Live Chat today at noon; let’s talk about Ryan Callahan, etc.


Join us for the pre-trade deadline Live Chat at noon today. We might do another one post-deadline later in the week.

Here’s my story from The Journal News and

At this point, the Rangers should just hang onto Ryan Callahan

By Rick Carpiniello

Here’s the thing with Ryan Callahan. The Rangers never really “wanted” to trade him, and they never really were sure if they could re-sign him.
And they probably still feel the same way on both fronts.
As the 3 p.m. Wednesday trade deadline closes in, it appears more and more likely that the Rangers will just hang onto him.
Honestly, that’s the right way to go, barring a contender leaping into the fray with a can’t-refuse offer for the Rangers’ captain.
If the Rangers can’t get (A) a player who makes an immediate impact, or (B) a first-round pick and/or top prospects, there’s no point in dealing Callahan now.
What we saw this past weekend, in mistake-ridden losses to Philadelphia and Boston — and you could argue the impact that both opponents’ physical presence had — is that these Rangers need more players like Callahan, not fewer.
That and the fact that Callahan has backed off his demand for a seventh year on his new contract give the Rangers a chance to sign him either before or after the deadline, or before or after July 1, when the free-agent signing period begins. The Rangers were not budging on that seventh season, and while the money (more than $6 million per year) is going to be too much for a guy whose game could erode in years 4, 5 and 6 due to injuries and his style of play, wouldn’t that still be true at, say $5.5 million per?
The Rangers would surely sign him for that, right?
At any rate, NHL general managers haven’t knocked down Glen Sather’s door with offers for the rental of Callahan, and the one team that would gladly sign him for seven years, reportedly, is Buffalo — a team that’s selling, not buying, and a team that can afford to wait until July rather than sacrifice assets for him now.
So unless they’re blown away late, the Rangers should just hang onto Callahan. He says he wants to stay, and they’re closer than they’ve ever been to a deal, so keep him for the final 20 games plus playoffs, negotiate until July 1, and let it play out.
The NHL trade deadline could be a wild one this year, with so many “rental” players available, and so many sellers really cleaning house. The name Martin St. Louis won’t go away, but the Rangers won’t get him for Callahan — it would take Callahan plus, or younger players or picks. Ryan Kesler is available, but Vancouver doesn’t want a rental, and we keep hearing the Rangers won’t part with Derek Stepan-plus to get him.
Sather is sure to be involved in a big way by 3 p.m. Wednesday, with his team very much in the hunt for a playoff berth, even if it isn’t close to being a real Stanley Cup contender.

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  1. I’m sorry to say that I’ll miss the live chat. I will say though, that I am first.

  2. Hopefully be around for the Charp later, but i think we will see some movement today one way or the other.
    I’d expect Slats to counter-offer but still come short of the reported $6.25-6.5m that the Callahan camp is requesting. However, given the small gap between the two parties i’d be surprised if it doesn’t settle in the $6.1m range for 6 years.
    I still think that’s too much, (i presonally think the Girardi deal would be fair price) but market forces have dictated this deal and as the cap rises (and IF Slats buys out Richie Rich) it won’t be a huge burden. The biggest question will be can he play 75 games a year and be a regular 50-60 point guy?

  3. RangerSwegian on

    I always miss those chats, at noon I’m to busy with the soccerpansy thingy, aka my job…

    Do think you’re right about Cally and can’t really see any big moves for us… But Sather is full of surprises….

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    I doubt I can participate at noon either. The WiFi is very spotty at the resort.
    On Callahan- I think they nail this deal down rather sooner than later. They can sign him any time they want before July 1st. Well, before June 25th, actually. Remember, new CBA allows teams to talk to UFAs 5 or 6 days prior to July 1st. I think once he goes free, his price goes up again. Also, so much for that notion that Callahan wants out. No, he doesn’t. 6×6 gets it done. The money could be just above that, but not by much.

  5. bull dog line on

    the gaping hole in this article is this, once Cally gets past the trade deadline the leverage returns to him. why wouldn’t he wait till july 1 at that point. july 1 is when the stupid offers come . the Rangers need to sign him before the deadline, or trade him. this latest offer by Cally and his agent is nothing but a PR play. he has no intention of resigning with the Rangers. his goal is to not be traded this year, and leave come July 1.

