Rangers closing in on deal with Callahan?


According to Bob McKenzie, the Rangers are “inching up” on a deal with Ryan Callahan, though it is not done yet.

The deal is expected to eventually be for six seasons and a little bit over $6 million per. I imagine it will have some sort of limited no-move or no-trade clause.

Doubtful, but it remains possible the Rangers sign Callahan then trade him. Again, doubtful.

And as I’ve said many times — especially when Callahan was demanding seven years and $6.5M+ — the Rangers would terribly miss him in the first half of the contract if he signed elsewhere, and would be glad they didn’t have that contract in the second half of the deal.

So, the inverse might also be true. They’ll be glad to have kept him for Years 1, 2 and 3, maybe through Year 4. They will probably not be so thrilled with Years 5 and 6, and maybe Year 4.

That all said, what has always been apparent to me is that, at whatever cost, the Rangers need more players like Callahan, not fewer.

Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. If the estimates of about a 10% annual increase in revenue (and therefore the cap) over the next few years are true, $6M isn’t really going to be too much. It represents less than 10% of the cap now, and potentially 6% of the cap in 5 or 6 years.

  2. This deal would also be more likely to make Sather think Richards needs to be bought out.

  3. Yes, but they can only use a *compliance* buyout on him this year. Otherwise, there would be a residual cap hit in subsequent years.

  4. TheMessiah11 on

    But lets be honest. What is the gain now? He is an average 2nd/3rd line player on any other team. Yes, he is our captain. But what has he done for us lately?

    I think personally this is a HUGE mistake by an organization that never seems to learn from their own mistakes. Its people like me and you who pay for them too…..When it costs me $11 for a beer and $5000 for season tickets.

    I amy be the minority here, but this is just a bad move all around. It is a lose no win situation.

  5. At this point, the most important thing is to get something done by the end of the day (signing or trade). The last thing the Rangers need to be doing is still trying to figure out the Callahan situation as the trade deadline nears.

  6. If Richie isn’t bought out this time, Sather is either going senile or he knows he won’t be around to reap the horrors of a Richie injury down the road.

  7. @NHLRumorsDaily: 6.15 per year for Cally. Comes out to be about 37 mil total. Modified NTC.

  8. The Rangers needed to keep the captain and intended all along to keep him. Painful but necessary negotiations.

  9. Messiah, the flipside to simply ranking players by goals scored or points is acknowledging there are non-scoreboard contributions. No one is arguing Callahan is better than Kesler or whatever that $6MM figure might indicate, just that he’s too risky to lose. More or less, every player in the NHL is either overpaid or underpaid, some more drastically than others. If Callahan’s “real value” or whatever is $5MM, we’re out $1MM. Or Taylor Pyatt. Or Derek Boogaard. Or Donald Brashear. Or whatever. If you have to knowingly overpay anyone, he’s a nice guy to choose.

  10. With that kind of money, Cally can buy Lundqvist’s used Lamborghini and Maserati and take Fran Healy for a ride.

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    What do Patrick Kane, Ryan Callahan and Jonathan Toews have in common? All make just above $6 Million per year. What don’t they have in common? 2 Stanley cups, multiple all star teams and >80 points in multiple seasons. Only Kane and Toews have those.

  12. You get rid of Richie and this contract looks a bit better, but your really saying a lot by giving cally 6+. Obviously sather wasn’t getting any offers. Which should say another thing. So what do we pay somebody worth 6 mill…9 mill?

  13. Who on here was it who *GUARANTEED* the Avs wouldn’t trade Stastny? Getting a little precarious …

  14. Ross Mosschito on

    Greeat – let’s overpay for Callahan (because he works hard and we like him) and buy out Richards – because all he’s doing is leading the team in points and is second in goals.

    Vigneault’s speed based offense needs more skill guys who can produce goals, more than the Tortarella “look-how-hard-I-work-in-the-corners” guys. And one thing Callahan has never been is a point producer – 54 points max, best +/- was +9 (-3 this season).

    3 years fine – anything more at his desired salary is a very poor use of cap space.


  16. Carp, I think your point this morning was good one. Something along the lines of :

    If Callahan’s skills (and body) are eroding by Year 4 of this contract. Does it make that much of a difference if that eroding is done to the tune of $6.25 mil as opposed to $5.5 mil?

  17. Stranger Nation on

    It’s good thing fighting is on the wane.

    rangers who will drop the gloves:

    that’s it folks…

  18. don’t know if a levelheaded person has pointed this out to
    but he better be prepared
    and BETTER make good
    on the $$$
    he’s getting
    Intangibles are important
    but if he’s going into Patrick Kane $$ and others
    who are top scorers then he better start
    adding MORE of that to his game

    signing at 6 years but for Dustin Brown $$ wouldn’t be causing me to feel this way.
    hoping he makes good on this
    and with us rather than some other team.

  19. this organization loves to overpay for guys from other teams and 85% of the fans are ok with it, but to overpay a guy who is home grown.. ya effin lose your minds…

  20. TheMessiah11 on

    Exactly my point NYRangers. If you overpay for a “nice”guy, the next nice guy will want his cut. This is just a disaster waiting to happen for the NY Rangers. Yes, I am happy we kept our Captain, but I dont think it was the right move at this cost, not even a little bit.

