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  1. I used to get to like one game per year because Rangers were always visitors in my area, but I’m amazing at drawing the backups. It seems like Valiquette played every game in Philadelphia for a couple seasons (and always won).

  2. like I said in earlier post, Talbot tonight the king tomorrow and hope the king steals one from the pens.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Papa ready to head back down to Margaritaville with this cold weather. With or without his crows.

  4. Throwing out the must win label
    Tonight. As good as rangers been lately with Pitt tomorrow and playoff race this tight you can’t let 2 pts slip away against Edmonton.

    They can score but can’t defend.

  5. On the plus side though, this team can only get *worse* (especially when they give away Ryan Callahan!)

  6. We are having a bathroom *expanded* as we speak. I should make sure to that I can *flush* paper when it’s done.

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    One *innovative* way to expand a bathroom is to put a second toilet in it. Are you doing that?

  8. MY ex-girlfriend’s dad had serious stomach issues and since he needed a toilet so often (and was *absurdly* wealthy) he put in electric toilets. They warm the seat, clean you, disinfect themselves, play music, etc. Insanity.

  9. That is a *great* idea, Rob. What better way for Mrs. Gravy and I to spend some *quality* time together?

  10. Oh. I almost forgot to mention that they have an added *bonus feature* where they actually *flush* toilet paper.

  11. I just purchase toilet seats with *shag* carpeting wrapped around them. That tends to *muffle* the closing sound.

  12. Just Kidding. I solved the problem by *eliminating* the seat entirely. I just have a *pipe* coming out of the floor.

  13. Michael Russo @Russostrib

    Poile was in hallway not even on bench. Players were passing boards to boards and a Weber pass ricocheted off blade into David’s face #preds
    Retweeted by Bob McKenzie

    Weber hates Poile?

  14. Lev I was listening to that live on the radio. Crazy.

    A couple of years ago, I had to carry a girl out of the rink when a puck hit her in the face, cut her lower lip and knocked out a few teeth. Scary stuff.

  15. My mother’s friend was sitting in the stands during her son’s game and during the pre-skate a puck hit her in the face. She didn’t feel it but her friend just looked horrified and when she finally touched her face she freaked out. I think it broke all the bones on one side of her face. She had all sorts of reconstructive surgery.

  16. don’t understand why AV
    didn’t use Stralman on the point
    instead of Girardi
    he seems better at getting the puck on net

  17. I was a pitcher in HS. When tossing my warmup pitches at the beginning of the game I always threw a few balls all over the place to freak out some of the opposing hitters. One time, I launched one into the bleachers and broke my teammates fathers face. Whoopsy daisy.

  18. Ryne” Duren was a relief pitcher (Yankees). He was known for the combination of his blazing fastball and his very poor vision. With his thick coke bottle glasses, few batters dared to dig in against Duren.

    Plus, he later admitted throwing couple over the catcher’s head when warming up in relief, further scaring the hitters.

  19. *The Mad Hungarian* used to intentionally throw balls into the stands and at the ump and stuff to freak people out. He also used to pull his hat down and stomp around and never throw strikes on his warmups.

  20. No she was sitting in the bleachers, with her friends not paying attention. The Dads where all standing at the glass watching our kids play. It was on the side above the glass right where the nets stopped.

  21. One time my mom was out by our basketball hoop and one of us threw her a pass and she shot it and then she wanted to shoot again so we threw her another pass and she broke her finger : (

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    My little cousin was shooting a basketball in my backyard. I came out of nowhere and stuffed her weak carcillo and it hit her in the face, breaking her nose. She was like 8 or 9. I was 27.

  23. After a LONG night of playing cards with the boys, and perhaps too many shots to count on both hands. I get home and have to go “right away”. So I’m sitting there taking care of business, when all of a sudden, the shots are about to shoot right back out of my mouth……

    you know the second right before it happens…… you’ve been there before right?

    I need to do a 180 flip and turn in .5 seconds.

    Now imagine this, as a rush to get up and turn, my feet slips right out from underneath me, as if on a sheet of ice.

    So I’m in “mid air” falling back, I crack my head on the tank, and it breaks in two pieces, water every where. And thanks to the house cleaner for putting the blue “die” thing in the water, I have bright blue water everywhere, while I’m concussed trying to shut the water off at the wall, while depositing my shots into the bowl.

    Thank God my wife didn’t have her phone to take a picture of all this. Biggest mess I’ve ever made.

    I think the back of my head still has a lump on it.

