Some thoughts on the Stadium Series, Game II


On this day off the middle of the Stadium Series, some things to ponder as we get ready for the real deep-freeze game tomorrow, Rangers-Islanders at Yankee Stadium, 7:30 p.m.

First, I think the Rangers learned a valuable lesson Sunday about the ice. It was chippy, very bad — and not just because Martin Brodeur said so. It was bad. So if you are patient, especially between the blue lines, you will get some turnovers and be able to counter. The Rangers made a rout out of that Sunday. The Devils, not so much.The Rangers Celebrate Victory

So I’m sure that Alain Vigneault will, at practice today, hammer it into his guys’ heads to take care of the puck from inside their blue line to the Islanders’ blue line, to make simple plays, use the glass and walls, and wait for your breaks. They will come.

However, in the last Rangers-Islanders game, the Rangers did not take care of the puck well at all, and they got their doors kicked in on Madison Square Garden’s ice, even though they led that game 3-1 (sound familiar?). The Islanders are a skating team, too, and more physical than the Rangers. So whichever team can avoid the neutral-zone cough-ups is likely to get more odd-man rushes on the counter-attack.

Now, about that ice. A lot of people, self included, laughed at Brodeur’s claim that it was the worst ice on which he’d ever played. Not saying he wasn’t right, not at all. It may have been. But I, among others, chirped in that this is coming from a guy who played more than 50 games at the Garden.

Well, I did some checking. The NHL’s ice surfaces are constantly rated by officials and visiting team players. Guess what. The Garden’s ice rates somewhere in the middle of the pack (not sure where in the middle, but not at the bottom), and is almost always rated higher than Prudential Center’s ice. FWIW.

Also, if I’m Vigneault, I’m not starting Cam Talbot Wednesday. I could be wrong, but I think that rink in that stadium was difficult for all the players, including the goalies, in terms of depth perception and picking up the puck. If I’m Vigneault, I want Henrik Lundqvist, having already battled through a tough period in Yankee Stadium, back in goal.

The Rangers will not practice at Yankee Stadium today or Wednesday. Their morning skate will be in Greenburgh. The Islanders will skate at the Stadium today. Also, let’s not forget this is a home-and-home. The teams play again at the Garden Friday.

One more thing. Daniel Carcillo sure told a few people that he intends to have a fight at Yankee Stadium against the Islanders. I imagine several Islanders are very much aware of that.


A ratings note from NBC:

Sunday’s NHL Stadium Series matchup on NBC between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils from Yankee Stadium (1:27-4:30 p.m. ET) averaged 2.079 million viewers and produced a 1.3 HH rating, making it the most-watched and highest-rated single NHL regular-season game ever on NBC, both excluding NHL Winter Classics, according to Fast National data from The Nielsen Company.

The broadcast peaked in the 3-3:30 p.m. ET (1.5 HH rating and 2.299 million) half hour, which came in the second half of the Rangers’ four-goal second period, as they scored six unanswered goals to defeat the Devils 7-3.

Locally, the Rangers-Devils game generated a 5.1 rating in New York, matching the highest rating in the New York market for any NHL game ever broadcast on NBC (Gm. 1 LA-NJ Stanley Cup Final, 5/30/12). Sunday’s broadcast generated the best-ever rating in the New York market for an NHL regular-season game on NBC. NBC was the No. 1 network in the New York market within the 1:30-4:30 p.m. ET time period.

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  1. So we’ll be watching for Carcillo to go with who? Martin? Presumably Boulton won’t play and Carkner is above his weight class. Now, if he can goad Tavares, Okposo or Vanek into a scrap then that would be a huge bonus!

  2. Does AV walk around the lockeroom room with his pointer finger on his lips whispering, “ssssshhhhh Henrik’s sleeping!”…probably hearing whispered responses like, ” he is so cute when he is sleeping” ….”oh look..he is smiling..probably dreaming shutout”… well..maybe nor a shutout..more likely dreaming about that contract he signed and sailng u the Hudson on his boat….My Garden of Dreams!……on a side note…Jim Dolans boat…the Hey Ranger JHW-I Gotcha Money For Lousy Cable Service So Kiss My @$$!…doesnt requie sails as it runs off rats on a treadmill!

  3. Meet you after school on the playground Martin!

    Anyone have thoughts on the bridge seats? Good? Bad?

