Rangers re-sign Girardi, Callahan probably on his way out of town


Here’s my unedited story from The Journal News and Lohud.com:

By Rick Carpiniello

One down, one to go. But will the other one to go be literally gone?

The Rangers signed one of their two major unrestricted free agents-to-be on Friday, nailing down a very fair six-year extension for defenseman Dan Girardi.

Girardi, originally signed by GM Glen Sather as an undrafted free agent, agreed to a $33 million deal ($5.5 million annual average and cap hit) with a reported no-move clause for the first three years and a modified no-trade clause for the final three.

That takes Girardi, 29, out of the trade rumors and keeps him on the first, shutdown pair with Ryan McDonagh – who signed a six-year extension worth $4.7 million per prior to the season.

Meanwhile, as Girardi negotiated to a fair number he might have been able to top if he’d waited to hit the open market, Rangers captain Ryan Callahan remains unsigned and very likely to be dealt before the trade deadline Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Callahan’s agent Steve Bartlett reportedly said Friday that Girardi’s signing has no impact on his client’s bargaining. Well, that might be true, but the Rangers surely know now that Callahan’s not budging off of his seven-year demand at what is believed to be just under $7M per, and they surely know they will not go to that term or that dollar figure.

So it is very likely that Sather, a known hardball negotiator, will make every attempt to get something in return for his captain before letting him walk away for free July 1. And Sather probably won’t stop there trying to remake on the fly a team that, while it may not be a true Cup contender, is certainly one of the top three in the East.

As for tying up Girardi, Sather said in a statement, “Dan has been a Ranger for his entire career, signing with us as an undrafted free agent and working his way to become a top defenseman in the NHL. His dedication to this club, as a leader both on the ice and in the locker room, is invaluable to this team. We are happy to have been able to ensure that he will continue to wear the Blueshirt.”

Sather understood that, if he lost Girardi, it would probably cost more than the $5.5 per to replace him, and that even for more money, that replacement might not be able to do what the sturdy, right-handed, heart-and-soul, shutdown defenseman brings every night. He has missed four games in his eight NHL seasons, while regularly being among the league leaders in minutes (against opponent’s top forwards, it should be noted) and blocked shots.

The next projects on defense are Marc Staal, who enters his final year next season, and his partner on defense, Anton Stralman, who can be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Callahan, armed with the knowledge of the crazy contracts players like Ryane Clowe and David Clarkson received last summer, no doubt believes he can get his $47-$49 million over seven years in July. He might be correct.

We will soon know if that demand is his ticket out of town.

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  1. Carp

    any inside on what the Rangers are looking for in return for Cally?

    established player?
    top prospect?

  2. Next up, Marc Staal.

    Then trade for Weber or Doughty.

    Then Stanley Cup worthy top four of

    Staal, McDonugh, Girardi & Weber (or Doughty)!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rangers Report @rangersreport

    Buffalo scratching Miller and Ott tonight … big deal(s) must be brewing.

    that’s a shame. I was going to watch the game hoping Buffalo fans would give Miller a proper send-off. He said he was looking forward to playing tonight as a sort of goodbye.

  4. Maybe Girardi’s wife can talk some sense into Callahans…I mean good lord! The more I think about the Callahan situation the more ticked I get.
    Callahans demands are stupid.
    How much freakin money can one spend?
    6.75 million?!?
    If he made 5 million every year for 5-6 years you will have more money than you could possibly ever need!
    The problem with America is the American dream, no one is ever satisfied…no one is content!
    Screw Callahan. I hope he ends up with a team that sucks…
    Rant over.

  5. Mckenzie is saying one potential scenario is:

    Miller, Ott to Blues
    Chris Stewart to Senators
    several prospects and Blues 1st rounder (i think it’s from Perron trade) to Buffalo.

  6. The more I think about Cally and his ridiculous (Aristophane) demands, the more I believe,

    1) he wants out of New York and the Ranger organization


    2) there has been tampering by another team

  7. I just think it’s Callahan being the stubborn guy he is and not giving in and believing he will get that on the open market and so the Rangers should match it.

