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1) With the trade deadline now just three-plus days away, this is more important than the result of that awful game at the Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes. With Dan Girardi signed and sealed, Ryan Callahan and his agent insist that signing has nothing to do with Callahan’s situation. I believe that. Alain Vigneault said he is optimistic that something will get done with Callahan’s contract. I don’t know if he knows something or if it’s wishful thinking or if he’s just being consistent in his hope that the captain won’t have to be moved.

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers2) But, I think there are only two ways that Callahan is still a Ranger on Wednesday, and don’t know if either is likely. First, he can stop trying to beat Glen Sather at poker and get more realistic with his terms and dollars demands. If he goes $6Mx6, or in that money ballpark, I think he re-signs here and stays. I don’t know if he will do that because Callahan is a battler, his agent seems dug in, and he’s probably right that somebody will give him the seventh year and more money July 1. Second, the possibility remains that Sather can’t get satisfactory return for Callahan and simply decides to keep him the rest of the season, leaving open the possibility that if no team does come in with that seventh year on July 1, maybe the Rangers can re-sign him then.

3) Now, onto that horror show in Philly. Hey, you’re not going to win every night. There will be losses, probably worse than this, to worse opponents, these final 21 games. But this one was a bad one because the Rangers really kicked it away with a bunch of horrific defensive plays, really. I thought the Rangers started well, had two terrible plays result in goals, recovered from that, took over the game for a long time, got it tied, then had a couple more gifts for the Flyers. Shoulda/coulda been a win. Rangers threw it away.

4) And, oh yeah, the Rangers looked kinda soft again, as they did early in the season. The Flyers pummeled the Rangers’ skill players a bit, and when they crossed the line, the Rangers’ suddenly ice-cold power play failed to make the Flyers pay. Could have been a different game with a PPG or two early.

brassard goal vs. flyers5) The 1-0 goal, the fourth line got pinned badly, and Anton Stralman did a dreadful job on Schenn, before actually scoring the goal himself.

6) The 2-0 goal, Chris Kreider was guilty of as bad a defensive effort as you can see in an NHL game, after he was supposed to be covering for Dan Girardi, who had pinched.

7) Going back to the fourth line, I thought Alain Vigneault might go with both Daniel Carcillo and Derek Dorsett in the lineup for Philly, and perhaps for Boston tonight — two physical opponents. But by removing Dominic Moore, the fourth line wasn’t nearly as effective, and at least on the 1-0 goal, it looked bad. And that line cannot be bad defensively if the first two lines are also going to be poor defensively … and they are.

8) Also, as was the case in a lot of the team’s struggles this season, some of the Rangers’ top players need to be a lot better, and that includes Brad Richards (nice play on the power-play goal by Derick Brassard notwithstanding), Derek Stepan (invisible almost the entire day), Brassard (who wasn’t terrible but took two mindless penalties), Kreider (who scored a beauty of a goal from Rick Nash, missed a wide-open net, took a penalty and had that woeful defensive play). And, yeah, you might as well thrown Callahan and Carl Hagelin into that group that needs to be better.New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers

9) The Daily Nash-O-Meter. I thought Nash was very good again. I really did. The guy looks re-energized. And, it seems to me without looking it up, he’s really played some strong games against Philly in his brief time as a Ranger.

10) Henrik Lundqvist. Granted, he had no chance in the first two goals, and a bunch of bad plays in front of him (including Dorsett’s penalty and a weak effort by Stralman in the corner, preceeded the Wayne Simmonds PPG. But a five-hole goal from an angle just isn’t ever a good one. And he wasn’t spectacular on the fourth … and as if we needed to point to another goof-up, how about Carl Hagelin turning to get out of the way of the shot. He should thank God that Torts isn’t around anymore.

11) Ryan McMonster. I said it during the game. I hate to ever compare people to Brian Leetch, and McDonagh certainly isn’t in that category offensively. But he sure reminds me of No. 2 when he makes some of those calm plays under pressure, moves the puck to a safe place before being squished, or side-steps an opponent, then moves it. Just great stuff.New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers

12) I wonder if Alain Vigneault makes some changes tonight vs. Boston. Lundqvist, it seems, will start in goal. The coach — who usually doesn’t change lines or defense pairs — moved Kevin Klein into the second pair with Marc Staal during the game. I wonder if he won’t go back to Dominic Moore tonight. And if he will keep both Carcillo and Dorsett in the lineup … or if it would be J.T. Miller who comes out, not that he did anything to warrant being scratched.

