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1) Hypothetical question? If you had your choice of beating Edmonton and losing in Pittsburgh or losing to Edmonton and winning in Pittsburgh, wouldn’t you have preferred this? Really too bad they tossed away that game vs. the Oilers, could/should have been six in a row going into the Olympic break.New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins

2) Even if this one carries the stinky asterisk of a shootout. Hey, the Rangers blew three one-goal leads to the best team in the East, but also never trailed in a rink in which the best team in the East was 23-4. And honestly, the Rangers were the better team 5 on 5 all night, and even more honestly, just as good on the power play. But they took some dumb, dumb penalties (two by Rick Nash). I know that’s not ground-breaking analysis, because it was pretty obvious to all. I think.

3) It’s always funny to hear both sides of the story. Thursday, the Oilers were thrilled with the way they played and the Rangers were angry, annoyed and disappointed with themselves. Friday the Rangers were doing emotional cartwheels and the Penguins were crying that the Rangers wanted it more than they did.

4) The Rangers have won 16 of 23 overall, they have won 16 of the last 20 on the road, they are 7-3 in the second of back-to-backs.New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins

5) So imagine how good they might be if their first or second lines ever started outplaying their third line. Because that third line has been their best and most consistent line, and that line’s right winger Mats Zuccarello has been their best and most consistent forward all season. And now Derick Brassard and Benoit Pouliot, two career enigmas, seem to have figured it out. Pouliot was the Rangers best player Thursday, IMO, and again Friday. Brassard and Zuccarello were close behind.

6) Brassard started the first goal with a big hit, started the second goal with a faceoff win.

7) So I’ve taken to calling those three the “first line.” Especially with the way the top two lines have played. Nash took the two undisciplined penalties, allowed a Sidney Crosby breakaway that Henrik Lundqvist stopped, and was on the PK for some reason on one of the Pittsburgh PPGs. He’s a nightmare in his own end lately. When he first arrived I was actually very surprised about how dependable his game was in all three zones. It is not that anymore.

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins8) Nash’s center, Derek Stepan, disappeared this week after a strong stretch of games. His other winger, Chris Kreider, has been a force, but also two nights in a row couldn’t get off the ice on a change and was stuck out with Ryan Callahan and Brad Richards for a big late-third period goal. This one was hardly Kreider’s fault. It was more on Callahan — who drifted toward the puck even though there were four Rangers along the wall, and left James Neal wide open jumping off the bench and charging down the left wing to tie the game. Callahan and Richards’ winger, Carl Hagelin, was pretty good, but was also in the box for a Penguins power-play goal, though I questioned that call.

9) But it’s tough to break up your lines when things are going generally very well overall, especially since Nash and Stepan did have that terrific stretch through the Stadium Series, and especially since to break up one line you have to break up at least two, and it seems crazy to break up Pouliot-Brassard-Zuccarello now. Though I guess the previous coach wouldn’t have hesitated after, oh, one bad shift.

10) Speaking of Callahan, of course you know by now that the NHL Olympic roster freeze began at 3 p.m., so he will be a Ranger when he returns from Sochi. The freeze ends at midnight Feb. 23. The trade deadline is March 5.

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins11) Dan Girardi, the other top-level free agent, played a great, great game in Pittsburgh. I think he’s closer to a more reasonable contract than is Callahan, and that he will be re-signed without much incident. Besides, it will cost a lot more to replace Girardi with another shutdown first-pair defenseman, especially a right-handed one, that it will cost to just re-sign Girardi.

12) Pouliot’s opening goal at 1:04 was a dogged poke-fest at a puck that Marc-Andre Fleury thought he had pinned against the post. The overhead replay sure looked as if he didn’t have it pinned, and that the call was a good one. Two nights in a row a quick-whistle call was correct, and both benefited the Rangers.

13) Still can’t believe that Richards gets so many 4-on-4 OT shifts and Kreider gets none.

14) Oh, about the goalie. Henrik Lundqvist stopped Crosby twice as The Kid tried the same shot on the breakaway and the shootout. Lundqvist: 5-0, 1.77, .940 in his last five. Now two wins short of 300, and three away from Mike Richter’s franchise record.

