Olympics over … back to our regularly-scheduled NHL season and rumors


I don’t know if Martin St. Louis is really going to become a Ranger, but there sure is enough smoke, and where there’s smoke …

Makes sense that St. Louis wants out of Tampa, where his GM Steve “Whyzerman” Yzerman originally snubbed him for Team Canada. Problem is, St. Louis has a full no-move clause, so if he doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t go. And the other problem is he’s 38.

It’s been reported that Tampa is not interested in Ryan Callahan as a rental, and sure isn’t interested in his seven-year, $6.75 (or whatever it is) asking price.

But I do believe Callahan’s days here are numbered — the NHL roster freeze ended at midnight, and 10 days remain until the March 5 trade deadline.

I do believe the Rangers will be active in those 10 days.

They sure have some holes, and will have one big one if they deal Callahan, depending of course on what they get back.

Also, six of their seven Olympians (Rick Nash, Henrik Lundqvist, Carl Hagelin, Callahan, Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan) will not join the team for practice, and the seventh, Mats Zuccarello, is going to be out another two or three weeks with a broken hand.

The Rangers don’t exactly tip-toe back into the season, either, with three games in four nights — Chicago at home Thursday, at Philly Saturday afternoon, Boston at MSG Sunday. Yikes.


I have an excellent guest blog in the hopper, but I’m holding it for this week when my “other job” is going to keep me kinda busy.

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    We’ll see how good Glen Sather can play hardball when he is in the less advantageous position. I believe that Cally truly does not want to stay in NY given his outrageous demands. He saw how it worked for Prust. I am fine with that. If he wants out, it is his right. If he wants to max out his latest contract, good for him. If this situation ends up bad for the Rangers with Cally and Girardi, there is one person to blame. The 13 year GM whose franchise has made it out of the 2nd round once.

  2. I am sure Cally looks at Richard’s contract…then thinks who is more important to this team…and to the fan base…and while getting the whole amount seems ridiculous…based on that contract being insane….something in the $6+ range for a crazy amount of years seems reasonable with Sather in charge….best thing about St. Louis is he didnt play in Sochi and hopefully didnt drink, bathe or rinse his eyes with the water.

  3. I was actually getting into the season before the Olympics started. Now I’m having a whole lot of trouble caring.

  4. Given that i’m pretty close to the timezone in Sochi the hockey coverage here was poor, until it got to the quarter finals, even then it wasnt great (problem was GB had hopes on the Bobsleigh and Curling so that trumped it in the coverage).

    It seems weird to think that this could be Cally’s last week as a Ranger, possibly Girardi too.
    According to capgeek we can take on $8.5m worth of annual contracts at the deadline, so i’ve no problem adding St.Louis

  5. Cross Check Charlie on

    If they trade for St. Louis then it’s a lock that Sather has no real plan to build a championship team. You don’t build a team by acquiring somebody that is 38 years old.

  6. If we trade Cally, what reason do we have to watch games before the shoutout? I guess only McD, Captain Hook Zucc and Kreider

    Feels like we’re getting sucked back into the ten year black hoooooooooollllllllllllleeeeeeee

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    Missed the whole weekend of hockey news and good gibberish, it seems.

    Boomer will look like an idiot if this deal doesn’t happen.

  8. Think Stepan will play thursday? I hear he’s got a sore butt from sitting on the bench for past 2 weeks.

  9. While I would prefer they trade Callahan for picks, the Rangers are probably the 3rd most likely to come out of the East so there is a desire to compete.

    St. Louis is not only better than Callahan right now, but he’d be the best player on the team. If Callahan is not going to be resigned, essentially the Rangers would be swapping Callahan for a better player this year and next. Then when St. Louis’s contract expires, the Rangers can make a run at Toews or Kane, should they hit the market.

    Now I still can’t understand for the life of me, why Tampa would swap Callahan for St. Louis, but whatever.

  10. according to brooks sather did approach Yzerman but Yzerman wasn’t interested in a rental. Also looks like both Callahan and Girardi are at a stalemate with contracts negotiations and according to brooks if sather can’t sign them by the dead line he will trade them both instead of losing them to free agency.

  11. My problem with trading for picks is that Sather would just waste them. That would be like giving up Callahan for nothing. Better to get someone we know can actually play hockey.

  12. jimG the desertrat on

    I say reunite two thirds of the meat line and make a nice sandwich Steward is a brusier.