    With this contract, you can kiss Staal and others goodbye, because if I was them, I would be requesting the Max from Slatipus as well. And why shouldnt they.

    I am in total disbelief that this is even happening. WOW

  21. The comparison of Callahan’s potential contract to Toews and Kane are overly simplistic. Why don’t we just adjust everyone’s salary each year based on performance?

  22. Dammit, guys, Patrick Kane has never been a UFA. You can’t compare the two like the Rangers chose Callahan over Kane or something like that. McDonagh makes $4.7MM and we sure as hell wouldn’t trade him for Kesler but would you not bring Kesler in because he’s making more than a more important player?










  23. I was wondering what the plan is for tomorrow, Carp. Its going to be ugly enough without certain goofs jumping in.

  24. The worst thing you can do is sign someone for more money and *expect* them to become a different player. I think the Rangers know the player they’re getting.

  25. Exactly, Gravy. “This guy I used to love I now hate because he makes more money doing his job.”

  26. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    ? George Orwell, Animal Farm

  27. Did you know that Stamkos average $1.2M more per year than Kane and didn’t even win the Stanley Cup?

  28. I didn’t, Gravy. Did you know Tavares makes $2.3MM less than Nash? Why would we ever pick Nash?

  29. Yea. I really can’t stand salary comparisons. Especially when it’s like Dustin Brown and Ryan Callahan. It’s brutal.

  30. If Callahan is indeed extended, then we wait for the next shoe to drop. Who will it be? Stepan? Hagelin? Miller? Krieder? (that thump you heard was not a shoe dropping, but Miami Pimp fainting)

    Hank, Nash, McDonagh, Girardi, Callahan, Staal, Richards and probably Zucc aren’t going anywhere.

    From Boyle, Brassard, Strahlman, Pouliot, the Moops, Carcillo, Klein, Dorsett or Talbot, who is going?

  31. Three no votes and a yes vote for me on that first list, Romeo. If we’re going to ever be legit really good, we need Stepan to be Stepan and the two kids to be cheap top 9 guys. Hags I move in an upgrade.

  32. Out of the first 3 you mentioned, the only one i see NOT being moved is Kreider. Out of the last group you mentioned, keep Klein, Talbot and .. uh.. Brassard.

  33. If Zucc weren’t injured, I would have explored trading him. I think he would have fetched a high price, maybe even a first round pick.

  34. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on




    Agreed with Lin’s point 1000%. the Rangers have overpaid outsiders for years to draw them here. We have a homegrown core of guys, and people bug out now that they want to get paid?

    Good for Cally. He paid his dues, he puts his body on the line for us night in and night out. NEVER takes a shift off. Leads by example. So he’s not a 40 goal scorer… we all knew that already.

    He’s the heart and soul of the team, a true black and blueshirt… and losing him would have had a devastating effect on the team and locker room in my opinion.

    Hindsight being what it is… how many of you would go back in time and give Prust more money???

  35. Repo
    Maybe Slats will outsmart everyone and sign Cally, then deal him off season to Buffalo for a starter and a first. :) Buffalo seems to think Cally is a bargain at 6 years, 6.5. :)

  36. This, from the EDM website, is one of the best lines ever: “The Oilers signed Bryzgalov to a one-year contract in November and turned that investment into a fourth-round pick, acquired from the Minnesota Wild in the trade.” LOL!

  37. Agree, Latona. If someone wants to buy super high and take that risk going forward, I’m ok. He’s probably sad w/out DZ anyway.

  38. Let’s assume Cally’s deal is done. What do the Rangers do tomorrow? Who goes, who stays?

  39. Prust played 38 of 48 games last year and 48 of 62 this year. I loved the guy, but that was the right decision.

  40. GAB!!!!

    I have to think on that Prust question.

    And don’t forget the numbnuts who are still crying to the return of avery

  41. Problem is you create a bad team culture by doing this. Girrardi did it the right way. The next person in line is going to see our “captain”pulling this stunt and follow suit. Only reason he’s captain too is Torts and him were in cahoots.

  42. Down to the laborers: With the little rat Carcillo coming cheap, Slats might want to jettison Dorsett’s 2 mil. (Mistake.)

  43. Are we pretending Prust would have cost us exactly what he cost Montreal or are we factoring in the supposed 3 year, $2.2MM original asking?

  44. Care to enlighten me carp. He’s worth value yes, but not what he is asking and will be paid imo.

  45. ROMEO

    would you mind if i shared your post on FB? i think it’s a great conversation starter

  46. It would appear that if a NMC is what’s holding up the deal then they wont be signing and trading him anytime soon.

  47. I disagree coos – I think a good coach will pick the right guys as captains and alts based on what they expect from their players and how those players are received by their teammates. Essentially, players pick themselves by the way the present themselves in the lockerroom and on the ice. Coaches are aware of those things.

  48. you can argue what he’s worth, but how this changes any of the culture of the team is kooky talk, and he would have been the next captain no matter who was coach. he and torts were not best buds, either.