  4. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Go ahead martin have a fight in the frigid weather and break your hand on a hard cold helmet

  5. Matty"SmurfCentral"Boy on

    Don’t start challenging another team that has REAL sized fighters, Daniel. And, your teammates Zucc’s, Hags, etc., are a little too busy doing things like their hair and nails to be ready to help you.

    Say something like you did and you are an island on this team. Not smart. Especially undersized as you are, too.

  6. That’s pretty amazing about the ice ratings. It makes sense that a team that has played like the Devils for so many years would prefer terrible ice. But that’s some really sleuth detective work there, Carp.

  7. Carp, by adding the part about ratings you basically just forced Francesa to pop on over here and read your blog. Well played.

  8. Not sure why Talbot would even be a consideration — backup goalies are for back-to-back games or injuries (or prolonged slumps, as earlier this season).

  9. “Hey. Eddie. What’d that ice get? A 3? A 4? Oh wow. A 6? See, not I would have thought it would be a 4.” – Francesa

  10. Carps pre-game videos have a higher rating than Francesca’s show.

    “Hey Eddie, who’s this young buck Carpinello? Is he a legitimate threat? I mean c’mon, hockey, who cares? As we paisans like to say ‘not happening’.”

  11. Rob in Beantown on

    I would consider playing Talbot because it would be stupid if your All World number one goaltender got hurt in a gimmicky zero degree outdoor game. But I’m neurotic like that. Carp’s reasoning about why AV would want Henrik makes sense too.

  12. Bridge seats try and get 1st row and dress warmly.

    It is colder up there then at ice level.

  13. According to a few rumours this morning Slats is negotiating with Cally and Zucc’s agents.

    It makes you wonder if they will dangle Girardi, Boyle or one or two others to see what they can fetch on the trade market.

  14. I’d play Hank, then possibly play Cambot Friday, but definitely let them split the Oilers/Penguins back to back next Thurs/Fri

  15. Carp- Good Morning! Just answering your question from last thread. I wouldn’t move Cally or Kreider for ROR/Barrie.

    Does Girardi make sense in any deal with the Avs? Have to think Avs would love to get their hands on Dan.

  16. Carp, Francesa *loves* any and all things relating to *ratings* of sporting events. Especially predicting them down to the decimal point. It’s riveting when he does that (s).

    “The Mastuhs down there at Auguster should do about a 7.1 … 7.3 maybe, ok.”

  17. Lol re Francesa. If hockey got better ratings, would he morph into a hockey expert?

    Today he will have Pierre for “you hockey guys.”

  18. Do we think Carcillo is smart enough to get a few dumb Islanders thinking more about a fight than their shift or do we assume Carcillo is dumb and “I want to fight” means “I want to fight”?

  19. Stranger Nation on

    That pic above tells me all I need to know about ‘value’ of ticket.

    Tomorrow eve game time temp: 10 degrees; real feel -2

  20. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Not all teams would take Zuccarello_

    _Rotter: Rangers discussing extension with -Boyle- Zuccarello._

  21. Hard to see Glennie trading him this season unless we tumble or he gets back value on D line. He won’t jeopardize a playoff run. He might roll the bones if he can’t sign him to a deal he can live with. ??

  22. Carle and Wideman are comparables for Girardi – he will get over $5m per on the UFA market.

    If Marchand is used as a comparable for Zucc – thats $4.5m per (ouch!) but i’d say more in the $2.5-3m range

    Cally is going to get a raise, not sure how much but i’d bet 05.-1m more – just look at the Clarkson deal.

    Stralman is going to want a raise to $2.5m or more – again based on what he’d get on the UFA market.

    Oh wait a minute – Kreider needs a new deal too?

    Anyone want to NOT buy Brad Richards out this summer?

  23. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If Dan Girardi is seeking more than $4.7m a year on a long-term deal, let him walk.

    My opinion is that Sather traded for Klein in the case of Girardi leaving following the season. Klein would be the RH shot that replaces Girardi as McDonagh’s partner.

  24. I wouldn’t let my family accompany me to the Olympics. To me, it wouldn’t matter where they are played. The fact remains that these games are a target for crazy people.

    I’d go, do what I am supposed to do, and tell the fam to stay the heck home.

