It’s Go Time! … Women’s Gold Medal game at noon


USA vs. Canada for the fourth time in five Olympics since women’s hockey was added to the Games. The Gold Medal game will be shown live at noon on NBC, and replayed on NBCSN at 5 p.m.

Canada has won two of the previous three gold-medal games and is the three-time defending champion.

Canada also beat the U.S. in the qualifying round earlier in the tournament.


On Friday are the men’s semifinals, with the USA-Canada game at noon and the Sweden-Finland game at 7 a.m.

And, in case you missed it, Mats Zuccarello is expected back in New York today, when he will be reevaluated for a non-displaced fracture in his left hand suffered while playing for Norway Sunday. We should have an idea how long the Rangers will be without the Little Italian Kid from Norway, who happens to be their leading scorer and, all season long, their best forward.

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  1. LGL!

    Since injury to MZA, rumors that Slather is seeking a contract with the Cossacks who attacked P***y Riot gals with horse whips and eye irritants during their videotaping session…his backup plan for the playoffs is Arturs Kulda? Yikes…what is V Put stooping to, horse whipping women in public? Is the American ref next on their list?;>((

  2. Sad that Tavares’ season will end due to Olympics injury…there goes the Isles’ season. We can only pray that our remaining representatives are Purcha’d, but hard to imagine that.

  3. Back to back USA-Canadas, and on the big sheet. Hockey at its best. Go, Sioux Sisters! Kessel! Knight!

    Pulling for USA-Finland on the men’s side — they’ve been the two best teams to watch so far.

  4. Manny,

    No hate for Parise, just expecting him to play better than he has so far. Seems to me he’s been about a half-step behind the play most of the time, struggling to keep up.

    To my eye, at least 9 forwards have played better than Parise. Callahan has played better. So have Brown, Backes, Kessler, Kesler, vanRiemsdyck, Oshie, Paciorety, Pavelski.

    Kane is channeling his inner Kovalev, way too much trying to beat 1,2,3. players by himself.

    Play better Parise. You too Kane.

  5. The reaction from Islanders fans is hilarious though. They are flipping out and crying that the NHL should not allow players to go to the olympics. Like they had a shot with Tavares.

  6. Who would have thought, at the beginning of this season or last season even, that Zuccarello being injured would force the fans to call quits on the season!?

    I mostly remember people hating him and saying he’s just not an NHL player.

  7. I *absolutely* agree with you about Kane, *Papa*. If he was on my team, which I would obviously take in a heartbeat, I would go nuts. He’s so odd.

  8. So, will the Tampa Bay Lightning attempt to trade Kristers Gud?evskis immediately based on that Sochi performance against Canada? He’s not a young pup.

  9. So, will the Tampa Bay Lightning attempt to trade Kristers Gudlevskis immediately based on that Sochi performance against Canada? He’s -not a young pup- only 21.



  10. Bishop is the journeyman in the Lightning equation. As hot as Hansel at the moment, but a lifetime in the minors.

  11. You’re right Papa & Norm. I was wrong.

    “I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive.”

  12. Carp, I have a question about the Islanders in light of the Tavares injury. An Islander fan was telling me that in the Vaneck trade, the Isles have the option of defering the first round pick this year if they finish in the bottom ten teams in the league?

    Is this true? That would suck as they are bound to have a very high draft pick yet again. It would be great if Buffalo got their pick THIS year!


  13. Well, let’s see, the TV side likes what NHL players in the Olympics do for their ratings, so I guess our High Lord and Commissioner will have to stonewall the obvious decision to shut down NHL involvement in the Olympics, in the future.

    Never do the right thing, when doing the wrong thing is profitable to those who benefit the most.

  14. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Today’s *Metal* album/video of the day comes from *Agalloch* the epic *Black* Metal band from Portland, Oregon. It’s a DVD called _Silence of Forgotten Landscapes_ and it’s currently not available and out of print. Luckily the whole thing is on YouTube!