  49. If the captain serves as sort of the player rep to the coach, it would be pretty logical the players choose their rep. I’m with you, Coos.

  50. Thanks to capgeek.com for the numbers, but if Cally gets this deal and stays, we’re looking at about $16M left to sign 9-10 players (7 forwards 2-3 dmen)

  51. Everything I read before Cally was named Captain is that he was the heir apparent. Drury took him under his wing, and you could see that he had the stuff to be Captain. I think he would have been voted Captain if it were up to the players. I think if Cally were traded, it’s going to be Staal or Girardi next, for many of the same reasons.

  52. That’s the thing about the Prust deal. Seemed like an overpay at the time (in years) but is it really? When we look at the market today?

    Really hoping that these Phoenix Coyotes attempting to acquire Hemsky rumors are true.

  53. I think Peter is right about the NMC holding up the works. You know Slats is going to extract a pound of flesh for every dollar he has to go over $6 million and beyond the fifth year.

    Some at TSN retweeted that the Kesler sweepstakes are down to Philly and Pittsburgh. If that is the case, fans will forget about the Cally contract and get on The Old Man for not getting Kesler :-)




  55. With Richards, Carp – and Mister, that was subtracting this project Cally deal

  56. wait until Richards twists his ankle in the Game 5 elimination loss to Boston and can’t be bought out.

  57. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on

    Prust should still be a Ranger IMO. The Rangers could have came up on $$, not saying exactly MTL’s offer, but Prust was valuable to the team, and locker room.

    The hole left behind by him has yet to be filled. Sure, you can bring in the Carcillo’s, and Dorsett’s…. but there wouldn’t be a need if Prust was still on the team.

    But, because Prust is a tough guy, he got lowballed by Sather. As has been his history with similar style players.

    The old cliche is true… you don’t know what you had until it’s gone.

  58. Alright maybe the torts friendship thing was an assumption, but how does this not effect other players? Why else would he be captain? I thought captains were supposed to lead on and off the ice.

  59. still wonder what years 3 and 4 will look like with Prust being beaten up … but he’s way, way, way better than Dorsett and Carcillo.

  60. Geez, Are we still talking about Prust? I’m going to dust off some Tom Renney posts and maybe a Drury/Gomez post.

  61. Carp

    wait until Richards twists his ankle in the Game 5 elimination loss to Boston and can’t be bought out.
    March 4th, 2014 at 3:47 PM

    You could not be more wrong about this Carp. I don’t think this team lasts 5 games with the B’s.

  62. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on

    You want to talk about working payroll the right way…

    How does a team that has Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Neal and such, have the flexibility to be able to land Kesler?

    I remember we were amazed when they were able to swing getting Neal and Sutter.

  63. i don’t know what you’re trying to say about Callahan, but this is a business deal. Has nothing to do with how he leads or doesn’t lead the team, or how anybody else does business. He is very much still their leader. On and off the ice.

  64. You know, Carp, I’m thinking about that buyout, again. What happens if they Rangers don’t buy him out. The recapture penalty looked really bad last year, but with the cap jumping nearly 10 percent next season, and will probably continue to jump, it doesn’t quite look so bleak as it did. The question is, will his 6.667M cap hit be as bad in 3 years as it seemed to us last year. I’m not sure about that, now. Even when he does decline, he’ll still have an exceptional shot. Just food for thought and convo, though.

  65. Sutter is one of the pieces that would be going back to Vancouver. Also, I think the Pens get salary relief with Pascal Dupuis and Kris Letang on LTIR.

  66. I loved Prust as much as the next guy, but do you think this team would be any different if we had Prust instead of Carcillo or Dorsett and everything else being the same? Doubtful.

  67. Well I guess that we’re we disagree. I understand the hard factual nature of a business deal, but I think leadership(intangibles) should be included in that process.

  68. Better to the point of Cup contender? I don’t think so. One thing Prust could do was kill penalties which these other guys are not as good at. Still don’t think Prust would have been “the difference”.

    On a slightly different topic, the last two games remind me of the beginning of the season and I wonder if some of the sloppy play is a result of the layoff? Only way to find out is if we go on another run.

  69. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on


    I believe losing Prust had a bigger impact then anyone thought at the time. That guy would run through a wall or two for his teammates, and he took on anyone and everyone.

    As close to a deterrant that we’ve had in a long time.

    As fans, we often over value and under value players, depending on your particular view of things.

    I’m on the pro-Prust side. Plenty of others were anti-prust. It all comes down to dollars and sense.

    Dubinsky was a gritty 2 way player who played with an edge. Prust was more than just a pugilist.

    Dubi had a rough year, but he’s better than some guys on the roster now.

    i don’t want to live in the past… but the chemistry the team had was strong, and Sather busted it up.

  70. Now I need to make a list of people who would risk a recapture amount equal to the amount they didn’t want to pay Callahan to actually play hockey.

  71. Yeah, NYR, but every player goes through the business side of it, and most of them know what it’s like dealing with an agent, which we don’t know. Cally has been nothing but consistent in the lockerroom and on the ice during these negotiations, and that’s what the players see and talk about.

  72. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on

    I don’t think solely Prust would be ‘the difference’.
    But he was part of a chemistry that teams always strive for, and rarely achieve.

