It’s Go Time! … Men’s semifinals


You know the schedule:

Sweden and ya boy, The King, vs. Finland at 7 a.m.

Then the entree: USA vs. Canada at noon.

Winners play for the gold medal Sunday, losers play for the bronze Saturday.

Gotta say, I’m not buying this idea that the Americans are favored. I give them a very good chance to win the game, but I think Canada should be the favorite. I don’t think either team has faced an opponent even close to the cailber of the one they will face today.

And I also don’t buy this idea that Sid Crosby can’t find linemates. I think he’s due to bust out. The Americans better be careful with him, IMO. And they should remember the feeling of the photo above, as if they need more motivation.

And they should wear the jerseys with the USA diagonally on the front, not that stupid Nike shield.

Photo by Getty Images.



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  1. Does anyone have a good link for watching on the computer today??

    Thanks and GO USA!!


  2. Rob in Beantown on has the streams Yev. You need to enter your cable provider credentials, though

  3. From the last post:

    If you guys want news you should watch NY1. That’s my favorite news station. They don’t sensationalize and they aren’t party affiliated. Also their broadcasters aren’t vapid weirdos with plastic surgery. They are really New Yorkers.

  4. I heard about some pickup pro hockey games again today…ok, go team. May G– protect our players from injury and illness…and from Cossacks.

    I still undecided about what an Olympics victory including one of our stars means for our Rangers team. Should I be rooting for them to win if I want the Stanley Cup? Dunno…

  5. Good morning, boneheads!

    Do you guys ever work? WTB!
    I can’t watch now, so go Hank! If Sweden wins this match, we will have at least one Olympic gold medalist in NY regardless.

  6. What the hell was I thinking with *not* taking the day off from work. Just terrible *judgement*. Im booing myself.

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    Man, a Finland vs Canada gold medal game would really make today the worst day ever. I hope that doesn’t happen

  8. MANNY,

    you know i’m the “epicenter” of positivism … always.

    CANADA 3-0, Crosby hat trick.

  9. Since it’s really important to our good buddy, *Comrade CCCP*, there was good news this morning in the *Ukrainian* situation.

    A *tentative* deal has been signed between the two sides that should at least stop the bloodshed for the time being. While it seems unlikely that this deal (which calls for early presidential elections, a coalition government and reduction of presidential power through constitutional reforms) will work in the long term, it’s a great step in the process of ending the violent clashes in Ukraine.

    You can read more about the deal here:

  10. Rob in Beantown on

    Leg token was in the net 45 seconds too long. I’m not even going to fix that autocorrect mistake it was so bad

  11. >>And they should wear the jerseys with the USA diagonally on the front

    Which looks so much like the Rangers sweater. It will be very interesting to see how Callahan and McMonster treat Rick Nash if they’re on the ice against him.

  12. Rob in Beantown on

    Steve Zipay @stevezipay
    And 4 shutouts RT @mirtle: Wow. TSN graphic shows Lundqvist now has more wins in Olympics than any goalie other than Tretiak. Elite company.

  13. Nice Pic Rob!

    They are not laughing now!

    Fins will have to play the loser of USA Canada.

    Selanne had a chance to be the oldest Olympian to get a medal. It’s not looking so good now.

  14. I’m really conflicted about actually playing hooky and watching this game at a bar. What if we lose?!?!?

  15. Manny,

    Man up, Play Hooky, root for the USA, drink til you can barely stand and…

    if the USA should lose,

    Go back to your office and pp on your boss’s desk..

  16. Jeff in South Dakota on

    A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey.” The horse says, “You read my mind, buddy.”

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Lets GO NASH-ADA!!!"...says Greg L. on



    IT IS GO TIME!!!! Not as cool as NYR GO TIME but it is TIMEEEEEE!!!

    As the two great hockey nations collide , today we witness a real north American battle.

    Carp , Team Canada’s payroll is over 150 million , Im thinkin Canada is the favorites.

  18. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Seems like teammates that are facing each other today are having a great time screwing with each other.

  19. Thanks for the vid, Manny. Death Metal always calms my *nerves*.

    How bad would you love to attend the Wacken Fest someday? Oh baby!!!

