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1) The Rangers weren’t God-awful, just awful enough to lose. They sure have played worse games than this one, but this was their worst in the last six, since that Islanders game at the Garden before the Stadium Series and the competitive loss to St. Louis. And that was their worst in the last 17, going back to the whooping they got in Pittsburgh Jan. 3. Tonight they go back to the Burgh. Then when they come back from the break they get the Stanley Cup champs at home. So, given that, this was a bad game to lose.Edmonton Oilers v New York Rangers

2) And the way they lost it, as AV put it: “The winning goal was five guys on the ice getting beat to loose pucks and them protecting the puck and finding an open man in the slot … There were five puck battles, we lost them all, and it was in the back of our net.” The Rangers also got caught on a change, with Chris Kreider overstaying his shift, then taking a nap on the shooter, Brad Richards — who is rarely good in his own end — getting beaten and knocked down on a puck behind the net, and yeah, battles lost. Oh, and a deflected shot. Murphy’s Law.

3) Ryan Callahan, who was also on the ice and didn’t do enough to prevent the winning goal, was really physical in this game, not just hits, but rub outs and crunchers. He was quick and on the puck, nearly scored on the short-handed breakaway. But he also missed a bunch of nets with chances to beat Ben Scrivens, who has allowed one goal in six periods to the Rangers.

Edmonton Oilers v New York Rangers4) I was starting to wonder if they had moved the nets, if they weren’t where they usually are, the way the Rangers were missing.

5) The story that won’t go away: It looks like Callahan will be a Ranger when he gets back from Sochi. Barring something unforeseen, nothing will get done today, either a new contract (which might never happen) or a trade before the 3 p.m. Olympic-break roster freeze, which runs until Feb. 23 at midnight. Which gives the Rangers about 10 days to get something done, or live with the possibility that the captain walks for big money July 1.

6) I though the Rangers’ best player in the game was Benoit Pouliot … doing it in both ends. He jumped on the turnover that started the quick exchange for the Derick Brassard goal, moving it to Mats Zuccarello. The Rangers’ first line scoring again.Edmonton Oilers v New York Rangers

7) Because the line that’s supposed to be the first line sure didn’t do much. The Daily Nash-O-Meter’s needle was pointing down. Guy has gone back to the perimeter the last couple of games. He gets a lot of chances on the rush, but not much in the half-court game, if you will. His center, Derek Stepan, had a stinker too. Both headed to Sochi. Kreider was bullish and by far the best player on the line … other than his defensive-zone nightmares. And there were a couple before the GWG.

8) This has to be tough for Cam Talbot now that Henrik Lundqvist is playing most of the games. He had sat five in a row and 12 of 14 before this. Talbot looked handcuffed a few times. Played very well, moved the puck. Helped by a crossbar and a (correct) quick whistle. He said the puck had gone up in his shirt, then the whistle blew as it dropped down. It was non-reviewable, apparently, so no spin of the goal/no-goal wheel in Toronto, although the war room looked at it.

9) The GWG stands out, but the first goal of the game was equally hideous, a Kevin Klein pass into a dangerous area, behind Brian Boyle and off his skate, directly to a wide open man. There was an unfortunate bounce, and Talbot lost the puck as it fluttered behind him, and nobody knocked Ryan Smyth on his keyster. But what led to the shot was terrible.

10) The Oilers sure have plenty of offensive skill and creativity. They surprised me a little bit when they turned on the physical play and when they crashed Talbot’s crease a few times. They didn’t surprise me with the holes in their defensive game. But Scrivens bailed them out … with help from the Rangers’ sharp-shooters.Edmonton Oilers v New York Rangers

11) Looked as if the refs were on their Olympic breaks already. And that’s mostly OK with me. I like it when guys have to fight through a check or a slash or a little bit of interference, or when there’s a skirmish and nothing called. But you have to call the Ryan Jones elbow to Zuccarello’s head … even if it is a low elbow. You have to call the tackle on Richards driving to the net on the pass from Callahan. And as  Richards said, it would be nice if the players knew which games were going to be officiated like that, because most aren’t. Rangers got zero PPs, Edmonton one. With today’s pansified rules, that’s hard to fathom.

12) Speaking of the quick whistle, the Rangers have now had one of those go their way, a kicked-in goal by an opponent disallowed, and a penalty shot in their favor in the last five games or so. Is it their luck turning?

