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1) Ryan Callahan. He’s first not because he scored two goals and had an assist, seven hits, six shots on goal, and a blocked shot, or because he was the first star or because they were chanting his name at the Garden. He’s first because he’s overshadowing everything the Rangers are doing now. I would be very surprised if this gets resolved before the Olympics, though I have heard there definitely is a chance it will. Anyway, click here for my story on the game and the situation with the captain.Colorado Avalanche v New York Rangers

2) I got to thinking that one reason why Callahan can’t get $45.5 million, or whatever it is he’s asking, over seven years from the Rangers is because of how few of these reviews this season have been about him. I mean, honestly, he hasn’t been bad at all. Well, he struggled like Henrik Lundqvist, Marc Staal, Dan Girardi, Rick Nash, Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin, almost all of them, struggled at some points earlier this season. But he sure hasn’t been bad. It’s just that he hasn’t been great, either. He’s been hurt, he’s lost his spot on the power play, he wasn’t the automatic first forward on the 3-on-5. Do I think he’s still a player every single team would want? Absolutely, 100 percent. Do I think the Rangers will miss him, no matter what they end up getting in exchange? Yessir. Do I think they should go to six or seven years? Nope. I don’t. I think five years at $6M per is high for the player he is. I don’t think Glen Sather will go beyond that. But the sides will talk this week.

3) Now about that game. Callahan said it was the best start he can remember. I agree. They were on the Avalanche from the drop to the buzzer in the first, and really could have been up much more than 2-0. Roger Neilson used to say, it isn’t who you play, it’s when you play them. The Rangers were off for three days, the Avs finishing three in four nights on the road. So, surely that had something to do with it. Colorado is a really good team that was overwhelmed.

4) Maybe it really is time to start thinking about this team being in the upper echelon of the NHL after 15 wins in 21 games. Hey, I’m not saying they will get a sniff of the Stanley Cup, or that they could stack up with Boston or Pittsburgh (unless Marc-Andre Fleury does his usual flop) in a playoff series. Not saying they should be in the same sentence as San Jose or Anaheim or Chicago, even. But if we all agree that the West is Best, well, the Rangers are now 9-9 against the West, and that’s after starting 1-6 against the West. That’s 8-3 since. There are a bunch of teams better, but there are a lot more teams worse. Of course, even if you agree with this, the ledge will be crowded during the next two or three-game losing streak, which of course will happen.

Colorado Avalanche v New York Rangers5) These Rangers forecheck more with speed than muscle. Man, they move the puck and beat the opponent to it when they’re going like this. Just quick feet. And, most of them don’t mind getting dirty, either. Not going to out-bang many teams, but can still win puck battles. And have been lately.

6) By the way, this guy’s a pretty good coach, eh?

7) Henrik Lundqvist. That 5-on-3 is why you don’t get by with less than stellar goaltending. Great teams might. Not this team.  For those scoring at home (or those who are alone, ba-dum-bum) Lundqvist has allowed two or fewer in 10 of his last 11 (he gave up three during his nap at the Stadium). He’s 9-2, 1.46, .952 in that stretch. He’s four wins away from Mike Richter’s team record of 301.

8) Another big night for Ryan McDonagh and new papa, Marc Staal. The other D-men, too. But those two guys were beasts, especially on the 3-on-5 kill, for which they each had a shift of over 2:00. If and when Callahan leaves, I still think Staal gets the C … and the Rangers will/better work to keep him here long-term … and McMonster gets an A.

9) Daily Nash-O-Meter. I thought Rick Nash had a lot of jump, was involved. Only had three shots on goal. Was fouled again on a breakaway (no call, as usual). I thought his line was really good. Again. Geez, it’s really hard to come up with stuff when so many guys play like this.

10) The fourth line was really solid again. How about Dominic Moore playing almost the whole 3-on-5, and the job he did when he stole the puck and brought it to the other end and tried to keep it there. Huge point in the game.

Colorado Avalanche v New York Rangers11) Brad Richards, after what I thought might have been his worst game of the season, had a really strong rebound game 5-on-5, one of his best of the season. Then again, a lot of guys did: Carl Hagelin, most notably, Chris Kreider, Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard, Benoit Pouliot. Guys were flying.

12) Patrick Roy doesn’t believe in timeouts. Like AV. Whenever I see Roy I expect James Patrick to get tripped by a linesman in overtime. And I think of Roy telling Jeremy Roenick he can’t hear him because he has his Stanley Cup rings in his ears.

13) The 2011-12 team was already good and rolling (6-1 in its last seven) when the Winter Classic arrived, but seemed to use that as a springboard to be better. Then starting with the Winter Classic, the ’11-12 team went 19-6-3 in its next 27. Can this team use the Stadium Series the same way?

14) I thought the PP was better than it’s been in a little while, even though it didn’t score. By the way, last review after the Islanders game, I said the power play was 0-for-20 in the last five games. I was looking at the Islanders game-by-game sheet. Ooops. The Rangers now haven’t scored in five, and it’s only 0-for-13 over the five. Sorry.

15) Still have plenty of room for A) anybody who wants to do a guest blog during the Olympic break or B) anybody who wants to join me in picking the stars while Kenny Albert’s in Sochi (or even after he gets back). Interested? Drop me an email at rcarpini@lohud.com.

16) Please me smart and safe out there today. Supposed to get stupid slippery and dangerous. I suggest staying home and logged on to Rangers Report. But, hey, that’s just me.

My Three Rangers Stars:Colorado Avalanche v New York Rangers
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Carl Hagelin.
cooscoos‘s Three Rangers Stars:
1.  Cally, Hags, Zucc  (of course?)
2.  Fourth Line each of whom rarely gets a shout-out.
3.  Superb Defensive 6, same reason.
Sorry to leave anyone out — total effort(s).
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. Great game to watch, that Mckinnon is domething else. The D did what it does best, play some tight coverage. You’re right Carp, that penalty kill was a thing of beauty! LGR!

  2. ” Do I think he’s still a player every single team would want? Absolutely, 100 percent.”

    but would every team want him for 6-7 million cap hit? Probably not.

    “I got to thinking that one reason why Callahan can’t get $45.5 million, or whatever it is he’s asking, over seven years from the Rangers is because of how few of these reviews this season have been about him.”

    and even if you look at his best seasons it is very hard to justify 6-7 million cap.

  3. Especially because it came out of nowhere. The Habs were aging and opportunistic. Although they had a couple of youngsters who would prove ageless. It was our first shot not having to go through the isles and of course we stubbed out toe. Beezer was epic that year.

  4. For those of you scoring at home….Me thinks those home alone may be scoring more often…time for a poll?
    solid game all around…pedal to the metal right to the end.

  5. gregm_oldsection403 on

    I really love cally, but he isn’t worth 6m per. He’s only scored north of 20 goals twice, only had 1 season where he has had more than 50 points. And he misses 10-20 games a season due to injury. As he gets older, does he start missing 15-25 games, 30 games a season because he plays bigger than he is?

    You can’t replace some of the ‘intangibles,’ but with a salary cap, it’s hard to justify the $$$.

  6. Love the marc andre fleury comment! This team has impressed me with their skills this year. I didn’t think they had it in them, and that torts had squeezed all he could out of them.
    …so Vigneault deserves a lot of credit IMHO.

  7. Ok, I’m staying home and staying logged on to RR, even though I live in Florida. How’s that for devotion?

    BTW, have you noticed the poor play of the Western teams of late. The Flyers went out and beat the Ducks and Sharks back to back, the Kings are awful. The Blues have been just fair. The Hawks are struggling. You can’t judge by what was but only by what is. The Rangers, Jackets and Flyers right now are as good as these teams. Come playoffs the West may find their games but that’s not a given.

  8. Why not just keep him and see where you are at the end of the year? If you sign him now, you get nothing back in trade at the end of his career. If you can’t sign him in June (assuming you want to) then you buy someone else for whom you’ll get nothing at the end of his career. The choice between overpaying or trading — one or the other — seems false to me.

  9. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it Lundqvist-Callahan-Hagelin. Honorable mentions to D. Moop, Staal, and Stralman.

  10. Carp, great review! Terrific game and the 5 on 3 kill was a thing of beauty. Thank you for giving a shout-out to one of my favorite Rangers, Dominic Moore. #28 is solid and tough; a real asset. Kudos to the 4th line for really stepping up this season thus far.
    NIce game for Cally but agree with everyone here…he is simply not worth 42 million. Maybe he comes to his senses.
    Agree with Rman regarding the Western teams. I see the Eastern teams like Pittsburgh, Boston, Rangers and Philadelphia as quite able to match up with those guys. As the season has progressed, the Eastern teams are getting stronger.

    Torts pulling the same crap in Vancouver as he did here…denigrating the team and ripping the organization. I like the guy but he simply cannot keep his mouth shut. If Vancouver fires him, he may have trouble getting another coaching job in this league. Who needs the aggravation and the drama? If the Canucks drop out of playoff contention, Torts is a goner, IMO.


  11. Nash was an NHL captain for a few years, as well as Team Canada in 2011 — pretty obvious choice.

  12. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! LMGO @ you having problems writing it when the Rangers play well!