  13. ThisYearsModel on

    Rick Nash is “thankful for the opportunity to represent his country” in the Olympics. Too bad he is not thankful to represent the Rangers, and all of us including the thousands of people running around in Nash jerseys. Wish Sather could trade him before the deadline. Send him to a nice Canadian city. Like Edmonton or Winnipeg. Putz.

  14. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    suppossedly, St. Louis was upset that Yzerman didn’t pick him for team Canada originally. Hence, he asked for a trade.

    Who knows if, after the team won gold, all is back to “The Way it Was”……..

  15. This whole thing is nonsense… Cally signs with Rangers by Friday.
    Whoever said he doesn’t want to be a Ranger is wrong,middle career contract every player wants to get long term,it only makes sense.

  16. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Ecklund is still saying Edmonton and the Rangers talking Callahan and Yakupov a bit. Strange……

    This kid is as selfish as they come. Worse than Kovalev, Kovie, any of the Russian players. No two way game. Why would anyone think he will listen to THEM???

    By the same token he is long term signed. Why would any GM trade a contracted guy, first round vaunted pick, for a rental.

    Nope. Can cross that one off, too.

  17. Manny

    I misspoke when I said picks, meant prospects and high level ones like Etam and Rattie.

    I agree that picks don’t really help us b/c we are not rebuilding and that Sather might just trade them for Dany Heatley (please no)

  18. Even better Oleo! I know for *most* teams it would be terrific to get some high draft picks, but Sather would totally get rid of them in some deal for an aging “star”

    High Prospects are awesome. I would love some.

    Callahan for Stasny?

  19. Boomer just wants people to listen to his radio show. Ratings! Ratings! Ratings!

    Anyone else feel like this week will either make or break this season?

    Also, good morning and it’s good to be back after a LONG Olympic break. Manny, I think it’s about time you get to *Putin* your *king of metal* crown back on.

  20. ThisYearsModel @ 9:08

    Couldn’t of said it better myself.

    Traid -Nash- ……there should be a nice return.

    He’ll wave his no trade, as he has once already

    I’ll be charitable, -Nash- is not a player that is comfortable in New York

    Clear Cap space, sign Girardi.

  21. The reason this is all sounding desperate is because they are in the final stages of negotiation, both sides have their positions set, no-one wants to compromise and its moved to waging a war in the press to try and make the other side falter first. (i hope!)

  22. Cally’s agent is thinking: “Boomer’s got a big mouth, probably wants to gain some ratings and twitter following let’s give him a call and leak the info to him!”

  23. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You’re right *Yergs* I feel threatened bow by *Putin* who is pretty freaking *Metal* in that he hates wearing shirts and loves killing things.

    Today’s *Metal* selection is *Ruins of Beverast* which is a is a black metal solo project by ex-*Nagelfar* member Alexander von Meilenwald. He was inspired to create horrifying *Black* Metal after hearing the early *Darkthrone* albums (before Darkthrone started mixing in, and then exclusively playing, Thrash).

    The most recent album, _Blood Vaults_ is a very cohesive work with some terrific and terrifying sampling. Definitely recommend this one in the dark with some candles lit and a nice thick glass of bloody purple wine.


  24. I just love speculation. (s) It’s riverting, fact-filled information that can really improve your day. (s) Thanks Boomer. (s) You suck! (ns)

  25. If Callahan is refusing to budge off 6.85 mil for 7 years, how can you not trade him?

    He has never deserved that kind of money, especially now that his offense is no longer what it used to be. Blocking shots and hitting everything moves isn’t worth anywhere near that kind of compensation.

    That kind of salary would put im the same league as Kopitar, Marleau and Datsyuk which he clearly is nowhere near.


  26. I think its along the lines of Boomer’s new simpler 1-10 Eklund scale, he reckons he’s got inside information that suggests its a 9 that Cally gets traded this week

  27. Some people really don’t like guys that score goals. I’m the first to admit that Nash will seem to disappear for a few games, but he’s the only legitimate 30+ goal scorer on the team. You can’t have 12 grinders.

  28. Love the metal selection *Manny*. I shall definitely check it out.

    In the meantime, a *St. Louis* – *Cally* trade makes absolutely no sense to me. OH WAIT! Maybe all this time we thought Cally was going to be traded *TO* St. Louis when *in fact* he’s just going to be traded *FOR* St. Louis.