13) Things sure have changed at MSG. New Yorks’s own Nick Fotiu and Brian Mullen were introduced in second intermission to present the Emile Francis award. You would have thought Stewart Cink just made a two-foot par putt with the polite applause. A few years ago, Fotiu would have gotten a loud standing O.

My Three Rangers Stars:Edmonton Oilers v New York Rangers
1. Benoit Pouliot.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Derek Brassard.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Cam Talbot.
3. Derick Brassard.

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  1. Nice road win for the Oilers. Looks like our guys were playing for the point and going to roll the shootout dice….guess they forgot to tell the Oilers. LGR beat the Pens!

  2. Stranger Nation on

    If it was the Stewart Cink putt that beat Watson in the British Open, I dont think anyone clapped

    1st line and 3rd pair had bad games.

    Thought Hags was very strong again.

    Earlers D was horrendous, god awful. as was the ice…again

  3. SeeeDubbb says Sign Cally on

    Quite a let down from the way they had been playing and you’re right Carp, they missed the net a bunch.

    Win tonight and all is forgiven.


  4. Sather Must Go! on

    rangers never seem tj get the bettman point agaist western conf teams, when that extra point doesnt matter in the standings..ws hoping for one last nite…

    zucc seems to be noticeable every game; those high (low) elbows and net crashing are going
    g to keep coming if there is no response..i suppose carcillo is here to score goals.

  5. I’m a Staten Island guy and I’ll always love Fotiu in a manly way. He still has one of my most memorable goals from the old days, putting it past Melanson with one hand on a partial break, back in the days when regular season games against the Isles were more meaningful and much louder than an MSG Cup final game would be today.

    Boy do we need a sniper, not Mike Bossy but at least Peter Sundstrom. We get 50 shots a game but our best chances go wide. Don’t these guys practice with those little All Star weekend targets around the perimeter of the net? Geez, it’s one thing if it’s Girardi from the blue line but for forwards like hagelin and Cally to shoot wide in multiple big spots, well, that’s how we lose 2-1 to Edmonton.

  6. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Nick who ?

    I hate the olympic break . A 2 week break is too long any momentum and chemistry teams have usually disappears or takes weeks to come back just what the NYR don’t need.

  7. A loss at this time of year that just can’t happen regardless of how well there playing.

    Phil wash Ottawa Toronto Montreal Detroit all win jackets have 3 of 4 pts on west coast trip with sharks tonight.

    What the holy hell was Kreider doing on winner. Richy behind net.

  8. Cally has’t played this aggressive all season. It makes you wonder, ya know? Except jokes on him because that shot of his was a nice mixture of DelZaster and RichieRich.

  9. Love Cally a lot but a guy that wants 42 million simply CANNOT miss all those opportunities he had last night. Oilers skated, had fun and played loose with nothing to lose. They ran that stupid, high-slot pass to Yakupov all night…no one thought to shadow him??
    Agree with OneCup…the Olympic break sucks. It is a momentum killer.

  10. JD

    I was just going to say the EXACT same thing you said. Although the Rangers are likely going to lose tonight which means the Olympic break will stop a 2 game losing streak!

  11. I’ll be surprised if AV sticks with these lines for the duration — it’s working now for the most part, three nicely balanced lines, but he will want to guard against complacency, and his best forward is on the third line. I’d swap Zook with Kreider tonight, for instance, but for some reason the Rangers haven’t called on me for this advice.

  12. How come all the sports writers and all the people on this blog knew this was going to be a trap game for the Rangers tonight , i guess they don’t read this blog because that is the way they played this game . They played with no respest for the Oilers . And also when did they reduce the size of the netin the Rangers end of the ice .So called 1st line needs to play better , and why is Stepan going to Sochi, surly not for the way he plays . He needs to take some vitamins or something . Would like to see AV put Kreider with Zucc , also he needs to bury some more of his chances . Where was Carcillo after the hit on Zucc , isn’t he here for a reason or for his goal scoring .We need to take his leash off and let him be him a little more

  13. THE KREIDER is the best player on this team. Even with his “neutral” defensive skills, he’s a force.

  14. On the winner, I know it’s Richards’ fault by definition — everything’s his fault — but at least he and Stralman are doing something. McDonagh, Callahan, and worst of all Kreider are all floating and watching the puck. And what Talbot is doing sitting on his pads with nobody threatening the low slot, I have no idea. Bad defense all around, only Stralman guiltless.