    Funny how this team used to have serious issues playing against speed. Now they give other teams, even as fast as Avalanche, fits with the speed of their own. Nice to see. Avalanche, by the way, looked last night exactly how I thought they’d look at the start of this season- young, speedy, talented, but not able to keep the goals out of their net. Except this game was unusual for them this year. This team arrived earlier than most predicted. Give Roy a credit.
    The Rangers will be play another similar team tomorrow night. Let’s see how that one looks. Need points.

    Callahan situation is getting hot, indeed. The more I think about it, the more I believe the best way to approach it is to be patient. Both parties. Even if it takes it up to July 1st.

  13. Carp, I listen to the postgame interviews ( in the car next morning ), and I also watch your pregame Oscar- worth performances.

    My favorite interviews are: 1. Hank. Very thoughtful, doesn’t use cliches, and tries to answer exactly what was asked. Doesn’t rush it. 2. McD. You have to love how this young man speaks. Short, very precise answers. Direct. You can see that this young man will be a captain in this league. 3. AV. Entertaining at times.

  14. Great game and great review.

    QQQ, while your trade proposal isn’t insane, why would they need a goalie prospect with Lundqvist signed for 8 years?

  15. Hands down the best start of the year for the Rangers, and the best review for Carp, for those of you scoring at home :)

  16. As much as I love Olympic hockey and I will get caught up in the hoopla, it’s very scary to think some 4th liner from the German team can take out Hank for the year.

  17. I want to mention one more thing before it gets busy at work. If it wasn’t for that ridiculous recapture penalty, I would keep Richards. Say what you want about his shortcomings ( and there are plenty), but he fulfilled the role of PP quarterback nicely this year. MDZ couldn’t cut it, and he isn’t here anymore. When Richards is gone, they’ll have to find someone else to do it. Those guys don’t come around often, and they aren’t cheap. Unless you are thinking of getting a soon to become 38 year old Dan Boyle. Guess what his Cap Hit is this year? $6.67M. Well, it doesn’t matter, they have to buy Richards out. But don’t think his point production, especially on PP, will be easy to replace.

  18. Wonder if McD would get the C. I could see him being…Leetch-ish about it. (Not meant to be an insult)

  19. Of course we are playing well, the Olympics are here. Hope we can get bottle this momentum.

    Does anyone know if the players who are not in the olympics skate / practice? I am sure they workout on their own.

  20. With the possibility of losing Richards at the point for the PP next year, with the way Zuccarello sees the ice and his passing ability does anyone think he can replace Richards? Of course you would have to juggle the forwards on his unit. Does putting him at the point open some new problems down low? If they resign Dominic Moore can he carry the mail and man the point. He’s showed his hands on a few occasions this year. He reminds me of Emile Francis making Bobby Rousseau a PP point man specialist. D. Moore can offer more perhaps. ( bad pun)

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Hags makes his linemates sooo much better. Now playing best he has all year. Amazing how he can constantly win those board battle and possess the puck.

    Beauty of a day out there…jeesh

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers one of 11 teams in entire league with positive goal differential. Team is playing well. Kudos to Elaine Vino

  23. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    _6) By the way, this guy’s a pretty good coach, eh?_

    I will admit and agree. I’m more impressed than I thought I would be.

  24. _Geez, it’s really hard to come up with stuff when so many guys play like this._

    You can still bash them! I know we do! :)

  25. _6) By the way, this guy’s a pretty good coach, eh?_

    What is this nonsense?! I thought we all agreed that there is no better coach for this team than the greatest coach of all coaches and times and the universe John Robert Tortorella!



  26. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    _If it wasn’t for that ridiculous recapture penalty, I would keep Richards_

    ME TO ILB. Me too.

  27. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I think it depends on what you call him, CCCP. I have found a few choice, non curse phrases that are not allowed.

  28. a couple of things on Colorado, Landeskog is real good. and if the Rangers really can get Tyson Barrie, they should.

  29. I would love to see Callahan get paid, but $7 million is too much for a third-liner. That being said, I can’t see Pouliot keeping up this level of production or being a key cog in next year’s team, and Callahan should be a second-liner when he is healthy. In the end, I would be comfortable with the Rangers paying him $5 million per season, and waiting until free agency to test that.

  30. I think the rangers success of late is a combination of AV tweaking his system and the ranger players now are comfortable with AV’s system, there healthy finally and they fixed the 4th line from the beginning of the season when you had Asham and owe playing. It’s a combination of all those things.

  31. Sather Must Go! on

    Has Sather’s offer to Cally been made oublic or at least speculated?

    Great review Carp. Somebody mentioned a few days ago, that the less you hear of Klein, the better he is playing – pretty sure that is true – his presence has solidified the defense .. And MAYBE elevated the game of others ?? Good for strahlman putting one in last nite..

  32. I think Brassard could easily fulfill the Richards role on the pp. Better skater, as good a passer and a much better shot, if only he’d take more of them. I think his problem is confidence and perhaps the coaches could instill more of that in him. His skills are elite but he is a career underachiever.

  33. The business side of the Cap, has this team without Cally and Richie next year. That’s a scary rebuild when you look at it as the heart & soul, and Richie’s points that will have to be replaced.

    But that leaves the door open for Miller & Kristo, and the mystery man we pick up. I’m really not sold on anyone out there – besides Vanek – but if he turned down 50M already he’s not staying in NY.

  34. Carp, I followed your advice, so I’m home watching NHL Tonight whilst sipping on some sweet sweet coffee. Should I have told my boss I wasn’t coming in?

  35. You know what I like about this team, as of late? I was thinking about this while watching the game, but basically, it’s that there’s no (or VERY little) Line-Shuffling going on. For the first time in 1.5 seasons, we have 4 solid lines. Our 4th line has been playing great. That piece of Carcillo is actually playing well, even hit a post last night.

    Also, Henrik!

  36. Have to give credit to AV. When his system is on top of its game, it sure is fun to watch.

    Who ever gets the call to come to the Rangers, better have speed & skill.

  37. The Nick Fotiu show last night wasn’t great but it brought back memories. Including this one: I was in LA thirty some odd years ago. Went to a Kings-Whalers game with a pal. Nicky was with Hartford. So few people in the stands that by the third period it was easy to sit right behind the benches.

    The second I get there, all I am doing is calling out to Fotiu, just a couple of yards away, telling him he doesn’t look right in that green uni, that there’s only one place he belongs, that the NYR need him, etc.

    After about three minutes of this, he turns around, spots me and says with plenty of emphasis, “Ph**k off!!” Needless to say I did not bother him any further.

    The kicker? Within a week or so, he was back on the Rangers.

  38. “QQQ, while your trade proposal isn’t insane, why would they need a goalie prospect with Lundqvist signed for 8 years?”

    yeah, but Lundqvist could get hurt and Talbot could leave via free agency.

    “Does anyone think Lundqvist took a hometown discount? $11 million in salary next season.”

    no, I was surprised Sather gave him so much he already has plenty of perks from various photoshoots, etc.

    AV’s system got fixed I think when he realized that Pyatt is garbage.

  39. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I am currently drinking *Black* coffee, Yergs. It’s the *only* way to enjoy Coffee.

  40. The cally saga is tough – almost analogous to having to crap while driving 70 mph on the highway… Do you pinch it? Pull over?

    If I were Cally, I would lock up the 5 yrs for 30 mil and STAT. There’s just too much risk going into the Olympic break, in terms of injury, and if he gets hurt, he leaves A LOT of money on the table.

    If I were the rangers, I would be asking myself this. Over the course of the next 7 years, does Cally give us a better chance to win the Cup while on the team or playing for the enemies? I say on the team, but he may not show up on the stat sheet and will receive the drury treatment.

    It’s interesting though because would Cally be the same player without having learned from Drury? Think not and that is worth something.

  41. So fun to Watch Cally get the first two last night. But you can’t blame the guy if a team is willing to pay him $42M, now he is agent is asking 6.5M. Crazy amount of money, for a guy that isn’t the best player on the team. Heart & Soul – YES. Work ethic – YES. But for THAT kind of money you NEED the stats to go with it. And that kind of money you need to be a 40-40 80 pts guy. Right?

    Who else was pulling for him to get the Hatty last night?

  42. unless it’s 5 yrs 30 million you have to trade Callahan and get something or let him walk. It’s one or the other, cannot sign him for 7 yrs 6mill+.

  43. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You know what’s *Metal*? The chick at last night’s show at Irving that was wearing a *HellHammer* T-Shirt. Wow

  44. “@FlaPanters: Bring $10 in non-winning @FloridaLottery Scratch-Off tix & get in free to any Tuesday or Thursday #FlaPanthers game”

    Haha any chance this happens in New York? The New York Lotto: hey, you never know.

  45. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *QQQ* if you’re going to be a regular you should really get an avatar like everyone has been begging you to do!

  46. Stemmer, I kind of agree. Nicky’s Beginnings was disappointing. Definitely short on bio. Perhaps because its so long ago now? Where was the Golden Glove story? What about New Dorp High School?

    It looked like it was written and produced in a day or two.

  47. Billy, from what I read, Sather offered Cally 5/$30M and he turned it down. I think Slats will go $6M but not 7 years. And that’s how I see it too.

