Official announcement: Rangers recall J.T. Miller from Hartford


From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, February 25, 2014 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward J.T. Miller from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Miller, 20, has recorded 17 points (three goals, 14 assists) in 18 games with Hartford since returning to the team on January 11th. He has established AHL career-highs with 10 goals, 16 assists, 26 points, and a plus-seven rating in 26 games with the Wolf Pack this season. Miller ranks fourth on the team in goals and assists, fifth in points, and is tied for first in plus/minus rating. His 1.00 points per game average also ranks second on Hartford. Miller, who represented the Eastern Conference as an AHL All-Star on January 28th, tallied a career-high, three assists, on January 26th at Adirondack, and posted a career-best, four points, with two goals and two assists on February 14th at Springfield.

The East Palestine, Ohio native returns to the Rangers where he has registered two goals and two assists for four points, along with 14 penalty minutes in 25 games this season. Miller notched his first goal of the season on November 10th against Florida.

Miller was originally selected by the Rangers as a first round choice, 15th overall, in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. JT Miller, Miller Huggins and Miller the Driller the Cavity Filler for Mork and Mindy, Alf and My Favorite Martian

  2. I thought Girardi was close to signing a new deal but now it appears the rangers are at a stalemate with Girardi and are going to trade him before the trade deadline.

  3. I did not say Klein would be top pair. I said he was insurance if Girardi left. move McDonagh to the right side. play him with Staal on the top pair.

  4. Cally’s argument is dollars and years. I think Girardi will get paid if they can settle on the years.

  5. I’d definitely prefer Marty St. Louis over Chris Stewart and whatever else the Blues throw in.

    (Dreger is saying heavy interest from Blues and some interest from Lightning and other teams).

    By the way, it is just as crazy for Tampa to trade Marty as it is for the NYR to trade Cally.

  6. Crazier, but like swapping wives. Just don’t do it.

    (Bulldog last page: Richards was a mistake, flat out. I agree Callahan is overpaid, but I think the risk of culture and leadership change is massive here. In some sense, you’re paying not to lose as much as you’re paying to gain or maintain.)

  7. Klein is probably one of those guys who is a passable 4. He can play 2nd pair, but its reliant on a guy like Staal being his other side. You can’t have Klein + a Klein as your 2nd pair.

  8. I want the team to win another Cup so I can begin to focus on other important things, like knitting.

  9. What else is there from Tampa?
    Maybe Malone and a top prospect, like Druin?

    I’m just not sure what else they have they we want. And, Malone would be a salary dump for them. 1 year left after this one at $4.5m but he also has a NTC.

  10. I’d love a nice hat / glove / scarf set, Papa. Maybe some pattern with varying shades of gray so it matches most of my wardrobe?

  11. I believe I said I don’t think he is. I don’t believe he’s better than Stralman, and most people here think Stralman sucks.

  12. Stral can pinch, but I’d rather see him more as a heady playmaker than slamming that ineffective long slapper which too often results in loss of puck possession.

  13. Red Hot Chili Pepers, blue notes, and Silver bullet band for the turtles, monkeys and the animals

  14. My biggest issue with Stralman is how noticeable his dumb Frozen Anton plays look. I imagine its how some people looked at MDZ. Also, that hip check is stupid.

  15. Sather apparently had a handshake deal done for Stamkos in 2010 with one of the two Tampa owners at the time. At the last minute the other owner backed out.

  16. Please don’t talk about that. I believe that story is real and that’s the franchise changer to change all franchises.

  17. I literally could care less what you did.

    You know what’s becoming one of my Twitter favorites, almost as much as “could care less”?

    “Should of” and “could of.”

  18. Scary part is that some professional journalists are becoming more and more an unwitting part of it all.

  19. Stranger Nation on

    JT Miller, Larry Bud Melman, and MIchael Kors for Mr. Peanut, Chip Beck and Pretzel Logic.

  20. ‘With the advent of the internet, you don’t really need prescriptions to magazines any more.’

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Neil ‘Stretch’ Armstrong, Mr. Fantastic, and Bikram Yoga for Legs Diamond, Little Feat, and the Bees’ knees.

