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1) First and foremost: My odds on being Rangers after 3 p.m. Wednesday: Martin St. Louis 60-40, Ryan Callahan 25-75, Dan Girardi 80-20, Ryan Kesler 40-60, Zenon Konopka 0-100, Marian Gaborik 10-90. Some other significant player(s) who hasn’t/haven’t been prominently mentioned 65-35. I still think captains Callahan and St. Louis will both be traded/traded for in separate deals. Maybe we should have a chat about this Monday or Tuesday.Chicago Blackhawks v New York Rangers

2) And I thought, again, watching Callahan, that the Rangers are going to dearly miss him the first 3-4 years of his next contract, and they’re going to be glad they don’t have that contract the last 3-4 years. And/Or they’re going to be terribly sorry they traded him if they don’t get something with a lot of value in return.

3) Hate to start a game analysis — especially a victory over the defending Stanley Cup champions — with a negative. But, geez, giving up the 2-1 goal with 11.6 seconds left wasn’t so horrible. Allowing that prime chance with under two seconds left is unforgivable. Should never have happened. There was the double snow angel by Girardi (out near the top of the left circle for God’s sake) and Ryan McDonagh, who failed to block the pass across the front, leaving Patrick Kane all alone at the right post. Cannot happen. I’m sure if I see a replay later I will find that some forward was at fault for not being down there, too. But Girardi cannot leave McDonagh 1 against 2 in front. That would have been a disastrous goal.

4) That said, I thought the Rangers played a solid, very unspectacular game, in front of a dead building, between two teams that were loaded with guys who, for one reason or another, didn’t have their legs. Maybe the Blackhawks had trouble with the more narrow rink since, you know, they sent their whole team to Sochi.Chicago Blackhawks v New York Rangers

5) Funny how it works coming off these Olympic breaks. How the rest seemed to help some guys and cause rust on others, how the Olympics might have exhausted some guys and energized others. “20 Cent” Kane didn’t look so hot all night, even though he had a couple of primo chances. Jonathan Toews, one of the most reliable players in the game, had the cough-up on the Derick Brassard goal.

6) That penalty on Callahan=pansification. Refs must have had a minicamp during the Olympic break because they came back at the same level at which they left. That’s not a compliment.

7) They should have a rule that the whistle blows when they lose sight of the puck. Oh, wait …

8) How does the whistle not blow several times on that play where Calm Talbot has the puck clearly under him and one of the Blackhawks is just shoving him into the net, while another one (I forgot whom, Kruger or K UGER?) keeps banging his stick on the far post like a maniac. But Talbot sure was good in this one, saving the absolute best for last, holding strong on the few Chicago surges, and winning for the 11th time in 16 NHL starts.

9) J.T. Miller made two good plays on the 1-0 goal — he helped force the Toews turnover, then went to the net to tie up a man as Benoit Pouliot made a good pass around Toews to Brassard, who put in his own rebound. So that line, with Miller subbing for Mats Zuccarello, continued to be the Rangers’ No. 1 line. Shouldn’t be. But is. Miller also took a penalty (questionable). Really had some jump. Got involved. Still, I don’t see how he stays when Zuccarello comes back … barring a roster hole because of an injury or a trade. I wonder, in fact, if he comes out and Alain Vigneault goes with Daniel Carcillo and Derek Dorsett against Philly and Boston this weekend.Chicago Blackhawks v New York Rangers

10) Second period, 1-0 lead, Chicago pressing, pinned fourth line for a long shift, Carcillo iced the puck. AV took an enormous gamble by not calling timeout … and survived it.

11) Though to be fair, that fourth line picked up right where it left off with a very efficient game otherwise, very effective with the lead.

12) A little late, but the Daily Nash-O-Meter: Talked to him Wednesday and Thursday. He just seems so happy, more outgoing, energized, and has been, he said, since he was named to Team Canada. And also, IMO, he’s thrived with AV’s decision to use him on the PK. Nash sure had his wheels going (playing on third line again). That was a sniper’s goal. He is going to be so crucial for this team these last 22 games and beyond.