  20. I’m Buffering every few seconds. I may have to give up on the online viewing and avoid the Internet the rest of this afternoon until I can watch from DVR tonight.

  21. Somebody with some memory … didn’t Zuccarello break something in his hand or fingers blocking a shot last year or the year before? I remember him missing playoff games with a cast on his hand … I think.

  22. Interesting thought on the price of NHL expansion: imagine if there were still just the original six teams yet the best players from all over the world still played in the NHL – would look like the Olympics EXCEPT the teams would probably be more evenly matched. You could probably even go to 12 teams.

  23. Jeff, If you have the internet log into Sochi Live Extra. You can download the APP for an IPAd or Android device as well.

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Lets GO NASH-ADA!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Great period for Canada , Nash needs to play more . He is a beast!! Nash kills penalties boys . Hes the first to leave the ice on a change. When Nash gets back here to Ranger land hes gonna want ice time .

  25. Thanks, Booby. Mine was fine the rest of this week, but maybe it’s a local issue (Friday afternoon at work, lots of slackers).

  26. I have just one question – if Nash scores GWG in this game, should we all hate him for the rest of his career or be proud of him?

  27. US on their heels and not making it remotely difficult for Price. No bodies to the net, all bad angle shots.

  28. Awful play so far – we choke twice. Lucky it’s only 1-0. USA can never play well when it counts.

  29. Kane a double-edged sword. Frustrating when he overhandles but not a Canadian defenseman’s dream either.

  30. This is Guatemalan-league stuff from the USA.

    Put a fork in them. Soon Canada scores the 2nd and then an empty-netter.

  31. Orpik has ten goals in 8 NHL seasons. I think he had two in his entire career at Boston College. What’s he here for, knee shots?

  32. The awful thing about this is that Canada is primed to lose. They’re not that good.

    It’s too bad we’re worse.

  33. Should be an interesting third. Everyone in the rink will expect the USA to throw every puck at the net and pray for a bounce like the one they almost got. The Canadians will be expecting it — will Bylsma go ahead and do it anyway or try something else?

  34. We needed more speed.

    The Kreider, Kyle Okposo.

    We needed someone who could go the net and score dirty goals.

    Bobby Ryan. Brian Boyle (what? And I’m not even drinking!)

  35. I don’t know if it’s necessarily fair to say US is being outcoached because Mike Babcock is just a better coach than anyone else in the NHL and this tournament.. except for.. you know him.. you love him..

    Pär Mårts!

  36. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I am 100% *not* happy with the way the Americans are playing. The Canadians have taken over the middle of the ice. They are forcing the Americans wide and USA cannot get any presence in front of the net. *WTF BYLSMA*

  37. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    USA may be out of a medal round..
    McDonough one of the Best players if not the best player in the Olympics

  38. Hey carp,

    This game and Team Canada remind me of the Montreal team who won the 4 Cups in a row in the late 70’s.

    Can’t get any decent scoring chances against them.

  39. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    McDonagh has been *by far* the best player on the ice in the last two Periods. Kid is a Golden God.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Lets GO NASH-ADA!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Last years Art Ross winner M. St.Louis for Canada is benched , thats sick man ..

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  42. USA obviously hasn’t played a team even close to Canada in ability. Not close.

    and if that net’s not an inch off its hinge, USA loses to Russia.

  43. There was the dangerous Kane. So much harder for the US to generate offense than the Canadians, though.

  44. It’s NOT one player, the Canadians have shut the USA down at the blue line.

    USA needs a stroke of luck! To tie this up.

    Then ANYTHING can happen.

  45. It’s funny when the puck is on Orpik’s stick and people yell “SHOOT!!!”

    Last time he shot the puck he broke his teammates jaw

  46. Most comfortable 1-0 win you’ll ever see. They didn’t give us a sniff. They are so much better than us it’s crazy.

  47. Oh well…c’mon Hank and Team Sweden!

    Team USA – letdown today. If not for Quick it’d have been a blowout.

  48. The only good is Cally, MacD and Step (lol!) can lick their wounds and get ready for the real season.

  49. Parise Couldn’t keep up with Kane when Kane got the wheels going.

    Parise = disappointment. He’s on the downside of his career.

