Guest blogger: afrey94 … Rangers report card

Rangers Report Card
By afrey94
With the Olympics behind us and only about 25 percent of the season left before the start of the NHL playoffs, this seems as good a time as any to look back on the season so far.  Instead of simply gauging grades based on statistics accumulated thus far, I thought it would be more accurate to assess players based on their performance thus far this season, their performance in past seasons (which gave us a pre-season baseline on what to expect) and their cap hit for the year.  As always, your thoughts, comments, criticisms and personal attacks are welcome.
Rick Nash ($7.8 million): B.  The lone offensive superstar on the team has failed to live up to expectations, but an early season head injury gave way to an extremely slow start.  For the past month or so Nash has been one of the most explosive Rangers.  Even with that moribund start, Nash has only three fewer goals in the first 42 games of this year than he did through 44 games last season.  I’ll give our man Rick the benefit of the doubt on this one and say he parlays winning a gold medal to a strong finish for the Rangers and, hopefully, a much stronger playoff performance than last year.
Chris Kreider ($800,000): A-.  After last season’s disappointing performance (discounting the biggest goal of our playoffs), Kreider has rebounded to become a force on the ice.  He still struggles with consistency, but has developed a physical game to go along with the world class speed he has always displayed.  I’d like to see coach Alain Vigneault use him more in overtime but giving the kid first line minutes has so far worked out very well.
Derek Stepan ($3.075 million): C-.  A strong finish to last season and an early season holdout led to high hopes for the Blueshirts’ fourth year center.  So far, he has not brought the spark that he often gave the team last year en route to leading them in scoring.  Blame the lack of training camp, blame the new system, blame whatever you want — it has been unfortunately apparent, even to Stepan fans like me, that something has not been right with the kid this year.  Some hoped that a surprise selection to team USA would ignite a fire under him as it did to Nash.  With America’s spectacular flameout in the medal rounds and Stepan’s status as their top benchwarmer, this seems unlikely.  Hopefully he will pull it together in time for the playoffs.
Ryan Callahan ($4.275 million): C+.  Like Stepan, Callahan has struggled to continue his momentum this year and has likely been distracted by the trade rumors that will continue to surround him until the trade deadline (and the free agency questions that will inevitably follow should he remain a Rangers past the deadline).  As much as I love Callahan, you can’t lose a top asset for nothing and if there is no substantial progress on the trade front in the next week I think he’s the first captain in a long time to get shipped out of New York.  However, offensive disappointment and possible physical breakdown aside, he brings enough intangibles to the table when he does play to merit at least a C+ grade.
Brad Richards ($6.67 million): B+.  Richards was one of the hardest players to grade because, based on his cap hit and career body of work, one would expect far greater production from him.  However, based on the frankly embarrassing season he had last year, many fans (myself included) felt he needed to be bought out and did not have much left.  While the first point likely remains true due to simple economics, Richards has rebounded to be one of the Rangers’ top players so far this season.  He’s been more decisive with the puck and, along with Ryan McDonagh, anchors a revitalized power play unit.  I still believe his contract necessitates buying him out at season’s end, but for the rest of the season he’s one of their most important players.
Carl Hagelin ($2.25 million): B.  At this point in his career it appears Hagelin is who he is — a solid, speedy borderline 2nd/3rd line winger who can chase down pucks, make some big plays but lacks the finishing ability to take it to the next level.  However, he is extremely effective at what he does and, it should be noted, that every time he goes down with injury the Rangers seem to struggle.  A good value at $2.25 million.
Benoit Pouliot ($1.3 million): A.  Pouliot was a top 5 draft pick in 2005 (the Sidney Crosby year) and thoughout his career has shown flashes of the top-end talent he possesses.  It’s been too few and far between to lead to any serious success but thus far he has fit in perfectly with two other highly-skilled players in Brassard and Zuccarello.  We always knew he had the skill; it’s been his size and physical play that have been a revelation as his work in front of the net on the top power play unit has been a major reason for their success.  A great bargain at $1.3 million.
Derick Brassard ($3.2 million): C+. After last year’s breakout performance in the first round of the playoffs many expected Brassard to finally reach the potential that made him the #6 overall pick in 2006.  So far, despite being a part of the Rangers’ most productive unit this season, he has largely been a disappointment.  While Zuccarello and Pouliot have exceeded most every expectation set forth for them, Brassard has struggled to take that next step.  He is still capable of making some incredible plays, but doesn’t do it consistently enough and (it should be noted) he makes more than his two more productive linemates combined.  Sorry, Brass, but in a salary cap world you’re judged by the bang you bring for the buck, and we need more.
Mats Zuccarello ($1.15 million): A+.  Everyone’s favorite Norwegian hobbit has followed up a strong end to last year with a truly shocking performance this season.  Not even the biggest Zuccarello fans in New York, myself being among them, expected him to be leading the team in scoring 75 percent of the way through the season.  His Olympic injury has caused concern around Rangerland, but that concern alone is a testament to what he’s brought to the team this season.  Zucc should only miss a couple weeks of action and be ready for the home stretch and playoff run where he will be one of the team’s most important performers.  He is their most skilled forward on the power play, in the shootout, one of their top passers, first to enter any scrum and by all accounts is very well-liked in the locker room.  One of the top bargains in the entire NHL and surely in line for a big raise this offseason.
Brian Boyle ($1.7 million): B-.  Since a strong start to the 2010 campaign and the 2012 playoffs, Boyle has largely been a huge disappointment in the offensive end, often displaying the hands of stone that strike fear into no goalie’s heart.  However, the fact remains that he is easily one of the team’s top defensive forwards and a great penalty killer.  When his contract expires at the end of the year he will be worth keeping for a similar price but not too much more.
Dominic Moore ($1 million): A-.  After taking a year off to be with his dying wife, Moore was signed for a relatively meager contract and so far has exceeded expectations.  He is one of the top defensive forwards on the team, the leader in faceoff percentage and has displayed a surprisingly deft scoring touch.  Great signing by the much maligned Glen Sather.
Derek Dorsett (1.67 million): C-.  Dorsett has been decent and tries to spark the team when he’s out there but has not been an adequate replacement for Brandon Prust and, since his injury, has arguably been outplayed by Daniel Carcillo.  Somewhat disappointing to me, especially since the Rangers will need some toughness to make noise in the playoffs.  Also takes a lot of foolish penalties.
Daniel Carcillo ($825,000): B+.  Since being acquired for a 7th rounder in January, Carcillo has provided the spark the Rangers needed with Dorsett out of the lineup and has in my opinion been even better.  Should stay in the lineup once Zucc is back.
Ryan McDonagh ($4.7 million): A+.
  Simply put, the guy’s a horse.  Eats minutes like they were nothing and shuts down the other teams’ top players with a blend of all-world skating and defensive awareness.  Started out as a darkhorse a year or two ago to make Team USA, moved to a lock to make the team, and ended up playing on their shutdown pair with Ryan Suter.  In addition to defensive mastery, McDonagh was also promoted to the quarterback of the Rangers’ power play and thus far has rewarded the coaching staff’s faith as the PP has been the best its been in many years.  The most untouchable player on the team and the backbone of the New York blueline for many years to come.
Dan Girardi ($3.325 million): B.  Mac’s defensive partner started slowly, as many on the team did, but has slowly been regaining his form.  He’s very defensively sound and one of the gutsiest players in the entire league.  Playing just about at the level I expected and hopefully can be resigned for a reasonable rate (figure $5 million range).
Marc Staal ($3.975 million): B+.  Staal, once the crown jewel of the Ranger’s defensive prospect stable, has seen his career hampered by a series of unfortunate injuries; first a concussion sustained on a hit by, of all people, his older brother Eric and then a gruesome eye injury against the Flyers last year.  After all the offseason reports no one was quite sure what to expect from Staal but he has pretty much returned to form and in many respects has looked better than ever.  In fact, many nights he has been the Rangers’ top defenseman, something we weren’t sure would be possible during last year’s playoffs when we were hearing his vision may never be the same.  Hopefully will continue to develop without all of the hiccups his career has encountered and continue to be a top flight shutdown defenseman with physicality and some offensive upside.
Anton Stralman ($1.7 million): A-. GM Glen Sather rightfully catches a lot of heat for a series of very questionable signings, but Stralman may be among the best.  Picked up off the New Jersey Devils’ scrap heap, he’s made those dirtbags down in Jersey regret giving up on him.  Since arriving in New York he has been a steady presence on the 2nd/3rd defense pair with the ability to rush the puck.
Kevin Klein ($2.9 million): Inc.  Kevin Klein gets an incomplete as I simply have not seen enough of his body of work to accurately grade his performance relative to expectations and cap hit.  There is no doubt he is far more reliable than Del Zotto, but also is not nearly as offensively gifted.  He’s been a pretty steady presence on the blue line but also has made his fair share of errors.  Will reserve judgment until I can see more of him.
John Moore ($840,000): B.  Moore hasn’t been spectacular but also has looked relatively steady on the back end.  Still extremely young and with tons of natural talent, Moore is a big potential breakout candidate for next year as he continues to learn the ropes of playing defense in the NHL.  A tough one to grade, but he has performed about as well as I have expected, his skating out of his own zone is breathtaking, and he has a very meager cap hit.

Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875 million): B.
  Had an extremely painful start to his season but has been back to his stellar self in 2014 and a major reason for the Rangers’ resurgence in the standings.  There’s not much more to say about Hank than has been said the past few years — simply put, the Rangers will go the way that he goes and he will have to be excellent for the Rangers to advance in the playoffs.  His performance throughout the Olympics for Team Sweden is certainly a good sign.  Lundqvist is now locked up long term and has accomplished basically everything a goalie can except the big one, the Stanley Cup.  He certainly has the talent to do so; will he be consistent enough in the playoffs and get the goal support to finally break through?
Cam Talbot ($562,500): A+.  Talbot, along with Zuccarello, has been the biggest surprise on the team this season.  He was good enough to force Martin Biron out of the backup spot and into the broadcast booth and his numbers, though over a relatively small sample size, nonetheless are among the tops in the NHL.  It would still be a terrible tragedy if Lundqvist went down, but Talbot at least gives fans and coaches the peace of mind to give Hank some much needed rest, especially in an Olympic year, to have him fresh and ready to go for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Alain Vigneault: A-.  AV was criticized early on as the team struggled out of the gate and was blown out by some of its early season west coast opponents.  He preached patience, stuck with his system (albeit with a few tweaks here and there) and has been rewarded.  The Rangers have played the up-tempo puck possession style Vigneault favors to great success in the last couple of months.  The power play has been a revelation and the players seem to be responding, jumping into the play to keep cycles going, creating odd-man chances and generally hemming teams in their own end to a greater degree than I ever remember a Ranger team doing.  While it is sometimes hard to rate the precise impact of a coach, their improved offensive system and power play are beyond dispute which has come at the same time as Vancouver (who traded coaches with the Rangers) sliding down in the standings and perhaps being distracted by the John Tortorella sideshow that often permeated this team in years past.  All in all, a reasonably successful first year thus far and we should all be excited to see what this team can do down the home stretch and into the playoffs!

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  1. A tour de force, and thanks for the pleasure of reading through this list. But prepare to be raked over the coals regarding the Chief Whipping Boy’s B+. I’d give him an A-, others… well, they’ll be waking up some time, should be entertaining.

  2. Great job! I’d mark John Moore a little lower and Brassard higher. Otherwise no disagreement.

    Hope they don’t lose their mojo with Zuccarello out. Kreider seems to have lost a little something in the past couple of months.

  3. OMG- we are going win the Cup, with those grades. I never, never beat upon a guest blogger, but come on. We were upside down until just recently on goals. If I had someone grading me like that I would be in Havard!!!

  4. Question:

    A) You trade Callahan, and get someone back to replace him. You have that guy, presumably to start next year.

    B) You lose Callahan at the end of the year, and you sign someone to take his place next season.

    What, really, is the difference, and how important is that difference? I’ve always thought the “letting a player go for nothing” problem has been overblown. When his contract’s over, it’s over. You re-sign him or sign someone else.

  5. Norm,
    unless you no you can’t sign him, and he has value. trading Cally makes the most sense if you can get back value. otherwise you use him as your own rental.

  6. Norm, the Rangers are probably the 3rd best team in there conference. so if you trade Cally, ideally you want somebody back who can help you know, and later. a playoff run is not out of the question for this team.

  7. Haha! I knew there’d be comments about Pouliot (due to his status on the WBM).

    I’d have to downgrade him slightly, but he has been (along with Zucc, Kreider & Stralman) one of our biggest cap bargains of the season.

  8. On a side note, John Scott player 11:01 over 16 shifts on D last night and was a +1. Today he is spending the day in an Oxygen tent!

  9. If the point of trading Callahan (and something else) is to get someone better than Callahan, fine. I just don’t see why it’s necessary to trade him just because you can’t sign him.

