Bruins at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Bruins at Rangers.


The trade deadline is now less than three days away, and Ryan Callahan is still a Ranger. But will this be his final game in a Blueshirt? You keep hearing that Glen Sather might be willing to go six years and slightly above $6M per, and wondering if even that’s too much. And wondering if Callahan would come down off that seventh year demand and re-sign.

The other possibility, of course, is that no team other than perhaps Buffalo will go near Callahan’s demands, and since Buffalo is in no position to trade assets for him now, that Sather will not be able to get a good enough return for Callahan and thus decide to keep him for the final 20 games plus playoffs.

At any rate, Callahan is expected to be in the lineup tonight.

Both teams come off losses Saturday, the Bruins losing at home to the Capitals (their third loss in the last four games), the Rangers’ slop-fest in Philadelphia (their second loss in eight).

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal again off a less-than-stellar game in Philadelphia. Derek Dorsett will be prucha’d. Alain Vigneault said he needs to get his timing back with some practices after missing seven weeks, and didn’t want to play him back-to-back.

So Dominic Moore, prucha’d on Saturday, goes back into the lineup. The other possible change is on defense where Anton Stralman had a woeful game Saturday and was demoted to the third pair with John Moore, while Kevin Klein moved up to the second pair. Vigneault said he was unsure if Stralman would start the game with Marc Staal or with John Moore.


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Planning a Live Chat Monday or Tuesday — leaning toward Tuesday because it’s closer to the deadline and maybe we’ll have a better picture by then. What do you think? Any preference?

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  1. ps, by now youse should all know that any questions about what Sather is going to do or what he’s thinking are rhetorical. Right?

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on


    Eric said it boys N galzzzz LETS gog oggog og go gogogog!!!



  3. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with papa, why would we not trade mr softie Stepan for Kesler?

    I mean Kesler would be the best centre on the team with or without Stepan.

    I trade step, and Kristo or miller, and I pick for Kesler in a heartbeat.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on




    ITS hackey time!!!!!

  5. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Must noogie game…

    Wait, no one to deliver Noogies

    We are in trouble!!!

  6. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Torts about to throw his car seat on the ice.

    And wishing he had #19 on his powerless play.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    This game sucks!!! Both teams look the same . Love watchin Torts wish he was still coachin us.

  8. There is a rumor circulating that the Bruins traveling secretary phones ahead and requests the Bruin locker room be stocked with extra large Kleenex whenever the Bruins come to the MSGarden.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    @AGrossRecord Callahan wasn’t just pulled off the ice. Stay tuned for this is a prank gone wrong.

  10. Not getting rid of Richie last summer was a large mistake. For one thing, he could STILL get hurt before this season ends. For another, his paltry production has been not worth another center who plays two ways, (Miller, e.g. or someone else) not getting a year’s big time experience.

  11. Hagerstown Md. Rangers fan on

    It is very likely that senor cigar has no idea what he’s going to do. You can bet however that come wednesday he will do something even if it is just for the sake of doing something. Just have to hope he does not fudge the team chemistry.

  12. Torts: “This league is bullchit with these outdoor games.” Ooops, that’s worth 50 grand!

  13. Is there a Stan Fischler equivalent in Vancouver to ask Torts what he thought of the firework display after the final buzzer?

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on



    Lets gog gog og gogog gogogoogo!!!


  15. Lest it be misconstrued, I was suggesting Slather requested the No Shot-Blocking Clause, not Cally’s camp.

  16. As an incentive to get Simmonds, we might be able to offer him Willie Mays’ old number.

  17. The 3 stars of this game in my opinion are going to be Lundqvist + Nash + Girardi.

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    No Zucco , no problem. LETS GO LETS DO THIS!!!

