It’s Go Time! … Islanders at Rangers … Is Callahan going?


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Islanders at Rangers.


Back indoors, where you only have to wear one coat on the bridge …

Of course, the talk continues to be — and will continue to be — about Rangers captain Ryan Callahan, who very realistically could be dealt before the March 5 trade deadline. Though that’s five weeks away, there is a two and a half week Olympic roster freeze, so that date is closer than it seems.

ICYMI, Darren Dreger is reporting that at least one team has received permission to talk with Callahan’s agent about a new contract. FWIW, scouts here tonight from the Sharks, Red Wings, Canadiens and Lightnings. Pierre LeBrun said he’s heard Columbus is also interested in Callahan (for Dubinsky? lol).

Callahan was not named one of the three captains of Team USA today –Zach Parise getting the “C” and Ryan Suter and Dustin Brown will wear the “A”.


Ya boys come off their sweep of the Devils and Islanders on that big, loud, fabulous stage at Yankee Stadium.

Tonight is the final meeting of the season. The Rangers will be off the next three days, then play three in four nights leading into the Olympic break.

The Rangers are 2-2 in their last four, but have won 13 of 19 overall and have lost their last two at home, to the Islanders and the St. Louis Blues. They are 0-2 against the Islanders at MSG this season

The Islanders have lost four in a row, and are in danger of being completely on the outside of the playoff picture if they don’t string together a bunch of wins, and soon. They have only 15 regulation wins in 56 games, and will need to win plenty of games in regulation in order to jump over a traffic jam of teams in the East to make the playoffs.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Evgeni Nabokov in a rematch of the Yankee Stadium game Wednesday.


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  1. This is unbearable. Best case Sather is using another GM to try to reset Callahan’s agent, right?

  2. Breaking News: Ryan Callahan pulled from the Rangers line-up tonight. Trade Imminent. Rangers fans hold on to your seats.

  3. I saw Dreger’s tweet from earlier. Honestly, I can see the rationale in trading Callahan, but that doesn’t mean I’m okay with it at all. It just wouldn’t be the same without him, and would the potential return even be worth it?

    You’d think buying out Richie would help offset the cost of retaining both Girardi and Cally…

  4. Definitely got a good chuckle out of Callahan for Dubinsky!

    What’s Girardi asking for that’s so different from Cally’s demands? Or is their situations not comparable because of the different positions/hockey skills they bring to the table?

  5. I love that the same GM that went 9 years at almost $7MM per on playoff healthy scratch Brad Richards is deciding this is where to draw the line. Goddammit I’m all the way back to fully hating Sather.

  6. Richards took less money to come here. Translation: He was offered more money by other NHL teams and chose to come to NY to play for his good friend, -God-, John Tortorella.

  7. At hotel bar in west palm beach. Bar mitzvah tomorrow night. Thank god game is on NHL
    Network. Can watch first 2 per before dinner.

    Cally if dealt you have to get more then Chris Stewart. I like Stewart and would live rangers have him but not straight up for cally. U need more. Rather prospects and top 9 forward.

    Cally for Dubi.

  8. I think Girardi is more realistic: five-year/maybe $5M. Maybe a little more. Term makes it more acceptable. And, yes, position as No. 1 pair.

  9. i’m back and forth on the Cally Situation
    Carp always says
    it’s according to what we get back
    just getting blues’ stewart doesn’t seem like
    nowhere near enough
    considering that he’s underproducing
    and only has one more year on his contract.
    i liked stewart when he was with the avs but for a Cally
    deal……i don’t know.

  10. Klein to replace Girardi? Is that a joke? And is that before or after they trade Stralman? Who’s going to fill out the rest of the D? Bickel and Mcilrath? Is the goal to win the cup or challenge the Oilers for the #1 pick?

  11. That’s BS about Richards taking less money. He took less when you consider the $1M per for the last three years of the deal, which he will never play and never get. The first six years is the real contract. And that number isn’t less than what he was offered.

