It’s Go Time! … Avalanches at Rangers


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Game 57.avalanche
Avalanches at Rangers.


The Rangers begin a stretch of three games in four nights that will led them into the Olympic break (and the Olympic break roster freeze, which runs Feb. 7-23).

They host Edmonton Thursday and visit Pittsburgh Friday before scattering to all corner of the earth, including the seven headed for Sochi.

The Ryan Callahan issue remains front and center for the Rangers, who would like to have it resolved by Friday’s Olympic roster freeze (which runs through Feb. 23).

There are a lot of moving parts — whether the Rangers can find a team that will be willing to sign him (he wants north of $6M, probably $6.5M per for seven years) and make the trade, or whether a team will risk whether it can sign him later, or if he will be dealt strictly as a rental.

Still we hear it could possibly get done before Friday. The Rangers, who will meet with Callahan’s agent this week, might find a deal they like and just pull the trigger. The trade deadline is March 5.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal for the Rangers, who have won three in a row and 14 of the last 20. Alain Vigneault goes with the same lineup that has started 12 in a row.

The Avs came from behind late to force overtime then beat the Devils in OT Monday for their fourth win in a row. They have won 13 of their last 17. Semyon Varlamov starts in goal. Injured Paul Stastny is a game-time decision.


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  1. Re: the Callahan situation, you’d think the Rangers would want to have it resolved one way or another before the Olympics. Imagine if he gets hurt blocking a shot or something in Sochi? Have to think that’d put the kibosh on any potential trades. Then again, maybe that’d be the best case scenario for us fans?? Haha

    Let’s go Rangers!

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    Go time against a very entertaining club, filled with young stud players. Hope fully, they are tired and Henrik is not.

  3. That’s why they want it done before Sochi, but they have NOT imposed a deadline on a deal.

    Because … if teams can’t come to contract terms first, the assets the Rangers get in return aren’t likely to be as good. Though they could, indeed, get a deal done with a provisional pick involved.

  4. Nicky Fotiu, on 98.7 says that it distresses him to see all the pucks on the ice after warmups. Said he would throw every one to the blue seats! Nicky!

  5. True, Carp. Can’t imagine they’d want to just give Cally away without getting the most bang for their buck. Still, risky if the process plays out into the Olympics.

  6. Rob in Beantown on

    I heard a rumor Carp was going to get the *Bay Ridge Honda girl* to start doing the videos around here

  7. Keep waiting for DooGay to break into a cruise lizard lounge medley:

    ‘She was only sixteen, only sixteen
    But I loved her so
    She was too young to fall in love
    And I was too young to know…’

  8. Congrats to the Staal family by the way! How cool will it be to tell his daughter someday that he had a hat trick and +5 in a 6-0 trouncing of the Avs on the day she was born?? =)

  9. Hits cause turnovers which causes offensive zone time which leads to drawing penalties. Who knew?

  10. McD with a good 2 or 3 keep ins that led to zone time, plus got off a shot or 2. Phenomenal shift.

  11. Good evening all! Gee, am I sensing some BB love here? *mindblown*

    LGR!! Come on Cally, tear up the ice tonight!

  12. rangers would love to sign him but not at 7yrs 6+ million, would be a really bad contract. Unfortunately there is a cap.

  13. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Drury, Gomez, Redden, Gaborik, Nash, Richards… Where in holy hell did Callahan ever get the idea that the Rangers are made of money, and Sather overpays for long UFA contracts?

  14. Callahan knowing his time is short with the rangers so he’s giving his last hurray of a game.

  15. I wouldn’t want to be in the visiting dressing room. Roy is going to be all over the Avs like gruyere on a crepe.

  16. “Have you ever wondered where a trade rumor comes from? A trade rumor is like a hot dog in that they are both delicious treats but you rarely ever get to see the factory where they are processed and if you did you’d probably never consume them. They are also bad for you.” Dave Lozo


  17. ThisYearsModel on

    Cally gets the hatty, then he is traded for Ryan O’Reilly immediately after the game.

  18. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    The official hospital of the NY Rangers?