13) What was NHL thinking, having the Hawks play a road game, then a mandatory Soldier Field practice tonight, then their Stadium Series game Saturday? I will add this, despite the loss and this little rough patch of season they’re having, the Blackhawks are the best team in hockey. Pittsburgh might have a little more top-end skill, but Chicago has more throughout the lineup. … plus the non-choke pedigree. Going to be a fun watch Saturday night.

14) Marc Staal=Monster. I thought, for a guy who had back spasms all week, Staal played another sensational game. That’s how many in a row? I lost count. A lot.

15) Welcome back to the hemisphere and Rangers Report, Kenny Albert.

My Three Rangers Stars:Chicago Blackhawks v New York Rangers
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Rick Nash.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Marc Staal.
3. J.T. Miller.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Derick Brassard.

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  1. As always Carp, great review.
    Good to see Miller get on the scoresheet and Staal back to (or better than) his best.

    Lots of games coming up hopefully will distract us from all this trade speculation. You’d have to think there will be no trades Sat/Sun with back to back games?

  2. I wasnt sure what the guy whacking his stick against the post was attempting to do….but he reminded me of the guy in Abbott and Costello trying to shake apples out of an imaginary tree. Nice first game back…Talbot 11-5…didnt see that coming. Carcillo got a rise out of Rosival…didnt think that was possible. If Stepan get just get going…but he made a great pass in the 3rd. I liked the Kline trade when it was made…and more so since then…trouble with signing any extensions now is they lose their “playing for a contract” mojo.

  3. I’d like to talk briefly about the Cally situation. Forget the business end of everything, does Sather and Cally’s agent not see the emotional factor for the fans BUT more importantly the team? You aren’t dumping a third line winger, this the captain, the heart of the team. Forget that his goal numbers are down this year, his play and presence shine as it has every year. This team cannot perform as it has if Cally is traded.

    I truly believe that both Sather and Cally’s agent are playing a game of chicken right now and eventually someone will budge and a compromise will be made. Sather has made worse deals with big name nobodies without batting an eye. He can take a chance with a long term contact on a player that actually means something to this organization.

  4. In the spirit of the season, this was a true Miracle on Ice. How do we ever win games with neverending mental breakdowns?

    I will miss Cally but I will say we can afford a few more offensive minded players if our D plays a smart, risk-calculated stay-at-home game. And Holy Jeebus, men, stop leaving your friggin feet

  5. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Great review, Carpy!!!

    Don’t think for a sec, Callahan or not, that our team can beat Chicago in the PO’s. We caught them on an off night. I suggest the last period was about their half strength in the PO’s.

    Our team, however, if you think back to the first 20 games, is playing some really nice hockey. Kudos to the players, coaches, everyone but the GM.

  6. Hawks were missing nine in Sochi, but the Rangers lost seven. Good result. They’ll need to start strongly next game though after that beyond-sloppy finish last night.

  7. Kruger was whacking his stick against the post to fool Talbot to move and uncover puck..question was why the referee took so long to blow the whistle

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Miller was great last night given the circumstances, that line in general was their best. With Pullout and Miller taking the body and Brass making the smart play through out the game.

    The Step line is an enigma. They haven’t seemed in sync all season. Realize Step is having a slow year, but Kreider and Nash should be generating more offense in the zone. Very few shifts with puck possession in zone.

    Thought Kline had a quietly effective and Dan G had some monster hits along wall. Norris Stralman was out of position on Chi goal and Nash was back to cover man but let up to allow Stralman in, who didn’t get there in time.

  9. 3. Brassard was spinning around lost after the last faceoff, but the announcers called out that nobody was covering Kane. It probably should have been a defenseman, granted he was on the outside red line at the faceoff.