13) Carcillo vs. Zac Rinaldo was kinda fun, though I didn’t think either should have gotten a misconduct for their little get together. Two and two at most, IMO. Afterwards Rinaldo said that not only had he never played with Carcillo, he never played against him.

14) Not related, but that Stadium Series game in Soldier Field — wow. The ice conditions were such, IMO, that the integrity of the game was compromised, and that really shouldn’t ever happen. I also thought, too bad they never had one of these games at Yankee Stadium … you know, the real one.

15) Can’t wait to hear the real, whole story of what’s going on in that clown show up in Buffalo. They hire Pat LaFontaine, who hires a GM and a coach, then the GM makes all these huge trades, doesn’t remove the “interim” title from the coach, and LaFontaine resigns. What in holy hell?

16) I still expect something major to happen around MSG on Wednesday, if not sooner.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Rick Nash.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dan Girardi.
2. Daniel Carcillo.
3. Brad Richards.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Tie, Marc Staal, Ryan McDonagh.
3. Derick Brassard.

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  1. Bruins played really poorly at home yesterday afternoon. They are gonna pick it up tonight at msg so I’m told by the brazillion bruins fans at this hockey tournament my son is at in central Massachusetts this weekend. In the playoffs tho!!!! Go new ro!

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp!

    With all this, they were a better team, and if Kreider and JT didn’t miss 2 empty nets, it’s a different outcome.
    Stralman just lost a half a mil per year in his future contract. Talk about having a nightmarish game.

    Travel day for me. Hope the snow isn’t as bad for you as they predict for tomorrow. Talk to you from Turks and Caicos later. Let’s hope the WiFi is decent at the place.

  3. Turks and Caicos…hmmmm….arent they predicting like a foot of snow there….better of staying here and giving Carp a hand with the shoveling….

    As for these Rangers….ooof….some bad mistakes all around..but like Dugay….you know..the guy in that ocean cruise commercial…I thought we would own the 3rd period..but we didnt come out of the intermission like we wanted it. In fact..just the opposite. Dorsett…if you are going to take bad penalties..then you need to score. Speaking of cruises…if we dont see a better effort tonight..the result is going to be another step closer to being on the outside looking in and feeling like we are on one of those no working bathroom cruise that have become all the rage…feeling sick to our stomach…..on a listing ship….and maybe help coming at the line…or maybe just an iceberg in our way…stay tuned.

  4. Turks and Caicos…hmmmm….arent they predicting like a foot of snow there….better of staying here and giving Carp a hand with the shoveling….

    As for these Rangers….ooof….some bad mistakes all around..but like Dugay….you know..the guy in that ocean cruise commercial…I thought we would own the 3rd period..but we didnt come out of the intermission like we wanted it. In fact..just the opposite. Dorsett…if you are going to take bad penalties..then you need to score. Speaking of cruises…if we dont see a better effort tonight..the result is going to be another step closer to being on the outside looking in and feeling like we are on one of those no working bathroom cruises that have become all the rage…feeling sick to our stomach…..on a listing ship….and maybe help coming at the line…or maybe just an iceberg in our way…stay tuned.

  5. I would chalk it up to the pro hockey pick-up games of the past 2 weeks…no practice, just fun on the ice in the guise of serious nationalism…will take some time to re-stabilize and restore discipline this side of the pond

  6. And thanks for another great write-up, Carp! Yours is always the first I head to day after, and I’m never disappointed!

  7. bull dog line on

    this game is squarely on Hank. those of us who have knocked Hank in the past, this game is the reason. timely saves, or failure to make them. you battle back from 2 nothing to tie the game. at that point Hank has to shut the door, and bring home at least a loser point. the Simmonds goal took the air right out of them. bad goal bad timing.

  8. C’mon, the most salient fact about this game was that our goalie was awful. The first two goals he vacated the net. He had no chance? The first goal may have been one of those things that happens, but on the second lunging to make a poke check and missing is a pretty horrific display of goaltending. And he normally stops goals three and four. Otherwise we outplayed Philly.