15) Whoever put together that Malkinstein monster sure sewed on a sweet pair of hands.

16) Some scary story about Kris Letang, wasn’t it?

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins
1. Benoit Pouliot.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Dan Girardi.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Benoit Pouliot.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Dan Girardi.

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  1. Malkinstein! I still remember his slew foot. Great reCarp, I would slways take #1, can’t stand Pittsburgh. LGR

  2. Nice recovery to start the break…good luck to those headed to the Olympics…you dont have to trash your rooms this time..they come pre-trashed! You may not want to shower post game…heaven knows what is in that water. Worst case is you will smell like that unwashed equipment you wear. To any playet not invited to Sochi…but still looking to enjoy the Sochi experience….those boats leave from right here on the West Side…Bon Garbage!

  3. This blog-gang would have whined until the cows came home if it had been Lundqvist who had his pad and pinned puck shot into the net. Great job by Zook and Pouliot and the right call, but let’s not forget it happened the next time we get into one of those NHL-conspiring-against-the-Rangers fantasies. Talbot got the call against the Oilers, too.

  4. Vacation from hockey for me…Olympics way too commercial at all levels in today’s world. Pine (board) for the old days when we could see the most promising young players from around the world (aside from those unpaid pros in ye olde USSR)

  5. Stranger Nation on

    The ReCarp – awesome!

    Girardi has shown the last week why you need to keep him. Frankly, outside of Klein, any of the D would do well on PP IMHO

    Nash finally got pissed off a bit. Led to some early season Pullout type penalties, but hopefully the start of playing with a little emotion. Still has the short shifts and for some reason dropping back to Neutral zone and rarely forechecking.

    Nash and Step on PK is not a great pairing; slow and slower. Step, like El Zotto, has a big flaw which may limit his upside…his skating.

    Would love to see THE at center. He gets lost in Dzone when he has to think and anticipate, be better just matching against other pivot and that guy can lead the breakout like nobody else on the team.

  6. so the captain, who it now seems lead the mutiny against Torts, now has complained his way back on the power play. good for him. very captainy of him. give him 7 mill, make him happy. that is the most important thing in Cally’s world.

  7. Stranger – center has even more responsibilities than wing and is generally later on forecheck

  8. The cynic in me says there is more to the Letang story than is being leaked. As healthy as he is portrayed, it could have been a doping or unhealthy supplement or maybe an alcohol issue that is behind the stroke. Twenty six year old reasonable healthy, athletic people don’t have strokes unless they are doing something outside of their exterior healthy regiment to cause this. I feel bad for the guy. He is very talented but I feel there is something more going on that we may never hear about.

  9. CARP, What in Zeus’ beard is this stuff about “The Kid”?

    “THE” is reserved for “THE Kreider”.


  10. _so the captain, who it now seems lead the mutiny against Torts, now has complained his way back on the power play._

    New blog record for most assumptions and leaps in one sentence?

  11. That was a huge 2 points! agreed that we were the better team 5on 5.staal was also great last night.

  12. boxcareddiehospodar on

    When does this coaching staff come to the realization that Hagelin contributes ZERO. Softest player in the NHL.

    No one in the minors can do what hagelin does?

  13. I was a Torts guy, thought he got a raw deal. Never against AV, even in the beginning, just didn’t know enough about him. Very happy so far, but three smallish things I don’t get.
    1. The TO situations are going to burn us.
    2. Nash on the PK……really? What’s the thinking? We have enough good ones and the Rangers never make a breakaway anyway. Really a head scratcher.
    3. Bucky on the point for a PP. Pens announcers, as bad as it gets were saying what I have been feeling for awhile. If he is out there more than 45 sec and a fresh set of skilled legs gets out for the PK. It’s trouble. Cindy almost was gone a couple of times….playing with fire
    Lastly I did not think this was a playoff team as constructed, not enough offensive talent but people have stepped up. Here is the dealthe rest of the way, Step needs to be way better, Nash cannot disappear for games at a time. If the Capt stays he needs to be better as well. We have been Lucky for a awhile now on the overall health of the team. Way short on dept. at least now they are fun to watch again, there for a while it was big time boring with no grit. Now it’s quick with no grit, I guess I’ll take it.
    Off to Debbie’s vs Caps who am I rooting for? Ugh

  14. Strange…..dead on with Steps flawwwed skating. Agree, very similar to Delzotto, lack of edge control – his pivots, turns, stops and starts are all pretty week (perhaps not quite as bad as DelZotto) but his lack of quickness and burst is worse. I used to say describe DelZotto’s turning radius as that of an AirCraft Carrier. Step is similar.