  6. bull dog line on

    36 over 6 ilb, is Sather going above and beyond what he should to re sign Cally. he is not a 6 mill player. I don’t care what intangibles he brings. 6 mill a year is for the big scorers, not for glorified checkers. 6 mill would destroy the cap for years to come. how you ask? what does Stepan get when his time comes. Kreider? Staal? once you go 6 for a checker, the price goes up, way up on the skill guys. I think if they sign hum, it is a huge mistake.

  7. A lot of talk amongst the boneheads about Stepan for Kesler trade in previous threads. Plenty of totally different opinions, what else is new. I don’t think the decision is as simple as “yes, in a heartbeat”, or “no way I’m trading Stepan for Kessler”. Apparently, the Rangers have no interest in giving up Stepan for Kesler.

    This is my take. The trade hurts NY long term, no question. You’re trading your arguably best two-way center who is still very young and may develop into something very good. He is already a solid 2 or 1A center, if need too. You’re getting back an established, physical two-way center who can already be your number 1/1A and brings what your team doesn’t have at the moment. But he is almost 30 and injury prone, and considering his style of play, will probably start diminishing his impact sooner rather than later.
    However if the Rangers feel they may be contending within the next 2 years or so, that’s the trade you make because it helps you now. He isn’t a rental, he is signed through 2015-2016 season at very reasonable $5M per contract. Considering Hank isn’t getting younger, they must feel it’s time to go for it within the next few years, no?
    I doubt Vancouver makes that deal unless something else coming back along with Stepan. And that “something else” worries me the most.

  8. Slather wouldn’t know a three-way even if the chick played Monica’s hide-the-cigar

  9. 6 x 6 is a big mistake. bull dog line is on point. You can take the following and apply it Callahan, then realize Callahan is the lesser player of he and Kesler. “But he is almost 30 and injury prone, and considering his style of play, will probably start diminishing his impact sooner rather than later.”

  10. Show me a FA rental that will garner 6-7M per yr this summer that a GM would trade straight up to rent Callahan and I’ll show you….imagine there’s no heaven….

  11. Most important news of the day is that Sean Avery is confirmed on Dancing with the Stars season 18. I hope we broadcast it over here!

  12. I wish this team was hooked up at my super nintendo. I would just hit back, left, back, B, up, right and they’d be awesome…

  13. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    So Cally and Stogypus are 250K apart and can’t close a deal?

    That’s Hugh Jessiman money. Get it done, Slatsko.

  14. Avery will probably be kicked off Dancing with the Stars when he comes out on stage during Bruce Jenner’s dance performance and waves a hockey stick in his face while jumping around like a buffoon. Then they wont shake hands when Jenner is voted off….

  15. TheMessiah11 on

    I really cant beleive this is even a question. Do people not realize that P. Kane gets $6.5MM. I love Callahan like the rest of them, but from a business standpoint, you run, and dont look back. This deal (if done) will handicap the NYR for years to come.

    Arent we all sick of mediocrity yet. How long is Henrik going to be able to keep up his stellar play?

    I would love for someone to try and change my mind. I am really trying to feel right about the Cally signing, but i just cant get myself to.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    If Cally wasn’t the Capt, would we still warrant $6MM per
    If salary is predicated on 82 games played, can we pay him on a pro rated basis?
    Can you remember Cally’s last big hit? Game changer?

  17. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Per Nick Kypreos, at 12:04 a.m.:

    Told #Canucks given a short list Kesler would wave NTC. Believed in mix include #Pens #Flyers #Rangers. Van reluctant to trade him in West

    I guess we’ll see after all.

    21, 62, and the draft choices we blow anyway.

  18. TheMessiah11 on

    As a season ticket holder for over 8 years, I am really get sick and tired of the non thought out moves this organization makes. We let players like Cally dictate the market. If he wants to go, then go. Where is he going to find it better than here? Talking about intangibles. YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF THE NY RANGERS!!!! Isnt that worht something?

  19. I’m with Bulldog btw..6 mill is too much for Cally. compare him to Stastny who is making around 6 million. People would be up in arms if they were planning on persuing him as a ufa and he’s clearly a cut above skill wise..

  20. Patrick Kane is in the 4th year of that deal – its not really comparable. Kane would get $8m on the UFA market now.

    It’s about finding a middle ground on what he is worth ($5m) compared to what he COULD get as a UFA ($6.5m)

  21. The reason i’ve cited Dustin Brown (almost) every time i comment, is that his new deal kicks in next season, he is a similar type of player, a captain, similar stats etc.