    Intangibles ABSOLUTELY must factor in to business decisions.
    it’s more than just x’s and o’s and stat lines.

    chemistry can’t be measured on paper.

  73. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on

    Flyers get A MacDonald from NYI for draft picks.

  74. RangerSwegian on

    Really disappointed nothing got done during my soccerpansy session….

    Love the fact that Eric Christensen has a bigger tag thingy than Pull-out and J-moops down there!

  75. Alright well perhaps I should be complaining about the process rather than the player. I just hope it works out for the betterment of the team.

  76. Agents do whatever they can to get the best deal for their client. However, when that client tells them to tone it down a bit and that he wants to stay with his current “employer,” the agent acts accordingly.

  77. Even if Philthy went totally docile, I will always hate that uniform and love to see Orange crushed.

  78. I haven’t heard any rumors about potential deals for the Rangers?! Too busy with Captain Cally or no leaks?

    oh, don’t trade The Kreider

  79. “actually, maybe a sweep would be better … and maybe then Richards doesn’t turn his ankle.”

    Basically my point.

  80. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on

    If you are Sather… can you afford to let Kesler end up in PIT or PHI?

  81. If Kesler winds up in Pittsburgh, they may as well trade all their UFA and call it a year.

  82. ALthough, this deal for MacDonald makes Meszaros very valuable to the Phlyers. So they might not be able to move his right handed shot in a deal for Kesler anymore.

  83. Not happy see McDonald go to Phil. He can skate. I bet he resigns there.

    Isles did well for a ufa.

  84. We need Sather to take a page out of Cashman’s book. He always seems to make a deal for a player that no one even knew was available.

  85. Gab, I think all of us would give Prust more money and many of us would have at that time, as well. Trouble is, I still think Prust was out of here even if Sather matched the money. I don’t it was due to him not enjoying his time here, but it’s been well documented that he really wanted to sign in Montreal. He’s a typical Canadian kid and wearing the bleu, blanc et rouge to him is like playing for the Yankees for an American kid. Plus his girlfriend is there.

  86. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on

    Rangers should go out and get Moulsson. Move JT Miller(time) to his natural center position. Boyle is expendable.

  87. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM solved?? on


    solid points. I do agree with you his heart may have certainly been pulling him to MTL.

    I just wonder if the Rangers could have closed the gap and if he would have stayed.

  88. LOL, Salty. I just got through that part in Game of Thrones. Tormund Giantsbane!

  89. My sources are telling me that THE Miami Pimp is shopping around for another team to follow if THE is being shopped.

  90. I’m surprised you’re still banging the drum, Pimp. This is some exceptional loyalty out of you. His play as of late has really hurt his stock.

  91. Only cause he plays with some dumb horses.

    Pair him with Kesler and watch him score 20 in the last 20.

  92. My guess is that we do almost nothing now, almost nothing in the summer and blow everything up next year.

  93. Pretty sure that defensive gaff was completely his fault. No one else to blame there.

  94. That concept stuck with me Manny, I had to dig through the kindle to find the exact quote. I feel like there’s another line about it too somewhere.

  95. @LavoieRenaud #canucks traded Roberto Luongo to Panthers.

    THATS HUGE (if real)

  96. Luongo is now playing in a goaltender tandem with TIM THOMAS.

    This is the best day ever.

  97. bull dog line on

    signing Cally to the rumored contract is a big mistake. I would let him walk for nothing before I would give him 6 for 6.

  98. That’s what I was going to say, ORR. You nailed it, man. That is some piss poor goaltender management.

    Last man standing = Eddie Lack. What?

    They have to be making a move for Halak

  99. ?@LavoieRenaud #canucks obtiennent Jacob Markstrom en retour de Roberto Luongo et un autre joueur.

  100. But they cannot be happy with a Markstrom / Lack goaltending tandem. That can’t be a real plan.

  101. I don’t know, Manny. Cheap goaltending lets you pay everywhere else. Its the new black.

  102. I’m a huge fan of cheap goaltending. That’s why I was not into Hank’s contract.

  103. bull dog line on

    exactly MrD. your goaltender should never be the highest payed player on the team.

  104. @capgeek Estimated recapture penalties from 2020-21 through 2021-22 if Luongo retires in 2020: #Canucks $3.85M and #Panthers $480K.

    ?@capgeek Estimated recapture penalties for 2021-22 if Longo retires in 2021: #Canucks $7.7M and #Panthers zero.


    And that’s why you don’t TRAID Brad Richards

  105. So Carp, is it just me or is it just damned if you do damned if you don’t in this cap era? I mean, It’s exactly like you’re saying- it’s either miss him for the next 3-4 years or keep him and regret having signed him through his mid- late 30s. Everyone’s getting 5-10 year deals these days. there’s rarely a 3-4 year deal anymore. I guess we’ll reassess once Richards is bought out and maybe they let Brassard or Stralman walk next summer. I don’t see how they have room to do anything significant once this is done, if it’s done..

  106. Super expensive goalies are not in itself a formula for a winning team.

    Almost by definition there is not much bang for the buck to $8M goalies.