  10. What’s was the curve on grades in this class?

    McD is an A++++++++ and is going to the HoF with or without a ring

  11. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nicely done, afrey. I thought you presented each grade with a complete and thoughtful explanation. Let’s not start bickering over each grade, folks, to say it’s subjective is an understatement. That said, can’t wait until Papa Bear wakes up and sees Nash’s grade. :-).

  12. _So far, despite being a part of the Rangers’ most productive unit this season, he has largely been a disappointment._

    … despite centering the most productive unit and assisting on more than half of grade A Benoit Pouliot’s goals …

    _Sorry, Brass, but in a salary cap world you’re judged by the bang you bring for the buck, and we need more._

    Brad Richards: B+

  13. ILB, this is a true fact: When Thomas Jefferson first invented the midseason grading system, it was *solely* for the purpose stirring up debate.

  14. Norm,

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. You will have his salary to play with during the offseason if he doesn’t sign, so you could replace him for the same money. So why not just keep him? But, if you can get something back that’s going to help you win this year more than Cally, or, if you truly believe that you have no shot at the cup this year, and can get some great assets for the future, than I’m all for trading him. I wouldn’t trade him for “another Callahan” type player, that makes zero sense. I DO believe we have a shot at the cup, so I’d be inclined to keep him unless I’m blown away.

    As for the grades. I think the OP was basing his grades on bang for the buck, and that’s why Pouliot is rated so high. On a strictly performance basis, he’s a B at best, but on a value scale, he’s exceeded that. That’s why D. Moore gets rated so highly as well. I think I would rate Brassard a bit higher, Kreider a bit lower (and LOVE Kreider, I just think he disappears from time to time). And Haglin a little lower as well. Another guy I really like, I just don’t think he does enough with the assets he has sometimes, but when he plays to his potential, he can be the best player on the ice. Lunqvist gets a B+ for me, and Talbot gets the same grade. I think we’ve seen a bit of a chink in Talbot’s armor recently. I think he’s a terrific backup, but my fear is he turns into another Vallequette, someone who started out terrific but eventually he played down to the level of his talent.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Insightful stuff leading to following conclusions:
    – there are boneheads who value offensive regular season point production over 2 way play
    – there are Bros-hard haters who cannot hide their disdain even though his line-mates are having break out years, his line has the most offensive production and he spent the first 2 months of season on a checking line.

    can’t wait to see Wickys’ reaction to Stralman’s grade…

  16. Stranger Nation on

    _I DO believe we have a shot at the cup_

    Excuse me while I clean the orange juice off my keyboard.

    now THAT is funny!!!!

  17. When CoosCoos sees that B+ for Richie… well, I’m putting packing tape over my monitor screen so the shards don’t blind me.

  18. Grades. So they all pass?

    Nash a B? Hmmmm.

    Did he get bonus points for his Gold Medal?

    If he doesn’t score he doesn’t show up on the stats any where. Not sure I rate him THAT high for the check he is cashing?

  19. Nice job afrey94, I’m sure we all would have our little tweaks with these grades, but solid analysis.

    Personally I would have Pouliot a B, just for the brutal first few months. Plus, I think Nash’s grade may be a tad high. Stepan maybe would be a shade higher.

    I give afrey94 an A.

  20. Cross Check Charlie on

    I know everybody and especially Miami Pimp is in love with Kreider, but 30 points in 52 games for a guy that was supposed to be a scorer? Yay, he hits every now and then, but he’s a liability in his own zone. How do you give this guy an A on performance when he underperforms in 2 out of 3 categories?

    And giving Pouliot an A just because he hasn’t been totally terrible in the last 25 games or so is just weird because he was totally terrible in the first 25.

  21. I grade medstudents every 3 weeks for mid-rotation, and every 6 weeks for their final grade. I have *NO DESIRE* to conduct a study comparing my grading objectivity, and whether it changes or not, depending on a result of the game the Rangers played a night before. I’m sure it DOESN’T change.

  22. What the hell is wrong with Callahan? Is he delusional?! How could he ever think he’s worth 6.5+ million?

  23. Being worth it and being able to get it are two totally different things. The Free Market is a crazy place. Just look at how much a healthy liver can run you on the streets!

  24. Its like when I notice that someone at my office is more indispensable than I am and I offer to allocate part of my salary to him or her because it might help with retention and that’s what’s best for the company and everyone should do what’s best for the company and not themselves.

  25. Swell job, afrey. Enjoyed the read. Not going to bother stating where I agree or disagree with the gradings because that gets boring real fast.

    More importantly, a little bit of pulp is *necessary* to enjoying your cup of juice in the morning.

  26. I’ve said this before, but Callahan is the type of guy who might not be as horrific late bad deal as others. He’ll either be hurt or just down a line or two grinding. Think Richards or Nash can grind out 3rd line and PK minutes at 36? So it won’t be good, I accept that, but it might not be totally sunk.

  27. First and foremost, the NHL is a business. It makes no sense business-wise to extend Callahan for that length. Callahan isn’t a player a team should break the bank for.

  28. Carp, anybody here could have done a better job grading players.

    most of those grades are simply wrong.

  29. “You got the A, the B, the C, and the D. That’s the biggest.” “I know that the D is the biggest. I’ve based my whole life on knowing that the D is the biggest!”

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    _Carp, anybody here could have done a better job grading players._

    Feel free to post your own. That is the point of a *discussion starter*

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Nanny – have a lot of Hags love. Nash and Step were most effective last year with Hags on their line. Very steady and unappreciated. If he had better hands, he could pot 30 and we would be calling him a Viking God.

  32. QQQ, you can criticize me, but don’t be a donkey with our guest bloggers. I would love to see your “correct” grades in a guest blog.

  33. Good job,’s hard to give rankings to every player and an explanation of why. A+ for you.

    That said, I think a lot of the rankings are on the high side, or maybe I’m a tough grader. They were on a bit of a roll prior to the Olympics, so maybe that skewed the grades higher. Either way, it will generate discussion, and that’s what it’s all about.

  34. Kreider B+ at most because he has been inconsistent and his game fell off lately.

    I like Pouliot, but A? That is a bit too much. B+ is more accurate.

    Staal B-

    Dominic Moore so far hasn’t done much of anything so C+

    Boyle C-

    John Moore C-

    Stralman C+

    McDonagh A/A- gotta be more physical

    Stepan C

    Richards B

    Lundqvist B-

    Dorsett C

    Talbot A-

    Hagelin B-

  35. _Dominic Moore so far hasn’t done much of anything_

    That sentence alone is enough to discredit any and all opinions by the person who posts that.

