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  1. I’m like some guy in an alley way trying to get people to buy knockoff watches except I do it with Stralman.

  2. Siouxperman

    Hags for this year.
    Kristo/Lindberg/Skjei – as a top prospect for next year
    2nd round pick – for the future.

    Makes sense for a player that is 38 years old that scores a pt per game.

    Hags is not enough for MSL, but a prospect added is. The 2nd rounder will tip the scales.


  3. Trade deadline now one week away.

    Gaborik off IR in Columbus. Wonder where he ends up March 5 … as Kevin at the NYRBlog said, on IR. … to which I replied, but whose IR?

  4. I see little reason that TB wouldn’t take young Hags and Cally for Marty. Marty can trash any trade and NY seems to be his best fit for numerous reasons. TB won’t sign him for his ask, but will have Hags long term who could still develop a scoring touch to go along with his speed and tenacity.

  5. In actuality, with all things combined, this is a major opportunity for Slats to take advantage of a situation that would have been unthinkable only weeks ago.

  6. @rangersreport

    Though I’m not nuts about Callahan+ for St. Louis, there won’t be a better UFA July 1 to replace Callahan next season.

  7. If I flashed that from under my tux sleeve at the Rangers’ gambling night, Henrik would probably be stirred to strike up a conversation.

  8. Losing Callahan cannot be replaced by St. Louis. Thus, it has to be multiple moves because the Rangers need to bring back toughness somehow.

  9. I think Carbomb and Dorsett make us sufficiently tough enough on ice other than for these staged BS fights that some teams will try to draw us into in the playoffs. Would be nice to have a Clowe type, though.

  10. why does it always have to be and FA to replace Cally. isn’t that what a farm system is for? or trades?

  11. Getting Mary and ridding himself of the Cally conundrum would be delightful for Slats. He could put his attention to signing Girardi, which should be doable, and looking for a large, tough, 2 way winger.

  12. Carcillo has been surprising. One fight since he’s been a Ranger. No staged fights.

    He’s been doing well. Dorsett has the edge over him because of his penalty killing. I kind of feel bad for Carcillo, in some strange way. He just cant win here.

    I wonder if NYR puts him on waivers or just scratches him.

  13. I think the only wingers you have down there that could possibly play a physical forechecking game and kill penalties are Kyle Beach, Michael Haley and Marek Hrivik. And none of those guys are popping 30 goals.

  14. doesn’t have to be a Cally type Manny. the player needs to be an AV type player. maybe that player is Fast, or maybe that player is Stewart.

  15. Norm – from end of previous thread:

    Graunsch, lol. Like Neurashell. In England, Bethlehem is pronounced Bedlam, within which was the nut-house of the same name and which we pronounce the same way.

  16. That’s fair. I think Fast is one of the few guys down there that has a shot to actually make the NHL.

  17. Wow do I hate that. $10MM or whatever for MSL and Stewart this year and next and dumping Cally + Hagelin + pick? That doesn’t make us better in any term.

  18. Just summing up what’s essentially being discussed here. I think it’s fair, but agree that it doesn’t make them better.

  19. I remember as a kid we used to trade marbles. Three green Mibs for a Blue Bomber. Sometimes you’d stay up at night questioning the trade decisions you had made that morning. I add this only because I know many on this site (myself included) have without a doubt lost their marbles.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Cally & a pick for MStL

    Pullout and prospect for Stewart

    Step and Girardi for Bieksa and Kessler

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" ChUmpCag-O-blows Bigshmucks are NXT!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nash has been like a mad dog ( no pun intended) playing on team Canada’s 4th line and playing only 0.40 second shifts.
    Hes freakin out too!!! Marty is freakin , Nash is chompin at the bit….

    Nash will be better folks , from here on he will be the beast we all thought he would be. Hes hungry . Nash was killing penalties for Canada!!! Yes killin penalties. AV has took notice and you WILL see a better player..Mark my words.

