Rangers-Devils in review



1) I want to start out by saying that this was my first live experience with one of these outdoor games. I didn’t think I was going to like it. I generally don’t care for the hype, and I absolutely don’t care for all the ancillary stuff with entertainment like the Jersey Boys and Southside Johnny (did the Rockettes really bail?). I also don’t like freezing. But I want to tell you that I thought this event was really something special. Really loud, great atmosphere, great conditions (other than the ice). Great job by the NHL.New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils

2) One of the reasons I wasn’t a big fan is that, with all the parity in the league, especially in the mediocre Leastern Conference, these points are enormous. These points can decide playoff spots and jobs, and I didn’t think they should be up for grabs on a rink that would make the game difficult, in an environment that invited distraction. This game is certainly not the equal of a game in one of the teams’ buildings. Yet it would count the same. So, IMO, this is an enormous game to win, and a terrible game to lose. Check out my column from the game here.

3) Sitting so far from the actual rink, I wasn’t so sure if my feelings on that start were legit. So I did something I rarely do. I went home and watched the game again. And, it reinforced what I felt about the start. I thought the Rangers were physical and as mean as they can be, I thought their pace was really good, I thought they had a couple of colossal defensive breakdowns and one bad goal allowed by Henrik Lundqvist. Other than that, I thought they played really well.

4) For example, Dan Girardi did get caught flat-footed on the breakaway out of the box Patrik Elias, but if Lundqvist makes a routine save there, you don’t even remember it. Girardi was illegally picked by Travis Zajac on the second Elias goal, on which Lundqvist and Carl Hagelin got mesmerized by Jaromir Jagr. Well, Jagr’s never done that to anybody, right? And John Moore didn’t tie up his man on the third goal, plain and simple.

5) That said, I thought John Moore might have been the best player on either team in this game, and I think by far the best player in the second period in which the Rangers took complete control. His best skating game in a while. Maybe his best of the season.

6) And he wasn’t alone. I thought Derek Stepan was terrific start to finish. I thought that the third line of Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard (other than his really undisciplined penalty) and Benoit Pouliot was due to check back in after a couple of lukewarm games, and that they sure did, again, start to finish.

7) And get this, for a change: The Rangers’ fourth line not only outplayed the Devils’ fourth line, but was also responsible for the Rangers being in the game, responsible for their two goals in the first period. In this little revival by the Rangers the last few weeks, you can go to just about every win and pinpoint a few shifts by Dominic Moore, Brian Boyle and Daniel Carcillo (and before him Derek Dorsett) in which they either created momentum with lengthy offensive-zone cycles, or protected a lead, or lately, chipped in a goal or two.

8) Speed kills again. Boy, I don’t remember many Rangers teams who could punish opponents’ mistakes with counter-attacks like this one has often in the middle of this season.

9) Daily Nash-O-Meter: Nash was talking post-game about how difficult he found this game, with the ice and the depth perception, etc. I didn’t think he was great. But, yeah, he scored again. Eleven in 11 games. So, yeah, that’s what you want. I mentioned Stepan earlier. Chris Kreider also was a factor with both speed and strength again. Kid’s a monster.

10) I thought Henrik Lundqvist admitting that his preparation wasn’t great, that he was a little groggy after taking a nap during the sun-glare delay, was certainly unique. But I’ve always said this is a guy who gets it, and so he’s usually pretty interesting at assessing his game, good or bad. He said he thought me might be pulled, and knew it was now or never at 3-1. He talked about the team being challenged, and how it met that challenge. Good stuff. Go back and listen, or watch the video clip. I did want to ask him, “Henrik, how long did it take you to get your hair to look like that.”

11) I couldn’t help but think that somewhere Torts was wondering if NBC called for that penalty shot, like he did in the Winter Classic.

12) That first penalty called on Brian Boyle? Pansification. The subsequent call on Elias? Even-up call. NHL refereeing. Where two wrongs make a right.

13) You have to wonder if either coach could have pulled his goalie during play in those conditions. Gotta be really difficult after the backup’s been sitting in that arctic air. Peter DeBoer had to wait until the intermission to get Cory Scheider warmed up. I don’t know if, in an indoor game, he would have done it earlier. I don’t know if he considered it. By then it was too late. In fairness, two of those goals were off Devils, one hit a Devil and landed on Dominic Moore’s stick, and one went off Zuccarello’s skate.

14) And somehow, Toronto allowed Zuccarello’s goal to stand.

15) I thought the Anton Stralman-Marc Staal defense pair was spectacular. Solid and physical.