    About the game and the team, I’ve been saying since day one, that the AV system is so different than Torts that you have to give the team time and they will be much better second half of the season. They remind me of the Caps of last year that took about half a season to get used to Oates system. The question you have to ask yourself. Can they compete with the “big” teams. Will their speed neutralize getting hit by the big bodies. I’m of the opinion that yes, it could. They could be very much like the Red Wings in their prime. With Hank finding his game, it’s certainly possible. Now I hope the Olympic break doesn’t spoil their momentum.

  48. Billy, tough call, depends on your age.

    Years ago, I’d pinch it. Now, pull over, take care of business and enjoy it.

  49. Big Bucks has to equal Big Points.

    Too bad Cally doesn’t have a game every other night like he did last night, this contract wouldn’t be an issue.

  50. “QQQ if you’re going to be a regular you should really get an avatar like everyone has been begging you to do!”

    these avatars are too tiny for my huge ego. :)

  51. Billy – LOL. Where did that come from?

    Funny story. I was on a 12 mile run in the morning. In the middle of no where, 6 miles out of town, my stomach flips over from all the fishing and alcohol that was consumed the day before followed up by HOT Chinese food. Lets just say the liquid fire had to get out now.

    Moral of the story, there’s only so much you can pinch off for so long. Some times you have to cut your losses and come home with one sock.

  52. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m just saying, it helps people be taken seriously if they get an *avatar* It’s of course, up to you. I will *respect* you either way.

  53. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I think the sock was used as something ….. um…..not available to him at the time.


  54. “The cally saga is tough – almost analogous to having to crap while driving 70 mph on the highway… Do you pinch it? Pull over?”

    the important thing is safety, so as long as the seat belt is on you have a better chance of survival. Same with Cap, the farther we are from the cap ceiling the safer we feel. giving Callahan a big contract is too risky for 3 reasons:

    1. aging obviously
    2. injuries unique to him
    3. there is no guarantee he will play as hard once he is set for life.

    If I were a GM I wouldn’t sign anybody for longer than 4 years no matter who they are.

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    Picks are probably better long term, but they don’t do much for us in a playoff push this year obviously. Sather will probably want NHL ready players

  56. back from lovely boca raton. was suppose to get back monday night flight got cancelled. got in late last night prior to last night storm.

    after not being on ranger report from friday-tuesday god i missed it.

    cally saga out of control. 5 yrs 32 mil take it or leave it. no more then 5 yr term.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    They looked better last night than they have all season. Colorado is a really good team, and most importantly, a really fast team. Teams with speed, especially in transition through the neutral zone, used to give us fits, especially under Torts. Instead, we dominated from start to finish, the 5 on 3 notwithstanding. Very promising. But I’d be more willing to bet that last night was their best game all season than to bet that they will play a better game later on.

    Speaking of the 5 on 3, Carp, you praised Moor for trying to hold that puck in deep, but I thought a soft dump to the corner would have been the better move. It still kills some time and he doesn’t gas himself trying to hold the puck 1 on 3 for an extra 5 seconds, then have to sprint back the full length of the ice. It ended up not making much of a difference, but I think it was the wrong decision. He had a great game though, even without the PK.

    On the Colorado goal, another lost PK faceoff ends up quickly in our net. Stastny showing why he’s more valuable to Team USA than Stepan. Stastny wins draws, Stepan loses them. That’s so huge. It really is a gaping hole in Stepan’s game. As a very good defensive forward, he really needs to be able to win faceoffs. Otherwise, it’s hard to put him on the ice in key defensive situations, unless he’s out there with a guy like Boyle or Moore to take the draw for him.

  58. Rob – todays running shoes fit like socks anyway :)

    I’m telling you, afterwards …. it felt like I won the lottery. So maybe we go with picks. Right?

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought McGinn was terrible. Look, it’s not as if any of the Avs were particularly good (although I was very surprised at how good Erik Johnson looked), but McGinn was just brutal.

    I joked to my brother after Callahan scored his second that he might as well get on Colorado’s bus after the game, but Sather would be out of his mind to deal Callahan for McGinn unless there was some other significant asset(s) coming our way.

  60. Sioux,

    Speaking of TP, I wonder how many feet / miles of TP 1 man consumes during the average life time?

  61. Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 1m

    Not confirmed yet but looks like Callahan is on his way to Buffalo. Two first round picks to the Rangers

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    QQQ, then you would never sign anybody. Plus, by going shorter term, you’re going higher cap, making it more difficult to fill out your roster each year.

  63. So, what I’m really seeing is there’s roughly a difference of 12 million dollars over two years that we’re bickering about here. Cally’s prior accomplishments are clearly not weighted very heavy so we’re speculating on his future potential. We know that cally’s not going to be the best player on the team, but is he the right player for NYC? I think so. I guess I’d much rather, “pinch it,” and give that additional 12 mil to a guy I know and trust than some mercenary that might not be a good fit for the bright lights and Demons of Broadway.

  64. Musings:

    1. Slats (maybe Pollyanna-ish) wants to win this year. If he’s not given due and valuable recompense, or if Cally doesn’t lower his ask, Slats won’t entertain signing Cally until summer, (if then.)
    2. Cally does leave a ton on the table if he’s seriously injured during Olympic play (an unlikely scenario, but possible.) In that instance, Slats gets locked in major if he signs him by Friday, but would probably do it if Cally relents from asking for the world.
    3. Everything points to a post-Olympic signing if the two sides find reasonable compromise.
    4. All of this is moot if Cally actually thinks he can get his asking price elsewhere.

  65. Why, one wonders, would Buffalo give up 2 First Round Picks and sign Cally at his inflated asking price when they could pick him up for just the asking price after the season? They sure don’t need him for a playoff push.

  66. “would you trade callahan for Buffalos two first round picks?”

    hell yeah I would trade him to any team for 2 1st rounders.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Disagree with Nash having any official leadership role on this team. Agree wholeheartedly with Carp’s selections. Giving Staal captaincy will also serve as bargaining chip to keep him from going to Carolina. Not a guarantee he stays, but it shows him that he is very important to the team.

    But even if Staal goes, I still don’t think Nash gets more than an A. Girardi and McD are both definitely getting letters, with McD probably getting the C. Maybe Nash gets an A if Staal goes.

  68. Not saying I would necessarily give Nash the ‘C’ but that’s kind of the way things work around this league.

  69. CCCP: I wish you wouldn’t set up the ping pong table in the living room when you know I’m having people over!

  70. Buffalo isn’t trading dirt for Callahan.

    They are selling, for picks & prospects.

    They will match Cally’s so called asking price, but they wouldn’t give a 7th round pick for him.

    UNLESS they are DUMPING salary, for someone else.

  71. Hitting the break, Rangers West and Rangers East are just about even, with the former getting Gaborik back soon, the latter not getting anyone back soon but hot as a pistol. So far, it appears both teams have won the trade[s], and both have elite goalies. Should be an interesting race between the two down the stretch.

  72. Indeed, and good observation earlier, ilb, on the Richards recapture. Too bad they can’t keep him — pretty productive player on the downside, all things considered, and there is really nobody on the current roster to take over. I like the idea of Brassard taking it, but I don’t think he’s good enough (or why would AV keep giving Richards the whole two minutes?)

  73. Gotta get the paper, get the paper. It’s in the driveway someplace under 26 tons of ice and snow.

  74. Would anyone advocate signing Richards to a 6 year, $40MM deal this offseason if he were available? That’s what “keeping him around” is the equivalent of.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Quick question on playoff seeding. Are the wildcards automatically 7-8, or are division leaders 1-2 and then everyone else is just most points?

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, it’s actually even worse because of the recapture penalties that could potentially apply should he retire prematurely.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    And the answer from me is obviously no. They should have bought him out before this season.

  78. Jolly scenes up here in NH — ski-ed to the dentist this AM to get a tooth repaired, got home, spent the next hour working on my backhand, id est shoveling.

  79. Leroux Blackberry Brandy flying off the shelves of Liquor Stores across the North East.

    Stay Thirsty My Friends.

  80. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Keeping him around also means not having to replace him with some other overpaid player.

  81. Billy, it’s the term a lot more than the dollars. They can’t have a broken-down 35, 36-year-old hitting up their cap space for $6M and $6M (again). They’re not bickering over dollars, but years and cap hit.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Ah, interesting. So Blue Jackets East vs. Rangers West is a real possibility. Guess we will settle who won the Gaborik trade once and for all, eh?

  83. Plus it’s closer to $15-16M over the course of the contract if the Rangers agreed upon five years at $6M per … which I’m not sure they would do.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, so you’re saying the solution to not picking up another overpaid player is to keep our currently overpaid player?

    I’d rather overpay someone else than overpay for Richards’ diminishing returns and potential cap recapture.

  85. Our 4th line is providing energy, grit and smarts and plays mostly in the opponents end. They also give the other three lines a well earned breather. Which leads me to…

    Our top three lines must be a dilemma for opposing coaches in terms of matchups. Balanced aggressiveness, speed and a quick transition game. How great was it that we ended the game continuing to attack instead of the mad scramble in front of Henrik?

    AV: calm, confident and classy.

  86. Doodie

    2 vs 3 plays each other in div.

    Pens as 1 would play lowest wild card team 8 seed and Boston(assuming they win div as 2 seed) plays highest wild card team 7 seed.

    Now round 2 gets interesting if say Detroit is wild card playing Pitt then if they win they would stay in div and play ranger vs Columbus or Phil winner.

