It’s Go Time! … Sweden vs. Canada for the Gold Medal (7 a.m.)


Henrik Lundqvist and Carl Hagelin vs. Rick Nash, 7 a.m. on NBC.

After ya boys with the red, white and blue shirts bombed out in their two medal-round games, this is all that’s left.

Who wins the gold? (According to Canada is a 2-1 favorite; the over/under is 4 1/2).

Lundqvist, of course, has won one of these babies before. Canada, of course, is the defending champ, having spanked Team USA Friday in the semifinals.

After today we can get back to our normal business. The NHL’s Olympic roster freeze is lifted at midnight tonight, and that leaves 10 days until the March 5 trade deadline.

FWIW, Boomer Esiason is tweeting about a big “shocking” Rangers deal coming up, one that will cause much debate, one that he thinks will make the Rangers appear to be buyers and sellers. I only know that Boomer is (or was?) in tight at MSG, close to Jim Dolan and his lieutenants. He’s been right before. Worth watching.

The Rangers, who obviously have a mega-decision to make on Ryan Callahan, and who lost Mats Zuccarello (broken hand) in the Olympics, return to action Thursday against the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks, a visit to Philadelphia Saturday afternoon, and Boston at home Sunday night.

Photo by Getty Images.


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  1. Doc has been brutal all tournament calling the wrong guy and he rarely corrects himself… Time to hang them up

  2. At least it is far from Canada domination as many predicted. I like sweeds and watching that being pretty cool, with normal steady puls for change, just enjoying it for pure hockey…

  3. Can’t wait to hear what Boomer has to say. Wish he had his own show though. Cockroach gives me a case of the Van Goghs

  4. Feel bad for Hank, Canada just a deeper and better team. Gonna be tough for Hank to get that Gold! Sweden MUST capitalize on PP if they have any chance.

  5. Carp: Boomers tweet is driving me nuts! Do you have any information that something big is in the works?

  6. Hags does look like a little buzz saw every time he is on the ice. His speed makes him noticeable.

    McPenis.. LOL!

  7. Much like USA game not enough puck possession offense zone time for Sweden. Need 2nd chance on canada

  8. Isn’t Canada team stuffed by about 50% of future HOFers, minus Nash and plus Hank,fans dream for Rangers team?

  9. If Sweeds could get themselves on a board quickly, which is doubtful, it can still turn the game, otherwise enjoy Canada triumph, who likes

  10. Here’s what most are ignoring… I have a sick feeling another impact roster player will be packaged with Cally….someone like hags. Thoughts?

  11. “Bodies to the net” doesn’t sound good for Hank. Please, come back in a one piece, Hank.

  12. I’d hate to see the kid go, but we’re talking ranger brass here. Nothing surprises & always disgusts!

  13. Im not sold on Kreider yet, not nearly as much as some people here are, and Id LOVE Lucic as a Ranger but not for the cost of either Girardi/Kreider.

  14. No Orr, you’re not alone. As much as I would love Lucic on this team, watching Kreider in a Bruin sweater would be awful.

  15. I’m afraid, that Hank will be back to starting mental state with psychological trauma, after this…Will bad taste in a mouth continue in his play for Rangers?

  16. I wouldnt be excited in getting Lucic for his goal scoring. Just for the style he plays.

    Bruins have been rumored as the most interested in Girardi what makes you say it’s Kreider? I still havent seen the tweet that says a forward is going FROM the Rangers. I thought he meant we are getting a forward.

  17. Really hope Swedes don’t score one or two…you REALLY dont want to hear how Crysob or Kuntitz had a Gold medal winner.

  18. I’m just guessing, Lev.

    I read that info wrong too. I think he means a forward is coming from the other team.

    He mentioned Stahl’s not the guy.

    It can’t possibly be McDonut. Could be Girardi, but he seems to think either Girardi or Callahan is getting traded, and he says Callahan is the one.

  19. It is not much left to wait. Have some patience, guys, instead of blowing empty trades air…

  20. I guess this is other other side of the sword for Sweden having such an easy road to the Gold Game, never really faced any high calibre teams and never got fully prepared for it.

  21. Rob in Beantown on

    Richards getting traded doesn’t help the Rangers recapture problem, right? So that’s a bad idea

  22. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    I think #35 would have stopped #87

    maybe GM’s should consider all canadian rosters and trade away the U.S. and european players

    canadian headlines :”The Price was Right ”

    hank looked like hagor the horrible

  23. Jan Levine (anyone know who that is?) is saying that it’s Callahan for Marty St.Louis and a conditional pick depending on if Callahan resigns in Tampa.

  24. Why didn’t Boomer say that the deal doesn’t include McDonagh?

    Also, what’s with the 20 questions crap. Just tell us or shut up, Boomer

  25. Jokes aside, but Hank is visibly deeply upset and not by announcer forgetting his name. My heart goes for him…really.

  26. Lol, falling asleep I thought that maybe they were moving Stepan for St. Louis.

    He can play on the first line, is well respected, plays in the east, etc.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    Cam Talbot @ctalbot33
    And that, ladies and gentleman, is how it’s done.
    #back2backgold #totaldomination

    *Ouch, Cam*

  28. It’s not _that_ bad. At least St. Louis is a legit first line center. It also helps the team get smaller and less physical.

  29. I meant dumb for the Bolts.

    I trade Cally for St Louis is a heartbeat. I’d streak through NY if it happened.

    For the Bolts, it’s horrific. They’re a playoff team. Trading St Louis for Cally makes them worse. Doesn’t help at all.

  30. Oh. Yea. Seems like way better than we should be able to do trading a rental.

    Although, St. Louis was left off team Canada, scratched for a game and is generally an old man.

    If the Bolts want to move him that’s a bit scary. Maybe they know something? I doubt that though.