  15. “You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive.”

    Manny….. Sometimes you are right.

  16. Oh come on, Manny, it doesn’t matter a bit whether the injury to Taveres cancels the Isles shot at the Cup. These two major injuries in the Olympics are a disaster to the NHL and the two respective teams having to suffer this, ours being one of them.

    It’s a sad day when P.R. sloth skunks logic and intelligence. These players, their teams, and the fans who support them deserve better. This is really a litmus test for whether Bettman has the best interests of the NHL at heart. “The Little Weasel” has been known to sell out before, you know.

  17. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I just can’t take that attitude. I absolutely *love* Olympic Hockey. But I also love World Juniors. So maybe I’m a different type of guy. I really think that, overall, the Olympics are GREAT for the NHL.

    But I absolutely LOVE this competition and a Gold medal would really help me out in life. It’s not a Stanley Cup but it’s pretty special.

    Don’t forget that Zetterberg got hurt as well.

  18. Memo to Slats: PLEASE don’t promote Miller or Kristo. Must be someone else’s 34-year old trash can reject out there, somewhere, we can rescue for a month or two?

  19. Robby, hockey is bigger than the NHL. Meanwhile, back to the rink, the Swedes are battling the Canadians for the Gold and setting back the feminist movement decades — attractive young women furiously scrubbing flat surfaces like its their job.

  20. So pumped for today’s game. Why? It’s because Olympic Hockey is freakin’ awesome. I’m not even all that patriotic but I am humping America big time lately. These games are intoxicating.

  21. What also can’t be truly measured is the amount of interest the NHL will gain from casual fans who just might decide to follow more closely after being pulled in by the Olympic drama. Our niche sport can only benefit from additional exposure.

  22. That is said during every Winter Olympics. There will be a minimal, if none at all, rise in NHL fans. = The only thing that will attract more fans to the sport are even more exposure of the faces of the NHL, Sid the Kid for example.

  23. Keep the NHL in the Olympics.

    Fantastic hockey being played for very high stakes crammed into a very short time period.

    A hockey lover’s dream.

  24. NHL in the Olympics is begging for more injuries. Zuccarello injured, Tavares lost for season. End the nonsense.

  25. Can’t wait until the NHL expands to 32 teams.

    In the next few years there will be a play in wild card series to make the playoffs. After all we have to make the regular season more meaningful.

    Maybe they can expand the 82 game season, after all more revenue for all.

    I can’t wait to watch more of that.

  26. “Hockey is bigger than the NHL.”

    Meaning what, it’s a good thing Taveres and Zucc were severely injured because the league got some added TV ratings publicity for its trouble? Good grief!

  27. Morning Boys!

    What did I miss.

    Zucc hand is hurt, he might need a week or two to let it heal fully. NOT a PROBLEM. Maybe, just maybe we can see what Kristo can bring to the table – until Zucc is a 100%.

  28. I remember Richter getting severely hurt at NHL all star game.
    His career was negatively impacted.

    Let’s make sure we cancel all star game and especially those skill contests.

  29. I agree Manny I am being sarcastic.

    Hank could pull a groin tomorrow I would feel the same. Injuries happen, the unfortunate price you have to pay to see such a higher level of play than we are used to seeing.

  30. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I completely agree with that. Even if Hank got injured and it tanked the season for us I would feel the same way. It’s every four years and it’s for GLOBAL GLORY and DOMINATION.

  31. Siouxperman

    From what I understand, Kristo has stunk lately and was a healthy scratch last week.

    If Zucc has to miss a game, it might very be Dorsett who comes into the lineup

  32. Mister D, I bought 2 *extra* tickets just in case I *lose* my primary ones. The backup plan is necessiated by my extreme excitement to watch Manny *puke* on *everybody*.

  33. Kristo? please. there are three people ahead of him. He needs to learn to play defense.

    Hopefully he gets it next year.

