It’s Go Time! … Bronze Medal game: USA vs. Finland, 10 a.m.


Kind of a bummer game today at 10 a.m. USA vs. Finland for the bronze, 34 years to the day after the Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid.

Of course, the loser goes home with nothing, so I imagine the athletes will play it as if it’s a big game, though it’s got to be terribly difficult after losing the semifinals yesterday, especially for the USA losing to Canada.

So it will be interesting to see how the Americans play it.

I know you guys sure don’t want any of your Rangers getting in front of shots or near the walls or anywhere in harm’s way. I don’t think it’s in Ryan Callahan’s or Ryan McDonagh’s DNA to not play that way, though.

Tomorrow, of course, is the gold medal game. Tomorrow night, at midnight, the NHL’s Olympic roster freeze is over, and then the Callahan dilemma resumes. And then it’s back to the NHL playoff races.

So …

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  1. So, I’m watching the local news last night and saw the following headline. “US men’s hockey team advances to Bronze Medal game.” I couldn’t stop laughing for the next ten minutes.

  2. Another weekend of professional pick-up hockey games…go for the glory, guys, you’re helping pay the network’s bills. This kind of hockey sells everything from soap to beer by the ton!

  3. Will be interesting to see how the Callahan crisis is resolved…if he is not destroyed first, while jumping in front of a Salo slap shot. I am not expecting a resolution before July 1, but who am I to offer insights on this? Even if I’m smarter than the average bear!

  4. Let’s get back to rangers. All I care about is mcdonagh hank and Nash avoiding injury. Cally is a goner.

  5. Ps. This game against Finland is DAMN IMPORTANT for the final Medal Count. These no -talents better take it seriously .

  6. Ps. Mrs. Pimp just told me that Callahan’s cousin is a fellow teacher at her school (I was like, “why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”) and the cousin said that Callahan wants seven years, big money and that it isn’t likely he’ll resign with us.

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    Go Finland and Teemu Selanne. Hope he gets the bronze today in his final year. Could not care less about bronze for the US team. I don’t want the clowns that picked this team and coaches to get any satisfaction at a medal ceremony. They blew it in a big way. It is one thing to lose, and another to go down meekly like they did yesterday. USA Hockey is a farce, as this team turned out to be.

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    And I hope Rick Nash gets Kronwalled tomorrow. The guy is a goldbricking jerk who will just go back to his perimeter dancing ways for the Rangers. I am disgusted with him. Can you tell? Trade Nash and pay Callahan his money.

  9. ThisYearsModel on

    Dan Bylsma. Has an all star lineup in PIT and can’t get out of playoff round 2. Let’s make him team USA coach. Babcock embarrassed him, and us yesterday.

  10. Te USA coach should have been Torts!

    He would have handled the media better than the Russian Coach.

  11. I want mcdonagh minutes to be as little as possible today. Likely not to happen. Bronze means nothing to me.

  12. would the Rangers be better off with Cally, and Girardi? or Stewart and Ty Rattie from the Blues, and Vatanen, and Etem from the Ducks going forward?

  13. I’m just grateful I don’t have to hear Brian Engblom ramble on for two and a half hours. I can somehow manage with Doc; he used to be more irritating when he was calling Devils matches.

  14. I just assume that Bylsma is the best coach in the world. But I hate the way the Americans have played

  15. what would Torts have done different? maybe they would spend the entire olympics in there own zone blocking shots. that would be fun.

  16. Well then, a big -2 for McMonster. This one’s over. USA are not going to score two against Finland.

  17. When your goal is to win the gold and feel you have a good chance to get to the gold metal game and you don’t, it’s hard to get up for a game for a bronze metal, not surprised with the score.

  18. Only good thing Kane has done all tournament is his cross-ice pass to Pavelski in the Russia game. Him and Parise have seriously disappointed.

  19. Fuggin unreal…this guy thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread and he can even get it on net.

  20. I would rather see a team like Finland win the bronze…it means more to a tiny nation that does not see much glory or publicity since Lenin’s trip to the Finland Station…besides, I’m rooting for a *43 year old* to show up those kids!;>))

  21. Speed isn’t the problem. No sustained pressure down low. No in-game adjustments. I feel like Veen-yo is coaching this team…

  22. Here my prediction

    Rangers will have to win in Montreal the final Saturday of the season for 2nd time this season to make playoffs.

  23. Here’s my prediction:

    They should reject re-entry into the country for everyone of these Team USA clowns.