    But the one thing Step has head and shoulders over Delzotto is his hockey sense and understanding of the game. ( oh and his Mom too.)

    Nice kid but 1) how did he make the O team over Okposo or Kreider?
    2) Question, have we seen the best of Stepan, and if so, what do we do with him?

  15. In regards to letang, if you look into it, the report states that he has a condition where a tiny hole in the heart which is present in all babies, sometimes doesn’t shut on its own. Tests showed that was the case with letang. What i wonder is if this is the first time it’s happened to him. It was interesting to hear that it was his mother, on the trip as part of a mothers weekend, and also a nurse, is the one who pinpointed it. I bet he has felt the symptoms before, it just so happened instead of telling his teammates his feeling dizzy and letting these things pass, his mom was there and acted like a mother.

  16. Pittsburg has such an unbelievable advantage being able to annually build a team around Crosby, Malkin, Neal and Letang. And, they are all locked up for years to come.

  17. @robert desaro. Don’t think there’s anything fishy about it at all. Probably had a DVT (uncommon for a 26 yr old active male but possible if he has some previously unknown to him clotting disorder), which is a clot that forms in the leg veins and ends up in the R side of the heart. Normally it would then travel to his lungs (causing a pulmonary embolism) but because of the hole in the heart, it switched over to the L side. It then traveled to his brain and caused a stroke. Called a paradoxical embolism.

  18. jimG the desertrat on

    Nice review Carp,as always. Love the way zook swings his stick on retaliation chops for transgressions against his personhood.

  19. Love seeing people totally disassociated with the Callahan situation jumping all over him and making stupid speculations…good grief!
    And on Latang…more stupid speculations…yeah bad supplements…that’s it.

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    This report says the NHL players won’t play at the 2018 Winter Olympics:

    Hopefully that means they’re bringing back the *World Cup of Hockey* as a replacement. I’m sure the NHL and the owners want that Olympic revenue. If they do it in the Western Hemisphere instead of Korea it might be an improvement just cause of the time zone difference.

  21. If Girardi foregoes UFA and signs now or before the trade deadline, is that not the equivalent of him giving the Rangers a “home team discount”?

    If I were his agent, I’d strongly advise him to hold off and get to UFA.

  22. boxcareddiehospodar on

    As I have said for months try and package stephan and hagelin.
    No way is stephan a # 1 center.
    Hell i would take dubinsky back for them!

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stepan is a huge disappointment this season. Slow as mud, hardly physical, doesn’t have a quick release nor a big shot…..if cally is to be traded, I’d package both them..

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Is there any doubt as to who constitutes the first line? 36-16-67. The Satanic verse. *666*

  25. I was sort of thinking this last night, but can’t you make a pretty solid argument that our two best playmakers are sitting on the 3rd line? Maybe not most precise passes, but the guys who can get the puck in a harmless area and create a chance out of it.

  26. Did Staal go to Lourdes for the miracle cure while he was on the injured list?

    His last 10-15 games, best I remember him playing.

    he’s better than McDonughts and

    almost as good as Strallman now :)

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    After losing to the Earlers, I truly believed our boys would beat the pens….Crosby is the league’s biggest whiny baby….he should play with a rattle in his mouth, not a mouthpiece

  28. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp!
    Great to start the Olympic break with 2 points against #1 in the East, and in 2nd place. Solid.

    How good has Stall been lately? He seems to cover half of the zone with his reach, and his decision making is superb! They essentially have 3 first pair D, nice problem to have.

  29. Did i miss when AV designated Willlburrs line as the the 2nd line?

    For weeks I’ve been watching under the premise they’re the 3rd line.