    Its no good saying “player xxx earns $6.5m and Callys not worth that”, because you’re right in a comparison as of now, but you have to look at when the deal was signed, what the cap was, who’d signed deals around the same time etc…

  22. Step-on for Kessler is a no brainer, sick of soft guys with so much potential yada yada yada. Do it! As far as Cally money matters but years are what kills. Give him 5 and overpay a bit..a bit north of 6mil. Buy out Bucky, consider trading Staal in the off season, I know he has been playing real well, that’s the point. He is a hit away from playing in a dark room for a long time. The dream deal would be to unload Nash. Hopefully he gets hot again and there is some value, but I would dump this guy in a heart beat. Then you free up Step, Bucky and Nash money overpay with the Capt. Have Kessler at a ok price and have some serious cash lined up.

  23. Nucks reportedly want a legit NHL forward, a young player (pref Forward, but maybe a D) plus a 1st rounder

    The Marty St.Louis rumor mill seems to have ground to a halt – is it the quiet before the storm?

  24. 5.5 is the most Callahan deserves. Callahan isn’t even an effective hitter anymore and now under AV doesn’t even block shots much.

  25. Its about finding a middle ground between what he is (4M) what he was (5M) and what he was suppose to be (6M)

  26. Keeping Stepan and acquiring Kesler is unreal. Simply UNREAL. Such center depth.

    So Callahan says $6.5M and the Rangers say $6M and now they are at an impasse. What a waste of time getting to this number.

  27. Put me in the 100% against trading Miller camp. Good teams need guys of his skill level and cap hit playing well, not being shopped out. Unless you have other Millers.

  28. I can’t see any way we’re getting Kesler without Stepan or Miller going the other way.

  29. A lot if apples and oranges, folks. You can’t compare Callahan’s contract to Kessler’s. If Kessler were to hit an open market this summer, he’d ask for $7+M for 7 years. And he’d get it.

  30. I wonder if we’re discussing Nash or willing to discuss Nash. Would be the fastest way to completely change our roster composition.

  31. ThisYearsModel on

    They should pass on Callahan at $6MM for 6. Far too much for a guy with his production. he is not worth more than the Girardi contract.

  32. ILB, dead on. He’d ask for it, get it and it would be a deal we’d all wish we’d gotten. Pretty sure Kesler got 2 RFA years bought out when he signed the deal he’s on now so a better comp is Step down the line.

  33. ilb – spot on! His contract was signed nearly 4 years ago, he’d easily get 7×7 right now. Which in my eyes is why he is worth going after for the 2+ years he has left at $5m.

    If our centers next year are Step, Kesler, Brass, Moore that is a very strong middle of the ice.

  34. flyers aggresively pursuing kesler. they are offering significant deal. look for them to outbid pitssburgh in the end to get kesler. they are desperate to make playoffs and holmgren once gave kesler offer sheet. he loves the player.

  35. lots of fruit being flung around this morning. wonder if we’ll get another bad appple.

  36. Do you guys have anyone amazing you follow on Twitter or something to get all this information?

  37. If Matt Read headlines or partially headlines a Kesler deal, I will flip out. Matt Read is Meh Read.

  38. I just don’t see how the Phlyers have the pieces or the cap space to get and keep Kesler

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Orange you glad Slats has not gone bananas and traded plum young talent for old lemons?

    He should trade our two assets with bad melons (Nash and Staal) to bring back some juicy talent to shine in the big apple.

  40. Looks like they’d have to be returning atleast $2MM, Manny. One would think/hope/expect Couturier would go the other way, which is outstanding for a team with perpetually shaky defense.

  41. I also heard that the Phlyers were interested in moving Meszaros. For what that is worth.

  42. Am I the only one who will be really disappointed if the Rangers DON’T trade Cally? He’s a tough guy with blue blood, but who really cares anymore? The Rangers won’t win with this team and any young potential is more interesting to me than overpaying for an aging checking line player (no matter how big the heart).

  43. I wish Torts didn’t *hate* Hagelin so much. He’d be a perfect young forward to send out in an upgrade trade.

  44. Marc Weissman on

    I’m glad u brought up Step, Rick, b/c aside from all the Cally hoopla, very little has been mentioned about Derek, yet there should be.