  12. btw
    have we ever had a player who was willing to give
    a hometown discount?
    i look (dejectedly and disgustedly) at folks like marty, sid, malkin and there are probably others
    who resign without having to break the bank.

    really starting to bum out about this

  13. Here’s another scary part: We’re inside the playoffs so that means the return is going to be NHL level and deemed expendable by the acquiring team.

  14. Callahan was Tortorella’s captain. While obviously still very respected by his teammates and new coaches his role is different on the current team. He is a third liner. He is just one of many (good) PKers on the team. He is the most injury prone guy on the team. His diving in front of shots, while very admirable, is not as necessary on this team.

  15. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Slats after Callahan is traded: I got a good deal on those boys. The scouts said they showed a lot of promise.

  16. all these advertisements by the government to give them more of your money….

    and you thought education was expensive, try ignorance.

  17. I’ll projectile vomit if Captain Cally’s traded … especially if he’s reunited w/ Dubi. This whole thing seems like a bad dream.. This guy is MEANT to play here and if he leaves, I PROMISE you we miss the playoffs. I understand it’s a business decision but come on- we overpay for other teams’ free agents and we won’t pony up for a guy who brings it every night?! Sickening…

  18. Callahan is a fine Irishman. His father is a gentleman anda class act. His Grandma is a sweet, a real Saint ofa woman.


    (at least until after St. Paddy’s Day)

  19. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    Brad Richards signed a 9 year 585 million dollar contract?

    haha… the link for that article is hilarious

  20. Lev, without clicking, “offered more” can just be an attempt to endear by saying a team offered more annual over shorter term or more total over longer term. Odds are the Rangers offered the best overall package.

  21. I’m a Yankees and Rangers fan and I can’t remember any potential deal like this. Leetch was harsh, but he was 35 and well into the fade. This is … [baaaaaaarf]

  22. So long as this moron is GM, this team will continue to get rid of it’s best players and the analyst people will say it’s some sort of smart prudent hockey decision.

    In no particular order:
    Jagr, Gaborik, Prust, Dubinsky, and now Callahan.

  23. Gift of GAB-orik says CALLY-CONUNDRUM on

    Trading the captain? Mid season?

    …. not sure how this will play out, or how it won’t be a bad thing.

  24. When Cally signs with the Islanders, Devils or Philthies, maybe you all start wishing he was back.

  25. Didn’t Sather say that his goal *every year* was “to win the Stanley Cup” and that’s why Torts was fired.

    If Cally isn’t on this team, we don’t do anything in the playoffs, if we even make it.

    So, what’s changed? What’s the goal now?

  26. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I have been rethinking my position Girardi. His reliability is very underrated. The Rangers should re-sign him to a friendlier deal than Wade Redden’s deal with the Rangers.

  27. BRich at that time was the ONLY suitable high class center after excellent season for Stars, so desperately needed by Rangers. And Stogie got him. What else you’re talking about? So silly…All the rest is unpredictable as always.

  28. NYR, That was just a lame cop-out on Sather’s part so he wouldn’t have to explain how the team wussed out and got their coach out of there. If he really believed that the Rangers should win the Cup every year, he’d fire AV as soon as this season’s over too.

  29. At least there was some good news that came out today:


  30. ThisYearsModel on

    Very happy for Sam. I have met him a few times. Always kind and outgoing to Ranger fans.

  31. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Carcillo has been in Beast Mode since his arrival.

  32. This whole Callahan thing stinks. Sather mostly does ok with trades, but this one isn’t going to feel right.

  33. Enjoy Cally’s last games. Should be good as a raw diamond in jewelry showcase on display.

  34. John Shannon ?@JSportsnet 6m

    Rangers have given permission to multiple teams to talk to Ryan Callahan’s agent, Steve Bartlett.

  35. I dunno if I can visit this site until the Callahan saga is resolved. I get agita reading about him being traded.

  36. If Cally goes , me and Beast Mode Boyle are right behind him.

    Book It.

    We’re so tight , we’re like a shamrock.