  24. they were close with Girardi, and yet he is still not signed. maybe they are not as close as it seemed.

  25. sure they should wait till July. this way another team can come in and blow Girardi away with an offer.

  26. what is the rush? how about the fact he is an UFA come July, and if he is not signed by the trade deadline you have to make a decision. because if he gets to July 1, it is all over.

  27. So they should sign Girardi to a bad deal because they can’t trade him after March 5? Even though they’re close and reasonably confident they will re-sign him before July 1?

  28. if Girardi is not signed by the trade deadline, then if you are Girardi, why would you sign? you may as well get to July and test the market. Girardi would have all of the leverage at that point. even if he wants to stay, why not find out what you are really worth.

  29. Good for Teemu.

    USA should be embarrassed. Pathetic. Something tells me USA players wont be getting standing ovations in every stadium for the next 2 weeks when they come back.

  30. What is the point of a leadership group on the team if neither they nor the coach can get excited for an Olympic medal game? How about Bylsma’s guarantee last night that USA is coming home with a bronze?

    A lot of talk with very little results.

  31. that doesn’t seem to be the tone of the negotiations, bull dog. I think they’re close. Girardi would be asking for a lot more if his intention was to get to July 1 and break the bank.

  32. We’re blaming Byslma because he sucks as a coach. He is ultimately responsible for:

    a) not having a good game plan
    b) not motivating his team
    c) both of the above

  33. I agree Carp. if Girardi wanted to leave he would be pulling a Cally. still, the closer he gets to July 1, why not wait if you are Girardi.

  34. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Did Bylsma have input on the roster? I thought that was entirely Poile.

    Who were we supposed to take that is better than this aside from Bobby Ryan?

  35. far cry from Leetch, Chelios, Modano, LaFontaine, Hull, LeClair, Tkachuk, Otto, Hatcher, Suter, Housley, Amonte, Guerin etc.

    … and that team barely won, with sensational goaltending, too.

  36. THE KREIDER would obviously have been a better pick then 90% of these no-talents … because … wait for it … he has actual TALENT.

  37. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m just going to blame myself for this performance. Probably not fair to lay it all on Kane and Bylsma.

  38. being very serious about Kreider. speed, size, and forecheck. all things lacking in the Canada game.

  39. yeah well..too bad your players can’t dislodge the net on EVERY goal…otherwise, maybe team USA had the chance to win it all :)

  40. Just would like to see more big bodies. Not necessary to have so small skill guys (i.e. Stepan and Oshie). Okposo, Byfuglien, Malone, Dubinsky, Yandle and Kreider for starters.

  41. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I don’t really think Kreider would make this team (yet). There are a lot of Americans that would go before him including: Dubinsky, Okposo, B. Ryan, Gionta, Abdelkader, Stafford…

  42. Bobby Ryan is of course the one that stands out. maybe Okposo. the rest of the guys you mentioned, Manny, would not have the same effect as Kreider.

  43. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Maybe I’m wrong then. Maybe Kreider would have been an awesome player on the big sheet with his speed and size. He would have played with more effort than a few of these guys for sure.

  44. This team would struggle to beat Canada’s next 20 guys. Way behind right now. Good for the Finns, though. They were good in this tournament, coughed up a bad goal when Rask was sick. Otherwise gold contenders.

  45. the defense played great. they were not the issue. even Fowler, who I did not want to like, for the most part played well.

  46. Bobby Ryan ?@b_ryan9 4m

    Teemu is a great player, better person. What an amazing farewell game for the best Olympic scorer of all time. Congrats To #8

  47. Defense was AWFUL tonight. The second goal in particular was poor. But zero goals in two medal games? Clean this house, starting with Bylsma.

  48. wow USA hockey as a hole pretty much sharted the bed.

    callahan for backes straight up…get it done

  49. they lost 1 nothing Norm. not that far behind. you guys are putting way to much into todays game. beating Canada, and winning the gold is all that mattered. when that did not happen, who cares about the Bronze.

  50. You could definitely argue that this was the least important game of the entire Olympics. … still … professionals, right? competitive athletes?