  15. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    When is the last time this team had a *fight* ? Their *Metal Factor* is quickly reducing…

  16. There hasn’t been a “The” in Kreider in the last six games. Points in one game over the last ten. And zilch for the line itself in the last four. Shake-up coming?

  17. One of those “snap back to reality” games for sure. The curse of the back up goalie reared it’s ugly head once again. And my first reaction to Ryan Smyth’s goal was “now I see why he’s still playing at age 52”..

    As for our squad they’ve all seemed to cool off a bit. Kreider hasn’t been AS noticeable but still pretty good, got to wonder if Nash was riding some adrenaline from the team Canada selection or not, either way he’s down shifted a bit. As for Callahan I think he was almost guilty of trying to do too much last night. That being said he was all over the place. situation still sucks especially when you see his physical play then look at a guy like Richards…

    AndAll I’ll say about Richard is: This is why after they buy him out next season they need to replace him with a center who’s strong and somewhat physical. The guy is a defensive liability and even gets knocked around by teams that aren’t overly physical. You can’t ignore that even if you win 4, 8 or 12 in a row..

  18. Norm here’s the thing about these line combos- they’re set up according to who the supposed top players are. No matter who you consider the “top 6” on this team, everyone is playing more or less with who they work best with. When guys are under performing it doesn’t matter who you stick where, you’re going to have a problem somewhere. And an unbalanced lineup isn’t beating Pittsburgh or Chicago or Edmonton for that matter.

  19. Manny, I think there’s a certain amount of *fatigue* settting in. Don’t forget they didn’t have *Torts* at the helm for their training camp this year. I doubt anyone’s done more than 5-10 *Muskies* in months!

  20. Stranger Nation on

    The THE has been there with plenty of opps while he mistakenly looks to pass or waits for Step to make it into the zone. Step is too slow for THE Kreider, but he and Nash require a two center for Mr Ed is obviously out.

    Agree on line shake up THE for Zucc and maybe another Andro shot for Nash

  21. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Good thinking, *James*

    *Fatigue* is the opposite of *Metal*. When you’re tired you have to *Summon* the power of the *dark beast* and get violent.

  22. Blasphemy! There’s is always “THE” in “THE Kreider”.

    You can’t blame him for his linemates shortcomings.

    He plays with clowns.

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    Did anybody think the Rangers were _not_ going to lose to the Oilers last night? That game had “L” written all over it. Would have been nice to get a point, though.

  24. jimG the desertrat on

    My feed had tec problems, didn’t see oilers goal. Just lucky I guess. Where’s the cookie monster????

  25. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    PATH trains are *shut down* heading into the World Trade Center station because of dangerous *falling ice*

    *Metal* factor: *6*

  26. Prior to the game last night I really thought they were going to win so I’m still pretty cheesed off this morning.

  27. I don’t enjoy complaining about Richards, but I generally find the most frustrating part of his game being the effort he expends on the forecheck trying to close the gap on a player who will distribute the puck seconds before he gets there, take himself out of the play and then not lay a hit or apply and sort of pressure (physical or mental) on the opposition. An opposing player is quickly conditioned to see him as impotent in that regard. I consider him to be a very responsible player otherwise, but that part of his game drives me bananas…it’s not like he has the speed to force players into mistakes

  28. Stepan is contributing nothing to the 1st line’s offensive production. There was a particular play in the 3rd when Nash was in corner, covered, and looking to pass. Nash held the puck as long as he could. Stepan made no effort whatsoever to get himself open. He was barely skating.

    The talent gap that moving a guy like Dubi was supposed to fix is still here. Only the names have changed.

  29. I’d hardly call this a good game for the Oilers. The Rangers controlled the play for most of the game, aside from the slow first 10 minutes. The Oiler defended poorly, but they couldn’t make them pay.

    The Rangers allowed only one or two quality chances in the 3rd before the goal, but you can’t have a guy wide open like that with less than two minutes to play. And not to mention the missed opportunities (completely missed, like no shot on goal).

  30. Nash hasn’t had great games the last two or three, but he will never be good enough for some people. He scored 11 in 11 and has average just about a goal every other game since he’s been here.

    But, he’s not Stamkos or Crosby, so he stinks.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I had the three stars the same as Carp.