16) Let’s do this again Wednesday … only a lot colder.

*************************************2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series - New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. John Moore.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Derek Stepan.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Anton Stralman.
3. Dominic Moore.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. tie, Dominic Moore and Anton Stralman.

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  1. typically Gamecenter blacked me out, but I saw the highlights afterwards.
    Loved the big hit by Stralman that led directly to the goal – I actually thought that must have been Klein when I saw it but fair play to him, great hit and really speedy counter-attack.

  2. carp, i’m glad you liked it. i thought it wouldve been worse myself with all the delays n everything. after 3-1 i was almost flipping out but yea if we don’t win that game were all killing hank, the d, nash not scoring 10 goals.. whatever. they should cool it with the outdoor games for awhile after this next one. whats that 4 winter classics? once a years good imo.

  3. UK-yea that was a nice hit. how bout the whole team basically chipping in at key times it was a great effort to come back. staalsy- stralsy were real good and moore too. the one thing that really surprised me was the penalty shot. nash was interfering behind the play n step held the d stick it looked like. and at 6-3 i just didnt think they’d call that. or at least in our favor.

  4. its not really funny but she pronounced jaromir jagr perfectly, they probably spelled it yar-uhh-meer yogger an the teleprompter

  5. Another comeback win…Klein is fitting in real nice…the less you hear his name…the better he is playing. That must be a welcome relief to his dpartner and forwards on the ice with him…not to mention the man in goal. Absolutely love Henrik’ s comments..I am going to try that at work…..”hey boss…screwed up that analysis because I woke up a bit cranky from my nap!”
    Yesterday was my Superbowl…and I get an encore on Wed…so this was my warmup game. Does this favor the Rangers or Isles? Isles will either be overpumped…or cold shocked..maybe both. Rangers need some early goals before the Brooklyn Islanders find their game.
    I may finally be warming up to AV..but since Torts left..I no longer watch the post game for the coach’s comments. AV said he enjoyed the atmosphere and the experience…so I missed a Tortsonian response like…just another game..two points we gotta have..esp since I froze my onions off to watch it….but I gotta tell ya…Frankie Valle and his crew look and sound great..and they gotta be like 75 now..effing amazing!

  6. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    I was at the game with my family.my birthday gift to them.I thought if hank gave up another in the first he was gonna sit.
    The delay only made things worse for the fans ,it seemed to have gotten colder probably the wind, I don’t know about the players. I’m sure the benches were heated , I didn’t see the coaches or trainers wearing anything on their heads.
    The rangers definitely out hit the devils who after the 2nd period totally fell apart ,ok so a couple went off players and past marty but the rangers kept coming.

    The stadium could have had some heat stations in the stadium and coffee ? I waited about 20 mins on a couple of lines only to be told no coffee? But I could buy a 12. mug of hot choc. and NO JACK at the liquor bar.
    Penalty shots in the old days seemed rare, a player had to be on a break away and fouled in the act of shooting.

    But with the emphasis on scoring I’m glad I finally got to see one in person , getting the penalty shot is one thing scoring is another.

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice win, great review!

    Hey, did anyone hear Peter DeBoer say “Winningest all-time goalie my MZA after second period?” :-)

  8. So nice of Marty to let his frozen teammate take over as being the duck in the shooting gallery:

    But, Brodeur didn’t help himself much either as he gave up more than five goals for the first time in 100 career starts against the Rangers. So, it turned out to be a mutual decision with head coach Pete DeBoer for him to come out of the game and have Cory Schneider play the third period. “At that point, I had a conversation with him and we both agreed and it was actually his comment that, ‘How about you give Schneids the experience of a period in this environment,’” DeBoer said. “It wasn’t working for him or our group the way it was and I give him credit for that. It made sense, too.” –

  9. Nice, ilb!

    A very good win, and an important one.

    Wednesday’s game is nearly as crucial. If not from a Ranger standpoint, but let’s face it, this is the Stanley Cup for the Fishsticks. When’s the last time the Brooklanders have played a game so hyped up? I’m sure they will be ready to play.

    Does bad ice hurt the Former-Islanders skill guys/young defense than it does the Rangers?

    I’m dreading hearing the Fishsticks goal horn and “Woo!-ing” after they score at Yankee Stadium.

  10. Nice write up, Carp. I watched from home and remembered being taken to Giants football games as a young teenager at the old Yankee Stadium, which left me with a life-long aversion to sitting in a stadium in cold, windy conditions. I’d rather be out in the woods in this weather, or in my snow cave than at Yankee Stadium on a cold, windy day.