  9. bull dog line on

    this is not the first time La Fontaine has done this, by the way.if you recall he did the same thing to the Islanders. IMO the Miller trade was a lousy trade for both teams. Buffalo brought back nothing of value to themselves. the 2015 1st rounder will be a late pick. Stewart doesn’t fit them. he is, and will be to expensive for them, and Halak is not staying. they needed a young goalie, and and a young NHL ready player that they could have under control for a few years. the Blues could have used Stewart for help else where. putting him is this trade made no sense. they already have a team of Steve Ott’s. will Miller be an upgrade in goal? sure, but not that big.

  10. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys.

    Home is -27 this morning, Rangers lose, looks like I didn’t miss too much.

    My biggest decision today is between the Rum Runner or the Painkiller :)

  11. hopefully Boston is in a rut right now and the rangers play better than last night. These last 21 games are huge, need 2 points, can’t give away games like yesterday or they won’t make the playoffs.

  12. Robby Bonfire on

    What will Callahan give the Rangers if he resigns, here, besides resentment to go with moderate production? Well, that is probably better than the cost of parting also with Miller and a draft pick, so that, either way, I see the Rangers losing here, long-term.

    This is going to be a really tough week with negative implications hitting home for a long time, whichever scenario comes to pass.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Sunday morning write up – great stuff…too bad after a loss to the Filth

    That game could have been a 6-3 victory. Flyers D is not good and we never got enough zone time to expose them

    Henk get his nap in guring game?

    Miller looked good, really like how he is playing

    Stralman had tough game

    Step is becoming an enigma

    Play Moore, sit Dorsett, even though I like the guy, Moore’s wheels create offensive pressure

    Lost weekend?? Lets hope not…

  14. Moore was missed, and you don’t need two Dorsetts on that line. Carcillo was the obvious sit before and after the game. Would love to see him traded anyway, before he explodes.

  15. Great review of a not so great game, Carp.

    Tough loss with more than the usual missed opportunities. I agree with stranger, go back to D Moore on the fourth line. Love Dorsett but loved the way that line was working even more.

    Sioux, why stress yourself with those tough decisions? Have both in abundance.

  16. Agreed Bull Dog. Saw a bunch of people liking the value for Miller + Ott. Even if you did (I didn’t really), it wasn’t good value _for Buffalo_, as it necessitated atleast two more trades to yield the prospects and picks they need. Looks a ton like St. Louis simply offered whatever non-garbage roster pieces they deemed expendable and Buffalo accepted.

  17. You failed to mention the dumb penalty taken by Dorsett after we just tied the game. Not only does he not do anything he takes them after we get some momentum

  18. Stranger Nation on

    Buff gets #1 pick, Stewart, UFA eligible goalie, and prospect for UFA goalie and UFA 3rd line center. Not a bad return IMO. Prospect could tip balance heavily in favor of Baby Bufs.

    Question is would we trade Cally for one of Buffalo’s #1 picks (Isles pick can be ,pushed to 2015) and have a top 5 choice in 14 or 15 draft class?

    Dont think we are going anywhere this postseason and dont think Cally will sign for reduced $$$

  19. NYR should extend Stralman today. His price came down yesterday. Bad day.

    I would trade Stepan for Kessler if that was a possible deal.

  20. Carp – I would suggest that now that Sather has shown that he’s willing to go to six years after starting at five with Girardi the probability that a deal gets done with Callahan is higher. I continue to think that Callahan’s dollar request is not entirely unreasonable for a couple of reasons:

    – Look what Clowe and Clarkson signed for.
    – He’s got a $4.9m salary this year, the cap is going up 10% and he’s arguably better than he was when he signed that last contract.
    – I think the above easily gets you to a $6m starting point.
    – Look at the 34-35 year old guy who score 15-20 goals (guys like Gionta, Chimera, Ryder, Cole, Jokinen, etc) they’re making on average $4.5m this year
    – Assuming the salary cap goes up 5-10% each year and salaries rise accordingly, those types of players should earn between $6.2-$6.7m in 2020 depending on your assumptions.