  29. Who? What? Where? When?

    St. Louis would be fun to watch as a Ranger. I bet he would outscore Nash.

    He has one year left at 5.65M. So he wouldn’t be a rental. Is he worth a 1’st round pick? Because it’s going to take at least that and a player to get him.

    I could see the Kings paying that price, they NEED scoring as bad as the Rangers do.

    It should be an interesting 10 days to say the least.

  30. Lets remember, Dustin Brown got 8 years @ £5.875 and i’d imagine Cally is aiming for that or very similar

  31. If Cally doesn’t sign Sather’s contract by Friday, I’m thinking he going somewhere to finish out the season.

    IF that happens, I would like to see him on a team that has serious chance at the Stanley Cup. So that would have to be St. Louis. Right?

  32. Sather Must Go! on

    After watching the Olympics, I realized that there just aren’t many elite d-men out there; and really not that many very good ones either; putting, imo, the priority on locking up Girardi intermediate to long term; Cally’s demands have to come down..

    That said, If they trade Cally AND picks for MSL, I will be as confused as ever with our “Leader”.. picks are the Rangers biggest asset (used or traded); since they have limited depth in the org, you don’t trade them for 38YO small player, no matter how good he is (and he is awesome, but THIRTY EIGHT!)

  33. leetchhalloffame on

    Cally AND picks for a 38 yr old? I realize that St. Louis is an upgrade but for God’s sake he’s 38 and a hobbit. How will this help us remain contenders for the long haul?

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I literally never get hangovers because:

    A) I drink lots of water
    2) I drink the purest of the pure
    d) I have 3 livers.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was up late grading….the lil one is up at 5:30 – ready for Daylight Savings time. No soup? How about no sleep!!!

  36. I remember from 2010…It’s really hard to get back into the regular season after following a team of All Stars on their quest for a Gold Medal…post Olympic depression…fans and players alike.

  37. Sather Must Go! on

    “Florence” was the maid for the Jefferson’s.. “Florida” was the Mom on “Good Times”..I only make the deal if JJ and John Amos are included

  38. Gravy @ 10:04 I’m not a fool, I do like the goals,

    And I hope you don’t mind if speak on behalf of what may be the fastest growing group of Ranger fans, -Nash- Bashers,

    *For starters, Here’s (IMO) what’s not to like about -Nash- (if you are interested)*

    the non-hustling 30 second shifts,

    the shying away from any physical contact,

    the one on one signature spin-o-rama moves which often leaves his teammates scratching their heads,

    the refusal to cut to the middle of the ice / net off of the wing while carrying the puck with an angle and/or a step on the defended,

    The half-hearted, lackluster back checking,

    The inability or unwillingness to compete with opposition players for lose pucks along the boards or behind the net,

    The self-acceptance that his play is always “good”

    The lack of leadership, desire, energy, effort,

    The stretches of games and stretches during games when he is missing in action, unnoticeable on the ice,

    His salary cap hit,

    When the going gets tough, (see last years playoff), it seems to me the ‘Good One’ disappears.

  39. I’m guessing Sather has to replace the Hobbit with the broken hand. And Marty is the top Hobbit out there, so a rental for a Top Scorer for this year AND next year.

    I say BOOK it!

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sather must go – oooos. My bad. I get the extra F it award for confusing my women who’s name starts with F.

  41. Nash hustles as much as anyone else on the team. It seems some have an agenda against the Canadian Gold Medalist.

  42. Who’s NOT on this team NEXT YEAR?

    Dom Moore?

    Marty St. Lois scoring could fit on this team. He always skates like he has something to prove.

  43. Papa, I didn’t read that because it does not *agree* with my post. :)

    And I agree with most/all of it. But, I’m willing to put up with a lot of it because of those 11 goals in 11 game stretches that he’s capable of. Just like some people got on Gaborik for the same things, but the guy could just score goals (most of the time).

    Carp, you know the WBM *rules*…no coaches or GMs.

  44. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I don’t know if you guys know this, but that LW guy is absolutely hysterical.

    @LW3H Also 3rd youngest on 2018 Czech Olympic team RT @mirtle: Milan Hejduk retires today. Third highest scoring Czech ever behind Jagr and Elias.

  45. Wow Carp, good call with the St. Louis jerseys!

    My dad recently had hip replacement surgery, and he has an Abbot and Costello box set on DVD, so he’s been watching them non-stop during his recovery. Yesterday, we watched Abbot and Costello Meet the Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein.