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp. After the first period I was thinking that if NY played with similar level of confidence from day 1, we wouldn’t be worrying about making the PO at this juncture. I get it that it wasn’t the best Chicago can play, but the Rangers can surely match their speed if they play with confidence. And then some.
    The last 11 sec should teach them to stay mentally sharp, doesn’t matter the score.
    Last night showed how important it is to have three defensemen who can play 1st pair shutdown minutes, very few teams have that. Keep Girardi.

    I thought Stepan had a very tough first two periods, he was better in the third. They need him to get his game back.

    I really, really like what I’m starting to notice in Kreider’s play. He has a good hockey sense, and plays well without the puck. On Nash’s goal, right after Hjalmarsson separated Nash from the puck, and just before Nash picks it up again, Kreider goes off his wing, right between Hjalmarsson and another Chicago player and prevents Hjalmarsson from defending Nash again without touching anyone. Hjalmarsson has to go around him, trips over his teammate. 2-0 Rangers.

  11. 1. Why is everyone convinced Callahan wants to give up being the beloved captain of the NY Rangers so he and his wife can move back to upstate NY? For all we know they have no desire to do that.

    2. Since it appears that nobody is willing to trade for Cally and offer an extension in the ballpark of what he is asking, why is everyone so convinced Buffalo would do the same?

    3. If Marty St. Louis wants out of Tampa, and only will come here, why would Tampa not only settle for but even want Callahan in exchange when he will only be a rental? If I were them Id be asking for Hagelin, Miller, Zuccarello, Kreider, and picks. would not be asking for Callahan.

    Rangers will sign Callahan and Girardi. may or may not trade for MSL. Either trade for Kesler and buyout Richards or buyout Richards and sign Stastny.

  12. The Rangers almost had a USA Women’s style breakdown. Coughing up that 2 goal lead. My God. Did any of you guys think that Kane *wasn’t* going to bang that home with 3 second left?

    I was scared when Quenneville pulled Crawford with over 2 minutes to go. It made me realize he was serious about winning. Then the goal. Then my heart sank. Then more scrambling and Kane *all* alone.

    In Talbot we Trust!

  13. *Peter*

    1. Because Callahan is asking for completely unreasonable terms. Terms that a player only gets as a UFA.

    2. Because Buffalo publicly said they would meet those terms.

    3. I think Tampa is in serious trouble this season and they want young players. But I agree with you here.

  14. I knew that there would be a million excuses why we beat Chicago last night. Rust, their Olympians were tired, and so on. But so were ours, and we played our backup goalie because of it. Sorry, this was a great win against one of the top teams in the West, who were healthy. And don’t forget we beat them in Chicago too. I have no illusions that this team is a favorite for the cup, but the ingredients are there, even more so than two years ago. They play with a LOT of speed, they have a bit of an edge, and they have the defense, that was well taught by Torts and with a more offensive mindset.

    I think it’s a bigger test this weekend with Philly and Boston. If we win one of the two and play the other game close, I think we’ll be fine. I was happy to see the PK was very strong last night, as I thought it was the one part of the game that has struggled while the team has played well.

    Carp, if MSL won’t be traded for Cally but still coming here, who do we give up to get him?

  15. Callahan will be a Ranger beyond the deadline. That is according to high-level sources within the Rangers organization.

  16. Two plays stood out for me last night (other than Talbot’s strong performance throughout), one on each goal. First, Brassard went old-school, shooting like Brett Hull off the proper foot so that the follow-through took him to his rebound. These days, it’s more the fashion to snap shots off the shooting-side foot, which tends to send players sideways, away from the net. Second, the pass from Stepan to Nash leading to the second goal was a good reminder of his value — nobody but he or Richards has the quickness of mind to make that pass. He’ll need to make a few more of those to salvage his season.

  17. If MSL demands a trade, does that mean TB HAS to trade him? Or could TB say, screw you? And if he demands a trade, does that effect his NMC? And if he demands a trade, and only would agree to the NYR and they have to trade him, why should the Rangers give up anything more than a low end draft pick or some ECHL minor leaguer? So I’m thinking that if I’m TB, I’m saying screw you, unless I can rape the team I’m trading with.