    My point is that I don’t think they’re too far off if both sides take a realistic stance. At $6.5m per for six years, the Rangers probably take a little more risk on the front end but it seems aligned with current market values on the back end.

    Now if Callahan will only sign a seven year contract, that could obviously be a deal breaker.

  21. Sabres absolutely got a great return for Miller and Ott. Watch them trade Stewart and Halak for more returns.

    on top of that they got a good prospect former 2nd rounder, 1st and 3rd round picks.

  22. Screw Callahan and his demands, he should be done here with those demands. Who does he think he is?

  23. Stralman was terrible! He was caught in no mans land most of the game. No Stralman Sundae today.

    Staal continues to amaze with his play. Since he returned from the concussion, he’s played the best hockey of his career.

    Like to acquire a stud RH DMAN to pair with Staal.

    JMoops is an enigma.

  24. bull dog line on

    what are the Sabres going to get for Halak? he is an upcoming UFA, and a contending team didn’t think he was good enough for them.

  25. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, great review as always. But there is a typo in number 4. You wrote _Could have been a different game._ I think you meant _Could of been a different game._

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – need a top 4 RH to pair with McBrando and reunite Staal and DanG.

    Not sure why they don’t play Stralman over DanG on PP. Much better with puck handling to both gain zone and move puck as well as shot. Also reduce DanG minutes and increase effectiveness 5v5.

  27. Sabres can get a 2nd rounder and a goalie for Halak from a contender that needs a good backup.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Are some finally realizing Brass > Step yet… May need to switch up centers to get this team going.

    THE – Brass – Nash
    Richards – Step – Cally
    Hags – Miller – Pullout
    Boyle – Moore – Carcillo/Dorsett

  29. We are a Weber or Doughty type DMAN and a legitimate #1 pivot away from challenging in the east to get to the finals.

  30. I’m hungry, could really go for some dogs breakfast right about now. Or some corned beef hash. Then again, what’s the difference?

  31. JT Miller played ok (at least when he wasn’t trying to put the puck into an open net) in the physical game yesterday.

  32. Lately, The Kreider hasn’t been as physical or hitting consistently. Someone on the coaching staff needs to reset his beast mode button.

  33. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Great review, Carpy.

    I’m going tonight. First time in a month or so. Have zero expectations against a Bruins team that is:

    1. pissed they lost yesterday
    2. bigger
    3. deeper
    4. more talented

    Holding on for a tie, if we can score a goal, would be like Jeff Van Gundy holding on to Patrick Ewing’s leg, eon’s ago!! That type of effort is what it will take.

    I just hope Lucic doesn’t decapitate Nash and that we leave the game without any major injuries.

    I try not to….but for tonight….I feel like….Eric!

  34. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Was it me or was it clear yesterday, as we evolve more towards PO hockey and games that are more meaningful than early season games, that the Flyers were tougher than we were and we were a little intimidated?

    It will be interesting to see how this team of Richards, Hags, Step, Dom Moore, MZA, Marty St. Louis (?), Pouillot, Brass, even Nash and Kreider (both who don’t fight), Strahlman, etc., and a whole slew of small, non-aggressive players will handle itself when the going gets tough.

    Is this team built for the PO’S???????

  35. Stepan game right now is heavy on hesitation and lacking on burst.

    He needs a tune-up. Should have his timing belt checked, points re-gapped and should upgrade from 89 to 93 octane.

  36. boxcareddiehospodar on

    It continues to amaze me in previous posts where people get on Kreider about one or two bad plays.

    We have Hagelin who skates around and does nothing! Does not go into the corners to fight for a puck,won’t block a shot and for all this speed he supposedly has contributes zero.

    Not going to win the cup this year.

    Time to jettison Hagelin/Stepan/Boyle and buyout Richards.
    And to think there was concern we could not resign derek stepan.

    Let the kids play because they cannot do much worse.

    PS: no place for stralmann on the PP?

  37. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    And that is why, Papa, I would not be adverse to Step being traded, if he can get value. Actually, Step, a draft pick and something for Kessler would be fine with me. Not so sure it is enough for him, though.