  107. ?@capgeek Estimated recapture penalties from 2018-19 through 2021-22 if Luongo retires in 2018: #Canucks $1.92M and #Panthers $1.65M.

    ?@capgeek Estimated recapture penalties from 2019-20 through 2021-22 if Luongo retires in 2019: #Canucks $2.56M and #Panthers $1.55M.

  108. bull dog line on

    signing Callahan would be a huge mistake. I get he offers a lot of intangibles, but not enough to warrant 6 years at 6 mill per. 11 friggin goals this year! those better be some damn good intangibles.

  109. lol you gotta wonder what’s going through the heads of Torts haters up in Vancouver right now. 3/4 of his first season and Luongo and Kesler are out the door.

  110. ThisYearsModel on

    I wonder how many players in Vancouver would like to be liberated from Tortorini.

  111. bull dog line on

    is that one because the Rangers trade for Clowe last year when he didn’t have any goals Orr?

  112. I’m with you, bulldog. all this time people have been anticipating cap relief once Richards is gone and now they will have essentially just thrown that money right to Callahan while they’ll still need a top center if not two. As I said above- it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  113. Fwiw if Clowe wasn’t so concussion prone and over paid, I would have loved to have him on the team still. We need more players that can do what he does.

    ps- I think Penner is a nice addition for Washington. Sort of similar to when they brought in Chimera. they’ve got some serious size on the wing now.

  114. @RealKyper 15 percent is what I hear on what #Canucks will pick up on the Luongo to #Panthers deal.

  115. Manny, Kesler would be a great addition here. we sorely lack just about every aspect he has to his game. Torts is going to want JT Miller. Pittsburgh will wind up getting him. Like they do every year.

  116. This is a comment on the state of sports talk radio in New York.

    As I was driving today, i was listening as Joe MacDonald asked Joe Benigno on FAN this afternoon re: Marty Broduer: “So, what do you think Joe? Should the Rangers be in on Marty?”

    Do they actually pay these guys?

    You can’t make this sith up.

  117. ?@sportsnetmurph FWIW Hearing #flyers aren’t seriously kicking tires on Ryan Kesler. Too rich of a ride at this point. #canucks

  118. I might be caught up in the hype or something, James, but I really, really want Kesler. I would probably move JT Miller and let Stepan fall back to the 2nd line. But it really messes up our Center Depth.

    I would rather trade Stepan/Brassard and keep JT Miller as I think JT Miller is a better 3rd line Center where as Brassard and Step can handle 2nd line duties.

  119. Rod just checked in. Rangers are in on both Marty Broduer and Ryan Kesler. Announcements are imminent.

  120. Torts will push for all these moves (and push players out of town) and then get fired in the summer. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

  121. Pierre McGuire on NHL

    Calling it a heist by Vancouver getting mathias and markstrom for an aging luongo going to Florida.

  122. I gotta shake my head at torts. I mean aside from injuries. The Nucks are a shadow of their former self. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sedin’s play so bad. Looks like he’s trying to build a team of 3rd line shot blockers again.

  123. bull dog line on

    if it were that simple, Pierre would be right. but it is not that simple. you have to include the schneider trade as part of this.

  124. Wonder if this starts the calls on Richards??? Accepting recapture risk is en vogue!!!

  125. McPenis is right. It is a heist. Luongo’s best days are behind him, which is why I was so shocked they kept him over Schneider.

    Luongo has always been slightly overrated, in my opinion. I’m surprised the Panthers would commit to him.

  126. Orr – yes, in retrospect, handwriting was on the wall when Luongo didn’t get to play in his outdoor dream game.

  127. It’s hardly a commitment for the Panthers. They only pay 85% of his salary and aren’t on the hook for recapture.

    I wouldn’t call it a heist but it’s definitely decent return.

  128. @LavoieRenaud #wild F Torrey Mitchell requested a trade to team management, according to sources. #tvasports


    More unhappy players.

  129. Robby Bonfire on

    It’s brutal to resign a player who is so brittle, long term. This will backfire, badly, if it is done. Just what we don’t need – Gaborik Lite.

  130. They would be on the recapture, Manny. Not huge, but they’ll get be at about 40% of the “bonus” when his contract is turning over.

  131. ThisYearsModel on

    Torts is Mr. Terms of Endearment, now playing in Vancouver. What a tool. He has dumbed down a very skillful team.

  132. AV had the twins playing like a well oiled machine. Whoever they were paired with reaped the benefits(burrows). They were among the top of the league in points for many years. The twins not producing has effected a lot. Also Kesler hasn’t looked like himself in a while to. He used to have Kreider like speed.

  133. bull dog line on

    when you have to work so hard to score goals you tend to look slower. it the style Torts has them play. everything generated from behind the net.
    who can stop the Sedin twins? Torts!

  134. Imagine Cally carrying a bevy of teammates’ complaints to Torts? No wonder he probably had to go upstairs, or at least answered honestly when asked. Even if he didn’t 100% agree, it’s part of his job.

  135. leetchhalloffame on

    Glen sleeping while others all around us are making deals. Wish he was sleeping with the fishes.