  25. Looks like NHL Olympians will be a sheltered work party, with the only fun in trashing hotel rooms.

  26. Rob in Beantown on

    Yeah, truth be told, these Olympics seem especially scary from a security standpoint. I hope everybody stays safe over there and doesn’t stray from the Olympic village

  27. I wouldn’t read too much into who they’re talking to right now about extensions. If we are near the trade deadline, and Girardi and Boyle haven’t had talks, then we’ll know what the plans are. Many of these contracts get resolved leading up to the deadline.

    Callahan and MZA are going to the Olympics, so Sather may want to try and resolve before then, while the others can have negotiations during the break.

  28. Unless you’re dealing with a bona fide star, big $, long term contracts to anyone at or over 30 seems like playing with fire, if you have other viable alternatives.

  29. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Zuccarello appears to be the priority. _Not all teams would take Zuccarello_.

  30. Zuccs making a bit over a million, and is a RFA. Shouldn’t be a major problem inking him. Slats has bigger problemos.

  31. I don’t think the possibilities are endless. You need to replace Richards’ with essentially the same contract and hope that player produces as much PP offense as him.

  32. We’re due to pay #19 almost 9 mil next season, cap hit 6.7 mil, 34 years old, disinterested on D, plays fragile, good on PP. If he gets hurt, we’re doomed. What’s the call?

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    I think the argument for buying out Richards is mostly about avoiding the cap recapture that would occur in 2017 when he is basically encouraged to retire due to his salary dropping to $1M/year, right? I think a lot of people have come around to the idea that his current production, while not ideal for a $6.7M cap hit, might be tough to replace for that much money through the UFA market.

  34. I’m not saying they shouldn’t buy out Richards. They should. I’m saying that they aren’t going to necessarily be a better team because of it.

  35. I am also concerned about the *perfect storm* of Richards playing reasonably well, the cap going up, UFA’s being extended by their teams, a part time PP point man getting traded, etc. making Sather think, “maybe I shouldn’t buy him out”.

  36. I’m starting to worry about it too, Gravy. More and more. His worst recapture penalty is $5.67M for three years if he retires after 2016-17. After that, the number is the same, but for less number of years.

  37. Richie projects to 20 goals, no D. What’s that worth with the danger included? Slats, though, is scary, as he wants to win, then, if it is to be, let the next GM suffer the potential catastrophe.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, they will most likely not be a better team for buying him out. As I said before the season: he could win the Art Ross, Richard, Lindsay, Selke, Norris, and Vezina and they should still buy him out this summer.

  39. I wonder if NYR are scouting O’Reilly and/or Stastny. Possibly as a replacement for Richards next year?

    Not getting one of those guys for peanuts though.

    Looking at the Avs centers, they are those two, MacKinnon, Duchene, and our boy John Mitchell.

    They can definitely spare one of those guys for wingers, at the right cost.

    Hagelin would have to be involved in that deal.

  40. You guys *KNOW* that Richards is *not* going to get *bought out*. Just accept it. *Sather* obviously *loves him*

  41. O’Reilly can’t be traded until sometime in February, correct? I’ve read that a bunch, never seen it verified.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, that’s correct. He cannot be traded until one year from when Colorado matched his offer sheet.

  43. Coos, say you sign Stastny. He probably produces close to Richards’ totals, plus or minus a few points. I don’t know if he can play the point on the PP. They’re not a better team. Just saying that buying him out is not a cure-all.

  44. Maybe next year, but if you forecast Stastny out 6 years and Richards out 6 years, Stastny has to still be the better option, Richards horrific recapture not even considered.

  45. Well, as I see it, Stastny is an aggressive backchecker, wins faceoffs, is 5 years younger than #19. All plusses when compared side by side.

  46. GRAVY –

    Sather doesn’t think in terms of planning a year ahead. Sather’s vision never extends beyond “What’s for lunch?” That is how he can trade a 23-year old for a 29-year old, and not get a draft pick thrown in to compensate for the age difference.

    All Sather ever lived for, around here, was to “make the playoffs” this year. And screw winning the Stanley Cup if it involves a rebuilding process that takes the team out of the playoffs for a year or two, is his and Dolan’s attitude.

  47. Stranger Nation on

    If you look at PP production, Richards is not that impressive. the guy averages 5 mins of PP time and can be replaced by Moore or Brassard.

    His plays to get in zone are below average, he has no shot from point, trouble keeping pucks in zone, he CANNOT cover any PKer breaking out. His primary attribute is passing to the wing – not a skill in short supply.