    If Cally is now a 3rd liner, wouldnt that make the Wilburrrr’s line the 3rd line?

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD – The third line, practically speaking is Richards, cally, Hags. 666 is our best, read: top, line.

  31. Let’s hope Letang recovers fully, and is able to continue to play hockey.

    I’m pretty sure he sustained TIA, or mini-stroke, otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the hospital, let alone to go on vacation with his family.

    Robert, I agree with theKing, that’s a lot of assuming on your part. If you look at the data, stroke is on the rise in young adults at the moment. Previously unknown blood clotting disorders are responsible for it, with or without DVTs or holes in their hearts.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Zucchini, Brassard, Ben wah balls have been the 3 best forwards. I also think the Moore – Boyle – Carcillo line has been better offensively than richards’ line and stepan’s line.

  33. Here’s a traid….

    Girardi and McDonuts to Carolina for the other 3 Staal brothers.

    STAAL AND STRALMAN can each play 45 minutes a game.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hate the pens but hope letang gets healthy. That said, if that entire team were to spontaneously combust, I wouldn’t complain.

  35. Sather Must Go! on

    nice review. Zucc and that line are playing awesome – and it sure seemed as if they played 1st line mins (didnt chk TOI stats) – zucc is as noticably good as stepan has been noticably bad … that line may cost them 10mm/per if they choose to keep it together

    Girardi’s game last nite was top notch- nice that he got a couple points; karma for some great hits on malkinstein

  36. Any truth to the rumor that Team USA pulled the Olympic credentials of Nash and Stepan. Either that or told them the Hockey games are being played in South Africa.

    Talk about horrible. Nash is Nashless. He is turning into one of the softest players on the team instead of the big power forward we thought we were getting.

    Stepchild looks lost again or he has no desire to compete. Sure glad we did not put a 5 or 6 year contract to him. Sather looking pretty smart on this one.

    Carp could not agree with you more about having Kreider out on the 4 on 4 OT period. Would love to see him paired with Hagelin. Imagine the match up problems their speed would cause. WOW.

    Rangers better get busy with contracts for Zucc, Brass and Poopalot. Far and away the best forward line the Rangers have. I say take Richards 6.6myn and use it for these 3.

  37. Nash might be turning into one of our softest forwards, but I’m pretty sure he’s not turning American.

  38. Nash on the PK creates versatility. Vigneault should continue giving Nash PK time as the season comes to a conclusion in case the scenario arises in which he is needed in the playoffs.

  39. I know I’m probably being an idiot and holding onto a previously formed opinion, but Pouliot just feels Parenteau-ish lite and benefiting from his slotting.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nice to see Brassard, my favorite player by a country mile, getting so much blog love. The kid is really turning it on and obviously loves playing the game. Incredible patience and hands softer than a goose down pillow…

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers vs Bruins ECF

    Book it. The pens can be beaten in a 7 game series. Islanders exposed them last year and the Bruins destroyed them.

  42. We should for a club, E3. Maybe take it to Phoenix next year when Sather trades Brassard for pennies in order to keep Richards like the dope he is.

  43. Carp, was the one here who mentioned that Cally was in on the mutiny of Torts. I did not just make that up. we have been reading for weeks about how Cally’s role has been diminished by not playing the power play. who do you suppose was behind those thoughts. all of a sudden, Cally on the power play.

  44. If Callahan weren’t “in on the mutiny”, do you think he gets fired in the first place? The captain’s job is to speak on behalf of the players, if Torts lost the room, its not Callahan’s role to pretend he didn’t.

  45. If the winning team’s Captain is injured and not playing during the 7th game of the SCF, who gets the Cup from Bettman?

  46. Bull dog. PP has not produced over the last few games so AV tweaked it. Added Girardi as well as Cally. Don’t think there is anymore to it than that. No conspiracy or anything else.

  47. and maybe I am starting to distance myself from Cally. I am just so disappointed in him with this contract stuff. I know its his right, and his chance to get every last dime. so on to Buffalo he goes, where nobody will ever hear from him again.