  87. what a pipe dream thinking buffalo would give 2 first round picks for Callahan. Never mind the picks but why would buffalo trade for Callahan when they know they can sign him when he becomes a free agent.

  88. _Mister D, it’s actually even worse because of the recapture penalties that could potentially apply should he retire prematurely._

    Right, I’m just addressing the whole “you know, without the recapture its not all that bad”. It is. He’s a terrible contract, everything excepted beyond cap hit.

  89. Like if you can give Stastny that deal + a year or keep Richards until age 40 or whatever its a no-brainer. Stastny will be badly overpaid and its still a no-brainer. Neither might be the best option, but maintaining Richards is option last.

  90. How do we know that they (Buffalo) know that they can sign Cally when he becomes UFA? What if they’re afraid that cally might take Rangers’ offer and stay in NY so they (Buffalo) offer something of value to the Rangers now to lure Cally to them (in Buffalo)?


  91. Rman :) Taking an RR snow day in Florida!

    Guys, please keep in mind it isn’t even $42M, he wants north of that for seven. Like $45.5M.

  92. Hey Carp. As usual a great recap on the game. However, I do have a couple of things I didn’t really see. I thought Nash was just OK. How many pucks did he fail to control when they were right on his stick. Also what is with him bailing when he has a decided edge in getting to the net with a power move. I have seen him pull up and do his stupid back in move on a number of occasions the last couple of games. I also think Stepan does not deserve to be on the PP based on his lack of production. I still think Richards is better off the half wall than at the point on the PP and Cally is the best net front player the Rangers have and should be on the PP instead of Stepan. Just my humble opinion.

  93. can’t remember who asked, but yeah, the players will have to work out on their own during the break. They can’t skate as a team until late in the Olympics, around Feb. 21 or so. I’ll have to check.

  94. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    The thing with *Richards* is that, although overpaid, if it weren’t for the dreaded * recapture* he would be easy to move in 3 seasons or less.

  95. and I totally agree they will have to fill a large hole on the PP and second-line center after the Richards buyout. It won’t be easy, but they have to buy him out.

    and, for all the deserved bashing he gets, Richards is on top of the team scoring leaders, right alongside Zuccarello, who can’t be praised enough and is having this wonderful season … … and has the same production as Richards.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d still do that deal (or close to it) for Cally. Worry about years 5-7 as they come. Cap is expected to rise very significantly over the next few years. Should be about 90 million when that deal expires.

    I think if Sather budges on term to get it to 7 years, Cally will budge on dollars to get the cap hit down a little bit. If Sather goes to seven years, I bet Cally would drop to 40 million.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    At the end of the day, what’s most important is the total dollars over the lifetime of the contract. Sather is offering 30 million. Cally wants 45.5. If Sather offers Cally 40 million, I think this deal gets done.

  98. Manny, even if you think he’s Richards 2.0, that’s miles better than Richards 1.0 because you’re sliding the age back like 5 years.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, but because of the recapture, he will be impossible to move.

    Besides, Rangers are still on the hook for part of the recapture even if he gets moved.

  100. John, good points all. But the PP’s been really good for a really long time as is.

    All I know about Nash is he’s playing a lot harder, and is more of a force than he was for about a month there after the concussion when he was on the perimeter and when people were actually saying the Rangers need to use their buyout on him, not Richards. If he plays that way, he will produce. And the back-in move has kind of become his signature for better or worse.

  101. My hockey people just got this back to me:

    The four traded Rangers this season: 74 pts.
    The four traded Jackets this season: 74 pts.

  102. So the division winners could play wild cards that have more points than the 2 and 3 if season ends as standings are today in Metroplitan division.

    Is this correct?

  103. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I know, *Doodie* that’s why I keep saying *If it wasn’t for the recapture penalty…*

    Richards *has* to be bought out for that simple reason alone.

  104. _Besides, Rangers are still on the hook for part of the recapture even if he gets moved._

    Not “part”, “most”. $13MM of the max $17MM will be allocated after this season.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, but Richards is getting almost 4 mins per game on the PP. Zuccarello gets 1 min less on both PP and at ES.

    Richards is getting an obscene amount of offensive ice time.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Sioux, unless either Kristo or Thomas has a dramatic change in position, I think we’re gonna have to call our bet a push.

    Kristo has better slightly better AHL numbers (.74 ppg to .666), but Christian Thomas has played two NHL games while Kristo has played 0.

  107. Jagr on being separated from Travis Zajac:

    ““It doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t want to talk about it either,” said Jagr. “I don’t really (care) either.”


  108. Doodie Machetto on

    And if MZA and Richards’ time on ice were switched, MZa would likely have better point totals than Richards.

  109. Torts apologizes profusely in AM for his big mouth, bad attitude, then in PM, tacitly slams GM for not giving him players who will play “his system.” Toolbox Harry.

  110. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s pretty sickening that Zimmerman is profiting off his notoriety like this. But it actually would be *awesome* if instead of DMX, they made a last minute sub and Floyd Mayweather came out to fight him.

  111. that’s hypothetical, Doodie. Richards PP time is based on him being the only player on the roster who can do what he does on the point.

  112. The reason Richards gets all the ice time is because he plays almost the entirety of what has been a competent power play that does not [yet] need fixing. He also doesn’t bust his tail all over the ice like Zucc does: he’s 33 and playing big minutes every game, hoping to play 82 and have something in the tank for the playoffs; and he’s a game-reader, not a hitter, never has been. Could his team use more of the feisty play that got Callahan his second last night? Yup.

  113. Shoutout to the Dept. of Public Works who just plowed a two foot high mound of impenetrable ice all along my driveway exit.

  114. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That would be *epic* Rob. He could be like, “I’m smaller than Trayvon Martin and I’m going to kill you!”

  115. _And if MZA and Richards’ time on ice were switched, MZa would likely have better point totals than Richards._

    Wonder just how many guys this would apply to.

  116. Only two natives of Thailand in major league American sports – Domi and Cobb. Maybe Whittington.

  117. _that’s hypothetical, Doodie. Richards PP time is based on him being the only player on the roster who can do what he does on the point._

    That’s not really all that true, Carp. I’ve put up PP points per minute before and McD and MDZ weren’t very far off Richards. Other guys can do what Richards does, they just don’t because they’re never put out there.

  118. I think Trayvon’s mom should be the guest ref and she has sole discretion on stopping the fight. And whether or not DMX gets to use a knife.

  119. Richards is NOT a force on the PP point by any means. He has trouble keeping the puck in and has no speed or interest in going back. Keep him down low until his ticket is punched.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, let’s see how it turns out at the end of the season, but I’d say my boy is trending upwards.

  121. He got bailed out last night too losing the puck out of the zone and going down. Box score says it must have been the Cliche(d) penalty.

  122. _I would definitely let him use a knife._

    Seriously, if his intent isn’t 100% brutality, he’s a clown. This isn’t some fellow D-lister you can make some money with, its a legit murderer. You’re getting a chance to legally do what hundreds of thousands want to.

  123. I haven’t seen him play yet, but he could just be filling in for an injured player, yes it’s a couple of games, but I doubt they are pulling him up for the rest of the season. He didn’t do much on the AHL level, to get promoted. Right?

  124. Sioux,
    no way Sather would ever trade Cally for a 2nd round pick.
    Kristo is going to be what they call in major league Baseball a,
    AAAA player. which means he tears up AAA, but never makes it to the show

  125. “that’s hypothetical, Doodie. Richards PP time is based on him being the only player on the roster who can do what he does on the point.”

    what does he do? He is a terrible PP pointman.

  126. Terrible point man on a very good power play?

    I am done defending wildly unpopular Rangers here. Because it’s like peeing into the wind. I will never, ever convince people who hate(d) so many players and coaches over the years. I feel like I’m on one of those political shows where agendas are pushed.

    and I’ve seen it’s a losing battle. Plus, in this case, I don’t really think the player should even be here, or that he has much use beyond the power play.

  127. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Amen *The Doctor* DMX should go for the Kill. Mortal Kombat style. _Finish Him_

  128. Until we see him get a shot in the show Bulldog, you have to reserve your judgment.

    Hags, McD, Cally, Girardi, Dubi, Artie all played a year for the Pack before they got their shot.

    Who knows maybe he gets the call when Cally gets the trade. We shall see.

  129. Doodie you horse hasn’t even scored a point yet in 2 games. I’m thinking they are seeing what he has, or showcasing him for a trade. Best guess. I’ll give you the trending point :)

  130. He’s valuable on the PP. I give him his due. Not at point. And he’s a detriment on D, rarely checks and almost always is the tenth man back.

  131. Bulldog he’s behind Miller.

    I’ll give you that.

    But Miller hasn’t scored much for the blueshirts.

    *What if* he gets his shot, and becomes another Hags, with a few more Cally hits in him. *It could happen*

  132. And Step is getting a lot of undeserved love, too, based on this year’s performance. Even at that, he’s far more valuable all around at center than #19. Richie may as well get off the ice with each change of possession.

  133. He’s not terrible, Carp, he’s just replaceable. You have to admit he’s been given, by a huge margin, the best opportunities to succeed offensively on this team. And is his gap w/ Brassard (9 points?), given that TOI and linemates, really enough for you to declare him “easily” the best? Maybe especially when Brassard is only 3 behind Stepan?