  51. LOL! From wiki:

    “Brian Christopher Rafalski (born September 28, 1973) is an American professional ice hockey defenseman who plays for the Florida Everblades of the ECHL.He previously played in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the New Jersey Devils and Detroit Red Wings, in the SM-liiga Hämeenlinnan Pallokerho and Helsingin IFK in the Elitserien for Brynäs IF. After struggling to enter the NHL, spending four seasons in European leagues, Rafalski won the Stanley Cup three times, playing in five Stanley Cup finals in his NHL career (2000, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2009.) Rafalski also played for the United States men’s ice hockey team in three Olympic ice hockey tournaments (2002, 2006, and 2010).”

  52. Well, I guess beating Russia was the tourney highlight. This must be how islander fans feel when their team beats the Rangers.

  53. CCCP / Russia (1992 Unified Team) – 8 Olympic Gold Medals.

    come back and talk to me when USA get anywhere near that number, bull dog :)

  54. that was all when the Russians were sending there pros to play against everybody else’s amateurs. since the sides have been leveled, how have they done 3cp?

  55. Scott Hartnell ?@Hartsy19 4m

    Just want to say congrats to my best friend #44 Kimmo Timonen-for winning bronze. Proud of u and all the Finns!!

    Colby Armstrong ?@armdog 7m

    Teemu Selanne is awesome. Every hockey player dreams to have his career. He’s like a kid out there still.

  56. “Who were we supposed to take that is better than this aside from Bobby Ryan?”

    Manny, I assume you’re kidding? Having such a keen eye for the game, I bet you could figure that one out without any help. :)

  57. My uncle’s cousin’s dentist works on the teeth of a guy Callahan went to grammar school with and he says that his feelings are that Cally will take 2 mil per for 4 years as a salute to The Newly TRANSFORMED Garden.

  58. This “team” began the long and inevitable road to perfidy when the muckamucks started with all the negative public comments about those not chosen.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – my sister’s friends mother’s brother’s son’s uncle’s other daughter’s second husband has a place for rent on 88th and CPW for $140/ month. He also knows Cally and says he’s gone…

  60. And, in other news, I just read that there are 12 men for every woman in North Dakota. Can that possibly be true? Sioux?

  61. Team USA are the proud recipients of the Participation Medal. Hand crafted of aluminum and inscribed with “If you had fun, you won. Great job”


  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just ordered some tight fitting, sparkly, shiny, men’s figure skating outfits. Boas and feathers were extra. It’s as if I’m waltzing on air….sooooooo happy….

  63. Re: Zucci, it’s a darn shame that rink didn’t have an e-ray machine. He played another game after the initial injury and he could have exacerbated the damage.

  64. ThisYearsModel on

    How was THAT for pride in the USA jersey? I truly wanted Finland to win for Teemu, but I expected (1) half a effort from the USA and (2) for them to not act like a bunch of babies in the 3rd period. I believe CARP has been right on…..this team is simply not that good. However, that is no excuse for them pulling the chute the way they did the last 2 games. They are an embarrassment.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    is the exhibition over?
    When the going got tough, the softies (USA speed) were shut out. Kessel & JVR revert back to Maple Loafs form and Parise was kept off score sheet.
    More Backes and Browns needed, less dancers.

    THE in 2018 – book it!

  66. Kind of shows the character of the highly over-payed US pro hockey player. Quite frankly they didn’t give a sh-t after their loss to Canada. Worst case embarrassment

  67. ThisYearsModel on

    The lack of character was shocking after all we heard about their “leadership group.” They led alright, right down the tubes they were directed to by the incompetent coaching staff. Time for us to put this complete disgrace to our country behind us. It is time for the THE IN 2018 bus to be cranked up! I am on board!

  68. so a Latvian players gets caught for doping.
    here’s to
    that they find out that the entire
    US team (minus Quick, of course)
    were all on medical marijuana
    before its last two games.

    would make things make a lot more sense

  69. USA is fooling itself if it thinks this tournament was other than a big step backwards. They stole an OT win from a very mediocre Russian team, lost the most one-sided 1-0 game in the history of the game vs. Canada, and merd-ed the bed against the Finns. All they showed was they could beat three bad teams soundly. Not one player on the roster other than Oshie advanced his cause, and that memorable shootout will now fade rapidly.

  70. ThisYearsModel on

    The good: Quick, Suter, McDonagh, Kessel, Shattenkirk, Carlson.

    The bad: Martin, Orpik, Kane, Kesler, Parise, Brown, Bylsma, Burke, Poile.

    The meh: Everyone else.

    The vindicated: Ryan, Okposo, Yandle, Eric Johnson, Jack Johnson, Seth Jones.

