It’s Go Time! … Rangers vs. Islanders


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Game 55.fishsticks
Rangers vs. Islanders


Bundle up. Gonna be freakin’ freezin’.

Ya boys come off their 7-3 win at Yankee Stadium Sunday to finish the two-game Stadium Series tonight. That snapped a two-game losing streak.

They are 1-2 against the Islanders this season, and neither team has won a home game so far. The teams will play again, for the third time in 11 days, Friday at the Garden.

The Rangers have won 12 of their last 18 games. They have won four straight road games (they are visitors again tonight) and are 5-1 in the last seven on the road. Since starting the season 2-6 on nine-game trip, they are 14-4 on the road.

The Islanders have lost three in a row, including that questionable shootout loss to St. Louis after having an overtime goal disallowed. Prior to that, they had won 10 of 13.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal, probably against Evgeni Nabokov; same lineup for Rangers.

Alain Vigneault is one point shy of 1,000 coaching points in his career.

Daniel Carcillo has told people he will fight tonight, which is nice. Matt Carkner and Eric Boulton are possible scratches, leaving Matt Martin as the likely dance partner.


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  1. Is it still a rivalry if the Rangers don’t treat it like one?

    BTW, have we traded Cally yet?

    Oh, and Let’s Go Rangers!

  2. Is the age difference really that big of a deal in the MDZ trade? Klein should be good for another 2 to 3 seasons and it seems they have some d prospects that have the potential to outshine MDZ. And there’s always the UFA market every summer. True?

  3. Good evening all! Was having such a good day until my car got towed, three blocks from the stadium of all places, and I’m not even going to the game. HARTNELL!!!!!!

    We better win. My night and day tomorrow is down the tubes….

  4. Congrats to the esteemed Mr. Kenny Albert on calling his 1,000th regular season Ranger game tonight!

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Need these two points!

    Dump, chase, and hit – force turnovers and make that old goalie stretch…

  6. And I hear today’s a special anniversary where Carp and this Blog is concerned? Congrats Carp!

  7. Only up side, on way to subway to train, passed a bar where Leetch was having a meet and greet. However, asshat guard wouldn’t let me be the last person behind the last guy to actually meet him. Got a bad pic from behind the rope line though….

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers West – more of a J Moore v. MEZ scenario – Klein is just a bonus – we had too many left Dman, especially if we keep staal.

    Last game for Icelanders we didn’t have Klein, let’s see what happens tonite.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    LETS DO THIS!!!!






  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETs gog ogg og gogogog ogogogo!!




  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Ranger ROMP these guys , i’ll take on any bets.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nice to see ya blog momma!!!!

    Rangers are lookin to kick the Carcillo outta these clowns.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    the hubbie is fixing his car using a girls’ soccer ball as part of a car jack, but is wearing a dress shirt???


  14. Cee cee nothing to good for NHL entertainment, Bloated KISS with not enough make up then South side impressive. Much better than Prince, U2 , the Boss, WHO, Michael, stones, Petty that the NFL has.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Awww Blog momma , here’s a biggg hugggg , hope your day gets better : )

  16. Thanks Greg. The crap continues tomorrow though. Car towed and can’t get it tonight…long story, and it’s all bad :)

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!! Thats what im thinkn ORR!!! Blow these bums right outta the water. I wanna see pain , I wanna see us EXPLODE!!!

  18. Normally I feel confidence that the rangers will beat the islanders but since the islanders have been playing a lot better the past month and a half and the rangers blowing 3-1 leads the last 2 games against the islanders only to lose 5-3, I don’t have confidence the rangers are winning these 2 games against the islanders. I truly hope I’m wrong.

  19. Ceelo last seen checking into the Kew Motor Inn with gaggle of back up dancers and DuGuay.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He speaks French in German

    Salmon swings downstream to meet him

    He is whiter than rice

    Stay thirsty my friends

  21. Do they have anti-freeze in Hank’s water bottle? I was feeling all bummed about not going, until I walked three blocks from the stadium to the train and thought I’d die….

  22. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, you have already earned lifetime SOUP! How about a lifetime supply of Cubans?

    Give us a final score!