  46. I’m not really interested in MSL unless it’s for Callahan. Even then, I’m not thrilled with the deal. Still, he instantly becomes the best offensive player on the team.

  47. Re: “You don’t build a team by acquiring somebody who is 38 years old.” So true, in fact you DISMANTLE a team’s rebuilding process by acquiring a player who is 38 years old. Ole “Stop Gap Sather” it never really ends, the spinning of this franchise’s wheels – build,dismantle, build, dismantle, build, dismantle. It started when he traded Brian Leetch for kids, then dumped the kids he acquired for veterans.

    Well at least I cannot speculate that Slats is on Mr. Stern’s payroll, anymore. But I do have to wonder what Mr. Bettman is doing for a second stream of income, now that Mr. Stern has retired? Hey, times are hard all around, especially if the new NBA commissioner has a shred of integrity in his character.

  48. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    If Callahan is leaving, and there is nothing we can do about it, how can you possibly be upset about Martin St. Louis coming back the other way? It would be an absolute coup to get that guy, signed for only one more season, for a complete rental.

  49. I doubt Tampa would take what Sather is offering for MSL. I just don’t see that happening. He has a full year left on his contract.

    I do see the Blues trading Stewart and his $4M next year, if Sather doesn’t get a better player/deal from someone else.

    Then he could always sign Cally. Cally just has to get off his *high* horse.

  50. Rob in Beantown on

    If it was Callahan for St. Louis straight up then obviously you *do it* without thinking about it. But it can’t be a straight up deal, right? I’m more worried about what Slats throws into the deal to get MSL. I’m not excited to give up high picks or prospects.

  51. So let’s see, Sather traded 23-year old Del Zotto for a 29- year old, and received ZERO picks. Now the scuttlebutt is that he is willing to trade Cally PLUS picks for a 38-year old. Get the picture? This man is merely the DE FACTO GM of the New York Sathers, err Rangers. Who the hell he is really working for is a damn good question???

    Seems we are back on the “getting old again” side of the treadmill.

  52. Rob in Beantown on

    I agree Bonfire. We were supposed to be getting away from trading picks and prospects for aging veterans. I don’t think you violate that now just because it’s St. Louis. What happened to the organizational *plan*?

  53. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Kevin “Coach” Klein was a good return for Del Zotto. Klein could anchor the right side of our 2nd pair for the next 4 years.

  54. -Nash- is like being with a super model who has taken a lifetime vow of celibacy. Looks nice, but at the end of the day, will she satisfy you?

  55. Del Zotto wasn’t going to get $3.5 – $4M from Sather this year. So Sather goes out and gets a Solid Right Hand defenseman for $2.9 for 4years.

    That’s a SOLID business deal. Maybe it’s win/win for both teams. Del Zotto is the unknown defenseman in this deal. He hasn’t developed into the player he could have been.

  56. Again no staal today. This can’t be good.

    Why do I feel this will be like 2006 after Olympics where they were on top of div and slid to 6th seed get swept by devs.

    This year instead slide out all together.

  57. 3 weeks ago some people were angry that Callahan could be traded for Stewart. Now those same people would rather have Stewart than Marty St. Louis? I dont get it at all.

  58. Carp, agree.

    So far,Klein is an upgrade from DelZotto, not Stralman ( especially the Stralman paired With Staal the last 20 games).

  59. Stralman is a great #4 dman. Whatever anyone can have against him is way more of an agenda/personal issue than anyone had against Tortorella.

  60. Staal & Stralman have been really good pair.

    JMOORE & Klein is huge, in helping Moore develop on the left side. Our third line Dpair could be one of the best in the NHL.

  61. From Eklund, the oracle of ontario:

    The Rangers and Oilers are talking and a few sources are hinting that Callahan and Yakupov may be in the discussions…

  62. According to Eklund its the BJ’s, Habs or Rangers in for Nail Yakupov. That’s exactly why people think he’s a hack!

  63. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Klein will be fine. He’s learning the system. The guy has been a second pair D-Man for most of his career.

  64. Klein is totally fine. As a #6 or at best #5. If he’s replacing Stralman then we have a problem.

    Aside from Callahan im pretty sure Boyle is a goner come March 5th.