  34. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I think the logical choice to replace Zucc is JT Miller. Dorsett might replace Asham, although that line has been so good.

  35. Manny

    I would much rather keep Miller in the AHL. He clearly needs time since every time he comes up here, he doesn’t produce.

    For the few games Zucc would have to miss (if any), I’d rather them just use Dorsett and let Miller develop without being called up every few weeks the second someone has to miss a game.

  36. Have a feeling that the Parisi/Kane/Kesler line (if that remains a line) will now be called upon to get it done against Canada. Canadians will likely throw everything they can defensively against Pavelski/Kessel/van Riemsdyk.

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    Olympic hockey is *awesome*. It’s the world’s best players competing for national *pride* and *glory*. I refuse to hear any alternative points of view.

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t know if the Olympics are good for the NHL owners. They’re probably not. But they’re definitely great for *hockey*.

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    The only bad thing is the next Olympics, being in Korea, will be all but unwatchable for us on the East Coast :(

  40. So lets go over the Pros and Cons of NHL Players in Olympic hockey:

    1) Awesome hockey for the fans. Like watching a bunch of All-Star teams where they players are actually playing hard
    2) Ratings for NBC much higher than if the amateurs played. It probably helps the NHL in their contracts to get us more games on TV
    3) Keeps Europeans in the NHL. Ovie saying stuff like he’d leave the Caps to go play in the Olympics. You have to wonder if many Europeans would go to the KHL if they couldn’t play in the Olympics

    1) Injuries – Key guys can get hurt in a game that’s meaningless to their NHL team. For us it’s Zuc, but imagine if it was Zuc AND Lundqvist? The Isles lose the one player that their fans pay to see. I wonder what attendance will be like in the NVMC the rest of the season.

    2) Disruptive to the season. Rangers were playing great, but what happens when they come back? Especially when they come back to a couple of tough teams to play? Plus compressed schedule means teams like the Rangers, fighting for a playoff spot are going to be dog tired by the time the playoffs roll around

    3) No real bump in popularity – As great as the hockey is in the Olympics, we’ve never seen a sustained bump in popularity at the NHL level. Those fans who loved Olympic hockey for it’s speed and pace, go back and watch the NHL style of slow paced goonery and fighting and are turned off by it. Plus the NHL has always done a terrible job of promotion off the Olympics.

  41. Rob in Beantown on

    The NHL tries to piggyback off the Olympics. For example, the NHL GameCenter app sends you Olympics updates and score updates. But it’s funny because you know that *secretly* deep down inside the NHL *hates* it and wishes it weren’t a thing.

  42. Right, more expansion in NHL. Further dilute the talent base, then have play-in games for the dolts who don’t make the playoffs, then have a shoot-out for every team left and add another playoff team (or two).

  43. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Thanks, tomb! What’s your opinion? You’re a smart person who actually enjoys and understands hockey at multiple levels.

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    What’s the opposite of a sledgehammer? I’m trying to make a powerpoint presentation and I want to contrast something that’s hugely disruptive/destructive with something that’s more iterative. I need a picture opposite a sledgehammer to represent the iterative thing.

  45. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Opposite of a sledgehammer? Well a sledgehammer destroys things and pounds posts into place. What builds things and removes posts? Churches? Very small rocks? A duck?

  46. Rob in Beantown on

    I guess I’m looking for a tool that’s used to make fine adjustments. I clearly haven’t thought this metaphor through very well.

  47. Hockey is bigger than the NHL. Much as we like to think that the NHL is the only thing and that we club fans are the only fans, it’s just not true. Playing for your nation is a big deal with the players, not to mention playing the game as it should be played, on a big sheet where there’s room to create, still room to grind and check as well, and, best of all: NO CLOWN SHOWS! A parochial view of the sport, an exclusive province of North America, is evidently limiting. Look at the world’s most popular sport and what do you see: not one but three major leagues, with the second tier not far behind and growing. Any team worth watching has players from various nations, as the NHL does, and the World Cup is at least as important as the club game. None of the owners want their players in international competition and — delight of delights — they are powerless to do anything about it. Go, USA!