    There’s something not quite right there…

  19. You’ll always see Cally give effort
    Never, he complains
    Wake up management and sign him
    Again, he’s got ice in his veins

  20. rangers better start putting some of these opportunities in the net before Avs score, make it 2-1 and wake up in the game knowing there now in the game.

  21. Ye pretty easy to score when the net is wide opened and the goalie is down. Richards did all the work. It’s ok he still has the worst contract on the team (until Callahan signs)

  22. there you go, now it’s a game. after all the opportunities the rangers had to put more than 2 goals in the net, look out now.

  23. “Man, how good has McDonagh been tonight? and all season?”

    CARP, hearkening to an earlier conversation, chomp.

  24. That’s how you let a team back in boys. Totally dominating then in 6 seconds Nash blows a breakaway and Danny boy with a penalty.

  25. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    There is a new addition to the periodic table of elements.


    Girardium: flesh and bone combination that is tougher than chuck norris.

  26. If the first period is what it looks like when you play on the road against a rested home team after playing the night before, Friday’s game in Pittsburgh should be as fun as ever.

  27. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Cally is an all-around player
    Skate, shoot and pass
    The GM probably won’t sign him
    Cause Sather’s head is up his …

  28. Avs announcers talking about the Rangers first, maybe the best they faced all year. Someone tell our guys there are 3 periods though

  29. “Ye pretty easy to score when the net is wide opened and the goalie is down. Richards did all the work. It’s ok he still has the worst contract on the team (until Callahan signs)”

    If only it were easy enough for Richards to have done it in Game 6 in NJ..

  30. that’s why the rangers need this game and the next game, pukesburgh game will be a hard game to win.

  31. ok, good comeback by the rangers to answer the bell right after the Avs scored to cut the lead to 2-1.

  32. Duchene’s having a rough/unlucky night.

    Back for the 2-on-1 on the first goal (and seemed to misplay it), out battled by Richards on the second, deflected in the third.

  33. is it me or has the rangers power play kind of sizzled out? Time to get the power play going again.

  34. In that chase commercial, why is the guy paying for meal while the hibachi chef is still cooking their food?

    Stupid commercial

  35. Carp

    To answer your question from last thread:

    No – I do not listen to any players audio.

    Yes – I do watch your pre-game videos, but I do not watch your post game videos because the quality is just too low and annoying for me.

  36. it appeared to me the refs had no problem calling penalties the last 10 minutes of the 2nd against the rangers but seemed to be blind on a few no calls against the Avs.

  37. After the season cant wait to go to the thread the day AV was hired and read all those guarantees that Tortorella will have a better season in Vancouver.

  38. Carp

    was that Kovy’s daughter to his right
    does he have “child bride”
    just like Stralman?

  39. Never liked Keenan, I’m glad he won while he was here, but still don’t care for him.

    Does anyone remember when Keenan had a beer dumped on him behind the bench, sometime in mid 80s.

  40. Oh no…..I’m agreeing with Slatso! The world is off it’s axis. Hey Slats, wake up Olga for the um, end of game :)

  41. Keenan was coaching the Flyers n sitting I the stands during warm up….weird. Anyway I was down perfecting my ability to get a puck with my buddy and I’m standing behind him and hassling him to my friend something to the tune of his line up card is made out in crayons and even his players hate him….all PG-13 and he stands up and turns around and much to my surprise he laughs. Then a guy gets up next to him a whole lot bigger who wasn’t laughing, Paul Holmgren, we boogied out of there laughing

  42. Keenan did a great job, IMO, but some of his guys hated him more than last year’s Rangers hated Torts … and more important guys too. Plus he nearly blew up the whole freakin’ year with his garbage with Detroit and St. Louis during the finals.

  43. ” Plus he nearly blew up the whole freakin’ year with his garbage with Detroit and St. Louis during the finals.”

    equals “Greasy Rat”!!!!!

  44. I bet those players who hated Keenan still do.

    But, I’d also bet their happy to have their name on the Cup and probably understand that Keenan was as big a part of that as anyone.

  45. Would if I could Olga!

    Carp, that’s kinda part of my point. Not that I want to change anything, whatever worked, it worked, and we won. But I don’t think without the team he had (um, Mess, Richter) we would have. And in my humble opinion, I think the team had a greater percentage of credit than Keenan…

  46. Is it me or does it seem like The Kreider curls out of the corner in possession of the puck 95% of the time.

  47. You could say the same about Torts in Tampa. In addition to the talent his team had, Khabibulin played out of his mind during that run.