  65. If it is a forgone conclusion that Callahan isn’t resigning in NY then getting MSL ( even if he was a rental) back is much better than having Callahan as a playoffs rental, imo. That’s why I do not understand why Tampa would make that trade. On the other hand, giving up picks ( especially high ones) in that deal is insane, I hope Sather isn’t considering it.

  66. I wasn’t at first but now I’m cool with Klein being the return for DZ. He hasn’t impressed me all that much but I also don’t think we’ve seen his best yet. Should be a sturdy 2d/3d going forward.

    Dorsett in a *contact* sweater at practice today.

  67. Something else worries me in terms that MSL trade. Imagine if he develops instant chemistry with Richards? Considering he has one more year left…

  68. Love all types of *metal*. Do not like Nail, even if he were *made* of metal. If I wanted some *ENIGMA*, I’d listen to it. I don’t.

  69. Sather Must sign Girardi, dearth of top RH D Men in today’s NHL will make him a $7M a year UFA.

    If I’m Girardi’s Agent I’m begging him to wait till July, unless Sather goes to $6.5 for 7 years.

  70. Edmonton would want Girardi before Cally, and a contract agreed to before they send Yak to the Rangers, for a rental.

    Rangers would get Yak for one more year at 925K

  71. Klein is nothing special. Is he really any better than Steve Eminger? He looks a bit more mobile, but other than that, he’s been alright.

    Ideally McIlrath will step in for Klein next year although he looks more and more like a bust every week.

  72. This trade rumor has me torn in knots. St Louis has been my favorite non-Ranger for years. I’d LOVE to see him in blue. But he’s 38 and this type of trade reminds me of SO many trades the Rangers have made in the last 40 years where they get an old guy past his prime for a player in or just getting to their prime (Ridley-Miller for Carpenter, Middleton for Hodge, etc.). And to throw in a draft pick seems too much for me.

    But, I also think we as Rangers fans tend to overrate Callahan somewhat. He’s a smallish power forward, who’s body seems to be acting like someone taking too many hits. A power forward’s career tends to be short. So I can’t see him getting 7 years. His leadership is unquestioned, but so was Drury and we ran him out of town. We also have others who could lead I think. I’ve always thought Staal would be the next captain, and that works for me. Plus MSL is a leader as well. And, I know that nobody here thinks the Rangers have a chance to win this year, but maybe they do? Why not? Fleury tends to choke in the playoffs and Boston is a team getting a bit older. So outside of those two, who would be a sure bet to beat us, with St. Louis and a healthy Zuc in the playoffs? Nobody. So why not go for it?

  73. Remember kids, you too can look up at the stars on Kilted Yak’s Eve to catch a glimpse of the Shaven Yak on his enchanted canoe! Just remember to leave a bowl of hot lather by the sink, for when the anthropomorphic yak bursts through your tub drain!

  74. Drury is actually about as close a comparison as you could find for Callahan. I bet Buffalo fans were reacting the same way when he was going to become a FA.

  75. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You guys realize that Klein is playing a different system. He was unnoticeable (meaning he made ZERO mistakes) until the last two games where he had a few fumbles.

    He will learn the new system and be fine. You will all love him when he fights someone.

  76. I don’t think McIlrath will ever skate good enough to be an NHL defenseman.

    He can throw them in time, but I just don’t see him doing much more than Bickel ever did, and right now he’s only 83 games behind him as a NHL’r.

  77. If sather trades any prospect/picks or young players for St. Louis I will be done as a long living ranger fan. Somebody in the organization please take a lead pipe and whack sather in the head and take him out before he completely ruins the rangers future.

  78. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Mcllrath is 10x the defenseman that Bickel is. Mcllrath plays in open ice and hits big at the blue line. He’s perfect for this system.

    Skating ability, although a hot button topic in the NHL these days, really isn’t everything. Physicality can make up for lack of foot speed very easily.

    Bickel is also 10x the fighter that Mcllrath is.

  79. SiuxPerMan – I’ll take your side bet.

    I love our Captain and am a big fan of St Louis… I like youth but respect that age is but one indicator of how much is left in the tank. I say this to paint the picture that I’m not in possession of a vested interest…

    BUT – I do believe MSTL is a Ranger before long and not because a football commentator on the radio says so.

    Could be the catalyst we need but not sure who fills Cally’s shoes… err, skates.

    We shall see….

  80. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    If Martin St. Louis is indeed headed to the Rangers then the Rangers better make darn sure they make a few more moves to get bigger throughout the lineup.