  22. Nasher, with his consummate size and talent, should be wary of the situation wherein, as a retired athlete, he says to himself, ‘Damn, I coulda been somebody.”

  23. Although, overpaying for a 38 year old who has stripped his team’s leverage and paying at all for an inconsistency being shopped by one of the best teams in the league does sound like vintage Sather, so who knows.

  24. Coos, my real name is Raymond Luxury Yacht, which is pronounced ‘Throat Warbler Mangrove’.

  25. I could of cared less at the time, but they gave me this big rigamarole. (Which wasn’t bad with mustard)

  26. Gravy,

    Nash was on a team without playoff aspirations. St. Louis is on a team with Stanley Cup aspirations. Big difference.

  27. Norm, the Mean Streets of Greenwich. The very same place Bobby Bonilla threatened to take a sportswriter for a ghetto tour.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" ChUmpCag-O-blows Bigshmucks are NXT!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Our system is what makes us roll.

    Our Goalie keeps the puck out.

    Our defense plays good d

    Our system is all about supporting each other and if the defense needs to pinch in , they do having a forward cover his spot.

    We shoot a lot to wear down the other team’s defense and Goaltender….and yes we shoot to score as well.

    Taking Callahan out of the picture and replacing him for JT Miller will work in our system .( as someone stated earlier).

    Our team will bring on a different look without Zucco passing his brains out making Pouliot and Brassard thrive.
    Our top PP is a man down!!! We were kickin azz before the Olympics and now with the time off ,Zucco injury and the Callahan shakedown I sure hope we don’t fade .

    Our coach will pull us through this and make us even better .We are better off with a coach who wont freak out and squirt water on fans and over analize everything.

    Bring on the ChUmps!!

  29. Accept for not having a 40 goal scorer, this team makes the entire Metrosexual division seriously escared.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" ChUmpCag-O-blows Bigshmucks are NXT!!!"...says Greg L. on

    “Nash trying on D and working in the dirty areas for team Canada was infuriating.”

    iMister D , I understand you thinkin He NEVER does that for the Rangers . That’s not his role. He killed penaties and yeah got in the dirty area’s and played great D. At least he wasn’t blocking shots losing in a 4 -0 game in the third period like the moron Callahan was doing.

  31. Cally – Moron
    Boyle – Even bigger Moron
    Nash – Moron beyond belief
    Zucc – Another Moron
    Talbot – Backup Moron
    Henrik – Moron Extraordinaire
    AV – Head Moron
    Slats – Head of the Head Moron
    McD – Moron, but better Moron than the other Morons

  32. _Considering the situation six ways from sideways_

    And that’s the perfect way to look at it. We are already screwed. Why not make the best of it.

  33. Hah! Torts in BIG trouble up there after spouting that he was rooting against Canada in the gold game. Headed to Walgreens for a case of Kaopectate verbal diarrhea caplets.

  34. _T Seppa


    _Nash was on a team without playoff aspirations. St. Louis is on a team with Stanley Cup aspirations. Big difference._

    I don’t know you, and now that you’ve made a sensible argument, I don’t like you. :)

  35. A guy with a personality like Nash’s needs a loudmouthed bruiser type on his line to distract the cheap shot artists.

  36. And he can’t even speak correctly. He uses adjectives for adverbs. It’s “I played goodly.”

  37. Sioux – I’m relatively new to the game thanks to my father in laws love for stogies but my friends seem to poach the Cohiba BHK 56’s first… I’ll take a picture of the top of the open box and let you self-select… if of course, it doesn’t happen ;-)

  38. Every time Nash went to the net, he was manhandled, slashed, hooked, knocked down, assaulted and sat upon with his head being driven into the ice. What’s up, the zebras hate him? The K, too, seems less interested lately in rushing the net, preferring that long distance, off-angle slapper.