  11. Had to come back from Key West earlier than planned.

    So, my Son tried to talk me into going to the game with his group.

    I didn’t.

    He said it was simply a great experience, start to finish, fantastic atmosphere.

    I wish I went.

    Now, I probably have to go Wednesday.

    Sorry, but did you say it’s going to be colder?

  12. After reading Nash’s remarks about (not) seeing the play as well in the snow, I wonder if Brodeur’s older eyes were partly the reason for his mis-plays in the great outdoors of Yankee Stadium?

  13. Watched the game on dvr when I got home. They’ve got a lot
    Of bawls talking about that zucc goal being allowed after that can Jansen “drop kick” goal against us earlier in the season.

  14. Glad you enjoyed it carp. Glad we got the two points. Still need two more wed when the ice is sure to be a little better than yesterday

  15. Nice column, Carp!

    Go back and watch both Zucc’s goals, folks. Both times Pouliot makes very similar subtle plays, it was more obvious on GWG. But even on Zucc’s first goal he separates Salvador from the puck, and the Rangers are off to another odd man rush using their speed.

  16. good team effort out hitting, hustling and speeding the Debbies. Carp, spot on with J.Moore, his game the other night he was flying as well. it’s like he lost a weight around his ankle(MDZ??). It seems like he trusts his partner Wanda hun? also thought Stralman should be one of the top 3 stars along with Zuc

  17. Frankly Laughter on

    It was soooo cold.

    Southside Johnny was a lot of fun.

    I am not sure about the game. I could barely see it from the upper deck!

  18. Marty will be forever remember as a guy with no class, always, always always says the wrong thing in defeat. Don’t care about a whole host of things that this game had. It’s plain and simple….Fatso let a truly awful second goal in by Staal and it changed the whole day. Devils lost right there on its solely on the tubby one. A backbreaking goal of epic proportions and its squarely on a egotist old man who had no business starting in the first place. remember it was a huge 2 pts especially for NJ

  19. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Well, the pre game started at Stan’s, where I bought two beers and the lovely barmaid said, “26 dollars.” I savor end it like a Lafitte Rothschild.

    The crowd was electric, even with the cold. There seemed to be more Devils fans than Rangers fans, and there was a lot of back and forth.

    What was annoying was the “home team” treatment. The PA announcer got the crowd going with, “and now, YOUR New Jersey Devils!!!!” And Jersey Boys, Southside Johnny….you get the idea. They almost succeeded at thinking you were the visitors.

    But after a disappointing first period, the rest of the game was a Ranger fan’s dream.

    As we were riding an elevator out of Yankee Stadium, the fans were yelling different things….”three cups”, “Maaaaarty”, etc. one guy started going off about how Brodeur is the best goalie of all time and is the holder of so many records.

    I replied, “And now he has a new one. Most goals surrendered at Yankee Stadium.”

    P.S. If you’re going on Wednesday, I highly recommend those hand and foot warmers. See u there.

  20. Is it possible j-moore is looking better because Klein is his partner and he feels free to skate up ice and doesn’t have to worry as much? Klein so far looks like a very steady defensemen.

  21. ilb2001, I agree 100%, not only did Pouliot make those subtle plays but he was flying around the ice. I have to admit, lately Pouliot is playing like a possessed man. If he continues to play like this consistently, I would be for resigning him.

  22. Stralman dumpers have some evidence to sort through after this one. There’s a reason he’s been stuck at this level (NHL) for five years.

  23. It did feel good to see them beat the Devils 7 to 3. Can they do the same for the Icelanders?

  24. Tommyg – you’d have to think its a case of Moore back to play his more comfortable left side, coupled with his new steady stay-at-home partner freeing him up to be more adventurous. If Klein continues to look like Dan Girardi II and helps Moore fulfil his potential then we win that trade hands down (unless Del Zotto becomes Brian Leetch II)

  25. I came down from Maine for the game with my family…what a blast. It was cold, even for us Mainers! I wouldn’t have guessed we’d see 7 goals, with one of them being a penalty shot.
    The atmosphere was great and I thought Ranger fans far outnumbered Devils fans, maybe we were just louder.

    My favorite part was realizing a life-long dream of serenading Maaaaarrrttttyyyyy. :)

  26. Stralman played a legitimate top 4 game yesterday. Smart reads, simple plays & a physical presence in all 3 zones. His best game in weeks. I think he likes playing with Staal, who has been a different player (beastly) since his return from conclusion.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Great game, great atmosphere, but I spent way too much on my tickets. The seats I had were absolutely terrible, despite the high ticket price, so before the game even started I raced up to the upper deck and had an excellent view and an excellent time.