  31. If we get St.Louis for Callahan im also jumping up and down. That is so much more than i expect to get for him. Would be another good trade by Sather.

  32. Great… lets trade for a tiny 37 yr old whos best years are behind him… perfect. Our management makes me SICK if we do this…

  33. I mean look… St Louis IS having a good year.. I’ll give him that… but he’s 37… 37!!!!.

  34. Rumor out of CBC is Backstrom didn’t play because he was caught with Claritin in his system…no joke.

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    _Rumor out of CBC is Backstrom didn’t play because he was caught with Claritin in his system…no joke._

    I guess I would banned from the Olympics for doping too!

  36. So what youre saying is you’d rather lose Callahan for nothing. OR youre saying to resign Callahan at whatever cost he wants. Because you cant really do much better than getting St. Louis for him.

  37. Pretty sure the point is that we are losing Callahan. That sucks. But if you’re losing him now you don’t expect much In Return. St. Louis would be kind of an amazing return.

    Still sucks to lose Callahan

  38. You know Niklas Backstrom failed a doping test.

    Unless there is a special exception to hockey, technically, according to Olympic rules, that could disqualify the ENTIRE Swedish olympic hockey team.

    That would give the US a bronze. Interesting development.

  39. If anyone’s curious, here’s what Lev mentioned…

    “The latest name I have heard is Martin St. Louis, which makes sense. We have spoken about the team possibly needing more offense up front. St. Louis gives them that and someone, who like Zuccarello, can play on the PP. He is signed through next year at $5.625 million, so the cap won’t be a major issue plus he has a history with Richards. It does make the Rangers smaller up front, but the return of Dorsett will help that a bit. Callahan gives Tampa a gritty top-six forward and the conditional pick that Boomer mentioned would kick in if he re-signed by the lightning. In addition, the source mentioned Girardi would re-sign in NY and be named captain. Again, all this is pure speculation but I have heard similar info from two separate individuals”

    Take it for what it’s worth.

  40. And there is no way in hell, the Lightning would trade the best player in Franchise history, to rent an inferior player in Ryan Callahan.

    If you’re the Rangers, you make that trade in a heartbeat.

  41. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    I can’t see Tampa trading St. Louis, the face of their team, prior to a playoff run, anywhere. The ‘conditional pick’ is silly. NO WAY a player from Buffalo CHOOSES to play in Tampa long term. Doesn’t make sense.

    The Neil thing with Ottowa is silly. Sure we’d like him, and sure he makes next to nothing (for this day and age), but he is not a first liner (Boomer says the new player fits first line immediately), and is way below Callahan’s value.

    Marchand? Silly. Bergeron? Nope.

    Oh, it’s gonna be a Sather special alright.

  42. I’m still gonna hold out until McKenzie/Dreger/LeBrun mentions something about it. Boomer? Seriously? He claims that he broke the Kevin Klein trade or something; I saw a post from September of last year talking about that trade on the hfboards!

  43. What Boomer is saying makes no sense.

    Why would a team give up a 1st line player (whose under contract too) to rent Callahan (who is and never will be a 1st line player)

  44. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Thanks, guys, for the realism and balance.

    I simply will not be able to get it through my thick skull that a player like Callahan (notice I no longer call him Cally) can’t find a reason to ‘deal with’ making $6.5 instead of $7.5 for 6 or 7. When you get that big, really, who cares?? You’re freaking rich!!!

    I have to be thinking he’s not comfortable with management, where the team is going, etc. and it’s not entirely about the $$$$.

  45. “I have to be thinking he’s not comfortable with management, where the team is going, etc. and it’s not entirely about the $$$$.”

    He shouldnt have complained about Tortorella then. Although ill bet anything that it’s definitely not the reason. Simply about $$$.

  46. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Sather has done some strange things. It would be ridiculous to think he would trade THE, a guy who he drafted, has untapped potential, size, speed, ability. His top end is still not known.

    Sather’s ego would not allow him to make that deal.

  47. At this point I have no interest in retaining Callahan. Yea he’s a great role player and leader and hustles and all that, but after watching his offense deteriorate like it has over the last year and a half and the contract demands, we have to trade him.

    You can’t pay a 50 point player, 6+ million a year, just because he throws himself in front of shots with reckless abandonment. 3 years from now, we might be lucky if he can get us 15 goals.

    Trade him for the best return we can get, lock up Girardi and name him captain and lets go.

  48. I have every interest in retaining Callahan until the day he announces his early retirement die to leg amputation. I absolutely LOVE that guy.

  49. “You can’t pay a 50 point player, 6+ million a year, just because he throws himself in front of shots with reckless abandonment. 3 years from now, we might be lucky if he can get us 15 goals.”

    Nash might only be able to score 15 goals a year too in a few seasons, without doing any of the additional things Callahan does.


  50. Manny

    I’m sorry, but in a salary cap era you can’t compete for cup when your depreciating 3rd best RW is making 6+ mil for 5+ years.

    If the Rangers resign Callahan to that big a cap hit, you can kiss any Cup aspirations goodbye now that we are forced to go through Crosby and Malkin in the first or 2nd round.

    Drury 3.0

  51. Callahan is NOT a 3rd line Winger. He’s playing there because of the *chemistry* between the 3rd line and them being moved up. One of them broke a hand and Pouliot will play himself into the press box soon.

  52. Alfredsson would be a huge waste for us.

    Plus there’s all that bad blood between he and Hagelin…..

  53. OK, based on BOOMER rumors…if it is an Olympian who is “hated”, plays on an Eastern Canadian team and isn’t signed long term it HAS to be PK Subban.
    OR if Boomer is off on the Olympian angle/ Canadian team thing, but still going with “hated”, I’m thinking Callahan for Steve Ott, 1st rounder and Johan Larrson.