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    Torts is kind of an idiot. If somebody asks you which team you’re cheering for it’s not hard to say something like “You know, I know so many guys competing on a lot of teams that it’s hard to choose,” or “I’m not really thinking about it, I’m just going to use these two weeks to think about the Vancouver Canucks,” or something equally vapid. Instead he takes the opportunity to take a pot shot at the country where he works. Good grief. It’s like he does it on purpose.

  40. He’s a piece of work, Rob, no doubt. I still kind of admire his tenacity, but his brain sometimes works like a bubble gum machine without a discriminating filter.

  41. I will never get over his nasty treatment of Gabby while at the same time, he made Richards out to be St. Joan of Ark. (Ark, sic)

  42. *Blockbuster Deal* @mirtle Blackhawks trade Brad Winchester to Minnesota for Brian Connelly.


    Now the pieces will start to fall (S)

  43. If indeed Cally wants out, as some of youse have suggested then I have I have to blame AV and my distaste, and disgust and dare I say hatred for him will be eternal.

  44. Yeah, that’s true, maybe his ask is way too high. I’m going with just part of the negotiating process and that he’ll sign.

    Until then I’ll view each “fresh post” with fear and trepidation.

  45. He’s asking above market value now, but market value on July 1st. The question is whether the Rangers want to be the team that pays it.

  46. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I’m in a terrible dilemma. Yeah, I don’t care much for these foreign cars either.

  47. I could care less with invisible ink.

    You see, after ‘I could care less,’ you should add ‘with’ and then add whatever you could care less about.

    ‘I could care less with this rigamarole.’

    See what I did there?

  48. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Gravy & Cooscoos — my favorite Stoogies line: “Every time you think you weaken the nation.”

  49. “One morning in Africa, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I’ll never know.”

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Invisible ink, take a drink, use my ink, have to think, at the rink, white and red equal pink, rotten eggs really stink, colonel klink, furs are mink, armor has chink, on the brink, paste a link, dunk and dink, rat and fink, kitchen sink


  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Catch a break, see the snake, real or fake? Can I take, Veronica lake, cake I bake, juke and jake, leaves I rake, rice wine pronounced like sake, sleep then wake


  52. Mister D @ 3:43

    I hear ya on that one fo sure.

    Still waiting on your sizes.

    Knit one, pearl two.

  53. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    Teams may continue to call TBay on St Louis, but, as of now, Lightning are telling teams St Louis is locked on the New York Rangers. #tsn

  54. This St. Louis stuff is terrifying. We already know Sather still likes to overpay when holding the entire bucket of leverage. If its Miller, I die to death. If its Kreider, I take Sather with me for all of our benefit.

  55. Yes, I am the victim of a Basketball Jones
    Ever since I was a little baby, I always be dribblin’
    In fac’, I was de baddest dribbler in the whole neighborhood
    Then one day, my mama bought me a basketball
    And I loved that basketball
    I took that basketball with me everywhere I went
    That basketball was like a basketball to me

  56. Sounds about right, bull dog. On Girardi that is. I think they’ll trade MSL though. You don’t want to have a disgruntled player around your team when you’re entering the last quarter of the season. Maybe a different trade from Callahan, like Carp suggested.

  57. I like Miller a lot. I don’t think he’ll ever be the player Cally is. That said, I would not be upset if Cally were to be traded for MSL. Miller traded for him? Now I’m pissed.

  58. For the record, I was against Rangers trading for MSL a few years ago, when Torts was still here. Primarily because of his 35+ contract and uncertain cap situation. I was also afraid they’d give up too much. His 35+ contract isn’t an issue anymore, with only one year left on it. I’m still worried they’d give up too much, though

  59. Maybe Whyzerman was drugged in Sochi and has been operating in bizarro world since. Maybe he wants to make Richards a proud Lightning bolt guy again. I’ve heard dreams do come true, so maybe we get MSL for 19.

    Once again, though, cap recapture…you suck.

  60. Stranger Nation on

    _If St. Louis becomes our best forward, what the hell were we doing acquiring Rick Nash_
    Pissburg and Chitown have proven you are allowed to have more than one goal scorer.