  50. Norm , agree. every time an American tried to make a move it seemed like they got stripped of the puck.

  51. manny, watch the movie “grizzly man”, its a documentary about a weird man who lives with grizzly bears until they finally eat him. its funny it will make u feel better!

  52. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    well I would pay McDonough , but I wouldn’t pay callahan can’t pay them both..

  53. Off today’s result, the Canadians might replace one of their roster spots with:


    Their players are better than our players, won the great majority of 50-50s.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Lets GO NASH-ADA!!!"...says Greg L. on

    This game showed me two things , Trade Cally ( hes gonna get hurt) sign MC D!!!!!

  55. Oh Canada our home and native land, exalt. Where was Ray Rice when we needed to deliver the knockout blow to the US of A?

  56. Was there even one big hit thrown? How many times was there no defender to keep the puck in the zone? Pretty ugly game by USA…zero sustained pressure.

    That bracket was garbage anyway.

    It’s on Lundqvist now to crush them.

  57. McD and Cally did themselves proud…

    Otherwise it was a collection of players who flat out didn’t want to do any of the dirty work necessary to win. Very soft and showed very little fight.

    Team Sweden likely has a ton more pride than to play like USA did today.

    Gonna be ready to root for Sweden on Sunday. Team USA has nothing to be proud of. Some might say it was only a one goal game…but you saw a team that flat out wanted it more and one that refused to step up to the challenge.

  58. Ban all Canadien hockey players from working in the USA. Revoke all green cards and work Visa’s.

    Invade Canada with our fierce Armed Forces.

  59. I like the NHL in the Olympics but I would hate to see my guys get hurt in a meaningless bronze medal game.

    I hope Cally and McD are not blocking shots tomorrow.

  60. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    I don’t know when Mc Donough’s contract is up .. but after this Olympic performance I would think his value has risen $$$.
    Gm’s must be frothing at their mouths to sign him when the time comes

  61. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I agree. McDonagh was unreal. I would say he, not Quick, was the best player for the tournament. He should be Capt. He was worlds better than Suter.

  62. “McDonugh was good. But he wouldn’t be in Canada’s top 5 DMen, maybe 6 .”

    Oh yes he would. Better than Boumeester, Pietrangelo, Vlasic easily.

  63. Rob in Beantown on

    No reason to even watch tomorrow. Bronze is a disappointment no matter how you look at it.

  64. Kane has been the most disappointing player in the entire tournament. Turnovers galore and just bad choices with the puck.

  65. Agreed, Manny. McDonagh and Callahan were two of the only bright spots for USA, along with Quick and Suter. First period was okay, the rest stunk. I think SWE can beat CAN, though.

    Edzo tried to blame that goal on Callahan. Only reason Callahan vacated his position is because Brown wasn’t covering aptly and left a Canuck wide open in the circle for a quick shot. Brown and Backes didn’t fill in properly after that. Also, “crease-clearing” clown Orpik lost the battle to Benn in front of the net.

    I wish NHL coaches didn’t go to the Olympics. They should use NCAA coaches or something, that way there wouldn’t be any bias with team selection. In my opinion, Orpik and Martin only made the team because of Bylsma.

  66. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    McDonagh is better than Bowmeester and Hamhuis. He’s better than the Hot Pickle, Vlasic. He’s probably better defensively than Doughty but not the offensive shot. He’s not as physical as Keith but better offensively. He’s Better than Pietrangelo at Defense. I would take McDonagh over PK Subban. Shea Weber is probably better though. Way more physical and way dirtier.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Lets GO NASH-ADA!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Canada minus Stamkos ,St.Louis , Tavares and PK Subban and STILL gets the job done , sweeeet!!

  68. We must root for Pär Mårts!

    Those of you who laughed at me, Pär Mårts is in the gold medal game with the chance to avenge USA’s loss!

    Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!

  69. Rob in Beantown on

    I will watch on Sunday and root for Sweden. It still hurts too much to watch tomorrow I think.

  70. I also like the kid on Pittsburg LeTang.

    I thought “the Pickle” Vlasic played a great game today. He was physical and fast.