    I had the three stars as MZA-Stralman-D.Moore. Honorable mentions to Staal and Stepan.

    Carp, I just don’t know how John Moops can have the first star with such an enormous gaffe on the third goal. That had the potential to seal the game away before it really even began. If Brodeur didn’t play one of his all time worst games, then we are all here today raking J. Moops over the coals.

  28. Awesome write up, Carp.

    I have to say: Entering my office this morning, where almost no one gives a crap about hockey, and having a bunch of people mention the game to me and ask questions about hockey in general….well…..Maybe this was something special for people who normally reside outside the Hockeyverse.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Not just Brodeur, the Devils as a team. I’ve never seen them give up so many oddman rushes in one game. Elias put it best for them: they don’t give up that many in a couple of weeks.

  30. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Great review, Carpy!!! Can’t believe your fingers could still type anymore!!! Frigid cold in the stadium, BUT for us fans, it was warm leaving :))

  31. I also (depressingly) admit that *Stralman* was fantastic. Aside from that time he completely fell over. Allowing a fantastic chance for the Devils.

  32. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Carpy, I agree with all your points….AGAIN!!

    In particular, I remarked a number of times how J. Moops kept on joining the attack and leaving Klein at ‘home’. He added a lot to the offense. Defensively, when you take ‘risks’ like that, if you are mortal, it will hurt your game. And it did.

    There were a few times where he and Klein got bottled in their zone. However, the speed and offensive smarts he displayed is EXACTLY WHY Sather kept him and traded MDZ for Klein. Even if J Moops didn’t get many points, he was on ice for a number of offensive runs. His presence was huge. The MDZ trade freed him up offensively.

    I can’t believe I’m complimenting Sather.

  33. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Carpy, I agree with all your points….AGAIN!!

    In particular, I remarked a number of times how J. Moops kept on joining the attack and leaving Klein at ‘home’. He added a lot to the offense. Defensively, when you take ‘risks’ like that, if you are mortal, it will hurt your game. And it did.

    There were a few times where he and Klein got bottled in their zone. However, the speed and offensive smarts he displayed is EXACTLY WHY Sather kept him and traded MDZ for Klein. Even if J Moops didn’t get many points, he was on ice for a number of offensive runs. His presence was huge. The MDZ trade freed him up offensively.

    I can’t believe I’m complimenting Sather.

  34. I too was met with much conversation this morning with coworkers who know nothing about hockey. An example…

    “Did you see that goal during the second quarter right before the halftime thing? That was cool.”

    I decided then to stay away from non-hockey folks today.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I think Stralman just caught a rut in the ice on that play. It was in a spot that they kept fixing throughout the game.

    He was fantastic. Him and Staal both. Honestly, I thought McDonagh-Girardi was our worst pair yesterday. Not that they were bad or anything, but just that the others were all very, very good.

  36. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Further, I agree on Stepan (while my innocuous fist post is awaiting moderation).

    It was obvious that Stepan was ‘flying’, for him. That first line, difficulties with vision and ice quality aside, was able to penetrate and Step had some excellent looks at the net and passes. If they don’t connect it doesn’t mean he had a bad game. The kid had an excellent game.

  37. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    So, Eric Gelinas aside, the Devils defense yesterday was overmatched. Man, are they deliberate, calculated, or just plain SLOW.

  38. Stepan outskated Zajac on the breakaway prior to that bogus penalty shot. I was pretty shocked.

  39. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    So, the NY Post article by Cygalis (not Brooks) is more about the Derbils than it is about the way they were overwhelmed by our play. As I read it I was wondering if it was the same game we all saw.

    Half the article is about Marty asking (begging) out for the 3rd. Then a ton of excuses about pucks going in off sticks, defensemen, anything, and one minor comment about all the odd man rushes the Rangers overpowered them with. Then, to boot, another excuse, this time from the worst dressed coach in the history of sports, DeBore, as he explained his guys ‘probably’ thought it was moving towards a high scoring, shootout-type game. And that’s not their style. So, that’s why they packed it in??

    Uh huh. Exactly what 50K plus fans saw, too, Peter. No doubt.

  40. I have to admit there was a special feeling to the game, and I enjoy them. My kids thought it was cool they were playing outside. My sister-in-law, who doesn’t watch hockey, was texting me about how great it was.

    Coincidence that John Moore has played really well since they acquired Klein? I think it’s only a matter of time before he winds up on the WBM (because he doesn’t score goals), but maybe the righty-lefty thing will turn out to be a real benefit.