  36. Grading is subjective. Is a B or a C “meets expectations”? Then what are the expectations? Boyle doesn’t have 10 goals, so is that failing?

  37. Moore wasn’t really needed, Miller or Boyle or Lindberg or Powe could have centered the 4th line without any problems.

  38. Here are some subjective grades. I *Graded* all the posters on here. I may have missed a few regulars so please let me know if I missed you.


    The Doctor a/k/a Mister D: B for Ball Dropping
    Latona: D+ for Disappears
    Booby: A- for Amazing new comer
    Ilb: A+ for being the Blog Capt.
    ORR: B+ for Breasts
    Wicky: C for Concussions
    Sally: F for FAILURE TO APPEAR
    Rob: B for Beantown
    Gravy: A- for Awesomesauce
    Sioux: Inc. (to obsessed with ND Fightin’ Sioux)
    Norm: B for Belated Hilarity
    Romeo: C for Curiosity
    Fat Guy: D for Duberstein!
    Carp: Withdrawal
    Bull Dog: C for Critical
    Stranger: M for Mystery
    Miami Pimp: A for Ability to Beat a Dead Horse
    Doodie: B for ghostBusters
    CT Blueshirt: A for Accuracy
    LW3H: E for Europansy
    Eric: A for Positivity!
    Yergs: A for Respecting the Crown
    Coos: B for Bountiful Humor
    Eddie: D for Distracting Humor
    Papa Bear: B for BEAR CLAW
    James G: B for
    C-Dubs: C for SeeDubbs
    NYR_FAN: A for zuccArello
    UK: C for God save the Queen
    Lev: C for Continental
    Cap Geeked: C for Casual
    Tony from AZ: A for EFFORT
    QQQ: F for F’ing Annoying

  39. “Boyle doesn’t have 10 goals, so is that failing?”

    no, but overall he has been unimpressive this season and it is his contract year.

  40. Lol, Manny. You pulled that out of your asham quickly. Unless you had it on file which makes you a dork.

  41. “Here’s my list of players by how many goals they scored versus how many goals I wanted them to score and nothing else is being considered, ok?”

  42. I did it in about 2 minutes because that QQQ guy was being annoying.

    I should have given myself an *F* though.

  43. For what it’s worth (little), these are mine, taking into consideration my personal expectations and how they performed. Consider a B “meets expectations”:

    Rick Nash B
    Chris Kreider B+
    Derek Stepan D
    Ryan Callahan B-
    Brad Richards B
    Carl Hagelin B
    Benoit Pouliot B-
    Derick Brassard B-
    Mats Zuccarello A
    Brian Boyle B-
    Dominic Moore B
    Derek Dorsett C
    Daniel Carcillo C+

    Ryan McDonagh A
    Dan Girardi C+
    Marc Staal B+
    Anton Stralman B-
    John Moore C-

    Henrik Lundqvist C+
    Cam Talbot A+

    Alain Vigneault B

  44. I’m sure all of us disagree to some extent but afrey94 has explained the reasoning behind his gradings quite well (and i like the fact he is comparing performance to cap hit ie. bang for buck!)

  45. D for Stepan is a little harsh, Gravy. I know he hasn’t been good, but he hasn’t been that bad.
    if I am getting a C for critical. then you have to get an M for mocking.

  46. Rob in Beantown on

    Rick Nash B-
    Chris Kreider B+
    Derek Stepan C
    Ryan Callahan B-
    Brad Richards B-
    Carl Hagelin B
    Benoit Pouliot B-
    Derick Brassard C+
    Mats Zuccarello A
    Brian Boyle B-
    Dominic Moore B
    Derek Dorsett B-
    Daniel Carcillo B

    Ryan McDonagh A
    Dan Girardi B
    Marc Staal B+
    Anton Stralman B-
    John Moore C+

    Henrik Lundqvist B
    Cam Talbot A

    Alain Vigneault B

  47. bull dog, if I didn’t give Stepan and Boyle below average grades, my list would have no *credibility*, since I talk those guys up.

    But, in seriousness, I expected a lot more out of him based on his performance last year.

  48. Interesting grades QQQ after you criticized others, yours are equally farcical. What is your grading scale, pure ability or bang for the buck?

    Example – So Staal is a B- but Stralman is a C+ why? Which one is getting paid more and has higher expectations? Which one has been consistent?

  49. Rick Nash B
    Chris Kreider B
    Derek Stepan D
    Ryan Callahan B
    Brad Richards B
    Carl Hagelin C
    Benoit Pouliot B
    Derick Brassard B
    Mats Zuccarello A
    Brian Boyle C
    Dominic Moore C
    Derek Dorsett D
    Daniel Carcillo C

    Ryan McDonagh A
    Dan Girardi B
    Marc Staal B
    Anton Stralman B
    John Moore D

    Henrik Lundqvist C
    Cam Talbot A

  50. “Interesting grades QQQ after you criticized others, yours are equally farcical. What is your grading scale, pure ability or bang for the buck?

    Example – So Staal is a B- but Stralman is a C+ why? Which one is getting paid more and has higher expectations? Which one has been consistent?”

    mine is based on performance of how well they did their role, and compared to what I have seen from them in the past.

    Stralman gets lower rating because he stopped hitting and stopped trying anything offensively, and made some bad defensive mistakes several times this season.

    Staal’s game also dropped, but not as drastically as Stralman’s.

  51. Rick Nash B
    Chris Kreider B+
    Derek Stepan C
    Ryan Callahan B-
    Brad Richards A-
    Carl Hagelin B
    Benoit Pouliot B+
    Derick Brassard B-
    Mats Zuccarello A+
    Brian Boyle B+
    Dominic Moore B
    Derek Dorsett C+
    Daniel Carcillo B+

    Ryan McDonagh A+
    Dan Girardi B
    Marc Staal B+
    Anton Stralman B+
    John Moore B-

    Henrik Lundqvist B-
    Cam Talbot A

    Alain Vigneault A-

  52. Staal’s game also dropped … lol … when pretty much anybody in the game thinks this might be the best stretch of his career.

  53. “Staal’s game also dropped … lol … when pretty much anybody in the game thinks this might be the best stretch of his career.”

    LMAO, they sure have short memories then.

  54. if you believe in this team or don’t have an avatar, please bow down before speaking to the elite.