  136. My wise (RIP) uncle once said that the only person who could keep Michael Jordan under 25 points was Dean Smith.

  137. The Sedin’s haven’t been injured all season. Remember too that Torts’s playstyle inevitably leads to more injuries.

  138. Dolan for Wilpon. Won’t help the Rangers, but he might throw enough moola around for the Mets to compete.

  139. All this talk of the Rangers getting close to deal with Callahan just really smells….

    Like a big vat of AWESOME SAUCE.

  140. Only an idiot franchise like NYI would consider keeping Vanek in the lineup for tonight.

  141. ThisYearsModel on

    Chicago trades a #2 and gets 2 defensive prospects, one of them being David Rundblad. We throw away 2nds and 3rds an guys like Ryane Clowe and John Scott. Good club management gets Stanley cups. We get one round and out, and the owner is satisfied. At least we have Lee Majors for the next 6 years.

  142. Ross Mosschito on

    FINALLY – someone else who get this name!!!

    Internet polls are like 60-40 negative on doing this type of deal with Cally. EXACTLY why it will get done.

    Funny – Vancouver is in rebuild mode after having more points than the Rangers last year, the most in all of hockey the year before, and 3 less than the Rangers this year (in 1 more game(.

    Meanwhile the Rangers big moves (so far) are re-signing their own, and – perhaps – massively overspending to do so.

  143. Robby Bonfire on

    Ross –

    When did the Rangers under Sather have consistently defined direction (besides never)?

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “for every ******* one of you ******* morons that ******* think I’ll be fired…,go **** off”


    Torts – “HEY!!! Turn the ******* radio up. I ******** love this ******* song”

  145. If our only deadline deal is resigning Callahan for 6 years at 6.25 million per i’ll be pretty pissed.

  146. Now home I’m locked in the rest of the night and all day tomorrow.

    I want Kane and Kesler by 3pm Tom. Gut the roster

  147. Cally signing is wha it is. Understand why rangers do it but doesn’t get me excited or pissed either.

    Over 6 mil dollar players have to have talent and skill cally lacks that.

  148. @LavoieRenaud: I’ve been told that if #islanders Thomas Vanek is traded it won’t be to Ducks. #tvasports

  149. I’d be happy with that, Manny. Signing Callahan is better than anything we’re going to get in a trade and we don’t give up anything…

    Heatley? He sucks. Pass!

    Stastny? Let’s just sign him in the offseason.

    Kesler? Too injury prone and would cost us too much. Pass!

  150. I just hope Cally doesn’t have a NMC, which means he will and it will be full NMC for the duration of the contract.

    I usually favor the players in CB issues. But, as a Fan, I do not like NMCs, especially in the Cap era.

  151. With all of this deadline g(j)ibberish, there should be some Heads on the block.

  152. Hey Eddie, remember when Gabby was a lock for 40 this year? Silly me, I thought they were talking goals, not games on the injury list.

  153. Hey, E3, didn’t Kesler write Darkness at Noon?;>)) oops, left out the t. Anyhoo, we have until 3 PM…

  154. “Over 6 mil dollar players have to have talent and skill cally lacks that.”

    Current 2013-14 Cap Hits under $6.5 but over $6:

    Toews, Jonathan 6,300,000
    Kane, Patrick 6,300,000
    Ward, Cam 6,300,000
    Miller, Ryan 6,250,000
    Sedin, Daniel 6,100,000
    Sedin, Henrik 6,100,000
    Zetterberg, Henrik 6,083,333
    Green, Mike 6,083,333

  155. Callahan became a regular in the Ranges lineup in 2007-2008. Since then he has played in : 52, 81, 77, 60, 76, 45 games per year.

    Kesler since 2007-2008: 80, 82, 82, 82, 77, 17.

    Aside from last year you cant really say Kesler is “injury prone”. And he’s put up 70+ points twice. 59 points once.

    Kesler > Callahan.

  156. bull dog line on

    that a pretty funny list if Cally thinks he should be on it. his demands are laughable.

  157. Koestler, but VERY close. I took an Art History class once that we dubbed “Darkness at Noon,” because they turned out all the lights, showed films and slides, and we all slept. Not proud, not proud.

  158. bull dog…if anything, it’s good for Cally. I’m glad he gets a deal like that. He certainly has earned a long term deal with this team. If I’m his agent all I do is mention the Redden, Drury, Gomez, and Richards contracts and say how much more valuable Callahan is to the team and that anything under $7m is a discount. Rangers seem close to meeting those demands.

  159. bull dog line on

    those contracts have nothing to do with this contract. because there were mistakes made they should repeat them? Callahan’s demands are laughable.

  160. The bigger mistake would be not signing him , bulldog. C’mon, you’re telling me he wouldn’t be worth it for at least the first 3 years? And, that he wouldn’t continue to find ways to contribute after that? Or, that he would be injured most of the time?

  161. bull dog line on

    no he would not be worth it. you don’t pay glorified checkers 7 mill a year. that is reserved for big scorers and stars. Cally is neither.

  162. This is the Rangers we are talking about here. Cally is fighting for it because he believes he can get it. Sather is still in charge. If you think about it this would be one of the better long term signings in his tenure (along with McD and Girardi). Let’s Go Cally!!