  71. I thought Kesler was pretty good. At least as good as Callahan was.

    That whole leadership nonsense though looks pretty funny now.

  72. Oshie gets props for Shootout wizardry. Whoopie!!!!

    But, he was not “up to speed” when playing real Hockey.

    His speed, burst and quickness was on the level somewhere between ( as Torts would refer to them) Rupper and Pysie.

    Figure Sather will probably trade Cally and a pick for him at the deadline.

  73. You can take all the pucks in Sochi,
    Put ‘m in a big brown bag for me –
    Sail right around the seven oceans
    Drop it straight into the deep blue sea.

    (Until Wednesday)

  74. lol Just checked out NY Rangers roster on Google, and pictures of team. Each is in a uniform, except Hank with a tie and vest, and Richie Rich in a three piece suit actually adjusting his tie.

  75. To all the -older- mature ladies and gents here on the worst blog on the Internets………..

    At least we have the experience and lasting memories of the Miracle on Ice!!!!

    So all the -immature- young, -think you know it all- and smart whipper snappers, put that in your -shorts- pipe and smoke it!!!

    You’ll never see the likes of that again.

  76. Sorry, I’m feeling a little nasty.

    Unfortunately, I get like that sometimes after major Hockey disappointment.

    I should step away from all my devices for a few days.

    But Nash still sucks. I hate that guy more than Wilbbburrrr.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Three reasons why Sean Avery will be the next captain:

    A) He deserves it
    2) natural born leader
    d) who else is there?

    Rangers 4
    Hawks 0

    GWG Brassard

  78. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    SeeDubb, to be clear, there won’t be a miracle on ice this year. You do know that, right?

  79. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    I agree with the 1980 Olympics being a sports highlight of one’s lifetime. What made it more complete is that they were amateurs playing pro’s. If the NHL stays in the Olympics, that won’t ever happen again.

    Prust saying.

  80. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Does anyone feel our guys behaved like spoiled brats, packing it in today? It’s disappointing to lose as they did yesterday, and could even be said it was bad luck to draw Canada in the semi’s, BUT you are wearing our country’s shirt on your back. Play with heart.

    If we had amateurs out there one thing they would have done is not quit. They would have lost but they would not quit.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    USA leads the world in incarceration rates of it’s people…Give up the Gold for that!!!! Who needs a hockey medal?


    No politics

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    How did Hugh Jessiman not go overall #1?

    Sather fleeced every GM in the league with that pick. Pavel Brendl, another. TGO and Pavel; the two greatest I ever saw play…

  83. The sting of these past 3 hockey says is really quite nasty. Looks like a Tulllamore night for PB

  84. Bylsma as much as admitted that they quit. Says it was the big disappointment lingering from the Canada loss. Words of a loser.

  85. In fact, losing Zuccarello is much much worse than the US coming home with no medals…at least the players had the picks of the litter on the Olympic campus….SHA-WING

  86. Eddie 3 – why chess? Shouldn’t your avatar be Eddie van Halen, or Evil Eddie from the original Fright Night, or Eddie Munster or the kid from the courtship of Eddie’s father?

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The kid who played Eddie on the The Courtship of…..was the starting pitcher on the Yankees in the original Bad News Bears

  88. IMHO. That was a disgrace. Not only did the players quit but the coach was totally lost. He did / could not make any adjustments when the Canucks and Finns clamped down on the style we were playing. Just look at the Penguins the last 2 years in the playoffs. Once the opposition figured them out they were done.Having said all this, here is my grading for Team USA. Again IMHO.

    Grade Description
    35 Jimmy Howard INC Did not play
    39 Ryan Miller A Won his only start big
    32 Jonathan Quick A+ Made his D look better than they were
    4 John Carlson C- Not noticible. Didn’t even know he was playing
    72 Justin Faulk INC Not enough ice time to grade
    3 Cam Fowler C Not impressed
    7 Paul Martin C Not impressed
    27 Ryan McDonagh B- Mad some mistakes with puck. Otherwise solid
    44 Brooks Orpik C Not impressed. Was expecting a lot more physicality.
    22 Kevin Shattenkirk C- Not all that he is made out to be.
    20 Ryan Suter B Was hoping for a lot more offense out of him.
    42 David Backes C- Power forward who played like mister softy
    23 Dustin Brown D Invisible
    24 Ryan Callahan B- Did what he was supposed to but added no offense
    88 Patrick Kane F- By far the worst and most disappointing.
    17 Ryan Kesler A By far the most consistent player on the team
    81 Phil Kessel B+ Leading scorer but disappeared last 2 games
    74 T.J. Oshie B Great in shoot out but not much more
    67 Max Pacioretty F Invisible. Another power forward who was soft.
    9 Zach Parise C Played hard but didn’t accomplish anything
    8 Joe Pavelski C Did not play up to his abilities.
    26 Paul Stastny D Invisible
    12 Derek Stepan F Just because he shouldn’t have been on team
    21 James van Riemsdyk A Along with Kesler one of our 2 best forwards.
    28 Blake Wheeler INC Not enough ice time to grade
    Dan Bylsma F Could not adjust style to fit game needs