    If MStL comes here (for Cally) are RWs are Nash, MStL, and Zucc – not too shabby
    LWs are Kreider, Hags and Pullout – not as strong

  61. & to be clear, Nash should be the Rangers best forward … but in his almost two seasons here, he hasn’t nearly been what St. Louis is.

  62. ILB @ 7:49….in hindsight, don’t you think it would have been a good trade several years back to acquire MSL, considering the level of play and success he’s experienced since?

    Imagine if we had him against the Devils in the Playoffs 2 years ago? Perhaps we would have played for the Cup against LA!

  63. Don’t ask Carp. I was watching Bufallo-Carolina last night, the only game played in NHL. Almost got a pink eye from rubbing my eyes constantly to stay awake. We need some real hockey.

  64. oddly, I really do not want ST. Louis on the Rangers. if you are trading Cally, I want a bigger, younger forward.

  65. Carp, do you think MSL is a Ranger next week? Or does this drag out into the summer like with Nash?

    I guess it all depends on exactly just how upset MSL is.

  66. Also i think Boomer deserves some credit at least. Even if the trade doesnt happen he clearly had some info before anyone else.

  67. it does not sound like Sather is willing to add the prospects or picks it will take to get St. Louis. I think that is a good thing. Brooks speculating that Girardi and Cally may look to go free agent together and sign with same team in off season.

  68. It’s pretty awesome that Marty wants to play here and nowhere else. He’s an awesome player. And, he still has a lot left. Do you remember what he did to the Rangers this year?
    100% agree that he instantly becomes our best forward. And, Nash would then be our 3rd best forward.

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MSL is a phenomenal talent. He’s in excellent shape physically and he is obviously as competitive a player as there is in the league. He isn’t limited at all by his size. The dude can play. He likes the big stage. What’s not to like? Bring him on.

  70. Stranger, I obviously get that, but Nash being below 38 year old St. Louis makes Nash a failure. Has to.

  71. If the Rangers are able to land MSL, what happens this summer when Richards is bought out? I know Richards has been better this year, but he still has to be bought out, since this is the last chance to get rid of his cap hit.

    I’m in favor of bringing MSL to MSG, but will he demand a trade in September if #19 is playing in Philly or Tampa?

  72. It depends on what Sather is willing to give up, Lev. … I still think Callahan and St. Louis are different deals. That’s a guess. Can’t imagine why Tampa wants Callahan as a rental for a guy with one year left.

    and I will add, St. Louis at age 38, with his skill and fitness and only one reasonable year left on his deal, is a no-brainer if you can get him without giving up too much. It’s not the typical over-the-hill albatross the Rangers usually get.

    I really, really do think Callahan’s got a week left or less as a Ranger, and that Girardi will be retained and signed.

  73. Apparently MSL has wanted to finish his career as a Ranger for many years. Richards being a Ranger and MSL’s best friend is probably just icing on the cake.

  74. By the way, if St. Louis is demanding Tamoa trade him, the Lightnings and Whyzerman might have to settle for less to get it done. He’s not Howser.

    Boy, I just used a bunch of Bonehead vernacular there.

  75. Carp-

    Would Stewart and a pick for Cally make sense?

    Then maybe turn around a deal a pick and Hagelin for St. Louis?

    I dont know if I like it but is that a possibility in your eyes?

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We all should of seen this trade first coming. Their is no way MSL will fail. He is to good. Tremendously skilled given his humbleness.

  77. Lots of change for a team right before the playoff push…could really change the dynamic of the room.

    I love Hagelin but if they can get MSL for him that’s a deal you have to make…

    Interesting few days!

  78. Even before he got the C, we all thought he’d be the captain for years and years and years. Thought he’d always wear the Blue.

