Rangers, Callahan closer as busy deadline day approaches; Kesler out of the equation


Here’s my unedited story from The Journal News and lohud.com:

By Rick Carpiniello

As the Rangers headed into their 3 p.m. Wednesday trade deadline, it appeared more and more likely that Ryan Callahan would remain with the team as its captain.

The Rangers, who play Toronto this evening after the deadline, had made strides toward a new contract with Callahan on Tuesday, though into the evening a deal was not imminent.

It was believed that GM Glen Sather and Callahan and his agent Steve Bartlett had closed the gap once Callahan dropped his demands for a seventh year. If it happens, it is expected Callahan will be signed for six years at slightly more than $6 million per season with a limited no-trade or no-move clause.

It remained a possibility that the two sides could stall and that Callahan be traded before the deadline, but far less likely than it had been even two days earlier.

Callahan, less than three weeks short of his 29th birthday, has all along said that he wants to remain a Ranger, as he has his entire career to this point. Coach Alain Vigneault has said all along that he believes the sides will get it done.

But it sure didn’t appear it would happen with Callahan’s demand for a seventh year and north of $6.5 million per. What may have changed that was Sather’s poker move, allowing Bartlett to seek a team willing to go to a seventh year, and thus convincing Callahan that there might not be much of a  market for him at that price.

The Rangers could be very active in the trade market today, though it appeared Tuesday they had fallen out of the limited sweepstakes for Vancouver center Ryan Kesler , who reportedly will not waive his no-trade clause to rejoin coach Alain Vigneault. (John Tortorella’s team was in full sell mode, trading Roberto Luongo back to Florida Tuesday). Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Detroit are in the running for Kesler.

Already the market was exploding, including the trade of defenseman Andrew MacDonald from the Islanders to the Flyers, and also Dustin Penner from Anaheim to Washington, Stephane Robidas from Dallas to Anaheim.

Edmonton moved goalie Ilya Bryzgalov to Minnesota, making it unlikely that future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur might be going there from New Jersey, or Jaroslav Halak from Buffalo.

Other familiar names very much the market are the Islanders Thomas Vanek – who was scratched Tuesday night – Buffalo’s Matt Moulson, Columbus’ Marian Gaborik, among many others. Los Angeles was in the market for Gaborik or perhaps Vanek. Others in rumors included the Devils’ Marek Zidlicky, Buffalo’s Chrisian Ehrhoff and Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky.

The Rangers could still pursue Martin St. Louis from Tampa Bay – it was unlikely that a Callahan-for-St. Louis package would get it done. Obviously Sather’s team needs to fill a lot of holes – scoring, physical forwards and/or defensemen, power-play point man.

Last season, Sather made deadline moves for Ryane Clowe, Derick Brassard, John Moore and Derek Dorsett, moving Gaborik and draft picks to do so. The year before he was in on a blockbuster for Rick Nash that fell apart at the deadline, but was consummated the following summer.

So expect him to be active before 3 p.m.

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  1. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Callahan’s agent now demands that Cally can step on the logo if he wants to. Sather says OK if Cally comes down to 6 for 6.

  2. 29 years old, has scored 20+ goals in all of 3 seasons.

    Mr Callahan, you hit the jackpot!!!

  3. Doesn’t look like we’ll be making the playoffs the way things are going. Other teams get better, we just stay pat and overpay our captain because we were dumb enough to make him a captain in the first place. How did we miss out on Penner and Robidas? Unbelievable.

  4. bull dog line on

    not sure Penner would make them better. Robidas is hurt, and out till at least mid march.

  5. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather says it will be a damn cold day before he gives up 6 mil for 6 years.

    It hit 13 below this morning in West NY. You called it Slatsko!

  6. “Callahan’s agent now demands that Cally can step on the logo if he wants to. Sather says OK if Cally comes down to 6 for 6.”

    Callahan already basically took a dumb on Rangers logo, the fans and his legacy with those contract demands.

  7. E3: Totally agree on Miller. There are plenty of guys I know are better that I wouldn’t want him dealt for.

    QQQ: You say dumb things.

  8. Penner is huge, cheap, physical power forward with skill. Penner would definitely make us better.

    Moulson? good player, but again not a big physical power forward that we need.

  9. “Penner would eat $36 million in post-game buffet food alone”

    Brad Park,,,,, would that count against the Cap?

  10. Depending on cost, I’d have interest in Moulson, especially if I thought he loved NY and might take a cheaper deal to lock himself into the region.

  11. bull dog line on

    so here we are. Rangers and Cally 3mill apart. I say we make predictions as to what will happen with him. I will go first.
    I say he is traded to the Blues for Ty Rattie, and Dmitri Jaskin.

  12. “A power forward that averages one hit per game.”

    at least an opponent would feel that hit.