  48. Bull dog, not the first and certainly won’t be the last player to leave for more money.

    And maybe, just maybe, he’s saying the politically correct things, but deep down, wants out of NYC.

    The Big Apple is not for everyone.

  49. “I’m disappointed a person wants to maximize their salary in a profession where their wages are already artificially capped” just isn’t fair logic.

  50. oh he is gone Papa. it is rather obvious by his demands that he is leaving. the Ranger offer, if true, of 5 years and 30 mill is more than fair. I would even say it is an overpay.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    AV >>> Torts

    MrD – you lead, I’ll follow.

    Papa – you’re making a lot if sense today

    Bulldog – agreed

  52. please tell us more about how good MDZ is, and how playing his off side was unfair to him.

  53. Can anyone remember the last time Crosby scored against Hank in a one on one situation? Seems to have been a while.

  54. A profession which wages are artificially capped is the scenario in which the captain should place the team first.

  55. Stranger Nation on

    Slats is (so far) looking very smart in the Torts/AV trade

    Papa – agree on Step-on it hockey sense. If he didn’t have that, Hartford would be home address.

    Pissburgh played with out Letang and Martin last night, so let’s not do cartwheels yet. A win is a win.

    Also feel zucc line and having 3 offensive lines in general benefits the group on with the 3rd pair D on the ice. Wonder if that can last in second season when space becomes tighter and forwards play more responsible hockey.

    Staal had a play last night where he just picked the pocket of oncoming forward flying into D zone. Agree on 3 1st pair D, only when Girardi plays physical. When he plays ‘stick check’, he is not that effective.

  56. Cally will get $6plus for 6. Not from Rangers.

    Good for him and his family.

    Sather to the scouts, “Lets find a replacement who’s better and cheaper.”

  57. Very unsettling part of their current 12-4-1 run is their tendency to give up late goals. AV has to figure out how to avoid that. The last stretch of the season is when teams start playing low scoring, tight games. That can’t continue.

  58. if Cally played for Buffalo, or Columbus. do you really think he would on the olympic team?

  59. No question, Crosby is a fantastic Hockey player in this era.

    I wonder how he would have measured up in the Gretzky / Lemieux days ?

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Martin played 25 + last night. Besides, Nash and Stepan didn’t play for the rangers last night.

  61. The violent physical, clutching, grabbing, legal interference days when you really had to pay a physical price?

  62. Papa,
    Crosby could have played well in any era. he reminds me of a better version of Doug Gilmore. not afraid to get his nose dirty. a bit of a chippy player.

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Those capped wages are barely enough to scrap by on….nearly every job on this planet comes with capped wages to a major degree.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Cally is a tenacious hockey player who is a joy to watch but he is NOT a great player. If you watch him over the course of the game, his hits are mostly in the first half of the game and he doesn’t not have soft hands.

    If he was the size of Backes, I would be screaming from the Mountain tops about the need to sign him.

  65. _please tell us more about how good MDZ is, and how playing his off side was unfair to him._

    If you want to hang onto this one, don’t check his numbers in Nashville, ok?

  66. What first Philly and thenBoston taught the league in the PO’s the last 2 years, you can frustrate and beat Pittsburg by Hitting Crosby and Malkin at every opportunity

  67. If he were the size of Backes everyone would be mad that he was (rightfully) asking for more money than Nash over 8 years.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crosby is also the biggest crybaby of any era…every effing shift, he whines to the refs….

  69. or did you want me to look at his plus 1 in 7 games. I doubt that is the one because it is a meaningless STAT.

  70. His advanced stats are strong, Bull Dog. If you want to get mad about a lack of secondary assists or something, go ahead, but he’s playing his role there.

  71. Or his +/-, right. That’s exactly where I was going with this and isn’t at all a strawman argument.

  72. you really have to dig to find positive STATS for MDZ. to bad there is not a STAT for the amount of shots a player took that were blocked or missed the net. something tells me MDZ would be a the top of that one.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – nice review. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how many time Brassard is one of your stars…

  74. He was right in line w/ most of the D corp as a Ranger. Percentage of shot attempts that resulted in SoG …

    Falk: 39%
    Girardi: 40%
    Staal: 43%
    MDZ: 45%
    Moore: 47%
    Stral: 52%
    McD: 56%

  75. If those percentages are totaled and averaged, his percentage is below the average of 46 percent.

  76. Great win watched late last night. Malkin gives ranger fits more then Crosby. What the hell wAs cally doing on the tying goal. They weren’t in danger.