    Cally knows if hes gone . Watch him folks. He will show his hand. If this is Callahan last game..lets CHANT HIS NAME. TY CALLAHAN!!! TY CALLAHAN!!!
    ( That IF he gives us a sign that hes stay’n or go’n)

  19. Anson Carter getting bumped up to NBC Sports. Nice.

    Kenny Albert calling the game!!!

  20. Carter sounds like he has marbles in his mouth. Was a time, too, when singers had to be able to sing.

  21. Kenny got his hair from his Mom’s side of the family. Lucky for him since his Dad got his hair somewhere on the Lower East Side.

  22. CoosCoos decoder for new entrants:

    Cooscoos doesn’t like Richards. 19 is not Cooscoos’ favorite player. Cooscoos thinks that Richards should be playing better. Richards, 19, says Coos, should be better in both zones. All three zones even. The Rangers should not have signed Richie (number 19) this summer, and they’d better not make that mistake again, according to Cooscoos, because he’s not very good, certainly not worth the money they’re paying him. He is without heart, opines C-squared, and rather resembles a ballet dancer whilst skating. The corners are places where 19, AKA Wilbur, does not frequent often enough, and he shoots too much or passes too much, depending on what night it is. The Power Play, which used to be good despite Richards, is now awful because of him. Stay tuned for other aspects of his poor play. Go, Rangers!

  23. Richie to himself “get on. Get to a safe place, get off. Don’t touch the puck, it’s a grenade”

  24. Nice to see Strälmân a step closer to where he belongs.

    And a really nice example of why its crucial to make room for JT Miller on this team.

  25. Did Miller mishandle the puck briefly just before he shot? Or was it just a sick move?

  26. Wow. I thought that was goaltender interference for a second. Which would suck.

    Soft call regardless.

  27. Cally 7 mil yet he has zero off abilities.

    Nash go to the net not circle behind it. Afraid of contact on that pp

  28. ThisYearsModel on

    Callahan on the PP in his last game as a Ranger. He still cannot bury wide open chances in front. Wonder if he will be able to with his new team.

  29. That knock-hockey pass Richie made, Stepan got an assist on the same pass yesterday on the Kreider goal.

  30. Funny how Torts goes to Vancouver, team that consistently was top 5 in most offensive categories and brings it down to 27th…

    but yeah…he loves dogs and children.

  31. It’s like when you clock someone you hit them. So he hen you hit the net you are clocking the net!!!

  32. leetchhalloffame on

    Gotta bury some of these chances boys. Boston won’t snooze much longer.

  33. 4th line big difference with DMoops at Center, Boyler on Wing.

    Trade Dorsett (or break his leg again!)

  34. Not a good feeling only up 1 here. Played too well.

    Razk seein the puck. Need traffic

  35. No complaints possible. Great energy, great plays, but… only one goal. Still, you’d rather be the team with that goal.

  36. ThisYearsModel on

    Iginla knows Staal has had back spasms so cheap shots him with a crosscheck to the lower back.

  37. Is there a failed comedian equivalent in Vancouver to frequent blogs and fail miserably at attempting to be funny?

  38. Dominant per that happens.

    How the hell is miller out vs lucid there.

    Line match u putz

  39. Now you want to be the Bruins. Did almost nothing, got it tied late in the period.

  40. I love callahan was always a heart and soul kinda guy, but can someone tell me why he should be getting 6 years at any kind of money north of 5 million when he as been largely invisible this year?

  41. Torts may be a jerk after post game pressers but he LOVES the kids! Wonderful person!

  42. I don’t think either team won that period because after the period the goals were tied and goals are all that matters.

  43. Olga Folkyerself on

    Because Sather is used to throwing around big money for long periods to marginally successful free agents, accompanied by No-Trade contracts.

  44. I’d like a Venn Diagram of “people who laugh at those who wanted to keep Prust” and “people who whine incessantly that we’re soft to play against”.

  45. ThisYearsModel on

    Keith Jones sounds like Cally’s agent. Anson Carter sounds like Brick Tamland.

