Super Sunday, but not so super for Ryan Callahan


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Just a thought on this whole Ryan Callahan situation. It occurred to me yesterday, and apparently it was discussed on TSN last night, that maybe Glen Sather is making a crafty move by giving permission for teams to talk to Callahan’s agent.

By doing so, there’s every chance — and maybe Sather even knows for sure — that nobody will meet that seven-year, $42 million target Callahan has for his next contract. And if that happens, then maybe Callahan drops his price and the Rangers get back in the negotiating game.

I do think teams will go to seven and $42 million on or around July 1 if and when he hits the market. I don’t know that a team will give up players and prospects and/or draft picks to the Rangers plus pay Callahan that kind of money over that kind of term.

I tend to believe the Rangers want to keep their captain. But I tend to believe they will absolutely not go seven years. Maybe not even six.

So if agent Steve Bartlett whiffs at that seven/$42M number now, maybe the Rangers can close the gap. I also think that the Rangers’ imposed deadline of Feb. 7 — before the Olympic break and roster freeze — is OK in theory. But teams who are willing to give up a lot for Callahan, to send good assets to the Rangers, aren’t going to be rushed into a decision like this, especially if signing him first is a priority.

And if Callahan can’t first be signed to an extension by the acquiring team, well, then what the Rangers get in return will be greatly diminished. Not sure they trade Callahan at all if they don’t come up with a big cache of present and future in return. Why would they?

That all said, it sure sounds like the Rangers are interested in big, skilled, 26-year-old Chris Stewart of St. Louis (the Blues have scouted the Rangers; in fact they had a pro scout at the Blues-Rangers game in late January, which I found interesting), and we know that the Rangers have long been scouting the Colorado Avalanche. We hear Buffalo, near his hometown of Rochester, and Columbus also have interested in Callahan.

If I had to guess, Callahan’s a goner. Just not sure if it’s now, soon, by March 5 or July 1. Sounds like it could be soon, though.


I thought this, too. If Callahan is an ex-Ranger in the future, who becomes captain? My guess would be Marc Staal gets the C, and once Brad Richards is bought out — at least, we think he will be — Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi each gets an alternate captain’s A.

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  1. Carp,
    Interesting that you have 3 Dmen wearing the letters…
    I can’t think of any forward that would qualify in that scenario either…

  2. Cally’s gone and I wouldn’t even screw around with it – THE KREIDER for Captain gets my vote.

  3. Character, leadership, toughness, fan respect are all admirable qualities however size, age and a complete over ask of 42 m has put the Rangers organization in a tough spot. I love Cally respect Cally but he’s going to be traded.

  4. Your father did business with Hyman Roth, he respected Hyman Roth… but he never trusted Hyman Roth!

  5. Good morning, boneheads!

    All indications are that Buffalo will give him 6×7 July 1st. Question is whether he wants to be a captain of rebuilding team without any PO chance for many years. There could be another team willing to give him that much. I won’t blame him if goes for money, but he wants to stay, his demands will have to come down. Sather may need to offer a bit more. Either way, Carp is right, if he is gone, the Rangers aren’t getting anything of value in return. They may not get anything at all, and he still may be gone. So they maybe better off getting whatever they can. In terms of C. Perhaps they should clarify whether Staal wants to talk about contract extension before giving him a C. If he doesn’t want to sign it, they may have to trade another captain next year. I’d give it to McD. If you listen to his interviews you can sense that he doesn’t like using cliches, and tends to be pretty straightforward. Plus, he’ll be here for awhile.

    Super Bowl? I’ll watch it with you. I usually go for a team that has less jackwagons than others. Someone needs to help me with that. Who’s playing again? And what time? :-)

  6. Carp, I posted that the other day. Sather is letting Callahan’s agent talk to other teams to show Callahan’s agent that his demands are to high and hopes for Callahan to come down on his demands.

  7. ILB, Seattle seahawks vs. Denver Broncos. The Seahawks are a very cocky team. There defense talks trash non stop during the game when there on the field. I think the Seahawks wil win. Defense wins and the seahawks have the best defense in football this year.