  81. Dudley – I just think MSL for Cally straight up is too good to be true.

    If MSL is a Ranger – I will gladly send you one of my best Cigars out of my humidor. Deal?

  82. Straight up doesn’t make sense. Throw Kreider and anyone else in there and let Stamkos come our way, now we’re talking.

  83. Callahan to Pitt for Orpik pending Orpik signing for Girardi’s money.

    Girardi to Anaheim for Silverberg/picks.

  84. “Throw Kreider” …

    If you’re going to off the deep end, at least have some respect and write, “Throw THE Kreider”.


  85. Wow…Harold Ramis…really gonna miss him…69 way too early.

    Most underrated guy in Hollywood ever.

  86. Manny Bickel 85 games as a Ranger.

    Minny Mc 2 games.

    Now I’m open to a discussion when he gets to 85 games. But the realist in me doesn’t see that happening. Every year there will be a defenseman that jumps over him in ability. Skjei will be next to jump over him.

  87. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I was at Warren77 during the USA vs. CAN game and Orpik got the puck and a bunch of guys in Suits were screaming “SHOOT IT!!!!” and I yelled at them, “Last time this guy shot the puck he broke his own teammates jaw. PASS IT”

  88. I was a little upset at the time of the USA Men and Women losses. In hindsight, hockey is Canada’s sport and they are deserving of the Gold medal sweep. Crosby is an excellent role model for all hockey fans and prospective hockey fans. To captain Canada to the gold after winning Gold four years ago with his overtime heroics is very special. What else can you say about Canada and Crosby

  89. I hope Party Kane continues his scoring draught from the Olympics on Thursday. But I have a feeling he’ll get the hat trick.

  90. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    http://www.violentgentlemen.com/ is having a 15% off sale until March 15, 2014. You guys can go there and enter the promo code “newsletter” and get the discount. Then you can be *cool* like me and have a wardrobe that your *wife* absolutely *hates*.

  91. Manny my new purchase of the Day – click on my name :)

    St Patty’s Day Jersey, Toews, Fighting Sioux logo from the past when I was in college. All wrapped into one.

    So I sent the Kid over to the Sioux Shop to pick it up.

    The perfect shirt for St. Patty’s Day!!! I told Mama she could bury me in it if she wanted to :)

  92. Sather Must Go! on

    Warren 77 is nota a good bar either to watch a game or just to hang…Hard to find a decent place not near msg to watch hockey

  93. Nelson will have to center the top line, now that Tavares is hurt.

    Didn’t Nielsen break something as well?

    Just imagine if Sather brought in MSL & Vanek for a run this year.

    I know its a Day Dream but still…..

  94. They deserved it. But “it’s Canada’s sport” = please.

    I want the USA to sweep every medal in every sport.

  95. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    We’re at a point where, if you don’t have an Avatar, and your name isn’t “eric” then I’m not paying attention to what you say.

    Unless you are clearly brand new and enthusiastic or you’re some very, very old person trying to use this newfangled internet device.

  96. Rob in Beantown on

    I watched the game at a bar and during the 3rd period this older French Canadian couple came in and started cheering semi-loudly for Canada. The guy was wearing a bright red CANADA jacket with a maple leaf. It was really awkward.

  97. The most glorious moment in this country’s sports history will come when it wins the World Cup.

    It’ll happen soon too.

    The rest of the world will rue the day.


  98. That a boy manny.

    I’m the lone avatar name that serves a purpose.

    Just heard Eric erlendson covers Tampa tribune says no
    Such rumors of St. Louis.

    Boomer will be a moron
    If this doesn’t

  99. Siux – You got yourself a deal my friend – and I happen to have a humidor as well so will return the favor in kind. DONE.

    Nothing I know of done yet but do know Marty loves the area and has plenty of friends here.

    Given how each player plays and looks – I wonder if regardless of the age, they dont have similar lifespans?

    I REALLY like Cally and I’m fearful of another Drury (whom I liked a lot as well) but agree – this could be the jam.

  100. Miami – I couldn’t be MORE aligned with you on this… with the exception of curling, which I’ll gladly give to the French or Jamaicans for a chuckle.

    Miami Pimp

    They deserved it. But “it’s Canada’s sport” = please.

    I want the USA to sweep every medal in every sport.

