It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Penguins


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Game 59.penguins
Rangers at Penguins.


Well, the NHL’s Olympic-break roster freeze came and went, so Ryan Callahan will be a Ranger when he returns from Sochi. Then Glen Sather will have about nine days to trade him (March 5 trade deadline), sign him, or risk losing him for nothing July 1.

Sather will also try to tie up Dan Girardi and probably Anton Stralman before the deadline.

So there’s that.

Ya boys hit the Olympic break after tonight, with seven players headed to Sochi: Callahan, Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh (USA), Henrik Lundqvist and Carl Hagelin (Sweden), Rick Nash (Canada) and Mats Zuccarello (Norway).

The Rangers lost a four-game winning streak Thursday, a late 2-1 loss to Edmonton at MSG. They are 1-1-1 vs. the Penguins this season (tonight being the final meeting), and the Penguins have won six of eight meetings over the last two seasons, though the Rangers got losers’ points in two of those games.

TheRangers have won five in a row on the road, since being whupped in Pittsburgh  Jan. 3, and 15 of their last 19 on the road.

The Penguins have won four of five, including Wednesday’s game in Buffalo where it appeared Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin were looking to make a statement against USA goalie Ryan Miller. If so, message received.

In case you missed the big news today, Pittsburgh D-man Kris Letang is out a minimum of six weeks after suffering a stroke last week.

Lundqvist starts in goal against Marc-Andre Fleury.


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  1. I don’t want Olympics in NY,the Super Bowl was nightmare enough, but I sure would enjoy one closer to my time zone

  2. A win against the Penguins would be the perfect sendoff for our Olympic boys!

    Get it done!

    By the way, who the fugg came up with that Olympic ranking, mental patients?

    Czech & Russia ahead of USA & Canada? Fugg off!

  3. Sorry if this was previously posted but I just read Letang had a stroke? Possible hole in his heart, expected to miss six weeks.

  4. Best wishes to Kunitz. Ridiculously scary stuff. Hope he gets well soon!

    Let’s Go Rangers!! It’ll be a good litmus test to see how we respond aginst the #1 team in the conference after last night’s letdown and the Olympic break coming up

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hope LeTang gets healthy and can resume his career…..some things are bigger than a rivalry with the team I hate more than any other…

  6. amazing these two sound disappointed that the Rangers scored! “It goes in! After what was just a great save!”

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    I thought the no whistle was fine. The puck was not under Fleury’s pad. It was loose in the corner of the crease

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    These clowns are going to whine about that first goal until Pittsburgh finally scores. Waaaahhhhhhh.

  9. Forecheck looks fantastic so far. Pretty much have to keep that up for a full 60 mins to have any chance against the Pens.

  10. If I were the coach I would have broken the Brass line up to help the other lines. Still waiting for some team to call me.

  11. That was case in point why Nash just irritates me. The goals are great, too much of the rest is very sub-great.

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    I gave Sather until today to make a deal. Now we have to get rid of him.


  13. ThisYearsModel on

    Good Lord. Frankenberry falls down and we get a penalty. No way that was intentional.

  14. Nash was much, much more responsible in all three zones his first few months as a Ranger. Just awful defensively and without the puck now.

  15. Think if the roles were reversed there that the official would have even considered calling a penalty?

  16. One night, someone will dipsy-doodle back-in Spinorama against Nash and he will dipsy-doodle back in Spinorama the other way in defense, and there will be a terrible collision.

  17. Me, if I’m a Ranger, I’m staying out of the box, even if that means don’t touch Malkin or Crosby.

  18. Zook plays with a very long stick, which enables him to utilize retaliatory slashes from a safe distance.

  19. Hags was in the box, so gotta replace him with somebody. But using Nash on the PP just seems silly

  20. Is there some special noise reduction device – that place is dead silent. Or it’s me deaf?

  21. ThisYearsModel on

    How do you know that penalty was BS? No replay of it on Root sports. Then THE gets crosschecked and the refs agreed with Steigerwald….a small shove by Engelland. What a crock.

  22. Could have used Dorsett’s energy contribution last night. Might have awakened the troopers.

  23. Just got home, watched last 4 minutes, looks like Blueshirts are playing another rendition of “Surrender the Neutral Zone”

  24. Um, that’s hartelling in RR speak Bobby…Cripes, my heart is pounding….come on buys!!!

  25. Need more shifts like this from our supposed top line.

    And haha Carp, you thinking Dorsett in for Carcillo?

  26. Exactly. Can’t break up 666. Can’t put Richards and Nash together. I think you have to live with what they have.

  27. Must be nice to just be able to cross check anyone on the other team with absolute impunity. HOW DO THESE PENGUINS KEEP WINNING SO CONSISTENTLY!!!???

  28. Surprising that Craig Button Nose is not wearing a Penguins jersey in the studio. Arrogance personified.

  29. SalmonJoe spend period praising Pitt, Crosby and group – Dave on radio telling you in detail about Rangers. Day and night.

