It’s Go Time! … Oilers at Rangers


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Game 58.oilers
Oilers at Rangers.


Ya boys play the 6,000th game in franchise history. Tonight is their final home game before the Olympic break. They finish up in Pittsburgh tomorrow night, before the NHL shuts down for the Games in Sochi.

The Rangers have won four in a row and 15 of their last 21. Edmonton has won four of its last five.

On the Ryan Callahan front, his agent Steve Bartlett spoke with Glen Sather for the second day in a row, but it appears there was little or no progress. It certainly appears that Callahan will go to Sochi and back as the Rangers’ captain.

The NHL Olympic roster freeze begins Friday, and runs through midnight Feb. 23. That leaves the Rangers 10 days until the trade deadline to get something done, or keep Callahan until A) they agree on a contract or B) he hits unrestricted free agency.

Cam Talbot starts in goal, his first appearance in six games, his third in 15. Ben Scrivens, who shut out the Rangers in November while playing for Los Angeles, starts for Edmonton. Otherwise Alain Vigneault goes with the same lineup he’s used every game since the Michael Del Zotto-Kevin Klein trade.


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  1. Wow! I can’t believe nobody mentioned that my main man is blowing up the Twittersphere!

    Mikael Backlund ?@mbacklund11 1h

    I haven’t heard anything about Olympics. I haven’t got the call to from *Pär Mårts*. No replacement is official yet!

  2. We’ll see who’s laughing when Pär Mårts has an Olympic gold medal around his neck! His SECOND, by the way.

  3. “Can’t possibly lose this game tonight.”

    ORR, never underestimate NYR’s ability to let us down.

  4. Can’t help but bring some baseball into the proceedings.

    RIP Ralph Kiner. Even as a Yankee fan, I have to acknowledge how special he was to the sport and to the Mets. Just a classy, funny, and wonderful guy.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Lets gogogg og gogoggogog!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! For me this game is HUGGGEEE!!! My dumbazz brother is an Oiler fan ..Finally we get those Oilers in OUR building . 2 pts is big TONIGHT!!!

    Last gm at home , lets maker a good one!!!

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! LETS GO , Drop the puck already!!

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    Torts – “If i ******* had some ******* players on my ******* team, we ******* would ******* win some ******* games. I cannot ******* tolerate the ******* pieces of ******* **** that i ******* have on my ******* team.”

  8. Torts: “I can’t imagine how I just embarrassed myself, my team, and my league by what I just said through eddie 3. However, goddammit!”

  9. eddie eddie eddie on

    torts – “you can ******* all go **** yourselves. Every ******* last ******* one of you are a ******* bunch of ******* idiots”

  10. Really nice outlet miss by Boyle….. Btw Ryan Smyth didn’t he play with Messier n Kent Nilsson ?

  11. not playing with same energy as we did
    against avs
    not having that extra day of rest
    has hurt us

  12. here we go, trip behind the net, no call. Rangers will get called for some soft penalty, it’s coming.

  13. The beats his man clean, can’t believe it, stops moving his feet. There’s a slump in action.

  14. refs swallowing whistle to help out
    looked like Boylzeeeeeee was pulled down
    behind the oiler net

  15. U can’t piss pts away against crap teams like oilers. Play with the luck in there end. They don’t defend.

    Typical rangers

    Vital game with trip to Pitt Tom.

  16. hopefully rangers keep this a 1 goal game as the game goes on get there legs under them because if this is the way there going to play tonight than there in trouble of losing this game.

  17. Can’t beat Beaker, Carp! Though I fear it’s a little to reminiscent of Latona’s avatar, so I may be compelled to change it…

  18. “Bun Cook, hockey player” coincidentally what a young Martin Brodeur wrote in school when asked to rank his top two dream careers.

  19. weird, this was the way the rangers use to play this year when lundquist was in net, now it appears they play bad when Talbot is in net.

  20. I think they look fine. This Oilers team creates a lot. Rangers have sure had some chances, and should continue … Scrivens already shut them out once this season.

  21. Rob Petry. Sargeant Schultz. Inter Ference. Jimi Hendricks. Commissioner Gordon. Daryl Hall. Universe. Scott Fraser.

    I love this Oilers roster.

  22. @Struds1260 Last time the Oilers played the Rangers in MSG they lost 8-2. I was -5. Wasn’t all my fault. #thanksagaingibby #tapetogabby #pizzatoss

    Strudwick! Always liked that guy!

