Rangers-Bruins in review; Live Chat Tuesday



1) Ryan Callahan’s last game as a Ranger? Was it? Was this the way for the guy to go out, off two God-awful losses? I suppose there remains a chance that Glen Sather doesn’t trade him by Wednesday. Two chances actually. One, Callahan gets off his seventh-year demand and drops his dollars and signs. Not likely, IMO. Why would he if he believes he can get seven years, $45M-$47M on July 1? Two, if Sather can’t get a decent return for his unsigned rental, maybe he keeps his captain for the last 20 games and whatever playoff games and has some sort of outside shot at re-signing him by or on July 1. That really could happen.

2) The decision on Callahan will, of course, get the ball rolling on anything else the Rangers do by 3 p.m., and I fully expect some big stuff out of Sather’s office before the deadline. So let’s do a Live Chat Tuesday. That could be fun.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers3) These two games. Yikes. You know the scary part for me if I was rooting for this team, and what, as a neutral observer, I always see as a bad sign? When you play two soft, lousy games like the Rangers played this weekend, make so many terrible defensive-zone coverage mistakes, leave so many players unchecked near the net, and then say it was a matter of bounces, or of not burying your own chances. Alain Vigneault, Henrik Lundqvist and Brad Richards all seemed to think the Rangers lost on bad breaks, that they really didn’t give up much. Maybe the volume of what they gave up wasn’t great, but the quality was, IMO. I thought what they did give up was eye-popping.

4) And as somebody noted on twitter last night, it started with those last 11.6 seconds against Chicago, where they gave up the goal and then the other glorious chance with one second left. So in the last 120:12 the Rangers have had breakdown after defensive breakdown, and allowed 11 goals, almost all of them from within a few feet of the net That’s not bounces.

5) BTW, as I was leaving MSG last night, somebody told me the three NY/NJ teams went 1-5 this weekend, and the only reason there was a win was because the Devils played the Islanders. Also, as I was leaving MSG, there was a game going on … and Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, Stephane Matteau were playing, as were, I’m guessing, a number of other noteworthy alums.

6) Going back to the deadline, there’s not much that Slats can do by Wednesday that’s going to allow this team to beat that team four times out of seven. Or even two out of six. I’ve said this before: The Rangers only chance in the postseason is that Marc-Andre Fleury’s postseason demons resurface, and that somebody else beats Boston.Boston Bruins v New York Rangers

7) The missed checks. Just inexcusable. I’m going to be honest. I don’t know which guy is responsible for which coverage in every single situation. But I thought Benoit Pouliot was soft on the first Boston goal, after Milan Lucic hammered Dan Girardi and J.T. Miller in the corner; I thought Derek Stepan missed his assignment on the second (after Girardi blocked the shot and it went directly to Dougie Hamilton). I thought both Kevin Klein and Marc Staal were watching the puck and Brad Richards was late to react on the third goaL. Richards and Chris Kreider were both to blame for the short-hander. The last two might have been bad bounces. Whatever. At 4-2 it was too late.

8) And while a  lot of youse are going off the deep end about the team being soft, being pushed around all weekend. Well, yeah, they are and were. But they’ve been soft all season, and all of last season. It’s not  a rough, tough team. Is that a problem? Yeah. Is that why they lost? Not completely.

9) Because, when they went on that 15-5-1 run through the Chicago game, they were defending better, and when they defended better they were able to transition and use their speed. And they defended out of the gate last night and used their speed and were all over the Bruins (for the third time this season, as AV duly noted). When they defended in Philly after the two early ghastly goals, they took over that game. It’s all about their coverage, IMO.Boston Bruins v New York Rangers

10) On the positive side, J.T. Miller showed off some sweet mitts on the 1-0 goal, and Derek Stepan and Carl Hagelin showed up for a while there. And of course, Ryan McMonster was just that. He was a bit ornery, a bit bloodied. Tough kid. The Bruins went after him, all of them did, and he stood in there (dare I say again, like Leetch used to do?).

11) Tuukka Rask allowed the Bruins to hang around in that first period. Say what you want about the Rangers’ finishers, or lack thereof, but Rask was pretty special. He’s getting really close to the top of the NHL goaltender food chain.

12) Also by the way, the Rangers PP is now losing games for them as it did last year. It scored late (McDonagh), yeah, but it gave up a killer shorty and hasn’t been a factor much lately, starting around the Stadium Series.

13) Daniel Carcillo. I will admit, he’s a better player than I thought he was. I still would prefer a healthy Derek Dorsett. And Carcillo going at it with Torey Krug? Really? That’s embarrassing.

14) I have no idea why, but there was an entire section on the bridge filled with Montreal fans, chanting “Go Habs Go!” I can’t explain it.

15) NBC all weekend long, all season long, hell, since it has been televising NHL games, continues to miss scrums on the ice because of pre-determined closeups. Pay attention, dammit! Just pitiful. Somebody needs to say something about the shot-callers in the truck.

My Three Rangers Stars:Boston Bruins v New York Rangers
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. J.T. Miller.
3. Daniel Carcillo.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    This club is better than last year, will probably make the playoffs and is much more entertaining to watch but they are not close to a cup worthy team. However, they can get Jimmy Dolan his one round of playoff cash, so the GM for life will keep his job.

  2. Nice review. I agree there were a lot of blown coverages last night.

    Hank was OK, not spectacular as we have come to expect.

    Miller showed the patience that show the day before. Nice goal. I hope he doesn’t leave when Zucc comes back.

  3. Ugly weekend….would we have gotten a point with Talbot? Sad that I even have to have that thought…soft wont get u thru the playoffs…and may even make it impossible to watch…the only thing worse would be watching Ellen DeGeneres handing out slices at the Oscars….thank goodness that would never happen!

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys!

    I miss two games all year. And the Rangers lose them both.

    Have a Monday Morning Meeting then off to go zip lining.

    Where is Cally going?

  5. I encountered those Habs fans on the way in. They were a bunch of drunk French Canadian teenagers who ran past us as a group going up the escalator. Most entertaining part of the night.

  6. 1) Why would he (sign w/ Rangers)if he believes he can get seven years, $45M-$47M on July 1?

    Because he loves NYC. Because his wife loves NYC. Because he wants to win the Cup in the greatest city in the world. Because he wants to get Messier off our minds. Because he’s willing to give a little to get a lot. Because money isn’t everything. You’re right Carp, he’s gone.

  7. Think again …somebody beats Boston and we get MAF playing badly. Let’s try to keep it in reality. Carp your a neutral observer. Really? Really? Lmao

  8. On the other end of the bridge were a group of Quebec fans who travelled down with banners to convince the Rangers to move up there where they’d get more fan support (for about 15 months, see Peg, Winne)

  9. With baseball about to start again, this Rangers weekend really ruined the rest of the season for me
    Even if we tighten up and grab the last wildcard spot with a tenth round shoot out win in the last game, we know what’s waiting for us on the other side. Exposure and muttering about bad bounces

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Needed to pot more than one of the 20 shots they got off in the 1st

    PP sucks again – who leads in PP time?

    3rd in NHL in shots on goal, 19th in goals scored

    Very very scary when Henk blames ‘bounces’, what’s next, he missed his nap?

  11. I’m changing my screensaver back to Anisimov shooting his post-goal rifle vs. Tampa

    Or wait, Cally crinkling Erskine

  12. Bruins are elite but the league lets them get away with alot of interference…takes away any edge we may have in transition/speed. League will call even less obstruction once playoffs start …obviously need some more size up front and Richards off the point on powerplays against top teams

  13. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    The power sucks again, I’m getting impatient with Stepan and Hagelin (who may never get any better than they are), and Hank’s starting to do snow angels in the crease. Maybe he’s been watching his defensemen too long.

    In any case, they’re getting exposed, big time.

    And if we’re doing a poll, I support trading Callahan for whatever we can get. Three years into any deal will be the last of any return on it.

  14. CraigWeather on

    Dead on accurate, Carp.

    They’re built to play a transition game and when they have poor defensive lapses, they’ll get spanked against a bigger, more physical/skilled team like the bruins. The 1st period …. Well played, but only 1 goal off 20 freaking shots was a signal that this one wasn’t going to go our way.

    Keep JT Miller in the lineup. The kid is tough… has good hands and will only get better.

    Stepan should bring a decent return so I’d look into trading him. Always felt his skating kept/ will keep him from reaching his full potential…

    Once Richards money comes off the books, that will help out (assuming that cigar chewing hack doesn’t bypass the buyout option).

    In an ideal world, Cally will loosen his demands and sign for 6 years around 6 million. Anything more and you have to trade him. But, DO NOT hold on to him with the false hope that he’ll get us a cup this year. This is NOT our year and to do so would be SO foolish and detrimental to the future of the team.

    It’s simple.. In order to compete with the big boys, we need more “playable toughness”, but those players don’t exactly grow on trees and therein lies the problem.

    Solution- Start freakin’ drafting better! :/

  15. Rumor – Sather was on a huge, long phone call last night, got off and everyone was very happy. Now whether that means Cally is signed or he traded a bag of pucks for St. Louis or simply means that the crate of cubans (that’s cigars, mind you) finally arrived, I have no idea.

    Would just add that while it appear TJ Miller (as the Flyer announcers kept calling him) is really ready for prime time, Pouliot is looking well past his expiration date.

  16. BMAC- Can’t blame Callahan as a person for his monetary demands. As a player, he’s given this team so much, who’s to say he isn’t entitled to those terms?. The problem as you suggest is, this isn’t just a player. The standards he must meet significantly increased the minute he accepted captaincy. Among the most important of those standards, is the implicit desire to lift the Stanley Cup as a New York Ranger and to, within reason, do whatever it takes to make it happen. Seems to be falling pretty short of these standards which is why I would agree with you. He’s NOT qualified to lead this team any longer. To be fair to Cally, Hank was in the same boat earlier this season. Unlike #24 though, his selfish behavior was somehow excused after our GM gave into his demands. Why is that?

  17. Brutally honest and spot on Carp.

    Hedberg: What about “somebody beats Boston and we get MAF playing badly” makes that statement not neutral?

    It says The Rangers aren’t going to beat Boston, period. And the only way the Rangers could get past Pittsburgh is if Fleury phones in the post-season, as he has been known to do at times.