    I agree with most of the grades except for Brass(B) and Stralman(B)

  55. This 10-20 game stretch may be the best of Staal’s career. A 10-20 stretch does not make a season.

  56. Cally would be silly NOT to ask for the contract he wants. This is the last contract he will be able to push the limits on, so why not. Some one will come close to his asking price IMO.

  57. Cally’s demands are all about him wanting out after this season. I do not believe he is going to get his present asking price in the off season. I don’t even believe that his current asking price, is going to be his asking price come July 1.

  58. Nice job Afrey94. Whether or not you agree with the grades it was well thought out, reasons stated and allows for rebuttals. Some regular contributors don’t believe we are a Cup contender but I see some similarities to the 1979 team and not many people thought a run was possible from them. Third in the east vs 3rd in the Patrick, not a large + goal differential. You have Hank vs JD both getting hot late, the Brassard line beginning to contribute like the Smurfs, Mac vs Greshner as a leader on D Nash vs Espo as a legit goal scorer. They beat the Isles and Flyers who could be compared to the Bruins and Pens now but just like losing to the Habs, I think Chicago would end the run. The playing styles for both players and teams compared is not the issue but comparatively speaking I think they have a run in them if they continue their play as before the break

  59. OK, MrD,
    what would be the bet?
    Cally gets his present asking price? or Cally signs on day one of free agency for less than his current asking price?

  60. _Alain Amour_

    _Canada Olympics Hockey A++++++++++_

    At least post this under “luis” to make it consistent.

  61. Afrey94 obviously wants to become Afrey14. Nothing wrong with that. Positive. Optimistic. Real Rangers Fan. Deserves firm “A”.

  62. I think this team the way it looks today can win the Cup. Who knows how it will look like come March 5 but i think we are a good team with a hot goalie. Literally.

  63. Olympic committee didn’t like me, Torts hated me, AV dislikes me, – I didn’t make those teams – not a big drama; I didn’t make Manny’s List – that’s a tragedy!
    Indifference > hate…Oy, vay!

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Rick Nash B- (good but needs to be very good or great)
    Chris Kreider A- (THE reason to watch)
    Derek Stepan C+ (slow and steady…)
    Ryan Callahan B- (No PP hurts production)
    Brad Richards C+ (Great hands, no heart)
    Carl Hagelin B+ (very under-appreciated IMHO)
    Benoit Pouliot B- (tale of two seasons so far)
    Derick Brassard B+ (pivot on best line)
    Mats Zuccarello A+ (who woulda thought?, besides NYR_FAN)
    Brian Boyle B (steady all year)
    Dominic Moore B (much much better last 30 games)
    Derek Dorsett Inc. (gets little love here)
    Daniel Carcillo B+ (don’t let hate get in your eyes…)

    Ryan McDonagh A+ (does it all…all!)
    Dan Girardi B (last 25 games has played great)
    Marc Staal A- (playing amazing now, gets extra credit for come back)
    Anton Stralman B- (inconsistent, gets pushed around too much)
    John Moore B- (has all the tools, still young)

    Henrik Lundqvist B (finally awoke from 2013 nap to earn his new contract)
    Cam Talbot A+ (from nowhere to awesome back-up; nobody saw this coming)

    Elaine Vino A for sticking to plan and staying positive when the spit was hitting the fan.
    Scott Arniel A for PP Turnaround
    Benoit Allaire A for having to deal with diva Zoolander and Cambot’s emergence.

  65. Saying that Staal has dropped off is hysterical. But I think this clown already proved that he knows nothing about hockey as an actual sport.

    Fire this clown.

  66. Staal has been one of the most pleasant surprises this season, considering the injuries and how he played the first 10 games or so.

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Sam Rosen: B (sliding on game calls, great guy though!)
    Joe Micheletti: C+ (painful listen)
    Rick Carpiniello: A+ (best on the internets)
    Dave Maloney: A+ (the voice of reason)
    Kenny Albert A (the real deal, great calls)
    Bill Pidto D (embarrassing)
    Ron Dugay F (complete tool – get rid of this clown)
    Marty Biron Inc (nothing to add usually)
    Anson Carter Inc (looks Baked Alaska)

  68. Alright, Bull Dog, we have a bet. $6MM and under, you win. $6.5MM and over, I win. Middle is a push and we all win!

  69. what are the stakes MrD?
    I suggest if I win, you have to spend an entire day here agreeing with everything I have to say. if you win, I have to do the same for you.

  70. Rangerzjmb:

    I think if we had an All-Star team, there would still be gloom and doom here about our chances. If it’s true that we are the third best team in the East and that both Boston and Pittsburgh are not “perfect” teams, then why not? Did anyone think a couple of years ago NJ makes it to the finals? Our team is MUCH better than what they were. We have the goalie to get hot and make a run. You could argue we have 3 of the top 20 defensemen in the league in Girardi/McD/Staal and the 3 others are not liabilities. We have a 4th line now that compete and 3 balanced scoring lines. We have enough grit now, and arguably two enforcers in the lineup with Carcillo and Dorsett. And those that think we don’t have a chance always cite size, but there is more than one way to win in the league and speed kills and we have a lot of that. Do I think we win the Cup? Probably not. But I don’t think it’s a lock to day we can’t make a run at it as our team is put together now.

  71. i keep going back and forth on the callahan thing. sure, his asking price is completely absurd, but if he would come off of it a litte bit (maybe $6mm for 6 years), i hope we’d retain him (especially if league revenue is really going to explode as people are projecting).

    ryan brings a ton to the table he’s:
    – one of our best (maybe our best) penalty killers
    – a reliable forward who hits everything that moves CLEANLY rarely taking a dumb penalty
    – a fast skater, who skates hard every shift, back checks, and is responsible in his own zone
    – has an underrated wrist shot
    – scores about 20 goals a year
    – is a team leader and the team captain

    those guys don’t grow on trees and i’m not sure how we’d replace all that he brings to the table.

    we saw what happened last year after losing our blood and guts, heart and soul type players…well this guy is way better than all of them. i’m very concerned about the look of this team without cally.

    and help a n00b out – how do i get an avatar?

  72. I agree steven,
    instead of trading Call, and Girardi, the Rangers should be looking to add to this team. a deep playoff run is not out of the question. who knows, maybe somebody knocks off Boston, then it is only Pitt the Rangers would have to go through. and we have seen MAF play in the playoffs the last 2 years. he can be had.

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Well thought out, good work.

    I obviously don’t agree with all the grades, but I’m sure most wouldn’t agree with all of mine :) I’ll leave it at that.