  8. iDoodie Machetto on

    Papa, does your proposal also include a gallon of vodka and a literally carcillo ton of hallucinogens for Poile or Lombardi?

    Because otherwise I don’t think it gets done.

  9. iDoodie Machetto on

    Carp, when Cally is traded, do they announce Staal as captain immediately or wait until after season?

  10. iDoodie Machetto on

    Oh man. I’ve gotta take a leak pretty badly and I’ve still for another 20 mins on the bus. Gonna be an interesting ride.

  11. iDoodie Machetto on

    Papa, I didn’t say I was opposed to it. Maybe we can hide them in Poile’s blind spot.

  12. iDoodie Machetto on

    Whatever the deal is, I just hope Stewart isn’t an option for the Rangers. Really don’t like him as a player.

  13. What the hell is Esposito hollering about? He’s got the same dopey Jim Nabors grin I remember from the mean bars of Rye.

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’d like to literally ask y’all a question……will we win both games this weekend? I say yes

  15. I didn’t see in the reports where Steve Ott was going to St. Louis as part of the deal. It said Ott was was scratched and that Stewart was to OTT as in Ottawa.

    Maybe Ott and pieces for Callahan

  16. iDoodie Machetto on

    If blues get miller without giving up core players, they’re the cup favorites, right?

  17. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 37s

    Don’t know the specifics yet but Miller is going to STL and Halak is going to BUF.

  18. If Callahan’s demands are true…he’s a goner and no question should be put forth about it.

    He’s looking for numbers on par with First Line scoring numbers. Cally, for all he’s done, is not a first liner. And on this team he’s become a third liner.

    God Bless Him, nobody gives their all every shift like he does. After years of watching soft mercenaries disgrace the sweater, Cally is a throwback in the best way possible. There’s really nothing bad to say about him on the ice.

    But those numbers are insane, and if he really is dead set on those numbers than he can kiss the Captaincy of the New York Rangers goodbye and play for another team who, in 3-4 years, will be doing everything they can to get out from under his albatross contract.

    You had it good here, Cally.

    You’re blowing it.

  19. iDoodie Machetto on

    Coos, if typing posts while being on the can makes you a pervert… Hoo boy. I’ve got a lot of apologizing to do.

  20. Ott for Callahan? I don’t know if I’d do that. Ott is a UFA at the end of the year, isn’t he. Same situation, different player.

    I’d rather hang on to Moneyman and work on a fair contract instead of burning that bridge in favor of a guy that will probably walk at the end of the year.

  21. It doesn’t make you a pervert, it just makes sure no one ever wants to borrow your phone or tablet, or whatever device you used to post while on the aforesaid can.

  22. Callahan has every right to try to get as much money as he can. If he feels he can, literally, get 33% more on the open market (and he probably can), he has no obligation to accept $5M a year.

  23. I have a unit in the guest bathroom so guests can check their e-mail, Met scores, and stock portfolio. Also have cases of Lysol under the sink.

  24. iDoodie Machetto on

    You know what’s funny, Orr? You’ve become the boy who cried wolf. I immediately dismissed your Mackenzie posts until I got a text from my brother.

  25. St. Louis Blues ?@StLouisBlues 3m

    BREAKING: The Blues have acquired Miller & Ott from Buffalo for Halak, Stewart, Carrier & two picks. INFO >>> http://bit.ly/1fPaGKk

    and there you have it. So it wont be Callahan for Stewart.

  26. iDoodie Machetto on

    Wow. Major coup for St. Louis. Makes Wednesday a little less interesting, but St. Louis is beast mode right now.

  27. Buffalo is where Cally wants to go. Rangers were interested in Stewart before. makes sense to send Cally to Buffalo for Stewart.

  28. For what it’s worth, Ott’s a UFA after this year, turns 32 in August, making 3.2 mil presently.

  29. Can’t say I know anything about Carrier (QMJHL stats aren’t overly impressive), but Halak is a UFA, and Stewart has one year left.

    Depending on the picks, it doesn’t seem like a huge haul for Buffalo.