    That game was awesome. That’s when Avery sucker punched that guy and started a little line brawl.

  23. Good evening all! Not dissing Talbot at all, but huh?

    Carp, must be a slow period, you’re full of comedy gold tonight.

  24. Carp, getting sensitive on any issue against Boyle. Watch it again he has to handle that, standing still on Pillow puff Boyle. Not a great pass but don’t be a appeaser. Boyle des all the little things, well he didn’t do the little thing there. God knows he doesn’t do the big things.

  25. Holy hartnell coos, I just heard that!!!! hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! OK, so either they got the paper or the reporter wrong….hmmmm.

  26. Marty Mc Sore head just said on oilers feed the goal is on Boyle. So that settles it, he was known as one of the great minds in Hockey.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Ok Ok period kinda uneventfull , I say we come out and score 3 in the second..

  28. Bobby Bonilla: “I’ll show you the Bronx.” Meanwhile, he was living in a Greenwich, Ct. mansion. lolol

  29. From now on, my comments will consist of nothing but “meeps.”



  30. bloody ‘ell

    was listening to Carp on the radio
    and i missed the goal

    oh well…..happier that we tied it

  31. Man what a start. Obviously Torts yelled at the team in between periods and jump-started them!

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – i heard your messages to me during that interview…..Mission accomplished

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    torts will miss the playoffs this year…..the nucks have tuned him out…..

    book it

  34. As if we needed another reason mute the TV and listen to the game on the radio, MSG gives us Rockettes.

  35. Thank God Slats didn’t trade Staal for peanuts like I wanted him too about 6 weeks ago.

    ILB, hats off to ya, you were right.


    ILB > PB

  36. Next, Slats wil max Staal, I’ll say yah!!!

    Then, one game later, Staal will have a career ending bunion on his left foot.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Carp did you get sand kicked in your face at the beach one time…?

  38. Any scrum or potential scrum after a whistle and the camera goes to a closeup of some non-involved goof.

  39. The ref announces his call of no goal because of the whistle, then they proceed to ask Toronto to review it. Huh?

  40. Thank you Mr. Referee for bailing Talbot out there. That’s 2 pucks he put in his own net so far.

  41. Here you go… so you dont think that all Russians are savages

    Saving Sochi’s Stray Dogs

    Animal rights workers in Sochi, Russia, are rescuing stray dogs from exterminators hired by the government. They hope athletes and fans visiting the Olympics will adopt them.


  42. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Official drink of the Sochi Olympics… Vodka and prune juice.

    It’s called a “Russian Through”

  43. klein didn’t look good at all on that play. How he didn’t get that puck out of the zone when he had a head start was brutal.

  44. Sounds like a LOT of people have cancelled Sochi. Putin will have the stands full of apparatchiks.

  45. Love to spend $8000 go to Sochi and call the hotel desk and tell them I got a leak in the sink, and they tell me, ‘do whatever you want.’

  46. Girl at Sochi Hospitality Desk tells NY Times reporter she hasn’t seen any Americans there so far. Putin charges her with besmirching the Nation, 25 years.

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    aaron hernandez wouldnt be able to knife thru ray lewis, but he would easily blast thru him

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    So, now that Torts lost his mind then threw the GM Gillis under the bus, I wonder haw Gillis is feeling about making the hire. Also, no snarky tweets from Torts’ daughter lately.

  49. The very last guy I would trust as a head coach would be Tortorella unless i were a maximum security warden.

  50. It’s snowing hard up on the peaks,
    The ponds are frozen frosty.
    The people rosey on their cheeks,
    There killing strays in Sochi.

  51. ThisYearsModel on

    Who is the musical guests at the opening ceremony in Sochi? Pussy Riot? The Red Army marching band?

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    beiber’s private plane pilot putting in for workman’s comp. from the contact high

  53. These morons working in the Arctic for Coors Light should apply to Lagunitas or Russian River.

  54. eddie eddie eddie on

    one of my colleagues just got back from giving a talk in south korea….said those bruthas can really drink….

  55. NHL Public Relations @PR_NHL

    #HockeyOps explains “no goal” video review at 10:57 of the second period in the @EdmontonOilers / @NYRangers game.