    But don’t get me wrong, I love McDonough.

  71. Drew Doughty was unbelievable today. Bowmeister was outstanding. Weber was steady. Pieterangelo was physical and moved the puck quickly. Vlasic was fast and as slippery as a pickle.

    Canada Defense >>> USA Defense.

  72. It appears that large ice surface leads to less scoring and offense contrary to what many have said.

    Less turnovers and physical board play.

    Think small old Boston Garden surface versus larger Olympic surface.

  73. Yes you do Manny!

    But my McDonuts love is strong and lasting, like the love between brothers.

    Your McDonuts love is more like the love between a man and a woman, the love that starts out like a lightning bolt but over time grows stale and burns out.

    PB Love for McDonuts > Manny Love for MpcDonuts.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Go for GOLD!!!"...says Greg L. on

    The dam Gold medal is for euro pansies . Our Prize is the Stanley Cup . We didn’t wait 4 years to play team Canada .

    Team USA tried and now will go out and win the bronze . Not too shabby I think.

    We want the Stanley Cup and todays result will only help us get there. Last I looked No one team can roster 11 Stanley cup guys makin over 150 million . Our Ranger team is on the same payroll as everyone else , we come hard and COMPETE!!!
    Today we never lost cause for I , I am a RANGER FAN!!!!

  75. thanks Carp

    I could see USA phoning it in tomorrow.

    You look back on all the “high scoring” games the US won by…but really not many of those goals were elite, snipe goals…they just crushed teams with questionable defenses and got lots of knock ins.

    This game was over when Carlson didn’t score on his big feed…he had plenty of room to walk in another step and make sure Price has no chance there…instead you pump Price up with a big save and the guy is tuned in for the next 50 mins.

  76. McD was probably the best player on the ice today, aside from the guys in net.

    Guy has really stood up tall for the USA. What a steal.

  77. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    If Tukka Rask is feeling better then USA has a really, really tough shot at a Bronze

  78. Anyone concerned about the boys picking up where they left off without their best forward for the first two weeks?


    Don’t think any of our fourth-liners fit in that spot…perhaps JT gets call-up or even a playmaker like Lindberg or Kristo?

  79. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Callahan is going to move up. That’s happening. You’re going to need someone to replace the 3rd line Center and you’re probably using Miller to do that with Richards sliding back out to the Wing.

  80. Cally going to St. Louis just seems inevitable. Seemed to be getting real chummy with Backes and Oshie.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Go for GOLD!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers need to just keep winning . NYI are cryin over Tavares being hurt . After Hank loses the Gold medal he will be pissed and lead us to a Stanley Cup.

  82. Manny, you make perfect sense, just not sure Cally is the best guy for that spot…he is such a different player than Zucc is…

  83. You watch Cally throw his body out there, and there is just now way we can give him 7 years…its crazy.

  84. I agree Ilb.

    If it wasn’t for Quick and 3 open nets shots missed it could have been 5-0.

    I just hate that it’s Canada. Now I have to put up with my Canadian friends for another 4 years.

  85. ThisYearsModel on

    The better team, with the much better roster won the game. The only thing I have a problem with is that USA Hockey, who could NEVER have BETTER roster than Canada, still decided to bring less than the best available Team USA roster to the Olympics. Babcock coached rings around Coach Poindexter…….the guy who throws Crosby, Malkin, Letang et al out there every game and is somehow thought of as a good coach. He demanded Orpik and Martin be there, who had zero business being on this team ahead of Yandle and the 2 Johnsons. We have a team full of physical, defensive guys and we get shut out when finally playing a good team. But 35 goal scorer Bobby Ryan need not apply, and actually gets trashed by the committee. The committee’s arrogance and short sightedness was exposed. None of them should ever have anything to do with selecting an Olympic team again.

  86. They tried, the effort was there. Sometimes you generate as as much as your opposition gives you. Canada played very intelligent, deliberate hockey. Price didn’t have much work, but was solid when needed to be. Quick was excellent.

  87. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I watched two periods at Warren77 and had to leave because

    a.) it was packed with people in suits;
    2.) there were WAY too many Canadian fans; and
    d.) they took reservations for the game but never told me that when I called and asked about it.