  18. Stranger Nation on

    Hags and a pick/propsect for MStL – don’t want to get rid of him , but need some value going the other way

    Hold on to Cally and see where market is this summer, sign Girardi now

    PO Lines:
    THE – Step – Good
    Pullout – Mr Ed – MStL
    Zucc – Bros – Cally

  19. Just watched Gaborik’s garbage goal from last night (made it 3-2 at the time). Insane hand-eye. Should be an interesting finish this year from him.

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    My brother’s girlfriend’s father has been in a poker game with Cally’s accountant’s barber for decades, and he says Cally is as good as gone. I have it on authority they are packing up their apartment as we speak.

  21. Peter, I think you may be exaggerating it a bit when you say “everyone”. We all realize this is just a little more than simple speculation and rumors.

  22. Major Soccer League will be in a Rangers uniform before you know it.

    He wants to be here, and he will.

    Hagelin goes the other way.

  23. Manny – Pretty sure Buffalo did not say anything publicly about meeting Callhan’s terms, in every major sport that is considered tampering. The only wrinkle is the permission Sather gave Callahan’s agent to talk to other teams but I have yet to see a direct quote from him on what teams offered.

  24. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    If we don’t resign him, maybe Cally will get s good offer from Kruger Industrial Smoothing.

  25. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s not a high level source in the Rangers’ organization, but this source has *never* let me down before.

  26. I am putting the information known to me out there to settle the nerves of the fans. Laugh if you must.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Forget the last 12 seconds.

    Rangers 2
    Hawk 0

    GWG Brassard

    *I see and hear dead people*

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    I was so excited during the end of the game because it was *proof* that E3 is literally psychic, but then the last 11 seconds happened and it proved he is just a *fraud*

  29. Cally was seen in fed ex today shipping boxes back to Rochester.

    Now we’re getting info from barbers.

  30. _My brother’s girlfriend’s father has been in a poker game with Cally’s accountant’s barber_

    That’s almost gospel Rob!

    Is St. Looooie moved in yet :)

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rob – sometimes the nether world sends me messages that get disrupted along the way. Like error rates in signal processing. It seems last night my Schmidt filter needed an adjustment.

    I am sigh kick. That you must believe. Hang on….I’m getting strong vibes from a certain car seat.

  32. Nice win.

    A big part of me didn’t think that it was going to happen. The Blackhawks are very deep, and we are not.

    Zucc out, Miller & Talbot in, and we still win!!!

  33. if we’re really moving hags for MSL, let’s pull out all the stops!!

    cally, calm talbot and stepan to pitt for malkin!

    THE – malkenstein – nash


  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    *rangers literally win both games this weekend – more to follow re: scores and GWGs*

  35. I just got off the phone with Callahan’s grandmother, who said Ryan’s been cashing her birthday checks from Chemical Bank.

  36. My favorite sources are, in no particular order, marinara, vodka, béchamel, alfredo, and hollandaise.

  37. My sources tell me E3 will be on the can in about 20 minutes. This comes from a high level individual.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Preparing the can for arrival. T minus 10 minutes till lift off. All systems go. Final checkdown.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stronger expresso than expected. Looks like can entry is closing in on 1 minute. Repeat, one minute till position is assumed. Preparethe launch cavity.

  40. Frozen pipes, a stomach bug and a physiology exam at 3pm. This is going to be a really long day. Nice to see the boys back in action though

  41. Nice review Carp. I thought that THE cutting in front of Gnash and the BH player, as Gnash wheeled towards the goal with the puck, created some space for him get a good shot off. Subtle move, but effective.

  42. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *James!*

  43. From Larry Brooks:

    “The Post has learned the difference between the parties is minimal (at most), with the Blueshirts finally having closed in on Girardi’s original asking price of six years at approximately $5.5 million per that would be a slam-dunk get on the free-agent market.

    But Girardi, who is believed to have first proposed this deal in November, has not indicated he’s willing now to sign at those terms. Perhaps the defenseman has changed his mind, or increased his price with the proximity to free agency.