  30. Miller is better, but Halak has been very good this year. Ott and Stewart about a wash. No Cup guarantee for the Blues.

  31. only medal winners born in modern-day Russia should be included in the count. That means no medals from Olympians born in modern-day Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan should qualify.

    what do you mean? USSR was ONE country! It’s like saying, do not count medals won by USA athletes from any of the US states! And modern days Russia is just that, Russia…the countries you listed are separate countries now and I didn’t count them when i added medals won by Russia after USSR collapsed.

  32. Ott > Stewart. Miller > Halak. Ott is the perfect guy for the playoffs.Blues did good.

    I dont see how this helps Buffalo rebuild

  33. Danny: “I snagged the huge bucks for 6 years!”

    Wife. “That’s fine for YOU, but who do I go to the opera with?”

  34. Great move for both sides. Baby Buffaloes aren’t done either. Surely Moulson and Stewart are getting shipped off next.

  35. Interesting that they went for the 2015 first round pick. 3rd rounder is conditional in 2016. I don’t see this as a good trade for Buffalo.

    But, they already fleeced the Islanders.

  36. Wonder if LB is going to change his story that Callahan wants to sign with the Rangers because Girardi and his wife signed with them.

  37. “what do you mean? USSR was ONE country! It’s like saying, do not count medals won by USA athletes from any of the US states! And modern days Russia is just that, Russia…the countries you listed are separate countries now and I didn’t count them when i added medals won by Russia after USSR collapsed.”

    A US state would be more aptly compared to a Russian federal subject, of which there are currently 83. Even if you want to defend the notion that the USSR was really one big country and that the fourteen present-day nations which emerged from it should count towards a Soviet medal count, there’s still a complete disconnect. Russia assumed the legal personality of the USSR, but not of those fourteen countries. Would you argue that European Union medals should be totaled together? They too are a political and economic union.

  38. iDoodie Machetto on

    Bull dog, I’m surprised you want Stewart. He’s so streaky. And it’s not like Nash or Callahan or Stepan who add something even when they’re not scoring. When Stewart isn’t scoring, he might as well not be in the lineup.

  39. All this talk about Girardi and Callahan, and they were priorities, but not a peep about Beast Mode and Stralman.

  40. From LB article:

    The gap remains substantial between the parties, with Callahan still asking for seven years at more than $6.5 million per and the Rangers offering five years at $6 million a year, a difference of more than $15 million. The Blueshirts, however, are believed to be willing to add a season at their number in order to close the deal.

  41. Bob McKenzie ? @TSNBobMcKenzie

    I’m told there aren’t likely to be any more BUF moves tonite. I’d say BUF will try to flip Jaro Halak to MIN and Chris Stewart to OTT.

  42. _Even if you want to defend the notion that the USSR was really one big country_

    “notion” LOL! C’mon, man! IT WAS ONE COUNTRY!


  43. At this point, I really don’t want Callahan back. This is literally Chris Drury 2.0

    The fact that he’s our captain and has been a very good Ranger does not change the fact that signing him for 6+ million for 6+ years has the potential to be disastrous as there is legitimate concern of whether Callahan’s 50 point days are over.

  44. “And don’t end your sentences with prepositions. It’s “With whom do I go to the opera. Ignoramus!”

  45. “Daniel, I’ve never seen you like this!”

    “You haven’t been looking.”

    And this is how it all begins….

  46. Doodie,
    I would rather keep Cally, but if they have to move him, Stewart fits there style. plus he would add more size upfront. makes them tougher to play against.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ukraine, Bob Crane, and Ichabod Crane for Barney Miller, Dennis Miller, and Ryan Miller

  48. ““notion” LOL! C’mon, man! IT WAS ONE COUNTRY!


    Right.. but anyway, Russia should either get to claim all of those 14 countries’ medals or none of them.

  49. Russia doesn’t claim them… Russia is Russia…They only claim medlas won by Russian citizens. How hard is it to understand? lol

  50. But it’s not fair to Russia that medals that were part of their total until 1991 suddenly no longer count after 1991!