    Big time goal by richy. Still pissed about his play on oilers winner though.

    Let’s see if we could get some help today. Go flames vs Phil

    Come on torts beat the leafs.

  77. Turning my thoughts to Sochi, the big question is: will the Americans and Canadians engage in their third line brawl in five games, or will Stone and Dineen put the kibosh on it? Keep your eyes on them Fighting Sioux.

  78. _If those percentages are totaled and averaged, his percentage is below the average of 46 percent._

    Correct, as would Girardi and Staal.

  79. If there is one concern I have in the D zone under AV, there are times when all five players end up on the puck side of the ice and the back door is left wide open.

  80. Michael Del Zotto was being talked about, not Staal or Girardi. Michael Del Zotto does not possess the defensive skill of Girardi or Staal.

  81. _Michael Del Zotto was being talked about, not Staal or Girardi. Michael Del Zotto does not possess the defensive skill of Girardi or Staal._

    So the point is “MDZ is the worst at everything (as long as you except guys who are better at other things from certain stats)”. Gotcha. Makes sense. Let me try one …

    New Me: “Isn’t MDZ supposed to be an offensive defenseman? If so, why did his points numbers suck so bad?”

    Old Me: “He has more points than Moore and Stralman and is still tied w/ Staal.”

    New Me: “Ha, so you think he’s better than Staal??? Also, Stralman is more sound defensively and Moore is younger.”

    Old Me: “I thought you just made a comment about his points.”

    New Me: “Whatever, MDZ lover stat nerd.”

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MDZ is careless in his own end is an accurate statement. He shies away from contact with the puck too.

  83. 4 divided by 42 but then they took some shots in the shootout but Pouliot didn’t get one on so … I don’t know, like 50. 4 divided by 50 seems like a lot … lets call it .880. Or .950. That range. MAF sucks.

  84. Sather Must Go! on

    woild anyone did stepan for stewart (or the same package as cally), if offereed?

    i would highly consider just to toughen up the team..too kany shots at zucc, and mcD byoppisung players..

  85. Slats to AV about MDZ…

    “Zuccarello ruined Michael DelZotto, one of The Rangers most valuable proteges. For five years we had him under training. Singing lessons; acting lessons, dancing lessons. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on him. We were gonna make him a big star! And let me be even more frank, just to show you that I’m not a hard-hearted man, and it’s not all dollars and cents. He was beautiful; he was young, he was innocent. He was the greatest piece of arse I ever had, and I had’em all over the world! And then Zuccarello comes along with his olive-oil voice, and guinea charm. And DelZotto runs off. He threw it all away just to make me look ridiculous! And a man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous!

  86. He threw it all away just to make me look ridiculous! And a man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous!

  87. Oh boy. Stepan for Stewart. Stewart who is goalless for a month and playing bottom 6 minutes. That’s what we totally need to do to get better.

  88. What u do with step is you trade him and his soft play at his current salary before he starts looking for a cally like contract in a year or two.

    Brass is more than capable if being the 2nd line centre which is all step is.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard will lead the team in scoring by season’s end. And once the playoffs start, it’s only going to get better…

  90. Sather Must Go! on

    I would hope more would come with stewart (ie 1st rder)… Honestly, i was never a big stepan guy; given he has one more yr left at a decent salry i wouldny mind seeing him moved for some toughness and (potential) organization depth…

  91. Too often, everyone follows the puck in D zone, leaving 1/2 of the ice unprotected. Last evening, Cally fell for that, but so did Stral, and Henrik didn’t holler, being fixated also on puck, and didn’t see the man jumping on the ice, which you can’t really blame him for.

  92. Sather Must Go! on

    Btw, speaking of men on the ice for pitt last nite; how did the too many men not get called on them when they had like 8 guys on the ice and the puck was being played right attheir bench??