    Or perhaps Girardi and Callahan, who were first teammates in 2002-03 for the OHL Guelph Storm and whose wives are close, have decided to hit the open market together and sign with the same team in July if they can’t both get their asking prices to remain in New York.”

    If Girardi indeed raised his asking price because of advisement from Callahan, then I think this makes Callahan the worst Captain in Rangers history.

    If Girardi thinks he is so great then trade him.

    Rangers really need to think hard who to give captaincy to before giving it out.

    But really Girardi and Callahan are overrated by most Rangers fans and are flawed players and trading them for a good return is not a bad idea, the only problem is that the return is not going to be great because to all GMs it is apparent that they are strictly rentals and they would have minimal chance of re-signing them after a playoff run, because both will likely sign with Buffalo.

  44. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Todays’ *Metal* selection comes to us from Brooklyn, NY trio, *Artificial Brain* and their debut LP, _Labrynth Constellation_. Somewhat of a local super band, *Artificial Brain* combines members of Castevet, Psalm Zero, Biolich and Revocation into a pure *Death Metal* outfit.

    Some reviewers have called this album “Weird” and “dissonant” but I think it’s a beautiful, sludgy and post-apocalyptic blend of classic death metal with modern ability.

    The album can be streamed for FREE at BandCamp!

  45. Sather Must Go! on

    Nice review. Im not usually a complainer about the refs, esp on calls against smaller, fast guys; but there were three plays (i that i noticed) that were clearly penalties on Haglin..

    Never a huge staal guy, but he is playing his best hockey as a Ranger over the last month or so.

    MSG seemed extra quiet last nite, was it?

  46. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Christian Erhoff is now available. As is everyone wearing a Sabres Jersey (including the fans).

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, maybe you should hold the chat on Thursday. The airing of grievances will be tremendous.

  48. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    What’s the difference between a Live Chat a/k/a Charp and what usually occurs around here?

  49. The pulling the goaltender rule is so atrocious, the Black Hawks almost tied the game, after the gratis ruining of Talbots shut out per the gift, rules accomodating “extra attacker” power play when no infraction has been committed. When do people get tired of skewed stats and game outcomes, besides never, it seems?

  50. Rob in Beantown on

    Extra attacker hockey with the goaltender pulled is *literally* the most exciting thing in sports

  51. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    I have no problem with the pulling the goaltender rule. If a team is able to defend well they get the bonus of being able to score on an empty net. It’s a balanced gamble.

  52. Re: “Rangers really need to think hard before giving the captaincy out.” That could start with an organizational policy NEVER to give the “C” to a player who is not a product of our own farm system.

    After the Drury candy-ass, “no show effort,” steal Dolan’s money fleecing, why should it even be a question”

  53. Your take is valid, guys. I will just say I prefer genuine results to phony, highly-discriminating, unfair “excitement-oriented” results which are a chip off the TV wrestling crowd mentality I think hockey can do better at.

    It’s cheap, carnival circus tinsel, this putting gimmicks into sports rules which tamper with the outcomes of far too many games. How else can I say it? You want the Rangers to lose the Stanley Cup finals because they allowed a gratis power play “extra attacker” goal, as the catalyst to defeat? I sure as hell don’t.

    Miami lost the college hockey WS to Boston College a couple years ago, that way. OMG, what a gruesome way to lose, when you deserved to win – losing to the rulebook when you were better than the other team!

  54. Sioux – Who’s the “winner”, besides the fans, if we keep Cally AND land MSL? Still feeling good it happens and dont know any barbers.

  55. Also – to those that called last night a fluke… it was also a season sweep so… behind the backup who looks like a starter.

    When you save the game with two saves in the final two seconds, I count that as a legit win.

  56. Rob in Beantown on

    In college I went to an NCAA division III game where the coach pulled the goaltender with 15 minutes left in the 3rd period when the team was losing 4-0. He said after the game that the goalie was playing really well but the team in front of him were “playing like they didn’t deserve a goalie,” so he pulled him and made them play with an empty net. I loved that coach. He’s an assistant at UMass-Lowell now, under *the* Norm Bazin, who aside from also being awesome has an eye for awesome assistant coaches.