  23. So how bad are the refs going to be tonight? Will there be a parade to the penalty box or they actually going to let them play? Hope it’s the latter

  24. So is this Rangers team supposed to rise above the tough stuff since they need to play faster?

  25. Why do they have a protection net up there behind the goals if there aren’t any fans there? Do the refs need it?

  26. There’s a very inappropriate joke to be made about that comment, concerning Wang, 4ever. I’ll restrain myself, however.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Will Richie never pass again? I mean, never?

    Guy always shoots unless he is PP – must suck playing on his line…

  28. NBC are experts at missing the action. Cool interview JR! Glad that happened during live action.

  29. Stranger Nation on

    puck is barely moving on the ice – what is up with that sheet they are playing on?

    too cold?

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s really too bad that little girl’s first hockey game had to be such an awful one

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    Seriously though, the NHL tries to get first time viewers with these contests, but then the games wind up being boring and unwatchable. Not a good way to make and keep new fans.

  32. “How can the ice be this horrible when the temperature is so perfect?”

    Manny, the problem is the opposite of MSG. Instead of being slushy and muddy, it’s rock solid and too hard. Pucks are very hard to handle and move to quick on the surface…

  33. Stranger, I think it’s stupid. A weekend day game that gets national attention…all good. A night game on cable mid-week….aristophenes

  34. Dangerously unpredictable game because of puck bouncing almost at every pass. Could be funnier than last one in any way, including just one, but lethal bounce or mistake.

  35. That’s why I don’t like all this brouhaha outdoors. Artificially inflated commercial carsillo, IMO, nothing else.

  36. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Milbury needs to become a GM again. I’m tired of Sather being the worst GM in the NHL.

  37. IGravy,
    funny you posted about the 3 trips the refs missed. I texted my friend who is at the game about how the rangers got called for 2 penalties while the islanders have gotten away with 4, 3 trips and a slash. I thought maybe It was me being a ranger fan even though I am objective.

  38. again the ice is brutal, puck bouncing like a ball. It’s hard to get anything going but considering the islanders #1 line is very good passing the puck it might benefit the rangers.

  39. Thank you lord for the mute button. Bet the lines for beer or bathrooms for that were epic.

  40. Tommy, didn’t mind the non calls until they decided to call the one on MZA. If they’re calling that, then the Rangers should have gotten at least one, if not three.

  41. Cilo: ‘I’m playin’ the hockey game Wednesday night.’

    Groupie: ‘What you hockin’?’

  42. I get the ice is bad, but with Grabner’s speed and skill set, he should have *a lot* more goals.

  43. these retarded refs didn’t just call Nash for diving and made this a 4 on 4, ridiculous. These refs are getting on my nerves.

  44. Luv Jeter but best Yank I saw was Rivera but I didn’t see 4,5,7,8 never mind 3. Jack wagon Jeremy

  45. Rivera is the best closer ever, he’s not the best player. Not enough playing time to impact even half as much as Jeter.

  46. Olga Folkyerself on

    I was going to go to the game, but instead I shoved my TV in front of the window, dressed warm, went outside, turned on all the porch lights, watched the game through the window and burned a bunch of $100 bills…

  47. all I know is if a islander player breaths on a ranger player and that ranger player falls down to the ice the retarded ref better call a penalty on the Icelanders or I’m going to blow a blood vessel.

  48. Man, I hate that argument, Stranger. First, its 5. Second, the same argument can be made about Jeter or Posada or any number of players. Third, did we not lose a WS with Rivera standing on the mound?

  49. I’m waiting for the fish sticks to be dying….Wow,the frozen fans Sunday got a better deal.

    It’s hard for me to judge play under these asshatting conditions….

  50. speaking of klein, I’ve noticed him the past 2 games giving up the puck in his own end, not good.

  51. well, I knew the rangers were close to scoring. Hopefully they continue there skating in the third, if the rangers do they will win this game no thanks to the retarded refs.

  52. If ur blaming Rivera for the AZ series u sound like JR. Posada really? now back to our regularly scheduled sport

  53. Way to answer back boys! Let’s do this.

    Think we’re due for a call to go our way.

    Brassard gives the best post goal hugs in the league.

  54. Stranger Nation on

    My personal favs are Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich

    You can swap them around thought

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    So, I’m out here on the porch, freezing between periods, and my wife comes out, brings me a cold hot dog and a watery beer and takes 20 bucks out of my wallet. I’m beginning to feel the experience.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    Pullout had to make up for that horrible back check on the Isles goal – not Klein’s fault

  57. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    As Zuccarello tallies another point, it is best that we all remember:

    _Not all teams would take Zuccarello_

  58. Olga Folkyerself on

    To get the correct view of the ice, for the third period I’m going to watch the TV from across the street.