    Personally I think there is a 3rd team the Rangers would have little or no chance against in the playoffs is Tampa, possibly Montreal.

    Toronto, Ottawa, Detroit, Columbus, Philadelphia, Washington and New Jersey and all inconsistent and beatable.

    But….so are the Rangers and therein lies the rub.

  18. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Good review, Carp.

    I understand your point, I really do. But I do believe that the overall size and strength of Boston is too much for our peewee’s. The lack of coverage was BLARING on some plays, but my feel all along was that some of that is because of our players being off their game because they are tormented by the other teams tenacity, toughness, size, and in the case of Boston, not Philly, their skill.

    Craig, I agree. Draft players who are…oh…over 5’11”, and 185, perhaps, with some skill and other qualities. Might help.

  19. Robby Bonfire on

    After this weekend’s reality check, the next downer will be Sather’s treating all this ineptitude and spiritless flotsam like this team is just one upgrade body from winning it all, as his excuse for, yet again, selling out our future.

    This GD Puke is going to have to die for Ranger fans to become liberated from him. Failing that he is NEVER going away, he will NEVER be held accountable for so many years of profligate excess and crass stupidity. Can The Trump just buy The Dolan out, please, so we can have some changes at the top around here?

  20. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Richards was MIA on the shorthanded goal..what was he doing ?

    callahan , richards john moore and boyle all possible trade bait

  21. Onecup, Richards was just floating waiting for, I think Girardi, to dig the puck away and get it to him so he could start up ice. He was most likely thinking offense in the D zone and that is a main reason you will never see Richards on a penalty kill.

    While he did help the power play some this year, I have never been a fan of having forwards on the point on the PP. You get defensive lapses like we saw on the SHG. All, or mostly on Richards.

    The few times we have seen Richards set up low and not on the point on PP, he has been effective.

  22. CraigWeather on

    Lol OneCup… what are you smoking? Richards….Trade Bait? The Rangers are likely to “Cut Bait” with him next year and teams can have him for just money!

  23. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it Callahan-Miller-Pouliot.

    The play in the defensive zone is dreadful.

    I think I know what they’re saying about bad bounces. If they get one more goal in the first and have a 2-0 lead, this game would’ve been totally different.

    But ew, they were just terrible after Boston got back in it.

  24. Do we all PROMISE not to say another bad thing about SATHER if he somehow gets the HORSE out of here?

  25. iDoodie Machetto on

    He’s not trading Richards. I bet he doesn’t even buy Richards out.


  26. But Richards could have significant value to a team that has a compliance buyout they are not planning to use but also thinks they could use him in a playoff push or run, so it is entirely possible that the Rangers could offload him.

  27. Peter

    I could be wrong, but I think that scenario (trading Richards to a team that could later buy him out) has been floated already. Something was getting in the way of that, maybe it was Cap recapture? Some boneheads know a lot more about this than me.

  28. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    reading McKenzie’s comments, looks like there could be real negotiations going on. Callahan is coming off the 7 years to 6 and away from $7M.

    Good or bad, they will find a way to make a deal.

  29. Yea, Matty, seems like Callahan will sign. I guess Callahan and his agent bled Sather a little at a time until they got him to the range and dollars they wanted.

  30. What are the odds Sather the only human being on the planet who thinks the Rangers can sign Callahan to an extension like that AND not buyout Richards?

  31. Sioux-per-man on

    Who thinks Cally played his last game as a Ranger – or has his trade value dropped so much that Sather has to keep him for the rest of the year

  32. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Richards is one of the few players that could score a goal and be -4.


  33. Last week I was thinking no way Cally would be back. Feeling more like 60-40 it was not his last game now.

  34. I’m thinking it may be more like $39 mil, Sioux. 6 per was what Slats had offered before, allegedly. He may have to concede some on the $ per

  35. We need that little guy from Norway to pick up the power play.

    Good to see Miller get that sweet goal. He deserved that one. Hopefully they can just tighten up the defense and get their heads straight… soon. I mean, they DID score 3 goals. Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to beat a very good Boston team. Don’t worry Ranger fans, we’ll get back on track.

  36. If Callahan re-signs here, then this will have been a huge waste of time *and* a huge distraction not only for the team but for the front office who desperately needs to be making moves to make this team tougher for a playoff run. Instead, they will have wasted time pitching numbers and years to Callahan and accomplishing little else aside from keeping this team in tact.

  37. ThisYearsModel on

    Rangers dominate, and game changes when Iginla goes after Staal unprovoked. Staal wants nothing to do with it and skates away. Nobody goes near Iginla, and the Boston rout is on. Chara crosschecks Callahan and abuses him in the front of the net. No response. Nash gets abused and tackled behind the Boston net. No response. Even after the game goes to 5-2, no response. This team needs McIlrath the actually be able to play, and also needs some snarl and size on the wing.

  38. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    a team, Mannu, that is simply not able to compete with the BIG boys of Boston but can against other elites, somewhat.

  39. Couldn’t really watch the games this weekend closely and don’t really want to talk about them.

    So, I’ll say, I’d sign Callahan for 6/$36 for sure, as long as they *buy out* Richards. Otherwise, I’m not thrilled, but I still probably do it.

  40. The PP has sputtered since before the Olympics, but is missing MZA.

    It won’t make anyone feel better, but there’s a lot of teams that the Bruins make look bad.

  41. Model that’s not true. Staal was actually getting very physical with Iginla before the whistle and Iginla retaliated. Staal was smart to do nothing and that had little to do with the outcome. The Rangers needed to get a second goal by Rask and someone needed to cover Iginla on that first goal.

    So now I am hearing the Rangers are looking at Ales Hemsky again. Great! I’m sure Boston and Pittsburgh are dreading us even more now, since we certainly don’t need to be a bigger, tougher team.

  42. _Richards and Chris Kreider were both to blame for the short-hander._

    “C’mon, kid! You have to know Richards is going to half-double-team the man with the puck and let the 2nd forward get to the net! Be aware of your linemates!”

  43. Love Cally, But…….

    Believe it is a BIG mistake signing him for 6 years. (Typical Sather)

    And please, DO NOT INCLUDE a no trade clause. (No matter what the length of the deal in terms of years)

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Richards to Icelanders

    2 for 1 special!!

    Richards contract & No Richards to a rival where he can wield his awesome skills.

  45. _Shows you that SOG stat means turd_

    There’s a strong, proven correlation. Its inarguable.

  46. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Lol OneCup… what are you smoking?

    I can’t wait til they legalize medicinal marijuana in NYS..
    imagine the “ranger” “knick” “jet ” and “met “pot to ease the pain for long suffering fans.

  47. With the cap going up, if someone offered something *really* interesting for Richards, I might listen. It would have to be great, but … maybe …

  48. They’re going to legalize it at a time when I’m getting too old to really enjoy it. Not cool, country.

  49. I blame this all on the Olympics. Say what you want about momentum game to game, but the Rangers lost it with the Olympic break. This happens EVERY 4 years. It’s frustrating.

  50. Maybe we can steal Lars Eller away from Montreal? He’s got no value right now, as the TSN Montreal guys just pointed out.

  51. There you go, Manny. One of those Canadian teams who need to dump talent for veteranness.

  52. Manny, does Lars Eller’s status as an *elite bleeder* make him super metal or very un-metal?

  53. Sign Callahan for 6 years 6 mil per, with a 2 mil signing bonus to appease him.
    Trade Stepan, a prospect ( Fast) and a draft pick for Kesler and a pick.
    Buy out Richards in summer.

  54. I got a text from Ryan Callahan’s second grade teacher’s cousin’s friend’s dog’s owner’s orthodontist’s mailman who said that Cally is packing up his things as we speak.

  55. Is the outcome different if Callahan’s (I think it was Callahan, not 100% sure) shot of the post goes in and ties it at 3 just before goal #4 by the B’s?

    Or does that just make it a 6-4 loss?

  56. Ha, you have his old orthodontist in the loop, Yergs. His new one is helping him renovate his kitchen BECAUSE HE’S TOTALLY STAYING IN NYC!!!

  57. I would have much rather of kept Cally than Girardi. Girardi is top D due to cercumstance. If Stall never got hurt, Girardi would be second or third line D. Even right now Mac and Stall should be our top D line. We could’v got something really good back for G-man. He is totally over-rated and even if he went to a divisional rival, it wouldn’t have worried me. What does that say about the player? Water under the bridge now, but we better get something good for Cally, cuz we are screwd with G playing all those minutes. Anybody agree? Sorry I’ve said something neg. about “Snow-angel” Girardi. I’m really just SICK of being man-handeled by Boston. Can we get some BAllS?

  58. miked: Rangers are allegedly not on Kesler’s list of teams to which he would accept a trade

  59. If Callahan is under $6.5MM over 6 and we’re holding the line at $6MM even over 6 and this doesn’t get done, I’m going to lose my mind.

  60. FotiU:

    I too, would rather see fewer snow-angels from Girardi, but the fact that you (and most everyone in the hockey media) think the Rangers would get so much more in return for him kind of tells me he is not overrated.

  61. Bleeding is *really* important, The Doctor. It’s the difference between a 2 minute and a 4 minute PP.

  62. Thanks for sharing, Yergs.

    That relationship sounds like some loose Mob connection that would be mentioned on the popular Reality Breakdown Show, *MobWives*

  63. MD, there may be a correlation with SOG, but the Rangers are then most certainly an aberration.

  64. That’s the definition of Over-Rated, because what you are actually getting in return is NOT what you payed for. Snow Angels and BLOWN coverage, and NEVER enough BIG hits. But BOY does he block shots!

  65. If they really have offered 6/$6, and Callahan is 6/less than $6.5, I doubt it doesn’t get done.

  66. If you guys follow me on Twitter (@mrmanager5), I just posted one of the funniest “Hockey Porn” things I have ever heard. Too funny to post on here.

  67. ThisYearsModel on

    The Girardi signing was smart and necessary. Callahan at 6 Million or above is another matter. It will be a terrible deal in years 3-6 or 7. I would not make that deal. I also would not go anywhere near Hemsky. We don’t need another perimeter prance on the team. Wonder if Buffalo would pony up for a signed Cally.

