelled to throw 2 draft picks at Tampa when it was a one-team market. THAT desperate to get rid of Cally?

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't hit me Callahan!!!"...says Greg L. on



    No Problem!!!

  17. Vigneault already made the excuses for St-Louis’s post-match interviews. He played last night and had to travel today to get to MSG.

  18. _I’m still not sure exactly why Sather was compelled to throw 2 draft picks at Tampa when it was a one-team market. THAT desperate to get rid of Cally?_

    This is why I’d kill to know the other offer on Callahan and whether it could have been leveraged into a 3 team deal or something.

  19. I always envy lightning for having Marty, particularly when watching how he regularly undressed Hank against Rangers.

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't hit me Callahan!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Lets gog gog og gog ogoggo!!!



    IT IS TIME!!!!!

    GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!

  21. Richie is going to become so pass-happy with St Louis on his line, trying to set up his buddy for as many goals as he can. Which….might not be that bad of an idea at all!

  22. I want to punch Clarkson in the face. He looks a lot like my neighbor who I hate.

    Although if I ever punched him he would obliterate me.

  23. D Moore can be my fourth line center for as long as he wants to. Guy has gotten better all throughout the year.

  24. jpg's sister on

    jpg here

    what the heck is with McD?!@?!?!
    so far he’s been making MDZ look like an allstar

  25. We’ll always have Cally’s hit on Erskine to keep us warm on cold winter nights

  26. jpg's sister on

    jpg here

    other than McD (and a little bit Girardi for letting mapleleaf
    alone in front of Hank)
    we look pretty good… far
    we need to score!!!!!!

  27. If I’m Hagelin, I’m taking 6000 shots per day in the offseason in the hopes of developing one. Guy could be a force if he had a better wrister.

  28. Lots of forechecking and nice, short, crisp passes to set up shots in the offensive zone so far. Love it.

  29. Hopefully MSL teaches Hagelin how to play hockey. The skating thing he has figured out. Now just to make sure he’s not going in circles like a maniac…

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Lots of zone time…need to finish

    May need to break up Kreider and Nash. They do not mesh at all

  31. How different, if at all, would the history of NYR be if the Lightning had honored St. Louis’ request for a trade to NY in 2009?

  32. If I can pick one guy to get on-ice teachings from MSL, it would be Kreider. I’d give these lines a few days to see what you got, but I’m also curious to see a Hagelin/Kreider swap at LW.

  33. leetchhalloffame on

    Trade deadline has come and gone but two things still exist. Sather is a moron and we are still the gutless, toothless NY Pansies.

  34. Richie looks good playing with Marty and Hags. I’m just not sure he can keep up for 60 minutes. We shall see.

  35. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Will a ranger line other than dorsett brass Pouliot please throw a hit?!

  36. In Clarkson’s defense, he’s a highly
    Paid player now. Can’t put himself in harms way.

  37. Without the benefit of a practice or 2 under his belt, did St Louis get a crash-course in AV’s system or is he just playing on instinct and adjusting as much as he can tonight?

  38. Impressed by Stralman. Think Slats has told him to stay and earn a new contract

  39. How many people just had minor heart palpitations when St. Louis went head first towards the boards?

  40. eddie eddie eddie on

    trade step at the draft…there must be a tortoise available that skates faster…

  41. eddie eddie eddie on

    before long…MSL will be pushed up to center Gnash and THE and stepan will be centering hags and the rocket

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    MSL is not only the best forward on the team…he’s also the smartest….he belongs with THE and Gnash…the rocket’s engines burned up on the tarmac years ago….too slow to maximize MSL’s talent

  43. Did we trade -Nash- ?? I did not see him on the ice that period.


  44. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is the horse, MStL is the jockey which must mean Hags is the stable boy

  45. ThisYearsModel on

    Another deadline passed and THE us still on the Rangers. That is a good thing.

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    romeo – it will be interesting as there is definitely organic chemistry between rocket and MSL

  47. Trade -Nash- and Lady Stepan at the draft for a bowl and some pea soup.


  48. Anson Carter obviously memorizes his lines. He starts answering questions by rote that are about to be asked.

  49. eddie eddie eddie on

    maybe the problem with richards was that he hadn’t a skilled linemate like MSL during his ranger tenure…maybe he will return of 2004 form…who knows? stamkos misses marty…when is his contract up?…could msl lure his great friend stamkos to broadway?