  101. yeah
    that’s all i’ve heard
    “lower body”
    hoping it’s nothing too major
    he’ll be back in the lineup
    seemed as if
    Kristo, Miller, Lindberg, Fast, Hrivik, Borque
    were starting to get their offensive flow

  102. Sioux –

    ‘May those who love us, love us.
    And for those who don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts.
    And if he can not turn their hearts,
    May he turn their ankles,
    So we may know them by their limping.’

  103. I have one with from the Siouxper power of the world.

    Have Danny called up for the March 26th game :) to play against VandeVelde at MSG!

    That’s not a lot to ask for.

  104. Coos
    Here’s to the girl in the little “red” shoes,
    she spends all my money and drinks all my booze.
    She may cherry but that’s no sin.
    She still has the box the Cherry came in :)

    That’s the best I’ve got today.

  105. I was at the Frozen Four downtown when Toews & Oshie were playing for the Championship.

    And that toast took second place in the whole ENTIRE bar.

    Some local suit got up and beat me….

    Here’s to *IT*,
    and IT *again*.
    IF you *don’t* do it,
    when you get a *chance* to Do IT.
    You may *NEVER* get a chance to DO it again.

    Here’s to *your* IT!

  106. Only way for that to happen is if TB uses Cally as only a rental, Slats throws in some picks, and St Louis called his GM a bunch of dirty names to his face.

  107. which is better than East St. Louis, where Kevin Stevens spent at least one fairly infamous night … and caused much agita and extra work for the traveling beat writers.

  108. Remember that. Must have made the Jesuits at BC cringe. Even old grizzly beat writers wouldn’t venture into East St. Louis.

  109. good old Kevin Stevens who went on a crack smoking binge one night in his hotel room the night before a game.

  110. Buffalo makes a lot more sense to me, for Cally. But I’m just a head-shakin’, foot-shufflin’ Country Boy.

  111. Still think Richards sets a bad example for a few on this team who think it’s okay to float so long as you net one every four games.

  112. Doug Glatt was played by Sean William Scott.

    Goon is a 2011 Canadian sports comedy film directed by Michael Dowse,[2] written by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, and starring Seann William Scott and Liev Schreiber. The main plot depicts an exceedingly nice but somewhat dimwitted man who becomes the enforcer for a minor league ice hockey team.

  113. If TB had any interest in trading St. L, makes sense they would make run for the Cup and do it after the season, no?

  114. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is a *Leader*

    New line is Hags – Richards – STL with STL being the heaviest as is listed.

    I expect great things from Richards now he has more rest and is ready to lead!!

  115. Stranger Nation on

    On this morning’s show, Bummer Eyesore was adamant this deal was going down. Which means absolutely nothing

  116. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I got a new *shampoo* that is supposedly *great* for *Psoriasis* although that wasn’t the reason I bought it. It’s also entirely *natural*

  117. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    “Well that was borderline treasonous, and a disgrace to our nation and its proud and storied history. My father didn’t kick the Nazis’… and the puck drops!”

  118. tommy, might have been the night before a game … but it wasn’t in his hotel room. It was in East St. Louis … and we traveled to Atlanta the next day, and he obviously didn’t make the trip.

  119. Whew, scrolled down to the last post and didn’t see a “fresh post ” so I guess no trade yet.

    Sign your own free agent Slats, sign the Captain. MSTL for Cally plus picks = Sather and boomer are morons. I get that he’s a better player but to give up picks yet again is just dumb.

  120. how about this?
    Cally traded for picks
    and Slats resigns
    (buys him a brand new pair of skates, too!)

  121. Slat’s Press Conferece: “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you’ve got a brand new ‘C'”

  122. I was in the Ranger hotel that night Stevens traveled across the mighty Mississippi river..(Hyatt Regency)–and the next morning the team came down and they were really, really down about the Stevens issues..and probably the Graves issue as well…

    Interesting memory of the game the evening before was them giving the Rangers credit for a goal-the goaltender’s glove with the puck was in the net…and they rolled the clock back and tacked the time onto the second period…weird all around!

  123. I once played in a foursome with a hooker. The other two were slicers. I think they worked in a Deli.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What’s wrong with smoking crack the night before a game? Its not like he was on the bench, in between shifts, puffing away.

  125. coos
    i got the Melanie reference
    made me think
    you may be giving
    a tough time in song lyrics world

  126. jpg – so many true and hearty yutes on this blog, when you say Elvis, they say “Elvis who?”