  68. How would the weekend have turned out if Hank stops Simmonds on Saturday when the game was 2-2?? Big money goalies CANNOT hurt their team like that. Earn your fat paycheck Hank!!

  69. I know an odds maker who set the over / under for Callahan’s games played next season as 64.

  70. Another review that fails to mention the mist salient fact about the game: Hank was terrible. If he is in pre-Olympic form, we win the game. Yeah, the bruins are good! but we got a ton of great chances. The difference is that their goalie stopped tough shots and ours didn’t.

  71. _MD, there may be a correlation with SOG, but the Rangers are then most certainly an aberration._

    We’re 4th in the league in terms of gap between expected goals (based on league shooting percentage) and actual goals.

    Vancouver Canucks: -0.45
    Los Angeles Kings: -0.44
    Buffalo Sabres: -0.44
    New York Rangers: -0.39
    Carolina Hurricanes: -0.34
    Florida Panthers: -0.31
    San Jose Sharks: -0.21
    Nashville Predators: -0.2
    Calgary Flames: -0.15
    Phoenix Coyotes: -0.14
    Detroit Red Wings: -0.11
    New York Islanders: -0.09
    Ottawa Senators: -0.09
    Dallas Stars: -0.06
    Minnesota Wild: -0.05
    Montréal Canadiens: -0.05
    Winnipeg Jets: -0.03
    New Jersey Devils: 0.03
    Edmonton Oilers: 0.04
    Philadelphia Flyers: 0.11
    Washington Capitals: 0.13
    Tampa Bay Lightning: 0.13
    Boston Bruins: 0.27
    Columbus Blue Jackets: 0.34
    Chicago Blackhawks: 0.37
    Toronto Maple Leafs: 0.37
    Pittsburgh Penguins: 0.38
    Colorado Avalanche: 0.39
    Anaheim Ducks: 0.45
    St. Louis Blues: 0.58

  72. Guys we all live the heart intangibles hustle blue collar work ethic of cally and I for one respect that as our captain but let’s be honest here a 6-6.5 mil dollar player has to have some pure offensive skill and talent. He needs to work to damn hard to score.

    I don’t even know signing him for 6 for 36 at 6 per what rangers are offering is the right move.

  73. Canucks fans asking that Vancouver not trade Kesler, but if they do have to do it, please get Ovechkin or Crosby in return.


  74. Makes sense. What was that ridiculous stat they showed? Something like 3rd in shots and 19th in goals scored?

  75. When you look at Clowe/Clarkson at 5/$5M and Phaneuf at 7/$7M, Callahan at 6/$6M seems right.

  76. Again, if they buy out Richards, then the deal is very fair. If for some reason, they do not, the deal will be a bit of a hindrance down the road.

  77. Eric

    Not only that, but Callahan’s offense has fallen so far that it looks like he’s no loner capable of hitting the 20 goal mark with regularity.

    All this abuse is taking its toll and if Callahan’s days as a 50+ point player are over, then signing him to this type of contract will essentially end all hope of a Rangers Stanley Cup during the duration of his contract.

    Nash is already deteriorating, we can’t afford to have Drury again.

  78. I imagine this is unpopular, but you kind of can have a Drury on an otherwise well built team. He’d be a wildly overpaid 3rd line center slash PK guy, but could play that role effectively enough to avoid being a total zero.

  79. That’s actually true, Gravy. Good point.

    I think, as fans, we want what we want and we want it cheaply so that we can make runs at a superstar team. But that’s really not the reality of it. Things cost what they cost.

  80. If he breaks down physically and averages 45 games a season scoring 10 goals and 25 Points will it still be a good deal?

    Me thinks not.

    Too much risk against the Cap.

  81. Gravy has a point. Man, we are really in a bad place. Can’t make a run at the cup with minimally paid RFA’s without arbitration rights. Have to spend some money somewhere.

  82. Totally, Papa. Its almost assuredly not going to be a good deal at the end, but that’s what happens with UFAs. Wanting to avoid buying bad years means not playing in the high-end UFA market at all. Sign your guys early and long and make good trades and backfill with lower tier free agents.

  83. You spend it internally, Manny. I’m betting the best rosters are the ones where their highest paid guys are the ones teams locked up outside 1 year of UFA rights.

  84. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great review.

    Re #8. I agree with you it isn’t the only issue with this team, but I think it is the biggest problem because you can be soft and have some success in the regular season, but not a chance in the playoffs.

    And if playoff success isn’t the goal, then why bother?

    Our record against physical teams this season has been “adysmal”, and that should be a HUGE red flag!!!!

  85. Papa, that’s true of any player you sign though. Granted, Callahan has had quite a few injuries. And, you can 10-foot pole him because of that. But, you have to consider a guy that had two concussions last year got 5/$5M from a GM many consider smart.

  86. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No way I would go more than 5.5 mil per with cally.

    Of course I would not have paid hank more than 7 mil per, so what do I know.

  87. Yup, Wicky. 4 years from now, I still think Henrik has the highest utter disaster potential.

  88. _But if you sign Callahan for Richards money and buy out Richards, are we better off?_

    No Richards > Richards

  89. Buying out Richards will certainly make the Callahan deal more palatable within the Cap constraints. But I still don’t see how that makes it the right deal, especially if you consider the likely risk that it will become an albatross in future years when Callahan’s play deteriorates like most here assume it will.

    Hamstrung with another player on the books who is playing far below his market value.

  90. I think I agree with that The Doctor. *Especially* if Richards is going to be a Winger. Then you want Callahan instead of Richards for a myriad of reasons.

  91. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It really kills me that after the last two games and most here know how physical and tight the playoffs are, that people still want to add small or soft players at the deadline…I’m glad we have sather and not most of you as GM!!!

  92. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Why are you all worried about the back end of Cally’s contract? If he falls off the wagon Slatsko can always dump him to a team that has to reach the cap minimum. Either that or wait for the next buyout to come. Slatsko really counts on that to deep six his big mistakes. And another one is always coming along. A lot of things can happen in 3-6 years.

  93. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mr D
    I also think that will be a problem down the road as well.

    His NTC hasn’t kicked in yet ;)

  94. Manny, depends what you spend the $4.3M Callahan makes now on.

    Let’s assume the following:
    1) Sign Callahan for $6.25M
    2) Buy out Richards and replace him with another center for the same cap hit
    3) Re-sign Brassard for $4M AAV
    4) Cap will be $71.1M (according to capgeek)
    5) They need to re-sign Kreider, MZA, and probably J Moops…let’s say $7M AAV total.

    They will have $12.8M to spend on 6 roster spots. Two of those will be the extra forward and defenseman, probably less than $1M each. So, let’s say an even $11M on 4 players left.

  95. Let’s say one of those 4 is Miller. Now, it’s $10M for 3 players. Those players now are Pouliot, Moore, and Boyle.

  96. What would you offer, Wicky?

    I’m *into* matching it. And yea, I know you will throw Stepan into the deal, and honestly, I’m probably OK with that (today). I’m in a mood…

  97. You only have to read the comments on some of the websites to realise that the team have set the correct max price at $6m for 6 years.
    Comments such as “how is this guy a $6m+ player, even if he is their captain?” or “wow! has this guy ever scored 30 goals?” etc..

    I’ve been saying this all along, Dustin Brown is the example contract (yes, i know it was a supposedly team-friendly, agent-free deal!) but Brown’s contract was a reward for his playoff performance and leading them to a cup.
    Brown is more durable and has better return in the playoffs (0.58 vs 0.56 ppg reg, 0.62 vs 0.40 ppg p/offs)

  98. Stranger Nation on

    _Rangers are allegedly not on Kesler’s list of teams to which he would accept a trade_

    Kesler wisely waiting to sign with Rangers as a UFA from another team.

  99. Gravy, just because other teams have bad contracts mostly lengths, doesn’t mean we have to join in. I know everyone expects us to after all we are the NY Rangers. Cut bait and deal him if it’s more than 5 for 33 or 6 for 35 move on we will hate it in 3 yrs. Romeo my point is Carp has been stating we are definitely in the Top 3 in the East, now we need somebody else to beat the B’s and MAF to have another epic failure. The way we miss open nets he is going to have to deflect the wide shots in his own net! We ain’t the 3rd best plain n simple. We had a nice run and will struggle for the last spot.

  100. If Martin S L really agreed to drop his no move clause to come to NY, he’ll take big tax hit (NY State and NYC) and if he dies, his fortune becomes taxable. Cally going the other way, by contrast, and signing there, makes his fortune golden. That said, it’s all unlikely.

  101. And *Wicky* is 100% correct. We need some sizeable, physical depth.

    Think about moving something on Defense for Gazdic or Bordeleau and calling up Mcllrath. We really need that type of toughness.

    Or go get Engelland.

  102. Slatsko – the buyout likely wont be a solution in the life of Cally’s next contract. It runs until 2021 and Cally won’t be getting 7 years it sounds like

  103. I’d love Kesler but it would cost Kreider and/or Miller and just drives us further down the path of having virtually no cheap talent.

  104. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Yes, I throw step in the deal for two reasons…

    He fits the age of the player the nucks are requesting

    He is quite overrated and due to lack of organizational options at centre has had better than average wingers for the majority of his career. If organizational depth at centre were better, most would not like soft Stephanie nearly as much.

  105. Justifying that its okay to do because of the Clowe and Clarke deals doesn’t work for me.

    Solid business transaction conducted by smart negotiators consider both the present and likely future value of an asset against opportunity costs in determining what price should be offered for the asset.

    Sather should have identified and weighed his best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) before he even commenced active negotiations. If the BATNA becomes more valuable than the negotiated agreement, Sather loses, and so do we.

  106. Another thing in favor of signing Callahan: We’ve already gone long with Girardi and Lundqvist. With those deals, we’ve essentially risked or (at worst) punted our 2018-19 and 2019-20 rosters for the sake of the next few years, so don’t half-ass the next few years.

  107. I would trade Miller for Kesler. Kesler at $5M is a bargain when teams are overpaying for guys like Callahan. :)

  108. I’ll cross over with you Papa. What if Sather has looked at it from that angle (he hasn’t) and deemed the risked loss of institutional knowledge is too great?