  88. I saw some reports that Zucc might be ready to play next week. With broken hand, I’d say it’s a bit optimistic. Unless those little Vikings heal differently, of course.

  89. SNY posted this morning that he’s expected to miss first two weeks of games back after olympics…

  90. Yesterday’s loss agonizing. Today’s not so much. Dominant defensive performance by a bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled team. They knew they didn’t need a second goal, would have gone and got one if they had.

  91. Totally agree norm…Yesterday sucked…the blown lead, the post, the miserable slashing call (though Kunitz got called for the same thing bs swat at a rebound that Wright did in OT yesterday)…today we just got beat.

  92. The one thing I think killed us today was the faceoff dots…I haven’t seen the official stats, but every time we were able to get an O-zone faceoff, we lost it and the puck was headed the other way.

    Was also impressed by Canada’s D-Zone support…if the puck was behind the Canada net, you had all five red-jersey’s below the dots, with available sticks to support the breakout

  93. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    And if I didn’t mention it the USA PP was GOD AWFUL. Who was running that thing? Mike Sullivan? 4 players standing still, with no one screening the goaltender, while Patrick Ryan skates around in circles.

  94. We also got crushed in the faceoff dots and lost all of the board battles all day long…1-0 not indicative of the whooping this game was.

  95. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I don’t know if there is a category the USA actually excelled in or even bested the Canadians in. Unless that category is having the most guys named McDonagh on your team.

  96. Sounds more like it. I guess I should check the widget more often.

    So, NY will definitely have an Olympic gold medalist. Question is one or two?

  97. Carp, have you heard any rumblings as to whether Miller will come back up or someone else to fill the hole left by Zucc? Any thoughts on who gets scratched with Dorsett healthy…it pains me to say this but Carcillo has been a pretty solid spark plug…

  98. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It’s possible, but at this point I put dorsett in his spot in the lineup and go from there.

  99. the Rangers are going to call up the healthy scratch Kristo? doubt it! more likely they just put in Dorsett, or call up Miller. if they are looking at the position, Fast would be the choice.

  100. ILB, Regrading Team USA’s effort:

    Frankly, I was disappointed with the collective effort of Team USA today ( other than a few players) from about the 5th minute of the opening period until the last 6-8 minutes of play.

    They turned it up in the final minutes and played with desperation. Where was that before?

    There was no sustained pressure in the Canadian zone. Where was the forecheck??? Why were the DMen not pinching the boards??

    Parise must be nursing an injury. He was behind the play and loosing possession of the puck often during this game / tournament.

  101. Sioux, your boy Sl-Owshie was in way over his head today. Blysma should have played Wheeler in his place.

  102. I just can’t rationalize (it’s not in my DNA) a loss to Canada as “not being that bad because they have more talent and a better team.”

    That’s complete BS. The Soviets had a better team in 1980 too.

    But admittedly, I am the absolute worse loser in the world.

    These last two days have been a horrendous nightmare.

  103. I’m such a bad loser, When the Rangers got knocked out by Boston last year, I self-banned myself from the worst blog on the Internets because my depression was making me become very nasty. I was gone for about 6 weeks before it subsided and I eased my way back on.

  104. My message to Team USA,

    If you’re going to run around and pound your chest saying “look at me, I am the best” when you do away with the weaker competition, at least show up and give complete effort for 60 minutes when playing the better competition.

  105. USA Coaching staff… The guy who can’t seem to make it out of the2nd round of the PO’s despite having what many feel is the best team talent wise in the NHL assisted by the idiot from Philly who is being out coached now by a legendary hockey goon.

  106. This one hurts. For the sake of the nice civilized bloggers on the worst blog on the Internets, after these two loses, I probably should self-ban again for a few days.

  107. Wicki the Bison is still in the Pasture. I’m still Waiting for my brother to get home, then we will cut it up ourselves. Other wise it cost to much, can’t have my cousin do it, we would have to spend $300 to get it USDA approved. Its a joke.

    So we will do it on the farm, in the spring.