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    toronto feed saying sather loves trading his captains….TGO, messier, Lowe, Leetch, Cally….

  51. FUDGE!!!!
    i really thought Hank was gonna stop that!!!

    hate thinking positive
    bites me in the aaassen

  52. the rangers 8.5 million dollar goalie should start charging toll through that 5-hole. Don’t agree with the call but what else is new with the nhl refs.

  53. This is like watching Spanky’s soap box speed downhill with no breaks…sparks flying and no end in sight

  54. Booby @ 8:07…., too bad -Nash- gets up when he gets knocked down.


  55. Stranger Nation on

    Why have a line change during an offensive shift where you ate pressing D?

    Nasher get tired?

  56. I think there was a defection in front
    Or maybe someone pointing a laser from the bridge

  57. I can’t believe St. Louis is a Ranger.

    He will give us a HUGE bump in scoring, this year, and help set the table for next year.

    Good move!

    I have ZERO access to hockey down here on the islands, and the internet is at pony express speed.

  58. 8.5 for a goalie who is now 32 and starting to show holes, deep breath, deep breath!!!!

  59. Totally feeling bad for ilb and Sioux with their no internet or hockey on their *island* vacations.

  60. if the rangers don’t make the playoffs, I will blame the Olympics. Rangers were playing well and came the Olympic break and the little hobbit got hurt in the Olympics.

  61. NO GOAL

  62. i blame ALL of Hank’s inconsistency
    on his kid

    team needs to buy him a nanny

  63. If they propped up Gordon and Chadwick’s corpses in the booth and we listened to silence, it would still be a better broadcast

  64. can we get a hypnotist to convince
    Nash that he’s actually playing for
    Team Canada?

  65. _Anson Carter did, Manny. Called them “tree trunks”_

    “… because they’re full of rich maple syrup!!!”

    “Ewww …”

  66. Stranger Nation on

    Fat Guy
    If they propped up Gordon and Chadwick’s corpses in the booth and we listened to silence, it would still be a better broadcast

    March 5th, 2014 at 8:25 PM


  67. ThisYearsModel on

    Phaneuf can hit guys and end their careers, but if anyone hits him he cries like a little baby.

  68. Carp, what happening with my posts. Just very few of them, totally innocent and every other goes for moderation. Why?

  69. That’s the face I want to punch the most, TYM. I know he didn’t do anything wrong, but the ramifications have been brutal.

  70. Yeah, MD. Clean hit on Sauer but if you don’t hate Phaneuf then you’re not human.

  71. Carp – I thought of you just a couple of hours ago.

    New Bonehead, Water Buffalo from Belize, a dragon carved on the forehead, with a light that looks like a candle.

    I was thinking $300, nope, she wanted $1200. I asked her how long she had it, over 3 years :) Hmmmm hot seller, but it looked good.

  72. Lecavalier with a knockdown on Erskine … as Simmonds was grabbed Erskine from behind. I’m sure rep will save him any discipline, just like on the Anisimov incident.

  73. _Yeah, MD. Clean hit on Sauer but if you don’t hate Phaneuf then you’re not human._

    “This hate is illogical. I embrace it.”

  74. Ugh we can’t finish. I think they should have kept Miller up and put him on the St. Louis line.

  75. I never thought I’d say this, but Carcillo has been good. Miller should be in over Dorsett…don’t get it. He will be replacing Richards soon.

  76. I would also keep Miller up. But I don’t know a about taking Dorsett out. He was good before the injury.

  77. Stranger Nation on

    Flyers – Caps brawl had 3 Flyers junping on Erskine as Vinny L attempted to square off with him

  78. bored enough with this game
    that i checked out the fight between

    that simmonds didn’t get a game for being 3rd man in….
    in fact he pulled a cap player during a fight TWICE
    2nd time he set up vinny to throw a haymaker on erskine.
    oddly those 2 are out of the game

  79. I think Hartnell, Booby. Its a race, but Clarkson will occasionally drop fair in anger whereas Hartnell is always well aware of whether or not he has 4 inches and 40 pounds.