    This team would be better and harder to play against with a better two way center who plays both sides of the sheet.

  48. I didn’t realize that Stastny was that good on faceoffs, so he’s definitely a good fit. But, he might be the only one. I wonder if they’re considering trading for him now and trying to sign him to an extension.

    Interestingly, the Rangers can add $8.6M AAV by the deadline, as currently constructed.

  49. That’s the problem I see, Gravy. Stastny is in a class by himself and destined to get well overpaid.

  50. Definitely will be overpaid. He’s already making $6.6M AAV, so $7M+.

    His production has actually picked up this year and is on pace for 24 goals and 65 points. He hasn’t stopped 57 since ’09-10. I doubt the Avs can trade him now unless they get blown away.

  51. Coos, where else an you find a horse who can sore 20?

    Willllbbbburrr stays…….a horse who can score 20 is good for business, sells a lot of seats.

  52. Orr, the problem is, if he’s their #1 target, he’s the only FA that fits what the team needs (assuming they buy out Richards).

  53. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I would rather have a boil on my tongue than a Boyle on my hockey team.

  54. I agree with *Gravy* completely. I don’t think Stastny is that much better than Richards. He’s as expensive if not more and he’s not a PP point guy.

  55. Signing Stastny as a UFA is *exactly* the problem they ended up getting into when they signed *Richards* as a *UFA*

  56. _Orr, the problem is, if he’s their #1 target, he’s the only FA that fits what the team needs (assuming they buy out Richards)._

    You could always work around it by signing a better wing and trusting Brassard can handle 2C for a year until we sign Toews.

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hello all from just outside of manhattan (manhattan montana that is)

    Two questions for carp or anyone else interested…

    1) would you do a girardi for Simmonds deal?

    2) any interest in Rene Bourque?

    I’m telling you guys slats is scouting bordeleau ;)

  58. Richards isn’t a PP point guy either, or atleast not one so good we can’t lose him. Look at the PP time versus the actual production.

  59. That’s the spirit, Papa!

    Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts will be laughing heartily at you all when he sweeps aside the competition in Sochi as if he were brushing a fly from his arm.

  60. I thought I’d pegged you an idiot’s dream
    Tunnel vision from the outsider’s screen
    I never understood the frequency, uh-huh

  61. Wicky:

    1.) *YES* a million times over. I would give up almost anything (except 3-4 guys) to get Simmonds. He’s exactly the *power forward* we need,

    2.) I would rather have LaPierre than Borque.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Ever since Thornton and Marleau resigned, if you think Stastny goes for less than 8 mil a year, you’ll be mistaken.

    I used to think he wouldn’t go for that much, but I’ve changed my mind. GMs are crazy, and Stastny, combined with his current contract, has positioned himself to become one of the league’s all-time most over-compensated players.

  63. Exactly, Manny. Never ending cycle. I like Stastny, but he’s not really wowing me with his numbers, and he’s going to be expensive.

    Is it really worth it?

    You have Step-On, Bros-Hard, and maybe JT Miller making the jump next year as the third line center.

  64. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, ROR has 0 PIMs for the season.

    Stastny and ROR seem to be about the same size with the type stats.

  65. _1) would you do a girardi for Simmonds deal?_

    Considering the contract situations, yes. Taking contracts out, yes.

  66. Richie, as Stranger said, is not an ideal PP point by any stretch. Has trouble keeping puck in, doesn’t pick up his PK check going back, never wins a board battle, less than effective 5 on 5. And, his recapture would be a killer. Stastny, 5 years younger, at 7 mil would be an intelligent upgrade.

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I read somewhere the flyers were desperately looking for a #1 d man…I’d also do that deal in a heartbeat.

  68. Can Brassard break 47 points before we declare him a *2C*? Before his two assists against the Devils, he had 1 assist in 6 games. Those stretches happen too often.

  69. PP points per 60, 60 minutes minimum (to avoid Boyle topping the list) …

    Derick Brassard: 6.3
    Mats Zuccarello: 6.2
    Ryan Callahan: 5.7
    Chris Kreider: 5.6
    Derek Stepan: 5.0
    Brad Richards: 4.0
    Benoit Pouliot: 3.9
    Ryan McDonagh: 3.8
    Rick Nash: 3.8
    Michael Del Zotto: 3.6
    Marc Staal: 3.3

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t make that deal. Simmonds alone isn’t worth Girardi. I like Simmonds’ game, a lot, but he ain’t a Girardi.