  109. Anyone wish they could go into a time machine to McDonagh’s first down year and see how hard this board wants to dump him?

  110. Invisible all night: Stepan, Kreider and Nash. Didn’t hear either players name after the first period.

  111. I don’t think it’s enough, Wicky. I think they want actual NHL players. They want a serious Blue Liner. They can have STRALMAN

  112. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not to mention that not only if we acquire Kesler, we don’t have to face him on the bruins or pens or flyers.

    Kinda like iggy basically dominating us all by himself yesterday. Another bad non-move by us.

    I’d rather have iggy than cally.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    I would match the purported Kesler offer, but frankly, I don’t think Pittsburgh’s offer is good enough for Vancouver to bite.

    The only reason I even match their offer is to just enforce proper market value. Pittsburgh’s offer is very, very low.

  114. Kesler wants no part of NY. He has allegedly provided Vancouver with 4 teams, Pitt, Blackhawks, Redwings & Flyers.

  115. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fine, I throw in Staal, but there is no draft pick and they need to send a little extra back

  116. Dumping #19 (mandatory because of recapture) provides only the $ to pay Kreider, Zucc, and the other guy. So, we’re back to square one, missing a center.

  117. Doodie, Pittsburgh seems to “get away” (hint hint) with plenty of low offers. Hossa, Iginla, Neal/Niskanen..

  118. Assuming the pick and prospect are the same, would you prefer putting Zucc or Stepan in a trade?

  119. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Quite honestly, there aren’t too many deals for top 6 Fwds or top 3 D men I don’t throw Stepan in on as one of the major parts…

    I wouldn’t trade him straight up for bordeleau or engelland, but I’d rather have either of them than him on my team.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    After buying out Richards, we will have 29.3 million to resign the Moops, Brassard, THE Kreider, MZA, Boyle, Pouliot, and possibly Callahan and Stralman. If not those guys, then their replacements.

    That’s not a terrible stretch. The only ones getting a significant raise will be MZA and D. Moore.

    And obviously Callahan if he is resigned, which may or may not happen.

  121. Wicky, knowing before the season it would have been 100% “trade Zucc, keep Step”, do you think the value has really flipped that much or that we’re mired in a forest for the trees situation?

  122. “Rangers are allegedly not on Kesler’s list of teams to which he would accept a trade”

    I don’t believe that for a second. There isn’t a player in the NHL who would turn down a trade to the Rangers. Just doesn’t happen in the this millenium.

  123. I only trade Stepan if we get a *CENTER* in return. Brassard simply cannot be your first line Center. He cannot.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Big difference on Kesler is they don’t HAVE to move him. He’s still under contract, so they can just wait this out and make a move at the draft or even next year. Who knows where Kesler may be open to by then.

    But Iginla forced himself to Pittsburgh. Boston actually made a better offer than the Penguins. The Neal/Niskanen thing, yes, that turned out to be really one-sided, but at the time, was considered to be fairly even. A bunch of unproven talents, sure, and Dallas definitely bit too hard on the Goligoski hype, but that was a pure hockey deal gone wrong.

    Hossa, I don’t know what to say there. Atlanta sucked at selling its players. Kovalchuk’s return was equally embarrassing.

  125. If you’re making 5 million, getting traded from most places to NYC guarantees you a big new chunk of money going to Uncle Tax.

  126. _But Iginla forced himself to Pittsburgh. Boston actually made a better offer than the Penguins._

    Weird how Shero was able to recognize this and not outbid himself for a guy who wouldn’t head elsewhere, huh?

  127. “Weird how Shero was able to recognize this and not outbid himself for a guy who wouldn’t head elsewhere, huh?”

    That’s what I’m saying, Doc.

  128. Oleo, not to hard to believe. Try this.

    “Yeah, I’m Joe Hockey Player, who wants more than anything to win a Cup. All things being equal, I’d rather go to play for the mediocre Rangers than take my shot at a Cup run with the Blackhawks or Penguins.”

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate Stewart. I really don’t understand the fascination some have with him.

  130. Interesting point by Carp, in that all the “we played good 5 on 5,” “some bad bounces,” etc, etc. tells you that some people (on the ice and in management) are putting a positive spin on an unworkable situation. In other words, with our present personnel, we can compete, but not win when the going gets tough.

  131. What Manny and Doodie said. “Stepan is underperforming and overpaid … lets go get Chris Stewart.” Does not compute.

  132. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mr D
    At the beginning of the season I honestly had zero interest in mza. This roster was already too small and too soft (it still is) and I didn’t want another smurf (my issue with msl).

    That being said, like most, I had no idea of the conehead like bond that would emerge between Pouliot brass and mza. That makes mza more valuable to me than step (as long as the other 2 are retained), who is probably the softest smurf of them all.

    I say trade step over mza and it isn’t really close IMO.

  133. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re Stewart and step debate.

    While some of you do not care about physical play and size, I do.

    So if given the option of a soft smurf who under performs and will certainly be overpaid in a year or so vs a player that seems to be a “headache” and underperforming but will fight and is 6’2 and 230lbs and hits and has put up decent numbers in the past…

    I’ll take Stewart any day over step.

  134. Give me one example of a player refusing to waive a NTC to come to the Rangers, someone who actually played in recent memory.

    Yea I can understand a 40 year old searching for a cup preferring to go to a true contender, but no-one actually turns down a trade to the Rangers.

  135. Wicky, I know you don’t like Stepan, but you’re underselling him in your hypothetical offers.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, alot more was happening on Iginla than just Shero not outbidding himself.

    And let’s not pretend like Shero didn’t have to trade a lot for Iginla. He still had to give up a first. Sure, the two prospects were B-level, at best (Agostino is more like a D-level), but otherwise, that’s basically what the market value for Iginla was. A first and two prospects. Boston happened to offer much better prospects (Bartkowski and Khokolachev) than Pittsburgh (Agostino and Hanowski).

    And most importantly, let’s not forget that Boston is the team that really came out on top of all of this.

  137. Latest OUCH (*O*fficial *U*naudited *C*ount of *H*its for plus against) ratings for the Rangers …

    Daniel Carcillo: 22.4
    Derek Dorsett: 20.8
    Brian Boyle: 18.9
    Justin Falk: 18.7
    Ryan Callahan: 18.0
    Chris Kreider: 16.5
    Dan Girardi: 15.6
    J.T. Miller: 14.6
    Benoit Pouliot: 14.6
    Dominic Moore: 12.9
    Mats Zuccarello: 12.5
    Carl Hagelin: 11.9
    Derick Brassard: 11.9
    Taylor Pyatt: 11.5
    John Moore: 10.8
    Anton Stralman: 10.0
    Michael Del Zotto: 9.5
    Kevin Klein: 9.4
    Marc Staal: 9.4
    Ryan McDonagh: 8.2
    Derek Stepan: 7.3
    Rick Nash: 4.0
    Brad Richards: 3.9

    Trade Callahan.

  138. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That being said, hypothetically if your forward roster is made up of 3 Stewart types, 2 clowe’s, and 3 Chris Neil’s, then I’d take step over Stewart.

    It’s about balance which is something the majority of you seem to forget and as of right now we have none, it’s all lacking onions, so Stewart is my pick.

  139. Exactly, The Doctor. Chris Stewart is way overpaid and a huge problem.

    Stepan is the single best Center we have on the roster. You only move him if you’re getting a center back.

    D. Moore

    That is *NOT* going to cut it.

  140. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t think I’m underselling him at all! I only put him in the Kesler offer and I think most here would.

    What other offer did I put him in?

  141. Zucc’s bond with Brassard and especially Pouliot doesn’t extend beyond the very short term. Stepan hasn’t performed like last year, but he’s pretty universally recognized as a really, really good young center. Career path isn’t always linear.

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    Stewart does not hit and play physical. He’s a big body, sure. But when he is not scoring, he’s invisible. His physical play only comes with his production on the score sheet. When he’s not scoring, it’s likely because he’s not engaged. This is not a Milan Lucic who when he’s not scoring is still just punishing guys and making players account for him on the ice at all times.

    Think of Nash earlier this season when he was being a perimeter player and nothing was happening for him. That’s Stewart, except with a much lower ceiling for when he actually is engaged and making contact, and far more frequent and longer stretches of ineffectiveness.

  143. Good crack of noon, Sally!

    To whomever asked, I forget, the way I understand it is the cap recapture penalized the team that benefited from the front-loaded, cap-circumventing contract … and therefore if the Rangers could trade Richards, they would still be hit with the recapture penalty when he retires early. Plus they can’t trade him because of his NMC. So they must buy him out.

    Hedberg, really? Do you think I’m a fan? LOL.

  144. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I assume that if you think Stewart is overpaid, we also think Chris Neil is correct?

    If you use the “body of work” argument for Stepan and not just recent play, don’t you have to do the same for Stewart?

    Again, if you look at the roster, we need playable toughness which is exactly what Stewart is.

    I’d argue brassard is a better centre than step, but that is for another day.

    Why do I think you guys are turning this into a step for Stewart trade?

  145. By the way, the softness issue is not really fixable. If they could trade Hagelin for Lucic, they’d still be soft.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, why not do the deadline chat after the deadline on Thursday. Just going to be a bunch of speculation and hypotheticals tomorrow.

  147. … and one more thing. The Rangers, I am told, are not interested whatsoever in trading Stepan in a deal for Kesler.

  148. ThisYearsModel on

    I usually don’t care about the Bruins. But now I hope that anyone but Boston wins the cup. The behavior of this jerk Iginla over the past few years makes me hope he never gets his name on the cup.

  149. From my USA Today colleague Kevin Allen, who spoke with Callahan’s agent today and was told the captain is ready to put a final push to get a contract done:

    Callahan, 28, initially was asking for a seven-year contract at a reported $7 million per season. The numbers – and contract length – have now changed. It’s six years for something believed to be in the neighborhood of $37 million to $39 million total money.

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris Neil is paid fairly, I think. Maybe overpaid by a couple hundred thousand.

    I think Stewart is overpaid by about 1.5 million, minimum.

  151. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That may very well be an accurate assessment on your part, but I also believe situations and systems change behavior or are “better fits” if you will.

    I believe Stewart would benefit here, but I honestly could be wrong.

    I’d rather acquire him and find out!