    Must say I’m startled and shocked how many fans here have completely turned on him, either calling him greedy, or saying he’s not a very good player. Guy’s a fabulous player and they will absolutely miss him and probably not be able to sufficiently replace him. Slats does not want to trade him, but must.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – it seems to me, on the humbleness scale. None more or less so then the greatest center in the game. Yep, I’m talking about number 16. D. Brassard. Do you agree?

  80. Tampa needs a roster player in the trade. They’re trying to win a Cup. They *need* a replacement for Saint Looey.

    Same position for NYR. I’m sure we can get a 1st round pick for Cally, but how does that help us in the playoffs?

    Bruins score. Chara in front of the net is scary.

  81. Still don’t think it’s a forgone conclusion Richie gets bought out. Obviously, I am praying for it…

    LMAO @ “He’s not Howser”

  82. Carp, the reason I’m turning on him, is because I never expected this from him, of all people. Probably dumb of me to think that, but it’s really what I thought.

    I can’t blame him for wanting the big deal. Like everyone’s saying, you hand out those big deals to Redden, Drury, Gomez, etc, then this is what happens. It’s not the last time.

  83. Carp, I don’t think we’ve turned on Callahan. Just being realistic about the supposed contract demands. I think 90% of is would sign him for 5 and $30m.

  84. I still love Callahan and think he’s great. I want to sign him. You overpay a player like Callahan. That’s just how it works. The Rangers don’t seem interested in overpaying. And, I think Callahan probably has some other reasons himself for wanting to move on. It’s pretty clear he’s had a diminished role with AV, no?

  85. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I love cally and the way he plays, depending on the team and system he can be a very good 2nd or 3rd line player.

    At the money he is wanting, I just can’t fathom paying him that, so trade him and get something for him instead of losing him for nada.

  86. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also think they need to add a bigger tougher d man by the deadline for the playoffs

  87. When I think of 7 mil dollar players cally doesn’t come to mind. We will miss him next few years not years 4-7

  88. Regardless I bet back in July during a work trip to Vegas 15-1 odds on blues win cup.

    Cally goes there I def root for him.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think one name jumps out to any follower of hockey when you’re talking 7 million dollar man…..that’s right B. Rich

  90. For me Danny g far more important signing then cally. Top 6-9 wingers you can find not a number one righty d man.

    Get Girardi done

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I could of cared less if brassard doesn’t get the C, but their needs to be a good reason why he doesn’t.

  92. What if Boomer’s source is Brad Richards? Boomer was right on the Avery thing. Richards and Avery are best friends. Boomer was the first to learn of trouble in paradise with Marty St. Louis and of the Rangers interest…MSL and Richards are best friends.

  93. Paul in sunrise on

    Twitter and tsn dudes saying girardi for Vatanen plus in recent days weeks i think or maybe youse on this blog said it

    Boomer gets his insider info from this blog.

  94. Some reports are out there that Kesler and Torts dont see eye to eye and Kesler wants out. Hasnt demanded a trade but wouldnt be against it.

    Should be an interesting deadline. Just some names to watch:
    MSL, Vanek, Callahan, Girardi, Miller, Moulson, Brodeur, Ott, Yakupov, Jagr

  95. Anyone else waiting for the Callahan cruxification coming from the idiot GM after he trades him for a bag of peanuts? And then the coach naming Nash GM and praising him for being a great leader?

    Makes me wanna hurl.

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – during the Nucks edition of the insider show on nhl channel, you could see it on Kesler’s face when torts started screaming and the camera panned on him….not the most scientific in the world…but it looked obvious to me…

  97. Very, very unusual to have a valuable, productive player (and Captain) who has built a no-move into his solid contract on a winning team demand to be traded without salary requests. Slats must jump.

  98. People want out of Vancouver already? How come? I thought Torts was such a great coach…every players’ dream…he is not.

  99. loathe means ‘to hate,’ and loath means to be ‘unwilling.’ And, as such is such, I stand, or rather, I sit, corrected.