  30. While we might not have received a PP this game, we did get a gift of a goal in the first.

  31. AV won’t be swapping anything on a team that’s playing well, but the “top line” better figure it out when they get back.

  32. I’m not sure Carcillo has been that much of a liability though. I mean, I’d certainly take Dorsett over him any day, but aside from a few dumb penalties, Carcillo hasn’t been bad.

  33. Step has no business in Sochi, unfortunately, he is consistently…no, not very bad,just slow nothingness.
    Slow in skating, thinking, making decisions, execution.
    Too sad, I like this early balding American kid with British smile, but as I said many times – being nice guy is not a profession in a hockey world.

  34. What’s the point of all these guys going to the Olympics when they miss Opening Ceremonies and just fly over there, practice a couple days, are told to not go anywhere but the rink and “hotel,” “Don’dt bring any family,” and “Don’t look American if you do leave your hotel?” All the hoopla and glamor and excitement are gone for the players. May as well skate around at the Hommocks in Mamaroneck.

  35. Move Kreider to Richards line. Richards likes to *shoot* and Kreider isn’t afraid to muck.

  36. Carcillo’s been fine. But he’s not better than Dorsett or any of the other 11 forwards in any way, shape or form.

  37. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hate the effing Penguins. I’d rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil…

  38. Neal has hacked Kreider every time they’ve been near each other … finally got caught … worth watching.

    I mean, THE Kreider.

  39. Blabbing about some scrub traded by the Islanders while Kreider is putting an angle shot through Fleury that just missed. Not a mention.

  40. Carcillo draws penalty. That’s one of his attributes, (so long as the zebras don’t catch him first)

  41. Sorry, Mama. “Plato is my friend, but Truth is more in value…” or something like that…Bottom line – Step suck!

  42. I don’t want you to over cheer and pollute my master bathroom

    Pens toying with us

    Hank must stop thst

  43. Rangers outplaying the Pens.

    The first penalty was bogus, the second was unnecessary.

    It should be 2-0 at least.

  44. Takes terrible penalty, misses on prime scoring chance, then takes another bad penalty. Thanks Nash!

  45. His veteraness is the only reason he won’t be nailed to the bench the rest of this period. Awful.

  46. Nash’s next penalty will be two minutes for stealing a Sochi spot from a more deserving playet

  47. Joe M “He’s a Superstar that doesn’ on the perimeter”

    Huh. Which Superstar plays on the perimeter???

  48. Sam*joe seem surprised The can play. They are so full of Crosby love…no room for Rangers play by play.

  49. …and Step delicately taping Kuni, whisperings tenderly: “c’mon, let’s be friends”

  50. AV: ‘We positively, absolutely cannot afford any stupid penalties tonight.”

    #61: ‘Got it, Coach.’

  51. I’m beat all….have to watch end with one eye half open…byfuglien, but long week….LGR! Catch ya all tomorrow….

    Cool, just heard about MSG show about Hank, a new one, at 3 on to set DVR….

  52. Bob costas just announced that Nikolai Volkoff will sing the Russian national anthem at the Sochi opening ceremony

  53. Gotta love the D-men lugging the puck into the zone. Potentially risky, but could pay off if they’re smart

  54. nash came out on and played the last pp. I hope he doesnt start this one.

    he just doesnt have it tonight.

  55. I don’t know who to blame. I guess Callahan because he looked the most panicked when he noticed.

  56. Huge point! Dropping back-to-back in last two minutes would have been a terrible way to go into the break.

  57. I’m absolutely horrified by what become a trend – Rangers ineptitude and inability to save the game when leading . Use to be their strongest ability.

  58. Richards and Hagelin out way too long on that last shift, could have gotten off. Lucky to get away with it.

  59. I think it’s *Double* meaning twice the bad and twice the good.

    *Double Zotto*

    Most importantly, the name makes me laugh.

  60. Penguins have to be favored in this event. Up to Lundqvist, probably, to give his team a chance for the extra point.

  61. Isn’t it hilarious that the break in between the 3rd period and OT is shorter than the break between OT and the worthless Shootout?

  62. Richie picks up Hank. Though it must be said, Malkin was going to beat anyone with that stuff. Magician.

  63. Carp – hands sewn on Frankenstein was an instant classic!!! This has to be the funniest rangers blog on all of lohud!!!!

  64. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I don’t know if you know this, *ORR*, but the goalies actually bring their own goal bars and net with them to each game. It’s part of their *signature* on the game. Little known fact….

  65. Tretiak lights the Olympic flame in Soch, same Tretiak in goal for USA Miracle on Ice

    Olympic Hockey Karma.

    USA brings home the Gold.

    Book It.

  66. 1) Olympics are on tape delay.
    2) The “weird” is the history of the Russia. Right now is the Soviet era.
    Actually a pretty well choreographed performance.

  67. ‘Go right to the source and ask the horse
    He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse.
    He’s always on a steady course.’

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