  108. Irony or ironies: With all this world class talent on team USA, we could have used a Boyle or a Pouliot in front of Cary Price, screening, looking for tips, rebounds and drawing penalties.

  109. someone said it earlier, and I agree, Wheeler should have played a bigger role today. also, and I will probably get mocked for saying so, but Kreider would have been a big help today.

  110. So Nash skates on a line with a center who couldn’t crack Team USA’s lineup and a Kid who couldn’t crack Team USA’s roster?

    Maybe Nash isn’t as bad as I thought he was.

  111. Bull Dog …..dead on on both

    Also Ad Okposo on the team and Bobby Ryan too.

    Cut Oshie, Stepan and Orpik.

  112. the Bobby Ryan one is the biggest head scratcher. no real reason for him to not be on the team. Okposo could have helped as well.

  113. The Kreider, Kessel and Backes would have made a formidable speed / power line.

    Who were the Gang of Eight geniuses who picked this team?

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    I bought a jersey from China once, Sioux. I was not really happy with the quality. I probably would not do it again.

  115. Rob in Beantown on

    Well, the one I bought was clearly a knockoff. I think reebok makes their stuff in Indonesia and their supply chain is pretty tight in terms of leaks, but I guess you could get lucky

  116. Mama was “saving” money, and being to be nice, and ordered one for me. So I would have an Oshie Olympic one.

    I had Cullens in my hand and got outbid by a clever little boy that HAD to go home with it, and I just couldn’t be THAT guy that outbid him.

    So I’m not expecting to much

  117. Well boys…. have a Great Weekend.

    It’s Garage Poker Tour tonight, I’m thinking I’ll have to break out a Swedish hockey jersey if I want to win :)

  118. Hitchcock’s Sporting Goods? That the one, Coos?

    I mentioned it before, Booby Ryan should have been on this team. It’s a joke. Not saying the outcome would be different, but how do you not put one of the best American goal scorers in the league on this team, at the very least as an extra forward?

    Burke, Poile and all those guys look like idiots because of it, as well as looking like bigger idiots for publicly ripping him.

  119. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think ryan and okposo should have been on the team and step had no business being there.

  120. “Where’s your toes young man?”

    “Snow Bank next to the the freshman dorm. I marked the location by sticking an empty bottle of St Pauli Girl Dark next to frozen condom”

    “Oh, another late night boogie call?”


  121. Step postcard to Mom: ‘Hi, Mom. Having a blast over here. My hotel has a kind of unsweetened Mountain Dew on tap and the two Siberian Huskies in my room were a problem for a while, but they do keep me warm at night. Tomorrow I’m going down to the lobby for a bit of sightseeing. Good thing I brought that Dali Lama book you gave me.’

  122. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    During the broadcast Pierre saying what I’ve always said, cally is drury v2.0

    And if he gets his supposed salary demands from us his transformation will be complete!

  123. Nott that it matters a whit, but if Jonathan Quick is 6’1, as listed, McDonuts must be 6’6.

  124. I met an old H@anka Chief at an indian powwow and he kept blowing his nose on my shirtsleeve. (thanks to Orr for showing me how to get that one through the censors.)

  125. Maybe this slight will motivate Step-on to invest in some power skating lessons, weight training and agility drills.

    Hell, maybe he should enlist in the Marines this summer.

  126. A few thoughts…

    1) Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Sweden for Gold!

    2) The USA coaching staff was thoroughly outsmarted today. They could not counter Canada’s size and smart team work on defense. They were no adjustments made by Bylsma. Credit to Babcock, best coach in the game. We didn’t have any offensive presence in that game. And, to top it all off, people are saying Canada’s defense is so great it makes up for the lack of offense. LOL…Let’s not get carried away…didn’t Ozoli?š and the Latvians almost beat them? Credit Babcock for coaching a great game today but his players still can’t score. I think Henrik shuts them out.

    3) I also think Team USA could use more size and grit but not sure it would have made a difference today unless some adjustments were made by Bylsma in game. Kane was extremely disappointing and I’m not a fan. Kane should be a leader. He seems like the type of guy that would sign with Jay-Z. And speaking of size and grit, if they wind up sending NHL players to South Korea in 2018, I think guys like Kreider and Okposo (and maybe even…gulp…Big Byfuglien?) have to be there for USA.