    Talbot only let in two but seemed to be fighting it all night.

    Klein continues to disappoint me. He’s not even a replacement for Stralman. Only another 4 years of his diminishing returns to go.

  32. Any season tix holder going to the stadium today for the skating party.Totally looking forward to this.

  33. Doodie, a good rule of thumb for these players like Klein that we acquire…Nashville saw the same Del Zotto that we saw this season. Exactly what were we to expect?
    Same concern with Callahan now. No way to get equal or greater value. Just another player who we hope will do better with the infamous “change of scenery” trade..

  34. Anyone think it’s pretty ridiculous Chara had to skip 2 games for Boston in order to carry a flag at the Olympic Opening Ceremony? I’d be *so* pissed if, say, Lundqvist had to do that for Sweden. You’re telling me *Slovakia* couldn’t find another 6’9″, 255 lb. Frankenstein to carry a flag for them?

  35. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Some of you may remember that when the pre-game skate ended, Nick Fotiu used to collect all the pucks in the Rangers’ net and throw them into the crowd, including the last one into the blues. He never forgot where he was from.

    I used to have seats in section 422, and one night I was lucky enough to catch Nicky’s puck. I have it to this day.

    As for the game, I’d like to forget it. I just don’t understand how a team can play so poorly/uninspired at home against a perennial lottery pick team with 39 losses. Surely they understood how important this game was, but they didn’t play like it.

  36. That’s pretty cool Brad Park. I remember Gomez used to be like that too, but obviously not in the same capacity has Nicky. I always think that when the Rangers come out for the 3 stars of the game, they should go to a far end of the ice and throw a puck in the crowd instead of just tossing them to the privileged people in the front row by the locker room entrance every time.

  37. Good show, Manny. *Metal* factor *9*.

    There will be a bunch of good moments to break out the slow *bang* too.

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    They should have just let the NHL players walk in the opening ceremonies. Instead there will be literally *nobody* who I recognize walking in them.

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall on one of these *four charter flights* bringing every NHL Olympian over to *Sochi*

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Seems like the Olympic break is coming at a good time for us. The guys played really sloppy last night and are about to get pummeled by the Pens. A couple of weeks off to recharge and then we get the Hawks who will be filled with tired Olympics players.

    Sure, we’ve got a lot, too, but MZA is going to be finished early, Stepan will be lucky to play in a single game, and Callahan, Nash, and Hagelin are playing depth roles on their respective teams. The only guys that worry me are McDonagh and Lundqvist.

    But look at Chicago: Toews, Keith, Kane, Sharp, Hossa (depending on how far Slovakia goes), and Hjarlmarsson are all going to play big roles for their teams. Rozsival probably will too, but I think the Czechs are going home early. Kruger and Oduya are likely depth guys.

    Still, give me their players tired vs our players tired any day of the week.

  41. Yergs – How do you pass that up? It’s the Olympics – it’s quit an honor.

    It’s not like they are going to lose the games, just because he’s gone.

  42. Carp. Right on with your evaluation of Nash. He seems to have reverted to the early season Nash where he doesn’t want to get any dirt under his fingernails and Stepan has been horrible most of the year. He has NO jump to his game and consistently mishandles the puck. I am very surprised AV has not shown him the press box for a game or 2 to shake him up. Kind of glad we only have a relatively low cost 2 year deal with Stepan rather the a big $$$ 5 or 6 year one.

    Lately it looks like Kreider is the only one on his line playing the game. The Brass line continues to impress. God where would we be without Brassard and Zucc. Cally and Hags had another strong effort I thought but I am becoming less enamored with Richards again. His defensive zone presance is almost non existant.

    Big game tonight. DOn’t want to go into the break riding a 2 game losing streak when points are at a premium. Hope everyone shows up to play against the crybabys.

  43. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I went to a doctor and all he did was suck blood from my neck. Don’t go see *Dr. Acula*

  44. Yeah, I know Sioux. It just seems weird to me. I mean, the NHL is writing Chara’s paycheck, not the Olympics. It’s an honor enough to be playing for them, no need to carry a flag in a silly ceremony.

  45. How many teams sit their leading goal scorer mideason while points in the standings are still up for grabs?

  46. If Boston would have had a problem with it, they would have said NO!

    He’s the Captain, I’d give him a pass. As I would for Cally if he was offered the honor. Right?