  48. when you win two Game 7s by one goal, hard to say anybody wasn’t a big part of it. … Greg Gilbert, Doug Lidster, anybody.

  49. I’m not sure playing Kreider with Nash is good for Kreider. I think Kreider would score more goals if he played on a different line.

  50. Oh, I don’t wanna debate, I’m too happy tonight….But i bet Mrs. Staal really really doesn’t want this game to go into a skills comp…..

  51. Kreider gets more room with Nash, and vice versa, and they both play with the best playmaker on the team … I don’t see any problem with that, other than the nightmare they are in their own end.

  52. I used to think that Scotty Bowman was overrated when he was winning Cups with that great Montreal team in the 70’s. I used to think anyone could Coach that team to a Cup. He left. The Cups stopped.

    He went on to more Cups in Pittsburg and Detroit.

    Now, as I’m older and wiser, I’m convinced, Coaching counts in Hockey as much or more than it does in any other professional sport.

  53. There was a guy my section, we called him The Whistler, who claimed he knew a guy that got him access to the ceiling and he went up there on a bet and dumped a beer on the Flyers bench. Not sure if it ever really happened.

    But I was there when some Flyers fan, during a particularly woeful game under Michel Bergeron or Ted Sator (not sure) when the Flyers were drubbing the Rangers.

    Anyway, these Flyer fans wanted to rub it in and were taking a sort of a victory lap around the promenade, right below our seats. They started getting pelted with everything and anything…food, beer, garbage. To their credit they took it, grinning and waving until New York’s finest escorted them out. One cop took a beer shower for his trouble.

  54. But Bowman also took jobs with teams that had talent. It’s not like he tried to rebuild a last place team.

  55. Great game. Good to see them dominate at home. Awesome first 10 minutes of the game. Probably some of the best hockey the Rangers played all season in that 10 minute span. They showed poise in the second when Colorado looked dangerously close to tying it…

    Sign the Captain.

  56. SeeeDubbb says Sign Cally on

    Well, that was a delight. Looked pretty sharp, made the Av’s look like the young team they are.

  57. Olga Folkyerself on

    They should do something different. On a road win they should gather at center ice and “shoot” the crowd as they leave…

  58. If that’s the last time Callahan steps on MSG ice, I’m going to be very, very sad. I couldn’t read his demeanor on his first star skate. Was it “I’m leaving you all behind” or “I wanna stay here!”

  59. Latona

    Goal #5 all Callahan. No mention of course.

    LOL! Goal #5 was 80% Hagelin 15% Callahan and 5% Varlamov not knowing where the puck was. But good try, ill give you that.

  60. Gotta go niters all….long day in the polar crap tomorrow. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cally!!!!!! Don’t be a hartneller Slats!!!!

  61. meh, a wicky

    The Broadway Hat ?@TheBroadwayHat 12m
    “I think Marc Staal is going to sleep well tonight”, actually Micheletti, I doubt he’s going to get *ANY* sleep


  62. LOL! Erat named as replacement for Sobotka. Jiri Hudler must have really pissed somebody off!

  63. well
    that was fun

    now off to get ready
    for another shovelfest
    with another
    snowstorm on the way!

  64. BTW AV had Zuccarello line together for most of the season and preseason, what a novel idea after a coach that changed line combos 20 times a game.

  65. Players can’t develop any on-ice chemistry with lines being changed frequently during games.

  66. “Players can’t develop any on-ice chemistry with lines being changed frequently during games.”

    and players can’t produce much on the PP if they don’t practice it. I am amazed Tortorella sham lasted so long in NHL.

  67. When you put it that way, I am surprised that he has lasted this long as well. It must have to do with the Stanley Cup Khabibulin and company won him.

  68. Nash is certainly a slickster, but what’s with a talented, enormous, swift guy with all the whirly-dervy all the time?

    I don’t think The Kreider is at all wary of contact, but he’s developed a too-often non chalant, Richiesque flip it anywhere approach. Also has to learn to pick up a man in the D zone.

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