It’s Go Time! … USA vs. Russia (7:30 a.m., NBCSN)


Game 2 for the Americans (and for the hosts).

Team USA sticks with Jonathan Quick in goal.

You know by now that Canada won big yesterday and that King Henrik pitched a shutout win for Sweden.

Click here for the preliminary-round standings, courtesy of

Click here for individual leaders.

And here, also from, is today’s schedule:
All Times Eastern
Slovakia vs. Slovenia, 3:00 a.m., NBCSN, Sportsnet
USA vs. Russia, 7:30 a.m., NBCSN, CBC
Switzerland vs. Czech Republic, 12:00 p.m., NBCSN, TSN
Sweden vs. Latvia, 12:00 p.m. USA Network, Sportsnet 1


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  1. This isn’t a conflict for you, ilb? I figured you and CCCP and Co. Would root for Mother Russia.

  2. iDoodie Machetto on

    Omni bunker commercial is just the most carcillobag thing I have ever seen. And I’ve seen Matt Cooke and Daniel carcillo play hockey.

  3. iDoodie Machetto on

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Pretty textbook trip with the skate. Terrible penalty to take.

  4. That was Stastny not being strong enough and then losing his man, Radulov, which led to that chance

  5. Notice the spelling on some of their names? Syomin, not Semin, Kulyomin instead of Kulemin? That’s how it should be written, because that’s how it’s pronounced.

  6. Bigger ice isn’t really helping our boys clear their own zone and getting through neutral zone hasn’t been a party.

  7. Why is there English writing everywhere, including the Russian jerseys? Driving me nuts they are in Russia correct? Bizarre

  8. No way on Quick…..magic man. Orpick n Max PAC isn’t off to a great start other than yapping in front of the net

  9. Radulov has more talent than any Ranger. If he was from any other country than Russia he’d be on any team’s first line in the NHL right now.

  10. Latona would be proud:

    @organistalert: Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” from @DieterRuehle at Shayba Arena (SUI-RUS) in Sochi!

  11. Papa, Otto was such a unique player. Seems to be one of the only players that ever gained any sort of advantage of Messier.. he really bothered him in the several EDM-CAL series. Your Backes comparison is a great one.

    Bozo Kane. You really needed to do that with a second left?

  12. Manny, that is a GREAT organ tune! I am proud! Although I would be prouder if the MSG organist had done it.

  13. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m way late on this, but that goal by Datsyuk was some kind of magic world class nasty shot. Wow.

  14. @chrismpeters: Ryan Suter now at 17:18 through two periods. Leads all players by a lot. *McDonagh* is next at 14:29.

  15. Ilb: do you have any idea, medically, how the players adjusted to the time zone change so quickly?

  16. Agree Rob plus it being Datsyuk it made it less painful of a goal against. Can’t hate Datsyuk.

  17. by plenty of chances you mean he stayed out late one night during the playoffs and no other team would ever talk to him again?

    If Patrick Sharp was a free agent after his daily summer drunkeness a couple years ago you think he wouldnt get offers from every single team in the league?

    Radulov isnt in the league because of the preconceived notions everyone in America still has in regards to Russians.

  18. Radulov completely ignoring his contract with the Predators to sign in the KHL definitely doesn’t have anything to do with it..

  19. Incorrect, Lev. Get over this “preconceived notion against Russians in America”. And I’m Russian. He couldn’t stay in NHL mostly because of his poor discipline on the ice, not off of it.

  20. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Ya baby!!!!! Take that Ovie!!! And Evelyn!!! And Kovie!!! And Terie!!! And Datsy!!! Oh man……10 more minutes…..yeesh.

  21. these pk’s are gonna kill us. both our boys are gonna be blocking tons of shots and mcdonut already got one right on the buns

  22. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    somehow if we had Henrik in net I’d be much more confident. Quick is looking behind himself an awful lot.

  23. If the net being off is why they called no goal, it’s legitimate. If the net being off is NBCSN’s excuse for disallowing the imaginary high stick, who cares!