  47. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m actually more into *Black Metal* than *Death Metal* James. But I do appreciate a lot of Carcass in my life.

  48. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I agree, Doodie. Was thinking that this morning. Great time to take a *break*. Hope Richards decides to stay in shape this time…

  49. Fair enough Siouxperman.

    Zuuuucc is not only the point leader, but he also has the biggest shoe size of anybody on the team

  50. “Hi, I’d like to request a tee time for February 10 at 7am… yes… just me… name?… Richards, Brad Richards… what… yes, yes I know I already have a reservation in April… yes, I’d still like to keep that tee time too… but actually, I need to cancel the Del Zotto reservation… ok thanks. One question though, are you still allowed to wear red shorts on the course?… ok, good, because I just bought 5 pairs… nope, I’m all set… what’s that?… oh… thanks, you have a hole-in-one day too. Bye.”

  51. They always play to the level of their competition. Hopefully it will provide some motivation for tonite. Love that Zucci line. Benny is doing a great job.

  52. Choosing a sportsman to represent a Country and the Honor to carry the Country’s Flag at Olympics, depends solely on specific weight of respect for this person in their countries.

  53. I bet Richards takes the two weeks to *enjoy* some good wine and *design* a few more shirts specially engineered for untucked wearing.

  54. You just know the players headed to the Olympics are having “buyers remorse!” At least they wont miss their toothpaste (I know-in the old days they had no teeth) as the water would probably make their teeth fall out anyway…and those small beds will be killing them leading to the following scene that will mimic Seinfeld’s The Contest. Before leaving NY the Rangers heading to Sochi place a small bet between themselves as to who will bring home the Gold..forward ahead to their first night ins Sochi and you can see Nash, Step, McD and Henrik all tossing and turning thru the night and looking like hell the next day–while MZA is shown sleeping like like a baby..smiling and snoring away. In a day or so..Henrik allows some easily saved shots into the net and at breakfast the following day with his Ranger teammates..he slams $100 on the table and informs them, “I’m Out!” Later that night he is all snoring away and sleeping like a baby in a 5-Star Hotel outside Russia.

  55. Stranger Nation on

    Will Bucky ever tuck his shirt in over those two weeks?
    What kind of golf course allows untucked shirts?
    Where is he playing? Dyker Beach?

  56. Rob in Beantown on

    Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins
    NEWS ALERT: Penguins defenseman Kris Letang will miss at least six weeks after having a stroke last week pens.pe/1jkmxmE


  57. Last night, *Pacioretty*, who is *awesome*, was awarded *two* penalty shots inside a *two* minute span. He missed them *both*. Remember though, he is awesome so he recorded a *hatty* in the game *anyway*.

  58. Olympic stadium looks pretty much empty for the opening ceremony. At least at the start. Sad.

    Best of luck to Letang, wow.

  59. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    In other Injury news:

    @mirtle Valtteri Filppula suffered a broken ankle last night against the Leafs and he’s out of Olympics. Huge blow to Finns.

  60. Here’s hoping I FINALLY get Stamkos back after the break.

    THE FIGHTING SIOUX team has been riddled with injuries lately.

    How my dog’s breakfast of team is holding up against Gravy this week is surprising.

  61. It would help if my team scored more than *one* goal, especially since that player was *released*.

  62. USA is one of very few nations that taxes its Olympic medal winners. But, if you like your Olympic medal, you can keep your Olympic medal.

  63. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    @mirtle BBC says Putin wants men’s ice hockey gold more than anything else.


    Seems like Putin will be pretty angry

  64. I always love the sky comments here after one loss. They had an off game and really could have won if pucks were guided missles. Dang they missed the net with a lot of shots. I don’t understand why anyone is surprised about the results. They probably played their best game against Colorado, and they play Pittsburgh the next night. Think Chicago or Anaheim or St Louis hasn’t had a game they lost against a bad team? Talbot didn’t look too “calm” last night. He was definitely fighting it.

    I’m for keeping things status quo. If we win 3 out of 4 games, every time we’ll be fine. Better to lose in a non 4 point game anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if we win in Pitts tonight. Sidney is probably already dreaming of putting on the Canada jersey.

  65. You add it to whatever other income you have, Sioux. It’s putatively worth 25 grand, which I believe is a cash award. So the tax would apply to whatever bracket you fall into, so it would be from $2,500. to $10,000. Wouldn’t be surprised if your home State takes a taste, too.

