It’s Go Time! … USA vs. Slovenia (7:30 a.m., NBCSN)


Game 3 for the RW&B.

Some thoughts on yesterday’s classic:

1) NHL shootouts are a bad enough way to determine a winner. To do it in an Olympic tournament is dumber. And to have that rule where the same guy goes over and over and over and over again, is beyond stupid. IMO.

2) Ryan Callahan and Ryan McDonagh=NYRMonsters. With Callahan, what you saw yesterday is what makes him special. I don’t know if he’s worth $6M per, and I certainly would have a hard time endorsing a seven-year contract for him, but a lot of people have put him down as a replaceable third-liner, and I certainly don’t believe he is that. Yesterday he looked to me like a guy who will be very much missed, especially in the first four or five seasons of his next contract, if he goes. And, as far as the money, the way NHL salaries are going, $6M per three or four years from now, is not going to look so bad. Five, six, seven years from now, is questionable, only because you try to project what Callahan will be then.

3) I wish USA Hockey didn’t sell out to Nike with those new uniforms. Please bring back the USA logo on the front.

4) Pavel Datsyuk. I wonder, when all is said and done, where this guy stands among all-time Russian hockey players. especially among all-time Russians who played in the NHL. Other guys might have better stats. Datsyuk might, overall, be better than all of them.

5) Sergei Bobrovsky. Looks like  Philly got it wrong again.

Today’s sked:
Austria vs. Norway, 3:00 a.m., USA Network, TSN2
Russia vs. Slovakia, 7:30 a.m., USA Network, Sportsnet
Slovenia vs. USA, 7:30 a.m., NBCSN
Finland vs. Canada, 12:00 p.m., USA Network, CBC

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  1. FYI

    @drosennhl: For Team USA, Ryan Miller starts, Jimmy Howard in as backup. Derek Stepan plays and Max Pacioretty sits. Justin Faulk scratched.

  2. Looks like their game plan is to just fly directly at the Slovenian defenders and own the middle of the ice.

  3. I don’t dislike Mike Emrick as much as others do, but I certainly understand why they do. The man talks way too much. He’s like Arlo White during EPL matches, when I’m forced to watch matches with the mute on.

  4. It’s ok, Headzo. They don’t need to blow them out, or get hurt. Simple win gets them into quarterfinals without playing an extra elimination game.

  5. Doc Emrick is annoying. But he could be a lot better if he learned the value of some quiet space.

    His directional inaccuracy is astounding. He always says “pushed ahead and on back up to be played out and along.” He’s always mixing directions and painting a picture that looks more like a Jackson Pollock painting than an Ansel Adams photo.

  6. Carp

    Dead on about Datsyuk: He is an incredible hockey player. I remember thirty-five years ago when a Soviet coach called Bob Gainey “technically” the best player in the world. Datsyuk is that guy today; he can do it all on both sides of the ice, is smarter than everyone, and has a huge heart. If he played in NY there’s be a street in Brighton Beach renamed for him.

  7. I like Emrick but like JBytes I do understand why others don’t. The good? He is not self-important, calls himself the master of the obvious often, and has a genuine love for the game. The bad? How do you “foist” a puck? Or “spirit” it out of the zone? And God knows, there are many more where they came from….

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Backes and Kessler provide the grit and FO% we need against better teams.
    After McD, Suter and Shatty not a lot of confidence in back line. Orpik is adysmal

  9. I can’t see any players liking standing/skating around and waiting for broadcasters to come back from commercial break.

  10. The shootout is so much better in the olympics, if only for the point system used. Without the 3-2-1-0 system (or at least a 3-1-0), a shootout makes no sense at all. At least the olympics get that right.

  11. I never had an issue with the shootout. My gripe with the NHL is its point distribution system. How can some matches be worth three points while others just two? The olympics get it right.

    Hey, isn’t “Hand of God” a Maradona trademark?