  37. And if AV is influencing Sather in any way by saying that Callahan doesn’t fit his “system”, fugg him. Coaches need to work with the personnel they have, and I bet 29 other coaches in the league could find a way to insert Ryan Callahan into their “system”.

  38. What GM would trade their <30 Olympian captain? I can't even believe Slats Revere is considering this. And what owner would allow this? Ugh. I feel nauseous.

  39. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Following the replay, the puck was shot directly into his pad.

  40. maybe the rangers are banking that there isn’t a team out there that will be willing to give what Callahan wants and he will come down on his demands.

  41. S. Revere didn’t care about the $$ and years when he gave it to Seabiscuit, who’s half the player Callahan is.

  42. If Sather’s playing a game of chicken with Callahan’s agent to see who blinks first, that would piss me off more than anything. Stop screwing around and sign the guy!

  43. Papa, when I mentioned St. Louis and Datsyuk, I was talking about shots off the backhand. I still think they have a better release, but you’re right, Tavares is awesome distributing the puck off the backhand.

  44. “And if AV is influencing Sather in any way by saying that Callahan doesn’t fit his “system”, fugg him. Coaches need to work with the personnel they have, and I bet 29 other coaches in the league could find a way to insert Ryan Callahan into their “system”.”

    LOL. 4 words. Marian Gaborik John Tortorella.

  45. I agree Lats, it’s his passing, not necessarily his shot, and your right, St. Louis and Datsyuk along with Malkin, awesome shots on the backhand, roof city.


  47. “LOL. 4 words. Marian Gaborik John Tortorella.”

    Lev, if you’re implying that I thought Gaborik should be traded because Torts didn’t like him, you’re wrong.

  48. Haha I was thinking the same thing, Orr. Must be pretty awkward to promote your own TV special!

  49. If Cally gets traded, do you think the team gives Richards the evil eye for the rest of the season?

  50. _If Cally gets traded, do you think the team gives Richards the evil eye for the rest of the season?_

    The fear is no, isn’t it? The veteran core, outside Boyle, will all be on D.

  51. Everytime Matt Martin throws a check does Spam have to inform us that he leads the league in hits?

  52. I know there aren’t a lot of one team careers anymore, but if anyone deserves it, it’s Ryan Callahan with NYR. Let’s hope S. Revere, crackhead Dolan, and our beloved Callahan feel the same way.

  53. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Every time Boyle throws a hit, I am told, incorrectly, that he is a beast.

  54. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say AV may have some influence in Callahan getting traded. Cally didn’t put himself on the third line.

  55. To be fair, Callahan hasn’t exactly played his way into a top 6 forward so far this season

  56. I’m not sure the rangers should be playing a open game with the islanders. I think that’s a mistake.

  57. “To be fair, Callahan hasn’t exactly played his way into a top 6 forward so far this season”

    Fair, but remember that’s he chained to the Old Grey Mare (who ain’t what she used to be).

  58. ThisYearsModel on

    Amazing that they kept Tavares’ line off the scoreboard in that period. Hard to understand how we keep leaving guys open in the slot.

  59. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I was a Devils fan. Now, I am an Islanders fan. Your imagination runs wild.

  60. Very true, Latona. Those injury stints early on didn’t help much either.

    My point was more about how this probably doesn’t have much to do with AV trying to get rid of Cally though.

  61. If anything they should dump Richards, keep Cally and bring up Miller. Maybe trade for Kadri?

  62. I don’t usually get too passionate about anyone in the organization, but Ryan Callahan is to me as MDZ is to MZA. Without the other “stuff” going on.

  63. Remember when there were those Dustin Brown rumors back in 2011? It never made sense that the Kings would trade their heart and soul when he had a $3.5m cap hit, and good thing they didn’t trade and decided to lock him up because they won the silver chalice the following year…

    Let’s hope the Rangers are that smart too.

  64. IMO, Sather is letting Callahan’s agent talk to other teams banking that no team will give Callahan a 7 year/6mil deal and Callahan will lower his demands.

  65. Callyman, I wasn’t necessarily saying that AV wants Callahan out, but I just hope he isn’t telling Sather that Callahan isn’t essential to the team and organization.