  46. “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

  47. If AV thinks having brassard line with miller out there vs lucic line he’s a moron

  48. Torts is the anti-Canadian. He winds up in Buffalo, icing on that dog breakfast cake of mess up there.

  49. Keith jones says keep Cally n Sather should move and pay more than Dustin Brown.

  50. I can’t imagine exactly how #24 is “good in the locker room.” What does that really mean? Usually means a guy who lightens things up as I remember it.

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    I can’t imagine exactly how #24 is “good in the locker room.”

    He doesn’t step on the logo. Not even when no one is looking…

  52. “I can’t imagine exactly how #24 is “good in the locker room.” What does that really mean? Usually means a guy who lightens things up as I remember it.”

    he gives great foot massages to his teammates.

  53. Keith Jones wouldn’t even spring for a $5 latte, never mind chiming in on a $50 million conundrum.

  54. Money aside, would you want to sign with Buffalo? Patty Lafontaine’s chair wasn’t even warm and he got out of Dodge.

  55. _He looks/acts/coaches like he’s trying to get fired_

    Oh, nice one, Carp! Setting yourself for an excuse in case Torts does get fired? ;)

  56. The Bruins weathered the hurricane in the first period and now it’s their game to lose.

  57. @rangersreport

    Don’t know why, but there’s a section of Canadiens fans on the bridge tonight, chanting Let’s Go Habs. WTF?

  58. If a q-tip and a penis made a baby, it would grow up to look like Tuukka Rask.

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That was a terrible play by Stephanie on the last bruin goal.

    We’d be lucky to get Ryan o’byrne for him right now, let alone Ryan Kesler!

  60. This is around the time Dubinsky would drop the gloves with Campbell and get his butt kicked

  61. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Is carcillo going to fight anyone? Because if he doesn’t, not really needing to be there.

  62. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    And Andy Brickley is “between the benches” with a woodrow.

    (Whispering to the Bruins’ bench): Great game, Dougie!

  63. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “we suck, trade some trash out of here”

    It took all Sather could do to get that trash traded here. You think he can do anything other than trade the current trash for future trash?

  64. Carcillo comes to Rangers and decides to turn over the new leaf. No more dropping the gloves.

  65. In my opinion the smartest hockey minds are the ones who watch this game and think “yup, we need less players like Callahan”.

  66. ThisYearsModel on

    Chara is allowed to crosscheck and jab at opponents’ heads at will. This continues to be allowed.

  67. Crosscheck circus out there. This is what we can expect in the playoffs, if we ever get there. Zebras will let even MORE go and we have no answer.

  68. Rangers were in a better league than the Bruins in the first, but you have to cash in when you dominate and expend all that energy doing it.

  69. This team is anemic offensively without Zucc…

    But, I love what I’ve seen from Miller.

  70. ThisYearsModel on

    We have returned to being the softest team in the east the last 2 games. No response to being abused by the opponent. 36 plus Million to Ryan Callahan would be a colossal waste of cap space.

  71. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Last year, some people questioned whether we should even sign Zuccarello while he played in Europe. Now our offense seems hopeless without him.

    How sad is that?

  72. We need size, not giving ridiculous contracts to undersized borderline 2nd liners like Callahan.

  73. As one of those questioners, pretty sad. I’m sad right now. This is costing me a 6 pack.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards would likely trip over the blue line on a break away. He needs to retire.

  75. I am now a tremendously huge Brad Richards fan. He is my favorite and we should never amnesty him.

  76. Stranger Nation on

    12 years a slave: Ranger fans under the Slatsko regime
    American Hustle: Capt Cally
    Wooff of Wall St.: Brad Richards as in woof woof
    Dallas Buyers Club: Stars trading to knock Torts out of POs
    Gravity: Ledge dwellers enemy on the Chase Bridge
    Nebraska: Last sighting of Perma prucha Faulk
    Captain Philips: Name of new Capt after Cally trade for Chris Philips
    Her: Pronoun used by opponents describing Ranger tough guys

  77. (I love Boyle, but that was the right idea and a great shot. He’s a solid 2nd line scoring wing.)