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fat guy – I have several loves…..chess being one……Eddie Murray, Eddie Murphy, and crazy Eddie are 3 more….

  90. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I prefer the NHL to not let it’s players go to the Olympics…it’s absurd to shut down for 2 weeks in the middle of the season….players getting hurt, rhythm broken up …. For what?

  91. Dorsett is in for MZA. Now it doesn’t matter how long the little fella is out. Ah-cha-cha-cha!

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts? Not sure he embodies the Olympic spirit….wayyyyyyy too much baggage…..too much drama

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m feeling glad all over, yes I’m glad over…you say that you love me, say you love me. You say that you need me, say you need me…..I’m feeling……glad all over…, I’m glad all over….

  94. I think Tortorella would’ve gotten more out of a dedicated group. how many of those guys would tune him out?

    I think the Olympics mean more to those small insignificant countries like Canada

  95. So Boomer thinks something big is coming.

    Boomer Esiason @7BOOMERESIASON 1h

    Its coming and it will be huge. Surprising, shocking, inevitable, and all about business. $$$ ?#?NHL? ?#?tradedeadline?

  96. Now Tyutin, to go with Zucc, Zetterberg, and Tavares = perfect time for “The Weasel” to commit the NHL to 2018 participation in this Bronze Medal fiasco exhibition Tournament.

  97. It’s not really aboot Torts, it’s more aboot Ron Wilson. Did he not want to coach USA? Why Bylsma over Wilson.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the outcome would be different. But I don’t understand why they wouldn’t bring him back as coach.

    Wilson – 1 goal from gold

    Bylsma – Back to back shutouts. No medal.

  98. There is an American born Coach who is >>> than Torts and Blysihtma. We are searching.

    Team Canada goes down like German U-boat in 2018!

    Book It Boneheads.

    PS- No North Dakota Fighting Sioux Hockey Players on Team USA In 2018, if we want to win….

  99. Better yet , after witnessing the results of his 3 season as the Jets QB, Boomer should forget Football and stick to being Craig Carton’s Boot Lick.


  100. Like it or not, I think Boomer is on the inside. He also hinted that it is one for one trade for a player you hate but love to have on your team.

  101. If it’s for $$ purposes maybe it is Girardi for Lucic? I think that’d be a big mistake (unless Rangers can sign Girardi after the season)

  102. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The return for Staal depends on other trades IMHO. I bet you could get Myers for him tho.

  103. from the widget:

    His feeling is that Ryan Callahan will be traded
    His feeling is that only one of Callahan and Girardi will be traded
    “if it goes through it will be nuts around here.”
    He thinks that Pitt will acquire Chris Stewart
    The team is in the East
    It’s 90% and works for both teams
    Could be a 1 for 1 trade with potentially a conditional draft pick
    It’s a forward
    His sense is that fans would not be happy initially
    Callahan will be going as a rental player
    The trade doesn’t involve Stepan, Nash, Staal or Lundqvist
    The deal makes the Rangers look like both sellers and buyers
    It is not Callahan for Stewart
    It is not for Matt Moulson
    He has “major” respect for the player coming back
    It is not Colorado
    It is not for Brandon Dubinsky

  104. He also said that the player coming back goes to the top line. How often do 1 for 1 deals involving top-line players happen?

  105. It’s not Stepan, Staal, Hank, or Nash. Callahan/Girardi wouldnt really be considered “shocking or surprising”. Richards being traded wouldnt make most Rangers fans upset.

    MZA who is due for a big time raise?

  106. “He also said that the player coming back goes to the top line. How often do 1 for 1 deals involving top-line players happen?”