  8. You are right about Seattle being a good team, Tommy. In fact I doped this game out as Denver – 1/2 point. But the line has held at Denver -2 1/2 all week. Unless it moves in the final hours in Seattle’s direction, I think the people laying the 2 1/2 points are closer to the inside scoop than those going the other way.

  9. Trivia question: Name the three Ranger players who have been captain of the team when it won its four Stanley Cup championships?

  10. iDoodie Machetto on

    If this even was a ploy, it wouldn’t work. These teams all would give him that money on July 1, especially Buffalo.

  11. The ‘negotiations’ Cally’s agent been permitted to have with other GM’s aren’t they a potential double edge sword for Sather?

    What’s to prevent a GM from saying to the agent, if we trade for you now, we’re prepared to offer you X. However, if we cant come to a trade arrangement with the Rangers now, and you become available as a UFA on July 1, we’ll up the offer to X + Y.

  12. Buffalo makes a lot of sense. They could send us Moulson back. Two rentals. Them both teams try to negotiate to keep their new toy.

  13. PB…whats wrong with that scenario? ..both sides make an informed decision. I doubt what you mention isn’t done anyway, permission granted or not.

  14. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Sorry, I trade him. And I have a Cally jersey and signed items. I still trade him.

    So many intangibles, but not enough production. Is he really the glue this team needs without Torts’ system? True, in a lesser shot blocking system he might not step in front of a Chara 120 mph slap shot, but he still is injury prone.

    What I have pounded the table about, and realize it may not always be possible, if a GM wants to get any value for someone he deems unworthy or incapable of being resigned, you have to do your due diligence OVER A YEAR PRIOR to the end of the current contract and trade him THEN. Why? He has some value to the acquiring team.

    At this point, I agree with Carp. He’s got limited value and the return has to be less than he’s worth, unless signed by the acquiring team.

    Sorry, I respect the guy as a gritty, little player. His stats don’t elevate him to the range of $6M for 7.

  15. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Of course, Step wasn’t going to resign, right? And Hank was done, right? And, how many other negotiations went just this way??

    In the end, it’s the agent playing a tug of war with the GM. I do think Cally’s ‘heart’ is in NY.

  16. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Personally, I am really tired of professional athletes wringing out the towel for the last few pennies. I always thought hockey players were different. Now, they are not.

    Guys like Cally, who I thought was such a caring leader, a passionate locker room persona is nothing but a money grabbing piglet, too.

    It all disgusts me and separates my heart just a little more from sports, in general, but specifically, from the sport that I thought had players who cared more about the game than their wallets.


  17. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    In the end, he’s freaking rich, anyway, isn’t he? I mean $30M, $42M?? What is the difference to his lifestyle or family wealth??

    Perhaps these negotiations should be kept private. They sicken me.

  18. There’s always a chance they name Rick Nash the captain if Callahan’s gone. I doubt they give it to Staal (who will sign in CAR when he’s a UFA most likely).

  19. Intangibles are very difficult to quantify and when it comes to Ryan Callahan you’re talking intangibles. Yeah he’s a 150% all in skinny pinball. We needed him bad when he arrived. Bottom line, if he doesn’t sign before the deadline, move him. I say they sign him, and if need be his name mysteriously appears on a beachfront tropical island home.

  20. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Good point about Staal.

    I went to a players forum a few weeks ago. Recognizing this was in front of an audience, and not in the locker room or on the ice, it was another opportunity to get a sense of the players personalities.

    Hank, Nash, D. Moore, Cally, Staal, and Boyle. Interesting that Nash was not one of your thoughts, Carp. He IS our best player, but he sure is quiet, low key, and would seem not to be the guy everyone looks up to in the locker room. He seems to be programmed to say what everyone wants to hear.

    Of the 6, the only 2 I could see as ‘captain material’ were Staal and Cally.

  21. Yup, pretty un-Callahan like IMO. 7 years, 42 million? average of $6 million per for a nice player who is often injured and averages around 20-22 goals a season (1 season with 29).

    Heart and soul player who you want on your team, certainly, but his asking price is much too high for a guy with diminishing production.