  78. ThisYearsModel on

    Well looks like I will have to stick around now. Hope it is not just a tease.

  79. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Moby Dick – What the Rangers mumble under their breath if Moe Mantha became the coach.

  80. That also could have been a list of “Bruins who suck the most” if only Thornton were on it.

  81. Let’s do a poll


    Has Derek Stepan reached his potential. Can he get better.

    May be time to see about asking gms there interest

  82. cooscoos, you remind me of that guy who could only write “Hanka, Hanka” over and over and over and…

  83. Of Derek Stepan’s team leading 16 ES assists, I think atleast 14 were pure luck.

  84. “One more goal and the Rangers will be big enough and not soft anymore :)”

    you seriously think so?

  85. “Of Derek Stepan’s team leading 16 ES assists, I think at least 14 were pure luck.”

    or secondary assists.

  86. “Brassard with the friendly hug.”

    I got turned on a bit by that, is that normal?

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards has made some horrible passes to nowhere. Great goal. But some bad give aways. Never mind that mini break away where he tripped over his own feet. He skates like a 5 year old.

  88. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The lunacy of some posters on this blog and absolute nonsensical points they sadly try and make amuse me greatly.

    They pine away for Dubinsky and his 25% winning percentage in fights and laud cally’s “toughness” and physical play yet mock and applaud dorsett not being in the line up.

    It really makes me laugh at the honest lack of hockey IQ of some of the posters here.

  89. Ironically, Earrings Dooogay would be the toughest top 9 player on this team. Think about it.

  90. Stranger Nation on

    Figured Figaro would be all excited that Bucky potted one.

    Richards on ice watching Hamilton come in to score but was able to net one so he is great again.

    The hills are alive with the sound of music!

  91. Hey Wicky, what about the posters who love Callahan, Dubinsky and Dorsett? Are we *cool* and *smart* and *atleast consistent and not living in a completely 20/20 hindsight commentary world*?

  92. 3-1, game looking increasingly lost. Richards scores, 3-2, Rangers back in it, and Coos suffers a brain spasm. How you must have hated to see him score. What if he does it again? Let’s Go, Rangers!

  93. Stranger, thats the deal with Richards (and half the time with Nash). You have to hope they offset or go plus for them to contribute.

  94. If Slats can’t see what’s going to happen to us against certain teams in the playoffs, he’s blind as well as chubby.

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider Moore Nash
    Poo Brass Miller
    Cally Alydar Hags
    Dorsett Boyle Carbomb

  96. There’s not much that Slats can do by Wednesday that’s going to allow this team to beat that team four times out of seven. Or even two out of six.

  97. If we get 2 points even in OT it would show me something and might dare I say give them momentum. If we bomb in the 3rd a spiral the other way. Too dramatic? It is Oscar night after all. But seriously ….big period

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – agreed; rumor has it Cally is asking for $8MM because he has to play both his and Bucky’s position in Dzone

  99. When Lecavalier was drafted, Tampa’s owner of the week gave him the “Jordan of hockey” tag. I’d give Carter the benefit of the doubt that he was just referring to that.

  100. There was a Michael Jordan who played for Penn, I think in the 90s. Maybe thats what he meant?

  101. Marchand takes McD off the ice, not Carcillo, not (the missing) Dorsett. Who’s outsmarting whom?

  102. We haven’t revisiting the “hits involved in per 60” tracker in a while. Maybe I’ll get that up tomorrow morning if the best kid ever is in daycare and not home on a snow day.

  103. Of the skaters dressed tonight, the Rangers’ average height is actually a tick taller than the Bruins’ but they’re about 9lbs a man lighter. Too many skinny guys.

    Exclude Marchand’s nose and it’ll be close though.