  66. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If I was not a Rangers fan, why would I watch each Rangers game? Am I glutton for punishment? I do not like Henke. I do not like Boyle. I do not like Dorsett. I do not like Stralman.

  67. If I could “like” a comment, I would be liking like mad just about everything Latona is writing.

  68. Latona, I have no idea what that old cigar smoking nitwit truly thinks but if that is what he is trying to do than that is a big gamble.

  69. For once I am giving Sather the benefit as we speak. He is applying heat to Cally as Cally is looking for 7 yrs. I’m not wild about trading him but 7yrs at 6 million is just asking for trouble again. The Richards contract shouldn’t be looked at in the light that we got to take care of the Capt. 5yrs or ship him or make him blink to 6. We are not contenders, we are playing better getting used to AV system but it’s a good streak is all. We are not contending. It’s weird I’m trusting Sather on this.

  70. ThisYearsModel on

    Is anyone really going to go $42MM over 7 years for Cally in the offseason? I still think he will get to FA status and Sather will fork over big bucks to sign him.

  71. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    “Even though they are at the bottom of the division, they do a lot of good things.”


  72. Oh man, I need to search out those Brown rumors. My comments were along the line of “OMG OMG OMG I’D LOVE DUSTIN BROWN IT WOULD BE LIKE HAVING TWO CALLAHANS!!!” and now we’re here … so bad. I’m the unhappiest boy in New Jersey.

  73. _Is anyone really going to go $42MM over 7 years for Cally in the offseason?_

    If he makes it to UFA, I’ll take yes on that bet. Cap going up and he’s the type of player every team wants. Someone will go there or bigger.

  74. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP: To me, it is about the AAV of the deal. 7 Years or 8 years would be fine with me, but not at $6MIL per. The 6 becomes an anchor late in the deal. I would go $4.75MIL for 7 for our captain and heartbeat.

  75. I think the opposite, ThisYears … the concern about the cap hit in the later years. I’d go more money, fewer years … if they really want to attempt to keep him.

  76. I like how the people here creating their own scenarios, imaginary actions and even concocted dialogs, exaggerate it to a heating point and than get pissed of their self inflicted stuff, blaming someone real.

  77. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Boyle on the ice and the Islanders get a premium scoring chance.

  78. Carp
    Great question, you put the numbers right where it’s tough. I would go 5/38. Years mean more to me, cap is going up. Cally plays hard and not the biggest. Probably not a good GM move but. YES

  79. The thing is, and I said it before, bad Callahan is still a checking line player. Its not like bad Nash who becomes a 2nd line waste or a bad 3rd line fit or bad Lundqvist who either sucks in goal or sits with a huge salary. The absolute floor, be it LTIR or the checking line, is higher than with most crazy deals. So you just take the risk and maybe abstain from a Pyatt some offseason in favor of a kid.

  80. Posters who love when certain Rangers fail or do something wrong so they can comment about it, might as well be the fan of another team.

  81. Stranger Nation on

    I don’t usually get too passionate about anyone in the organization, but Ryan Callahan is to me as MDZ is to MZA. Without the other “stuff” going on.


  82. ThisYearsModel on

    Well CARP, that’s why you are the BlogMeister and I am a lowly Bonehead. Does that recapture nonsense ONLY apply to contracts signed before the new CBA?

  83. Just about every team has a Cally heart beat guy, some better some worse, they just don’t become available is why this is interesting.

  84. Stranger Nation on

    Would rather give Cally front loaded 4 year deal.
    Any deal more than 4 is a crap shoot

  85. Callahan could essentially go to Sochi as a member of a team for which he has yet to play a game.

  86. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m trusting that Sather will screw it all up somehow.


  87. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    There is nothing Henke could do on that occasion.

  88. couldn’t be any luckier as the puck goes right to a islander player standing there to score a empty net goal. Lucky bounce for the islanders and a bad break for the rangers.

  89. Stranger Nation on

    Hank could have either NOT tried to catch the puck or caught it.