  54. OR if Callahan is the Olympian Boomer talking about, then the “hated” player on an eastern Canadian team….Evander Kane.

  55. Boomer just linked the YouTube video for ” reunited”. Which is prompting many to think that it’s St Louis who would be reunited with Richards. Guess he ruled out Dubi, gabby, Artie. Also could be Lecavalier then too though.

  56. Lets the traidathon begin. Non-stop scenario between now and March 5th.

    Boomer said he has “Major” respect for the play coming back. Played in Sochi, an eastern conference forward. Based on Boomers criteria, I complied a list that boils it down to, in my opinion:

    Datsyuk, St. Louis, Kessel, Elias, Jagr, Bergeron, Alfresson & Zetterberg.

    Of those, Kessel, Bergeron, Zetterberg have huge contracts. I find it hard to believe they would trade Callahan to the Devils so I am thinking St. Louis or Alfresson. Datsyuk has a less than monster contract (3 years at 5.625 remaining). Datsyuk might be the biggest shocker of all.

    Other on this list, although unlikely:
    Crosby, Pacioretty, Krejci, Kunitz, Van Riemsdyk, Backstrom, Semin, Malkin, Ovechkin, Plekanec,Eriksson.

  57. read the tweets, he laughed at the idea of Kadri. Winnipeg is in the West. He said it’s for an Olympian. I havent seen the Subban tweet but if he did reject the idea of Subban then other than St. Louis who is left? Kesler?

  58. Manny

    You are simply letting your emotions get to your decision making process. The fact is Callahan is depreciating and an significant injury risk who is unlikely to ever eclipse the 50 point ma

    Callahan has been an outstanding NY Ranger. There is no denying that, but you have to do what’s best for the organization’s future.

    And paying a guy like he’s an all-star, when he from this point on he is a 2nd line player (at best), is bad managing. He’s no longer the player he was when he put up almost 30 goals a few years ago.

    That’s not him anymore. He’s lost some of his offensive abilities and because of that we have to view him accordingly.

  59. I was stopped in the right lane at a red light. Guy in the left lane (next to me) motioned to ask if he could go ahead of me to make the right hand turn from the left lane. Usually, no problem right?

    But this had this look about him….He looked like he was a visitor from Canada. When the light turned green,I flipped him the bird and wouldn’t let him in the lane. Then I yelled through a closed window “go back to Canada you ddgggredr!!!!

    My wife was mortified. Wants me to ‘get some help’. Says she hasn’t seen me this crazy since the Devils knocked us out of the Confernce Finals 2 years ago.

    I apologized and told her it was dur too the particularly tough week of Olympic Hockey.

    She told me to grow the f:;k up.

    I told her “you’re right. That’s no excuse for my behavior”

    Than i finished by saying “anyway, That arse whole should still go back to effing Canada”

  60. Sting: “If you love someone, set them free”.

    We all love the way Callahan has played, led, toughed it out and most importantly represented the sweater. But can you seen Callahan lasting 7 more years the way he plays. Do we want to see Callahan at half speed?

  61. @rangersreport

    I remember very clearly NYR Olympians not taking cold meds during those seasons because they were on the list.

  62. not as excited about the St Louis rumor as some. for a bunch of reasons, but the main one is this, St Louis is signed for 1 more year after this, do you really think they would bring him in and then buy out Richards?

  63. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hope it isn’t St. Louis. If we are trading mza and a pick for St. Louis then ok.

    No way I hell do I want this team to get smaller and less physical than it already is!!!

    Cally for Neil, Stewart, Bergeron, Marchand, lucic etc then yes, I’m in!!

  64. Pitt gets Neal from Dallas for spit. We give up our 28 year old Captain for a 40 year old rental?

    I like St Louis, but we still ain’t winning the Cup with or without him.

    Gotta be a better deal out there, yes?

  65. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    2 things, what if boomer is “partially” wrong? I mean what if it’s a D man? Wweber or lol…orpik? What if it’s a western conf fwd? Kesler, burrows, statsny, mike Richards?

    Second, if this is anything close to accurate and it goes down, how soon before boomer loses his inside source? I mean it can’t be good that he is spilling the beans like this in advance, right?

  66. Some inklings, bull, but I am not throwing them out there so that people here can throw them back in my face if they don’t happen.

  67. Sorry Boomer! Bob > Boomer

    “Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 1m

    That said, at this time, NYR don’t have anything imminent in terms of trade for either guy. Expect it all to play out over 7 to 10 days.”

  68. Unless it’s done already, Wick. I don’t imagine he ever wants to piss off people inside MSG for the thrill of “breaking” a rumor. If he were a real reporter, he’d have the names out there, not this stupid guessing game.

  69. OK, fair enough. to bad though, this stuff is a lot of fun. and who cares if you are wrong. you have been wrong before, and will be wrong again, but you are also right just as much.

  70. Richards and Torts? ha ha. not to many people thought either of those scenarios was going to play out like they did.

  71. Lucic would fail here. He isn’t that good. He’d score like 10 goals and fight everyone. Now, Callahan for Marchand, that I would do…

    Really? Callahan for St. Louis? Tampa isn’t that stupid. And, why would he leave? Doesn’t he have a NTC?

  72. I don’t know. He’s not a reporter, but he’s definitely tight inside MSG. If he’s getting info, he’s probably getting it from somebody who would know.

  73. What the Rangers should be looking for is either a top prospect who can be a future all-star or a young current NHLer with all-star potential.

    Look for a team like the Blackhawks, Ducks, Blues, Sharks, Bruins, that would view Callahan as the last piece for a Stanley Cup run.

    Could we get an Emerson Etem or Ty Rattie? Or maybe 2 of the Blackhawks good prospects like Clendening and Pirri?