  24. Wow, pickup hockey with professional NHL players! This is the Olympics? Bah, humbug. See you when the snow melts.

  25. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Never saw anything like that in 60 hockey years! USAUSAUSAUSAUSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Why don’t we simply have pickup hockey with national teams and call it the National Pickup Hockey Tournament each year? We could even include the KHL players. Hey, could be a hit like the outdoor games this year…but let’s not pretend it is an Olympics with up and coming amateur players from all over the world…it ain’t. Headed back to the now cave…4″ more of that icy stuff coming this afternoon. It’s all relative…one of my Colorado clients told me they had 9′ of snow a week ago. Now that makes for a *cozy* snow cave!

  28. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    We’ll be talking about this game 34 years from now.

    Unfortunately, I won’t remember my own name and will be eating strained peas through a sippy cup.

    For you younger guys, savor it.

  29. WOW



    He is such a stud!

    And such a down to earth guy when you meet him outside the rink!

    Had a beer and a quick picture with him at WEFEST this last August.

  30. glad we won, but im really wayyyy done with shootouts. theyre too nerve racking. cant handle the stress of them anymore. and like carp says, we lose we hate everyone , trade everyone, game over season over like orr says. at least the medal games dont have them

  31. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Awful loss for Russia.. but you have to give credit to the refs for calling the net off moorings..

    this game should have gone to sudden death no shoot out with same players going on and on.
    Watch for Bettman to legitimize this next season

  32. Objectively – Russians were playing very good. That make our win even more noticeable and enjoyable.

  33. Crazy how Toews did that to the USA in World Juniors to win the Gold Medal, with 3 straight goals.

    Now Oshie to do it against the Russians at the Olympics.

    It’s what dreams are made of!!!!

  34. Glad we won……but….

    Allowing a team to send out the same player over and over is even worse than the NHL where everyone has to go before a player goes again.

  35. Oshie Quick Cally McMonster Suter Martin Joe P coach Dan all real good.
    Kane n Zack gotta pick it up a bit. Win and move on. So sad for Malkin n Ovie n Putin

  36. We’ll be talking about this game 34 years from now.

    Unfortunately, I won’t remember my own name and will be eating strained peas through a sippy cup.

    For you younger guys, savor it.

    retirebrad- lol that sucks. in 34 years i’ll be 67. i’ll be feeding you your porrage like ya do with a baby. make airplane sounds and say here it comes!! ready to land!! nananananeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr screechhhhhh

  37. Awesome game.

    I thought McDonagh and Callahan were great for USA. And, Pavelski is awesome…He nearly ended the game in the third.

    OSHIE is now a USA hockey hero forever! USA!!!

  38. rather shabby that a goal is disallowed and the esteemed crew couldn’t get us a definitive ruling, but rather a surmise.

  39. >>…this was one of the better hockey games I watched
    >>in years.

    But, but, but hockey on the bigger ice surface is supposed to be boring, no? And, and, and what about the lack of fighting?

  40. I just watched the Russian telecast of the shootout. They couldnt believe that Bylsma went with Oshie six straight times. Though they were honest in that Oshie made Bobrovsky look silly on all of his attempts. They were very biased (not surprised) when Kovalchuk extended the shootout on his first try and when Oshie won it they quickly said “USA wins BUT we did get a point”.

  41. Don’t forget to give Jonathan Quick a lot of credit as well. Goaltenders always do what Oshie did in that they are the only one doing that job.

    Also, if not for a dislodged net, the Russians win this.

  42. Slava Voynov:

    Dmitry Chesnokov ?@dchesnokov 1h

    Voynov on Quick dislodging the net before the Tyutin disallowed goal: “I play with him. I know that’s his style.” #USAvRUS

  43. Ouch:

    @jccuthbert: Break up the band MT @dchesnokov: Voynov on Quick dislodging the net: “I play with him. I know that’s his style.”

  44. *News Alert*

    NYC Mayor deBlasio announces school has been cancelled today due to weather.

    “But Mr. Mayor, who will feed the children today?”

  45. While as a general rule I dislike with extreme prejudice all boston sports fans, that video from a Btown sports bar was pretty good Manny.

  46. Yeah, hard to believe a handsome kid earning over 4 million a year as a professional athlete can find a date.

  47. Oshie putting it into perspective when asked what it’s like to be an American hero: “The heroes are the ones in camo.” #Sochi2014

  48. As the the Determining factor of who wins and who loses,

    Shootouts suck.