  13. Sather will fold like a soft leather wallet.

    Cally will fill up his soft leather wallet.

    All will be normal in Ranger land.

  14. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I say Callahan gets 6.25 for 6 years, free Streisand tickets, a parking spot next to Sather, the right to go out with any Rockette on the chorus line, he can step on the logo twice a game, gets the front seat on the plane, he gets to wear his jersey tucked in, and his #24 retired.

  15. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Cally wants 6 years, $39 million.

    Just what Redden got.

    That’s a little too deja vu for me.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomorrow will be interesting to say the least. I’ll be busy all day and won’t hear anything until evening east coast time…

  17. Resigning cally can’t be only move if that happens. We need center help. If anything I would flip rental for rental and get stasny and tried and re sign him

  18. So the people who claim that Boyle and Pouliot are blockers and wastes of roster spots want Penner? One man’s trash…

  19. The grass is always greener and sometimes Dustin Penner’s big, often lazy body is laying on that grass.

    “Get tougher! Trade Callahan! Acquire Penner!” yell the same people, some how, some way.

  20. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    They should trade for Paul Ranger. I would love to see his Ranger jersey, just like Miro Satan should have played for the Devils.

  21. “So the people who claim that Boyle and Pouliot are blockers and wastes of roster spots want Penner? One man’s trash…”

    32 points in 49 games is garbage?

  22. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I can’t wait until Cally signs. I’ll bring the cheese for all the whine I see.

  23. You should question why a contending team would trade a “power forward with skill” for a 4th round pick.

  24. NHL Network is slowly starting to give less airtime to hacks. It was fantastic in its early incarnation, then stunk, but is getting back to good (teehee Matchbox Twenty). Of course, who? is wonderful to view, but I’m glad they brought Dave Reid back. Neil Smith is nice to listen to. Wish Gary Green would return as well.

  25. “You should question why a contending team would trade a “power forward with skill” for a 4th round pick.”

    desperate to clear cap space for some rental that they really want? But it is an absolute mistake, Penner would make us better.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lone Ranger – well, to be honest, I think I’ll be releasing a #2. And I don’t mean a draft pick.

  27. Dan Pollard and Brian Duff were great too. I think Dan Pollard still appears sometimes. Think Duff took a job with the Sabres. Maybe they will axe him too!

  28. “what can we honestly get 4 Stepan”

    we will only find out when his trade value is near zero like with Del Zotto. Our GM never does his job and trades an overrated player while he still has value.

  29. watch Sather will trade (and obviously overpay) for some overrated softie like Callamari or Cammalleri.

  30. I’d do the same, Eddie.

    Hanka Hanka is rusty…again. He needs the time off. Ride Talbot when he’s hot.

    Talbot nearly shutout the Leaves last time around. Actually, it should have been a shutout if not for that BS goal that the war room allowed.

  31. Pizdun Vasya on

    SportsDeskCT @SportsDeskCT 3m

    Hearing rumors that Brad Richards will be dealt tomorrow. Most likely destination is Detroit.

  32. This Penner stuff is reeeeeeeaaaaaaal stupid. Perry and/or Getzlaf had a touch on 2/3 of his super awesome must have points total. You have to work, hard, to not score with those guys.

  33. That BS. If Richards goes anywhere it will be to Churchill Downs for a pile of Horse Poop.

  34. Pizdun Vasya on

    With Datsyuk out again, look for Detroit to make a move on Richards. You heart it here first.

  35. “Talbot nearly shutout the Leaves last time around. Actually, it should have been a shutout if not for that BS goal that the war room allowed.”

    I was at that game. Some dumb Leafs fans were intentionally blocking the television with the replay on it! Losers.

  36. Burrows? going to be 33 in a month and he hasn’t scored a goal all year ( 31 games)… Keep him, I don’t want him. Rather play JT Miller.

  37. TSN also mentioned that the Rangers are the front runners for Christian Ehrhoff.

    The proposed deal was Hagelin and two 2nd round picks for Ehrhoff and Stewart. I think that’s a good deal

  38. Eddie

    According to general opinion on this worst blog on the internets, if Torts is fired, that is because Torts wanted to get fired and not because he’s a lousy coach.

  39. Canucks are rebuilding/retooling we should try to dump some players that Tortorella liked there.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CCCp – another orange revolution?

    Torts and his car seat will soon be unemployed. I didn’t mean to throw torts under the bus, but oops, I guess I just did…

  41. “TSN also mentioned that the Rangers are the front runners for Christian Ehrhoff.

    The proposed deal was Hagelin and two 2nd round picks for Ehrhoff and Stewart. I think that’s a good deal”

    interesting, would be even better if we dump a prospect or 2 that we don’t need instead of a pick.

  42. I’d like that deal a lot better if Ehrhoff weren’t signed for another 7 years after this year given that this year he’s already 31.