  134. (Like seriously, at some point people are going to say “oh damn, Brassard is 4th in points despite being on the 3rd line all season. That’s pretty cool.)

  135. If they give Staal the C, then maybe they can be one of the few (only?) team to have a captain leave via free agency in back to back years.

  136. Lundqvist is about to break Mike Richter’s team record of 301 wins…. and he still has _seven_ more years to go on his new contract! *Amazing!*

  137. Lindberg has surpassed Kristo, and Fast has always been ahead of him.
    can somebody tell when TJ Hensick signed with the organization?

  138. I brought Richards up, sorry. He shouldn’t have been here this year. And he *HAS* to be bought out after this season. But if it wasn’t for this dumb recapture penalty, he would be here for another 3 years only, not 6, at $6.67M AAV. And retire after without any cap hit. If you think it’ll be easy to replace him, and his point production, passing, PP minutes and efficiency, you’re fooling yourself. It’ll cost them more to bring someone to do this, plus it’ll be a player who will have to adjust to a new team and personnel.

  139. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Wait, Hensick is with the Rangers Organization? I thought he was back in *Sweden*

  140. I am not defending: Richards, Nash, Stralman, Boyle, Callahan, Brassard, Pouliot, Carcillo, AV, Torts, Sullivan, Pearn, Renney, Rupp, Prust, Dubinsky, Mitchell, Halpern, Brashear, Asham, Powe, …

  141. Rob in Beantown on

    How many shootout wins does Lundqvist have? You have to subtract those to be comparable to Richter

  142. he had 73 of them Gravy. give him half as shootout wins. Hank is still going to shatter that.

  143. Carp, I feel your pain, but remember that we boneheads are all just a bunch of idiots wildly speculating about things we truly know nothing about. If we actually knew something, we wouldn’t be wasting our time on this blog. In Richards’ case, the most important opinion about hie playing time belongs to Mr. Vigneault, who knows how to coach winning hockey at the NHL level, unlike anyone here. But I digress — Richards sucks.

  144. Kristo has been the leading scorer for the Pack, and has lead them all year long. What more do you want him to do?

    Kristo 31pts > Thomas 16 pts

    Kristo is still the better trade, since the Thomas smurf was never going to be a Blueshirt. Not with Zucc tearing it up and leading the Rangers.

    Kristo still has a shot, even if its the 3rd line wing that can score. If he gets Cally spot on the 3rd line, he might surprise you with his scoring. That’s all I’m saying. Cally hasn’t put ALOT up this year, he’s 11-13 24 points. I’m a firm *believer* that Kristo can replace that production, given the chance. I put him with Stepan & Kreider point production, with a 30-30 year. When he develops into an NHL pro.

    Make sense? I’m not saying he’s replacing Cally as the Captain. I do feel like he is the ’07 version of Cally waiting for the call up. That’s all.

  145. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I think *Richter* should get *one* shootout win per penalty shot that he stopped during his career.

  146. Rob in Beantown on

    Winning a Cup would make it all moot, but if Lundqvist legitimately does shatter all of the goaltending records (which he probably will in the next 7 years), they have to retire his number right?

  147. Only 73 ties for Richter. Still, Hank beats Richter easily as far as wins go.

    and you give Hank team like 1994 and he’s a Stanley Cup champ, too…

    also, out of 14 seasons on Broadway, Richter had only 6 winning seasons.

  148. ilb, you don’t need to apologize for bringing Richards up. You need to apologize for bringing him up in a reasonable fashion. Wil-l-l-b-u-r-r-r is the only acceptable norm here. Unless I’m an acceptable Norm.

  149. 3CP,
    having watched them both for there entire careers, I would take Richter. Hank is certainly making it one heck of a discussion.

  150. This game is a lot faster than it used to be. Also, myriad rule changes make playing D harder. I vote Henrik.

  151. IMO, Richter has his Cup and his number retired. I think Lundqvist has been better individually longer. Richter played on one great team and a couple of very, very good teams, and some horrifyingly lousy teams. I always think what a shame it was that Leetch and Richter had to finish out their careers on those post-1997 teams. What dreck after they kicked the captain out of town and what terrible coaches.

    If Lundqvist continues to play this way, even if he doesn’t win a Cup, he probably surpasses Richter’s career. Lundqvist might get into the Hockey Hall of Fame. I don’t think Richter ever will.

    Richter’s peformances in 1994 and in 1997 and in the World Cup were some of the best goaltending I have ever seen.

  152. Thanks, Carp. Signing off for the day — gotta pound some brew-dogs now that I know I’m getting cut off…

  153. Hank this year has really shown a lot. change of system, smaller pads, more quality chances, and his first prolonged slump of his career, and managed to fight his way through it. I give him a lot of credit.

  154. Richards has 14 power play points but logged a whopping 221:38 minutes on the PP Stepan, Brassard and Zuccarello spent 162:15, 140:54, 152:09 respectively on the PP and produced 13, 14, 15 points.

  155. yes Carp, 94 and 97, as well as the world cup, Richter was just amazing. there was also one olympics that he was great in as well. I forget the year.

  156. How many points would Brassard have on the point? How many might Richards have up front.

    Richards is the only point man they have, other than McDonagh, who is just becoming one. He’s not going to get as many points on the point.

    I’ve said since last year that Zuccarello is the best power-play player they have. He is.

  157. I like what Carp said. If Bruce Driver scores instead of Matteau, I don’t think we’re comparing Richter to Henrik.

  158. Stranger Nation on

    *BJ/Ranger trade Comparison*
    Rangers: 306 games 63-99-162
    Nash; 96 Games; 40-34-74
    Brassard; 81 Games; 17-38-55 (RFA ’14)
    Moore; 80 Games; 3-14-17 (RFA ’14)
    Dorsett; 49 Games; 3-3-6 (UFA ’16)

    BJs: 236 games; 48-79-127
    Gabby; 30 games 8-12-20 (UFA ’14)
    Dubi; 79 games 14-42-56 (UFA ’15)
    Artie; 91 games 24-20-44 (UFA ’17)
    Erixon; 33 games 0-5-5 (RFA ’14)

    Even contributions??…uhmm…no

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, if Colorado didn’t get that Fox money and Sakic came to NY, nobody would have ever thought twice about Messier not coming back.

  160. could you imagine how different history would be if Driver scored? None of those four banners goes up except maybe Leetch. We’re talking 0-for-74. Smith is fired sooner, maybe before he brings in Muckler, and maybe before Dolan takes over and gets convinced to hire Sather.

    Course of history.

  161. I think Richards is a bad pointman. He doesn’t have the vision or the creativity, he just shoots a lot, but his shot is neither very accurate or very hard.

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    Very true, Carp.

    LaFontaine getting KOed didn’t help matters much, either. If we had Sakic-LaFontaine-Gretzky as our top 3 centers, we would have been pretty formidable.

  163. well, yeah, Plan A technically, since they planned behind the scenes to scheme a way to get Messier out the door while pretending he was Plan A.

  164. Doodie Machetto on


    I was only a teenager then and the internet was still in its infancy, so I’m still piecing that summer together.

  165. I think JT Miller is actually very similar to Brassard, similar speed, skill, size and physical play.

  166. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I see that the *Iced Earth* show will be at the _Best Buy Arena_ in Times Square which has pretty much the *best* sound of any venue in NYC.

  167. “I see that the Iced Earth show will be at the Best Buy Arena in Times Square which has pretty much the best sound of any venue in NYC.”

    and normal seats. You are not a Sabaton fan?

    ““Skill” would be part of it. And their games themselves.”

    please explain

  168. *Manny*, what was the approximate age of the *HellHammer* chick?

    I’m impressed. *Might* have had to strike up a convo with her even if she looked like *blobfish*

  169. Brassard is a very highly skilled offensive playmaker. Miller is a less highly skilled offensive playmaker but plays a more physical style. Seems far more Dubi-ish (natural C who can play off and contribute in all 3 zones) to me.

  170. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Booby* I would estimate her age at somewhere between 23-27. Her friend was probably pregnant while smoking and drinking Bud Light. These are *quality* chicks.

  171. I disagree, Miller is not all that physical and Brassard is not all that skilled. Miller is very skilled himself and Brassard is not too shy of physical contact.

    Brassard averages 1.57 hits per games, while Miller averaged 1.44 hits per game.

    Miller is 6 years younger and didn’t play much with Zucc.

    They are very similar players.

  172. I still think Cally ends up here as does Girardi. I can’t remember the last time the Rangers traded someone at the deadline in this situation, a trade that would clearly hurt a team that has found its legs and has a legitimate shot at a nice playoff run. You plan for the future but now is more important.

    Also one other thing to remember, is that Cally going for the money in this situation is the best thing for his family (and not by much because truthfully, even though we say they should make all they can, whom among us will be sitting on 30 or 40 million dollars when we retire at 35?), and that is all it is best for. If he leaves to go to Buffalo for money (and sorry Philly aint paying him that kind of coin nor is Pittsburgh) then he walks away from his own legacy. He walks away from being the captain of an original six team, he walks away from retiring his name into the same lore and sentences as Leetch, Graves, Lundqvist, Richter, McDonagh someday. He walks away, probably, after winning the McDonald award umpteen times (BTW should be a rule that anyone who wins that award is a Ranger for life) and being the captain for what will be nearly a decade, from #24 hanging in the rafters, and from all the opportunities post-retirement that a guy like that will have in the organization.