    Either way they were gassed with no clear the whole time

  90. islanders have been coming on this whole period. Rangers better get it going or there losing this game.

  91. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Nothing Lundqvist could do, he said while turning cartwheels._

    A hip surgery later, I am unable to perform cartwheels.

  92. Add Your Comment
    Say what you want, but StepOn is as far from being 1st line center, as Chico Reisch being Rangers loyal fan.

  93. not feeling all that hopeful
    with power play opening 3rd period

    when was our last pp goal?
    it seems as if it’s been
    for the past 3 or 4 games

  94. Let us also not forget that Callahan will drop the gloves if the time is right, toughness beyond the hitting, blocking shots, etc. He’s handily won a couple of fights in his career.

    Slats seriously can’t trade him, can he? AHHH!!!!

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Stogypuss can’t possibly complain about the money after Richards Gomez Drury Redden etc. etc. etc…

  96. Henrik with a few words for the D coach while skating off. ‘Can you give me a little help out there?’

  97. Since Wednesday, DiGuay been hanging with CeeBlow and the lady posse at the Kew Motor Inn.

  98. I know the 3rd line is working, but Kreider w/ Brassard and Zucc just seems like it would work out so well.

  99. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers chances for a goal would improve dramatically if they put the shots on net.

  100. From this thing called Twitter:
    BSBH Forum ?@BSBHForum 1m
    Prior tweet incorrect. #NYR have offered Callahan five years, in range of $30M. Callahan camp holding firm at 7 years, $42M per NYP. #NYR

    Fair offer? I feel it is

  101. Spam with the jinx:

    “Rangers have done a great job on Tavares’ line to this point.”

  102. Love Richards. Glad he was the right call at 9 years but we’re going to hold strong on 5 with Callahan.

  103. Whereas Staal might have emptied the tank on that 2:00 shift in the 2nd, Richards reserves a little fire for post whistle complaining. Gotta respect that.

  104. I hear ya Mr. D. I guess when you’re surrounded by all those millionaires who got above & beyond fair I guess you don’t want to be the sucker getting only the “fair” deal!
    I think Lord Sather will eventually come up a bit though.

  105. Gravy, Callahan knows he gets 7 on the open market. There’s zero reason for him to settle. Onus on NY to pay or not.

  106. Really!? More penalties? How soft can the NHL become!? Especially after the whistle and around the cage.

  107. Good evening all! Sorry for delay…Boyle!!! Zucca!!!!

    If we trade Cally, our captain, it’s gonna get ugly in mamaland…….no hartnelling way…..

  108. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Bradley Richards seals the deal. Rangers. 3-1. Game over.

  109. Matty"SmurfCentral"Boy on

    Hank has had a phenomenal night so far. He is as good, now, as he has been. So hard to believe given the putrid start.

  110. Banker: “You play?”

    Kid: “Yeah.”

    NCAA: [investigates, places team on 2 years probation, ruins everything]

  111. Those fancy behind-the-back-no-look passes Islanders keep trying look oh so pweety. The 3-1 lead is pweetier, though.

  112. Wish I could remember who wanted my little Wegian gone and is now in love….I always believed…..

  113. That PP looked so bad w/out Richards on the point that Pouliot wanted to end it immediately.

  114. Yes we did NYR. But I was scared earlier this year.

    All praise the *Hobbit Wizard* for *he is Lord of the Rink*

  115. Stranger Nation on

    Bro is very very hard

    Zucc with the silky hands

    Kreider beast

    Staal playing at a very high level

  116. Stranger Nation on

    last time v Isles at MSG with MDZ – 5 goals against

    last 2 games v Isles with no MEZ – 2 goals against

  117. Mama love Olga, mama love……ending my week happy despite life interruptions…. TA til the morrow all….

  118. Matty"SmurfCentral"Boy on

    Nice to see the $8M man playing like we need him to. He willed this game. There were a number of good efforts by some of the guys, but there were some who didn’t come out tonight, too.