  48. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    To be honest though, they should probably allow checking in Women’s Hockey. These girls are much stronger than they used to be.

  49. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Some guy just called me stupid on Twitter. This guy LOVES Doc Emrick. Hope you guys get a kick out of it:

    @MrManager5 Please Doc Emrick. Please. SHUT UP! #ShutUpDoc

    @Beanballbobby91 @MrManager5 ur stupid he’s the best play by play guy in the business
    @Beanballbobby91 @MrManager5 you clearly have no sense of what a good broadcaster is
    ?@Beanballbobby91 @MrManager5 sorry he makes the games exciting.

  50. Horrible pressure on both teams — the worst either team could do coming in was the silver. One of them’s getting the silver. Looks like Canada’s to lose with this goalie.

  51. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m surprised that Eddie Vedder is so good at goaltending. You would think he might have lost a step at his age…

  52. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Bill Bellamy has made a really nice transition from Rock N Jock hero/coach to Women’s Hockey player.

  53. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    The American Women need to start using their speed to counter Canada’s physicality. They need some Offensive zone pressure.

  54. Good fightback in the last minute, way to finish strongly. But they’ll need to score again to win.

  55. Did they clean the kitchen and vacuum yet? Just kidding, I’m not chauvinist.

    But, seriously, make me a sandwich.

  56. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on


  57. American economy spirals downward as workers spend more time and attention to the worst blog on the Internets than they do work.

  58. The TV in our breakroom here is tuned into channel 4 and a bunch of non-hockey fans are glued to it.

    This is a terrible sign for the NHL. (Obvious (s) )

  59. Same story so many times between these two. USA controls the game, Canada finds a way to win. Still a chance to change the story, but doesn’t look like it.

  60. They’re done. This team isn’t winning. Another silver on the board, at least. Extend our medal count lead.

  61. If the linesman didn’t get in the way, we would have scored on the empty net. Instead, we hit the post. :)

  62. Could be the freeken choke of the decade. When you play not to lose you usually lose. Saw this coming when they started to play Torts/Rangers shot block hockey after they went up 2-0. Kiddie bar the door Leafs old style hockey. No way they come back now, unless the hockey gods make up for that spinning puck that never went in.

  63. The problem: Canada loses, they still were amazing. USA, loses, one of the great all-time chokes. Who’s going to be looser do you think? Coach has a real job on her hands in the locker room.

  64. I know you guys have much more important things in life to care about…like, watching Olympic hockey and being outraged by the bad bathroom conditions in Sochi and by how Russians treat stray dogs… but right now, hundreds of people in Ukraine are being murdered by the corrupt Ukrainian government. Please, pray for Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Please make people around you aware of what’s going on in Ukraine. Thanks

  65. Should have been a penalty shot. Whoever missed that shot and gave the breakaway is going to kill herself.

  66. Well it should never have gotten to that point. Should have closed it out girls. That hurts.

    Poor Julie Chu

  67. Gotta chew on this until Malmo world championships. New coach by then, I hope. Stone did not have a good night on the only night that counted.

  68. US team has to stay out on the ice for the medals. Awful, but they knew it was the price they’d have to pay.

  69. Swiss pumped to get the bronze, Canada giddy with the unlikely gold, USA ready to shoot themselves. Some scene out there.

  70. Backup goalies smiling and laughing as they get their silver medals. Backup goalies for a reason. Disgraceful teammates.

  71. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Two Stories to this Game:

    1.) USA blows a two goal lead late in the 3rd; and/or
    2.) Canada regroups and achieves a legendary comeback in the final minutes to force OT in which they win.

  72. And to think, USA nearly had that empty net goal when it went off the post, with a little help from the official.

    So close. Would have been a bad way to win it.