  74. wouldn’t it be more specifically about Callahan if they were?

    don’t you think Callahan knows exactly what cards are on the table?

    wouldn’t it make more sense for them to leak it to a media member who would actually, you know, tell you the rumor instead of having a jackwagon guessing game on twitter?

  75. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Personally I like it when you share the info/your opinion or speculation with us.

    As far as the “haters” go, like we said in the army “F them if they can’t take a joke”, but I understand if you don’t want to say anything, I still love ya!!!

  76. EJ Hradek ?@EJHradek_NHL 13m
    Congratulations to Norway, Finland and Latvia, the only 3 teams to score against Canada in Sochi. Dominant defensive effort by great players

  77. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    On a bit of a different note, all you hear from the past few broadcasts of the Sweden games is how hank has problems with traffic in his crease (what goalie doesn’t) but it is really an issue for him.

    Hello, rangers could we please add some crease clearing beef by the deadline?

  78. Carp, if your referring to the Torts and Richards declarations of last season as targets of the ‘mocking’ , was it really that bad or was it mostly intended to be good natured ribbing?

    If you have some rumors, why not share them as just that, rumor that are circulating?

  79. Would Cally for Ott be beyond the realm of possibility? Both UFAs. Sabres want Cally. Ott much cheaper, leaves $ to sign Girardi.

  80. My barber started a rumor that my hair was thinning and my waist was thickening @# Barbers with big mouths.

  81. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would like to request a new blog acronym…WWBS (What Would Boomer Say).

    Motion tabled.

  82. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    So, Carpy, if it were to be Callahan for St. Louis and a conditional (which, to me, is just window dressing), what do you think about it as a deal?

    Other questions, what impact is there on NYR with the subtraction of another ‘heart and soul’ player? Should Sather just bow down and sign him at all costs?

  83. There was a rumor circulating in the Supermarket that he potatoes had their eyes on every woman who walked past the potatoe stand @ #horneyeyedpotatoes

  84. Cally for St. Louis I guess I could live with short term but two years from now once st Louis is gone it would sure be nice to have a return as opposed to nothing.

  85. That would be typical NYR “Go for it now, even if you’re really not that close” mentality, IMO. I love MSL, and he’s a great player and supposedly a great person. But that trade looks worse two years from now than Callahan at $6.5M would look.

  86. Coos, my 12:29 is not confirmed. Repeat not confirmed. I may have had the wrong wrong Mel.

    However I have confirmation Mel Allen is dead #@ confirmed dead celebrities and sports figures.


  87. All of you have my word I swear on my kid if the rangers give up mcdonagh I will give up my season tix and never spend any money on this team again.

  88. Stranger Nation on

    _Lucic would fail here_
    please pass it on the left hand side…
    He is exactly what this team needs – playable toughness!! Proven playoff performer.
    Dont get too excited about reg season stats re MZA

  89. Report circulating that Boomer Is about to named Director of Media Relations for the NY Rangers #@# what a friggin tool.

  90. I agree Carp,
    but why trade for St. Louis if you are only going to buy out Richards. I would think the idea behind St. Louis is having him play with Richards.

  91. Eric

    Funny that you mentioned that, b/c apparently they are looking to trade McDonagh to the Leafs for Nazim Kadri and Paul Ranger because Dolan thinks Kadri would appeal to the Middle Eastern community and he wants to market a Ranger Ranger jersey.

  92. Richards HAS to go in Spring. Leaves us needing a center, but replacing #19’s offense with a similar point producer who plays TWO WAYS will be a less expensive, less scary upgrade. Will remain nervous until his last sashay on Ranger ice.

  93. MCD is special. LeTang and Karlson would be very difficult, but theyboth bring so much offense to the game from the back end. I’d be really tempted.

    Weber and Doughty. No doubt. I might even throw in a mid round draft pick or mid level prospect as well.

  94. I won’t believe Richards is bought out until I see it with my own eyes. It’s almost unfathomable that he is playing out that contract this season, with the risk of injury looming.

    Just to confirm, if Richards is injured in any way, they can’t buy him out, correct? Even if it isn’t career ending injury.

  95. But why would Slats want to fool around with an effective D when he has so many other pressing problemos? Namely replacing Cally and Richie.

  96. So we learned from these Olympics that -Nash- does have it in him to hustle every shift, use his body and back check with effort.

    Whoda thunk it?

  97. Democrats are embarrassed about their riches. Republicans feel they are entitled to everything they have stolen. :)

    NO Politics!

  98. I was walked into a public restroom had a sign in the center of the room as you entered that said “Squatters Right”

    Needless to say, toilets were on the right, urinals were on the left. (Rim shot)

  99. Oh Canada, our home and native land.

    Exaltation. A clean sweep of hockey Gold. The Captain, #87

    Back to regularly scheduled programming. Let’s go Rangers.

  100. my understanding, NYR_FAN is that a career-ending injury wouldn’t be so bad because of LTIR benefits. But a twisted ankle that hasn’t healed on July 1 is a complete organizational disaster.

  101. Try as you might, i will not be drawn into silly Hockey talk here on the worst hockey blog of these Internets.

  102. I went into a public restroom with water on the floor that had a sign that said “Leak In Sink.” So I did.

  103. So Carp, bad twisted ankle for Wilburrrr, no problem.

    It needs to be set, so a little bit of general anesthesia followed by a foot amputation and walla, no more twisted ankle!

    I’m sure an appropriate Doctor can be found!

  104. I went into a bathroom once and there was a sign that said “Flush Only When Necessary” No kidding.

  105. Richie has survived thus far because he can’t really be rammed on the PP and five on five, he’s a non-issue.

  106. I wouldn’t trade McDonagh to stop the world from certain apocalyptic destruction. Not even on the eve of Ragnarok.

  107. New a Gynecologist who passed out goof business cards that went by the name of Dr. Seymour Kitty.

  108. The future would be who they get back in the trade. (Weber, Doughty etc.)

    And of course, in case Pimp is watching, The Kreider!