  80. They’re out for 2nd fight, JPG. But you’re right, Simmonds got away with it. Lecavalier was the cheapie, but Simmonds allowed him to do it.

  81. “This next one goes out to the people of Pittsburgh. You’re no Pittsburgh.”

  82. The flipside is the new Real Estate album has gotten great reviews. Not listening until my flight on Friday, but I’m really fired up.

  83. You’re right about Hartnell. Even if it were a tie Hartnell would win because of all his stupid ginger.

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can’t wait for Zuc to get back. He and St Louis can go outside of MSG and see if either one casts a shadow. If they do, then six more weeks of Rangers hockey.

  85. When’s the last time a Rangers D-man scored from the point? Not counting Stralman’s accidental goal like 3 weeks ago.

  86. AV speech between periods:

    Alouette, gentille alouette,
    Alouette, je te plumerai.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't hit me Callahan!!!"...says Greg L. on


  88. Stranger Nation on

    Everybody, listen to me,
    And return me, my ship.
    I’m your captain, I’m your captain,
    Though I’m feeling mighty sick.

  89. Leetchhalloffame on

    Rangers making another crappy goalie look all-world. MSG will be dark come NHL/NBA playoff time. LOL Dolan.

  90. Good evening all! The only thing I’m absolutely positive about today is Zucca coming back. This trade/deal has me flummoxed.

  91. I wish we’d given Stepan to Tampa too. Nothing else in return, I just given him up. And Boyle. And I wish we’d traded to get MDZ back so we could give him away to.

  92. I seriously can’t imagine any scenario where the Rangers manage to score 2 goals to tie it, let alone 3 to win. What a shame.

  93. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    ….and a big fat rebound.

    I’m surprised he didn’t try to head it into the crowd. He should trademark that move, which is more style than substance.

    Another loss. Fourth place, here we come.

  94. it’s ridiculous that Sather thinks this is a win now team. The sad thing is if the rangers don’t make the playoffs, Sather will still be the Gm of the ny rangers.

  95. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather desperately tried to get Paul Ranger before the deadline. He thought he could save a fortune by not having to put his name on the jersey.

  96. Gravy

    should have laid money down on
    the idea
    that all of our momentum
    goes into the toilet
    after the olympics

    (sorry Carp but it sure as hades looks like that)

  97. I’d say the Olympics suck but Putin would have me killed before my head hit the pillow tonite

  98. Lundqvist needs to stop going down so quickly. One of the things that made him great was being patient.

  99. Give Richards the C! Richards turned this game around for us!! He’s the leader we need!!!

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dom Moore and Boyle with the assists….easily 2 of the greatest playmakers to play the game…

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    Not much of a Leafs Power Play, eh?

    I guess I won’t complain so much about ours…

  102. Dave Lozo ?@DaveLozo 2m
    Maybe the Rangers should leave Brad Richards in the penalty box for the rest of the game.

  103. This must be what the govt calls the zombie apocalypse- must be the bath salts in the lockerroom

  104. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Blogmama – I’m guilty as well.

    Hank needs to stop flopping around though. He’s starting to look like the snow angels.

  105. Brad Richards: “Hey Justin, man, maybe you’d like to … UN-tuck. Ha ha. Right?”

    Brad Richards: [offers scientifically engineered shirt]

    Justin Tuck: [stares daggers]

    Brad Richards: [drinks wine]

    Mister D: [seethes]

  106. How sweet it is… I’m not saying hockey games are fixed or anything like that, but Toronto would not even be in the playoff race if not for a lot of “generous” officiating night in and night out. How great is it the Rangers get two short handed goals on a perfect example of a penalty that the refs let Toronto get away with at least three times tonight, before calling the trip on Richards. Take that officials, league office, and Gary Bettman!

  107. Carp

    is it McD hurting?

    if not,
    he’s entering Nash-O-Meter territory
    with his 3rd or 4th SUPER MAJOR BUNGLE tonight

  108. You think the ledge was crowded here in the 2nd? Imagine how bad a Leafs blog must be?

  109. Another BS call! Not as bad as earlier in the year when the refs did not blow the wistle for over 5 seconds while Toronto wacked at our goalies glove hand in a 1-0 game!