    Plain and simple, Step has been a shell of his former self, and if not for the fact that the lines haven’t been shuffled very much – to AV’s credit – Step would not have the luxury of playing alongside Nash most of the year, and thus getting most of his points by osmosis rather than by effort. Fact is, too, Step has been invisible unto himself for the bulk of the year and his utter refusal to shoot – esp on the PP – is unprecedented. And unlike if Cally were to be dealt, I would have no animosity, no hard feelings nor regret if Derek were to be traded. Sure the kid is young and has skill – at times – but he clearly has no edge to speak of, and frankly, would probably get us alot more in return than Cally would given his lower contract demands, higher “potential” b/c of his age, lower propensity for injury, and better on-paper stats.

    Bottom line is Derek should consider himself very lucky that all the attention has been focused on the Captain these last few weeks. But anyway….

  45. I don’t think it’s a question of better. It’s more about younger, cheaper and “comparable enough” that you don’t send 3 pieces for 1

  46. Step-On wont be cheap for long. That little holdout of his this past summer worries me. He’s got a little case of Dubi-syndrome, thinking he’s worth a lot more than he thinks. Now it’s spreading. Cally’s been infected, big time.

  47. If only we had Torts back here to bench these self inflated babies and teach them what they are really worth!

  48. leetchhalloffame on

    Trade Cally & Step. Get Kesler and anyone who might make the NY Pansies tougher. Tired of seeing these pu$$ies being pushed around.

  49. _He’s got a little case of Dubi-syndrome, thinking he’s worth a lot more than he thinks._

    So you’re saying we should get all mad at him, demote him to the 3rd line then trade him and see him bounce back to the exact level expected?

  50. does anyone think stepan will get better. honest i think he is too slow on his skates and cant be considered a number one center. the fact is we dont have one.

    if you are the rangers like ilb said if you consider yourself a contender in next 2-3 years then u trade him in a package for kesler if not then you dont.

    he has to go in trade of mike gillis hangs up the phone.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Marc Weissman – spot on with your 10:04. Stepan seems like a great kid, but this is a league for men. Tough rugged men. And sadly, #21 just doesn’t have the DNA. He has NO edge to his game whatsoever. Moreover, Most of his points ARE of the blind squirrel variety. Blind, awful passes like the one to Nash against Philly on THE’s goal are becoming the norm…

  52. i suggest checking out rotter on snyrangers as thats where i saw the philly daily news report on flyers going all in on kesler

  53. Who would we need to trade to get Lou Cheech, Night Train Simmonds and double-gold Getzlaf? The give me my cup finals tix!

  54. If the Pens are *very serious*, shouldn’t they be leading with more than Sutter? Or is that just how Shero works? Trade Staal for Sutter, use Sutter’s cheapest years and then when he doesn’t blossom trade him for a better player than Staal. I’d be *mad*.

  55. Just heard a rumor in my head that we’re trying to set up a 3 team deal where Nash goes out and Kesler comes in.

  56. My ideal preference is as follows:

    1) Add Kesler trading Miller and prospects, buyout Richards and resign Brassard
    2) Trade Brassard plus for Kessler, buyout Richards and sign Stastny in the offseason.
    3) Trade Stepan and a pick for Kessler, resign Brassard and sign Stastny.

    I like option one best because it frees up money for them to sign one of the better wings available.

    Kreider – Kesler – Nash
    Moulson – Stepan – Callahan
    Hagelin – Brassard – MZA
    Boyle/FA – Moore/FA – Dorsett

  57. I am also in favor of getting Moulson. I love the idea of a legitimate cherry picker on this team.

    We haven’t talked much about Boyle moving but I assume that Sather is going to try and move him to Montreal before 3pm tomorrow.

  58. Reading that, of course, option one is probably completely unrealistic. At a minimum, it would need to be Miller and Hagelin.

  59. Kesler *will* be a Penguin… book it. Book. It.

    Brodeur *will* be on Dancing With the Stars against Sean Avery… book it. Book. It.

  60. @Ledger_NJDevils Talk that Devils have agreed to trade Brodeur to Minny. Wild deny it.

  61. Manny, I think they keep Boyle and let him walk. He’s going to get offered more than Sather thinks he’s worth.

  62. I agree, Gravy. I just thought that, since they are always claiming that so many teams want my boy Brian Boyle, that Sather would be smart enough to trade him for someone that does his job and has fists.