    (I wouldn’t even think about Miller for Burrows. My assumption there is B prospect or 2nd round pick.)

  43. Burrows would clog up ice time. I’d rather play Miller a regular shift for the rest of the year.

  44. Mike Gillis is an idiot if he lets Torts make decisions now because Torts is going to be out of there in the next 4-12 months.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CCCp – I’ve noticed. Freedom is a good thing. Putin can suck a Babcock

  46. “Burrows would clog up ice time. I’d rather play Miller a regular shift for the rest of the year.”

    Zuccarello will return soon and Dorsett is already a healthy scratch. They need to trade some players for picks or they will likely send down Miller again.

  47. _The Hits Credited Stat may be the most bogus stat compiled._

    Totally, if you want a literal number and argue over 188 versus 179. But it doesn’t miss by multiples of itself and we all know what our big issue is.

    (Hint: Its not lefty shooting no-touch defensemen.)

  48. Pouliot for David Backes

    Zucc for Evander Kane

    7th rounder for Burrows

    PT clears itself up.

  49. “Can we get big Buff from Winnipeg? That’d be awesome”

    would be even more awesome if we could get him and Penner and before each game they could have a hot dog eating contest then puke all over the ice.

  50. On TSN they were saying the Rangers might be interested in Byfuglien. It would cost Zuccarello and 4th/5th round pick. I would do it.

  51. Mr. D, Literally? i’d be satisfied with an accurate aggregate number. When a player hits/checks an opposing player, check the box. At the end of the game count up the checks in the box. Pretty simple.

  52. Yeah guys lets keep adding size and toughness, that’s worked great for this team definitely why we cant score goals… Boyle, Pyatt, Clowe, Scott, Boogard,Ashm,Brasher…

  53. “I say your wrong.” Is in itself, one of the funniest sentences I’ve ever read!

    “what can we honestly get 4 Stepan”?
    Ans: an iPad?


  54. No, that’s what I mean Papa. I recognize its not a true number like goals, but it doesn’t miss by enough to misstate a player’s on ice game. Ehrhoff isn’t a contact guy. We have a lot of non-contact guys, including a couple relatively non-contact left side defensemen who are better than him anyway. He’s not a need now, probably not 7 years from now either.

  55. Ha ha ha ha ha how much does an iPad count against the salary cap ha ha ha ha ha …

  56. Eddie im sick of the hurr durr lets add size argument and “heart”a argument of Ranger fans. Ive had a life time of it at age 26.

    This team needs gifted goal scorers or great play makers who show up every night. I trade that for size every day. See MZA.

    Perrys and Getzlaf’s dont grow on trees. We aren’t lucky enough to get size and skill.

  57. If the NHL identifies and aggregates a specific activity during the course of a game in order to feed and compile official stats on that specific activity, they should try to do it properly and accurately.

    I have watched many games where I come away scratching my head over the hits delivered stats in the box score.

    If it matters, get it right. If it doesn’t, don’t compile it.

  58. Where’s Boomer? Interesting…

    Byfuglian gets offered for Zuccarello you listen! It would take more than Zucc to make that deal though. Fugly has two years at 5.2 cap hit per… Not bad.

  59. I know, I know, Papa, its like hanging on errors or other subjectives. Point being, Ehrhoff has been credited with 34 hits in 59 games. Maybe its 44, maybe its 24, its not 84 and that’s the point I was making.

  60. If Byfuglien gets offered for Zucc, you act interested and then say “oh wait, maybe we’d rather Ladd/Wheeler/Kane instead” and then they do it and you go like “oh wow I can’t believe it that’s such a great trade” and everyone celebrates even though Zucc seems cool.

  61. BTW, Mr D. I understand your point completely and don’t disagree. But that doesn’t change my initial assertion, the hits delivered stat is, to my eyes anyway, the least accurate measure compiled of critical activity during a game, night in and night out.

  62. eddie- true

    but that is size and skill not the typical we need size and toughness argument that is beyond old now

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wheeler, buff Lynne, Ladd and Kane for Cally, step, Boyle and strallhlhlman

  64. No Glen, pay me what you want..I’d like to give back to the organization actually and buy some pucks..thanks for letting me play – Ryan C.

  65. 2014-2015 NYR Defensmen:

    That’s D-corp you would take to the playoffs! Just sayin, I know Byfuglian has his issues… But one is not being a good hockey player when motivated to be so.


  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Trade for cheap rentals Gaborik and Jagr …win the cup and everyone is happy.

  67. I’d be curious to know the price tag on Bolland, but strictly as a rental. No desire to go market or close to it on him.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’d like to see Johnny weir on hockey skates. That is one bad mamma jamma

  69. Goodnight, all. Is this the last time I ever go to sleep happy for the rest of my life???

  70. Having an off year, but you can’t deny his ability regardless of his weight. He’s healthy, hadn’t missed a game and can still shoot the puck 100MPH. Proven also in playoffs when there. Change of team and playing for NY could revitalize him.