    Dustin Brown, who is apparently the measuring stick here, has a ton more goals and has remained relatively healthy throughout his career, a center and has a Stanley Cup.

    Callahan deserves to be compensated for his play while Torts was here, diving in front of pucks and putting the team on his back, but his price needs to come down.

    I don’t see why, if indeed Cally’s price can come down a bit, he and Girardi can’t be resigned in the off-season and Richards bought out.

    I presume Miller would replace Richards?

  22. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Yea, BP, like he won’t sign for ANYTHING, if he just signs for 5 years now???????

    The difference is not $12M. It’s negligible (barring injury, which should be as much his responsibility as his teams).

    He’ll get another deal then (years 6 and 7), depending on his market value (gee, what a wonderful concept) that will be higher (likely because of inflation), or slightly lower.

    Is that really an issue??

  23. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    And I agree, he should be the measuring stick. He is an inch or two taller, and 15 pounds heavier. What I have trouble with is that he is much less injury prone. Is that because of the system? Or the physical attributes of the player?

  24. Matty before throwing words like money grabbing piglet around try putting yourself in Callahan or Girardi’s shoes. They’ve been team mates since the OHL and have come up through this organization together. Now here they are in the last years of their 20s and in my eyes deserve every dime. And I’m glad their agents are putting the screws to slats. After the big checks, the long term deals, the jack wagons that have come and gone over their past 8 some odd years with this team, DG and Cally have been there to be prime examples of leaders on the ice especially but off too. Hell, when talking about the future of the C, Nash’s name isn’t even in the conversation. Whatever happens, happens but I just don’t know how this team will be once all of the “heart and soul” and “high five” guys are gone. Will slats and AV be able to identify and procure enough talent to fit his system and compete for a cup before the king’s best years are behind him?

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Brown plays RW not Center but that just furthers the comparison
    Faster, bigger, more accomplished player

  26. If you think Callahan only blocked shots because Torts was here, then you don’t know Callahan. This is who he is…He plays the same way no matter who the coach is…

    Letting him go will be a huge mistake. IMHO.

  27. the part that makes me sick is that Callahan is far from washed up. If he stays healthy he’s invaluable. Would you want to see him as a staple in the Devils top 6 for the next 7-10 years? how bout skating with Bergeron or Lucic up in Boston? could happen.

    What sucks the most about the New NHL. By James R. G: A guy like Stralman will get another contract here while our captain, in his prime, is going to get traded because of his overly common desire to cash in.

  28. Callahan is not an offensive superstar and that is the money he’s seeking. When you give that money to guys who aren’t you won’t have the space to get guys who are.

  29. Dustin Brown simply *cannot* be the measuring stick because he negotiated his contract himself and admittedly took a paycut for the team.

    I can’t wait to trade our *Capt.* at his lowest possible value for *nothing* and then somehow believe that we get *better* this way.


  30. You said it, Janmes. I’d rather they just let Stralman walk, call up Allen next season, and sign Callahan with that extra money if it meant keeping our CAPTAIN.

    Part of the reason there are so few comparables just demonstrates the fact how valuable Callahan is.


  31. Man some of you would bash and discredit every last player on this team with the right bait dangled in front of you. I can understand with certain guys but to go after the heart and soul guys..that’s just making them the next Park and Giacomin to our kids and the generations after them..

  32. DJK

    That is why they need to buy out BRich and spread his salary around and sign the home boys and bring some younger guys with potential.

    Next year BRich will be like 92 years old! He can’t be that good at this age…

  33. Great Park and Giacomin point, Janmes.

    Right, CCCP. If they sign out Brad, there should be no cap worries whatsoever.

  34. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! How can a fan base so quickly abandon its heart and soul player!?

    Not just here but all over Twitter! Sheesh

    If you guys think this team is soft now, wait until Callahan is gone! This team will be softer than a Swedish Juniors team. Might as well break out the full cages.

  35. Also, realize this: he needs to be replaced. That includes his production ( he is .56 PPG player), PK ability, hitting. I’m not even talking about intangibles. You go an UFA route, it might be cheaper, but you will still overpay. Is the difference worth letting your heart and soul Captain go?
    My gut feeling is different from Carp’s. I think both parties give something to meet in the middle and he stays in NY. I hope I’m right.