    Play the game till someone wins.

    Or accept the tie.

    Shootouts suck.

  49. As the the Determining factor of who wins and who loses,

    Shootout suck x infinity especially when,

    after the first 3 rounds, each team can send the same player against the goalie, over and over and over again.

    Shootouts that don’t require a complete rotation through the bench before a player is permitted a second attempt really suck.

  50. It’s surprising he’s in net. He’s not looking very good either.

    Who starts for USA tomorrow?

  51. It is weird that Lundqvist is starting today. If Gustavsson/Enroth arent playing today when are you going to play them?

  52. Latvia having a much better Olympics than Slovakia and Norway. Not much worse than Czech Republic. Really impressive for them.

  53. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Which is the same logic behind thinking that Howard would get a start tomorrow. Let Faulk play over Orpik and let Stepan get in at Wheeler’s position and have a shot at playing RW.

  54. I still love fighting in hockey, probably the most inappropriate time to say it, but it belongs. Sorry no debate. Shoot outs not so much, again inappropriate timing.

  55. Ive always hated ties in sports, would prefer 4-4 OT and then 3-3 OT… but if we have shootouts im a fan of the coach being able to send the same guy over and over.

  56. Why not just flip a coin? It has about as much to do with who should win and who should lose as a shootout.

    Rather Play 4 on 4 for 10 mins. flowed by 3 on 3 still someone scores.

  57. Orr, I think Slovakia isn’t as good as they were 4 years ago….missing a lot of key guys that got too old….Gaborik, Demitra (RIP), Zednik, Palfy, Stumpel, Satan…

  58. Lev
    Oshie putting it into perspective when asked what it’s like to be an American hero: “The heroes are the ones in camo.” #Sochi2014

    Oshie just moved into most beloved non Ranger status.

  59. I think Canada is licking their collective chops believing the only threats to their winning gold are Russia, USA and Sewden. And if they (Canada) play up to their talent, they must feel to a man there is no way they will lose.

    Canada Over Confident.

    Just like the Soviets were in 1980.

  60. Slovakia lost a lot of offensive power. They are getting outshot badly. Too bad.

    Latvia looked tough. Very rugged. Good for them.

  61. Oh my gawd!!!

    I just found 12 Lagunitas Brown Shugga at some tiny beer store on Long Island. Flippin’ best day ever!

    It’s probably old but I soooo don’t care.

  62. Put it up high, Booby!

    Hagelin only played about 3 1/2 minutes today. And was missing from the bench.

    He did get hurt yesterday but played today. Then disappeared.

  63. This hockey is only about three times as good as NHL regular season. So much ice! Players have gotten too big for tiny NHL surfaces.

  64. Whoever it was from the Canadiens that green-lighted the Higgins / McDonuts for Gomez trade is probably working at a car wash now……

  65. “Another bowl of borscht and dumplings, sir?”

    No! Bring me a bottle of Stoli, a large glass, and leave me alone!”

  66. SOCHI, Russia ? The Russian fans were quite gracious in the aftermath of the Americans’ epic shootout victory over their men’s hockey team on Saturday.

    The tech wizards at the Bolshoy Ice Dome? Nyet.

    The Olympic hockey palace has been putting the final scores of games on its roof at night, complete with dazzling lights and colored flags.

    But Saturday night brought no such acknowledgment of the United States’ 3-2 win over the home team, as the roof showed an abstract and bland pattern of moving shapes.

  67. If the Gold medal is awarded based on a shootout where it comes down to the same two opposition players going round by extra round against each other……

    that would like be a disgrace.

    Imagine the 7th Game of the SCF ending like today’s Russia / USA match???

  68. @WolfPackAHL: GAME NOTES: JT Miller notched his first career four-point game last night and now has 25 points (10G, 15A) in 22 AHL games. #hwp #nyr

  69. In this game, Cam Fowler made more hockey moves on one shift than McIlrath will probably make during his career.

    McIlrath over Fowler?


  70. did team USA really make McDonagh play his off side on D? how unfair.
    funny to see Russia’s fake toughness in the olympics.