    Happy 26th

    Lol @ your rankings

  74. If we lose Cally and without Zucc for 2-3 weeks those 3 scoring lines look distinctly less dangerous. Getting Dorse back and bringing Miller up does not really fill the void created by losing Zucc and potentially Cally

  75. Rob in Beantown on

    Lurker, go to this website:

    Sign up for an account with your email address. Then, when you post here, use that email address. It usually takes about 10 minutes for the avatar to show up.

  76. I accept your terms @ 11:40. Its a deal.

    (Also, I want it reestablished on record that if Callahan were on any other team or if any other team were doing this with their version of Callahan, I’d laugh. This is strictly Rangers Fan D fearing the loss of their captain, not objective fan D making a value assessment.)

  77. I still don’t like the lines how they are. You’ve got your two best self-creator, best with the puck types (Nash and Kreider) paired and now two of your three best muckers (Miller and Poo, Cally being the other) paired. Makes so much more sense to split.

  78. the lines I would use.
    Kreider, Brassard, and Nash.
    Hagelin, Stepan, and Cally.
    Pouliot, Richards, and Miller (Zucc).

  79. Steveknj and Bulldog I do believe we have a lot of pieces in place but if we keep cally and girardi who goes to add to the team? In ’94 we traded Weight, Amonte and Gartner to win the Cup but no more runs with that team. I was crying when we won the Cup but when I saw the back page of the Post on trade deadline day with the roulette wheel of who was coming and going I thought we blew our best chance. Look at the careers of Weight and Amonte do we loose a “The Kreider” or one of the top 3 D for the chance to take on the Blackhawks or Ducks for one run? Do we trust Sather (gulp) to get a return for Cally and keep Girardi? Say what you want about Sather but he comes up with trade gems every once in a while. I think the D stays and along with Hank that’s are best shot. We got to give to get and maybe that’s the piece we need without losing any of our future.

  80. It certainly sounds like Girardi is much closer then Cally to an extension, the question is can Slats fleece another GM by trading Cally and close the gap on the Girardi negotiations in the next week or so?

  81. I like Miller at Center.

    He’s sitting because the team was rolling without him and Vigneault doesn’t seem to think Dorsett can play a 3rd line role on this team. He likes Miller in there. Miller wasn’t called up to sit.

  82. Today’s *Metal* selection is from *Ilfing* and it’s their new track called _The Stream_

    This is a classic example of Melodic *Black Metal* with some atmospheric/ambient influences. The track is 13 minutes. So remember to lay back and close your eyes while being absorbed into the pit of *despair* that the song will create in your -belly- Soul.

  83. thanks for the suggestion manny – that av is dope. i’m also considering this one. what do you think?

    as for looking at the callahan situation as a fan of another team, you may laugh at it, but i feel like his skill set might be very undervalued. almost like a wins above replacement / moneyball for hockey type thing. callahan is a very complete player who does just about everything above average. it’s just that he’s not a perenial 30+ goal scorer.

  84. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If there is 99% chance cally is dealt, you have to sit him to avoid him getting hurt trying to block a shot or throwing a punch

  85. I like your thinking, Wicky. If Callahan gets hurt this team is absolutely screwed. If a trade is 99% imminent (and not happening before game time) then why not?

    Also, there is another skate before the game so they could make changes.

    *Lurker* – love that Avatar. Love the other option. Seems fun!

  86. Erik Erlendsson ?@erlendssonTBO

    St Louis addresses trade rumors with brief answer “I’ve had conversations with Steve about my future with the team and I’ll leave it at that

    Not exactly a “this is where i want to be”.

  87. Maybe Boomer got confused between St. Louis the player for the Tampa Bay Lightning and St. Louis the team located in St. Louis for which David Backes is the Capt.

  88. Got to agree with Lev, if MSL is staying in Tampa he would have said something to add to that quote to quash all the rumours.
    Sounds to me like he’s given Yzerman a list of the teams he’ll life his NTC for.

  89. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM on

    Went to the Steiner signing yesterday, met Staal and THE Krieder, got some autographs. All in all, a nice Tuesday evening.

    Side note: Have a blue Avery signed jersey i’m looking to move if anyone is interested.

  90. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM on

    If the Rangers somehow pulled off a trade involving a Callahan/Backes swap… i’d be ecstatic. Someone in STL would be fired… but i’d be thrilled!

  91. Think the whole point of the Blues being interested in Callahan is to get Backes and Callahan to play together.

  92. “Steveknj and Bulldog I do believe we have a lot of pieces in place but if we keep cally and girardi who goes to add to the team?”

    This is a much different team than ’94 in that in ’94 we were VERY close to winning the Cup, and you HAD to go for it. This team has a “chance”. The example of ’79 is a lot closer to where this team is than that. Personally, if I have to trade either Girardi or Cally, I’m trading Girardi. My reasoning is, we can still have a shutdown pair in McD and Staal. I’d want a puck moving defenseman back, along with something for the future. I think a guy like Girardi could be replaced a lot easier than a guy like Cally. But I’ve never been a huge Girardi fan as some here. I think the guy is REALLY good defensively but he really has no other skills. You could find that type of player for a lot less money as a FA for next season. I like a more mobile D that can score. I look at what Boston did last year with their young D, who were ALL mobile, and can pass and shoot.

    But I would give Cally the yearly salary he’s asking, but for 5 years or less. He’s just getting too beat up to be able to make it through a full season, and it’s going to be worse as he gets older.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    LIR – best link ever – new found respect for Olivia’s Munns

    Do not alter lineup – team hasn’t lost in 2 weeks!!

  94. steven.
    1979 is an interesting comparison to this team. they kind of remind me more of the teams Herb Brooks had. 82, 83, and 84. especially 84.

  95. I would be totally against giving up MORE than Cally for St. Louis. In fact, I want more than one player/pick back for Cally. Not giving up a player/pick for a 38 year old player.

  96. St. Louis is really, really good. Exceptional even. But you have to win the cup in the next 2 seasons or less to make that move worthwhile or else he’s gone and you’re back to square one.

  97. Sam Carchidi @BroadStBull

    Marty St. Louis has requested a trade from the #Lightning, Newsday confirmed.

  98. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM on

    I don’t understand how Tampa could want more than Cally in a swap for MSL.

    If anything, the Rangers should get more.

  99. I understand why a team would pick St. Louis over Callahan, I just hate that trade for us. Especially the walk-down-the-street logic that Sather might want more than just a partial year to re-pair Richards and MSL. God this is terrifying.