  63. I wouldn’t be opposed to them trading him since I think it’s 20-80 that they re-sign him. I’ll miss him.

  64. Mister D – spot on with your Dubi comment earlier.

    Manny – Boyle has hands of stone when it comes to shooting the puck, but unfortunately not when it comes to punching opponents in the face!

  65. This is so boring. When is something going to happen that we can get up in arms about?

  66. @NHLRumorsDaily *NYR* apparently have informed Cally’s camp that if *no* deal then prepare to *ship out tomorrow*. Tampa, Buffalo, and LA in front

    Sounds like they are sending Callahan to war…

  67. @NHLRumorsDaily *NYRs* targets in order… 1)MSL 2)Ehrhoff 3)Moulson 4)Hemsky 5)Someone like Derek Morris

  68. @NHLRumorsDaily That *FlyersA* offer is their offer for Kesler. *Couturier, couple of prospects, and 1st*

  69. Ha, I hate all of those targets except Moulson and I’d probably hate a Moulson trade.

  70. _I am also in favor of getting Moulson. I love the idea of a legitimate cherry picker on this team._


  71. Manny, any site that ranks a team’s targets 1-5 is probably full of the S. I imagine you take Sather and his top 2 guys and they wouldn’t rank them the same as each other.

  72. Stranger Nation on

    Trade Stepan and a pick for Kessler,
    trade Hags and Boyle for MStL
    Trade Cally and Pullout for Stewart and Moulsson
    Resign Brassard
    dont’ sign Stastny.

    MZA – Kesler – Nash
    Moulson – Brass – MStL
    Kreider – Miller – Sewart
    FA – FA – Dorsett

  73. So, if Callahan isn’t sign, I guess the Rangers will move him to Buffalo for Ehrhoff ($4M AAV) or make a package deal for Ehrhoff and Moulson ($3.13M AAV).

    I assume if they get Ehrhoff that spells the end of time for J. Moore so he will probably go the other way. I think he’s the only left handed guy they can part with.

    So maybe they send Callahan, J. Moore and [insert useless prospect] to Buffalo for Ehrhoff and Moulson.

  74. I’m just bored as anything, The Doctor and I’m sharing. *SO SORRY FOR UPSETTING YOU*

  75. Stranger Nation on

    _Mister D – spot on with your Dubi comment earlier_

    thought Dubi played himself on to the 3rd line all by himself. that said, would talk him back in a second. hey, we may have that chance after next season…

  76. The Rangers are being more than generous with Callahan. 6 years, 36 million is far more than what he’s is objectively worth since effort, hustle, shot blocking, leadership and hitting are great, but Drury did all that too.

    The Rangers have an opportunity to rebuild a mostly barren farm system while avoiding a potential disaster.

    Trade him and check back in during the offseason to see how much being the Rangers captain meant to him and whether he’s willing to take a discount to come back.

  77. Not just 7 years, 7 years at 2nd pairing D price. Which would spell the end of Staal.

  78. if thats the flyers offer that manny posted for kesler the canucks make that move. i believe that gets it done.

  79. I don’t know, Eric. They really don’t have prospects worth getting worked up over. Like is Laughton (I imagine their #1) really a level above someone like Lindberg or Kristo? Maybe?

  80. boyle gets shipped out west to one of the three california teams that want a big body. too bad boyle plays like 5-11 guy.

  81. I really don’t think that’s either enough or any better than the Penguins offer for Kesler.

  82. Manny, if that trade goes through, just another reason to hate Uncle Daddy. Fatso needs to accept that his career is over, but then again, if he accepts the trade, it’s probably because he has a sister-in-law in Minnesota. Lou Armadillo will have had to work some Xenarthran magic over the phones to organize such a trade, but he’s done it before.

  83. Never left, Carp.

    If that’s what Flyers are giving up for Kesler, they can have him. I think Couturier and first is already more than I’d willing to give up for him, let alone adding prospects. I think Couturier may become a great two-way center long term once he adds more offense to his game.

  84. Buffalo will be reluctant to trade him due to the cap recapture penalty. His last 3 years of his contract are $1m. If say, he gets traded to Detroit and retires in 4 years time, Buffalo would get stung for $2.5m a year for those last 3 years. If he’s still in Buffalo they might be able to IR him and not get hit the the penalty

  85. When Uncle Daddy admits that his career is over we will all have to listen to him talk endlessly as a commentator on every network available. We will also have to have an entire season where people debate whether he was “the best ever.”