  36. Manny trading him at his lowest value and getting nothing is no different from letting Jagr walk and signing Naslund and Zherdev or trading Gaborik for spare parts.

  37. You can replace Mr. Ed with one player. You can’t replace Ryan Callahan with one player.


  38. ilb, that’s exactly my concern. all they’ll bring in is another somewhat top 6 guy who is beginning to unravel or a guy who “may just need a change of environment” to finally flourish…You trade spare parts and border line players for that. Not Callahan.

    And it should be said that they need to reassess about life post Richards. Because if this Cally thing is going to happen and they are still not 100% sure if they’re buying out #19 then I may have to boycott the team until Sather is gone.

  39. In fact, you can’t replace Ryan Callahan with ANY player.

    Let’s hope CARP is having a “Torts won’t be fired” moment!

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    Are there any teams in the league with the C and both A’s worn by defensemen? If Boyle is still around I think he could wear an A for this team. More likely they might give it to Nash, although he wouldn’t be my choice.

  41. Food for thought: This team as currently constructed minus Callahan and Richards…You’re going to tell me they don’t have to bring in one major UFA this summer?

  42. And to keep cheering you up Manny, I’ll put this out there too- I think it remains to be seen if MZA is going to be able to do what he’s doing this season over the long term..

  43. That’s the least of my worries, James. I believe in the Hobbit Wizard (for He is Lord of the Rink).

    I’m more concerned that they move Callahan, throw money at Stastny (Richards 2.0) and Vanek and then keep Richards.

  44. ask WR Steve Smith, formerly of the NY Football Giants, if not taking a solid offer and waiting to go FA is a wise move,

  45. if the Rangers are really offering 5 years 30 mill, then if Cally gets traded, its on Cally not Sather.

  46. No more mercenary or imported captains, a la Drury, for this team. Staal over Nash, if it comes down to that choice, except it won’t because Slats is an “organization loyalty last” man.

  47. Callahan has won exactly what Park and Giacomin did with the Rangers. Gilbert, another one…Cups? 0 If we’re happy beating the Islanders, spread BR’s salary around, keep the status quo and we’ll feel good. This team is not a contender. Not sure professional sports is the place to be teaching our kids lessons other than money talks. ’94 isn’t holding me to die in peace, I need another fix, this team ain’t gonna help.

  48. if they are going to resign him, to me, the obvious choice to the captain would be Brian Boyle.

  49. Rob in Beantown on

    I said this yesterday, but I would want more assured continuity than to make Staal captain. So unless you extend Staal I would give it to somebody signed beyond next year.

  50. ATTENTION GENTLEMEN: If you are tired of those pesky, unsightly urine splashes on the lower part of your trousers from full-length urinals, why not try our new Un-Yuckets, the new fashionable and utilitarian knickers from the Brad Richards’ Collection? A nice compliment to the UnTuckit shirt. Endorsed, too, by the family of Payne Stewart.

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    Brad Richards is not only a *standout center* for the NY Rangers and Stanley Cup winner and MVP, he is also known for his *sense of style off the ice*. Not wanting to *compromise comfort for fashion*, it made perfect sense for him to be the face of Untuckit – great looking shirts, worn *untucked*.

  52. Holy crap … I’m hearing today that the seven years/$42 million number that’s been going around is low … that Callahan wants seven years and MORE THAN $42M. Good luck with that, captain.

    Good morning, Sally!

  53. Norm, just saying, the Lady Byng goes to the best player with the fewest penalty minutes. It’s not to be treated as an MVP or a Rocket Richard or a scoring title or even a Norris, Vezina, Selke, etc.

    Most voters, at the end of the season, go down the list of fewest penalty minutes then determine who had the best season from among those with six or four PIMs. It’s a joke. It usually goes to a really good player, but only because of the joke of a process that determines it.

  54. The only player that deserves that is THE KREIDER.

    Cally is a complete-clown if that’s what he thinks he’ll get. And he may … on a $hit team. Good luck not making the playoffs for the next seven years, Admiral Callahan.