  163. @NYP_Brooksie
    Rangers had interest but were informed today that Ryan Kesler will not waive no-trade to come to New York, Post has learned.

    Sorry, Lev.

  164. Sorry about what? I wasnt saying to go get Kesler. I was saying that you saying Kesler is injury prone is pretty funny when you look at Callahan’s stats.

  165. Oh, I thought you were really into trading Cally for him.

    My bad, his injury history isn’t great but actually ok. I felt more strongly that he would just cost too much in a trade.

  166. Good evening all!

    I’ve been stuck in federal court for two days, and all day tomorrow, with no electronics allowed….Hartnell!!!!

    Bad Marty, just retire, eh….wow, huh?

  167. Pitt and Phil for Kesler. Either way it hurts us. He goes to Pitt we can’t beat them. He goes to Phil we have to hope they gut roster for him and don’t make playoffs

  168. ThisYearsModel on

    St. Louis on the Tampa lineup tonight. Martin Erat in a Dave Tippett system? He will be riding pine shortly.

  169. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    It’s DEFINITELY a beef with AV and not with NY. He already said he would only play in America. But he cut out NYR. It’s pretty clear.

  170. If the Sharks get Vanek they are going to have to contract dump someone else. Anyone have any interest in Thornton or Boyle?

    I would take Pavelski!

  171. Rangers West on

    Caps’ deal for Penner and Chicago’s deal with the Yotes are both pretty good deals. Would have been happy with either. Penner would have brought in some much needed size and make additional trades easier. Oh well, wonder if Sather makes any moves.

  172. Kesler for Stepan and Miller doesn’t make us better. Just Kesler for Stepan has some pretty major long term ramifications. We have a pretty big window, no need to force it.

  173. Pavelski is similar to Kesler, he’s 29, signed at $4M through 2019.

    I might actually prefer him with those numbers.

  174. That’s obviously fake but since I have it open…. Havlat is 32, and signed through 2015 at $5M.

  175. Ok I’ll jump on the Pavelski bandwagon. But, why would a contending team trade him?

  176. I thought a 2nd was a bit high for Runblad. Whatever. Don’t really care about that one.

  177. Gravy: Sharks will have to clear space if they want Vanek.

    They would probably move Dan Boyle, to Vancouver, though.

  178. Kesler won’t come because of AV..that’s awesome. smh. awful. I’m sure we’ll acquire some shlep who just needs a “change of scenery” and costs too much by the deadline.

  179. The Sharks would be pretty stupid to replace Pavelski with Vanek. They don’t seem like a stupid organization to me.

  180. My guess is Kesler wants to go to Columbus. Could you imagine if Gaborik goes the other way?

  181. I’m glad I saved my paperwork for sales for Tom so I could work from home and watch us get worse by 3 pm.

  182. What happens if nothing happens except for Callahan resigning?

    Do we think this team is bush?

  183. Pitt Phil or Chicago but Nucks prefer east team.

    Let’s just hope flyers gut roster to get him.

  184. Man, you really need to look at Pavelski’s career to date when he signed that deal. He was coming off 20-31-16 goals, Callahan was at 23-29-16. He’s playing better this season … which means he undercut his own market, not that he’s playing to a $6MM contract. Because, as we’ve said, make him a UFA now. Is he really only getting 5 years and $30MM? Nope. What if the Sharks were trying to lock him up now, does his current deal do it? Nope. The closer you get to UFA, the more you make. We waited on Callahan and that costs the team money.

  185. Here’s another PB Golden Nugget.

    Until we start to draft better players, it really doesn’t matter who we get at the Deadline.

    It’s called a Deadline for a reason.

    It’s not a lifeline.

    *Pay Attention*

  186. Tomorrow, and the fact that I will have no electronic communications because of job makes me really really thirsty….

  187. The Sharks are clearly better at evaluating talent, long term, than the Rangers. Sather and Co. wait until the last minute and work off a huge body of work and face extending players at their eldest when 6-7 years is most scary.

    If Callahan got a contract two seasons ago what would it have looked like?

  188. Saw the Penguins were interested in Hemsky. They should do that. Then again, he’d probably score 40 with them.

  189. LMGO

    @strombone1: Don’t think so…..”@FlaPanthers: Does Roberto Luongo have the Twitter?”

  190. bull dog line on

    you can slice it seven ways till sunday, the fact remains Cally is not a 6 mill a year player.

  191. CraigWeather on

    Please no hemsky please no hemsky… If that’s who we pick up tonight/tomorrow… I can’t… I just can’t.

  192. bull dog, we better hope that there isn’t a NMC in that nice new Contract Sather is about to give Cally.

  193. Not extending players early and long is the biggest issue. No matter how much people are down on Stepan, declare him a UFA today and he’d fly past whatever he was asking for to buyout his RFA years *and some of his UFA years*. That’s the issue. You may pay more overall over those 6-7 years to extend a guy like Stepan but you avoid buying his bad years by delaying 2 or 3 or 4 years *then* going long. McDonagh was the exact right play and its too bad he’s the outlier in all this.