  59. @rangersreport

    NBC should have shown this Beatles cover band (Strawberry Field) instead. Much better than previous, ahem, singer.

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s so cold out here, there’s a Lawyer standing with his hands in his OWN pockets…

  61. The New York Rangers are playing 2 more games at Yankee Stadium in 2014 than A-roid ever will.

  62. I’m proud to say I never once criticized Poillet when he was having a difficult time. Not once…..never once. …. :)

  63. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _It’s so cold out here, there’s a Lawyer standing with his hands in his OWN pockets_


  64. Woman: Do you drink beer?
    Man: Yes
    Woman: How many beers a day?
    Man: Usually about 3
    Woman: How much do you pay per beer?
    Man: $5.00 which includes a tip
    Woman: And how long have you been drinking?
    Man: About 20 years, I suppose
    Woman: So a beer costs $5 and you have 3 beers a day which puts your beer spending at $450 each month. So, in one year, it would be approximately $5,400 …correct?
    Man: Correct
    Woman: If in 1 year you spend $5400, not accounting for inflation, the past 20 years puts your spending at $108,000, correct?
    Man: Correct
    Woman: Do you know that if you didn’t drink so much beer, that money could have been put in a step-up interest savings account and after accounting for compound interest for the past 20 years, you could have now bought a Ferrari?
    Man: Do you drink beer?
    Woman: No
    Man: Where’s your Ferrari?

  65. _If ur blaming Rivera for the AZ series u sound like JR. Posada really? now back to our regularly scheduled sport_

    Not a bit, but there seems to be a camp that thinks no other reliever could have closed out games … and the time he didn’t doesn’t really count. Can’t have it both ways, right? He was awesome, but there were guys who contributed more by virtue of playing more.

  66. Hope Chris Nilan is happy with my Tommy Bahama swimsuit tonight up there in Moosefreeze Manitoba.

  67. If you don’t like mushrooms, and make an issue of it, you’re too much of a wuss to help me move my couch.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Woman – “Winston Churchill, you are so rude, if you were my husband I’d serve you poison”

    Churchill – “madam, if you were my wife, I’d drink it”

  69. Rivera something like a .051 era in playoffs beyond wicked. In how many games…wow o wow. Jorge lifetime BA in 6 WS …….wait for it .219
    Back to this snoozefest

  70. OMG!!!!
    AND THEN…..

  71. iDoodie Machetto on

    I was going to come on to complain about the no call on visnovsky for interfering with Callahan, but then carcillo scored, so I don’t mind the noncall.

    I still hate that carcillo.

  72. It must be brutal tonight…handwarmers and toewarmers saved my rear there Sunday. Wouldn’t wanna be without those tonight!

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I used to hate losing Gaborik for Brassard ,Dorsett and Moore …but you can’t deny Brassard is more of a consistant hockey player in all aspects of the game . Him and Moore for Gaborik is a STEAL!!!

  74. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Saying _Boyle beast mode_ is an insult of epic proportions to Marshawn Lynch.

  75. lets go rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  76. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Guy in a Brodeur jersey is being pelted with beverages by fans of both teams._


  77. Guy in brodeur jersey
    must be some
    S&M type
    who couldn’t get an appointment
    from his regular client tonight

  78. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The best of below average players. Quite the accomplishment. (:

  79. Islander fans usually are partial to the Derbils.

    That’s funny they’re pelting the doofus in the Fatty Jersey.

  80. If somebody is dumb enough to go to a islander/ranger game in a brodeur jersey he deserves to get abused.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Devil jersey guy was lucky is wasn’t urinated on also…

  82. Many moons ago, I was at a game where a guy had a Filthy jersey on…people chanted and held up their lighters, “burn the shirt, burn the shirt!”

    Poor kid was by himself and took it off. People cheered.

    I did not feel proud then……

  83. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka Hanka with a plethora of game-savers in the final minute.

  84. I had a obnoxious flyer fan thrown out of the building a long time ago when the rangers were playing the flyers at the garden and I was very proud. I actually got a standing ovation from all the ranger fans in my section.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    That game winning goal was Carcillo but we’ll take it.