  110. Mason Raymond is a real hoity toity name. I’m thinking his parents own a very large sailboat.

  111. No, that’s not a slash on Hagelin by Phanuff! Toronto actually plays like a team expecting to get the officiating calls!

  112. (That joke is funnier if you know my kid’s name. I totally have no right to make it.)

  113. _Hank has made at least three big saves in this game._

    In the real world, this is a 4-4 game.

  114. Man…this game will be either won or lost on a very flukey goal, it feels like.

  115. Don’t come so far so fast and mess it up boys….keep up your momentum!!!

    Phaneuf makes me bareuf

  116. McDonagh had a rare stinker defensively tonight. Must be heartbroken from Callahan leaving.

  117. _high glove_

    Yeah, dude. 90% of goalies stop one on none from point blank. Way to expose your weakness, Hank.

  118. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    These last 19 games are going to be excruciating.

    Or their just going to piss me off.

    I don’t know why I care less.


  119. CraigWeather on

    Lazy lazy lazy coverage…. This team I swear… It’s a miracle they aren’t 30-31 at this point…

  120. Awful *AWFUL* coverage by the two esteemed forwards there. Plus both D go behind the net at the same time. You can’t make it up.

  121. Olga Folkyerself on

    Seriously can’t wait until Richards is bought out.

    St Louis is here. Richards is staying now.

  122. rangers played a bad game. very lucky we even got a point. i hate u sather. i really do. u take the heart of this team and ripped it out

  123. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Bad time to be in a funk, while everyone else is finding a way to win.

    Carp – please don’t be the voice of reason right now. I just want to be mad at them. They deserve it. They are playing sloppy hockey and are having their asses handed to them. I know everyone wins three and loses three. They shouldn’t do it in March unless they want to golf in May.

  124. i hate sather. i used to just dislike him. olga, im with you man. just fire him. no cally, no first round pick, or 2nd,well, maybe a 2nd if we keep on losing.

  125. Let me elaborate: After a game like this, I trust that a Richards-led team will come out next game and do what it can to score goals as long as it doesn’t get too physical in the offensive zone. They’ll let the other team know “hey, we’re not interested in getting hurt and we bet you aren’t either, so let’s try to trade chances and keep everything safe and may the best team win, ok?” And that’s what I want, force the goalie to cover repeatedly and when he doesn’t, c’mon, what’s he getting paid to do? Whatever happens, happens, you just want to see anyone making like $100K per game go home without a bruise.

  126. I’ve been saying for a while, Kreider should sit a game or two.

    And Dorsett should *NOT* be on the 3rd line over Miller. I don’t get that at all. The kid just scored a beautiful fuggin goal in the last game. Makes no sense!

  127. Throughout the season each friggin game made you miss the 11-12 team more and more. Today better be the apex of that. It won’t…I know.

  128. I totally support sending Miller down because I totally support the team. Where you see a “pretty goal” and “a player able to contribute in all three zones”, I see a DoB in the 90s. The freaking 90s. Bye J.T., hello Derek. Way to be born early, Vet.

  129. but ohh yeaa we needed st louis soo bad right glen!! hes gonna lead us to the cup isnt he u money hungry senile old fat prune faced infantile egomaniac?????????? huh? yea we’ll win the cup with you as soon as you start eating solid food again and stop drooling on your hospital gown

  130. McD played a cooke of a game…..all night long.
    mapleleaves flew by him multiple times
    he screwed up coverage…..multiple times
    except for the freak goal
    he would be getting ripped a new one….if his initials were

    he’s either hurting and hiding it or i don’t know…..if he’s heartbroken about Cally then suck it up, man!!

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    Miller should play. Totally agree. Sit somebody on a rotating basis if need be, but JT should be playing….

  132. Did somebody tell Kreider to stop skating after the first period because he was making Nash look bad? The guy was flying in the first! Nash and Stepan on the other hand sucked the entire game.

  133. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers are starting to swirl around the bowl. Sather pulled the flush handle too early again.