  22. I used to get my subscriptions from the subscription dealer on the corner by the Candy Store that doesn’t sell candy.

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – check out the clip on you tube or live tonite at 7pm on Comedy Central. She’s out with a book talking about singing back up to Sam Cooke, James Brown, the Mamas and the Papas, Elvis Presley, etc., etc…

    very funny interview.

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  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Snation – she was on Colbert last night. I watched it. Great interview. She dissed Sonny Boner.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Captain Cally, Long Tall Sally, and Halle Berry for Chris Stewart, Stewie Griffin, and Stew Leonard.

  27. You know what word I heard today and thought, that’s a really good word … and that it’s fitting here?


    bafflegab, double-talk, gobbledygook (also gobbledegook), gibberish (also rigamarole), song and dance

  28. Merriam-Webster:

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    : a long, complicated, and annoying process, description, etc.

  29. ‘Stop with the rigamarole.’ I heard that growing up from my Dad when I was trying to dance my way around answering a direct question.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “push your ******* seat forward, I ******* can’t ******* my ******* legs”

  31. John Riggins: “Loosen up, Sandy Baby.” (From the floor, at a Washington gala, dead drunk, looking up at Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Connor.) True one.

  32. Mom Torts: “Where’s little Johnny? His car seat is empty. I though he was coming along on our drive today.”

    Daddy Torts: “His azz became kicked.” (passive voice)

  33. An honest Politician: “I’ve decided to give up my family to spend more time with politics.”

  34. JT Miller, Justin Timberlake, and JT Marlin for BJ Crombeen, BJ Armstrong, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

  35. ‘You think I care? You think I could give a chit? You actually think that I would spend one iota of my time worrying about what you think? You gotta be outa your mind.’

  36. Poseur’s statement, thinking he’s the cat’s pajamas with the King’s English: “This has been a wonderful year for my family and I.”

  37. While I think that Callahan is a Drury 2.0, I think the most relevant current comparison as far as Cally goes is David Clarkson. There is a guy who got paid a premium based on 1-2 solid years of production, and intangibles like grit, the ability and willingness to throw down, hit and tenacity. Like Clarkson, Callahan is near 30 years old. Unlike Clarkson, Callahan has never had a 30 goal season. Now look at Clarkson, 4-6-10 for what? 5.25/yr and 7 years? Absolute insanity. Granted, Callahan is a better offensive player, but his asking price is way north of Clarkson’s, and eventually his production will be well below what it is now. He’s just not worth it.

  38. NYC cop told me some time ago that if you leave an M@M wrapper on your dashboard, you can park illegally in many places because that’s the meter-maids’ code for you’re on the job.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Time is more or less just an accounting tool. There’s no such thing as time. It always was and it always will.

  40. “Hello, class. I hope you enjoy the new semester. My name is eddie, eddie, eddie. I’m originally from New York, and I’m armed.”

  41. Don’t try to make a big magilla out of this. What in hell does that mean? I know what it means figuratively, but where does it come from? Carp?

  42. When Callahan returns to MSG with another team does he get booed or not?

    I imagine he won’t, but it’s textbook scenario of where he should.

    Meanwhile, Jagr still takes heat in Pittsburgh from the dumbest fans ever.

  43. I remember seeing an old video clip of William Buckley interviewing Mario Savio. I think Savio was Berkeley, no?

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He was part of the free speech movement. He marched with MLK, in 63. Came back to Cal and rallied the students. Gov Reagen tried to stop it. Ordered the faculty to end it. Faculty joined in…

  45. Buckley also interviewed a Berkeley Prof, can’t remember his name, who was railed upon for admitting that he dated his students. Buckley said it was a conflict of interest. The Prof replied, ‘Everyone in all of my classes gets an A; that’s well-known on campus.’

  46. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    No way do I want marty st louis over stewart. I take stewart every day and twice on sunday over a 38 year old smurf.

    I’d also trade cally to the nucks straight up for burrows or kesler.

  47. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    I also sure as hell hope if JT miller gets into the line up it isn’t at the expense of dorsett or carcillo.

  48. But, getting rid of the Cally headache (hate to put it that way) and getting St. Louis frees Slats to concentrate on inking Girardi and other issues.