  104. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—You are so right. For the Rangers to get out of the East, someone else needs to knock Boston out first. They might be able to hang with Pittsburgh, but no way with Boston.

  105. At least Skid and the Pens have goalie issues, eric, and can be distracted, too. Boston has a great goalie and a great lineup.

  106. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Me D
    Clearly makes them the most hockey knowledgable people on the planet (s)

  107. Not a hook. If you take a penalty every other minute they can’t call them all.

  108. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Size matters (and the willingness to use it in a malicious way).

    And I’m not talking about the girl vinny lecav used to like.

  109. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, hooking and interference goes uncalled on 2 rushes by the Rangers. Do the rules not apply to Boston?

  110. Cally 7 mil is laughable. Don’t u have to have talent off abilities get that money.

    Step anyone see him. I haven’t seen him since last year in spurts.

  111. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–Hear you on the PP, but at least this one still gets shots and chances. The Wizard of Sullivan’s PP did not get that most of the time.

  112. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    He just isn’t worth 7 yrs at 7 mil. All good and bad plays taken into consideration.

  113. ThisYearsModel on

    That was a $7Million for 7 years missed net, followed by a shorthanded goal. Pathetic.

  114. Wow Richards is a loser. Yea he scored but he’s done more damage this game than good.

  115. Richards, once again, having no awareness about BOS skaters in the defensive zone. Pathetic.

  116. What’s that, Coos? When Richards is back, a 2 on 3 is really a 2 on 2 so you better beat “your” (his) man?

  117. I don’t know how Cally is so confident that he demands that kind of money. He can’t score. He can’t check anymore. He’s getting slower. We need people who can finish.

  118. Richards should have that letter ripped off his jersey for that LAZY F#*KING BACK CHECK. HANG YOUR HEAD.

  119. How is it even debatable about the Richards buyout? How can you even think about not doing it?

  120. Kreider was chasing Campbell but Richards was floating through the slot watching the play by the boards. In fairness Richards did use the eyes he has in the back of his head to watch for someone coming through the middle

  121. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Yep good thing they sat dorsett!! He was the reason games are lost.

    At least the guy cares enough that he will scrap, but whatever folks…nothing to do with pride right?!

  122. ThisYearsModel on

    We used to beat Boston because we had the better goalie. Those days appear to be gone.

  123. DZ coverage the last two games has been a tire fire, but it’ll get better once they learn the new coach’s system, having forgotten it again.

  124. Sorry to be too far out on the Ledge, but it’s not a good team. We got hot for a bit, but we are soft on D, lack of skill on O. Biggest pay days Bucky, Nash and maybe Cally…..not good. We are going to struggle for ticket to the dance.

  125. Anyone have an accurate count of blown coverages this year? Must be like three friggin million. This team sucks and deserves a 500 record. Rubber meets the road and we look like doody vs top teams. Only thing saving this week is Cam Talbots big toe with :02 left vs Chicago. F Hank and his cockeyed widow’speak

  126. Useless Boyle can’t touch the puck into an open net. Sad thing is AV’s system is working as intended. It’s our players who can’t even finish or play simple defense.

  127. Richie with eyes in the back of his head in order to pick up someone who might bump into him.

  128. Losing count of the number of goals the Rangers should have scored in the last 32 hours.

  129. See, that was fun. McLovin points out Marchand, gets Marchand in the circle and wins. We should do more fun stuff and less bad stuff.

  130. The oscar for best supporting actor in a non productive role goes to…………fill in your own blank. Mine is Stepan

  131. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Size only matters if you have the onions to use it. If not you just have a big marshmallow team.

    Just an FYI there before all you stat monkeys try and spend all night coming up with how close in players size the bruins and rangers are.

  132. Lady Stepan ice needs to go this trade deadline, while he still has some value.

    (Sounds like a repeat of what I was saying about DelZaster the last

  133. Trade Callahan for Semin we need goals and Semin is very good at making goals. You can’t win without goals, can you?