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with stastny over secretariat, but I have to think that if we acquire him (smart thing to do us trade for him if you are going to get him at all IMO) then step or brass gets traded as well as secretariat getting bought out.

  72. MD, those are skewed by his early season usage. He’s been averaging over 15 minutes a game for 2 months now, and has spent a significant amount of time as the #1 PP center recently.

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I wish some hockey stat fanatic somewhere had avg pt production for each position (ie avg number 1 ctr scores 68 pts)

  74. Yes, *Manny*. Then divert the Brassard money to Moulson or Vanek (if they can afford him).

    Kreider – Stepan – Nash
    Vanek/Moulson – Stastny – MZA
    Hagelin – Miller – Callahan
    FA – Moore/Boyle – Dorsett

  75. “2.) I would rather have LaPierre than Borque.”

    I remember one particular game where every time Sam referred to Bourque, I kept envisioning the spelling as “Bork,” and I had no idea who the hell he was talking about.

  76. Sather Must Go! on

    The upcoming UFA class is really poor; in fact given age and ability…cally and DG will be very desirable (and overpaid, given thenlimited universe out there)..

    My screenname aside, and i am not saying its Cigar’s fault; but would an astute, active GM lettwo cornerstones at age 30 be available in a bad UFA class?

    I still have a feeling he will overpaybfor englland if he is available..

  77. I don’t think your team is working too well under the cap, Gravy. Stastny is like +$1MM on Richards, Vanek would be +$3MM (?) on Brassard, Callahan will be going up $2MM, Girardi staying is …

  78. _would an astute, active GM lettwo cornerstones at age 30 be available in a bad UFA class?_

    If he thought one or both weren’t worth the long term commitment they’re asking for, yes.

  79. _I wish some hockey stat fanatic somewhere had avg pt production for each position (ie avg number 1 ctr scores 68 pts)_

    I’ve thought about this, but I don’t think it gives the answers we want given 2C Malkin and really bad 1C on various teams. I know what you’re saying, and I want to see it too, but its not by role.

  80. MD, the points per 60 numbers. They were likely higher at the beginning of the year, but I doubt he’s putting up points at the same pace over the last month or two.

  81. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I have a hard time breaking up the coneheads at this point, so unless you get rid of one if them, they stay as a line regardless of it being the 2nd or 3rd line in name

  82. Sather Must Go! on

    Agreed, Mr. D… It will be hard to replace them… Klein was a good get for the team both cuz he is solidand in case G mves on… I gues some depend on radiness f conne allen and mcillrath..

  83. Vanek only if it works with the cap. Moulson would be +1M on Brassard. All partially offset by Pouliot to Miller and Boyle to 4L LW, etc.

  84. _MD, the points per 60 numbers. They were likely higher at the beginning of the year, but I doubt he’s putting up points at the same pace over the last month or two._

    Probably because now he’s 1st line and guaranteed to have Richards out there the full time, huh?

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    MD, the way to calculate that is to take the top 30 centers, regardless of team.

    But you will have irregularities, when guys like David Legwand and Frans Nielson are outscoring Patrice Bergeron, when literally every team in the world would take Bergeron over those guys.

    So perhaps you should rank the centers 1-30, and average those guys out.

  86. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So *IF* we keep pass like brass, then one line has to be

    Pouliot brass hobbit

    So then the rest should be..

    Kreider stastny Nash
    ???? miller(or Lindberg) cally
    Bordeleau lapierre dorsett

  87. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Prospal’s tan is fading, which means it’s time to retire. He knows it._


  88. MD, maybe I misunderstood your post, as I assumed it was in response to me commenting that Brassard still hasn’t, and isn’t on pace to top the 47.

  89. And I’m fine keeping Brassard as a 3C with Stastny if they can afford it. Just not sure what happens with Miller in that case.

  90. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t actually like the lack of grit in three of those lines, but it’s probably the best combo…

    I’d rather see kreider on the cally line and some size and grit with stastny and Nash…Simmonds or Ladd maybe

  91. Camara has such a Canon, he makes me shutter. I kinda Leica him. He should have been chosen for the Olympus.

  92. “20 goals, no D” is a ridiculous characterization of Richards’ value to this team. That said, he is way overpaid even in NYC dollars.