    Personally, I am not feeling the love for JT, either. He is a 3rd liner to me of average size/weight. Dime a dozen player. If he needs to be included, find.

    Again, not so sure that’s enough, but I would do it at this point.

    And, I am a Step defender. Have always liked the kid and thought he would evolve despite his slow foot speed. Not so sure anymore. Sad.

  38. boxcareddiehospodar on


    unfortunately I think your assessment of tonight’s game will be correct.

    The bruins will go right after nash and callahan and as usual we have no one to defend these guys. Carcillo and Dorsett are middleweights going against true heavyweights.

    We continue to draft players under 6′ and 200 lbs!!

    PS I could live with Miller playing on the 3rd line and Stepan on the 4th line!!!

  39. I don’t mind the new fourth line, and maybe it deserves more than a ONE game trial. Much more grit than before, and average in terms of fourth line ability level. How bout Moore in for Hagelin?

  40. Stranger Nation on

    JT Miller is a 20 yr old rookie who plays the body, hustles and makes good decisions with puck. He may not be first line center material, but let’s not throw the ‘baby’ out with the bath water.

    IMHO we are not intimidated, but just don’t have the answer to physical play up front. Pullout, Brass, and Miller is our most physical line and provide the most offensive zone time as well (direct correlation??)

    Richards is a complete liability on defense 5v5. On for two even strength goals yesterday and usually playing the point (last in zone covers point), forcing Hags or Cally to play out of position down low in the D zone. He needs to shift to wing away from center now.

    Ray Milland is watching tonight with trepidation…

  41. One thing That wasn’t lost on me yesterday. Hank was pitch-forked into the net by not one but two flyer forwards ( the goal was disallowed because the whistle had been blown.) . Not one Ranger player on the ice came to his defense and challenged the two Flyer players. Not even a scrum.

    Hank got up and skated in the direction of the referee behind the net to complain.


    I noticed completely different response from both Pittsburg and the Blackhawks in similar situations during Sat nights game from Soilder Field.

  42. bull dog line on

    Papa, that is because the Rangers Dmen are all finesse. not an angry one in the bunch. plus there big forwards are skilled not rugged. there 2 tough guys are middle weights. need to add one angry Dman, and one forward with size and toughness (Stewart).

  43. Isn’t Richards always our anti-Lucic?

    (The issue with the trade is that it necessitates more maneuvering on the Buffalo side to get their needed return. Not saying Halak is bad by any means, he’s atleast 80% of Miller, but Buffalo doesn’t need that for 25 games. So if the goal is to now flip Halak for a young goalie … why not hold out for Allen initially? They let St. Louis force them to do all the work and assume all the risk here.)

  44. Good point Mr. D.

    Richards or Hagelin or -Nash- can each play the role of Anti-Lucic.

    The more important question. Who will be our Lucic-Nuetralizer?

  45. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Our angry d man is mcilrath but he is unworthy of playing time.

    may be one sided but i would trade callahan for stewart and instant toughness.

    Hell I take melynk on D. he kicked dave brown’s ass in!!!!

  46. Reports and rumors from Buffalo – they are “willing” to pay Callahan “whatever he wants”.

    If true, Is it any wonder why that franchise is in such disarray?

  47. Stranger Nation on

    So Pat FaFountaine was brought in as window dressing and became upset when he wasn’t allowed to make decisions?
    Sounds like Messier in NY

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    After all I heard about the BJ’s reluctance to move Dorsett because of what he brings, I have really not seen it. Maybe it is in the locker room, but on the ice I haven’t seen much. I also don’t see any big moves available at a cost we could afford to add something really meaningful. Take this year as we are other than Cally, buy out Richards this summer and continue building. Miller should be staying, and should be playing center. Hopefully McIrath is ready next year.

  49. Don’t discount Callahan’s potential wish to live at home- he’s from Hilton on the far northwest side of Rochester. Which is probably a 45-50 minute commute from FNC when the weather is good ( hahaha, I know that’s an oxymoron in western NY). Perhaps he’s done with city living…

  50. Btw, if MSL gets his wish and is traded here, that’s a sure sign Richards is staying. Cap recapture be damned, it will be Sather’s stubborn desire to prove he knows all that ensures Richards stays.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    MickeyM – oh lord no, I agree with your statement, but that will be the death knell for this franchise for the next 4 seasons.