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    since 1750…..JS Bach, john Lennon, and Beiber 2 and a half men that have shaped music history

  57. Ryan Jones’ hit on Zucc could be used in an educational video for referees under the heading “What is elbowing?”

  58. Uh, major elbow to Zook’s chin a while back? I say let them play, but these refs are the pits.

  59. I think Carcillo had the hat once, jpg. Don’t think he’s going to get many more shifts tonight … unless the shootout goes 16 rounds.

  60. Carp
    i just like bringing Carcillo
    up for a goal
    since it worked
    during the Stadium Series game
    against the isles
    …..literally 10 seconds or so after i said something like
    “Watch, Carcillo is gonna score here.”

  61. “Dad always said ‘there’s always gonna be someone better than you.’ Then I told him, I’m Wayne Gretzky.”

  62. ThisYearsModel on

    Richards loses a battle behind the net and we lose to the worst team in the NHL. Callahan cannot hit the net all game. Really poor outcome throwing away points in this game.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    playing down to level of comp – had a stinker coming, hope it doesn’t roll over into Pissburgh manana

  64. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    19-39 until tonight. great.

    looks like some people are looking forward to the Olympics, and some are looking forward to aruba.

    either way, unacceptable.

  65. ThisYearsModel on

    Pathetic. Captain Callahan should UP his demands to 8 years-$9 Million per. He is a highly skilled 3rd liner who gets 9 golden chances per game and cannot hit the net.

  66. Betting Callahan will play like a man possessed tomorrow night. He’ll be feeling this one.

  67. They’ve played better than that in games in which they were blown out. Terrible performance masked by a terrible opponent.

  68. ya know what,this was a game we had no biz losing. it was cap’n crunchs time to prove why hes worth a damn, and hes not. sorry guys, but hes like drury all over again. wait till hes 32-33. hes gonna be done

  69. All day long I was afraid we lose. This is games u can’t lose this late in season especially with trip to Pitt Tom.


    Look back tonight should we miss playoffs.

    Nash was awful tonight by the way.

  70. As usual, Richie on ice late in a tight game. Rather see Carcillo and grab one point at least. They’ll never learn.

  71. eric- our whole top line was god awful. they play like a 3rd line grinding line. all cycling n no shots, no goals, no anything. if there was an anti-torts, av is it. cant we come and meet in the middle? how long has this line been together and dont get anything done besides nash?

  72. Seriously though, how many times can you expect to miss the net on prime scoring chances and not have it come back to bite them? The whole team, including Cally with some HUGE some missed chances, dropped the ball tonight against an awful opponent.

    And it gets even better tomorrow in Pittsburgh. Should be fun

  73. Zook took a major, intentional head shot that was worthy of a telephone interview and not even called on the ice. Then late, he takes a stick to the mouth.

  74. It’s losses like tonight that make me so freaking negative about this team. I never trust them.

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Callahan never passed on the 2 on 1 and then missing the net point blank …He cost us the game.

  76. Ah well. That was disappointing. Please let us win against the Pits before the break….Niters all. I am beat like the Blueshirts…

  77. Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you my friend.
    Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again

  78. Let’s not get carried away giving Edmonton credit. They are a terrible defensive team. We just soooked.

  79. Cally thinking he’s Wayne Gretsky, trying to find a one inch target. Put the damned puck on net and work on rebounds.

  80. Who’s gonna make the corn beef and cabbage on St Paddy’s if Cally gets the heave ho?

    Not Boiler, he’s the Potato man.

  81. “ya know what,this was a game we had no biz losing. it was cap’n crunchs time to prove why hes worth a damn, and hes not. sorry guys, but hes like drury all over again. wait till hes 32-33. hes gonna be done”

    Callahan hasn’t proven that he’s worth anything the past eight seasons? Saying he’s like Drury is just disrespectful.

  82. Cannot believe #19 on the ice late in a tie game AGAIN and AGAIN, especially when at least one point is sitting there for the taking. It’s the coaching football equivalent of needing an extra point to tie and going for two.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Step never looks to pass the puck coming in the zone. he has two goal scorers on his line and he always is looking to dump and grind like Torts is still holding his leash. he has been adysmal this season.
    Nash has been worse. back to the short shifts and unwilling to battle for a puck along boards.
    Feel back for THE stuck with those two stiffs the last three games.

  84. Stranger Nation on

    _Errant puck sends Predators GM Poile to hospital_

    Was El Zotto practicing his slap shot?

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