  194. -Nash- must go! -Nash- must go! -Nash- must go! -Nash- must go!
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  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The white -elephant- -horse- – pony- -foal- horse embryo in the room is Brad Richards.

  196. bull dog line on

    what Cally and his agent are doing now is about PR. when he leaves he wants it to be perceived as Sather’s fault. Cally wants to be a Sabre next year, but he wants to be a Ranger for the rest of this year. drag out the negotiations till the deadline passes.

  197. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Asleep again at the wheel:

    Penner for a 4th rounb pick.

    Nice job slats.

  198. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Asleep again at the wheel:

    Penner for a 4th round pick.

    Nice job slats.

  199. Wow. Amazing memories on the Kesler/Phlyers stuff guys. Wow.

    Agree a million percent, The Doctor. I was livid when Stepan wasn’t given all the years at $4.8M or something.

    That’s a good call, bull dog.

  200. My buddy, a Caps “fan”, thought Penner wasn’t any better than that horrid bottom 6 they already have.

  201. _Mr.D – Joe Pavelski is a million times better than Cally._

    When Pavelski signed the deal, they produced at *very* similar levels and there’s an easy argument Callahan added more outside of his stat line. Its impossible to take Callahan’s case given this season, but its ridiculous to take Pavelski’s deal as valuation fact and blast Callahan for asking for it. Pavelski *is* better than Callahan today, but that means he screwed up his deal, not that Callahan should start a million less or something.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD – I watch a lot of sharks games and nearly every ranger game. Joe Pavelski is a million times better than cally.

  203. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Penner was scratched in Edmonton and Anaheim for being lazy and out of shape.

    Here’s an excerpt from Teemu Selanne’s Finnish blog about Penner:

    A funny story about Dustin Penner, my ex-team buddy comes to my mind. A little bit lazy guy who had to be treated a bit harshly. Carlyle pestered him the whole year, so much that I was worried could Dustin take it. Carlyle repeated several times the phrase “******’n Penner, ******’n Penner”. After the season Dustin laughed to us that he was beginning to suspect his first name was actually ****’n. I think the fact that we won Stanley Cup that year helped to make him laugh.


  204. When you pay -Nash- what you pay -Nash-….

    And when you pay Wilburrrr what you pay Willburrrr….

    Sather probably feels that $6.5 per for Cally is not bad.

    Bad deal. Extremely Bad Deal if NMC is included.

  205. Prediction:

    by deadline tomorrow
    Rangers won’t be any better, will probably be worse
    other teams will have improved
    some PA team will get Kesler
    which will make me wanna vomit
    then the possibility of cindy even
    make it anywhere deep into the playoffs
    will cause me to pop
    valium like chicklets
    to stay calm


  206. bull dog line on

    its not about when Pavelski signed, or Brown signed. it is about Callahan right now, and what he is worth right now. you can tell about all the intangibles you want, he is still not worth 6 for 6. you just don’t get enough bang for your buck.

  207. I just want to go into playoffs thinking we could win a cup. Same crap every year fight to last game basically squeak in.

    We had our shot 2 years ago but way kings were playing they smoke rangers if we survived devil series

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD – I had the same argument with LW last year. Throw whatever nonsensical stat out the window. There isn’t a GM alive that would rather they have cally over Joe P

    None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

  209. Just remember, folks. Brodeur is the NHL’s all time leader in losses! What a LOSER!

  210. _MrD – I had the same argument with LW last year. Throw whatever nonsensical stat out the window. There isn’t a GM alive that would rather they have cally over Joe P_

    I know that and I said as much. But Pavelski undercutting his market value does not preclude Callahan (or any other player) from exceeding. All this relative term BS is just that; the Rangers aren’t choosing Callahan over Pavelski when both are thrusting $6MM per contracts in their faces.

  211. If say Kane, Toews, and Pavelski are good values rather than Callahan being a bad value contract.

  212. Watching the Blues game. It’s nice watching a team that isn’t afraid of contact, and gives A+ effort. Miller looks a bit shaky, but he’ll settle in eventually.

  213. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Captain Callahan is already solid for 6 mil for 6 years. Now he’s going for the “FU Slats” extra quarter mil. I think he is also asking for a parking spot next to Sather, his very own Rockette, and free Streisand tickets.

    GO Cally! FIRE SATHER!

  214. bull dog line on

    Hemsky for a 3rd rounder. not interested, but that is the rumor if the Rangers move Cally.

  215. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    I hope Uncle Glen is getting a good night’s sleep. He has some ground to make up tomorrow.

  216. -Nash- must go! -Nash- must go! -Nash- must go! -Nash- must go!
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  217. I’d take Hemsky for a 3rd if Zucc’s hand was double broken versus broken. Hemsky as a replacement for Callahan would be the perfect underscore to why some of us are terrified of losing Callahan. Like its *exactly* what I’d want to happen if you promised me that then we’d all wake up and I’d get to blast everyone who wanted a hard line on Callahan.

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’d keep Miller at all costs. That was a sick, nasty move he Laid on toooka trask. Trade Stepan.

  219. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Callahan’s agent now demands that Cally can step on the logo if he wants to. Sather says OK if Cally comes down to 6 for 6.

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