  93. Vanek is going to MN, for his next contract. Unless he gets a contract that he can’t say no to. Heatley will get bought out in MN after this year, and they will use that money on Vanek.

    Wilber has to be bought out, don’t forget he has most of his money already with the 12M the first two years, and the signing bonus. Rangers are gambling that he doesn’t get hurt.

  94. I love the idea of getting a guy like Moulson to play with Nash. Just bang home rebounds all day.

  95. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Bourque has size, not always the grittiest, but better than anything we currently have

  96. I’d take a shot at Moulson. Hopefully Snow killed what ever loyalty he has toward the Isles, and he wont pull a Parise on us.

    He’s apparently really good friends with Tavares. Almost butt buddies. So who knows…

  97. Stranger Nation on

    Moulson is a little flat since moving to Buff – neither he nor Vanek are worth big $$ unless you are bringing Taveres over with them.

  98. Vanek is a solid player, but everything you read over here is that he wants to play and finish his career in MN. He would be a solid addition to the WILD.

  99. Ahh, he has one year *after* this year. Pouliot still doesn’t do anything for them. Minimum pick, probably need a prospect too. Though, he’s really dropped off the last two years.

  100. The idea of keeping *Brassard* over *Stepan* is utter insanity if you ask me (not that any of you did)

  101. Losing Richards I maintain is addition by subtraction. That doesn’t mean we need to run out and throw 4 extra yrs and a couple of million more at Stastny. but that is probably what the cigar will do. It just gives us so many more options in the coming years. Richards is good at 2 things seriously…shooting from any angle and he does well, stay calm in helter skelter last min/seconds situations. Both big time replaceable for lots less, shorter term and way less Cap hit. No brainer, not that hard to replace.

  102. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No way do I trade Pouliot for stafford, stafford is waaaayy overrated and overpaid.

    I keep Pouliot at 1m 10 out of 10 times vs stafford at 4m.

  103. Coos is right – GET A LOAN.

    Also, I don’t think a *Buy out* of Richards would be *addition by subtraction*. I really think you lose a ton of hard to replace *skill* when you get rid of Richards. The problem there is the *recapture* penalty. Other than that I would absolutely keep him.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    Finally managed to unload my tickets for Wednesday night. I took a pretty steep hit (sold for less than half) but at least I got something, considering that there are still tickets for sale and the prices on Stubhub are even less than what I got.

  105. Today’s NY Times:

    “Some 10,000 tickets were available on the secondary market Sunday, but only 6,500 remained Tuesday morning, said Jesse Lawrence, TiqIQ’s chief executive.

    Lawrence noted that the average secondary ticket price, which usually falls as an event draws near, rose to $261 Tuesday morning from $171 Sunday morning.” ??

  106. How bout Ranger / Bruins Winter Classic at The Stafium?

    I’d go just for the Legends Game?

  107. “Well, I did some checking. The NHL’s ice surfaces are constantly rated by officials and visiting team players.”

    Where can this information be found? Ice quality, indoors or out, is constantly and predictably overlooked by media when asking questions. As a hockey player certain ice “has it” while other surfaces just don’t.

    Please elaborate on this rating…

  108. Manny
    totally disagree, you cant separate his production from his salary now and value of a cap hit later. It goes all together. And lets be real he is a soft, no back checking, aging, pp sepecialist who isn’t that special. Key word is soft.

  109. Hmm, how can we replace Richard’s 20 goals for less than 7 million? Oh yes, welcome back Jaromir.

  110. You guys sell Brad Richards way, way short. The reason the Rangers have been so good over the last month is because all four lines have contributed offensively and the top three lines are a real threat at all times. Assuming they buy out Richards, whio is the team’s leading scorer right now, they are going to need to replace that production and getting rid of Brassard wont do it even if you are bringing in Stasny somehow.

    Plus havent we learned that less turnover is generally good? Let’s see how this team fares going forward but I think they could wind up being pretty strong. Dont think I would let Cally and Girardi walk, not at all.

  111. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Please elaborate on this rating_

    Yes, please elaborate on this rating.

  112. Stranger Nation on

    _lose a ton of hard to replace skill when you get rid of Richards_

    _they buy out Richards, who is the team’s leading scorer right now, they are going to need to replace that production_

    ask Cally and Hags how much 5v5 production they are getting with Richie in the pivot?
    Last 8 games 5v5 production for that line: 2 Goals

    Richards can only play with two two way players – guy is toast – a NHL DHer who gets carted out for the PP

  113. I imagine if we were to compare Richards’ point total, weighted by total ice time and PP ice time, against teammates and other comps, its nothing special. And that’s with the knowledge that he’s a negative in other aspects of the game.