  134. AV doing all he can with this team. Personnel changes needed. C’mon baby, light my fire!

  135. ThisYearsModel on

    Happy Birthday Henrik. 9 goals in Sochi in 5 games. 9 in 2 Ranger games. Ugh.

  136. Nothing would please me more than a shocking Nash trade before Wednesday. We need a roster-culture change and it has nothing to do with Callahan.

  137. The good news is that Lindberg started scoring lately, now leads the pack in points with 37 points in 56 games.

    Fast has 23 points in 33 games. Bourque started scoring goals

  138. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Yes, I would have played can in Philly.

    I still think this is a playoff team as it is, but unless they add a couple players with size and playable toughness, they will be hard pressed to get to (what should be the only goal) of winning the cup!!

  139. Twenty first period shots
    Who gives a rats ash
    Forty five foot bad angle shots with no one in front shouldn’t count but we lead the league in those
    Rangers suk

  140. Sather is looking like a genius for not giving Stepan any kind of legit long term deal. This kid has been hot garbage. He’s another that is gonna be soon to go.

  141. And that right there was Carcillo about to pull his first real Carcillo as a Ranger.

  142. That was nice of Boyle to wait the extra second to let the goalie get back into position before he shot the puck.


  143. Does anyone actually understand the kick rule? Do they just flip a coin in Toronto?

  144. Chara gets away with so many blatant penalties, makes me sick. Can’t stand him, Lucic and Marchand.

  145. Rask may be the best goalie in the league. Who would you rather have? Young, has a Cup, reasonable contract

  146. Everyone who wants to extend Zucc forever and dump Stepan for nothing knows its a 5 goal difference and Stepan is playing the far tougher matchups, right?

  147. Carp, when you say they may do something big, I’m praying both -Nash- and Stepan get the boot.

  148. In the absence of Cally, McD would probably be our toughest, no nonsense forward.

  149. So no one, not a sole goes after Iginla when he assaults McDonough????


  150. Its not supposed to be funny, Wicky. I love guys who score goals and that’s the complete measure of a player’s contributions. I’m going to vote Miller, Richards and McDonagh as my three stars then pray that we trade for Semin and dump that idiot Callahan. And Stepan. I bet no teams want a young center like him who I’m totally mad at.

  151. Absolutely, Wicky, my opponents’ comment was just meant to cancel out linemates. Zucc is totally having a better season, but acting like Step is a garbage pail is beyond stupid. He’s just not playing to a prior level we were all pretty shocked to see him at, atleast so soon.

  152. To be fair, CHI PHI BOS — you’re pretty happy with 2 points out of that.

    Saying that, who cares?

  153. “So no one, not a sole goes after Iginla when he assaults McDonough????”

    Don’t think Milbury was in the building, Papa.

  154. cooscoos, you have officially bored me off this site. I did enjoy being a bonehead for a year, though. Thanks, Carp.

  155. Carp, throw a poll up. Would you rather trade Callahan now and move forward or reverse every personnel move after the Henrique goal.

  156. “Not exactly a stellar final game for the captain”

    I really hope it is his final game, I don’t think we ever had the right leadership under him and he thinks way too highly of himself. Nice player to have as a 3.5 mil 3rd liner, but the guy is a megalomaniac and a poor leader. We need to move away from players that have crazy demands.

  157. Trade wish list
    1. Nash
    2. Boyle
    3. Cally if it’s more than 5yrs
    4. Boyle
    And don’t forget to cut Bucky as you fire yourself, you fat cigar faced moron

  158. I’m surprised Vigneault didn’t pull Lundqvist in the last minute so Campbell could get his hat trick.

  159. ThisYearsModel on

    This group needs help. They need size and heart, and to play like a team. Not allow teammates to be abused without response. Someone needed to go at Iginla. Nobody did. It really is pathetic when there is zero response to that stuff. At the least……fire some sticks or crosschecks at Kreici and Bergeron.