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    _Miami lost the college hockey WS to Boston College a couple years ago, that way_

    Boston *University*

  58. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Well your point works both ways, Robby. Dubinsky had very padded stats because of a ton of ENGs.

  59. It’s still 6 on 6, I’m not sure I understand the problem. You strategically deploy how to use those 6 players. In football, you can play everyone in the box on D, nickel, dime, etc. In baseball, you can play a shift.

  60. Rob in Beantown on

    If the Rangers lose the Stanley Cup due to a late extra attacker goal it will still be their own faults, because they could have won the game by putting the puck in the empty net. That’s the beauty of the extra attacker.

  61. I had a goalie one year who was so damn good that I put a floater on the far blue line, under strict rules to stay there, and dared the other team to run a PP in our zone. I keep waiting for someone to try that at the pro level, though I bet it’s been done plenty of times and I simply haven’t seen it.

  62. Great Re-Carp – Always look forward to reading them. Who is the other player that may be involved in a trade. ???

  63. i wonder what the ratio of extra attacker goals scored to empty net goals scored is for the history of the league and by decade. i’d think a team is more likely to give up an empty netter than score with the extra attacker.

  64. I’d suspect the percentage is similar to an average PP% (15-18%?)for the team with the extra attacker.

    I’d suspect the Rangers ENG% the last 3 years is about 2%.

  65. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    I saw a study about that a few years ago, Lurker. I think the result of the statistics was that a coach should *always* pull his goaltender when on the PP.

    As fans we know that’s the worst idea ever because of the defensive team being allowed to ice the puck. But that’s what it said.

    I will go look for it.

  66. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Here is some guy on Yahoo! who answered a question about it really, really in depth:

    _I tracked this last season in a spreadsheet by looking at every box score on games decided by 3 or fewer goals. I kept track of the empty net time since it can vary quite a bit depending on the deficit and the coach’s philosophy. The stats aren’t perfect since the empty net time includes delayed penalty time as well. Still it should be pretty close._

    _Looking at regular season and playoffs combined for 08-09 here’s what I hav3_

    Total minutes goalie was pulled: 841
    Total games where goalie pulled: 747
    Total empty net goals: 246
    Total extra attacker goals: 79
    Minutes/ENG: 3.4
    Minutes/EAG: 10.6

    _Roughly every 3 games a goalie is pulled an ENG is scored. The average time a goalie is out when he is pulled is a little over a minute. The trailing team scored at about one third the rate as they were scored on._

    _Basically it says about 10% of the time the team that pulled the goalie scores…and about 1/3 of the time the empty net is scored on_

  67. Norm, I used to talk to coaches about that. they mostly thought I was nuts. I agree with you, though.

    Good crack of noon, Sally!

  68. CARP:

    What has a better chance of happening …
    – Sean Avery gets picked up for the stretch run
    – Rangers trade Lundqvist


  69. Stranger Nation on

    For all the talk about AV’s up tempo offensive focus, the D is playing very well
    In fact, think the team has underperformed offensively, especially the top six (The,Step,Nash, Hags, Mr Ed, Cally) at even strength.
    PP is saving our bacon.
    That and Calm Talbot and the can-can

  70. Mama taught me the abbreviation yesterday. I had no idea what it was.

    Stranger, I think this is going to be a trade deadline for the ages. Even if they win the next two.

  71. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    This one is *really* telling:

    @SNHockeyCentral Brian Lawton (@brianlawton9): Martin St. Louis asked for trade to New York Rangers in 2009, during Lawton’s time as GM too

  72. The Tampa Bay fans / writers are morons.

    MSL has been nothing but great to that organization. If he wants to get traded, they should honor it.

  73. Even so, Miami, he’s being a baby. Asking for a trade because his GM passed him over. And he still got to play for Canada and win a gold medal.