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – notice where Secretariat was during the pens last goal…floating on the outside of the track, far from the rail.

  94. AV, some time ago, accurately advised Pull Out that his career was on the line and he kept playing him, giving him that chance. Pull Out should buy him a tuna fish sandwich.

  95. Mr Ed drives me mad, e. As Carp noted, AV mindboggingly trusts him late in close games but treats Kreider like the plague.

  96. Agreed, Coos. I get worrying about Kreider’s D, but be consistent. Especially when you consider he’s far more dangerous 4 on 4 than Richards.

  97. Sadly, if Richie chose to play a hard-nosed, two- way game, he could have made himself a lifetime fan favorite around these NYC environs.

  98. Seems to me (but what do I know?) that The Kreider is often lost in the D zone, but lost due to confusion and inexperience. #19 knows better, but chooses his path.

  99. Yeah, I’m kind of the opposite of AV. I can forgive youth and inexperience far easier than I can excuse lack of will and timidity.

  100. Why is everything going to be different for Brassard in the PO Eddie. One thing is sure. Zuuc’ gonna be Rangers point”king” at the end of the season.

  101. Great, on-spot comment, Mr D. Truly great. You should post more often. :) Or is that Manny’s copyrighted line?

  102. If I post more often, that means I’m working more often. Not good.

    (I’m working right now.)

  103. I remember this summer when Zuuc was negotiating for a new contract.
    The majority on this site were negative and most said his size made him have nothing to do in the NHL.
    What do you say now??!!

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mr.Mister – because Brassard is a big game, big stage player. And players like that relish the opportunity the playoffs provide. You did see last year’s playoffs when #16 led the team in scoring, yes?

  105. Delzotto threw it all away just to make me look ridiculous! And a man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous!

  106. Are Mister D and Mr Mister related? From the same tribe?

    Or do they only share a name that can be used as either a first or last name like James or Ryan?

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Come on Carlo, do you think I’d make my sister a widow? Now tell me, who approached you?

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    All I am is what I am is who I am is what I got. Philosophy, the Talk on a cereal box, religion, the smile on a dog.

  109. That was a pretty impressive first stint in the playoffs, for Brassard. Only two goals, one of them a big game winner, if I’m not mistaken, but he made the players around him better.

    Hopefully he can continue that this spring.

  110. Overheard in Sochi, one stray dog to another…”roll over and play dead. It’s getting a little ruff around here”

  111. _I remember this summer when Zuuc was negotiating for a new contract.
    The majority on this site were negative and most said his size made him have nothing to do in the NHL.
    What do you say now??!!_

    “I was wrong.”

    Its not tough.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Zucchini has not impressed me at in any playoff game to date. Something tells me that this year will be different.

  113. Mister D, in those situations I prefer to say, “I mistakenly listened to and was wrongly influenced by the opinion of some ill advised and less intelligent Boneheads. Now, thank God, I have seen the light.”

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Did anyone else hear a loud neighhhhhhhhhhhhh brrrrrrrrrrrr after the rocket scored that SO winner?

  115. Its also possible Brassard is so amazing that he’s elevated both Zucc and Pouliot to capable NHL level and beyond.

  116. Ed Snider’s comments on Girouz being passed over again for team Canada

    “It’s a farce,” Snider said. “He’s one of the best players in the game. It’s ridiculous. He’s better than half the guys on that team.

    “Anybody that thinks that Claude Giroux doesn’t belong on the Canadian team, they don’t know anything about hockey as far as I’m concerned. It’s politics, to a certain degree. He had to pick his own guy. His own guy is good, but Claude is better.”


  117. I vote that the men play in thongs so all the insecure sexists on this blog have something to get excited about. Me, I’ll be enjoying Kessel, Knight and the gang for who they are, which is superb hockey players.

  118. Women Bikini Hockey Vote:

    Papa Bear – yes
    Normie – no

    Who’s gonna break the deadlock?

  119. Is there an doubt that Du-Gauy and Pee-Doo are wearing there wives underwear during the post game?

  120. One more time why did Gordie NOT pick Tarasenko or Fowler?

    Tarasenko has a wicked wrist shot. Just wins the game for the Blues, and will play for Russia in the Olympics.