  12. Remember when McDonagh was a long shot to make the team!?


  13. Rob in Beantown on

    Miller should allow a few goals and make it close. Don’t want to have a goalie *controversy* here

  14. Brian Engblom is another hockey announcer I cannot stand. The guy tries too hard to be analytical. Gee, do we need an icing or errant pass analysed?

  15. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I was just about to ask that question, Pimp. I think Russia *has* to win in Regulation to get a bye to the Quarter Finals. But I have no idea what happens if they lose.

  16. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    So 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an OT win and 1 point for an OT loss?

  17. Heard V Put has threatened Ovi with arrest and imprisonment in the Gulag for 2 years without pay if the Russians do not make the medal rounds…they’ll be there…

  18. Interesting matchup situations for the Americans here.

    The question for us, is who do we want to avoid and it what order. To me, our worst matchups are Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland in that order and we would prefer to play the Swiss/Latvia than the Czechs or Slovaks.

    To me these are our preferences in order:

    Option 1

    Finland wins in OT/S. US plays Czechoslovakia and would face the winner of Finland vs. Swiss/Latvia. Would not face Sweden/Russia/Canada until gold/bronze game.

    Option 2

    Canada wins in regulation. US plays winner of Latvia/Swiss and plays winner of Sweden/Czechoslovakia. Would not face Finland/Russia/Canada until gold/bronze game.

    Option 3

    Finland wins in regulation. US plays Swiss/Latvia and would face the winner of Sweden vs. Czechoslovakia. Would not face Finland/Russia/Canada until gold/bronze game.

    Option 4

    Canada wins in OT/S. US plays Czechoslovakia and will play winner of Canada vs. Latvia/Swiss. Would not face Finland/Russia/Sweden until gold/bronze game.

  19. It would be helpful if we had another large war so that the new generations in the USA could learn where these countries are on a map. It was recently reported that 25% of adults here think the sun revolves around the earth.

  20. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Patch is acrTched because he is getting traded! ;)

    Anyone have a video link to oshie’s presser from last night?

  21. Since we needed a shootout to beat Russia, we don’t get maximum points and Sweden’s three regulation wins give them them the top spot for now.

  22. 1) The jerseys they (USA) wore today are amazingly awesome.

    2) Kessel = Hero

    3) Datsyuk is the best Russian Player of his generation…

    4) Let’s Go Finland!

  23. NYR_FAN…

    Datsyuk top 3 in the world in the last 20 years???

    Easy does it.

    Great player, but

    No way, top 3 in the world.

    No way.

  24. I worked for a power company in Finland one summer in college. My bosses name was “Juha” I wrote in my journal that night that I just got there and my bosses name was “yahoo”

  25. How’s about Selanne giving Crybaby the Hank treatment…. Telling him to stop diving? Priceless. Rutuu goal and better yet a solid hit on the baby. Like a whole lot of Canada’s players but so hard to root for them with Cindy as the Capt.

  26. Win the gold?

    Team USA most likely will have to beat at least 2 but possibly 3 of the following four teams:





    I’d like to see the USA win the Gold by beating Canada, Russia and Sweden. Prefer to beat Canada or Russia in Gold Medal Game.

  27. Currently Active Players with at least 1 Stanley Cup ranked by Career Playoff Points since 1997:

    Patrik Elias
    Henrik Zetterberg
    Marian Hossa
    Pavel Datsyuk
    Scott Gomez
    Sidney Crosby
    Evgeni Malkin

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    Actually, does it matter? I don’t understand. I’ll just wait for the bracket to come out.

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    I think Sweden has 9 points. The USA has 8. The winner of this game will 9 if they win in regulation or 8 in OT. So they either finish first or depending on goal differential with the US second or third.

  30. oh well the path to gold goes through Canada, unless the Swiss can manage to pull off a miracle upset.

  31. About as good as position as we could wish for before this thing started. Now we just keep playing like we have and we will medal and maybe take it all. Team is coached and built well.