    But, there is no way McD gets moved, because Nashville and the Kings are not trading Weber and Doughty.

  109. I understand Carp and I agree. I meant it was a stupid gamble NOT to buy him out last July because any little injury at the end of this season can cause them to miss the final buyout window!

  110. I went to a restaurant and saw a sign which said “For Bathroom, Use Stairs.”

    Must be some nasty stairs.

  111. Went into a Bathroom once an the sign said “Please Do Not Flush Paper Towels in Toilet”. Unfortunately, There was no toilet paper left so, I used paper towels.

    I found out real fast I why they had that sign up. Real fast.

  112. Why does Nash only hustle during the Olympics? Can he only be a complete player once every four years?

  113. -Nash- post concussion symptoms are Western Hemisphere specific.

    He feels fine in the Eastern Hemisphere.

  114. If the Rangers acknowledge his Gold medal at the Garden and the faithful cheer for him, I may go rabid and froth at the mouth.

  115. When Rangers pay anyone 7 Mil plus, they must tell them ‘be careful out there.’ Cally will be next.

  116. The strategy change from puck control attack to passive counter punch did the USA in, not the players.

  117. Callahan stays….Richards gets dealt to Tampa to reunite with St. Louis freeing up cap space to re-sign Callahan.

  118. Manny, I would like to imbibe but truth is, I’d rather not have my sweet little granddaughter, who thinks the world of me, learn that I was found dead in my boxers on the bathroom floor with a needle sticking out from my arm @

  119. Long Beard Since 1994 on

    Help wanted: Own a major part of a large organization, high profile position, allocate organizations money to individuals based on past and future performance, let individuals work with another organization based on their nationality where they may not be able to return to your organization because of injury. Pay them anyway.

  120. Coos, my lawyer will reaching out to your lawyer to negotiate some royalties on the Extra F It Copyright which I put forth was partially inspired by my obsessive -Nash- hate. @# Letsgetrichmyblogbrother!

  121. Coos, my blog brutha, if we play this right, we could be done with work as we know it! @# coos&

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – throw down a half gallon of some smooth latex, with primer, and believe me….you’ll see stars…

  123. I once had a Pupil named Iris who used to inject paint into her eyeballs, but she had a Brush with the law and put a lid on it. Now, that takes Optical Nerve! (Doesn’t get any Cornea than that)

  124. So people are thinking it’s St. Louis, Ruutu, or Alfredsson. Trading Callahan for St. Louis would be great. Trading him for either Ruutu or Alfredsson would be pretty terrible.

  125. M. St Louis has a no move clause for what that’s worth. Not to be confused with a Sanity Clause.

  126. Unlikely he would enjoy moving his family to NY since he is 39 and, contractually and realistically, has one year left.

  127. Marty St. Louis for Callahan, perfect. We can get smaller, less physical and ten years older with just the stroke of a pen.

  128. Maybe there’s a bit of a rift between Marty and Yzerman? I really dont know why else Tampa would do this but im hoping they do.

    Marty, for a 38 year old, is in better shape than most younger athletes. I have no concerns that he can physically play for a few more years.

  129. Carp do you think any deals will be announced at midnight tonight? Are some deals done but just need to be announced (if yes do you think the players involved know where they are going and just cant talk about it or do they have no idea?)

  130. ‘Oh, where are you going, my blue-eyed son?
    Oh, where are you going, my darling young one ?’

  131. Slats’ Cally Lament:

    ‘There’s a picture that I carry,
    One we made some time ago.
    When they ask whos in the picture with me,
    I say just someone that I used to know –
    Just someone I used to spend some time with,
    Just a flame, that’s lost it’s glow.’

  132. See it all over the internet the last few days: the American women lost the gold by an inch.


    They lost by a typical, and not exactly new, loss of poise.
    Happens all the time, all over the world, at all levels.
    Teams that don’t believe they should win don’t.

    The young woman who shot that beguiling puck had other options (see how Canada’s men dealt with the lure of the empty net the next day).
    One of them, since she was more-or-less approaching the puck, while the official and the Canadian defender were
    facing it, was to make a controlled pass past both of them, momentum on her side, and set up a much better set of choices: an almost-guaranteed clinching score, or, if the net was somehow defended, crucial time in the Canadian zone.

    But that would have required “championship” poise.

    And this team has been just a little short of that for a while now.

    How you acquire it is a distinct mystery for every distinctive set of athletes….

  133. I may have to eat my words, but I don’t think Cally is going anywhere. Slather wants to sign him and suggested he go out to the market to get a realistic sense of what is he worth in $ and cents…the better to negotiate with, Red Riding Hood. Oh, and, Papa, that’s tooth and claw, not pahs and clahs…maybe toots and claahhhs.

  134. I’d find a trade for St. Louis, Ruutu, or Alfredsson to be very disappointing. Neither of those three will extend the Rangers’ playoff life this season; and neither makes the Rangers a better squad longterm.

  135. I disagree about short term effect. Short term i think it works out great and helps our offense tremendously.

    Long term is much more iffy. But id rather have St. Louis than a bottom 6 forward, a mid prospect and a 5th rounder.

  136. These Olympic games were so boring and one sided that I barely watched them, the most interesting one I think was Latvia vs Sweden.

    So my question is for those that watched all USA games: would you say these Olympic games helped or hurt the trade value of Callahan and Stepan?

  137. reunited and it feels so good. Marc, and Eric Staal. first line player, Eric Staal. makes sense $$$ wise. both buying and selling, Eric Staal. eastern conference, Eric Staal.

  138. why does it have to be short term? trade for Staal, buyout Richards, resign Marc Staal. makes perfect sense.