    Not saying Sather doesn’t need to come up, he does, but Cally also has to budge. I recognize that it’s a business but there’s more to business than just money.

  173. That young, huh? Probably a *fake*. I get smoking while pregnant, but the Bud Light? That’s where you lose me (s).

  174. Agree, MD. Miller is more comparable to Dubi rather than Brass.

    A little bit less size and grit than Dubi, but closer nonetheless.

  175. J.T. Miller, IMO, has a DET physicality. That is, he doesn’t throw the biggest hits or even necessarily seek out contact on every play, but he doesn’t shy away from it and will wear you down along the boards and in the corners. A couple NYR would benefit from having such physicality.

  176. _and Brassard is not too shy of physical contact._

    I didn’t say he was.

    _Brassard averages 1.57 hits per games, while Miller averaged 1.44 hits per game._

    Maybe better to use per 60 here, right?

  177. It should be noted I love both guys, just in different ways because they’re different players.

  178. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I lived in *Dublin* Ireland for a semester and my -apartment *flat* was directly across the street to *Ireland’s* largest reproductive health care hospital. I saw *hundreds* of mothers going in with kids in tow, a *Guinness* in their hand and a *Cigarette* in their mouth. We took a bunch of *pictures* of it.

  179. Peter,
    you are right with everything you said. I am just not sure Cally understands that.

  180. Dubinsky wasn’t as skilled as Miller, but was lot more gritty where he would fight and protect teammates, I haven’t seen that too much from Miller or Brassard. so Dubinsky is not a great comparison either.

  181. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    About *Irish* pregnancy? Just that they don’t really have the same *education* regarding their *health* initiatives that *we* tend to have.

    I thought it was more *funny* than groundbreaking, bull dog.

  182. Q3,
    I am going to agree and disagree with you. I don’t think Brassard is a good comparison for Miller, but I agree, neither is Dubi.

  183. “Brassard averages 1.57 hits per games, while Miller averaged 1.44 hits per game.

    Maybe better to use per 60 here, right?”

    not necessarily because Brassard’s line is more offensive rather than hitting, while Miller was in a more checking role. And Brassard only averages 15:30 a game.

  184. Doodie Machetto on

    “Brassard averages 1.57 hits per games, while Miller averaged 1.44 hits per game.”

    Putting aside the laughability of judging physicality by the hit stat (Shea Weber is 81st but Nazem Kadri is 73rd), did you happen to compare their TOI, chief? If one guy plays 15:33 a night and the other guy plays 11:12, the guy playing 11:12 is throwing the body a little more often.

    Seriously, if you think Brassard has anywhere near Miller’s strength and/or Miller has anywhere near Brassard’s skill, you have not seen one or both of them ever play.

  185. Doodie Machetto on

    Kreider plays on the 1st line and has more hits than anyone on the team other than Callahan and Girardi, so your “offensive line” BS is just that: BS.

  186. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Brassard and Miller are just different players. Brassard is more Second line while Miller is more suited to a 3rd line role. In *my* humble opinion/

  187. I know the point you were attempting to make Manny. I just wanted to see if you would actually say it. you didn’t.

  188. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Oh the fact that *Ireland* has a massive problem with pregnancy, teen pregnancy and children born with birth defects?

  189. Well, I’ll try to make a point then. From a medical point of view, you are much better off drinking in moderation ( two drinks a week )than smoking during pregnancy.

  190. _not necessarily because Brassard’s line is more offensive rather than hitting, while Miller was in a more checking role_

    This is, in part, because they’re very different player types. I think we’ve come full circle.

  191. ilb,
    I am going to drop it. I know the point Manny was attempting to make, and so does he.

  192. I’d really like to see Miller w/ Brassard. I think they could be nice *complementary pieces*.

  193. I’d probably put McDonagh on the other end of the Brassard spectrum. McD can be physical when needed but doesn’t really need to to be wildly effective. Brassard does throw his body around a lot more than you’d expect, but I don’t think many are rubbing their Brassard bruises between periods.

  194. Miller takes Richards spot, and Lindberg takes over the 4th line role. unless Moore or Boyle return.

  195. Sioux, its the Rangers who need to accept the reality that he will get that deal or very close on the open market. They might not want to go that high and that’s fine, but reality is on Callahan’s side here.

  196. (I hate “here, I’ll guarantee something I can’t guarantee” statements so I’ll offer some stupid little wager if you like so atleast I’m married to it.)

  197. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    What if I start calling “Sioux” by “Sue” like that Johnny Cash song?

  198. Johnny Cash is very high on my list of artists where I don’t understand their crossover popularity.

  199. BJ/Ranger trade Comparison WITHOUT PLAYOFFS, more apples-to-apples:

    Rangers: 258 games 60-73-133
    Nash; 84 Games; 39-30-69
    Brassard; 69 Games; 15-28-43 (RFA ‘14)
    Moore; 68 Games; 3-13-16 (RFA ‘14)
    Dorsett; 37 Games; 3-2-5 (UFA ‘16)

    BJs: 233 games; 46-79-125
    Gabby; 30 games 8-12-20 (UFA ‘14)
    Dubi; 79 games 14-42-56 (UFA ‘15)
    Artie; 91 games 24-20-44 (UFA ‘17)
    Erixon; 33 games 0-5-5 (RFA ‘14)

    Even contributions? Closer — all about Gabby’s injuries.

  200. Do you like country, Sioux? I’ve always been curious about people loving Cash who don’t like country, or Sinatra but don’t like crooners, or Marley but don’t like reggae, or Nickelback but don’t like garbage.

  201. And Manny, if you try to extend my joke, I will open up your facebook page on my laptop and spit on your picture.

  202. Stranger Nation on

    Norm – we were hoping you would keep you word…

    Playoffs don’t count? One might say they count more than regular season. It gets a little physical in the second season so might be tough to watch. I believe the Lady Byng is a regular season award

    Gabby is gone after this year – BJs get nothing more from him, zilch, zero, nada
    Dubi is a UFA and also gone after next year – they get nothing from him, zilch, zero, nada.
    Erixon is a bust

    Columbus has players not named Dubi and Artie that are the young core of that team which will prove to be a much more formidable force than the players we traded.

    All that said, it is/was a horrible deal if Nash doesn’t show up in the playoffs this year.

  203. I’ll be really curious to see what Columbus does or attempts to do w/ Dubinsky. Kekalainen is supposed to be a big advanced stats guy.

  204. “I’ll be really curious to see what Columbus does or attempts to do w/ Dubinsky. Kekalainen is supposed to be a big advanced stats guy.”

    Kekalainen’s 6′, 190lbs. I would say he’s more of an average advanced stats guy.

  205. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – with Johansen and Jenner – the BJs have their two top centers for the next 5 to 7 years
    Artie slots in to #3 pivot and leaves no room for $6MM/season Dubi

  206. Doc – I’m all country. Grew up in the wild wild west and rode in rodeos as a kid, mostly bareback and saddle bronc. That said I like to listen to Reggae when I’m in an island mood. I have the Sinatra box set. Throw in some Irish pub songs, and Kenny Chesney’s old blue chair, and that’s me.

  207. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, that’s not very metal, although horse riding can be metal, but only if it’s on a battlefield.

  208. You should hang out with my father in law. He likes country and would probably love living in a Dakota if he weren’t born elsewhere.

  209. Sorry, Stranger, too much to drink I guess. And of course the playoffs count, but Dorsett, Moore and Brassard weren’t going to be in them without the trade (esp. Moore) and Gabby nearly got the BlueJs there in that brief stint.

    It’s all about this year, yes, for Columbus, if you ignore that Erixon is 22 and Rychel is 19.

    Anyway, it’s a fun trade to track, working well for both teams so far.

  210. It actually is a trade that benefited both teams … until CBJ doesn’t re-sign Gaborik. Then the Blue Jackets will have gotten nothing for those three guys. And with his injury, they have gotten almost nothing this year.

  211. True enough, Carp, and the Rangers have won the luck part of the overall deal, Nash’s concussion vs. Gaborik’s collarbone. But CBJ is well-positioned to benefit from Gaborik’s return, so we’ll see. As to the three depth guys, only Brassard has been more impressive than I expected. I don’t see the other two accomplishing much here — hope I’m wrong.

    And, Sioux, Rychel is 61 pts. in 41 games for Windsor/Guelph.

  212. Norm – I’m a fan of Lamoureux.

    Mario captained the Sioux team in 09, and his two younger sisters (Monique & Jocelyne) will be Captains for the USA woman hockey team this year in Sochi.

    Does that count :)

  213. Why, Doodie? He seems sound. I think Manny has it pegged right in that he’s not noticing him at all, and that’s not a bad thing for guy like that.

  214. I have Lamoureux feveur, or close to it. Kessel fever at any rate. Love watching the women play at the Olympics.

  215. Yup, CCCP. I don’t really care how many goals (and goal hanging breakaways) Nash gets, I’d undo that trade. Just don’t like the style.

  216. Dorsett/Carcillo: Dors is one year older, due to make $2 mil next season. #13 makes $850 and is a UFA after this season. I think Dors is the better player and knows how to smile. What does Slats think? Thoughts?