    It’s going to be worse than when he was playing.

  86. _Not just 7 years, 7 years at 2nd pairing D price. Which would spell the end of Staal._

    I didn’t even think of that. Trading Callahan to get Staal’s replacement would be the most amazingly awful thing possible. Kill two letters with one stone, leaving only Richards still standing. Sather totally would do that.

  87. Sather dangled Boyle last year at the deadline… no real takers. I haven’t heard as much this yr about moving him. He was as good as gone if somebody stepped up last yr. The cigar soured on him after getting mugged by the Sens.

  88. “When Uncle Daddy admits that his career is over we will all have to listen to him talk endlessly as a commentator on every network available. We will also have to have an entire season where people debate whether he was “the best ever.””

    A truly frightening thought.

  89. rangers flyers caps jackets devils 5 teams for 2 guarnateed spots.

    3 who miss out battling for wild card with leafs and red wings.

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    Even as a Rangers fan I would be legitimately sad to see Brodeur in another sweater. It’s just not right at all.

  91. If NYR is on Kesler’s potential partners list, then you can bet that Uncle Glennie is in the fray…Cally has his fate in his own hands at this point in time. Hey, maybe Glenn can trade BR for a SC-final bound team? How about 3 Richards on one team? That would please the play-by-play announcers!l>))

  92. Every center in the league is either better than Stepan or has the potential to someday be better. Trade Stepan for a bag of garbage then throw out the bag of garbage and we can’t start from scratch.

  93. Another “I wanna be a Ranger for life coz i bleed blue” player takes the franchise to the cleaners. And i don’t care how much money Slats and the management throws at FA…you’re a homegrown player… lead by example! Take less…set a new trend for this franchise!

  94. Makes sense. Best way to build in the cap era is to draft and develop cheap talent so, when we do, logic dictates you move that cheap talent out for more established and expensive talent.

  95. Oh boy, did that say Stepan and Miller and a 1st? Jesus. Just give up if that’s the deal.

  96. I hear Cally & Sather will be joining this Charp to make a big announcement. That’s how influential Carp’s Charp are.

  97. It never occurred to me until Manny’s post that Kesler is going to be more of Sather-chasing-UFA than Sather-making-solid-trade. There’s competition. When there’s competition, Sather has to win the prize, no matter what or how many losses come with that win.

  98. If the rangers want Kesler that’s the deal. If the flyers are offering couturier it will have to be that package.

    Not saying I would do it need to think hard but that’s the type of package it will take

  99. “You know the old adage,” Glen said, taking a puff from his cigar. “You gotta sell low and buy high. That’s the only way to succeed in this business.”

  100. _If the rangers want Kesler that’s the deal. If the flyers are offering couturier it will have to be that package._

    Except in non-Ranger circles, Stepan is more valuable than Couturier and Miller is better than whatever secondary piece they realistically would offer. Its trumping for the sake of trumping.

  101. We are also :15 minutes away from NYR stepping onto the ice for practice. Could be interesting to see who is absent or who is not absent, etc.

  102. Makes sense to send Cally
    Out to Torts land. Stepan and Miller for Kessler is steep. And do we even have a first rounder coming in the next 10 years?

  103. Its going to be interesting waiting for the “player x not at practice” tweets today/tomorrow

  104. Stepan and Miller and 1st is pretty much 3 of our top 4 assets. So we saved Kreider. Hoorah. I hate this.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The white elephant in the room is Brad Richards. The season was screwed the moment he wasn’t bought out. The rest of this stuff is peripheral.

  106. According to Zipay, NTC/NMC also a stick point in the Callahan negotiations. I’d imagine he’s asking for full, and the Rangers are offering the same as Girardi.

  107. Stranger Nation on

    The white -elephant- -horse- pony in the room is Brad Richards.

    Slats is riding the white pony!

    Who has a pony?

  108. RangerSwedigian on

    Have a good one, going back out to do some coaching. There better be some trades done when I get back in!!

  109. Dumb, if true, Gravy. Just give it to him and assume either (1) the contract itself is the NTC or (2) that, like always, when a guy isn’t wanted, he won’t block the deal out.

  110. I’m going to hang out here and talk about the Charp if anyone is interested….

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