  114. didn’t say to go after Stastny at a inflated price or years. Who you replace him with is irrelevant, can we play our young folks with a whole lot of cash and options to open up in the future?

  115. Rob in Beantown on

    Richards isn’t necessarily being bought out because he stinks this year, though. He’d be bought out because the cap recapture penalty if he retires before his contract is up would just be too devastating.

  116. The scary thing is we might not buy him out if not for the recapture. He’s likely not going up from here, so this is peak Richards, in year 3 of the 9 we game him. This is the *best* its going to get.

  117. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _The scary thing is we might not buy him out_


  118. What Gravy said. There really isn’t any replacement for Richards and the only viable option is *Stastny* who will become Richards 2.0.

  119. Except that Stastny at the end of year 7 would be like Richards at the end of 2015-16? The age gap matters huuuuuuuge.

  120. If we signed Stastny, when his max term deal is up, it would only be one year later than Richards deal is scheduled to run out.

  121. In addition to being #19’s equal in scoring, and 5 years younger, he wins face-offs, hustles, and backchecks.

  122. how is Stastny the only replacement?
    False agreement. Maybe the replacement is thru a series of trades, in the system as we speak, or we take a collective breathe and wait for once as a organization and see what develops with a thousand NHLer’s in the next couple of years. Cant believe we are saying we cant replace BRAD RICHARDS. We are screwed every way if we do not buy this guy out. and the scary part is it’s probably 50/50 with Sather/Dolan

  123. Rob in Beantown on

    I like rolling with 1) Stepan 2) Brassard 3) Miller more than the idea of signing Richards 2.0, especially because Stastny will inevitably be overpaid wherever he goes. If those three can’t get it done then maybe you move some players to acquire a center signed to a responsible contract or just wait and see who is available as a UFA the next year

  124. Maybe Stastny will rep a line of shirts that are precisely engineered to let you leave the top two buttons open. Current shirts just aren’t cutting it.

  125. Its Toews, Rob. He’s available after 2014-15 and I read somewhere (here) a source that I really trust (myself) say that he really wants to come to NY.

  126. Stranger Nation on

    9 year deal – Slats must of really been negotiating heavily for that one.

    Richie’s Handler, er, Agent: Glen we want a 15 year deal for $100MM
    Glen: You won’t get more than 9 years and $60 Million

    Some great quotes after signing:
    Sather said Richards “left a lot of money on the table” in choosing the Rangers.
    “We needed somebody like this to take us to the next step,” Sather said.
    Sather said he was not concerned about the length of the contract, citing Mark Recchi’s goal in the Stanley Cup finals last month at 43.

  127. Trades for 1C/2C are much harder to accomplish than UFA signings, not to mention the assets that you’d have to give up in one. So, it’s an option, but not the most viable one.

  128. Maybe we could trade Hagelin to Chicago for Toews now so they don’t end up completely empty-handed after next year. Thoughts?

  129. A lot of people with short memories forget how instrumental Richards was in getting us within two games (four periods) of the Cup Final.

  130. I saw a few people say that they thought signing Moulson would be a good idea. not a chance. stay away. soft and streaky. someone even mentioned playing him with Nash. as long as Nash and Kreider are on this team, they should be line mates. don’t underestimate the effect Kreider has had on Nash. Kreider does all of the dirty work along the boards, and in front of the net. this frees Nash from having to do it. allows him to do what he is paid for, goal scoring.

  131. Gabby had one less goal playing with one shoulder. That doesn’t matter going forward either.

  132. Whomever we get has to have a bit of grit to go along with ability, or we are just spinning wheels.

  133. I wonder what Moulson would look like if we did sign him and Hank helped him out with his eyebrow maintenance.

  134. Referring to when they signed him at the time. We knew the contract wasn’t really going to be 9 years, but it was fine until they changed the rules in the last CBA.

  135. Oh, gotcha. I would still think its a disappointment, because this year hasn’t been more than alright and last year was a total disaster, but its not a tragedy. Letting him play 6 more here at that rate, risking retirement, would.