  152. Ryan Kesler: 11.6

    Chris Neil: 24.1

    I couldn’t root for Chris Neil. I hate him more than any other player in the league, I think.

  153. Scary that it is thought Stepan is the best center on the team. That does not say much for our centers. This game was a disgrace. SO many missed coverages which resulted in primo scoring chances. And Hank stopped almost none of them. I can’t believe the players and coach are chalking this up to bad bounces. I thought the Rangers were horrible defensively. That short handed goal was so bad it was almost funny. Apparently the team is seeing things that no one else sees. I thought it was a horrendous defensive effort.

  154. @TSNBobMcKenzie Waivers today: Kobasew (PIT), McLaren (TOR), Larsen (EDM), Dubnyk (NSH).

  155. If we offered Stepan for Chris Stewart, St. Louis would try to get the Miller-Ott trade voided.

  156. _What is an ouch rating if I may ask?_

    A very stupid rating based on shakily accounted NHL stats. Hits for + hits absorbed per 60 minutes on ice. Its basically to prove how horrifically contact averse Nash and Richards are, not just when it comes to using their body on D, but taking hits to make plays on O.

  157. Oleo, btw the one example,

    Iginla last year would not wave his no trade to come to the Rangers. He told Calgary he wanted to go to Pittsburg.

  158. LOL, The Doctor! Take a wild guess at which guy on that list would really help bring some *toughness* to this team. And is McLaren really that much worse than Carcillo?

  159. I interpreted you saying you’d rather have Stewart than Stepan as you would trade them for each other.

    I would trade Stepan for Kesler, too, but I don’t think you’d need to add that many additional pieces. Stepan and Miller, or Stepan, Fast/Hrivik and a 1st would probably be about right.

  160. Carp
    By the way, the softness issue is not really fixable. If they could trade Hagelin for Lucic, they’d still be soft.

    But, not as soft. :)

  161. McLaren’s Career Goals x 3 < Carcillo's Best Season

    There is, somehow, a major talent gap.

  162. _… and one more thing. The Rangers, I am told, are not interested whatsoever in trading Stepan in a deal for Kesler._

    Nor should they. They should be trying to add Kesler to the team *with* Stepan. Move Richards to wing this year and out the door next.

  163. If we traded Stepan and Miller for Kesler, I would call Fios and demand they remove MSG from my cable package.

  164. ThisYearsModel on

    Cally is willing to go to only 6 years at $6.5 Million plus? What a guy! After all this time, the agent goes to the media? Does he think that anyone other than he and Cally think that he should be paid more than Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane?

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    Stewart is more Wojtek Wolski and Nik Zherdev and less Sean Avery or Brandon Prust. And by that I mean he’s not a guy that’s suddenly going to become much better in New York. It’s not just about a change of scenery for this guy. Guaranteed if we trade for Stewart, we are all begging for him to be moved again by next year’s deadline.

  166. You know when I’d love Stewart? When he’s a UFA and realizing no one is giving him a 4 year deal at good money and wants to find a show-me contract.

  167. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks for the explanation mr d

    Yes, I never once said I would trade them one for one. I wouldn’t FYI, but I would absolutely trade Stepan in a lot of deals for top 6 Fwds or top 3 d.

    And I would like to acquire Stewart (despite his ouch rating ;)) to add a potential big body playable toughness guy.

  168. Man. Kesler on the first line, Stepan on the second and Brassard on the 3rd is some *SERIOUS* Depth at Center.

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, Dubnyk is on waivers to make room for Rinne, who is returning to the team.

  170. Right now its dawning on the Edmonton front office that they got Hendricks straight up contract dumped on them.

  171. I would still take Hendricks. The Capitals looked pretty bad protecting a lead without him.

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, it’s still worse than Boston and Pittsburgh.



    Felt it’s important to mention Campbell because he’s about as good of a 4th line center as there is in the entire league. He also just absolutely crushes us every single time.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    Edmonton can reclaim Dubnyk if they want and put him straight into the AHL without him having to clear waivers again. The Devils did it earlier this season with Urbom.

  174. NBC has been very consistent in not showing the scrums. IMHO, I think the reason why NBC continues to miss scrums is because they don’t want to promote “violence” in the NHL. I think they’ve been told to do that by Bettman.

  175. Contract Extension update: @JSportsnet Ben *Scrivens* ups for 2 years in Edmonton for 2.3 mill per season.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    Florida just canned it’s president. And speaking of Edmonton goalies, Scrivens resigned for 2 years at 2.3 million per. Good for Scrivens to make some money, but probably bad for him long term. His stats are going to be just dreadful after two years in Edmonton.

  177. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought about Hemsky during the Olympics. Seems like the perfect Sather deadline move. Especially if we only trade draft picks. And I hate it. Yuck.

  178. Doodie Machetto on

    Allow me to rephrase on something. Florida didn’t can Yormarck. He’s just abandoning ship.

  179. I could totally see Hemsky in if Callahan goes out. Otherwise, where is he playing? Send Miller back down because he’s too young then send Kreider down for also being young when Zucc returns?

  180. Florida is in serious trouble all around. Maybe Yormarck thinks he has a shot at the Sabres job in their tiered management system that they just fired.

  181. I can totally do without staged fights, but this team not seriously sticking up for one another has gone on way, way too long.

  182. Seems like we have gone from 99.9% chance that Callahan gets traded to a 75% chance that he signs.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    Quote of the day:

    John Vogl ?@BuffNewsVogl 23h
    Sabres’ Jaroslav Halak on what awaits Ryan Miller in St. Louis: “Probably less shots.”

  184. Manny, Leetch was a Cheshire boy, stone’s throw from Quinnipiac. You probably know that.

  185. LB in the Post:

    “Trade deadline fast approaching in the wake of a weekend during which the Blueshirts were whipped twice by *bigger, stronger, more physically inclined and more confrontational clubs*………”

    Dead on!

  186. Rob in Beantown on

    Can I just say that my heart breaks for Halak? He goes from backstopping one of the odds on favorites to win the Stanley Cup to Buffalo. What a crappy trade for him specifically.

  187. Doodie Machetto on

    Brian Leetch traded to Toronto for Jarrkko Immonen, Max Kondratiev, a 1st, and a 2nd.

    Immonen played a little bit for us but then went back to Finland.

    Kondratiev was traded as part of a package for Petr Sykora, who was pretty good for us down the stretch in 05-06 when we made the playoffs. Then he was gone.

    The first rounder, 24th overall, was tradeded, along with a 2nd round pick, (46 overall) to move up to 19 to take Lauri Korpikoski. He played a little bit here before being traded for Enver Lisin, who played sparingly in one season before leaving for the KHL. For the sake of completeness, here are the guys who were taken from 20-24: Zajac, Wolski, Lukas Kaspar, Mezsaros, and Kris Chucko. Seems like we had a 3 out of 5 chance of getting someone better than the Korpedo. Schneider, Schultz, Fistric, and Green were also selected later in the first round.

    The 2nd rounder was Sauer, and that actually looked like a legitimate win for us, until his career was Phaneufed.

    What a haul!

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, the retort to that is if Halak had been playing better, then St. Louis doesn’t make that deal. He has nobody to blame but himself.

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, did Sather approach Leetch about being traded at all beforehand, or did he just trade him?

  190. Didn’t even tell him first hand, didn’t tell him beforehand, and Leetch made it quite clear he wanted to finish his career here.

  191. Hemsky’s OUCH rating: 9.1

    (Mostly receiving. He’s taken more hits than Nash and Richards combined. I might need to cut this exercise short because its depressing as hell.)

  192. Ewww Hemsky. Another soft player with his best days way behind him. He can’t even make it work with all the offensive talent Oilers have now.

  193. I know, Carp. I am looking forward to Noon. Lunch hour with 3 hours remaining to the deadline. It’s more interesting than the actual deadline.

  194. Doodie Machetto on

    He should’ve gone to Leetch and explained it to him as a Keith Tkachuk-type situation. Sure, the Tkachuk situation hadn’t started yet, but the idea isn’t that complicated. Get traded to help the team long term, then resign in offseason.

  195. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Brian Leetch traded to Toronto for Jarrkko Immonen, Max Kondratiev, a 1st, and a 2nd.

    Another example of Stogypuss turning something into nothing. I can hardly wait for his next trade…

  196. Doodie Machetto on

    NYrangers, yes and no on Hemsky as far as his linemates. Hemsky has been largely relegated to the third line because he has Eberle and Yakupov ahead of him on the depth chart.

  197. Leetch: “Damn, that was sudden and unexpected, Glennie, what do we do now?”

    “Well, you pack up your family to Toronto and I go back to my office.”

  198. “Leetch only had another 76 games in his career. It was a wise trade.”

    That was mostly his choice. After the lockout and his year in Boston he really didn’t want to play anymore. I think if he had stuck around NY, gotten to play some playoff hockey again with Jagr, Lundqvist and that crew, he would have played through about 2009 or 2010 and been a very good presence on the blueline and in the locker room during that time.

    You just don’t trade a guy like him. Ever. It would be like trading Jimi Hendrix.

  199. _Leetch only had another 76 games in his career. It was a wise trade._

    Leetch (probably) only had one more two goal game in his career. I was there and cheer demonstrably. A Philadelphian threw popcorn at me which is just about the most polite thing a Philadelphia sports fan has ever done.

  200. Playing with Edmonton’s defense and goalies -13 is more like +13 on most teams!!

  201. I have to concur about Leetch – i think another 2-3 seasons if he’d remained a Ranger. His heart wasnt in it for another franchise

  202. I would totally trade Hendrix for Chris Stewart if I knew Hendrix was going to choke on his own vomit after the season. Can’t let him die without getting anything in return.

  203. Doodie Machetto on

    And there is a difference between trading Leetch being wise (which is debateable given his standing within the franchise), and the way Sather went about trading Leetch (not talking to him beforehand, not telling him first hand that he’s been traded), and also for the actual trade they made being wise (terrible return for the asset).

  204. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – If the Rangers are unwilling to include Stepan in a Kesler deal, they place more value on him than he’s worth. This isn’t about the last few games, or the last 20 games. It’s about this year, and last year for that matter. He’s not developing, just like Dubinsky was regressing (no offense, inability to stay upright, stupid penalties) before they traded him.