  49. TSN is saying everyone on the Canucks is in play except the twins. Particularly Kesler and Edler.

    Is Kesler for Callahan possible? What else would have to be added?

  50. Will Miller play center field? Dors and CarBomb are nice to have around. One more big two-way wing who can score would set us up nicely. The Clowe Debacle.

  51. stepped away to finally eat dinner
    and find out i was carped (barely)
    so i’m re-posting

    the Richards contract has nothing to do with Cally’s situation.
    if buffalo resigns miller
    then should Cally want a contract similar to his if he goes UFA.

    Richards got his contract because he was one of the ONLY MAJOR UFAs that year and circumstances around the Rangers found it needing another offensive presence, Torts LOVED the guy and Slats was bidding against 2 or 3 other teams.

    Cally can want the moon and Slats can want to pay him something in the range of the earth’s core
    at some point
    they need to meet up with Bilbo and
    in Middle Earth

  52. I used to live in Grayson Kirk’s neighborhood in Bronxville and met him at a few lawn cocktail parties. He sicced the Riot Police on the Columbia students. Sarah Lawrence, which was nearby to us, sent in wine and cheese to the protesters who had taken over a building, and they eventually got tired and bored and wandered out. A tale of two cities.

  53. you think Avery
    used words
    and rigmarole
    to opposing players
    and because they weren’t bright enough
    to understand what he was saying
    they just got really angry?

  54. Kesler for Cally? Now that’s got my attention. I still think they should sign him though. Either way I wish that cigar chewing jamoke would make a move. The drama is too much.

  55. “Sather apparently had a handshake deal done for Stamkos in 2010 with one of the two Tampa owners at the time. At the last minute the other owner backed out.”

    I wonder if it was the owner that helped me pick up the food when I knocked over the buffet at the TBL meet-and-greet in Prague. Maybe if I had never knocked over that food we would have gotten Stamkos! Wah! I suck!

  56. Salty, while I agree those are the dumbest fans ever … JJ got coaches fired and still played like a dog and then forced his trade out of there. I’d boo him too.

  57. Seriously! Stamkos was THERE that night! I wonder if it’s like the butterfly effect or something! Oh, God! Look away, I’m hideous!

  58. Hope #15 hasn’t lost a step with his leg injury. He has been a sweet little addition in his limited role.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I get jet lag walking from one end my house to the others….the players have to be fighting it somewhat…

  60. Imagine if that owner had a traumatic flashback to removing smushed deviled eggs off the floor of the O2 Arena and thought “This will be my franchise if I agree to trade Stamkos”? It’s all my fault! Noooooooo!

  61. Love Callahan but he ain’t worth anymore than about 4 maybe 4.5 tops a year. production wise less than that. maybe 3.5 mil per. he’s a 3rd line role player. heart and soul type.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally Cally Bo Bally fee fi foe fally – Cally.

    He’s gone……like a steel train locomotive running down the track, he’s gone and not coming back..

  63. Brendon Prust for Busted Trust, Trusted Bust for Rusted Crust, all of that,to feed the Lust, we exchange for Golden Dust.In conclusion, it’s a must – Marcel Proust for Steven Brust. …Or, as they say in Saragossa, we agree for Marcel Hossa.
    Do something,already!

  64. My favorite Bronxville tale occurred one evening a couple of years ago when my wife and I drove through town and the streets were just being torn apart for repaving. The next night we went to pick up some take out at one of the local restaurants. The ENTIRE downtown area had been repaved overnight, new street lines/ parking spaces were painted and all of the cobblestone pedestrian walkways were newly done as well!

  65. ‘The rain may never fall till after sundown.
    By eight, the morning fog must disappear.
    In short, there’s simply not
    A more congenial spot
    For happy-ever-aftering than here
    In Camelot.’

  66. Girardi has shrunk somewhat from that 7 year old article. How do you get 2 inches shorter? Spine compression?

  67. I saved 7 and 1/2 % on my car insurance in 7 and 1/2 minutes. I didn’t have the time to get the full 15 %

  68. If anyone really thinks Callahan is only a 3rd liner in the current NHL, they’re insane. Its almost like his other stuff demerits the non-other stuff production he puts up. Pretend he’s a lockerroom non-factor … he’s still better than Chris Stewart. Add in the rest and the idea of tossing him to get 82 more of Stewart is-slash-should-be hideously laughable. Stewart doesn’t suck, not by any means. But he’s no Callahan. Not the same league. And neither is Clarkson.