  52. If Richards stays it will be the biggest mistake Sather has ever made here. And, yes, will prove that he knows more than anybody.

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great review carp

    4 is spot on, badly (hopefully) addressed with a few player moves by the deadline.

    I’ve been saying all along many of you wear the kool aid colored glasses with “homegrown” Stephanie…guy is overrated and soft!

    NATW doesn’t belong in the top 6 and I like Klein on the second pair.

    Dorsett loves to play and is a high energy/emotional guy and has been chomping at the bit to play, he was a bit over zealous…give the guy a break.

    Trade cally, I love the little guy, but no more than 5 years please!

  54. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Did anyone see the Capitals’ “non goal”?

    What a joke. They are so screwed up in Toronto.

  55. ThisYearsModel on

    If Cally would get his >$6.5MM per he isd asking for, he would earn more than anyone on the Blackhawks.

  56. bull dog line on

    Cally is going to get his money in Buffalo, and we will never hear from him again.

  57. It’s the redundancy of the pinup that keeps JT Miller out of the NHL. Rangers have to make a few 2-for-1 deals.

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I kind of think buffalo will offer the rangers a pretty good deal for cally, I hope we take it.

  59. Eric is as annoying as irritable bowel syndrome. It’s too early to scoreboard watch. Worry about the Rangers.

  60. Robby Bonfire on

    The purpose of some NBA teams wearing short-sleeve jerseys is to distract the dialogue from the ankle-length dresses the girls have been made to wear, for 10 years, now. I mean, you have to admit, there is something compelling about the sight of a 7-foot tall man wearing a loosely-flowing dress. Why they all don’t just take some time off to marry each other,is beyond me?

  61. Alain

    Get a clue. There 20 games left. How you not look at results of games. Yes rangers need wins but three pt games within div are a killer.

    Too early wake up.

  62. Haven’t been here for that long, but I do know that 2:25 and 2:26 are completely asinine.

  63. 25% of an 82 game season remaining and you’re scoreboard watching every game, getting your panties in a twist that games might go to OT. Either chill out or knock off the shtick.

  64. Carp great post as usual what is your tae on the Buffalo Fiasco. Ddid Murray go over la Fontaine head said regarding the trade. Questionable trade Pat did this once before with the Islanders regarding the hiring of Neil Smith as opposed to Garth Snow

  65. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Another damn three point game.

    I HATE the Flyers.

    Nice ‘D’ Washington.

  66. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    ….and that’s why the Capitals aren’t a playoff team.

    They’re like as group of seven year olds in a pee wee league. All they think about is scoring goals.

  67. Once went to ot flyers winning is better.

    Beat bruins tonight lead caps by three pts.

    Still a del zaster of three pt game

  68. Rob in Beantown on

    This is so cool! An indoor hockey game! They should really play more of these

  69. Rob in Beantown on

    Closed roof + Terrible jerseys + Sarah MacLachlan’s off key kids = DISASTER

  70. jpg's sister on

    so they didn’t open the retractable roof? Isn’t that the point of playing outside, you deal with the weather? Did they see Chicago or Yankee Stadium games?

  71. jpg's sister on

    jpg’s and jpg’s sister’s mom just said, what a way to end outdoor game season, well I guess Chicago was the last outdoor game for NHL

  72. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Sounds like a church (well, one that serves Molson).

    I just heard a pin drop.

  73. What are they wearing? No wonder Torts looks miserable. They look like a bunch of court jesters on skates. Or, and apparently Turks and Caicos isn’t considered a prime area for NBCSN, so the game isn’t blocked on Gamecenter.

  74. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Does Vancouver have to return their uniforms to Santa’s Workshop after the game?

  75. cally’s line was on for a cruical goal there at the end as well. certainly not playing up to his defensive ability and that line is pretty shaky defensively (espec b/c of richards).

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Looks like we got the right coach…

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Captain Jagr gets 50 goals and we ditch him , What makes Cally so special?

  78. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Btw the matching minors and subsequent 10 minute misconducts for carcillo and Rinaldo were stupid, absolutely ruined the intensity level of the game, and was utter pansification!!

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