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  1. @PLeonardNYDN 10s

    Vigneault says Zuccarello is now day to day, and while he won’t play tomorrow, could return anytime after

  2. @TSNBobMcKenzie 47s

    Dustin Penner is a Washington Capital. #TSN #Tradecentre

  3. How unfortunate is it that Bryzgalov was traded to the Minn. Wild with not enough time to get his own episode on NHL Network’s Series, “Becoming Wild”?

  4. Eh. Penner seems like one of those guys where you point to his 13 goals and say “those are the only 13 things he’s done for us this entire season”. Quiet minuses piling up to convincingly outweigh the plusses.

  5. Penner reminds me of Clowe last year…a contender mostly giving away a seemingly solid player. There has to be a reason.

    Why would Edmonton trade for Viktor Fasth when they just extended Scrivens?

  6. Agree good move by caps. Penner has issues but a 4th rounder worth gamble. Sather needs to respond lol

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    Whoa, pace yourselves GMs. Need to make this excitement last until tomorrow afternoon!

  8. _Robidas must have an attitude problem. He’s traded constantly._

    Have you been sleeping since 2004?

  9. Stranger Nation on

    4th rounder for Penner – holy smokes!

    Jordan Staal available – get him!

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Cally: 450 games; 132 (.29) – 122(.27) – 254 pts

    Penner: 571 games; 150 (.26) – 157 (.27) – 307 pts

    Good thing Cally has those intangibles….

  11. Players should get what the market will bear, but the (as Carp calls them) omnipresent ‘no move’ clauses on long and expensive contracts are a bane on a franchise’s ability to adjust to unworkable and/or anathematic conditions.

  12. Maybe Slats will outsmart everyone and sign Cally, then deal him off season to Buffalo for a starter and a first. :) Buffalo seems to think Cally is a bargain at 6 years, 6.5.

  13. This group needs more playable moxie to progress through playoffs. No insult meant to anyone in blue and white, but it is what it is.

  14. TheMessiah11 on

    Unreal. This will handicap the Rangers for years to come. The same people crying that we should sign Callahan at any expense today, are going to be the same people b!tching about his lack of production and injuries in a year or two from now.

    I hope we as Rangers fans enjoy mediocrity, because thats all this group is going to get if they start handing out $6MM per for players like Ryan. No disrespect to him, but he just isnt worth that amount of cash.

  15. I’m sensing a lot less people happy with this potential Callahan agreement than the Girardi one.

  16. Feel free to track me on that one, Messiah. Most of us advocating for resigning Callahan acknowledge its a pay later for gains now kind of move.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Hey wait a minute – he is our Captain and our draftee and our best shot blocker and hardest hitter in the first period and and and (what else?)

  18. TheMessiah11 on

    People have to realize that this isn’t about anything more than business. And from a business standpoint, we are NOT getting our monies worth. I am very dissapointed with this organization if they do infact go through with this rumored offer.


  19. ThisYearsModel on

    Penner suffers from the Boyle problem. The dude is big as a house, but does not play at all physical. He is a big tease. He got 13 goals playing with Getzlaf and Perry. Lots of guys can do that. Dude sure has bounced around, and was a healthy scratch at every stop.

  20. If the estimates of about a 10% annual increase in revenue (and therefore the cap) over the next few years, $6M isn’t really going to be too much. It represents less than 10% of the cap now, and potentially 6% of the cap in 5 or 6 years.

  21. ThisYearsModel on

    When those missed open nets pile up for the new $6 Million man, the wrath of the garden fans won’t be far behind.

  22. TheMessiah11 on

    But lets be honest. What is the gain now? He is an average 2nd/3rd line player on any other team. Yes, he is our captain. But what has he done for us lately?

    I think personally this is a HUGE mistake by an organization that never seems to learn from their own mistakes. Its people like me and you who pay for them too…..When it costs me $11 for a beer and $5000 for season tickets.

    I amy be the minority here, but this is just a bad move all around. It is a lose no win situation.

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