  160. What a bunch of sissy Mary’s. The closest they were to standing up for each other was the Bro Hug of Marchand by Brossard.

  161. 1. Trade everyone
    2. Fire everyone
    3. Fold organization
    4. Burn down MSG
    5. Salt the earth

  162. Mr. D gives Richards the second star. Must be the star that rose in the East during the Christ miracle.

  163. “Gernander drafts them.”

    Gernander gets big scorers and skilled players and they all forget how to score under him. Hmmm…

  164. I’ve totally had it with this freakin crap Henrik is not worth the money he’s making and Callahan doesn’t deserve what he’s asking

  165. Yes.. first to join Eric on the ledge is loneranger.

    Jared Leto can play goal.

  166. Someone confused Carcillo into thinking he was a hockey player. Get back to work, you daffodil!

  167. Well, this not going to be a distraction from work…at least they go through the motions. Hard to tell whether Slather will be a Sleller or a Bleyer before the tirade deadline…

  168. We could have gotten a ton in a trade for Lundqvist, but instead we gave him a ridiculous contract.

    The guy can’t even play the puck like most goalies can.

  169. Duberstein, you’re on a roll tonight. I suppose that’s also how you like your cold cuts.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Headzo – 5 spot says he’s rubbing against his Richards’ poster right now

  171. The rangers bruins rivalry that we all enjoyed just two years ago is now like fly’s rivalry with a windshield

  172. I don’t get the Stepan hate.

    I don’t understand why Nash gets a pass. $8m per year for this? He is nothing but a fancy skater who goes to the net on occasion. He doesn’t know how to set a play or forecheck or pass. Look at the assist numbers. He only knows how to deke or shoot. Gaborik was so much better than this guy.

  173. No doubt E x 3. You’ve been right about everything this weekend, including saddling up last night!

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And the Oscar for best impersonation of a hockey player goes to …… #19, Brad Richards

  175. “I don’t understand why Nash gets a pass. $8m per year for this? He is nothing but a fancy skater who goes to the net on occasion. He doesn’t know how to set a play or forecheck or pass. Look at the assist numbers. He only knows how to deke or shoot. Gaborik was so much better than this guy.”

    I agree. Nash is about as impressive as his stats. We overpaid for another soft overpaid player.

  176. What did this weekend tells me about this team?

    *They do not stick up for each other, no onions. They let their two star players, the goaltender and defenseman get roughed, hacked, menaced and bullied by the Bruins and Flyers all weekend long.*

    Word is out. Rangers don’t play well when faced with physical stuff.

  177. Stranger Nation on

    12 years a slave: Ranger fans under the Slatsko regime
    American Hustle: Capt Cally
    Wooff of Wall St.: Brad Richards as in woof woof
    Dallas Buyers Club: Stars trading to knock Torts out of POs
    Gravity: Ledge dwellers enemy on the Chase Bridge
    Nebraska: Last sighting of Perma prucha Faulk
    Captain Philips: Name of new Capt after Cally trade for Chris Philips
    Her: Pronoun used by opponents describing Ranger tough guys

  178. 45 Games Played
    11 Goals
    14 Assists
    25 Points
    Minus 3
    16 Penalty Minutes

    7 years and 49M for that?? Are you freakin kidding me????

  179. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Hank the tank lost us the game , oh well hes won us a few so he get a pass for sucking.

  180. I love goals and goals are what I love. When you look at the box score, what leads to a team winning? Its goals. Players who score goals are the best players because goals are what makes a winning team win games.

  181. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Nash set up Kreider twice now and nothing. The move deke and pass on the 2-1 was a sick move by Nash ya have to admit.

  182. Lundqvist better sit next game. He is so in love with himself and his birthday that he forgot to play. And stunk against Flyers as well.