  86. it was bluejackets first year.
    at a pre-season game bj’s against Rangers
    and a guy in a fishstick jersey was a couple
    rows in front of me
    being in an aaasssen mood
    i was giving him grief.

    as i told my buddy who ran off thinking i was gonna get in a fight at the end of the game

  87. torts is a mans coach, not a baby back beeotch coach. hes not the guy u want if u want a glorified babysitter. he wins cups. dumb move slats made when torts took us farther than weve been since gretzky was here

  88. Torts wins cups? Hhmmmm…Not too sure if the _cup_ (singular) that he won TEN years ago wasn’t given to him by the refs ;)

  89. didn’t realize it was Stepan that sent the puck ALL the way down the ice for the icing

    thought it was McD

  90. couldn’t believe that Boyle
    was called for a penalty there
    i guess
    the ref wasn’t able to
    call for a penalty shot

  91. it wasn’t THAT dumb. there was like 2.6 seconds left, plus in the heat of the frenzy, you just gotta get the puck out, not icing it is almost secondary (not saying its not a priority)

  92. is Sam okay?

    he either sounds drunk
    or like he’s really really cold
    semi-stroke like
    with the way he’s kinda slurry

    and i’m not joking around

  93. eff cartcillo. he fought gabby. hes just a passenger on this team. only way he could be a ranger is if he fights himself and loses

  94. isles’ capuana
    sounds like he should be a policeman
    talking about how they just had to bust
    some heads of those hippie peacenik protestors

  95. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m all good with carcillo.

    If you are pissed at anyone over the carcillo gabby incident it should be girardi. Gabby dropped the mitts first.

  96. icccp- ilove u dawg but cmon now, u know deep down in your staal balls, that torts was pure jam and acdc sized onions n we couldve won if avery was here!! ;)

  97. wickster- gabby at least had the jam to drop ’em. n girardi is forgiven in my bok cuz gabby is his own man, he knew what he was doing. he shouldnt have fought.

  98. BickelsPickle

    if you wanna go heat of the moment
    no one was around Step
    he could have chipped the puck out
    which would have probably eaten up
    the rest of the time

  99. Carp
    who asked the question
    how much was luck part of the game?

    if that was Stan
    i could see Torts getting all Torts on him
    whatta stoooooopid question
    you could AV’s face give away a “WTB??”

  100. “Tavares and Crosby are the best players on the backhand in the league”

    Papa, I’d put St. Louis and Datsyuk above Tavares.

  101. “Guy in a Brodeur jersey being pelted with beverages by fans of both teams.” — Carp in-game Tweet, less than an hour ago

    Response: NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE

  102. Staal
    played a heckuva game

    bummed that i may have forgotten to mark him down for a vote.
    Carbomb should have received the Hat

  103. “Do you think you were lucky tonight?” Somebody stuff Fischler in a shopping cart and leave him in front of a Walmart.

  104. ORR!!!!

    is that a woman asking the questions?
    wasn’t sure if it is a woman or a male who hasn’t hit puberty?

  105. gotta admit Pierre’s questions
    were 158% better than
    what were asked by most at press conference
    particularly Stan

  106. will say this
    whoever would have received the
    should have beaten Stepan with it
    for his icing

  107. Seems Step has been a bit too anxious and ‘quick’ all year and does not settle down mentally when he has control of the rubber. ‘Quick’ meaning antsy.

  108. Stranger Nation on

    Need to win on Friday to complete the smack dowm

    With Klein in lineup, D looks tighter

    Staal did play very well. Many a subtle yet effective move retreiving pucks behind net and making smart plays.

    Bottom 6 scores 2 and we win

  109. During AV’s press conference was one of the reporters asking question, a kid writing for a junior high newspaper? IMO what voice sounded like.

  110. TSN Game Notes:

    “Okposo had a six-game point streak snapped. Nash had a five-game goal run broken. … CeeLo Green performed between the first and second periods. He wore a long fur coat. … The Islanders were 0 for 4 on the power play, including one at the end of the game”

  111. Wanted to go to the NYI website to check out what they had to say about the loss and accidentally typed

  112. The Legend Mike Lange on

    Aw scratch my back with a hacksaw! Great outdoor game tonight, awesome cold weather, really enjoyed this one.

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