  139. I don;t think Boomer has ever had so much attention in his life! Got everyone undies in a bunch with this childish guessing game. Watch…nothing will happen and he will look like the idiot that he is.

  140. Boomer said it’s for a short term contract coming back.

    Carp, i bet youre enjoying this :)…. can you answer my question from a little while ago?

  141. personally, I think the rangers are going to resign Callahan and Girardi. I don’t believe in any of boomer’s nonsense trade predictions.

  142. Sather trades for Eric Staal, but we actually get Jared Staal disguised as Eric Staal. Marc Stahl doesn’t know the difference, because he never sees his brothers since they are all in Carolina, and he’s in NY.

    Fits the description, doesn’t it?

    Bummer said it will be shocking, we’ll all go nuts, nobody saw this coming, etc.

  143. I rather get some draft picks for Callahan than a 38 yearold tiny player. We need more size and grit, not just scoring. Our PP is good enough already.

  144. But with the picks we have more flexibility. Not everybody might want or need a certain player, but everybody likes picks and they come at no cap hit. So we can flip those picks for many good players if we want.

  145. Jan Levine:
    Another name I have heard is Purcell, who has two years after this one left at $4.5 mil. With Stamkos coming back, he is likely out of the top-six and his role is up in the air. Purcell had a great 2011-12 but has regressed since then and it’s possible he was a product of playing with Vinny L. I like Purcell, but if he is the return, would rather they keep Cally, as he is not really a scorer anymore and clearly not a grit player.


  146. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Didn’t boomer say the player was “hated”??

    So who do most ranger fans hate that was in the Olympics?

  147. He said something along the lines of you hate him when he’s on the other team but love him when he’s on yours.

  148. so what you are say QQQ, is that the Rangers are trading Cally for a 4mill a year 4th line center?

  149. “so what you are say QQQ, is that the Rangers are trading Cally for a 4mill a year 4th line center?”

    3rd line center with some size and skill and 2 way play and is under 3.3 mil.

  150. “so you want Artem the friendly ghost back? no thanks, I’ll pass.”

    not my first choice, but makes more sense than getting a 38 yearold 5’7″ player.

  151. that 5’7″ player on his worst day is 10 times better than Anisimov could ever dream of being.

  152. “that 5’7” player on his worst day is 10 times better than Anisimov could ever dream of being.”

    yes, but his age and size still doesn’t excite me.

  153. If, indeed, St Louis does own a house in Greenwich, it’s surely rented unless he’s a goof. Easy to get them out in the middle of February.

  154. Ott, pending UFA and the Slugs would like to have Cally. Ott provides zest, a loud mouth, and some banging. Would not be too surprised.

  155. “here’s a hint…’s someone you have heard or not heard”

    there is no trade, he meant St. Louis, but the deal did not happen and now he looks like a total idiot.

  156. eddie eddie eddie on

    if the the universe is indeed infinite, 11 days is a mere nanosecond in the grand scheme…

  157. well eddie…he called me i know who it is sooner than you.

    it’s a hockey player…that is all i can say at this point

    ps, he doesn’t wear helmet

  158. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie · 9h
    NYR haven’t, during OLY break, made any appreciable progress on new contracts for Ryan Callahan or Dan Girardi. Term still an issue on both.

    trade them both.

  159. What the heck is going on? Boomer is Eklund? My brother just texted me Pactioretty or JVR for Cally. What is going on in the world?

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    cccp – he told me he was calling you after hanging up with me…..he has 2 arms, a nose, and hair

  161. is Mike Sauer coming back or not?

    “MEGA unlikely that any of our D is going anywhere any time soon.”

    why? you think they are that awesome?

  162. “How bout they trade Moore for a Dman who has a clue.”

    honestly our defense blows, I would gladly get rid of 4-6 out of 7 that we got. These guys are soft and have too many flaws.

  163. eddie eddie eddie on

    he shoots right or left-handed

    he speaks french in dutch

    trains ask him how to choo choo

    he is the most interesting man in the world

    stay thirsty my friends

  164. Wicky
    “So who do most ranger fans hate that was in the Olympics”

    I thought that was obvious….. -Nash-

  165. why can’t this idiot GM just trade him for picks/prospects combo and then trade any of our unlikely prospects + picks for whatever players they like?

  166. “Nash n Stralman for PK inside source….nothing to do with Cally”

    “hedberg nailed it…..that’s what Im hearing…”

    seriously or is that a joke?

  167. Boomer referring to St. Louis . He tweeted at 726 Marty Marty in good way.

    Brooks article in ny post Tom says not close.

    Mckenzie agrees with brooks.

    St. Louis is the player

  168. Some pimply-faced Hockey fan kid intercepting phone calls and e-mails at the NSA knows EXACTLY what’s going on.

  169. MSL would make sense 2 years ago, not now. Just further showing how senile and behind the times Sather is.

  170. Is it possible Boomer’s talking about Marty Brodeur? Could the re-united mean with Parise in Minnesota?

    Think about this.

  171. St. Louis would be insane to come to this franchise — he would be transformed from one of the best players and best stories of his era into an utter failure in, yes, a New York minute. NY does not tolerate athletes on the downside of their careers unless they’ve been here all along. This blog, as only one example, would turn him into a Nash-sucks, Richards-sucks waste of money no matter what he did on the ice. This city does not deserve him.

  172. Hot new rumor……Rammers being offered in a deal to the Mayo Clinic for a fresh heart and a dose of courage to be implanted into -Nash- @# growapairofonions -Nash-

  173. Oooooooo, intriguing Carp. But why would he talk about it being Callahan then? Unless he’s just toying with people’s emotions…

  174. Brodeur going to Minnesota would not be surprising as that’s been the rumor ever since Brodeur said he’d be willing to go to another team.