    I never thought of him before hearing it tonight, but I’m intrigued at the idea.


  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Buff is so fat , when he was a kid in schoool his desk was next to everyybody!!!

  72. If you see the goal that Steen scored tonight. Backes makes a behind the net pass to Steen in the slot. Steen takes the pass, drops his soldier, fakes the forehand, goes to his backhand and roofs it to the far corner from 12 feet. Perfect shot.

    Rangers do not have any players who could make that play.

  73. “@MurphysLaw74: Per an NHL exec, the Bruins & Blue Jackets have discussed Gaborik. Leads me to wonder if Eriksson missing game Tues. was truly minor issue.”

  74. Most GM’s are good at tearing teams up to rebuild.

    It’s the rebuilding that’s difficult.

    Few GM’s are good at sustaining success over the long term .

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Given that slats cannot tear himself away front a urinal for more than a minute or two, I don’t suspect any trades tomorrow.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Neighhhhhhhhhhhhh brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I wonder how glee club went tonight…fa la la la la

  77. ‘Pressure, Glennie?’

    ‘Pressure’s only when you run out of scotch and cigars.”

  78. Kesler’s pretty touchy if he took major offense about AV’s mild comments. We don’t need no more prima donnas.

  79. And Norm was almost on the verge of being funny now and again. Beauty School Dropout.

  80. I heard while speaking to the press off the record, AV referred to Kesler as a “dumb ugly Howling looking mo fo”

  81. Norm, your bed is always here if you have a Change of Heart. Hmm, sounds a bit like Steely Dan.

  82. Normie, driving his one horse sleigh over the mountains and through the woods in Maine after teaching night course, planning to settle into snowy cabin with a hot cup of tea and ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover.’

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ll apologize sincerely if norm comes back. He’s sweet as sugar and needs to return…

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dear blog: Kooz is a poo poo head. I’m leaving never to return. I’m off to wrestle my blow up Richards doll…hey 19. Here I come…

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards scored a goal but was -23 for the day. Norm was not happy with all of the teasing.

  86. Never to return again. I wonder if he’ll check in occasionally under a pseudonym.

    Maybe he’ll try Woody.

  87. I was a little offended when he only said goodbye to Coos. I thought we were tite.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I heard he got carpal tunnel holding his package hitting 4 octaves above middle C

  89. He didn’t actually say goodbye to me, he implied that I was the main reason for his unrelenting spiritual misery.

  90. At least we know he isn’t dead. Sometimes people disappear, and I wonder if they died. And we’d never know.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – my will stipulates if I croak, it will be announced to this, the worst internets blog.

  92. When the time comes, my Son has been instructed to come on here under the pseudonym “Grim Reaper” to announce my passing and provide details on viewing and services.

  93. Ms. E3 – “Notify the President, the Dean, the Times, and the Ranger Blog.”

  94. I’ve also instructed him to post a picture of me so those who choose to pay respects will know which coffin to approach in the funeral home.

  95. Sometimes I read a long six paragraph blog on here on PP theory and I’m tempted to say “My foot fell asleep, mind if I join it?”

  96. Sometimes I’d rather read a long six paragraph blog on here on PP theory then go through 330 blogs on the merits or detriments of trading for Kesler.

  97. I don’t think I could stand seeing Lucic’s totem pole face looking out at me from the Rangers’ bench. Clowe was close enough.

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    The power play needs to get some footage .I suggest shooting and more shooting. Its a good power play that our team needs. I want the power play to dictate our game play in a positive way.

    Richards on the point is nice but we may need a change. Getting on the right foot having a big shooter is the key. I suggest shoot again and I can’t stress it enough. Our Power play will make us or break us this year.

    Good power plays are important to our team and getting goals is a step-an the right direction ( no pun attended)

  99. Marchand nose looks like a Johnson.
    I wonder if his Johnson looks like a nose!

  100. #19 shouldn’t be on the point, but rather down low. He can’t keep the puck in, and he can’t get back when he doesn’t.

  101. Me too. Got to get up early, check on the trade rumors, check on the trade rumors.

  102. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ok, I’m off for a few hours sleep before a big or not so big deadline day….

    Burrows…hell yes
    Erhoff…hell no
    Big buff…probably
    Kesler…hell yes (apparently not happening)

    Night ‘heads

  103. ThisYearsModel on

    I will probably wake up to Sather having traded THE to Vancouver for Alex Burrows. Oh, wait, Torts hates THE. Whew!

  104. RangerSwedigian on

    Good morning!

    Will be interesting to see what panic moves our beloved GM pulls off today after realizing the teams around us probably got stronger.

    He will only do enough to get us into the playoffs, not to win something…

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