  69. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    “I’m going to control what I can control, and that mainly is what I do on the ice, and that’s not going to change.” Ryan Callahan, Feb 25, 2014


    Uh, ok, Ryan. But there IS something you can control. You see, asking for $7M for 7 years is a tad ridiculous. You are taking advantage of the situation. If you come off your cloud to a more realistic (but still ridiculously high) $6-6.25M for 6 years, you may be resigned.

    You CAN control that. You don’t seem to want to. So, don’t lie to us.

  70. “Klein is reasonably priced, hard-nosed, and serviceable as a 5 or 6, little else it seems.”

    like I said Sather got screwed in that trade, he’s been doing that lately.

  71. Question, putting your fan-love aside and his remarkable season to date, would you rather have Zuccarello or Callahan, if money were not an issue at all?

    or, who is more of a legit second liner?

    just asking.

  72. Since Wolfpack is not making the playoffs this season and we have some decent NHL ready prospects like Miller, Lindberg, Fast, Kristo, Allen, etc. as well as insurance depth veterans like Asham, Powe, and Johnson. I think the best course of action would be to trade Boyle, Dominic Moore, Stralman, Falk, etc. by the deadline. Get something in return for players that wouldn’t be re-signed and get several prospects a chance to play and show what they got and maybe play few playoff games.

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Overall I think cally is the better player and who I’d rather have. Mza has found a niche and line mates that make him more valuable than most other places.

  74. “Question, putting your fan-love aside and his remarkable season to date, would you rather have Zuccarello or Callahan, if money were not an issue at all?”

    I think I would go with Zuccarello, especially that he now showed that he is a very good PKer. Callahan is a bit bigger, but his body is falling apart. If there was no Cap, I would be ok giving him 6.5 mil for a 3 to 5 years.

  75. would be nice if we could package several of our prospects for a playoff rental like Ott.

    Kristo + St. Croix for Ott

  76. So this kid Vatanen that Rangers are looking to trade Girardi for is he really 5’10”? Anybody know how good defensively he is and is he very physical?

  77. Let me clarify: He’s not even a third liner on Team USA. Meaning he is a first or second liner. On a an All-Star team. To call him a third liner is both untrue and ridiculous.

    Zuccarello and Callahan are such different players. I think we have only begun to see how good Zucc is offensively. That being said Callahan is the more valuable player overall because his game has so many dimensions in addition to solid offense.

  78. “I would take Callahan over Zuccarello without blinking, if all things were equal.”

    good thing you are not our GM :)

  79. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    I would not blink.

    I would not glare.

    I would not stare.

    I would take Callahan over MZA in a blink, glare, or stare. There is no question as to who is more valuable.

  80. Zuccarello plays with a passion, Callahan found his niche by hitting a lot, but most of the time they are uninspired hits, he is just using them to gain more money from contracts by padding his hit count. If he was playing for a team like Devils where their real time stat tracker is less trigger happy, he would have about half the hits in his career on the stat sheet.

  81. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Folks, any deadline trade of any player is like trading half (or less) of the player. He’s a rental, that’s all. You won’t get equal value at all.

    That’s whey the Martin SL rumor was so silly.

  82. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Jimmy Dolan has done a great job with his input on the Knicks. They are playing great!!!

    I hope Sather listens to him on Callahan and Girardi, too. Perhaps we could be as good as the Knicks.

  83. “Would you trade cally for burrows?”

    never, Burrows is done if you haven’t noticed. 0 goals, 5 assists in 28 games and is 32 years old.

  84. “Folks, any deadline trade of any player is like trading half (or less) of the player. He’s a rental, that’s all. You won’t get equal value at all.”

    you think you will get a lot for him after he signs 7 year 49 mil contract? Now is the time to cash in, we can get a 1st rounder + 2nd rounder. Look at what teams got for garbage players in the past like Gaustad, Clowe, Erat, etc.