  100. No one was more excited on the Canucks with Tortorella’s hiring than Kesler. That’s not to say that he didnt live AV but he was quoted as saying that Tortorella’s style is “basically what my game is all about.” There were questions about whether their personalities might clash. Now he wants out. Coincidence? I dont think so.

  101. My guess is that he is sick playing north of the border for those fans. Probably wants to be closer to home. Don’t really see where Torts is the reason.

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – totally. Unless I’m taking crazy pills. Money says Torts doesn’t finish out next season.

  103. I like Cally and will be sad if he goes…but Cally for MSL? Sure…MSL’s heart is as big if not bigger than Callahan’s. One thing i worry about is how much gas is left in MSL’s heart.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hump day.

    Are delusional torts lovers more insane than delusional Avery lovers?

    As a member of the latter, I say yes.

  105. The first rule of leadership in every occupation is that you never publicly rain loud and angry lightning bolts down on your inferior officers and fellow travelers; if you must do it, you do it privately.

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – injuries? Sure. But every team has injuries. Not every team tho has an out of control raving lunatic behind its bench.

  107. If Torts goes, I divine that it will have to do more with his snarly personality and inane eruptions than with his coaching abilities. In NY, he probably took the team that Slats handed him as far as it was possible for them to go. I STILL think that he got smarty mouth with the GM and that was more of his un-doing than coaching.

  108. Torts is a great guy… i ain’t arguing that but as a coach of a hockey team… not so great.

    “We don’t practice offense or PP. Next question.”

  109. Maybe the coach wants his own people, not anyone who was close with the previous regime. So he’s made it an uncomfortable work environment for Callahan and in turn Girardi.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m sure torts is a great guy. I’ll give you that. But when he starts frothing at the mouth, it’s a turnoff for all involved.

    If you want to influence people, you have to lose the temper. Just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s with your wife, children, co-workers, students, teammates, etc. you start going off like a rabid dog and people will turn off and tune out regardless of the merits. You could be 100% in the right but no one will listen when you scream like a mad man. Just sayin.

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kesler’ wants out – Mckensie is reporting – I’m sure it has nothing to do with Torts (s)

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – ranger pp have never been this good. That’s one reason why Cally’s role has lessened.

  113. Callahan wasnt playing on the PP because the PP was working really well. Then Callahan got hurt and the team played well. Naturally his role was reduced. Has nothing to do with him asking for 6.5-7 million for 6 years.

    I am a bit frightened about the fact that Girardi and Callahan are really close friends and so are their wives. Brooks said they may want to sign together in the offseason. I dont know what team can possibly afford both of them (Buffalo?) but i really hope Girardi signs in the next couple of days.

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lev – cally and Girardi often drive in together – even on the road…they take a taxi from the hotel by themselves and don’t always ride the bus…

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – who was the head coach. Who bears ultimate responsibility? Delusional torts loves live in a land of denial and bizarro

  116. Papa Bear bares all responsibility when he finishes a bottle of Tallamore Dew and dances with no crows on.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Harry S Truman ” the Buck stops here” except if you’re torts.

    Bottom line – there is always an excuse if you look hard enough…

  118. I’ve always said, one of Torts’ biggest mistakes was not bringing in someone specifically for the PP, because it wasn’t working in that final year.

    That also falls on Slats for not forcing it.

    I said it so many times that season.

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – exactly. The failure of a decent PP for his entire tuner rests solely on torts’ shoulders. No surprise that Vancouver’s PP sucks major moose this year.

  120. Just get the feeling that Callahan isn’t a Vinegault ‘player’ and that he wanted him out before he even met the guy, so he’s been phasing him out. Callahan figured it out and was like ‘hell with this, you wanna play this game, I’m gonna ask for a boatload of money’

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The ranger pp sucked every year torts was here….big clutch moments when a pp goal was needed….wasn’t happening..,

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey – I don’t think AV has an agenda. He plays the hot hand. Cally had a couple injuries that set him back. Their PP has never been better – why change it?