  55. rangers don’t have a choice here, trade Callahan and get the best deal possible, won’t be much but better than nothing at all.

  56. I’d extend THE HORSE for another 10 years at max salary.

    He deserves it.

    And a subscription to the “Hay of the Month Club”. A new mound of hay delivered to his stable-step every month.

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ray “the Knife Lewis vs Aaron “handgun” Hernandez at midfield for the coin flip. Heads Ray stabs Aaron, tails, Aaron shoots Ray.

  58. If they sign Callahan and Girardi before the end of the year I would take it as a sign they are not keeping Ricards but will also not be able to re use all of his savings on others.

    They would be too cap squeezed.

  59. I think this time they know they have to buy out Richards or it will eventually cost them Staal or McDonagh or Stepan in a few years and be a giant hole in the roster with the recapture hit. In fact, they’d be better off giving Callahan seven years at $9M per than having that giant hole at nearly $6M per annual cap hit when Richards retires. Would be a wiser throwing-away of money by far.

    I think they will re-sign Girardi, though. IMO.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers will extend Richards, pay cally top dollar, lose everyone else and go with a 3 man roster….Affirmed, Cally, and Hank

  61. Unlikely that players consider such things, but Rangers approaching UFA and RFA would certainly benefit by a Richards buy-out and a JT Miller maturation, exchanging 6.7 mil for 800 thou.

  62. Personally, I hope Callahan gets every last nickel and goes to the team that’s willing to give him the best overall deal (money plus).

    I’ll miss him not being on this team, but he and his family deserve it.

    Like everyone, he has the right to go where the market will take him.

    ……and while I’m advocating for the working class slobs of the world:


  63. Carp, any team that fancies itself a contender should stay away from Wilbbuuuur, even of he offered to play for free.

  64. I’d argue that Callahan is paid his worth right now, which is $4.25 million.

    So he’s seeking a $2 million raise. Question is does he deserve it?

    I’d argue that Richards is overpaid, but Richards had some hardware he brought with him.

    I’m sorry, but when I look at the roster in a salary cap league, I see Kreider, MZA, Stepan, Hags, Staal and J. Moore all on the horizon needing to be resigned.

    Girardi can be replaced, IMHO.

  65. except most Canadian GMs/coaches/broadcasters/writers think he’s just super duper and having a remarkable bounce-back season.

    And if you put all his goals and assists on a reel, without any of the other stuff that goes on, or doesn’t go on, when he’s on the ice, he looks pretty super-duper.

  66. Carp, everyone but us because we’re too smart too be fooled by fancy highlight reels and silly stats. :)

  67. One more year with Richie and even McD will pass him in points, plus play the entire sheet of ice.

  68. If this is the real Staal moving forward, lock both him and Girardi up and find another stud RH DMAN to replace Stralman on Staals right side.

    Ypu have the Goaltending, why not roll out 2 shut down D pairs every night as well?

  69. Right now, Staal and Stralman are playing as well as GMan and McD. However, if you can upgrade Stralman, it has too be done.

  70. In Richard’s younger days the better parts of his game could compensate for the weaker part.

    Not anymore.

  71. definitely resign Girardi, right handed #1 defensemen don’t grow on trees. If Staal continues to play at this level than the rangers should either sign him or if they feel he wants to go to UFA than they should trade him. The rangers should do this in the off season. Hopefully they won’t wait until the last minute with Staal.

  72. This is a really weird combination. Sounds like Gord Miller and Joe Mich. Did everyone else decline because of the Superbowl?

  73. Another consideration, how will an incoming player adjust to all the legendary NYC distractions?

  74. Does anyone want to play for Buffalo right now? The only good thing the Baby Buffaloes have going for them is Miller, and he’s a goner at the deadline or this summer.

    Baby Buffaloes could be the East Oilers. Drafting 1st overall for the next couple of years.