    I always liked Dubi, and I’m glad he’s playing better and has an “A” with a competitive Columbus team.

    But before everyone else sees out what we’re seeing, the team should consider exploring who’s interested in #21.

    And if Kesler doesn’t want NY, we don’t want him either. Go to Philadelphia, where fans can insult his mother when he struggles.

  205. Next time Papa Bear says anything on here I am going to hit him with the Madonna line, “Papa don’t preach”

  206. Saying he would have played through about 2009 or 2010 if he had stayed with the Rangers is ridiculous. Saying that the acquisition of 2 players and 2 draft picks for a player with 76 games remaining in his career is ridiculous.

  207. Saying that the acquisition was a terrible return for the asset is ridiculous.

  208. Doodie Machetto on

    “Go to Philadelphia, where fans can insult his mother when he struggles.”

    I don’t know. I’ve heard some pretty terrible things about some guys on our team. This one guy in my section used to REALLY lay it on thick for Roszival.

  209. Apparently Hemsky will only cost a 3rd round pick. And he would be yet another redundant player that forces a better, younger player to spend time in Hartford.

  210. Doodie Machetto on

    Alain is Glen Sather if he thinks Kondratiev, Immonen, and a 1st and second was a good return on Leetch. Sergei Gonchar got about the exact same return on the exact same day. And last I checked, Gonchar was no Leetch.

  211. “Every fan base has their fair share of morons. NY is definitely up *their* in the top 5.”

    The irony of this post is delicious.

  212. I don’t know, Retire. Plenty of people here were arguing with me last year that he’s a legit No. 1 center. I didn’t believe it then. I definitely don’t believe it now. But I do know he has much skill, still is the best center on the team, and is still very young. And if Richards is leaving, Stepan is going to be very important in the future.

  213. According to Kypreos, Kesler has no desire to remain in Canada if traded.

    USA! USA!

  214. _Are they sure it was his own vomit, Mr D.?_

    As I was making my sandwich, I thought “that’s weird, why did I say ‘on his own vomit’ rather than just ‘on vomit’?” True story.

  215. I’d like Philadelphia to give up Couturier, Simmonds, a 1st and their top prospect for Kesler.

  216. I would agree with that, ORR. As long as NY includes NJ and NY Islanders. And excludes the Sabres.

  217. Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus Latinis alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes!

  218. D. Sedin is looking at a minimum of *3* weeks for recovery on his left leg injury.

  219. Simmonds spends most of his time against us trying throw Carcillo off his game.

  220. Bearing this sign, large potatoes taking two buses to Bono Opera, eats potent fruitcakes.

  221. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Orr – perhaps you’ve never been to a game in Montreal. They push MSG out of the top three.

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    “Leetch was 7 years Gonchar’s senior.”

    So? Both were rentals. Age doesn’t matter when you’re renting someone, only their immediate value and production. Leetch was still better than Gonchar, PLUS was battled tested in the playoffs (much more experience and a Conn Smythe). Plus there are the intangible values that Leetch carried with him, such as veteran leadership and the “ring in the room.”

    I’m not even arguing whether he should have been traded or not. But to say the Rangers got a good return on him is asinine. Kondratiev and Immonen weren’t highly regarded prospects. They couldn’t even get the draft picks in the same year!

  223. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Manny – The Bell Centre is an electric place to watch a game, but as soon as the Rangers fall behind, the finger pointing and insults begin.

  224. The very least thing you can do with a guy named Leetch is to have a face to face with him before the fact and explain to him that he’s been a legend, but difficult decisions have to be made.

  225. 2 prospects & 2 high draft picks for a 36 year old player with 76 games remaining in his career is a quality return.

    29 year old Gonchar was better than 36 year old Leetch. Drop the ring in the room, veterannness intangibles nonsense.

  226. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    If the rangers want to win.. trade callahan and move on ..
    he’s replaceable..5.5mill+ waaay too much for his services

  227. I think all of us are at least a bit biased in favor of Leetch. He’s one of the best defenseman in hockey history.

  228. Sather Must Go! on

    10 years ago to the day since I wanted Slats out of here…Leetch, Graves, Holik, Redden, Gomer, Capt Clutch, Hugh Jessimen, Trots, Kotalik, Brashear.. sorry had to vent

    sizing up the track record, size and intangibles, do you think a team out there would give up more than what Slats gave up for Clowe last year? (a 2nd rder, a 3rd rder and a conditional 2nd rder)??

  229. Doodie Machetto on

    “29 year old Gonchar was better than 36 year old Leetch.”

    Incorrect. Gonchar was a terrible defender and finished the season with only 7 more points than Leetch. I’ll take 7 fewer points with much, MUCH better defending any day of the week.

  230. At what price point can the Rangers keep Callahan where he’s not going to get booed out of the stadium and criticized for not scoring like Kane, Kessler, etc?

    4 years at 20 mil? 5 at 25 mil?

  231. Doodie Machetto on

    And while you or I can poo-poo “intangibles” and “ring in the room” as silly, it’s the kind of stuff that GMs still pay through the nose for, and that went doubly-so in the pre-cap NHL.

  232. I blog from the fifth tee and from the bar of the Larchmont Tavern. Multi-Task oriented.

  233. Half of us are probably independently wealthy with nothing better to do and need a life. Wish I could spend more time but need to work to pay for my seasons tickets and other luxuries in life. I could probably multi-task better

  234. Rangers’ attitude about Marchand, Lucic, Cooke, and on and on: “They’re just trying to make a living.” That’s why we are who we are.

  235. Callahan will be with the Rangers beyond the deadline. All signs point to the Rangers retaining Callahan beyond this season.

  236. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    C# – for some of us, this is our sanctuary from the rest of the world. We share the good nights, and we curse the bad ones. It is far more entertaining on the bad nights.

    There are some very bright, funny people who hang around here. I don’t have to meet them. I don’t always agree with them. But I enjoy their “company”.

    And the emcee is a gem.

  237. I tire somewhat of Cally. He arrives with consummate energy, but does not fulfill my needs. Maybe it’s because his name has been peripatetic for months and months.

  238. Re-Po

    God: “Brethren, I send you sports, family, and the occasional good movie to divert your attention from the true horrors of the vagaries in life and with the purpose of keeping you from offing yourselves.”

  239. I used to live on here too…not as much now…

    now, most of the time, I get lost in all the poetic g(j)ibberish :D

  240. Spector

    If rangers trade cally they may look at Alex burrows at draft. Shoot me now. He had zero goals this year lol.

  241. 3C – When you left if a huff some posts ago, I hope you didn’t miss all the sympathetic things many later that day had to say about your native land and the suffering they are being made to endure.

    (No need to reply)

  242. PB scouting report: Derek Stepan, Center

    Pros – smart player, good vision, decent puck skills, good passer, average shot. He understands defensive coverages and responsibilities in all three zones and is adequate on the penalty kill.

    Cons- lacks skating power, quickness and burst, shys away and/or rarely initiates physical contact, weak when competing for the puck, doesn’t shoot enough, poor backhand play, poor on face-offs.

    Outlook: perhaps best described as a tweener, capable of playing as a # 2 center, but ideally should be slotted as a #3 Center. His game and style of play is slow, and he may be better suited for and complemented by a set of strong physical wingers who muck, grind and compete for loose pucks along the wall, behind the net and in the slot. Needs to improve on face-offs and add a notch to his compete level along the boards, in the slot and behind the net.

  243. C’mon. He’s a 2C all day unless you’re doing the “there are only 10 true aces in baseball” thing.

  244. coos

    yes, i did see all of those post and should have replied sooner.

    Thank you. I appreciate the support.

  245. Stepan is absolutely a 2C … and I’d venture to say that, his play this year withstanding, he should be better than Backstrom, maybe would be if he had a 50-goal guy on his wing instead of a 25.

  246. Barbers have the best sources. But, occasionally they make a follicle of themselves.

  247. The fact that Step was dragged to Sochi tells us of the dearth of quality in USA centers.

  248. If Slats can’t get something of decent value for Cally, of course he’ll keep him, with negotiations on-going. What else can he do?

  249. Carp,

    Aside from debating # 2 or 3, because the reality is on some teams he would be a #2, others a #3, and others (like the Rangers) a #1……..(although on most of the current Cup favorites he’d probably be slotted at # 3)……..

    how do you feel about the rest of the Stepan assessment?

  250. I don’t know that I think he doesn’t shoot enough. Otherwise, pretty spot on to my eyes. He has flaws, will never be a top 20 league forward, but I could see him as a legit next tier 1C.

  251. He might invite Ricky Ricardo to Banff, pop a Moosehead, and put on an old Everly Brothers 33 and 1/3.

  252. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Today’s *Metal* selection is something slow and serious in keeping with this *Traid Deadline* being completely *bereft* of trades or excitement.

    *The Wounded Kings* are a band that used to be fronted by a male singer with a powerful voice. Recently, their backup singer, Sharie Neyland, took over lead vocals. This *British* doom metal outfit really feels more like a stoner rock band droning on and on as if they are *Druids* who acquired electric instruments.

    Their new album _Consolamentum_ is the first featuring Nyland on vocals and you can see, from the sample track below, how wondefully her vocals *blend* with the fuzzed out guitars.


  253. Papa, he looks slower this year, and maybe that’s partly because of the speed around him now and the speed game they play. I always thought his hockey IQ made up for some of his lack of foot speed. I still think he’s a great passer with a very good shot and a very good player away from the puck. Only he hasn’t been any of those things most of this season. And in the games he was, they usually won.

  254. Also worth noting Step is shooting 6.7% on the year. If he were just at his previous career low, he’d have 15 goals so far instead of 10 so there’s some bad luck at play.

  255. The Rangers never had any intention of trading Callahan. Callahan being “on the trading block” are just part of the negotiations.

  256. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Uncle Glennie:

    “Sunday’s on the phone to Monday” (telling me how flawed my team is)

    “Tuesday’s on the phone to me” (telling me to deal Cally already)

  257. Spezza would certainly fit in terms of not playing a physical game.

    (How is he only 30 years old? I would have missed by 3 years, minimum.)

  258. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    If we did make a move for Kesler, and kept Stepan, that would really drive down the price for Stepan since there is no way he could make more than Kesler.