  134. no, we needed rafael ninja turtle diaz on d. hes gonna ninja kick the cup right out of phil pritchards white gloves and steal it for us

  135. _Throughout the season each friggin game made you miss the 11-12 team more and more. Today better be the apex of that. It won’t…I know._

    That’s stupid talk. 2011-12 was Gabby, Richards and a bunch of checkers and grinders who you knew eventually would “earn” free agency and want to be paid like guys looking to “create the best financial future they possibly can for their families in the one or two chances they’ll ever have negotiate their salaries”. That’s the kind of team you want? Work hard, bang bodies, leave it all on the ice and expect to be compensated? Value defense on the level as offense when there’s nothing in the box score about defense? Naive. Grow up, little kid. We’ve got a ton of goal scorers now and, last time I checked, goals are how you win a game. Ever seen a team win a game without scoring more goals? Doubt it.

  136. agreed orr and eddie. too bad if they sat moore we might not have even gotten a pt. but yea miller scores a beaut and they sit him for boyle and carcillo

  137. Friday, Eddie. Not tomorrow.

    I’m done with this team. The arrogant egomaniac killed my love for this franchise with the stupid moves he’s made- always going for the shiny toy. They can all rot for all I care.

  138. eddie eddie eddie on

    step has 10 goals. He is not 1 or a 2 center. Good defensive center, ideally suited for #3.

    MSL needs to play with Gnash and THE. Kick step back to center rocket and hags…

  139. Richards is NOT getting bought out. I will bet any amount of money that he will be on the Rangers next year.

  140. I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonough is taking callys departure rough. He did cry in the playoffs. So he obviously an emotional guy.

  141. _MD, you’re killing it tonight._

    What you’re witnessing is a compartmental breakdown. I don’t hinge enough of my life on hockey to actually break down, but my hockey life portion is a disaster right now. I am both a complete mess and a guy parodying the mess that I am.

  142. mcDognuts is the future cap’n of this team. just imagine if we never traded gomer. i cant. its too horrible. i know im a little reactionary when it comes to this team. i love it and hate it equally each and every game we play. but, and thats a big butt, i guess we should (or maybe just me) should give the team a break after such a big trade was made. we still shoulda won damnit!!

  143. Raphael Diaz : “I lost a Sai!”

    Splinter : “Then it is gone.”

    Raphael Diaz : “But I can get it back! I can get it back!

  144. Olga Folkyerself on

    Not only is Richards staying, I bet Stogypuss makes a bid for Lecavalier next July. Probably offer Kreider, Miller and a first and second.

  145. I waver between furious that Sather would trade Callahan _and_ two high picks and furious that I’m furious about the trade. I’ve lost a day of my life to atleast thinking about both sides of that. If I botch the pork tenderloin with wilted spinach and an orange-balsamic sauce tonight (we eat late), I may never come back. Or I may come back stronger. I don’t know. I know nothing.

  146. Nyrangers

    yes, it’s tough!
    but he’s a professional
    who is getting paid MILLIONS
    to act like one!

    you think Cally is gonna cough up the puck multiple times and ignore his check multiple times during his game with tampa?

    if McD listened to anything Cally said then he’d suck it up and play the game like he’s expected to for himself, his teammates and his fans.
    if not, then go apply to Burger King!!!

    (and i still wonder if he’s hurt….hip?)

  147. Your probably right Olga. He also has Prospal on speed dial. Free spray tans all around if they both sign.

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ranger fans really do over value their players. I, as example, think Brassard is the best Center in the game. Serious.

    I loved Cally for time of service. But the future didn’t look so bright regarding his scoring AND intangibles. Just wasn’t worth the money or length of contract.

  149. _mr. D, i think ur my soulmate!, j/k but yes, u have expressed exactly what i have been feeling_

    I really, totally, honestly believe this was peak incompetence veiled in the fact that its an immediate upgrade. I semi-believe Sather may have overpaid in picks in order to punt the fact that he, reasonably, didn’t like Callahan’s contract.

  150. I hate that I made the 3 point game comment earlier. I’m just glad I kept my kid safe today.

  151. Dubinsky nailed the franchise to a T earlier this year when he spoke about them always wanting the shiny new toy. Well they have two of them after ripping the heart and soul of the team out- hope all you people who wanted these new toys are happy to see a team get steamrolled.