  75. Carp, I have to say I’m a bit surprised by your jaundiced view of the Lady Byng, that it’s a “joke” to go down a list of players and see who’s had the best season without spending time in the penalty box. Obviously you can’t have a team comprised of nothing but Lady Byngers, but could the Rangers’ roster survive the inclusion of any of the following six players who meet your criteria? O’Reilly, Johansson, Seguin, St. Louis, Jokinen, Datsyuk?

    Do you find the story of Mikita shifting his game from dirty to Byng (for his daughter) in the least bit compelling? Do you care that the Rangers’ own Frank Boucher practically owned the thing, to the point where they gave it to the guy to keep and made a new one? Anyway, I don’t think it’s a joke — I think the award elevates the game, especially relative to the other three major sports. You’d know better than I whether the players think it’s a joke.

  76. Good point, ORR, but Gord Miller does all the World Junior games, so I’m surprised he hasn’t gone with TSN. Unless CBC has all the rights for the Olympics or something like that.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not sure about a lockout in 2020, but there’s a great show on MSNBC called lockdown and this week, Ray Lewis and Aaron Hernandez square off for the title of best Athlete Murderer.

  78. No, I see very little value in the Lady Byng. Sorry. The voting is a joke. It’s like the three stars of the game. or the Super Bowl MVQB.

  79. Do you know that in ’94, the “national” writers got ballots for Conn Smythe and lots of them simply voted for Messier, completely discounting what Leetch and Richter had done. IMO it was 1) Leetch, 2) Richter and 3) Messier.

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s Alydar and Richards, Richards and Alydar, Alydar and Richards, now Richards by a molar…….And Richards wins the Triple Crown

  81. So your argument is that it’s a joke because… it’s a joke. Ah, well. To each his own.

  82. And, coos, I’ll assume your dig at the ladies was mock misogyny rather than the real thing. Lady Byng was a hockey fan.

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    The inverse of the Stephen McDonald award, the least effort put forth, goes to #19, Brad Richards

  84. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Oh man, you guys…

    Completely agree on your 11:26

    Great post

    The rest of you…

    How the hell is Dustin brown *NOT* the perfect measuring stick? I mean so he negotiated for himself AND took less money to stay? How exactly is that *NOT* what you would want your heart and soul player to do, to take a discount and stay?

    If the agent is the only difference, seems like it is, then cally needs to have a chat with his agent if he really “wants” to be a ranger.

    I get the fact that your playing career could be over in a moment (especially the way cally plays), so just say exactly that and say you are going for max money and max term where ever you can get it and thank the ranger organization and move on.

    Don’t say one thing and try and do the other.

    Just my opinion of course.

  85. eddie eddie eddie on

    the woodman was a bad bad man…..what a horrible story…..Kristof’s article and Ms. Farrow’s story made me want to puke

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    it’s a joke really…we never intended for her to sniff the glove over and over….

    David St. Hubbins

  87. The Red Wings are really in free fall.

    And yes, Wicky. I would like Callahan to do all that. But D. Brown is an old school, unique guy. We can only wish. I just hate the idea of Callahan leaving. Just getting further away from what made us successful.

  88. Man 0’War gets so few penalties because not only will he not backcheck, he won’t even try to cheat on the backcheck.

  89. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    The time to have come up with a deal for Callahan was last year, this time of the season. And if he was interested in top dollar, confirm it then and trade him for something (not used parts), which is what was done with Gaborik, a YEAR ahead of FA. What we got for Gaborik may not have been equal value then, but it was somewhat close (given the injuries he sustained this year, it ended up just fine for us).

    To trade Callahan now, his value is low, you get nothing close to comparable. Either way, Cally has the leverage now, not Sather.

    Time for Sather to re-evaluate the way he does things. With Hank he knew he would pay market or more, so he could take his time.

    It seems with Girardi, because of his replacement value, he is going in that direction, too.

    With Cally, the only hope for a realistic resigning is that his heart is here. He says it. Let’s see if he means it.

  90. Carp – Have to see what’s out there UFA wise on defense to replace Girardi. With Klein, McD, Staal and Moore and perhaps resign Stralman around $2.5 million, I’d rather get someone on the backline willing to drop the mitts every now and then than re-up Girardi at $5 million per.