    These refs better let the boys play tomorrow. Two minutes for giving a goalie a love tap. LOL! Unbelievable.

    I’m upset over this loss, which annoys me, cause if USA loses tomorrow, I may need to be put in a straightjacket!

  73. ThisYearsModel on

    So we have an intensely entertaining game, gutsy comeback leading to OT. A Canadian defensewoman delivers a head shot to a forward at the side of the net, the ref calls it. The ref then deems it necessary to call a make up “slash” in front of the net 5 seconds into the US powerplay? What? Is she related to Tim Peel? What a travesty.

  74. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Well maple syrup and snow’s what they export
    They treat curling just like it’s a real sport
    They think their silly accent is so cute
    Can’t understand a thing they’re talkin’ aboot

    Weird Al

  75. Canadas goalie was great in the OT, but officiating not so much. the penalty on the breakaway was not even a penalty. there skates banged together, incidental contact. the slash on the USA power play was a joke.

  76. Rob in Beantown on

    “@AmherstAleHouse: We will NOT sell Canadian beer during tomorrow’s hockey gm between USA & Canada”


  77. it sucks about Taveras. as much as I hate the Islanders, I do not want to see an injury to one the leagues best players.

  78. the injury’s to Taveras, Zuuc, and Zetterberg may lead to the end of NHL players in the olympics.

  79. Zetterberg had issues with his back before the games.

    Taveras – that’s a huge loss for the team. But it wasn’t like they were going to make the playoff anyway.

    Zucc – let’s hope that is a quick fix.

  80. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m watching tomorrow at Warren77 that likes to serve Molson. I will order one and SMASH it on the counter. THATS WHAT YOU GET YOU TRAITOR!

  81. I’m not sure it was a Canada win or a USA choke.

    On the tying goal, Team USA had five players chase the player with the puck into the corner, all leaving the front of the net bare. How does that happen in the last minute when you suppose to be protecting the front of your net?

    I wonder what the coaching strategy was defending against the 6 attackers?

    More a Horrible loss than a valiant comeback.

    All that being said, the team with the most talent definitely won the game.

  82. Avery brought his mother into the kitchen at Warren 77 and Abramcyck put him on irrevocable waivers.

  83. I can’t feel bad for the USA ladies, aside from Chu. If you don’t want to have this happen DONT BLOW A TWO GOAL LEAD IN FOUR MINUTES

  84. Ah, yes, the no infraction committed “extra attacker” Monster rears its little head again, to skew yet the outcome of yet another hockey game. But who cares, right?

  85. I know we don’t like NO POLITICS on this blog but none of you have any words of support to offer regarding the situation in Ukraine?

    Oh right… it’s not gays who are being denied their rights or the dogs who are being put to sleep… otherwise the blog activists will be all over it. Get it. Got it. Thanks.

  86. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I do, long live the Free people of Ukraine. This American, for one, is with you. Liberty or Death.

  87. CCCP, it’s a hockey blog. The situation in the Ukraine is disgusting in every way, but… it’s a hockey blog. Every time you enter something about some hockey coach sucking or the like, there’s someone dying violently somewhere in the world. Why don’t you want to discuss the Central African Republic?

  88. Thank you, Jeff.


    I would if someone brought it up. That is why I am bringing current situation in Ukraine up. Making people aware of what’s happening. I have friends and family in Ukraine still…and i am worried.

    And Norm, where were you when this blog became more than just a hockey blog? We are a community.

  89. I know it’s hard for people to relate to things that don’t directly affect them, especially people in America…they are always watching from the side…always seeing other countries struggle… people in America have no idea what it is like to live under oppressive government. I am sorry for bringing it up ON A HOCKEY BLOG. Won’t bother you again. Carry on…

  90. CCCP, I hope you and your family are doing OK. I thought of you when I saw all that was happening.

  91. Good evening all! Sorry for the long absence, been working on my luge…

    I feel horrible for the USA women…they got skunked. Now it’s up to USA men!!