  85. Honestly I always thought they made a mistake by giving Callahan the captaincy, I thought Girardi was more deserving and looks like my intuition was right, the captain is really showing his loyalty and desire to stay here. He seriously has some high opinion of himself to think he deserves that contract especially what an “awesome” playoff performer he has been for us. 24 points in 59 games a real Mark Messier. Oh and he had a whopping 1 point in the Olympics.

  86. also, put both Zuccarello and Callahan on the open market and see which one gets more money. I would bet my house it would be Callahan.

  87. “also, put both Zuccarello and Callahan on the open market and see which one gets more money. I would bet my house it would be Callahan.”

    whoever is more greedy, so yes Callahan by far. Zuccarello just want to play hockey, and that is why I love him.

    “I think Messier was a pretty decent captain. He did the exact same thing Callahan’s doing. A few times.”

    Are you serious? Messier was a 100+ point players 6 times in NHL, Callahan was a 50 point player 1 time, but thinks he is great enough to deserve 7 million.

  88. “Callahan was the right choice for Captain. To say otherwise is just silly.”

    what was wrong with Girardi as the captain? Girardi was a year older and played more games for the Rangers. What makes Girardi less of a leader?

  89. There is no question as to who the more valuable player is between Callahan and MZA. Callahan has a complete game, he is undoubtedly the more valuable player. But MZA is a better playmaker, and he plays an important role.

    Bottom line is that Sather has to do what is best for the team. And signing a second line player with declining numbers to high salary/long term contract isn’t in the team’s best interest. If Callahan wants to be a real leader, he’ll put the crest on the front first and make some realistic contract demands. Otherwise, see ya.

  90. Girardi had 31 points the season before the captaincy was vacated, averaged 24:34, 195 hits, 236 blocked shots, he was by far our best Dman. Dubinsky at the time was also coming off of his best season. Girardi was older than both Dubinsky and Callahan.

  91. I think the answer is obvious:

    Girardi is more humble, more mature, less concerned about keeping a “pretty face”.

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Bring on the Champs!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Messier = Greatest Captain of all time ( any sport )

    Capt two different team to the Cup

    Garrentees games .

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Bring on the Champs!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Question, putting your fan-love aside and his remarkable season to date, would you rather have Zuccarello or Callahan, if money were not an issue at all?

    In all honesty Carp , Zucco is a different player this year .
    He has more confidence ,hes seeing the ice well, picking his spots to hit. He seems faster. Zucco is an amazing passer and has eyes on what the sweet spots are to set up his teammates.He makes other line mates better. As of right now zucco makes our 2nd line our top PP unit .Only reason zucco is expedable is cuz he wasn’t one of our own. Our own draft pick that we nurchered. We put him in the useless little guy catagory when Callahan get all the kudos. Callahan is the better hitter , shot blocker and can put the puck in the back of the net . Its a real pick ’em . 3 million is all I’d pay for Cally and 2 million for Zucco .

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Bring on the Champs!!!"...says Greg L. on

    …I’d take Zucco if it was based on this season Carp.

  95. QQQ – Thanks for those links to the Beginnings shows.

    I liked them both.

    They are both obviously dedicated to their sport. we’ll see how it shakes out.

  96. Callahan is not a $6.5m+ player, and given his injury history we should not be offering a max term contract, unless he is giving a significant discount.
    $5.75m for 6 yrs or get some assets/picks/youngsters for him.

    Girardi on the other hand has proved himself to be as near to Robocop as any player can be. He is worth every penny of what he is asking ($5.5m?) as 1st pair right-sided shutdown D-men do not grow on trees. Sign him now and send Ovechcan’t a box of Kleenex.

  97. Bringing up kids doesn’t even excite me anymore, it’s such an established temporary joke on them and on us. Sather is one perverse sicko. Probably wants to “showcase” Miller for a couple games then ship him out with Cally for some old guy. We are on to you, Sather, your having skinned this cat dozens of times.

  98. Whoever brought that total bust Bargnani guy in here for the Knicks is probably a consultant to the Rangers, too. Bargnani in for Chandler when Chandler was hurt was a drop off the proverbial cliff, production and efficiency-wise.

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