  119. Carp
    Is Kenny now a bad word. Posts are getting moderated??? I know it’s not you. Trade the moderator n Kenny for a bag of pucks

  120. i recruited 2 more potential boneheads for us to chat with. 2 really cool and funny ranger fans. they said they’d come check it out, so welcome them in the typical bonehead fashion

  121. Matty"SmurfCentral"Boy on

    Thanks, Latona. Seems like good advice. Seems like they should agree to 6 years and $35-36M. Cally needs to wake up and smell the roses. He’ll never find a better place to play. And, what an honor to play a whole career with an original 6 team that drafted you.

    Glen, Ryan, kiss and make up!!

  122. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I will be here when Henke and the Rangers are eliminated in the playoffs, too.

  123. “AV >>> Torts”

    Not yet, my brutha. But, I like what I see from our boys. Brassard with the GWG. You called it ;)

  124. Eddie that would be,

    AV = torts x 3 (?)

    that’s effing math Boneheads.

    Go Back to School.

    Learn Math.

  125. haha dude u funny just for future reference, we cant use those kinds of words here, but since ur new here carp will let it slide

  126. When Micheletti tells you over and over how many great “young players” a team has, you can bet they won’t make the playoffs.

  127. I’m getting a strong feeling about this team.

    And it has little to do with the Johnnie Walker *Blue* I opened up Earlier.

  128. obi- why u think i am so foul over at hockeystreams? hehe. its cool though theres a lot of witty, loyal and passionate ranger fans here. we got the best guy runnin the show here too. rick carpiniello. but we just call him carp

  129. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    When is MSG Network going to honor Chico Resch?

    The day they raise Brashear’s #87 to the rafters…

  130. Cally provides a lot of heart and leadership on and off the ice for this team. I think it would be a huge mistake if he trades him away or lets him walk.

  131. “Cally provides a lot of heart and leadership on and off the ice for this team. I think it would be a huge mistake if he trades him away or lets him walk.”

    I like you already, obierns!

  132. Excellent point, above, about how we overpay for free agents but will not pony up for our own, productive organizational players. I know of no one who despises the Rangers organization more than Sather.

  133. I cant fathom The Cigar Man trading Cally. Not happening.

    …unless The Cigar Man is bowled over by some team’s offer. But i just dont see it happening. No way.

  134. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I’d love to see Cally in an Indian Head uni. Wish the Hawks still had John Scott for Sather to trade him for.

  135. Anybody still think we should trade Hank and turn the team over to Talbot? Or anyone still think Hank is finished? Where are all the people who were speaking such nonsense earlier this year? Btw i love Cally, got his winter classic jersey, love the way he plays, but Wayne Gretzky was traded so anyone can be…i dont want to see him go, but if he does, Sather better get an awesome return…7 years at 6 mil is prob a little too high, wish he’d come down a little but that is his right and honestly he does deserve it

  136. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – great read in new Rolling Stone about Beatles US tour and meeting Dylan who got them Baked Alaska on the left hand side and they became rather fond of the lamb’s bread.

    Soon went from Meet the Beatles a la Chuck Berry to Rubber Soul with the young fresh and green.

  137. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    AV is looking to me like a good regular season coach. Will this system work in the PO’s? I am not convinced. We will hopefully see.

  138. And bright side to teams allowed to speak to cally’s agent…if they get him locked up long term Sather can get more for him as he wouldnt just be a rental…silver lining

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – I’ve been a Rolling Stone subscriber since 1976 ;)

    The article several months ago on Aaron Hernandez was killer

  140. A public endorsement of Cally from AV. Sweet! Said he’s a “big fan.” Wish he would have elaborated to drive it home, but better than nothing.

  141. I don’t want to go to bed tonight because it means waking up tomorrow scared that there was a trade.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vibz – Hank sucked the moose earlier this season….played worse than every goalie in the league. I was saying he was done. I was wrong – dead wrong – and happy to admit it….Hank has been superb

  143. “That didn’t seem like a ringing endorsement for retaining Callahan by the Coach.”