    Maybe you all don’t know C3 is from Ukraine, so it’s not political, it’s personal….give the guy a break and say a prayer for his friends and family. Yeesh, folks here talk non-hockey all the time.

    LGR!!! Zucca’s hand better get better fast, and I’m almost sorry for Tavares…this is what happens when pros go to the games…..

    Phew! Catch up rant over

  92. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Does knight remind anyone else of lucic or am I just all jacked up from my lack sleep from working the overnight shift all week?

  93. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Bro, i hope all of your friends and fam are safe and keeping their heads down.

    The sooner the Ukraine steps out of Moscow’s shadow, the better off their people will be.

  94. Eddie O said on the FAN today that unless Ice Hockey goes to the Summer Olympics (which I agree would be great), the NHL won’t be sending it’s players there again…

  95. CCCP, my thoughts and prayers go out to the oppressed persons of the Ukraine.

    Freedom from Opression for All.

  96. Stranger Nation on

    Amateur hour is the best hour – enough with the pros – keep the payments under the table like the old days, eh?

  97. “…Even if Hank got injured and it tanked the season for us I would feel the same way. It’s every four years and it’s for GLOBAL GLORY and DOMINATION.”


  98. Back from choir practice, where we sang a setting of a text found on a basement wall in Germany, written by a person hiding from the Gestapo. Thought of CCCP and his family, friends:

    I believe in the sun even when it is not shining.
    I believe in love even when feeling it not.
    I believe in God; I believe when God is silent. I believe in the silence.

  99. Still pissed off about that loss this afternoon.

    Can’t get over it.

    Crappy way to go into the game tomorrow.

    I hate all referees. To call that even up call against the USA was predictable but gutless non the less.

  100. I thought the US was much the better team except for one important aspect — failing to close it out. Again. The first was bad luck, but they invited it by backing in. It was still their game, though, and the tying goal was a result of terrible defense. I thought Canada’s goalie won it for them, and that Stone did not do a good job overall. When Canada went with two forwards on the 3 on 3 and the US went with two D, the writing was on the wall.

  101. Stranger Nation on

    What goalie deflects a puck in front of their own net in the last minute of a 1 goal game. How does the US goalie not tie up that puck?

  102. Freedom from tyranny! And be ever vigilant that it does not happen here! Prayers for your family and friends, CCCP.

  103. Hey CCCP: did you know that gunfire and violence broke out today in the Congo!? It’s terrible also. Far worse actually. Also South Sudan is having horrid problems. Their free state isn’t going well because of some ethnic issues in their mountains.

    Ukraine is a bad situation. Probably headed for worse until they sort out the EU situation.

    We don’t devolve into world politics everyday. If we did this would be a dismal place.

    Sorry we ignored something g dear to your heart. I’m following it outside this blog.

  104. The purpose of the media in New York and DC is to advance the Democrat Party agenda. There is no journalism anymore. There is an agenda that is put forward each day, the soap opera, whatever you want to call it.

  105. Um. some of the media is on the other side, too, tomb.

    though I generally agree, there is no news anymore, just predictable agenda-driven opinions on each side. That’s why it’s good to work in the toy section of a news group.

    no politics.

  106. Yes. God, or whoever it was, gave us sports, literature and art so that we don’t have to die each day of the truth. Viva la toys!

  107. I oppose the idea of summer Olympics hockey for a damn good reason – burn out and injuries. Hell, after 82 regular season games, but deep Stanley Cup playoffs play for many of the best players, how much more do they have to give when it is the one time of the year for them to rest.

    Enough with puking TV ratings considerations running the world like a dictatorship!

  108. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Where the hell is the new post??

    It’s my last overnight (finally) and I want the first.

  109. If you guys want news you should watch NY1. That’s my favorite news station. They don’t sensationalize and they aren’t party affiliated. Also their broadcasters aren’t vapid weirdos with plastic surgery. They are really New Yorkers.

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