  127. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Mrs. Manny really likes the *UNTUCKit* line.

    I find it odd that they have T-Shirts because, unless your name is *Ed Balfour*, you probably don’t tuck in your T-Shirts.

  128. I would rather get Stewart than Marty. Cally & a draft pick for MSL is insane. The Rangers should not trade for MSL. They can trade Cally and get a younger and bigger player. Although not great, I would be happy with King and a #1 from LA. MSL is a great player but it doesn’t make sense to trade for him. There is at least one GM out there who will over trade for Callahan. Every year one or two GM’s make insane trades that drive their team’s fans nuts. Let’s hope Sather is the victor of that type of trade and not on the, “What was he thinking side!?”

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This deaf, dumb, and blind boy in a quiet vibration land.

    Strange as it seems, his musical dreams ain’t quite so bad

  130. carp, I thought the rangers were close to signing Girardi? According to brooks talks have stalled.

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Van Johnson, Van Morrison, and allied Van lines for Forrest Tucker, Tucker Carlsen, and Tucker Fredrickson.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tommy John, Elton John, and John the wad Holmes for Harry Reams and James Van Reams Dyke.

  133. Don’t forget Old Dan Tucker, who’s too late to get his supper. Combed his hair with a wagon wheel, dined with a toothache in his heel..

  134. Sixteen Candles, Fifteenth Infantry, 1492, Ocean’s 13, Twelve Monkeys, News at 11, Ten Little Indians, Nine to Five, Eight Miles High, The Magnificent 7, Six Ways to Sunday, Five Easy Pieces, The 4 Seasons, The Three Stooges, Two and a Half Men, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

  135. Red Schoendienst was from East St. Louis. Stan Musial was from Donora, PA. Perry Como recorded a song called “Glendora.” He also recorded a song called “Tina Marie.” These and other gems can be found at YouTube, on a slow news day. Like today, for example.

  136. Casey Stengel was from Glendora. He used to hit fungoes in the off-season with a kid named Rod Dedeaux. Rod Dedeaux grew up to become the ~baseball coach~ at USC, instead of becoming the football coach. That is like preferring to be a burger flipper instead of an investment banker, because “the hours are better.” This is why the name “Rod Dedeaux” will forever be a household name – in the Dedeaux family household.

  137. The Seven Santini Brothers for the Seven Deceased Gotti Brothers, plus the publishing rights to the line: “Maybe you didn’t hear, you been away a long time, I don’t shine shoes no more.”

  138. I wonder if Putin took any gold medals to go with his Super Bowl ring and collection of journalists’ body parts?

  139. Did the Rangers trade Cally for the rights to speak with Bernie Nichols agent yet? Don’t call it a come back!

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brad Richards, Keith Richards, and Renee Richards for Patrick Kane, Citizen Kane, and Candy Kane.

  141. Eddie is very smart with his use of parenthesis () to get certain words through the Clutterbuck.

  142. Went to the new Sushi Bar that popular with the lawyers by the court house. It’s called Sosumi.

  143. East St Louis may be the scariest place I’ve ever been. And I was there in broad daylight, middle of a summer Saturday after missing a turn off the highway. Rolled the windows up, turned up the AC and found the nearest way back to the highway and back across the Mississippi.

  144. E3 these are priceless…Carp, you should publish the “Best of the Rangers Report Blog”…a surefire best seller! Best evening entertainment on the web!

  145. wild, that may be but ESL does have one of the higher murder rates in the country and it’s very much rundown. As a single woman alone, I frankly didn’t feel safe there at all.

  146. I usually read the comments in order… but when I get to a post late and am almost 400 comments behind, I like to start from the newest and read backwards from there.

    Boy has this one been entertaining!

    Thanks for the laughs gang.


  147. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    3 way trade: Abe lincoln and Gerald ford for jackie Stewart, Jon Stewart, and Payne Stuart for Stuart cink, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and rock that will sink.

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vanilla ice, Darryl strawberry, bob lemon and Coco channel for herb Brooks, Philip Rivers, and Billy Ocean

  149. Willie Wonka, Daryl Dawkins and Chocolate Thunder for the Easter Bunny, Bunny LaRoque and Weezy Jefferson.

  150. Stranger Nation on

    Ace Freeley, King Kong Bundy, Queen Latifah and Jack Benny for Sam Spade, Legs Diamond, the Cotton Club and the Heart of Gold you keep searching for.

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