  217. Stranger Nation on

    Adding Artie AND a #1 pick was just assinine IMHO. Three players and a #1 pick?
    What was Slats not thinking…

  218. Stranger Nation on

    coos – Dors is an unenviable position of rejoining a team on a roll – though most likely after Olympics where the team will need to start up again.
    Hate to mess with a winning line-up, but feel Dors and an easy lift and replace with Carcillo.
    Vino likes to keep a winning lineup together so Dors may not get the chance if this roll continues.

  219. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    But, in my defense, I only hate them because they are *awful*

    One of my wife’s friends was like, “You don’t like them but you can see why other people like them, right? I mean you can admit they are good, right?”

    At first I said “Of course” but then I thought about it and decided, “Nope.” They are just *God* awful.

  220. oh Sather got it all right. he dumped the Dubi contract, and an underachieving, overrated player (Anisimov) who was also about to have a bad contract. he got the dumping of the contract part all right.

  221. Strange – if that’s the case, and it very well might be, could Dors ever crack the third line or will Slats try to include him in a trade and sign Carcillo at a million less? Just speculating. I like both of them, I’m not embarrassed to say.

  222. third pair, Doodie. Pretty sure that was his man on the PPG because Girardi was in the box … or maybe it was Stralman Sundae. I still get them mixed up from my perch.

  223. wouldn’t it be funny if NYR acquired Gaborik as a rental? If he’s healthy, he slips right into 2RW. Maybe catches some lightning in a bottle playing for his next contract.

    I don’t think it can happen based on the organizational feelings about him prior to the ’13 deadline.

  224. Who could have predicted that Carcillo’s play would make Dorsett’s return questionable? I admit to being fascinated with this player’s sudden ‘about face’ on the way he plays. Surprisingly, he hasn’t had too many invitations to dance. A couple of inches one way or the other and he’d have several more goals. He also appears to be improving his defensive play.

  225. can somebody tell me why everybody’s talking about this Nor’Easter Sunday and weather.com is calling for a 60 percent chance of a snow shower?

  226. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Because Francesa was talking about this 1/20 chance that *three* storms would converge at the same time and drop 48″ of snow on us in one day.

  227. Gaborik might be the perfect winger for AV’s style … if he’s motivated and healthy. But I can’t imagine it would happen. and they’ll probably 10-foot pole him on July 1.

  228. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    @PaigeLewisFL Called it: Stamkos will NOT participate in the Olympics..Here comes the big Marty St. Louis replacement announcement I predicted a month ago

  229. Carp, prior buzz on the storm hyped it up. Storm is now weakening to a ho-hum event. Stay tuned…

  230. JD is on the horns of a dilemma. He needs Gabby for a healthy, productive run, but risks losing him for nothing to FA and almost certainly won’t offer him the huge bucks and years he would want. Not hard to see Gabby overseas next season.

  231. Can you imagine Gaborik in this system? He’d agree to play the remainder of this season here at no charge simply to build the value of his next contract.

  232. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I just notice him chasing the play too much. He gets caught behind the goal line, a lot.

  233. I’d be really excited for a Gabby-Richards-Nash line if the other teams promised no contact.

  234. Rangers record sure has improved since adding Carcillo, and subtracting Pyatt. (10-3)

    Better yet since adding Klein, and subtracting Del Zotto. (4-1)

    Who’s next…..

  235. Uncle Daddy, still full of himself, insinuates he would welcome a trade if he’s not named #1 in NJ.

  236. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Big fan of the *Viking Sword* although I can’t really tell if it’s a genuine +VLFBERHT+ though….

    Tukka Rask *Rules*

  237. He usually forechecks by standing in front of the net and then follows up ice 5 yards behind the last opposing defenseman. Maybe he’s learning. Hard to teach old horses new checks.

  238. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, it’s definitely not an ulfberht. In fact, it wouldnt even be a particularly good sword of any kind. Notice how the blade gets wider at the tip rather than being wider at the hilt and narrowing near the top. Rather unwieldy.

  239. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I don’t get all the hate for Richards. The guy was the best UFA on the market when signed, the Rangers did all that was necessary to get him. He helped the 2011-2012 team vastly. He has been clutch, lucky and brought leadership to the team. He looked slow and out of shape last season and he’s getting it back this year after brutal hard work.

    If he didn’t have that contract people would not be all over him.

  240. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You’re so right, Doodie. That thing would be terrible balanced and, since the movies are not real, and slicing and stabbing are usually not the way to win a fight with a sword, that thing would just snap off when jammed straight into a *thick shield*. Definitely not flexible enough with that crap shape.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    Although, with the weighted tip, if any swinging blow were to land, it would be devastating.

  242. I’ll get off Richie’s back. While he’s wearing blue, I’ll root. I just think he too often (almost always) sets a bad example for the yute.

  243. agree, the contract and the inexcusable season last year. and the cap-recapture. … and the pending sprained ankle in Game 81 or the playoffs that will prevent the buyout.

  244. If Saint Looey is not Stamkos’ replacement, then something must seriously be wrong with Whyzerman!

    By the way, I’d take Butt-Chin back if he’s healthy. Just as long as he doesn’t cost too much. Prospect and a pick. I’m sure other teams will overpay for him.

    But why would they trade him to a team they’re right behind in the standings? Wouldn’t make sense. Fun to think aboot though!

  245. If I didn’t know better (and of course I don’t), I would swear Slats told #19, “just give us goals and don’t get hurt.” He would have had to relay that to the coach as well.

  246. “If he didn’t have that contract people would not be all over him”

    That seems to be the case with most NYR signings. But Redden & Gomez, for me, not worth pennies.

    I’d take Richards & Drury on my team any day, at a respectable price.

  247. If JMoore develops (and he should) and Brass and Dorsett continue to be factors, and if Gabby goes unsigned, JD will have some answering to do. Does that one reporter in Columbus ask questions? :)

  248. Everyone has left the office, so no one will post for a while since they’re not being paid.

  249. I’m off Nash’s back. but truth is, I still think he’s overpaid and soft. however, in the interest of Bonehead Harmony, I’m off his back ( at least until 32 games into the playoffs.)

    It has nothing to do with him deciding to play with some effort and heart again. ;)

    If he keeps up for the remainder of the season and through the playoffs (effort and heart), I’ll try and convert permanently.

    Though, there are a lot of scars there for me.

  250. Torts went above and beyond for Richards last season, but now Richie won’t talk to him, to wit:

    “it kills me. It kills me. That kid there, I grew up with him. I learned a lot from him in Tampa. We grew up together. I don’t know where it went….see, now you got me talking about it, but yea, it’s been damaged. That is a regret, it’s a big one. When the game is done, relationships are all you have left and that is very important to me. Yea, that is a tough one for me.”

  251. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Watching Richards glide, nearly every game with few exceptions – like last night, has more to do with “the hate” than “his contract”. Even if his salary was 100K, I’m not happy with his lack of compete….has nothing to do with salary and everything to do about being a professional.

  252. Still rolling on the hardwood. eddie 3X has competition coming ’round the near turn in the stretch. By the way, I have no idea what you’re talking about…

  253. I don’t see why its bad to say you don’t like a player’s style (Nash) or you don’t like the fact that a player basically tanked an entire season by being unprepared despite “winning intangibles” supposedly part of his overall package (not Nash).

  254. (Besides, this is all coming to a head now because of Callahan. Its potentially the completion of a turnover from one forward style to another if he goes.)

  255. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I was responding to manny’s post in which he stated, wrongly, that the Richards hate is due to his salary…

  256. eddie, I posted before you, but my post somehow came after yours. Agree with you wholeheartedly. I just have tears in my eyes laughing at Papa’s comment.

  257. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    6 ft spade? Isn’t that Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s packaged Heroin stacked one atop the other?

  258. I remember when you called me a fanatic, right wing gun-loving drunk. Can’t believe you nailed all that correctly from 3,000 miles away. :)

  259. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    70 bags of Heroin? Talk about settling in for the weekend.. Brilliant actor. He must have been so miserable. Very sad.

  260. don’t even own a gun and haven’t had a drink since my cousin’s wedding last winter. Not that I have anything against guns, booze, or winter. Or cousins.

  261. On the subject of Richards’ “inexusable” season last year (I thought was pretty bad), it projected to 20 goals and 61 points. This year’s projection: 22 goals and 61 points. Haters will have fun with that one, no doubt. Let’s hear it.

  262. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – Richards looks like he plays at about 20% intensity. How do you defend that?

  263. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have been living the sober life for a long time too if you discount wine, vodka, champagne, and all things herbal.

  264. Just throwing you a stats toy to play with, coos. And I nearly luged to the dentist, in the spirit and all — thought better of it.

  265. Carp – Great Post as always. At the game last nite probably one of the best games I’ve seen this year. Played superior hockey from A to Z. AV’s indoctrination is now complete. Where are you seated in 200 or up on the bridge. it’s a shame about Cally but I agree with you 100%. What percentage of the time has he been out injured since he’s been with the team and how often does he play the way he did last nite. 30 mil for 5 years is an over evaluation.

  266. Loose you father in grade school…..Start with organized Hockey at 15 years old, schlepping your bag from train to train, rink to dreary rink…..and in 7 years your playing at The Garden as a member of your beloved Rangers…. Go on to 60 goals and nearly 200 points in the NHL while protecting every teammate night after night, game after game.