  51. My barber told me that the Rangers came within a hair’s breadth of cutting DuGuay. His ears must be ringing, figuratively.

  52. Mike Harrington ?@BNHarrington 7m

    Quite a scene as reporters shake hands with Miller and Ott as they leave. Respect factor is huge on both sides. #Sabres

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities selfish and the evil tyranny of men.

  54. Good for Miller escaping from that organization, Rochester and Buffalo have been run into the ground. If Cally really wants to go there , he is crazy, regardless of growing in Rottenchester.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mike Babcock, Barney Frank, and Anthony Weiner for Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Rodman, and Lucille Ball

  56. I would love to get one of Anaheim’s good young players. Etam would be a great return for Callahan.

  57. Hard to take Pro Basketball any more. Constant palming of the apple by the guards, three giant steps to the basket without the dribble. Circus.

  58. What now? Let me tell you what now. I’ma call a couple hard pipe-hittin ……..who’ll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch……

  59. Guys, why would Buffalo trade anything for Callahan when they can sign him July 1?

    LB also said this morning that Girardi talks hit a roadblock. so …

  60. Why would the Rangers NOT trade Callahan right now for Marty St. Louis if the negotiations hit a road block?

    Could this deal still be made at the draft?

  61. Unlikely TB wants to pay #24 big money long term, and only reason they’d have to jettison MSL, who is signed reasonably for another year, is if Marty is absolutely adamant and they can get due recompense.

  62. Coos, if Tampa can only deal with NY, what other options do they have? Doubt they want picks,..

  63. Speaking of General Tso, notice how our Generals are now all wearing Civil War uniforms? Sup wit dat?

  64. John Vogl ?@BuffNewsVogl 2m

    The Sabres get St. Louis 1st-round pick in 2014 if Blues make Western Conference finals or Ryan Miller re-signs. 1st round in 2015 automatic

    Buffalo getting a bunch of picks… the new Edmonton Oilers?

  65. Carp, it’s not just you. He’s still a very good goalie, probably top 5 in the league (maybe top 7) but certainly not invincible and definitely not “the best goalie in the world” as Ott said in the goodbye presser moments ago.

  66. Goalies i would definitely have before Miller in no particular order: Lundqvist, Rask, Quick, Price, Bishop (arguable). Miller for me is right up there with Fleury, Bobrovsky, Hiller, Schneider.

  67. Bishop’s always been a greatly touted goalie prospect which is why both the Senators and Tampa insisted on him. And he’s certainly lived up to the hype.

  68. Gotcha, coos..

    Lev, I watched a in Binghamton as Lehner (the highly touted one) started and Bishop rode the pine, he wasn’t that good in the AHL, and surprised everyone. He is very good I agree , just not top 10 in my opinion.

  69. Callahan will sign for less. He aint going to St. Louis, and after seeing what Buffalo just did, and seeing his best friend sign here, he will sign on the dotted line for 6 years, 36-39 million.

  70. However, if NY comes up with something nice, TB might agree to rent Cally. All depends, methinks, on how angry MSL really is.

  71. Agree Peter, don’t think he wanted to go anywhere. Why not throw high numbers out there , it’s his last contract that he will have somewhat of an upper hand

  72. From this point on, the snow can shovel ME. Don’t even care anymore if they give me 7 million per over 7.

  73. Good for Girardi. Great for Miller- he’ll love STL as long as he doesn’t try what they call ‘pizza’ there.

    Serious question: I see people calling Callahan out for not taking/asking for a ‘home team discount’. Where was all this outcry for Lundqvist to take the same thing? Me thinks there is a double standard.

  74. Gravy- fair enough. Thanks for answering. I just get the feeling that everyone is crucifying Callahan for asking for what he is, when for all we know Lundqvist asked for over 10 million/year as a starting point. Everyone seems to just kiss Lundqvist’s ring and accept that he’s the be-all, end-all when really he’s just as selfish, if not more than it appears Callahan is being.