    Rangers are much too soft on defense. Rangers are much too soft upfront as well for that matter. Callahan is a nice checker, but I don’t think he scares anyone.

  91. In Brodiva’s defense, I don’t think he likes them that young. The only bad thing he’s ever done to a child is take his/her food away and eat it himself.

    Though I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’s actually eaten a child whole. You never know!

  92. Personally if we’re going to spend $10-12 milion per year on two players, I’d rather use that investment for some more toughness.

    If their isn’t anything available on the open market, then I guess I’d wait.

  93. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    I know I will get chairs thrown at me, but the loss of Prust, which did not need to happen IF Sather negotiated in advance and knew the market, hurt the teams play for a period of time. He had intangibles that added up to more than anyone could place value on.

    Callahan has more intangibles.

    I almost feel sorry for Sather on this one. A truly difficult decision. However, if he had been more proactive, he likely would have had his answers 12 months ago and avoided this scenario.

  94. “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we’re uncool.” Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

  95. Did anyone answer the Cup captains question? I think it’s Bill Cook, Muzz Patrick and Messier

  96. ” My advice to you. I know you think those guys are your friends. You wanna be a true friend to them? Be honest, and unmerciful.”

  97. RIP Brandt! Hoffman was a heroin head, it’s really sad. The guy was great in TBL.

    Cally, we’re gonna miss you dude.

    This whole team is going to get blown up. It just has that feeling after all that’s happened in the last 12 months. I think Boyle is a goner too. I love Cally and Boyler, two guys that Torts morphed into the players they are today.

    And, Zucc, should be priority #1. Our best offensive player and best puck distributor. He could be the captain, IMO. Lock the guy up for 5 years.

    I think Girardi is going to going to get a pay day from NYR because there is no one else. I say 7 years $5.5M.

  98. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As for girardi, well the contract seems reasonable considering he is a top 4 D man on ANY nhl team and he is right handed.

    I would get rid of NATW (like yesterday) and move Klein up (or leave him with Moops) and try to fill the 2nd/3rd pair physical right D man. Plenty of guys that you can do that with in the system (mcilrath perhaps) or free agents/trade engelland, guenin, bieksa, bortuzzo, polak, mcquaid to name a few (just names folks and I know bieksa’s salary is higher).

  99. A Mo-Jo, it’s a very high-tech machine that transmits pages over the telephone! It only takes eighteen minutes a page!

  100. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m also not as sold on Staal as most of you. I’d trade him and try to get a guy like methot or a more physical top 4 left D man. Left side just not quite the priority as the right is with NATW.

    If I’m selling Staal, I’m selling high and doing it this year.

    I like this team better with McGinn and Stewart on it and a healthy dorsett.

    I’d give dorsett an *A* if cally goes.

  101. Always liked Philip because (in addition to his far-reaching versatility) he never tried to be a typical Hollywood slim, pretty boy.

  102. I caught you knocking at my cellar door.
    I love you baby can I have some more.
    Oh…oh…. the damage done.

    I’ve seen the needle and the damage done.
    A little part of it in everyone.
    And every junkies like a setting sun.

  103. I can’t fault Callahan for wanting a long term deal that offers him stability that takes him to 35, nor can I find fault for wanting top dollar. I think the reality is that we as fans never want to see a homegrown player leave but it’s a business. Players will test free agency to get the highest possible contract they can. It’s a fact, get over it, every team loses good players to free agency.

    That said, I wish whoever gives Callahan $6m or more over 7 years good luck. Unless the cap rises dramatically I have a tough time seeing how such that contract works out as a good bargain as there is a fair amount of risk over those final two years.

    While the team has to think about contracts from a cap perspective I would bet that players look largely at their actual salary. Meaning Callahan is sitting there getting paid $4.8m to play hockey this year, he’s in his prime earning years and with the cap rising plus his production improving since he signed his current deal – I’m not surprised he’s thinking he deserves at least $6m.

    Five years at $6m seems like a no-brainer in that context from the Rangers perspective. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them meet in the middle at 6 years and a little more than $6m.