    And they made a movie about Rudy???

    What a life Nicky Fotiu! They don’t make EM like you anymore.

  267. That Fotiu ‘Beginnings’ could/should have been better. Nicky was one of a kind, the unlikely local boy makes good. Finally gave the team some dignity. Never knew there was an axe in that bag, though. Guess that was just in case someone pulled a gun on him. :))

  268. I met Ron Greschner at a rink in New Jersey about 15 years ago. What a nice guy. I mentioned Nicky and he referred to him as his all-time favorite teammate.

    BTW, Greschner is a class act, down to earth guy to. Was talking to me and my friend like we were old buddies from the neighborhood.

    Played his entire career with the Blueshirts. Should have his number retired.

  269. Good evening all! Carp, if only I could have stayed at home at RR’d my aasen off….today was awful!!!

    fyi, anybody see this on bleacher report about Cally? Carp, thoughts? http://tinyurl.com/m2eufvq

    Manny, what the byfuglien is VLFBERHT ??

    Papa, I met Gresch once too….awesome dude.

  270. I could not believe how slow Greschner was, slow and perfectly balanced — it was as though he was putting his opponents to sleep as he stick-handled through them. One of my favorites.

  271. “Jim, had a Ranger touched the puck, it would have been ruled a hand pass. But as it was a Bruin…” The memory lingers.

  272. Why is it that the only consistently productive offensive player on this team not being mentioned for the captaincy?

    Rather than me list all his attributes, why doesn’t someone explain why Zucc WOULDN’T make a good captain.

  273. It’s so ridiculous to think that the Rangers actually believe Callahan isn’t worth a long term deal but Richards is. Could that be true? Will Richie be retained and not bought out? Otherwise, why would the Rangers be worried about Cally’s cap hit and years and going public about it to Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie. The cap is going up, no?

  274. does anybody really believe it would be a good deal to sign a 29-year-old second-line winger with a laundry list of broken bones and sprains for seven years at way more dollars than he deserves?

    I don’t.

    Mama, first impression of the story is that Lozo works too damn hard. :)

    Did enjoy the video of the Callahan-Piece of Cooke fight.

  275. What’s a bigger risk for the organization in 5 years, Richie $6.66M or Cally @ $6.7M?

    I say Richie.

  276. Norm, your eyes had to tell you he couldn’t keep up last year. Legs were shot. Conditioning pitiful. He had that remarkable late stretch where he was piling up goals without, as someone in the organization said, a single scoring chance. He stunk last year. 5-on-5 and 5-on-4.

  277. of course, it’s Richards, NYR. If they let Callahan walk and keep Richards that will be an enormous, potentially devastating error. I think both will be off the payroll and the Rangers will have money to fill holes (though I’m not sure I trust the guy who will be writing the checks).

  278. “Rather than me list all his attributes, why doesn’t someone explain why Zucc WOULDN’T make a good captain.”

    He’d be distracted by the new picture messages of MDZ on Old Hickory Lake he’d receive at a press conference.

  279. In all seriousness though, NYR_FAN, I wouldn’t name him captain because he’s only really demonstrated his (non-shootout) worth to NYR this one season. I didn’t feel particularly strongly about him either way over the previous years; this year you can’t deny he’s been pivotal. I’d select someone with more of a track record as a Ranger.

  280. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally just isn’t worth the years or the dollars that he’s seeking if the reports are accurate. Never 30 goals. Never 60 pts. Hard time finishing a season without missing a lot of games. Would I miss him? Of course.

    But as the Don said, it’s business, not personal. That said, should Brassard get hit by a bolt of lightning, I’ll blame some of the people on this blog…

  281. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – are MDZ and MZA still dating? I figured after the trade, MDZ would have found an urban cowboy to sink his spurs in….

  282. not sure what’s 100 percent accurate, e3, but the seven years demand is, and the north-of-$6M is too. Not sure if it’s $6.25 or $6.5 or $6.75 or $7M. But it’s too much.

  283. I don’t want Richards battling, skating hard, checking, etc. I want Richards not getting hurt.

  284. I mean, I know a lot of it is in jest, but do you want Richards putting himself in harm’s way?

  285. Tom Hagen, “Your father wouldn’t want to hear this, Sonny. This is business not personal.

    Sonny, “They shoot my father and it’s business, my arse..”

  286. mDZ about the Zucc…..

    “He was beautiful; he was young; he was innocent. He was the greatest piece of *** I’ve ever had, and I’ve had ’em all over the world.”

  287. I want the Rangers to Win the Cup. And, if it means Richards gets decapitated in the pro-cess, so be it.

  288. hahahahaha Carp! I guess what I like about the piece was the inside baseball stuff…made me curious…and thirsty…

    is he (allegedly) asking too much for too long, I’d say yes. Do I want to lose him? Hartnelling no.

  289. The thing is, it benefits Richards financially to be upright July 1 and bought out. He’s already collected $33M the first three seasons. If I’m not mistaken he gets 2/3 of the remaining $27M spread out in the buyout, then he can sign elsewhere for three years, $4-5M per and not have to retire rather than making “only” $1M per from ’17-18 through ’19-20.

    is that right ilb, CTB or other CBA experts?

  290. If I’m GM my final to Cally, who I love as well is a choice of 5yrs 33 mil or 6 yrs at 35 mil. Then I got to move on. Hope he takes 5yr deal.

  291. Yes, Carp, you are right. It benefits Richards financially if they buy him out. I did the math on the blog once. The worst case scenario for him- he collects $51M out of $60M and signs another contract, eventually making well more than that. The other possibility is ( depending on how his contract is worded), they may have to pay him $8M owed in bonuses, and buy him out of remaining salary. In that case he collects $53.7M out of $60M. The reason I said it was possible because Tampa had to pay VL his bonuses in full before buying him out.

  292. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards will be bought out and then he’ll sign a 14 year, 140 million dollar deal. He’s that good.

  293. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – some days are better. We are trying various meds to control the ADHD but with autism being the driver it’s not easy. Focus and attention are lacking. Getting her to try to do schoolwork is tough. She’s made tremendous progress but we are behind…is the gap shrinking? In some areas….

  294. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – no doubt. We do speech therapy, OT, social behavior skill classes, tutoring, Ballet classes, and try to arrange as many play dates as possible…..we are on a journey with her. Things could always be worse….

  295. E3, Mrs. Gravy is an OT, and my best friend’s son has autism, so I am familiar with the ups and downs. Stick with it. There has been a lot if progress made, but it does take work.

  296. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – we all have challenges for sure. Some days are much better than others. Thank you for sharing. We have a great OT and it’s really helped improve her strength, balance, core and gross motor….fine motor is improving but still a weakness. Everyday that goes well is great day…..My heart goes out to all parents of special needs kiddos….

  297. Joe: “Bit of a breakdown on the
    defense there.”

    Maloney: “Stralman fell down an let his man come in unimpeded.”

    I like Dave. Honesty is the best pleurisy.

  298. Zucc to MDZ: “You left those Miley Cyrus tongue photos in your locker. You want I should forward them?”

  299. Stranger Nation on

    Joe M trying hard never to say a bad word about anyone

    kill them with kindness…Rangers fans, that is

  300. Joe: “You know, Sam, Hagelin has a brother in Sweden who is a postal worker.”

    Sam: “Didn’t know that, Joe. Wonderful story.”

  301. Nicky Fotiu was brought in because all the goons were taking runs especially at poor Dave. Bet Maloney still has a soft spot for him.

  302. Not sure if this was brought already in the prior 500 plus comments? :) But even though I don’t think Nash would be the best overall player to captain the Rangers, like in my opinion Staal, McDonagh, or Girardi would be more suited for the role… I do believe Nash would benefit greatly if named captain from getting the non-calls called, as Carp alluded to in his review. So, that alone might make Nash the best pick for the C?

  303. Sather just traded Cally for Ryan Smyth and a 7th round pick.

    Sather: “I like the 7th round. It’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get. Maybe Hank. Maybe not. Exciting.”

  304. If Sather does trade dally, really hope it’s a far more spectacular version of the Gomez for no Gomez and McDonagh trade.

  305. I remember when I was young seeing Nicky Fotiu perform at MSG a number of times… Because I think one must see his performance live, rather than on tv, to truly appreciate how fast Fotiu skated and how hard & often he would hit his poor opponents. I mean he was like a bull that the coach would eventually let out of the pen a few times a game for about 30 seconds to skate around the ice and hit everything in sight… Then beat the daylights out of anyone who stood up for their teammates. I actually felt bad for the other team whenever Fotiu jumped over the boards! Nick Fotiu (who also had a great wrist shot :) was one of the most exciting Rangers to ever perform at MSG!

  306. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Carpy, another great review!!! Thanks!!!

    I’m stuck out here in Oklahoma for a few more days. Miss reading this great blog!!

    Papa, your 10:47 AM is about as funny as they come, and we’ve had some funny ones!!! LOL!!!


  307. “On the subject of Richards’ “inexusable” season last year (I thought was pretty bad), it projected to 20 goals and 61 points. This year’s projection: 22 goals and 61 points. Haters will have fun with that one, no doubt. Let’s hear it.”

    I dont hate Richards actually, I hate his contract. It’s not his fault Sather gave it to him.

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