  127. McD coming out party in Sochi, good for him, should give him confidence going forward. Threshold of greatness. Team Canada dominated, most lopsided 1 goal game ever? I watched all Canada’s games and my question is where is the scoring from the forwards? Can’t figure if it’s a break out game for the gold for them or Hank throws a shutout? I guess you got to like Canada if you betting. Get home in one piece boys

  128. I thought Byfuglien should have been on USA in Vancouver. I would have taken him as a spare forward on this team. Heavy shot, big body.

    Ah, who gives a fugg?! It’s over!

    You want good news? Ben & Jerry’s are announcing four new flavors next week.

  129. It’s a good thing Parise told the Ranger brain trust “not interested”. That contract is going to haunt The Wild as will Suter’s.

  130. ThisYearsModel on

    Outcoached big time. Mr. Peabody cannot coach his way out of a paper bag, or out of the second round. Playing Oshie on a regular shift instead of Blake Wheeler? Feeding copious ice time to Orpik who should not have even been on the team and was on it at his demand. And the committee…….so smug and smart leaving skilled players like Keith Yandle, Eric Johnson and Jack Johnson off the roster so they could take Paul Martin, Brooks Orpik and Justin Faulk? Leaving Kyle Okposo and Bobby Ryan off so they can take more pluggers, yes, so they can take Stepan? Very little ice time for Pacioretty and Wheeler. Really, they made a mess of it and were arrogant as heck to boot. They were no match for Canada today, and if not for McDonagh, Suter and Quick this is a 6 or 7-0 game. 2010 US Olympic team was better. Canada outclassed us from top to bottom, management, coaching and playing. They deserved the game. Also, seeing Rick Nask backchecking, leaving his feet to trhow elbows along the boards, moving his feet every second made me want to puke. Where has that been all season. To me, he is not forever a dog.

  131. Drew Doughty was Canada’s best player for the whole tournament. The guy is just awesome.

    Actually, I was impressed with the LA Kings in general:
    Quick, Brown, Kopitar, Carter…

  132. Thisyearsmodel, I must admit, I thought the same thing watching Nash skate hard on the back check and use his formidable size to actually throw some body checks, but I’m glad you said it first so it comes from someone other than me, the most vocal anti-Nash voice here among the Boneheads.

    Comparing this with the effort he gives or refuses to give and the short meaningless shifts he takes for the team that pays his grossly overstated salary, I hate him more now than I ever did!

    Nash is a dog. I hope they trade him at the deadline.

  133. God points above the Kings did play well in this tourney, and McD Suter n Spider-Man did save us from embarrassment. Way way down on Nash… Peddle him to a Canadian team if they love him so much. One thing I did like is Crybaby has been getting hit, abused and verbally ragged on and NO goals.

  134. ThisYearsModel on

    PapaBear—you should not have agreed with me. You would have spared the boneheads another rant. I was appalled watching him today. He has tiptoed around all season for us. Avoided the walls, dipsy doodle ice capades with the puck, more worried about getting hurt or taking a head shot than he is earning his salary. If the guy scores 30 more goals this year I will still think of him as a dog. I would love to see Slats trade him……..but he won’t. He is a slacker and he is dead to me. That irritated me more than anything else watching that game today, and there was a lot to be irritated about.

  135. Lev,

    “Simply Appalling” was the complete lack of effort Nash displayed during playoffs for the Rangers last year. The way he completely disappeared after Lucic snarled at him in game 2.

    Nash may tickle your fancy, but some here see him for what he is, the overpaid, underperforming, lazy dog.

  136. Woof woof sounds like someone has an agenda. That’s a term some liked to use a lot here last year.

  137. Stranger Nation on

    hope Canuckleheads lose and Crosby continues to be shut out

    Quick played great – where was Wheeler all game? guy can fly out there

    JVR had a very rough game

  138. I’m still going to watch this Bronze medal game. USA better show up. Can’t just let the Fins take it…

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny –
    a. I’m seriously smart
    2. It’s a great movie.
    D. Buzz was brilliantly moronic.

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