  259. Carcillo to Slats: “I’d like to open negotiations for my next few years.”

    Slats to Security: “Get that fly out of my office.”

  260. Carp, I like the Kid. At times even thought there was a possibility he was going to take a step up ( no pun intended) to become a legitimate # 1 Center. I’m pretty much convinced that’s not going to happen, especially if your team is going to challenge for a Cup.

    Also, should have included in my assessment (shame on me), during his brief career to date, Derek Stepan has been a major disappointment during playoff competition.

  261. Think I saw Steps smile once all season. Used to enjoy seeing that in the olden days.

  262. If you want to score goals, you go to the net. Not too much of that around here.

  263. What we have here is the Drone Offense. Lob them, pilotless, from the distant perimeter.

  264. The good news is, usually when I go after Stepan here, he takes off and plays lights out for 20 games.

  265. Now you might be going a little too far, T Seppa. If they could have gotten a decent return, he’d be gone, IMO.

  266. But as of this moment, right now, unless somebody comes with a can’t-refuse offer, I would keep Callahan and continue to negotiate past the deadline.

  267. I think that’s fair too, Papa. But I’m also pretty sure Nash can’t be your best (or highest paid) forward on a Cup team either. Trade Nash for Toews, who I’ve heard wants to come to NY eventually anyway?

  268. Rangers Points Per Game

    1) Nash .95
    2) Stepan .92
    3) Richards .74
    4) Callahan .69

    1) MZA .74
    2) Richards .71
    4) Nash .64
    3) Stepan .63

  269. Kings wanted Gaborik a few years ago, 10-foot-poled him last year at the deadline. But he’s truly a rental now, good gamble for a team starved for goals.

  270. Yes, if they could have gotten an adequate return, he would be gone. However, they never expected to get the value which they have placed on him.

  271. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Yea. Not bad. Untile his shoulder explodes and his groin tears.

  272. Mr. D,

    As you are a regular contributor here, I’m assuming you are familiar with my feelings on the subject..

    I’d probably trade -Nash- for no -Nash- and a Tonka Tow Truck.

  273. Like the really good ones, McD sees the play happening before the play develops. Does that make sense?

  274. Wouldn’t Spezza be a typical Slats trade, someone over the top and not really needed…

  275. bull dog line on

    the last 2 seasons around the deadline, you said the Rangers would probably only make some minor moves. you were right both times. this year you seem to be hinting that something big may be happening. do you care to share what you think may be happening?

  276. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Carp: Is there any chance that the Rangers make a deal with the Penguins? Like a Stralman for Engelland type thing?

  277. bull dog line on

    true mister D, forgot all about the Gabby trade. still Carp is hinting, and I want to know what he is hinting about.

  278. OK, maybe I like other people’s shiny garbage, but Spezza wouldn’t be the worst (depending on the price of course). He’s only signed for one more year at $7M, and again would be their 1st or 2nd best offensive player (and #1C).

    He has trouble staying healthy, but he’s a point per game player, and there is no commitment beyond next season. That’s more appealing than 6 or 7 years and $7M for Stastny.

    I stay far away from Hemsky and Heatley.

  279. Carp to Bull Dog:

    -Nash- is a goner.

    So is Barzinni, Phillip Tataglia, Moe Green, Stracci and Cunio

    Today we settle all Ranger business.

  280. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    So B. Schenn hits Orlov pretty hard but clean, and then Orlov annihilated B. Schenn with a clearly illegal hit.

    Only Caveat is that it’s *clear* to me that B. Schenn put himself in that position. Very clearly turned his back and looked at Orlov.

  281. Doodie Machetto on

    “But as of this moment, right now, unless somebody comes with a can’t-refuse offer, I would keep Callahan and continue to negotiate past the deadline.”

    See, I happen to think that if Callahan doesn’t sign before the deadline, then he makes it to July 1, regardless of whether he is not traded.

    If he is traded, then there’s the possibility that the new team gives him what he’s looking for as a UFA.

  282. bull dog line on

    Zuuc is probably the best passer on the team. Brassard is right behind him. with Stepan, and Kreider also being very good passers.

  283. Manny,

    What is Schenn Linda Blair in the Exorcist? How can he turn his back and look? Head on a swivel?

  284. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I agree on Schenn putting himself in that position, but holy crap, Orlov had 2, 3 seconds before hitting Schenn and made no effort to do otherwise, plus he jumped. I don’t see how that isn’t 5 games, minimum.

  285. bull dog line on

    I agree Doodie. once the deadline passes the leverage goes back to Cally, and his price will go back up.

  286. Here’s how Chris Drury would compare our centers: Stepan you can count on to consistently makes a great standard pizza with the usual toppings. Brassard can make some amazingly creative artisinal pizzas but his standard cheese and one topping pie isn’t at the same level.

  287. Brassard is a better passer than Stepan, but has essentially been his whole career what Stepan has been this year. Inconsistent. (Cue the linemates response).

    Stepan is *23* and has scored at least 44 points his first three seasons (including the lockout).

  288. RangerSwedigian on

    Can’t see Spezza coming without one of Step/Brass going the other way. How much of an upgrade would that be…?

  289. Doodie Machetto on

    MZA is not only a good passer, he’s often times too clever of a passer for his teammates, hitting them in ways that they are unprepared to receive just out of surprise.

    And as much as it pains me to admit it, Richards is also a very good passer.

  290. _Can’t see Spezza coming without one of Step/Brass going the other way. How much of an upgrade would that be…?_

    It would be a pretty good upgrade, but not enough to make it worthwhile.

  291. Richards is a good passer now that he has taken the blind backhand pass at the blueline out of his repertoire.

  292. Doodie Machetto on

    Papa, as Schenn approached the puck on the wall, he looked over his shoulder, saw Orlov coming, and turned himself to face directly to the wall. He definitely knew what was coming. The thing is, Orlov had so much time to do something different, and not only chose to still hit the numbers, but he did it with a hit that would have been a penalty even if it wasn’t to Schenn’s back.

  293. Doodie Machetto on

    If Spezza could stay healthy, it would be a TREMENDOUS upgrade. When he’s healthy, he’s a TRUE #1 center. Not a Richards, “name me 30 better centers” kind of #1 center he was supposed to be.

  294. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m with you Gravy. I fully believe that Stepan > Brassard. And I like Brassard. I just don’t want him as my first line Center. I would most prefer him as my 3rd line Center but we don’t have the Center depth to drop him.

  295. “Hey lady did you order a pepperoni pizza ?
    Well here’s the pizza AND here’s the pepperoni!”

  296. bull dog line on

    Stepan is better than Brassard, but Brassard should be better than Stepan. Brassard is a much more skilled player than Stepan.

  297. “Margaret, look, look, that looks like your grandfather eating ice cream !”

  298. Eh, hockey sense and IQ isn’t something anyone can max out on if they just try hard enough. There is something innate there.

  299. Doodie Machetto on

    Stepan is a much better two way player. It’s like a much more watered-down version of Bergeron vs. Krejci. Krejci (Brassard) has more skills, but I want Bergeron (Stepan) playing more minutes.

  300. Spezza could step in, IMO, and be the Rangers’ best offensive forward, however, especially if this is what Nash is going to be the rest of his contract. And he also disappears in the playoffs.

  301. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Spezza is almost ppg in the playoffs, and is exactly ppg in the regular season. There are basically two years where he had trouble. The first was 07-08 where he went 0-1-1 in a four game sweep at the hands of the Penguins.

    The second was last year where he went 0-1-1 in three games, which he rushed back from injury to play in after having played only 5 games in January and then nothing until those three games.

    Take out those 7 games, and he’s back over a point per game in the playoffs.

  302. Bit of a breeze to my back, tried to loft a nine iron in Scotland 180 yards to the green like Tiger Woods. Caddy said to me, “Valiant effort, sir, to no avail.”

  303. Doodie Machetto on

    golf is more important than hockey? Sounds like you’re an Islanders fan.

  304. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    But you can’t make a move for Spezza and keep Callahan. It’s getting to be too much coinage on the team. Right?

  305. Doodie, my eyes couldn’t locate him at all during that seven game series I saw in person in 2011-12. Made Stepan look like Messier.

  306. Stepan: 37 PO games. 5 goals 9 assists.

    Spezza: 56 PO games. 17 goals 35 assists.

  307. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Doodie at 4:55PM is pretty much *exactly* how I feel about Stepan and Brassard.

  308. Fishy in Buffalo:


    #Sabres /LaFontaine settle terms on his multi yr deal. Won’t be hearing from Pat anytime soon as he also signed a non-disclosure agreement

  309. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    What’s going on in Buffalo? LaFontaine muzzled? Maybe there is some weird stuff going on up there. Dark stuff. Can we get Sally to investigate?

  310. The fact that Roszival has his name on the Cup is an insult to all cups everywhere

  311. Doodie Machetto on

    Rozsival plays a role on that team that he would be perfect for on this team, past history aside. If we had Rozsival, we wouldn’t have had to trade for Klein, and instead could have shopped Del Z for a more useful asset. It’s not his fault Sather grossly overpaid him.

  312. When you enter a very dark room
    And siting there in the gloom
    Is Dracula
    How do you say goodbye?
    Immediate L Y

  313. Doodie Machetto on

    So now that -Poti- -Malik- -Rozsival- -Del Zotto- is gone, who becomes the new defenseman whipping boy? Stralman? Klein? J. Moops?

  314. The name apex a sounds like some nasty prank you play on your roomate’s takeout order

  315. Jimmy V! Raconteur par excellence. Always reminded me of a cross between Pacino and Krazy Kat. Who else but JV could talk a Ruland into coming to New Rochelle? Impromptu, he’s better than a Pulitzer script. Bon Voyage!

  316. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Those are two *hardcore* bands that I dislike! That’s awesome. Good reference.

  317. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.

  318. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Carey Price is placed on IR retroactive to February 26, 2014.

  319. @JohnLuTSNMtl #Habs advise that Price has been placed on injured reserve, retroactive to February 26.

    That gold medal was worth it!

    Butt-Chin on the Kings. That would be a good get for the Kings. I wonder what the cost is.