  100. Afrey94 – well constructed analysis. A couple of disagreements, of course, but thoroughly enjoyed the read.

  101. GAB – you only get Cally for this year, that’s why they want a player that will be on the roster for next year.

    MSL – has one more year left on his contract, top scorer in the league, 968 pts vs 253pts for Cally.

    Cally isn’t even close to production than MSL.

  102. Cally for Saint Looey. Do it!

    I’m guessing Slats gives up a conditional 2nd round pick if he doesn’t re-sign with them.

    Maybe Slats wants a conditional pick if he *does*. Just guessing.

    Should be an eventful deadline. Can’t wait for March 5th.

  103. I get what you’re saying Sioux, and I know MSL is a better hockey player, but if we trade Callahan I’d much rather get a guy who can produce at a lower cap hit. Shifting cap hit for cap hit and 8 years of age doesn’t do anything for me.

  104. Perhaps the enigma of enigmania is PullOut, a top 5 pick 8 years ago, healthy, big, strong, talented. “Worked” his way all the way up to 1.3 mil. He was scheduled for the next truck to the landfill until AV explained the realities. Rooting for him.

  105. Manny – NOT on a Winning team.

    If Buffalo is willing to pay him that, they must think that they will recoop $19M in hometown sales over the lifetime of that contract. I love the guy, but he is not worth that kind of coin.

    Crazy number for a 25-25 50pt guy.

  106. MSL is a high return for this year and NEXT year.

    Seriously a better value than ANY team would have to offer, outside of a 1’st round pick.

    But nobody will offer that for a rental, that they are not going to resign.

    The Blues were dumping Stewarts salary for next year. They clearly have kids that are ready to play for less money.

    Tampa wants a return. MSL is 100pt player this year, and next year. Cally is a 50pt player.

  107. There is ALOT less risk with MSL.

    Then there is to signing Cally at that type of money.

    I would sign MSL in a New York minute, and I would even give up my favorite prospect in Kristo to deliver the goods.

    Pimp would NEVER give up THE KREIDER.

  108. Callahan would return a 1st if that were the top part of the deal. I have full confidence in this. (And Custance pegged him and Girardi both at a 1st + more in his top 25 trade targets.)

  109. If you told me right after the loss to the Devils that in 24 months time, Dubinsky, Prust, Callahan and Boyle would all be off the team, I’d still be crying right now.

  110. Oh god yes, Manny. That’s a whole different level. Then I’d trade Nash to get Callahan back.

  111. I think Sather should be able to find a team that will give the Rangers a good player and pick or prospect. It is reasonable to think Sather could get Stewart and a 1st or 2nd for Cally. I’m not saying STL will do this, but some team will give something along these lines. There are always GMs who over trade for players they feel will put them into the contender category. Am curious to see what happens.

  112. Detroit is another great landing place for Callahan. Especially with all their injuries and their $15M in Cap Space coming off the books at the end of this season.

  113. Sather Must Go! on

    devin setoguchi was traded for a 2nd rounder, with the a year left on a decent contract (UFA after this year).. he dosne’t have the intangibles of Cally, but he does put up some points..just looking around for Cally comps

  114. I know Gaustad is the commonly cited exception, but if you can find one GM willing to move a 1st for him, you can find a half dozen willing to do the same for Callahan.

  115. Cally price is so low, because he is a rental.

    The only team he really helps win a Stanley Cup is the Blues. He fits that system to a T.

    Anyone else, not so much.

  116. Abdelkader is as good or better than Cally.

    They won’t give him up. Detroit might give you a 2nd round pick, and try to sign Cally but his 49M number is high.

  117. Have a question maybe all the boneheads can help with. So a few people in the office were discussing Cally’s over inflated self value he is looking for from the Rangers. We were trying to come up with a list of players that have been in similar situations lately and left their teams for the big pay day and it worked out for them and their new team. We all know about the flops like Drury, Gomez, Redden, etc.. Parise left the Devils for a huge contract, again not worth it (although not like the aformentioned).
    We can only come up with guys who asked for too much, never lived up to the big contract and are then verbally beat up by fans and considered way over paid.
    So the question is, who are the guys that asked for what was considered way too much from their team, didn’t get it, got it as an UFA and it worked out??? Can’t really come up with many. So can the Boneheads come up with a list of 5 or 10 guys that their old team probably regrets not caving in?

    Cally’s not worth what he’s asking for now, let alone going forward. Does he want to be a fan favorite or booed for not producing what he’s paid. Because he better produce a lot more points, not just hits and blocked shots for what he is asking for. (and will most likely get)
    Maybe something he should consider.

    Thanks for the help!

  118. I think Abdelkader is a straight up 3rd liner, but a high level, low cost, young, consistent 3rd liner. I know we’re all fired up over Pouliot’s A+ string of a month or whatever, but cycling through guys like him is always a risk.

    (And there is nooooooo way Abdelkader is better than Callahan, present day. That’s insanity. He might be a better bet over the next 7 years or something, but he’s not a better hockey player.)

  119. If we’re going to trade Cally for a Medieval Torture Device, let’s take a close look at Ballscruntcher.

  120. Columbus could have retained Nash. When a player like MSL asks out, they usually get it. And for less than market value.

  121. Stranger Nation on

    Do we want a productive, under sized player who may break down (describing both Cally and StL)

  122. A) Is Fast going to be faster and B) score more than Hags? C) Is Fast too injury prone? If the answers are: A) Yes B) Yes and C) No

    Would it make sense to package Hags with Cally? Is that be a combo that would bring a return of considerable value?

  123. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Bring on the Champs!!!"...says Greg L. on

    M. St.Louis is on a mission …we need him on our mission.
    He is freakin out mad that Yzerman snubbed him ( being the current Art Ross guy ).Canada benched him the whole game vs USA . St.Louis is livid. We need the little guy over here . Hes little Zucco on crack!!

  124. _Then he’ll have to change his name to Marty Tampa Bay_ :)

    MSL is still a point per game player, with an AAV under $6M.

  125. Slats seems to have Goal and Defense in order, needs someone who puts up points and a large wing who can contribute 2 ways, and I think he will feel set for the push.

  126. ^^^^ Exactly right. MSL never lacked for passion – and it’ll be super-sized with how he’s been treated. Winners win…

  127. It would be nice to get a younger and bigger forward for Cally. Dwight King? Cally could be with his team USA bud, Dustin Brown.