  71. Datsyuk is clearly the best Russian player.
    maybe McDonagh is the right side Dman to replace Girardi after he leaves. McD on the right with Staal on the left. there is your top pair.

  72. Russia outplayed USA throughout the entire game and scored a go ahead goal that was disallowed because of some stupid rule! Then, came anticlimactic bullit (shootout), which frankly, could have gone either way. So… enjoy your last win in the tournament America.

  73. Im also taking Datsyuk before Crosby. Guy is a magician.

    Disagree that Russia controlled the game. Thought it was pretty even throughout. I also didnt think Quick was as great as people are saying he was. He looked lost most of the shootout. Not as bad as Oshie made Bobrovsky look on every single shot but Quick wasnt great, just made one more save.

    Kovalchuckles changeup goal was ridiculously nasty as well btw.

  74. Russia outplayed USA throughout the entire game ? I watched it, CCCP (if that’s your real name) so I’ll just say this: Not So Much. Bobrovky was good, though, facing other than Oshie.

  75. Datsyuk, Malkin and Crosby are all absurdly good players. To say one is obviously better than the other is equally absurd.

  76. Rob in Beantown on

    Datsyuk is amazing and I can’t say enough good things about the guy, but Crosby is the best player on the planet.

  77. Crosby has put up more than 100 points four times. Datsyuk has never done that.

    Crosby has also scored 50+ Goals before. Datsyuk is lucky to cross 30.

    Crosby’s PP numbers annihilate Datsyuk.

    For me it’s not even close. Datsyuk is a magician and the things he can do with the puck are remarkable. But as an all around best player Crosby wins all day.

  78. Crosby is also 4th in PPG in the history of the NHL. 1.407 (he’s behind Gretzky, Bossy and Lemieux)

    Datsyuk is tied for 65th with .980

  79. Datsyuk is much better than Crosby defensively. Crosby’s the best player, no doubt (ft. G. Stefani), but I still maintain as a conglomerate of skills Datsyuk is the most complete player. Plus, Datsyuk isn’t a crybaby, so that has to count for something.

  80. Thanks, ORR. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. I don’t see how they end up in the same sentence.

  81. Datsyuk does have a better beard and does whine less. But Crosby is the best.

    Crosby is no defensive slouch. Hardly.

  82. I’m no fan of Datsyuk after his comments supporting Russia’s ban on homosexuality and overall draconian view on social progression. You won’t find me rooting for him.

  83. You can’t throw out that Datsyuk is better defensively. So is Bergeron and Toews. I still take Crosby 100/100 times.

    And me too, ORR. Love Stamkos.

  84. _I’m no fan of Datsyuk after his comments supporting Russia’s ban on homosexuality_

    You shoulda started your argument with that, Manny ;)

  85. Just because Zetterberg had no balls to say anything about Russia’s ban on homosexuality, does not mean that his views are different from Datsyuk’s.

  86. Apparently, there can be debate.

    I can see that argument against.

    How about, Crosby is easier to hate?

  87. I’m not talking about who is a better player based on their social viewpoints.

    That was merely for C-Dubs because I wouldn’t root for someone like that.

    I don’t root for Crosby. Really dislike him. But he’s the best player in the world.

    And if you must know, Zetterberg has publicly supported gay rights. He was a very vocal critic of Russia’s oppressive views on social equality.

  88. Rob in Beantown on

    I wouldn’t want Ovechkin at his cap hit. Way too one dimensional. Give me Crosby, Datsyuk, or Stamkos any day (Stamkos is a bargain, though)

  89. Rob in Beantown on

    Nevermind about Stamkos cap hit. I was thinking of Tavares’ cap hit. It’s way too late in this Saturday night. The point still stands though. I would take any of those four over Ovechkin.

  90. Don’t like Russian laws? Don’t go to Russia! Simple! Stop pushing your views and agenda on everyone, America! :)

    i’m out. good night.

  91. If America wasn’t “pushing” it’s views and agendas, CCCP, you would still be in CCCP(USSR),sitting in your Chernomorets stadium at best, worked in local vegetable warehouse and wouldn’t be able to go even to neighboring Bulgaria.

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