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Under torts, the ranger PP was incredibly stagnated. Nobody moved. Nobody skated. Didn’t seems like there were set plays. No screens. Entering the zone was lackadaisical. Too much time was wasted and it never got corrected.

  124. Same reason Dors is ready and will sit tomorrow. AV loves Dorsett, but Carcillo has been lately effective in that role.

  125. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    yes, e3, and Cally usually drives, Girardi in front seat, and Step always in back seat going to work out/ facility.

  126. Kesler for Callahan seems like a win win. Both teams get an oft injured hard nosed American. And Callahan gets Torts back!

  127. Kesler is locked in at 5 mil until the end of ’16. Why would Van Couver want #24 for extended years unless they are assured they could sign him reasonably? Probably the very last place Cally wants to go is Vancouver, the other side of the world.

  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – think about it. If it’s going well, the head coach can leave it alone. If it’s not working it’s up to *the head coach* to fix it and get it working. Make sense?

  129. Apparently, McKenzie said that he could “see a scenario where Derek Stepan is a Canuck and Ryan Kesler is a Ranger by the deadline”

  130. LOL Canucks announcers saying “you know how a PP can be a momentum killer that is why Torts called that timeout.”

  131. By fix it, do you mean to jumble the lines? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that one of the biggest complaints the fans had with Torts?

    I’ve said it a thousand times, *my* complaint with Torts was that he didn’t bring in someone who could help the PP. That’s it. Lines didn’t matter. You can jumble the lines until you’re blue in the face, you’d get the same result.

  132. Eddie- I just have a feeling that the coach does have an agenda. Have from the first time I saw him speak. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it.

    NYR_FAN- good to see you too! How’s things?

  133. The jist of it was that it would take someone like Stepan for NYR to get Kesler. It wasn’t anything more than his own speculation.

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    By fixing it – how about having your team play with urgency? How about practicing set plays? How about insisting your players move creating time and space? Having an extra means should mean someone is open. Rangers PP under torts was a study in static behavior. No dynamic. No puck movement. No screens. Poor choice of personal. I could sit here all night. Yet it continued to flounder.

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – have you noticed AV hasn’t juggled his once in the last 6 weeks? Torts couldn’t go 4 shifts without mixing things up. Hard to develop any cohesion when you have different line mates every other shift. It’s as though torts had a random line generator.

  136. Doesn’t all that fall under the PP coach’s responsibility, Eddie? If not, then why have someone run the PP?

    What you can’t argue with at all is that he & Slats should have brought in another assistant to help out. That for sure falls on them, mostly Torts.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – head coach owns it. If it ain’t working it’s on the head coach to fix it. If Sullivan couldn’t handle that responsibility then it’s up to torts to change it. Why didn’t torts go out and hire someone else? Why didn’t torts figure out a way to improve it?

  138. Stranger Nation on

    Excited for MStL and Mr Ed to team up for the next 6 years?? Because that may really happen if he comes here and we do something in the second season.
    Including paying MStL big bucks for years 40 – 42…

  139. Stranger Nation on

    Sully is a bigger pric than Torts. Junior hockey in your face coaching style doesn’t work with the big boys for too long.

  140. The guy’s loyal, Coos. It’s respectable.

    Sully’s not a bad coach, as far as coaching the defense, unless I’m mistaken, but to have him run the PP again. Not the best idea.

    I know there’s another assistant. I thought he ran the PP. Guess not.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I agree – bit overstated. But have you noticed how stable the lines have been this season? Back to Torts: One thing many on here were saying to try, including carp, regular line rotations on the pp. Certainly the pp units were horrid enough. Anything different couldn’t have been worse.

  142. Stranger Nation on

    Step for Kess – in a NY minute –

    Kess was best US center in Sochi, awesome on draws, takes the body. Team was not the same after he got hurt.

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – I disagree. The rangers PP could have, should have, been better. Improvements are always there if you look hard enough…

  144. Stranger Nation on

    We are thin down middle, especially with Mr Ed aging and Step child slower than ever.
    Kessler is a two center who would be a great pivot for Kreider and Nash – that line would a lot to handle.