  24. She did help me at the end, so I could finish the top :) We even slept in last Friday!
    Very romantical……. until the kids want to join in on the fun. Then not so much :)

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Big Game Tonight!!!!

    Don’t trade Callahan !! Now if he wont sign by the time ..we might have to trade him. Callahan knows our senerio . His agent can end all this and sign for less money and years. If Callahan was our true Captain , he would end all this now and take Sathers scraps . To you and me its alot , to Callahan he wants more security .Callahan’s heart is in NY , he would never be the same person on any other team.

  26. ThisYearsModel on

    I admittedly have no knowledge of the following, just a feeling. It seems to me that Girardi would have a much more difficult time with becoming an ex-Ranger than Callahan would. I hope Girardi is not gone, and I wouldn’t mind Cally staying of course, but not above $5MM per.

  27. The new, TRANSFORMED contract negotiations: Leak your Captain’s exorbitant asking price so that he will be denigrated by fans, helping you to express Sather sympathy.

  28. I have a commercial idea: Its Dolan’s band playing on stage when all of a sudden the venue’s sprinkler system goes off but instead of water its diarrhea that comes raining down. The end.

  29. Stranger Nation on

    CCP – I hear her nickname is butter-face. Good thing she wears a mask…while playing, that is.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Nanny – that is a great picture of Earth. I could tell if it was the thing I couldn’t see or the other thing I couldn’t see.

  31. Us (we) contemplating the universe is like a colony of worker ants contemplating Beethoven.

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik will miss the 2014 Olympic Games due to injury —>

    Dumping this china bowl for Brassard and Moore was a really good move!!!

    Sather may end up trading Cally to EDMONTON for Gagner ,schulz and a few first rounders .

  33. Ralph Kiner, the most entertaining sportscaster ever. His old insider stories and memories never ceased to make me chuckle.

  34. I remember him saying that one year he hit over 40 homers, over 100 RBI, over .300 average, and Branch Rickey gave him a pay cut. When Ralphie balked, Rickey told him, “We finished last with you; we can finish last without you.”

  35. The other one I offhand remember is when, as a rookie in an extended extra-inning game, he came up, watched a pitch two feet outside and the Ump said ‘Strike One.’ Kiner questioned the Ump, who replied, “Swing the bat, son, we didn’t eat yet.”

  36. “I’m sorry that good-looking people like us made you throw up and feel bad about yourself.”

  37. “Post Office joins other federal agencies, stockpiling over two billion rounds of ammo.”


  38. “Oh, I’m sorry, did my pin get in the way of your [Asham]? Do me a favor and lose five pounds immediately!”

  39. “Wait a minute. I have an idea. They will be looking for us at Maury’s right? But they WON’T be looking for not us.”

  40. Rob, It would be funny if Daniel Sedin completely forgets how to play hockey in Sochi without the other half of his brain.

  41. ThisYearsModel on

    So…..Brooks says no progress on Cally contract talks and no deal expected before the Olympic break. Cally threw Torts under the bus, Sather got rid of him, and Cally still appears indifferent to being a Ranger and the team captain. That is OK, he has earned the right to be a UFA. Looks like that is exactly what he wants to be. That eliminates him from consideration for the Rangers, as they can’t afford a cap hit like that for a 3rd line/PK guy. I bet he gets dealt at the deadline for a pick or 2….something like 2nd rounders like Clowe, and we will again see the results of the Sather regime’s poor asset management.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m putting Tim Thomas on the block. I want help at forward. I want a center that scores a lot of PPP and wins a lot of faceoffs.

  43. @rangersreport

    FWIW, which is not much, scouts expected at MSG tonite from TB, CBJ, Carolina, Nashville, Calgary, Dallas.

  44. Wow! I can’t believe nobody mention that my main man is blowing up the Twittersphere!

    Mikael Backlund ?@mbacklund11 1h

    I haven’t heard anything about Olympics. I haven’t got the call to from *Pär Mårts*. No replacement is official yet!

  45. between b rook’s article the other day and listening to EJ radek on the wfan radio today, I’ve decided I think the rangers should hold onto Callahan for the remainder of the season. In the off season if than the rangers feel Callahan won’t come to terms with the rangers than trade him and get something before july 1st.

  46. how can they get something before July 1? Nobody will give up an asset if they can get him just for cash July 1.

    It’s now or never.

  47. unless carp the rangers let that team negotiate with Callahan’s agent, this way that team doesn’t have to fight other teams in a bidding war, no?

  48. TommyG…. You’re joking right? Why would anyone trade for him AFTER the season when they can get him for just money?

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