  128. If it’s true that St L. lives off-season in Greenwich, he would no doubt loooove to finish his career mid-town.

  129. Think somebody posted this already, but just in case:

    Erik Erlendsson @erlendssonTBO

    St Louis addresses trade rumors with brief answer “I’ve had conversations with Steve about my future with the team and I’ll leave it at that

  130. If MSL goes to the Blues, WOW they would be tuff to beat.

    They probably WIN the Stanley Cup this year, they are already one of the TOP 4 teams in the NHL this year.

    Good thing he wants to become a RANGER, and play close to home :)

  131. Stranger Nation on

    _Hes little Zucco on crack_ classic

    Plus he will be reunited with Richards who has his mojo back since getting down-under the covers

  132. RangerSwedigian on

    FWIW I don’t think it makes any sense in keeping Cally around for the rest of his life at 6.5-7M. I’d rather take MSL for the rest of his life for the 6M.

    BUT, if that can trade can be pulled off (MSL prob have to whine himself to it by supplying Whyserman with 1 team on his list..) we do need someone who can hit, skate and kill penalties as well…

  133. I wonder if Clowe would be a Ranger this season if he hadn’t had those concussions? Or would the healthy head have only made his value go up and (Cap wise) take him out of the Rangers’ plans?

  134. From what Carp just posted, St. L is definitely in play, would like NY. Question is, what else will Slats have to throw in. Surely that is the present sticking point.

  135. I like the tweet about wanting St. Louis to get traded to the Blues so He can say he’s playing for the name on the back of his sweater.

    That immediately brought to mind Joe Ranger.

  136. We all like Cally’s heart and effort. But does anyone here think he will ever score 30 goals? Or play a full season? And he is asking for goal scoring money. If he does not reduce his demands, he must go.

  137. I’m thinking Callahan and St. Louis deals would more likely be separate trades. Rangers would have to give up something for St. Louis, then get something else for Callahan. Doesn’t make sense to me for Tampa to rent him.

  138. Dube I hate to say it, but Cally is already gone in my mind.

    Let’s face it he’s not Messier?

    Capt’n NO Cup Cally ….. don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!

  139. Ted Turner once had a pitcher in Atlanta whom he had change his name to Channel and gave him the number 17 because Turner’s TV station was Channel 17. The league stepped in and put a screeching halt to his machinations.

  140. I’d like to be the first to whine about my grade, but you spelt my name write so I could liberally care less. Was angling for a Gentleman’s C, though.

  141. Carp:

    What would the Rangers have to give up for MSL? It would probably be a combo of player(s), prospect(s) and pick(s) Kreider? Staal? Stepan? Worth it in the long run?

  142. This Marty St. L situation is why baseball managers take a couple of their own (usually less-worthy) players to the All Star game over more worthy players on other teams.

  143. Siux – Not Someone – Dudley.

    Coos – He does live in Greenwich and has for sometime… lots of close friends from his UVM days are local.

    I love our Captain – seriously. I also LOVE the idea of a frothed MSL pushing us over the edge in 1-goal games. IF MSL comes here, I dont think Hank, McD or others are complaining, they have to know that 100pt production cant hurt our chances at acquiring a cup.

    Make the trade and resign the Girardi.

  144. interesting thought Carp,
    Cally, and StLouis in separate deals. what could Tampa want from the Rangers for St Loius? Miller?

  145. Love these Ivy schools that hand out A plusses and A plus plusses so that on the curve, the dolt still gets an A.

  146. I think Tampa is in need of Defensive help. We have some depth there, compared to what they have. Maybe they want something on the Wing to replace whoever moves up to replace St. Louis and they might want some Defensive ability. Something like Fast and J. Moore ?

  147. That’s clearly not enough. I regretted it as I typed it. It’s got to be a better package than that. They might want something like Stralman and Hagelin?

  148. Doubt Slats would give up a real quality, proven yute, which is what TB would love. Also, how many picks can he keep giving away?

  149. I used to live in Graunsch (Greenwich) but I moved after about fifteen minutes when the cash ran dry.

  150. Hagelin is interesting Manny. he would be young, and under Tampa’s control for a while. Hagelin, and who?

  151. I did not see the first time. you said Hagelin and Stralman. you know what, I like it. I think I would do it. would Tampa?

  152. I’m like some guy in an alley way trying to get people to buy knockoff watches except I do it with Stralman.

  153. They couldn’t pay me to play in the NHL.

    So I flipped them the bird and went into teaching.

  154. St. Louis has missed a total of 7 games in the last 10 seasons. Callahan 48 in the last 4 years, plus on post season.

  155. Graunsch, lol. Like Neurashell. In England, Bethlehem is pronounced Bedlam, within which was the nut-house of the same name.

  156. Hags for this year.
    Kristo/Lindberg/Skjei – as a top prospect for next year
    2nd round pick – for the future.

    Makes sense for a player that is 38 years old that scores a pt per game.

    Hags is not enough for MSL, but a prospect added is. The 2nd rounder will tip the scales.


  157. Rangers got Brassard, Dorsett and Moore for Gaborik. This is a similar situation in that the relationship with the player seems to have deteriorated, and that player is a UFA after the following season.

  158. If Cally is traded to MSL, could you see the Rangers trading someone like Hags for a Cally like replica at the deadline? Someone who could kill penalties and hit a little bit? Are we sure TB has no desire to try and sign Cally before they make a trade for him?

  159. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" ChUmpCag-O-blows Bigshmucks are NXT!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nash has been like a mad dog ( no pun intended) playing on team Canada’s 4th line and playing only 0.40 second shifts.
    Hes freakin out too!!! Marty is freakin , Nash is chompin at the bit….

  160. Afey94 – Must say one of the best report card’s to date right on the money on most your evaluations. Super guest blogger. Nice work

  161. A grade for the G.M. would be interesting. For re-signing Richards, for treating Miller and Allen like trailer trash, for not taking a look at Kristo, for bringing in late-career mediocrities like D. Moore and T. Pyatt, for trading a 23-year old for a 29 year-old and receiving no draft pick compensation for the age difference, for keeping Stralman around when Allen is ready, and for throwing too much money at Free Agents, he takes a hit.

    For the gutsy acquisition of Carcillo, and, especially, for firing Torts and replacing him with a human being, at the very least, to coach this team, he gets full credit. Overall grade. D+ for creating three problems for every one problem he solves.

  162. Not to defend the GM whatsoever, but “treating Miller and Allen like trailer trash?” Huh?

    Also, if you want to kill him for Pyatt and Moore (who’s been really, really good), fine. Then you’ve gotta give credit for finding Zuccarello, Pouliot, Boyle, etc., for trading for Brassard, Dorsett and J. Moops (if you like that deal), and drafting Kreider, et al.

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