    Kreider – Kessler – Nash
    Zucc – Broshard – MStL
    Hags – Richards – Pullout
    Boyle – Moore – Dorsett/Carcillo

    McD – Bieksa
    Staal – Stralman
    Moore – Kline

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In Van the fans are saying AV got us to a cup final. Whereas Torts might miss the playoffs. So, who has accomplished more?

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – torts could have done any one of twenty things to improve the PP…playing 27, one of them…

  147. I think a lot of teams are interested in Girardi, but Slat’s couldn’t effectively replace him this year, IMO.

  148. Right on that. But he’s there now. To give him his due, can only guess that Torts had that worry.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That’s cause torts didn’t play the third pair. He reduced his bench early in the first period. AV runs much better balance on TOI.

  150. Stranger Nation on

    its all been said – “play like you practice, practice like you play” or in his world, “don’t practice and pray for success”

    Had Nash out there and don’t think he a great PP guy, too lumbering
    Had Richards who could barely tie his skates last season
    Had MDZ missing net
    Did not have Zucc or Brass for full season
    Didn’t use McD

    No creativity, no color with Torts…all black and white in his world

  151. #19 infuriates me because he IS a latent major talent, but just refuses to put out. Wiiiiiiiiiilbur!

  152. Yeah, AV accomplished more in his time there, which was many years until he made the Cup final. So, I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to AV if it doesn’t happen this year.

    But I wonder if the Nucks fan base has a group of fans that despise AV for the silliest of reasons like the NYR fan base.

  153. Torts has a Stanley Cup and an conference final. AV needed a 7 game first round and 6 game second round in 2011. They’re both good coaches. Torts has accomplished more so far.

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not looking at any stat sheet, but my eyes tell me that the 4th line and third pair is seeing more ice time under the new regime.

  155. Torts just announced publicly he was rooting against Canada in the final of the gold chase. Oooooops. He’d better get himself an Army helmet.

  156. Stranger Nation on

    Agreed – both are successful coaches who seem, from an outsiders perspective, to go about their business in polar opposite

    AV use of TOI, positive style, effectiveness with PP are good signs, but it is all about April and May.

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    With AV, should the rangers find themselves in a triple OT game come PO time, I sense that McD and Girardi won’t be on the ice for nearly 60 minutes.

  158. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was on my phone earlier today and the Internet was whack. Every key stroke worse than the next….

  159. “I don’t believe he wants out … I just believe he wants a lot of money for a lot of years.”

    because he knows that his “home team” the Sabres have all the cap space to overpay him so he could be close to his Grandma.

    I would do Stepan + Boyle for Kesler.

    If Girardi wants to stay here and do 6 years @ 5-5.5 mil then I guess we should re-sign him. He is more important than Callahan, worth more, but asking less.

  160. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have to agree re: Boyle. AV likes more up tempo than what BB is capable of. Moore centering Dorsett and Carcillo makes more sense…

  161. What Cally can’t get through his thick shull is that we live in a world of “What have you done for me lately” You never get paid for what you’ve done in the past. He wants his big pay day when he starting on the downside of his career with 1/4 to 1/3 of each year being injury prone. In fairness to Sather you just can’t invest in an asset that’s depreciating. It’s poor business. Cally should take one for his team and work at a discount. This way everybody happy with the exception of Cally’s dumbass agent who just wants a larger commision.

  162. Also, I don’t want to lose either Hags or Miller in a dumb trade. They’re too fast and very talented.

  163. RangerSwedigian on

    For obvious reasons I don’t want to include Hagelin in any deal, you can’t replace that kind of hair easily…

  164. What surprises me is that comment yesterday about Cally’s agent thinking their latest request in the $6.5m range is a discount!
    Erm…Dustin Brown is the benchmark here, anything more is greedy. He happens to have a Stanley Pie on his resume too!

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