  66. Dog was barking not chasing, my bad. But still just imagine if one runs out and takes a bite out of crime, or hits a racer and makes a difference in a medal.

  67. Crazy. Good thing ND taxes are going down :)

    Here’s hoping ND turns into Alaska, no state taxes!

    We have a problem with tax money in ND. They don’t think they can spend the surplus. $2B in the black. Nice problem to have, if you are going to have problems.

  68. From SLATE:

    “Russian Official Lets It Slip That There Are Cameras In the Olympic Hotel Bathrooms.”

  69. Thoughts on last night at MSG and The Review:

    – This game is a poster-child for the pros and cons of the Balanced Schedule. As a fan/reporter, Edmonton has a ton of skill, their first line is composed of three #1 overall picks from the last four years, etc. but the crowd was blah, the players looked disinterested, particularly in the first period, and as a season ticket holder, getting even 75% of face value for your tickets if you need to sell is a real challenge.

    – Wow, did the Rangers miss a ton of nets last night. I mean Cally wasn’t even close on his 3rd period chances

    – My seats are at the 8th Avenue End in Section 114 where the Rangers shoot twice and I was struck by how often Scrivens interferes with opposing forwards trying to skate across the goal mouth.

    – Totally agree with Carp in that it has to be tough for Talbot given his decreased workload but he looked as shaky as I can recall all year in terms of just tracking pucks, controlling rebounds.

    Just a stinker of a game, particularly when everyone behind them seemed to pick up two points last night.

  70. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I like that dog that carried the medicine to the people in Alaska. I think his name was like Balto or something.

    “The Great philosopher Basho once said, ‘a flute with no holes is not a flute. And a doughnut with no holes is a danish.'”

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    Laika *was* a *hero*. I just spent the last 10 minutes reading about her and I’m getting all misty eyed.

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    A stray dog from the streets that becomes her planet’s first space traveler. Can’t make that stuff up

  73. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    My prediction of Finland be a surprise contender is looking *shaky* at best.

  74. Yes, you just had a stroke. Better not play hockey for 6 weeks??? whaaat? I think he should think about his family fist, hope he is ok.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    It was a serious question, although coos made a pretty good joke.

    And Manny, an aneurysm is my third greatest fear.

  76. Rob in Beantown on

    Alternatively, an innocent victim of science, rejected by her entire planet and thrown into the cold unforgiving depths of space

  77. If the aliens grabbed Laika, they would have assumed that inhabitants of this planet were hairy, had tails, and crapped in their vehicles.

  78. …for all fairness, immediately after Laika, there were duo: noble mutts – Belka(Squirrel)and Strelka(Little Arrow). All died untimely and prematurely, with no government pension, but in a name of science.

  79. If Letang goes on LTIR (almost certain he will right?) doesnt it give the Pens a lot of cap flexibility come trade deadline? With Dupuis and Letang out long term they can make some moves.

    Needless to say Letang’s health should be priority #1.

  80. In a skills competition in space, puck, after slap shot would go 15km/sec. It’s 33,750 mph. Not bad, even Sam Rosen could do it. Oh, yeah…and Stralman’s trademark hip-check wouldn’t matter also. Damn gravitation.

  81. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    “These boys get that syrup in ’em, they get all antsy in their pantsy.”

  82. @rangersreport

    Just about an hour until NHL Olympic-break roster freeze … which means Capt. Callahan remains a Ranger through Feb. 23 at least.

  83. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Grantland article about *Fighting* in Hockey (which has a super high *Metal* factor)

  84. Sochi officials recently confirmed they were killing stray dogs, or “biological trash,” in the area to “protect athletes” during the Olympic Games. But one brave dog didn’t care about Putin’s plans — he/she snuck into the opening ceremonies Friday to witness the action.
    After all, it’s a once in a lifetime chance, even for a dog.So one stray dog actually made it into the opening ceremony: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bf4S0ljCUAEVbIB.jpg #sochi2014

  85. Bettman will be giving the Penguins 2 additional first round draft picks to compensate them for their unfortunate, unanticipated loss.

  86. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    “It ain’t over, McGavin. The way I see it… we’ve only just begun. “

  87. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    “Quite a large and economically diverse crowd here at the Michelob Invitational.”

    What’s a *new* post?

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