    I still love the guy as a player, but I have to admit, I lost just a little bit of respect for the guy if that’s truly the reason.

  74. I don’t think he should take less money.

    I also don’t think he’ll be happiest taking the most money.

    But he has that right.

  75. Gravy – not all hockey players have the same priorities. Some play for the love of the game and to be the Captain and the Leader of an original 6 team.

    …..some just play for the money :(

  76. I guess my point, which completely not clear, was that NYR fans are complaining that Callahan is doing what’s best for him/his family (asking for the most money possible), and MSL is doing the same thing.

  77. I always figure:

    What’s the difference between $40M and $50M.

    It’s so much money, does it really, truly matter?

    At that point, it’s better to go with where you’ll be happiest than most money.

  78. Everyone has different priorities. If you ask me if I’d rather stay with a familiar company that I’m happy with for 20% less, I might. If you say that you’re going to pay me 20% to be virtually near my hometown, I’d really consider it.

    Also, $10M buys a lot of plane tickets.

  79. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    I can’t believe no trades are being made. That means that Monday – Wed. Morning will be insanity.

  80. Apparently MSL has wanted to be a Ranger since 2009.


    Being left of Team Canada TWICE is probably just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I understand why Tampa fans are angry, we would be too, but it doesnt appear that being left off the team is the only reason. Just the latest one.

  81. Manny, in all seriousness, we need some sort of trade to at least know which direction things are going in.

  82. I don’t hold anything against Cally, for taking more money and playing close to home. IF he wants to play in Buffalo.

    Never know they could go from worst to first in 3 years, if they pick up the right players in the draft.

    It’s big business. It’s not a kids game anymore, when you’re talking 30-45 Million Dollars.

  83. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    If only we could get *Wellman* back!

    Exactly, Gravy. So much speculation. Nothing happening.

  84. I was hoping the Blues made the deal with the Rangers.

    I was all for Cally playing with Oshie and making a serious run at the cup. I wish him well where ever he goes.

    Still till this day, if I had one player to have MY kid play like, it would be Callahan.

  85. I’d still like your kid, Sioux, even if he didn’t take a market discount to stay with my most favorite team.

  86. A bit off-topic here but whatever…

    Something that i wanted to post for my bush-league friend *Miami Pimp* some time ago but didn’t get a chance to.

    He brought up an argument about who has more Olympic medals, USSR/Russia or USA? Looking at the total amount of the Olympic medals, obviously, USA is number one with 2681 overall Olympic medals (not including recent count) and USSR / Russia second overall with 1868 total medals. Now, what i forgot to mention last time is that 1952 Summer games were USSR’s first Olympic appearance. And 1956 first Winter games.

    USA has been participating at the Olympics since 1896 Summer games and 1924 Winter Games. So… Before USSR / Russia even appeared on the Olympic stage USA has already won 955 Olympic medals by that time.

    Now, after _simple_ math, *fair* medal count (not including recent Olympics…and even if i included them, USA would still be behind USSR / Russia in medal count) right now is:

    USA – Total Olympic medals since 1952 is *1726* (First USSR / Russia Olympic appearance)

    USSR / Russia Total Olympic medals since 1952 is *1868*

    That is all i wanted to say about that…Thanks.

  87. #Avery: Desperately seeking Unused pair of original Air Jordans, size 10. Willing to part with signed napkin from Warrren 77.

  88. Time to face the fact that ALL players, even those still with their original organization, are mercenaries, in these high-stakes economic times. “Loyalty” is dead, “Got a family to support” is the, in effect, “Screw you, what have you done for me lately” mantra, now.

  89. If the owners are going to cap salaries, can you blame players for wanting to make the most they can in their productive years?

  90. “Now, after simple math, fair medal count (not including recent Olympics…and even if i included them, USA would still be behind USSR / Russia in medal count) right now is:”

    What’s unfair? Why should USA be punished for Russia/USSR failing to provide athletes?

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    These are the same owners that locked out the players and put an artifical cap on how much they can earn. How’s that for loyalty?