  320. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, it’s two names for the same band. Unless you’re counting the Philly American Nightmare that sued the Boston one. I’ve never heard anything from the Philadelphia one, though.

    I kinda like GUTG/AN. Not great, but very listenable.

  321. Jeff Rutland could drink as much beer as Andre the giant
    Plus, how many people can tell their illegitimate grand kids that they got traded for Moses Malone?

  322. V reminds me of a dinner Vince Lombardi threw for the team. Told them, bring your wife or your mother, the two most important people in your life. At the dinner, every lady got a fur coat except a couple who brought girlfriends. When they complained and said they were single, he told them, “Where’s your mother?”

  323. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think the BJs move Gaborik unless it’s a hockey deal. It’s important for them to make the playoffs.

  324. I think gaborik would fit in real nice in LA.

    Dany heatley for 2nd round pick and Jesper fast. U heard it here first

  325. This whole Leetch-Gonchar talk is hilarious. And there have been some funny posts in this blog.

  326. JD to Gabby on the flight out of NY: “This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship…until something else comes along.”

  327. http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/eye-on-hockey/24462926/pat-lafontaine-resigns-from-post-with-buffalo-sabres Don’t know if anybody read this yet. Ted Nolan time is also limited as Tim Murray whose father is close friend with John Muckler, (remember him)dislikes Nolan with a passion. Apparently, many years back Nolan said something very inappropriate to Mucklers family. Really feel that Pat didn’t want this trade to happen and Murray went over his head to the owner. I remmember when Muckler was the goon with the LI Ducks back in the 60’s and was traded to New Haven for I believe John Brophy who was New Haven’s goon. Boy does time fly.

  328. Sather Ms Go! on

    Just looked a AHL scoring: Hartford has TWO pkayers in the top 100 in points- lindberg(ranked #55) and Kristo (#100)

  329. A healthy Gaborik would make Kings favorites to win the Cup, IMO.

    Just the thought of Gaby playing with Kopitar is scary…

  330. Good Noose when it’s around somebody else’s neck.

    Bad Noose when it’s around your own neck.

  331. Mrs Sather: “Glennie, with the deadline coming up, why don’t you call Mr. Shero about that forward from Pittsburg.”

    Uncle Glennie: “Sweetie, Shero is still coaching the Flyers and Mario Lemieux is not available”

    Mrs. Sather: “OK, sorry dear. Just trying to help. Did you take your Ginko Biloba today? When are we going to Bannnnffff again?”

  332. I think Frodo knows the answer…and look what’s happened to the team since the Hobbit hurt his hand playing for Norweig…obviously, and we have all said this over and over, MZA has been our best forward all year long and energized the team the way Cally used to…only question is when will he return. Power to the little men who feed bread crumbs to the pigeons!

  333. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A healthy gabby? That’s like saying, a young 20 year old Rod Gilbert would help the Rangers.

    My brutha – a healthy gabby is an oxymoron.

  334. Oops, the quote is “the little people, who feed bread crumbs to the birds…as in ” Little people everywhere who give crumbs to birds. Lie to them, drive them, whip them, force them into war. When the beasts like you will devour each other, then the world will belong to the little people.”

  335. Remember the Gaborik for Brown rumors? Well, I’m pretty sure that ISN’T happening this time.

    I’m thinking it would be picks and/or prospects since Gaby is going to be UFA and has been hurt…not sure though

    Kings are my dark horse in West. Their biggest issue is scoring. They are arguably the best defensive team in the league. They’ve only given up 133 goals. If Gaby can come in and provide scoring, they could be very tough to beat. They are just as tough as St. Louis (if not tougher) and could beat Boston.

  336. Hey, how come this passes the censors and my remark about P***y Riot does not?;>))

  337. LOL @ ‘baby dinosaur’

    It’s true! It’s like he’s about to go extinct before he hits his prime. Look at the precipitous drop in scoring stats!

  338. Anyone got a rumor? C’mon man, just one. I only need one. I’ll go away if you give me just one. Please. Have a heart.

  339. “A healthy gabby? That’s like saying, a young 20 year old Rod Gilbert would help the Rangers. ”

    I prefer an old 20 year old Rod Gilbert.

  340. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stewart led the Blues last year in scoring. The guy is young, strong, and a beast. Rangers need someone like that…been too long…

  341. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think blues or ducks out of the bestern conf with the kings as my dark horse.

  342. What happened to the second ‘n’ in Heatley’s first name? Where did it go? WTF happened to it?

  343. Dany Heatley? That’s the best we got?

    Someone should lock Sather in the bathroom for the next few days. First, make sure he looses his cellphone, then lock.

  344. Papa bear…. Said it last week n it’s got legs from my boys up north…..PK has worn out his welcome. Rangers in the mix

  345. George Harrison had Dark Horse and played on Something called The White Album.

  346. George Harrison, who had Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album.

  347. You guys seen this one yet?

    Craig MacTavish ?@fakeoilersgm 59m
    GMs interested in 3rd pairing dmen: Anton Belov is no longer available but I still have 7 or 8 others who are.

  348. George Harrison, who had a Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album.

  349. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, George Harrison, who had a Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album.

  350. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, George Harrison, who had a Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues.

  351. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, this Apple Scruff George Harrison, who had a Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues.

  352. Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps, this Apple Scruff George Harrison, who had a Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues.

  353. Artie has really been playing well for the Jackets…just scored a nice one. 2-0 BJs

  354. Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps, this Run of The Mill Apple Scruff George Harrison, who had a Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues.

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  356. Yes, All Things Must Pass but, Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Looking For My Life, this Run of The Mill Apple Scruff George Harrison, who had a Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues?

  357. Yes, All Things Must Pass but, Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Looking For My Life, this Run of The Mill, Apple Scruff George Harrison, who had a Brainwashed Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues?

  358. Yes, All Things Must Pass but, Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Looking For My Life, this Run of The Mill, Apple Scruff George Harrison, who had a Brainwashed Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo while Stuck Inside a Cloud, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues?

  359. Yes, All Things Must Pass but, Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Looking For My Life, this Run of The Mill, Apple Scruff, Mystical One George Harrison, who had a Brainwashed Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo while Stuck Inside a Cloud, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues?

  360. Has anyone seen this? I can’t believe it’s true! Thank you, God!

    @SportsDeskCT 2min

    Looks like a done deal. Callahan 7 years 47 mill. Deal announcement in the am tomorrow.

  361. Yes, Here Comes the Sun and All Things Must Pass but, Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Looking For My Life, this Run of The Mill, Apple Scruff, Mystical One George Harrison, who had a Brainwashed Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo while Stuck Inside a Cloud, played on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues?

  362. Yes, Here Comes the Sun and All Things Must Pass but, Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Looking For My Life, this Run of The Mill, Apple Scruff, Mystical One George Harrison, who had a Brainwashed Dark Horse which had Gone Troppo while Stuck Inside a Cloud, played Don’t Bother Me on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues?

  363. Yes, Here Comes the Sun and All Things Must Pass but, Isn’t it a Pity that While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Looking For My Life, this Run of The Mill, Apple Scruff, Mystical One George Harrison, who had a Brainwashed Dark Horse named Piggies which had Gone Troppo while Stuck Inside a Cloud, played Don’t Bother Me on Something called The White Album and it was This Song which resulted in the Sue Me, Sue You Blues?

  364. Olga, I’m digital. No needle. Analog is dead.

    Strange, I’m just passing time while on the can, working on my memory and speech exercises…..thanks for asking.

  365. Slatsko Folkyerself on


    FIRE SATHER first, then step down…

  366. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ukraine looking at potential civil war. Days of the orange revolution from 8 years ago.

  367. cmon slats. sign cally damnit! buy out richie you’ll have plenty of dolan dollars to waste on some other teams garbage

  368. u guys are gonna be hating it when cally’s gone. cant believe 6 mill is too much.its probably his final chance to cash in. hes 28. he’ll be 34 if he even makes it that long. hes not gonna be 40. caps going up, the horse is gonna be put down, we’ll have plenty of money to blow on more 3rd liners and super soft serve figure skaters

  369. either sign him, sign him then trade him, or lose him for nothing and hes basically a 20 game rental. slats is gonna make us wait till 5 minutes till 3 on wed. watch

  370. “u guys are gonna be hating it when cally’s gone. cant believe 6 mill is too much.its probably his final chance to cash in. hes 28. he’ll be 34 if he even makes it that long.”

    Wait are you not answering your own question/statement?

    The reason most of us think it’s insane to lock him up for 6×6 is becuase he is clearly diminishing in skills, took a beating in injuries the past few years, isnt as quick as he was, doesnt seem to be hitting as much and for the most part hasnt been very good/visible this year.

    I love cally what he did for this team but sports are business and this is not a good business move. Anyone for this deal will be screaming by 2015-2016. Mark my words.

    To put this in perspective- Patrick Kane makes 6.5 million……

    Think about this.

  371. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally will score 40 ( in gabby goals) next year. This equates to less than ten normal goals.

  372. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dollar for dollar, Richards is the most productive player in the league …..that is if were opposite year.

  373. Just saw Costas on TV. Looks like someone fixed him up with play dough and silly putty. I think he’s dating Bruce Jenner.

  374. “I think gaborik would fit in real nice in LA.

    Dany heatley for 2nd round pick and Jesper fast. U heard it here first”

    I was actually thinking about Heatley, he will be a UFA and might do a 1 year deal after couple bad seasons. Not very physical, but has good size.

  375. Does anybody know exactly what Blues were offering for Callahan besides Stewart or did they offer Stewart straight up?

  376. Cally agrees to 6 years, but still 500 grand apart on dollars as per the Notre Dame kid from the News.

  377. Rangers West on

    Ryan Crosby. He’s a 4’1″ prospect in Dallas’ farm system. A lot of heart in a little guy.

  378. @RealKyper: Told #Canucks given a short list Kesler would wave NTC. Believed in mix include #Pens #Flyers #Rangers. Van reluctant to trade him in West

  379. If he wants a shot at the Cup, I get Pittsburgh and Blackhawks, but Philty and Deadwings???

  380. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    We have to offer whatever it takes to get kesler….HAVE TO!!!

  381. i really don’t understand
    ANY player of ANY worth
    wanting to be a part of the
    flyers psycho organization
    it’s institutionalized there

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