    Plus Boomer’s tweet of “Marty, Marty, Marty in a good way” a couple days ago.

    And why would he, a Rangers fan, be tweeting back and forth with Rangers fans about a Devils/Wild rumor?

  175. Richards with STL and Nash = Hate Fest

    I don’t know if I could summon enough hate, but I’d try. At least for Norm’s sake.

  176. Eddie,

    I went with the Behr Primer and Oil Based Paint, Semi-Gloss One Coat.

    Chased it with a a quart of Varathane High Gloss Gel Stain.

    I’m feeling good, waiting for the ambulance

  177. I have no doubt that Boomer might know something, but it’s a really childish game he’s playing. If you know, tweet it. But I guess this buys him attention and feeds his ego.

  178. He can’t be referring to Brodiva. It wouldn’t make sense. He brought up NYR players that are not involved in this “deal”. Step-On, The Good One, Hanka Hanka & Stahl.

    Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fatty McGee gets traded. He said in an interview he’s not opposed to it. Minny seems like a good fit.

  179. Ned Beatty for a Bottle of Moonshine, A beat up Banjo and a case of Preparation H, Extra Strength./ Anti Itch Cream

  180. eddie eddie eddie on

    mick fleetwood, mick jagger, and mick ronson for larry storch, larry linville, and larry brooks

  181. ha, Stepan only played in 1 Olympic game. maybe he learned a thing by watching, can’t wait to trade this softie.

  182. “mick fleetwood, mick jagger, and mick ronson for larry storch, larry linville, and larry brooks”

    throw in Mick Mouse and Larry Laffer and we have a deal.

  183. “I think I read that Steps got hisself a full four minutes of ice somewhere along the line.”

    he must have utilized his kneepads (with wings) to get that.

  184. And I hope Clyde got that moth eaten Buffalo Cowboy hanging fringe jacket dry cleaned since its last appearance.

  185. eddie eddie eddie on

    Rocky Colavito, rocky Marciano, and Rocky & Bullwinkle for Tom Carvel, Tom tresh, and Tom & Jerry

  186. I should have put up a million at 2-1 and cleared 500 grand. And another 100 grand on the under, giving Henrik his due.

  187. “I’m watching the gold medal game on DVR. Canada is up 2-0 after two. Don’t tell me who wins.”

    GNash Wins!!! Fatality!

  188. Imagine if Canada was dumb enough to take Marc Staal and Girardi instead of whoever they took. Latvia would have probably had gold.

  189. Boomer, with all of his jobs, is probably the only ex NFL player to be making more retired than he ever made playing.

  190. Guys like Girardi afford guys like McD, Staal, and Moore to pinch and storm. There’s value in that alone. Mac could have used his old partner in the last two games in Sochi.

  191. “Q, do you like anybody on the team?”

    Yarp, Zuccarello, Pouliot, Brassard, Kreider, Talbot, Hagelin, Miller, McDonagh. The rest either neutral, not sure yet or not crazy about. I used to like Callahan before his insane demands. I used to LOVE Girardi before Tort got to him and started overplaying him. Before that, when he was getting under 20 minutes a game he was one of the most effective and physical defensemen.

    I was never crazy about Staal. I loved Stralman under Tortorella, but now he looks like he is not interested in either hitting or offense. John Moore looked very promising after he got traded, but looks like it was a fluke.

  192. Danny Kristo ?@dkristo7 · 6m
    Been reading all night on tupac theories and many strongly believe 2014 is the year he returns. Would love to see it! Is this the year? #pac

    looks like 4 years of college did not help his IQ or his hockey IQ. Trade this guy.

    And when will Gernander finally get fired?

  193. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Well, it’s 11:03pm. 11:59 is not that far away. Callahan moved at the strike of 12?

    Not believing Boomer’s hype.

  194. that was my point. And Pouliot, seriously? Is that because he’s scored recently? Talbot? Miller’s not even on the team. One defenseman? Not Lundqvist?

  195. “that was my point.”

    not my fault some idiot compiled this garbage team together, what am I supposed to love all of them just because I am a Rangers fan?

    “And Pouliot, seriously? Is that because he’s scored recently?”

    no, I just like the guy and he is one of the few on the team that actually hits hard.

    Lundqvist I was never crazy about him, there is something annoying about the guy, like he is too obsessed with his looks. And the new contract he signed makes me want to puke.

  196. I like Girardi at his current salary and if he goes against 2nd or 3rd lines, but he simply is not effective against top lines. And he is so brainwashed about blocking shots that he makes mistakes defensively and forgets to hit.

    Staal I think is the guy that started ruining our defense, because before him Poti and Malik were criticized and ridiculed for their purse-swinging poke checks, but when Staal came up and was doing the same everybody and their grandma were praising him, now all 5 of our dmen (Klein hasn’t yet had the time to get brainwashed) look like Jagr or Nedved constantly reaching ineffectively with their sticks instead of drilling people with body checks.

  197. “Sounds to me like you want a much worse team than the one you have :)”

    no, just want to change some pieces to make us a tougher and faster team. Our defensemen are too soft. Our captain is a greedy bastard that betrayed us and should be marooned on some garbage team. Staal is literally falling apart.

    Our prospects look like garbage thanks to Gernander.

  198. Tampa doesn’t want Cally as a rental, IMO, especially considering they have no interest in paying him long term what he’s asking. What Girardi is asking seems fair for these days, except he wants an extra year from Slats.

  199. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    You know, as Carmello says (but never will), as Messier will attest to, there is nothing better than winning in New York. Good luck to Callahan playing for an extra .50-.75 million per. Go enjoy Tampa or Buffalo (the mistake by the lake), or St. Louis or Detroit and be anonymous. You win here, you hit the jackpot in many ways.