  92. Thanks, Manny for the input, above. Years ago I saw it as one time in seven (14%) the extra attacker strategy works. Of course, in my idealistic world, no team should ever be penalized just for leading on the scoreboard, late in a close game, with the possibility that with it, the outcome of the game can be skewed.

    I think it would be just as “exciting” if the teams stayed 5 skaters on 5, and the trailing team put four forwards and one D, out there, with a goalie behind them in net. That would not be just as exciting? Well, the result would not be skewed, for starters, and that counts for everything in my fragile little world.

  93. Falk sitting around eating roast beef sandwiches for over a month seems to make a lot of sense. Not.

  94. If your sather u wait till Sunday night after bruin game move cally. Gives them plenty of time before Wednesday night game get the new player in line up. It sucks rangers are playing deadline night. Remember last year clowe brassard flying in just getting to game in time. They did win though 6-1 vs Pitt.

  95. Apparently Falk used Johnson and his wife is expecting shortly. So, he wanted to be close to home.

  96. Stranger Nation on

    _Remember last year clowe brassard flying in just getting to game in time. They did win though 6-1 vs Pitt_

    that was before Torts and Sully provided solid coaching on being defensively responsible…

  97. With BRich on the roster, MSL demanding trade only to Rangers and potential off season signing of Vince LeCav by mad Slats, is it plausible, that Torts will ask to be traded back to Rangers to re-unite with his former best trio on their 10 years Anniversary of a Random Great Victory, in desperate attempt to repeat this run with the old solders?

  98. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Latona: What CCCP is saying is that, if you manipulate the statistics to support his argument then he wins.

  99. “I didn’t say USA should be punished. I said, do a little research before you start an argument.”

    Interestingly enough, the word “research” was not found in your post.

  100. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    I like the opinion that, if Russia didn’t participate, then it didn’t happen.

  101. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Yea, sorry. I meant Russia/USSR. Does USSR include medals one by countries formerly in the USSR?

  102. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If we don’t end up with at least one of ruutu, Stewart, or McGinn I’ll be pretty bummed.

    We need size and grit

  103. Yeah,good point. To be totally “fair”, while of course excluding 955 medals, only medal winners born in modern-day Russia should be included in the count. That means no medals from Olympians born in modern-day Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan should qualify.

  104. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    Right. I mean, what if America claimed all the medals for Olympic Participants that could not make the Olympic team in USA, their country of residence, so they change their residence to their country of heritage and then race for that country.

  105. Maybe also exclude events in which only one of USA or Russia/USSR competed? That would be consistent with eliminating entire Olympics in which Russia/USSR did not compete.

  106. Stranger, that’s near the top of my list of favorite fan/myths regarding Torts.

    Behind “Torts hates Kreider” by a lot though.

  107. John Shannon ?@JSportsnet 3m

    Hearing that NYR and Dan Girardi are very close to that new deal…perhaps announced later today.

    thank you baby Moses

  108. its like Christmas…

    you knew it was coming…….

    its good to have McD and Girardi locked up for years… for cheap

  109. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hagar and NATW for St. Louis

    Cally and Falk for Stewart and polak

    Stephanie for Kesler

    5th rounder for engelland

    Let’s go!!!

  110. Rob in Beantown on

    With Girardi locked up long term is he the leading contender to become captain when Callahan -abandons us- leaves?

  111. Manny-O-War, KING of Metal on

    This is a great deal in and out. Had to be done. Fantastic. Love Girardi. Love Landon Girardi as a future Ranger.

  112. Very fair deal. Agree with eric…modified NTC in the back end of the contract is team friendly. 6 years, $5.5M is very fair.

  113. 5.5 mil for 6 years is a fair deal for both sides. I mean obviously Girardi will have regressed a bit in 6 years time, but I don’t mind since he’s one of our own and has been a good soldier here.

    If Dustin Brown is any indication then the Rangers might be avoiding potential disaster with Callahan as Brown is having a very poor year in year 1 of 8 of his new deal (5.85 mil cap hit)

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