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  1. @DarrenDreger

    Developing story, NYR grant permission to at least 1 team who has already talked with Callahan’s agent. More on Sportscentre. #TSN

  2. Flew in from Kansas City for first game of the year with the wife. Hope the bridge’s weight capacity is ready.
    Carp… you here???

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Wowzers. Cally’s agent talking to other teams? If that is the case, there should be a significant return for him if he is dealt.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    His name is Zucc
    intense on the puck
    doesn’t press his luck
    In a jam, comes unstuck
    Game full of pluck
    Not mired in the muck
    On the wall he won’t duck
    AV here, Torts’ a Canuck
    Made the pp not suck

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Either Slatsko is playing a hard line bluff or we are getting a new capt.

    Playing with Mr. Ed will have those forwards wanting to leave…

  6. also, in all seriousness, if we’re granting permission for other teams to speak with his agent, he’s all but gone no? we must have a deal on the table that we like

  7. Bick, no, they have permission to try to sign him to a new deal before the trade, which would greatly increase what the Rangers get in return. If he’s a rental, the Rangers won’t get nearly as much.

    But why in holy hell would Callahan sign now, unless he’s sure he knows where he wants to play the rest of his career?

  8. I’m torn. Letting a team talk to his agent is 100% right, but oh my god it’s serious now and I can’t believe he could be gone soon.

  9. The worst part of all these bad parts is that it feels like the team is shifting to being modeled after Nash/Richards types and not Callahan types.

  10. permission to speak to an agent usually means there is a deal in place. I would not be surprised if Cally is scratched tonight.

  11. Though, I think the Rangers really would prefer to keep Callahan … only the price/years will prevent that from happening.

  12. Breaking News: Ryan Callahan pulled from the Rangers line-up tonight. Trade Imminent. Rangers fans hold on to your seats.

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