  32. Good point made….. Russia can get to the finals without facing Canada or the US, it’s a break for them

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    Sweden looks easily the most beatable of the four byes. They haven’t looked super sharp since the opener but came out of a really easy group.

  34. Why do Curlers get paid so much less than hockey players? Level the playing field, Mister de Blasio! (s)

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I love watching Curling. I’ve watched it every Olympics. And yet, I have no idea what is going on other than the shuffle board like strategy…as the announcers have yet to explain any strategic or tactical aspect of the game…a tele-strater would be perfect….

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mother Earth – either the blog is slower than Pyatt on a breakaway or my network is lame…

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s the playoffs that matter most….I expect ECF finals vs Bruins with Brassard’s line leading the way…

  38. What’s with all the little brooms? If the ice gets that dusty, there’s the reason Pyatt couldn’t get any speed up.

  39. I wonder if Putin realizes that gays organized the entire opening ceremonies and designed all the outfits and uniforms. Hope this whole thing is over before he finds out.

  40. Story from yesterday:

    arrive at parents in afternoon after
    USA win over Russia
    jpg’s sister was napping
    i was told that she got up early for the game and then was tired.
    fair enough
    when she woke up, i asked her how she liked the game?
    she grumpily responded, “did Russia end up winning 3 to 2?”
    i thought she was kidding.
    “WHAT?!? you didn’t see that the goal was disallowed?!?!”
    “No. i was mad that of all people Tyutin scored so i turned it off.”
    “so, you didn’t know that it went into overtime????”
    “so, you didn’t see the shootout and see TJ Oshie scored 4 times and end up winning the game?!?!”
    “We won……good.”

  41. Scored a neat 6000 square foot, 5 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath on East 79th with a private elevator and 45 foot terrace for 250 dollars per month. Multiple bids; had to go a bit higher than I wished.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Looking at homes in Scarsdale…..saw a beautiful Tudor, 9 BR, 8 baths, 12 fireplaces, on 10 acres…240 dollars…

  43. ‘Way back when,
    In Sixty-seven,
    I was the dandy
    Of Gamma Chi
    Sweet things from Boston
    So young and willing
    Moved down to Scarsdale
    Where the hell am I?
    Hey Nineteen.’

  44. So the dude here (sorry, forgot who) who called Ray Rice a PoS might have been on to something.

    Also, McDonagh is like a top 5 asset in the NHL on this contract. For reals.

  45. What time is the synchronized Water Lutz Triple Camel Toe Loop Men’s Axel Quadruple Falling Leaf Doubles?

  46. Must have been funny when Roenick arrived in Sochi and found that his hotel room had ALREADY been trashed. Saved him the trouble.

  47. eddie
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

    check out that Bobsled Song i posted earlier.
    it’s actually a catchy reggae song.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    When are the Rangers coming back?

    In Canada’s game Nash was a beast.

    In Sweden , Hank was a tank.

    Callahan and McD for Usa were GREAT.

    New York Rangers are the real team here , all countries aside I WANT OUR TEAM BACK!!! Sure these teams are a treat but its all teaser hockey. All stars all throw together to unite for there countries , great stuff but I can’t wait till Canada takes out Sweden for the gold . Usa and Russia scrap it out for bronze. Games over . medal season over. Bring on the rangers!! Bring on the rangers !! Bring on the Rangers!!

  49. ThisYearsModel on

    Good thing the hockey team is doing well, because our skiers suck this Olympics. I like these unis. The team looks good. Jerk that I am, I am pulling for the Swiss to play Canada and beat them. I was able to control my anti-Canada bias for the first 2 games, but when Crosby pulled the chute and dove against the Finns, causing Selanne to have to call him on it, I reverted to be anti-Canada 100%. I don’t care who wins as long as they don’t. When they started fouling the Finns at the end of the game with no calls from the Canadian ref who was watching, I was done. I will pull for FrankenMalkin and the Russkies to win if it means Canada goes down.

    Sorry for the rant. I am tired of the Canadians’ arrogance.

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