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  1. All will be forgiven if we see many Russian Bears participate and entertain us during the opening ceremony.

  2. Stepan is Smart player but too conservative for me. he’s not quite big enough, strong enough, quick enough fast enough..

  3. Ike Davis will be given 90 pre-season at bats which will determine his future. Little pressure there, Iker.

  4. The Ikers future? You mean whether he continues to be wealthy or he becomes super friggin wealthy?

  5. Coos, your line needs a couple of rental passers.

    That press remark was, IMHO, a harbinger of things to come, no ?

  6. HEY eddie3,

    it’s done, no garlic in sight, what is the next step? Hide the Sriracha Sauce as well? Please instruct…

  7. I feel sorry for anyone who has to attend the Sochi Olympics and I also hope that all is well that ends well.

  8. Big problem with Krieder is he needs to shoot more, use his shot from the circles and the slot. I havent seen enough of it. Still young and still has a tone of physical upside with speed.

    Losses like tonight are a reminder that this roster is not good for the money it gets paid.

    McD,Hags,MZA,Staal,Stralman,Hank,Talbot.Klein,Moore(both all play well enough for the $ paid to all (proportionally too).

    Nash,Brassard,Pouliot… All could be better but not horrible.

    The rest? All could be playing better and all could be replaced with better options for the $ they receive.

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