    You’re getting some bad advice, Ryan. No one that runs a team well will pay you what you’re asking. And if you find some sucker that will? You won’t win a championship anyway (if that is your goal) because they will have wasted too much of their cap space on YOU!!

  200. I saw one of Staal’s disembodies legs in a NYC restaurant just last month. Also a shoulder bone at St. Pat’s Cathedral. So yes, literally.

  201. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Geez, Hank looked so disappointed this morning. I hope his emotions can move beyond the loss.

  202. “Literally?”

    yes he bent down to pick up one of his eyeballs that fell out (similar to the Pirates of the Carribbean) and his back went out, next thing you know he gets headaches which may or may not be concussion related.

  203. It makes 0 sense for Tampa to get Callahan as a rental that’s why im wondering maybe Tampa was the team that talked a deal with Callahan. Maybe there’s an agreement in principle (which Boomer may have been told about) and now all the formalities can start to be taken care of in 14 minutes.

  204. A team that thinks it needs a push and has a shot at the Cup might consider Cally as a rental. As far as paying him his ask, only Buffalo could make use of him as local boy makes good while they try to re-build.

  205. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m literally on the can right now…stomach virus me thinks….4th time on the can in the last 3 hours…

  206. Johnny Weir does triple toe loops while on the can. The product is something akin to a Carvel cone.

  207. Are all the players/coaches from all participating countries returning to the US on the same charter flight?

    Could be a bit awkward, no?

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m literally off the can. I was always literally on the can when reporting from the can previously.

  209. sounds like it Lev

    saw something on twitter
    about Oshie and Backes bringing
    their new four-legged friends
    on the “NHL plane”

    imagine if Torts was USA coach.
    wonder how many dogs he’d bring back

  210. “But he could be playing for coach Gernander next year.”

    that’s the problem, he cannot. He either goes back to juniors where he has nothing left to prove or plays in NHL.

    14 goals in NHL as a 19 yearold wouldn’t be too bad. Most of our prospects can’t even get that under Gernander as 20+ yearolds.

  211. I meant he could be playing for Gernander in the NHL, after the Rangers fire Gernander, he gets an NHL job, and they trade Duclair for St. Louis.

  212. alright the suspense
    is killing me
    so i might as well
    take a break and stop
    lurking around here

    been too angry and bummed out
    about recent oly hockey games
    to post anything worth a cooke

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Due Claire will fill out….he should be able to put on another 20 or so pounds….5’11 205 is where he will be in 2 years….kid can flat out score….people who’ve known him from the time he was tiny say he’s the real deal…

  214. i meant more like would Lundqvist and the Swedes have to fly back on the same flight as the Canadians.

    could be easier for Yzerman to break the news to MSL and Cally though… stuck together in the same metal tube for 10 hours.

  215. Most important question of all: will the Rangers organ player be back from Sochi in time for Thursday’s game?

  216. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    I could see Callahan wanting to go to Columbus to play with Dubie. They always had a certain chemistry. Plus, lots of other guys he knows there.

    I don’t see Tampa. Can’t believe it would be Buffalo.

  217. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Yea, that 1st line of Hags, MZA, and Marty St. Louis is Sather’s dream line indeed. Combined weight and height as much as John Scott.

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was watching a news show a week or two ago and one of the talking heads said “your head will literally explode when you hear this….”

  219. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    They’d be skating between oppositions legs. The ‘Five Hole’ line.

    Only on the Rangers

  220. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brendl was the purest goal scorer the nhl has ever seen. What did he finish with after he retired? 0ne goal? Tough to top that…

  221. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I thought Joseph Bali looked good right after the trade….whatever happened to him the following year? He literally vanished…

  222. Ant Dookie is not too small.

    Callahan, is a Sabres fan, so I think he wants to go there, plus close to home.

  223. Slats 12 AM call to The Good One’s room in Sochi.

    Nasher: “You got the wrong room. I think you want The Captain.”

    No, I thought I should speak to you directly.”

    Uh oh!

  224. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “stay the **** away from my ******* car seat, you ******* little ******* piece of ******* ****” “

  225. The winner of the Ronald McDonald extra F it award goes to……. The Good One.

    Youse are pretty clever, literally.

  226. Slats, instead of offering penthouse suite at Trump Towers, offers incoming Smurfs gently used Tortorella car seats.

  227. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “I’ll ******* give you the ******* extra ******* effort ******* award. Roll my ******* window down, I can’t ******* reach the button from my ******* car seat'”

  228. Slats: ‘John, we’ll let bygones be bygones. Dolie has asked me if next trip into NY if you would sign a couple, three car seats for the Garden of Dreams.”

  229. “Slats, instead of offering penthouse suite at Trump Towers, offers incoming Smurfs gently used Tortorella car seats.”

    that is the first time “Gently” and “Tortorella” were used in the same sentence.

  230. Gravy, just a whole scenario in which we picture Torts sitting in a car seat in the back of his parents’ car, swearing that he can’t reach any of the buttons. I’m crying from laughing just typing that.


  231. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “I need some ******* players that are ******* committed to ******* doing it the ******* right ******* way”

  232. If you don’t read six or seven hundred of the previous day’s posts each day, you’re missing part of the sweetness of life. :)

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “close the ******* sun roof. I’m ******* catching a ******* draft back here”

  234. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts’ dad – “that enough young nan”

    Torts – “listen, I ******* apologize. I’m ******* sorry. But, I’m ******* freezing back here”

  235. newbear is flying in from a secret mission in Outer Mongolia. All he had with him was a Milky Way Bar and a can of Del Monte beans, but he made short work of the target.

  236. Newbie: “Did any of you smart guys ever read “A Day in the Life of Ivan Ilyich? Didn’t think so.”

  237. When newbie said he needed a bier, at first I though he was talking about an alcoholic beverage.

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