    I wonder what McIlrath will be up to.

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – I recall Stepan dropping them with Lucic last year. Uhhhhhhhh where am I? Who am I? Who are all of you?

  122. We will need some talented grizzle. Dorsett will surely take Carcillo’s spot, but that’s not near enough to fight through the playoffs with. We will be run at.

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Trade Cally, Stepan, and Richards for Kopitar

    Kreider – Kopitar – Nash
    Ben wah balls – Brassard – zucchini
    Dorsett – miller – hags
    Boyle – Moore – Carcillo

  124. except you can’t trade Richards … if he’s not bought out, you are still stuck with the cap recapture penalty.

  125. Yes. Matteau should have been chosen over Skej even though Matteau is a prima donna. He’s a great playet

  126. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Yep, we can’t trade secretariat. Have to hope he doesn’t get injured and buy him out this summer.

    Need to add size on the wings and toughness/grit. I’d like to add a 2nd/3rd pair d man with some size/grit as well and get rid of NATW.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh well, some much for that trade. Richards should have been bought out last summer. Still dont understand why he is still here

  128. Howie Rose saying the Isles are getting rid of their black alternate jerseys in favor of the Stadium Series jerseys. Smart move. Those jerseys were horrible. Not that the new ones are much better, but they’re an improvement.

    Your move, Buffalo Baby Buffaloes!

  129. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Oops, do I need a new name for Stepan then?

    Stepan makes Nash look like lucic!

  130. I wonder if anyone ever told Stephanie, tis better to give than receive.

    Throw an effing check once in a while.

  131. Zucc, Pouliot and Brass need new contracts this summer, could sign the whole line to 7 mill total per year

    Or keep Cally at 7 mill per year

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rick – it will take more than 7 to keep all three…but message heard. Au revoir Captain Cally

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Max P was shoved (checked) into the goal post…looked like an arm injury but reports are now a leg….

  134. Great Olympic ceremony last night! I am very proud and sad at the time time, tho.. proud because Russian people were able to see their history. History not as the dry list of events, dates and names, but live history, the forgotten images of Russia, Russia that was capable of great causes and achievements. Unfortunately, that Russia does not exist anymore… and for a very long time, now. That, makes me sad.

    What Putin showed last night, is Russia without Putin. How ironic is that?

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Underdog, speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob and plunder…..Underdog

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nucks have lost 7 in a row, will likely miss the playoffs, and could finish as low as 12th in the conference….

    When tortorella was in Egypt land, let my tortorella goooooooooo

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “this ******* nonsense needs to ******* stop pretty ******* soon or I ******* will blow a ******* gasket”

  138. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    I believe the Devils start every game hoping to go to overtime. They are the most boring team in the NHL.

  139. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Well, Eduardo, they just had 3 glorious goals deposited in Corey’s net, the last 2 empty netters. The boring game does not work.

    DaBore should consult with AV.

  140. Gold- Sweden
    Silver- USA
    Bronze- Czech Rep.
    4th place- Canada

    hopefully Russia doesnt make it past qualifiers (sorry CCCP)

  141. hagerstown md. rangers fan on

    Fun to watch NYR beat the Penguins. I got stuck with the Pens game feed. It was just brutal. It was kind of like when someone scratches a chalk board. Interestingly they panned to cindy quite a lot and boy oh boy you could see him constantly complaining to the refs about every little thing. What did the pens annoucers have to say “he wants a penalty on the rangers”. Is that how it works now? Excuse me Mr. ref I think you should call a penalty now, How could they not be ashamed of this guys antics. He is a great player but has no sportsmanship in him at all. I find him loathsome.

  142. That franchise is an entire history of divers, whiners, and cheaters.

    I’ll take Philthy over them any day.

  143. On this quite subject, I try update my blogs almost like I’m speaking to somebody or talking to that reader directly as I consider it helps engage people a good deal more than writing content material formally specifically when my own blog is based about the goings ons, everyday thoughts and research about this somewhat controversial concern. I discovered that I nonetheless require to use much more of the approaches you’ve got mentioned in this posting.

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