  152. You want Sather to be fired only you know that isn’t even possible. Where’s the line on wishing other really bad things happen to him?

    I think I’d feel better if I knew.

  153. oh MickeyM

    you’re angry after this game
    i’m angry
    don’t whitewash
    some of the players that we lost in relation to some of the ones we have

    it’s an organizational thing
    players come to MSG and other than ’94
    cruise more than play
    and when they leave MSG
    they play more than they cruise

  154. Stranger Nation on

    They can only score with Richards not on the ice tonite.

    Seriously, he had some mojo in the first 30 or so minutes then the adrenaline wore off and reality set in.

    Nash and Richards on 4v4 OT – are you drunk Vino?

    What a cluster this season’s end will be…
    At least MStL is a stand up guy who hustles and will serve as an example for the youngsters of how a pro plays.

    Not Nashed and Richards for sure

  155. Olga Folkyerself on

    Booby- Two guys were arrested in Buffalo for trying to kill Sather. The cops asked them why they were in Buffalo, since Sather was in NYC and they said because that’s where the end of the line was.

  156. “Nash and Richards on 4v4 OT – are you drunk Vino?”

    I said the same exact thing when they lined up for the faceoff.

  157. jpg- I’m not angry after this game. I frankly don’t give a damn about this team anymore- they’re all dead to me. The senile, arrogrant one killed my love for the team with his short-sighted asinine deals.

  158. I agree with those who say Richie isn’t getting bought out. No way! This is too special!

    I hope I’m wrong!

  159. The sauce is perfect, so the meal should be legit. This is my/our silver lining tonight.

  160. my daughter is in a dangerous spot mickey. her mother blows off my visitation time constantly, and is told nothing but bad things about me. when i do see her, im at peace with the world. i love her so much i cant explain it. but her mother might take her out of state which is agianst the law according to our divorce settlement and my lawyer has told me that she cant go legally unless she is moving cuz of a job, or a slight chance cuz of a marriage. so i’m hopefull she doesnt do something stupid. thank u mickey for asking

  161. Carp, this will probably get buried, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the 1st line tonight.

    THE Kreider doesn’t seem to be taking the body or playing with much of an edge lately.
    Stepan isn’t generating much offense.
    Nash suddenly can’t seem to hold on to the puck. He looked like he was fighting the puck all night long.

  162. Mickey
    i must admit that emotions fluctuate
    this year
    but i’m mostly numb to it all.
    it’s one reason why i couldn’t get that upset
    about trading Cally… if ANY MOVE that this team makes
    would work out positively

    it’s a curse of a curse wrapped up in a curse stepped on by a curse and then kicked in the cojones by a curse

  163. matt l, thats why i was saying its due time they broke that line up. all “THE” does anymore is take penalties. miller scores a gem of a goal and gets scratched cus hank couldnt stop a beachball last game

  164. yeah and before we lost last three (one in OT) we went 15-5 and had (and probably still have) the most points in the league since December 31st. But yeah…let’s overreact and TRAID EVERYONE!

    They were just emotional today…missing their captain… that’s my excuse for tonight. That’s it.

  165. Stranger Nation on

    Nash needs to see his Andro dealer again

    Seems he and Henk both caught the Sochi flu

  166. Grabby- Ugh, that all sucks so much. I’m sorry you’re caught up in all that. Really hope it works out for you in the long-run.

  167. yeah… i don’t care about this team either…as long as they’re losing. Once they start winning, I’m gonna put my Rangers jersey back on :)

  168. Jack Klompus on

    What if Dion Phaneuf doesn’t head shot Michael Sauer back in 2011. That playoff run sure would have been different and wow would this team would be different today. Truly surprised Girardi’s agent didn’t work over Sather harder since him and Callahan are best friends and have been together since the OHL. But 3 things are for sure…
    1. I hate Phaneuf
    2. “If you know anything about the draft coming up this year I don’t think there’s a lot of guys that are gonna play in the NHL in the next 2/3 years.”
    2. “Another frenchman, I like that part.” puke.

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