    Callahan is a low-20s goal scorer at the end of the day with a recent history of injuries and plays a physical game – two things that make it hard to extrapolate where he’ll be at age 34/35. He’s good on the PK but I don’t think teams place a lot of value on that – seems like every team has a 3rd and 4th line guy in the top four PK forwards. I also don’t give a lot of credit for being a captain. Sure, there are handful that truly lead/inspire a team – those are exceptions and frankly nothing about Callahan would lead you to believe he’s one of them.

    I hope they sign him to a reasonable deal but I won’t be too bent out of shape as a fan if they let him walk.

  104. Buffalo Bill’s defunct
    who used to ride
    a watersmooth silver stallion
    and break onetwothreefourfive pigeons just like that
    Jesus, he was a handsome man
    and what i want to know is
    how do you like your blue eyed boy
    Mister Death

    ee cummings

  105. Hard to get up for this football game. Too many loudmouths, thugs, inane 10 million dollar commercials, phony hoopla.

  106. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It’s the new hunger games, haven’t seen that one yet.

    I just imdb’d Seymour and I’ve seen 2 movies he’s in. Mission impossible 3 and scent of a woman.

  107. I do love football but the asinine coverage is mind boggling and never ending. This Mike Perreira garbage is so stupid.

  108. “He believes the culprits might be the very people who, uh, soiled your rug, and you are in a unique position to confirm or disconfirm that suspicion”

  109. SeeeDubbb says Sign Cally!! on

    Another one I think you missed is-

    Before the Devil knows Your Dead.

    Good flick.

  110. Stranger Nation on

    _That the trophy has “Lady” in the title_


    Cally for Bieksa – do it!

    Zucc for Capt…left hand side please

  111. Stranger Nation on

    Word to the wise – dont watch any pregame BS – be gouging your eyeballs out by gametime

  112. ‘State and Main.’ Actually, ‘Tru’ was the play, ‘Capote’ was the film, and his Best Actor award.

  113. Shoot pucks not drugs.
    Spike Lee film…Ed Norton, Hoffman…made right after 9/11, good stuff.
    Brandt can’t watch though or he has to pay 100. Haha that’s marvelous.

  114. “Spooned to the side”
    “Needled up the ice”
    “Bad trip, he’ll be going to the sinbin”
    “Oooh, mushroomed!”
    “Del Zotto has had a Chronic cough he just can’t shake”
    “Spiked to the sideboards!”
    “Power Play nicely strung out”
    “Crosby Zigzagging, trying to roll out”

  115. ‘Waste Management Open,’ Stewart Sink and Cess Pool tied for the lead, Philth Mickelson one back.

  116. The answer to the trivia question as to the names of the three Rangers Captains who have won a collective four Stanley Cups are: (RW) Bill Cook – 1928 & 1933;
    (D) Art Coulter – 1940
    (C) Mark Messier – 1994

  117. it appears that the flyers, jackets and craps keep winning placing pressure on the rangers to keep winning, fugg.

  118. Stewart Sink must be married to the clumsy housewife who, when doing the dishes, dropped the dishes and broke the dishes. It seems she was out of “sink.”

  119. If one of these two Super Bowl teams really wanted to win it would have signed DeSean Jackson to a 75-yard contract. lol.

  120. SeeeDubbb says Sign Cally!! on

    Rangers Report @rangersreport
    Punxsutawney Phil: 6 more weeks of winter, less than five more weeks of Callahan.

    Killing me bro.

  121. A lot of Hoffman fans on here…I am a fan too…but of another Hofmann…Dr. Albert Hofmann, that is.

  122. The trade possibilities are interesting. It seems Fast, Miller, Kristo, Lindberg and Allen will all be ready to make the team out of camp next year. Zucc’s contract will be up too. I didn’t think this at the season’s start but he’s a keeper.

  123. Puppy Bowl rules. I’ve been watching for *three* hours. Maybe two. It’s hard to keep track!

  124. Hockey ruined me. Ever since my first hockey game all other sports became boring and unwatchable.

  125. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s the best part about Super Bowl Sunday. Put on Animal Planet, the cable TV channel, if you get it

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