  136. I was just looking at Colorado roster, trying to figure out whom the Rangers may be scouting. there are a few guys who may make some sense, McGinn upfront, and Wilson on the backend. those would be helpful players, but not really needed kind of guys. I wonder if they are looking at something much bigger between the two teams.

  137. Assuming the Rangers don’t retire Richards’ number, Toews won’t even have to negotiate to keep 19. Isn’t it perfect? Wow.

  138. Richards addresses team, asks that they help promote the UnTuckit by wearing one:

    Henrik: ‘Uh, I’d have to speak to my agent.’
    Step: ‘Mom says I have to keep my shirt tucked in.’
    Zucc: ‘I hope you’re kidding me, right?’
    Boyler: ‘It comes down to the top of my belly button.’
    Carcillo: ‘You really think I’m going to go around looking like a taco vendor?’

  139. Mister D, that #19 jersey hasn’t had a good check in it since Nick Kypreos took his last shower.

  140. _Toews has another year after this one at 6.3 mil._

    I have no idea how long it takes to stitch a new name on a jersey. You have to figure a full season is more than enough, right?

  141. Definately enough time for atleast a rough draft, Mister D. They should pratice the name spelling now just to be sure later.

  142. Carcillo: ‘You really think I’m going to go around looking like a taco vendor?’


  143. Lebrun said that Callahan’s name has come up as *available*. A *Western* conference GM said it was interesting to hear his name. The Avs play in the West, do they not?

  144. A few years ago, I would have thought the Rangers trading Callahan would be a joke, because it could never happen.

    Well, a few years later, no Torts and no Gaby…it wouldn’t surprise me in the least…

  145. If we trade Callahan I’m going to go under my bed and I’m probably not coming out for a pretty long time.

  146. I could get over Hags, Callahan elsewhere would be brutal. Unless he’s said “I’m going to Buffalo” or “I’m going west” and we know we can’t sign him, I hate it.

  147. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Tickets behind the dugouts prior to Sunday’s game were $70.

  148. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    It is helpful. Wait until closer to the game before you get ripped off for $100 per ticket for an upper deck view.

  149. I’m sure Eric appreciates the hell out of your cautioning what last minute prices could drop to.

  150. Kenneth

    The higher seats the better the view. It’s dead center ice seeing the whole game hence the fact face value is $250 per tix.

    Not a better seat

  151. OR…you can watch at home on your 50′ plasma…warm, fed and happy…and if you have dvr, you can even PAUSE live game!


  152. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _you can watch at home on your 50’ plasma_

    Plasma sucks.

  153. If there is someone at MSG Network responsible for the evaluation of Chico Resch as a Hockey commentator, that individual should crawl out of the hole they’re in, open their eyes and ears and do what needs to be done. Besides being the worst homer I’ve ever heard, the man is an idiot.

    In describing a scrum between two French Canadien players (Bernier and Lapierre) in the Devils / Blues game tonight, he offered that it could be due to the “rivalry between those two different nationalities at times” . They are both French Canadien, Chico. Between what two nationalities are you referring?

  154. Chico is an idiot.

    I mean, some of you guys complain aboot Doctor Emrick, but he’s a true professional. A guy like Chico is the opposite. He actually makes me appreciate Joe Mich, as annoying as he is. He’s definitely no Chico.

    Still, I wish Maloney took over.

  155. I’m an LED TV guy. That’s fancy, right?

    Callahan in another Jersey would *kill* me. My insides would explode.

  156. Bit worried about Bob McKenzie’s take on the Cally/Girardi situation.
    Girardi looking for 7 yrs @ $5m per
    Cally looking for 8 yrs @ $6m per

    Obviously he’s getting the agent’s side of things so those estimates are at the upper end of the scale but still even with a bit of negotiating (say 6x$4.5m for G and 6x$5.25m for Cally) would you do the deal(s) or see if you can get a good younger player and complementary draft pick for them?

  157. I think we all have to remember here that we will not hear the true story – each side will float stories out there in the media as part of their negotiating campaigns.
    Agents will use the “insiders” like TSN to quote negotiating issues to get us fans in uproar about losing our favourite players and GM’s will let a bit slip here or there to say they are “shopping” a player, in order for that player to consider lowering their demands to retain the “status quo”.

  158. Eric is spot on the seat prices are higher for a little further up. Better view by far. Let me also say you can’t get tickets from a more stand up dude than Eric. Just sayin

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