    *OMG, IS -NASH- ON THE WAY OUT???????*

  107. From SNY

    His feeling is that Ryan Callahan will be traded
    His feeling is that only one of Callahan and Girardi will be traded
    “if it goes through it will be nuts around here.”
    He thinks that Pitt will acquire Chris Stewart
    The team is in the East
    It’s 90% and works for both teams
    Could be a 1 for 1 trade with potentially a conditional draft pick
    It’s a forward
    His sense is that fans would not be happy initially
    Callahan will be going as a rental player
    The trade doesn’t involve Stepan, Nash, Staal or Lundqvist
    The deal makes the Rangers look like both sellers and buyers
    It is not Callahan for Stewart
    It is not for Matt Moulson
    He has “major” respect for the player coming back
    It is not Colorado
    It is not for Brandon Dubinsky

  108. It makes sense to think it’s THE

    1) if it goes through it will be nuts around here – CHECK
    2) It’s a forward – CHECK
    3) His sense is that fans would not be happy initially – CHECK
    4) The deal makes the Rangers look like both sellers and buyers – CHECK

    It’s not Nash or Step-On.

    I don’t think we’d be shocked if Brassard were traded. Definitely wouldn’t go nuts.

  109. Rob in Beantown on

    I agree, I really don’t want to package the Kreider in a deal for any other player in the league unless it’s an absolute A+++ talent coming back

  110. I think he meant we are getting back a forward not necessarily trading one. Also he said it’s a team from the East. So not Winnipeg (not Kane).

    Im going with Girardi for Lucic.

  111. Seriously, I wonder if we shouldn’t pay attention to this rumored “shocking” Rangers deal being tweeted by Boomer Esiason. He’s been right before. I don’t know about right now, but he’s always been in very tight with Dolan and his lieutenants.

  112. Delurking to suggest that based on all Boomer’s clues, I think Briere is coming back with a conditional pick, maybe based on playoff #s. Briere was rumored to be going to NJ recently (has a place in Newark), has another year at $4m. Cally and Slats are far enough apart and all teams know Pegula won’t be outbid, so Briere is best Slats can do.

  113. Kreider? Hagelin? Step? Brass? Girardi? Boiler? Doubt Nash, Richie, Staal. No one else qualifies as a ‘Name.”

  114. on Tully #8. Earlier, Sonny Boy stopped by with the Misses. She is one sweet lady and He’s one lucky guy. It’s all good in this hood.


    Dump Nash!!!!

  115. Wick,

    All kidding aside,

    I believe after all the kidding around, we like the same type of player.

    -Nash- don’t cut it, he’s weak and timid.

    Lucic type, always yes.

  116. tikk10 – I think Boomer said this was a major upgrade. Briere does not fit that at all. 36 years old, 17 points in 46 games, with a minus – 1. That would be disastrous.

  117. Summary of Boomers tweets I lifted from HF

    Question Answer
    Gut Feeling, Callahan stays or goes? Goes
    Callahan and Girardi go? Or just 1? I say just 1
    Vanek for Callahan ++ No way!
    Callahan to NJ? not now!
    If the trading partner East or West? East
    Looking for offense or defense? Offense
    Ovechkin hahahahaha no way
    More than 1 player leaving? I have 1 for 1. Maybe a conditional pick
    Would they trade with Bruins, Pens, Philly, Devils, Isles? I don’t think they would
    Happy or not? First game was in 04 I think you won’t be happy
    We looking at a tremendous upgrade? i would think so
    done deal? The only thing that upends the deal is if said player (Callahan) changes his mind about $$$
    Callhan to Buffalo? Most likely in Free Agency
    Is Cally going as a rental? yes
    Prust? No
    Staal, Hank, Stepan, Nash? All No
    Buyers or Sellers? Both
    I like Ott. Your thoughts? if he ain’t wearing a NYR jersey I can’t stand him. Think Carcillo.
    Is it Stewart? No
    Moulson? No
    Is the trade agreed upon? As I see it, yes
    Olli Maatta? No
    Pens? NEVER!
    Colorado? No
    Dubinsky? No
    Matt Martin? wouldn’t that be something
    will we be happy? passion of NYR fans is evident. If this happens, it will be some debate

  118. ThisYearsModel on

    Cally for Briere. Francophone so the coach will like him, can play first line, we all hate the guy. he fits all the criteria. Rather have Pacioretty but probabvly cannot get him. Also, Briere is some protection for when Richards is bought out.

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