    I know, Papa, but it was better than the question not being asked or him totally ignoring it. You could tell that he wanted to divert when he said he has nothing to do with contracts, but better than nothing.

  144. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    No doubt, Vibz. No doubt.

    Silly thing is what’s the dispute? Between 5, 6 or 7 years, all 3 about $6m? He’s a pig if he wants 7 KNOWING how injury prone he is.

    I believe this is a ploy by one side, challenged by another. They will come to their senses. 6 years, $5.7-6.0M per.

    Really, he’s not THAT good. We all just love the guy because he is so gritty. But, he’s not that good. What’s Dustin Brown earning anyway? Let’s be serious, Cally.

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Slatsko – that prostate of his is bigger than the Goodyear blimp…..won’t be long

  146. Henrik was slowed down early in the year by a Fran Healy feature injury. Hanks wife is now saying, ‘thank God!’

  147. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you keep Cally from foolishly blocking shots that Hank can stop, his injury-proneness will disappear.

  148. Hank, at breakfast to wife, earlier in season: “I TOLD you, I don’t want any goddamned Cheerios!”

  149. Agree with Matty 100%

    6mil per year is a LOT of money for Callahan. I love him, but Dustin Brown he is NOT.

    But Sather will pay him.

  150. I find it hard to believe that a team would pay Callahan 7 years, 6 mil. That’s why sather gave Callahan’s agent permission to talk to other teams figuring no team will agree to those demands. Callahan will lower his demands and the rangers will sign him.

  151. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Why would Jagr be on the ice in crunch time with the Derbils up 2-1? Slow as molasses.

  152. Michael Ryder just stopped on a breakaway — DelZaster caught too deep in offensive zone…

  153. “cooscoos
    I don’t remember ever seeing anyone so tired as Staal after that 2 minutes.”

    Watch me carry the laundry up two flights of stairs for momma.

  154. _I find it hard to believe that a team would pay Callahan 7 years, 6 mil._

    Have you already forgotten about what Clarkson got last year?

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – Girardi and Staal were both baked beans on that PK….ya just knew the fishes would score…

  156. Matty"SignCally"Boy on

    Nothin better than watching the Derbils blow a point 10.8 seconds before game over. Add to that, confirming how freaking slow MDZ is on that Ryder breakaway.

  157. “If Callahan wants 7 years @ $42 mil you give him 7 years at $42…there should be NO debate about it. At all.”

    Agreed, CCCP. It’d be nice if they agreed on less, but Slats and Dolan oughta fork it over if Callahan is serious about not budging.

  158. I’m having a Nick Fotiu “Beginnings” Party in the Cave on Tuesday.

    Knuckleheads Invited.

    Nicky Knucks.

  159. Chico chalking the Derbils loss up to bad luck on two “broken plays.”


    DelZaster remains a liability. And seems to have more freedom in the offensive zone. But still a liability.

  160. If they don’t give Callahan his deal and they don’t get an AMAZING trade, every year we can just go through and find the extra $1MM-$1.5MM that was totally over the top for Callahan to request.

  161. Jim Gordon and The Whistle were like pairing the CEO of Merrill Lynch with the head of the Dockworkers’ Union. And it worked!

  162. Never will forget Nicky Fotiu, the ultimate counter-puncher, being called for delay of game along with his serious goon opponent because the goon wouldn’t come near him and they shadowboxed gloveless for two minutes.

  163. If you want to go attend the Nicky Fotiu Beginnings Screening in Papa Bear’s Man Cave on Tuesday, please arrive at the Target on Page Avenue in Tottenville by 6:00PM. There, you will be met by a large Asian man who will blindfold you, put you on a bus and drive you to the location. While here, I suggest we use our Bonehead names. You’ll be fed and hydrated and allowed to use the bathroom when necessary ( as long as you flush when finished). At the conclusion of the show, the large Asian man will blindfold you again, put you on the bus and deliver you back to theTarget on Page Ave.

  164. Mistah Edie, you wercome to come no crows or crows on. however make you ferr comfortabra.

    You king ChopChop.

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