  183. Next opponent’s starting center: “Holy Shimole, Richard’s checking me. Put me down for 4.

  184. And if they were like “no, we want your #1” I’d be all like “oh, ok, that’s what I meant ha ha ha we still have a deal, right?”

  185. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – not a Nash apologist, but Step is not a #1 center and is forced to play there because our savior, Bucky the wonder horse, cannot man the pivot like he is paid to.
    My frustration is when he is bringing the puck in the zone, he flips it in to dump and chase. When you have the two best shooters on your wing, you have to carry and create, which he cannot do.

  186. And “Dougie” effin Hamilton all night again. Don’t SalmonJoe own copyright to that?

  187. Jolie’s grandfather was the golf pro at Sunningdale (sort of in Scarsdale) Where the hell am I?

  188. “Where was $7 million captain to save us???”

    Callahan’s agent: once Callahan gets a ridiculous contract then he will really start scoring in bunches, blocking shots with his face, even *gulp* fighting, and promises to grow 4 inches to become a real power forward.

  189. Everyone who is losing their minds over Callahan or Stepan or Boyle or whoever is totally ok that Nash is currently 51st in the league in goals, T-167 in scoring and on pace for 52 points over 82. Which puts him just 4 per 82 shy of Brandon Dubinsky’s current pace. You want to nail a guy for underperforming, look there. For an offense only player, that’s horrible.

    (Also, Kesler wears cool sweaters. I’d upgrade my pick a round based on that.)

  190. Stranger Nation on

    Whats with athletes having the last name Hamilton keeping their childhood name?
    Dougie Hamilton
    Joey Hamilton

  191. Mister D, what is the object of the game of hockey?

    (Neil Smith once asked Alex Kovalev that question…LOL)

  192. Stranger @ 10:13 … How much of that do you think has to do with his defensive responsibilities given who those two wings are. If he gets stripped trying to carry in, he’s got one kid who loves to overcommit on one side and a guy who is likely still goal hanging deeper than him on the other. He’s in a terrible situation.

  193. NYR_FAN you were my one non-sarcasm laced comment in the last hour. Totally agreed with your post.

  194. The reality being. We have a bunch of soft boys sprinkled with brainless veterans, and a primadonna goalie. We have to weed out who will not compete.

  195. E3, me too. I don’t want to trade Step, but if somehow that trade were realistic I’d dive on it. Kane is ideal.

  196. I believe that’s his given name. My brother in law is named Jimmie, don’t call him Jim and he hates it when I call him James.

  197. We need get 2-4 power forwards and 2-3 strong physical dmen.

    Sather do your job you lazy meek coward. Make some gutsy moves.

  198. Completely agree that Nash has been disappointing, but he really needs some linemates. The only capable match for him on the current roster is Brossard at center, and Zucc when he’s ready. VERY soft line, but might get you some goals.

  199. No cutting Nash slack for being concussed? I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    As for the other onion-less excuse (with a couple exceptions…McD, Calm, Girardi.

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD – Stepan plays too soft and too slow.

    Kooz – congrats on chasing brad’s lover

  201. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – Nash is a streaky goal scorer, he has 19 goals in 44 games, probably close to his career average; he missed 17 games from a concussion injury.
    He is not a leader, he does not play the body, has a maddenning tendency to try the same move with no level of success. He needs a center to set him up.

    The team is poorly constructed with players forced to play above their skill and wage grade (Step) and others not able to play up to their salary (Richards)

  202. And Jesus spake: “I love it here; I want to stay here, and so long as I get long term at huge bucks, I’m going nowhere.”

  203. And I always thought I was good in the locker room, e. Guess I overestimated myself. :)

  204. If you’re paying a top 15 or whatever cap hit to a guy who “isn’t a leader”, “doesn’t play the body” and “needs a center” to be successful, you’ve simply made a bad investment. He’s almost the Ryan Howard of hockey.

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