  75. I agree, Mickey. I think Callahan is asking for too much for too many years, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t much prefer to get it from the team that gives everybody else in the freakin’ world more than $7M per. He has every right to get as much as he can get. and he almost certainly will get more than the Rangers want to spend somewhere else.

  76. Do you blame him Carp? Especially when he sees what Richards got and the little effort that he puts into every game when Callahan is putting it all out there on every shift? I say good for Callahan- frankly if I were him, I’d say the exact same thing for Sather. Call the moron out for his short-sightedness/greed for having the ‘best’ UFA out there and not taking care of his own, homegrown players. God, that makes me so mad.

  77. Carp – Tampa traded for the rights for Malone before he became a UFA. Callahan’s better than he was at the same point of his career, it’s not totally insane.

  78. Carp, I agree with you re Miller. I don’t think he’s as huge an upgrade over Halak as many think. And it’s not because I have Halak on my fantasy team.

    Halak 2.23 .917
    Miller 2.72 .923

    Save percentage is more telling since the Blues are a much better team that gives up less scoring chances.

  79. No, I absolutely don’t … but if he is playing poker with Sather on that seventh year and a few million per, he’s going to lose.

  80. Coos I believe rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents.

    Remember that for when you holler “hey slats lago my eggo! and callys 49 mill!”

  81. … also, if Tampa wants to trade a lot for Callahan it surely can get permission to negotiate with his agent right now.

  82. Yet again proving that Sather is gigantic, ancient idiot who needs to be put out to pasture. I also get the feeling that Sather is holding a grudge against Callahan for some insane reason.

  83. I’m thinking Oshie or Toews win the cup this year :)

    I like the moves the Blues made, Miller finally has a solid team in front of him and for the first time in his career he has a real chance to win the Stanley Cup.

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chris Christie just ate his former chief of staff to keep her from testifying…odd way to beat a subpoena.

  85. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Feb 22 marked the 50th anniversary of the rangers trading then Capt Andy Bathgate to the leafs..

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Imagine Doc, and those crazy eyeballs of his, staring at girardi’s pic above…..Mano a Mano

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jeffery’s mom – “Jeffery care for a hungry hunter meal?”

    Jefferey – “I’d rather the mailman”

  88. Adding Ott just makes them tougher to play against.

    The Blues – Ducks game has 25 hits in the 1’st period alone.

    Good game so far.

  89. Orr – I agree. They are a lot like ’12 Rangers. The weakest link was goal tending in the playoffs. Now with Miller they could be the team to beat in the West!

  90. Torts: “nobody &#($&#%&# cares about the #(%&#(&%$ Blues or who they #(%&(%& trade for. Now get me a &*^(&(*^ glass of milk with some (&*%&%* oreos”

  91. I loved that 11-12 Rangers team so much. And I watched them get destroyed by the Blues in person at Scotttade. That was a rough night.

  92. For most teams that makes zero sense, T Seppa. There might be the odd circumstance. Buffalo doesn’t need to do that, doesn’t want to give up assets for that right.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    Michael Meyers, Jeffrey Dahmer and The Hamburglar for Cannon, Mannix and Barbaby Johnes

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers Ducks
    Rangers Sharks
    Rangers Blues
    Rangers Hawks

    It will be one of those 4.

  95. I think Girardi is the new captain if Callahan is traded. It would be disrespectful to him if anybody else got it, he is on a long term contract and has been with the team lomnger than anybody besides Lundqvist.

    Couple of trades I want to see:

    John Moore + Dominic Moore to Ducks for Vatanen

    Stralman + Boyle to Blues for Polak + Lapierre

    Would also like to get a good young power forward for Stepan. Maybe Boone Jenner.

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – cannon could run 4 minute miles. The guy was in phenomenal shape.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If cally gets traded… rangers resign Avery…he an brassard co-captain: 16 and 16A

  98. In my early childhood I had a pet Pikas named Bunny. She was known to take a nip from time to time.

  99. Robby Bonfire on

    I can agree that Sather is a “hard ball negotiator” with Ranger players, if we can agree that Sather is a soft-touch pushover for the powder puff over-priced, going through the motions free agents he brings in here.

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