    Are we still traiding Nash?

  41. So, Eric Gelinas aside, the Devils defense yesterday was overmatched. Man, are they deliberate, calculated, or just plain SLOW.


    This is why I wouldn’t exactly say the Rangers are a fast team. The Devils are just a slow team. The Rangers might be trying to play a fast game, which was aided by the Devils serving up turnovers and terrible positioning on the rush, but when the Rangers play actual fast teams like Blues or Hawks it exposes them not being particularly fast.

  42. Can we, just for once, give the Rangers some credit?

    The Devils may be on the slower side, but the Rangers aren’t playing many (any?) faster teams. They may not be a physical team, but this is a fast team, no matter the opponent.

  43. WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) Stralman
    3) Pouliot
    4) Girardi
    5) Stepan

    Youse guys need to step up the criticism. I’m having trouble coming up with these lists.

  44. John McEnroe spot on when asked about the Stadium Series. He said “less is more”, meaning that the NHL is overdoing it. Were 2 games in 4 days at Yankee Stadium really necessary?? One would have been JUST FINE. In fact, I’d bet the Rangers are thinking this next one will be a drag, especially having to go through all of the artificial hype all over again.

  45. _Stralman dumpers have some evidence to sort through after this one. There’s a reason he’s been stuck at this level (NHL) for five years._

    To be fully accurate, part of the reason he’s been around 5 years is because NYR rescued him from Sweden a couple of weeks after the 2011-12 season started.

  46. That was some serious fun yesterday. Definitely at 3-1 I was very worried about it getting away from them and becoming embarrassing. Glad the reverse happened. But what a blast. I mean, really, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to stomp New Jersey 7-3 in the snow at Yankee Stadium? Are you kidding? Doesn’t get any better. Who cares if the ice stunk its hockey.

  47. *Stralman* was also *released* by the Devils (which makes it funny that he played *so well* against them). NYR gave him a second life. I’m fine with him on our *3rd* pair forever despite his europansiness.

  48. Rob in Beantown on

    Lots of chatter about an impending Ryan Miller trade to St. Louis. Not sure if there is anything to it

  49. Rob in Beantown on

    It would be a home run for _Le Club AV_ since Ryan Miller might actually start getting some *wins* to go with his quality starts

  50. Rob – seems to be people looking for places to trade him to that make sense (ie Elliot/Halak have been average, built to contend) rather than any genuine rumours

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    The thing is, St. Louis would have to shed salary, and they don’t really have any players Buffalo would want that they could send the other way (to make the deal work.

  52. ThisYearsModel on

    It may be that our defense is better than ever after the MDZ deal. Staal and Stralman were great yesterday. Klein and Moore were also good. Moore looked a lot like Paul Coffey yesterday. The dude can fly. Maybe he will live up to his first round pedigree now.

  53. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    The devils fans at the game were a constant reminder of the Seinfeld episode..bizzarre fans

  54. Stranger Nation on

    Face it – this was a game where the team rescued Hank from himself. He stank – the first 2 goals were on him – where was he going on the Jagr goal??
    The third goal he had no idea where puck was.

    The MEZ trade was coaches/mngt choosing J Moore over El Zotto. The kid has jets and can carry as well.
    Klein is exactly what they needed – guy is teady – no drama

    Girardi had his third stinker in a row

  55. Bettman must be banging Fatso’s door down today. Too many headlines about the terrible ice conditions instead of everybody waxing lyrical about what a great spectacle it was.
    Did he have the refs on speed dial on the penalty shot? Or was that the hockey gods restoring the balance from the winter classic?

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    The problem in trading for Miller in season is that he’s UFA at the end of the season, and adding a goaltender for a Cup or playoff run is a hard thing to do because it costs your roster players to do it. It’s not like adding a goal scorer or a defenseman who will basically be an upgrade over your existing younger roster player(s) that is being sent the other way.

    So unless Buffalo takes only draft picks and a bad contract to balance out the cap number, which I’m pretty sure they don’t want since they have such a stock pile of picks and prospects already, Miller is going to be very, very hard to trade.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    If it was before the season, or even early in the season, there were a lot of teams I would have thought would be good matches for Buffalo. But most of those teams are out of contention now (not coincidentally due to bad goaltending), so I just don’t see Buffalo getting much in return for Miller. So they may try to keep him and resign him, unless he unequivocally tells them he will not resign. In which case someone is going to get him on the cheap.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    The Caps, Sens, and Blues are realistically the only potential trade partners, unless another legitimate contender’s starter gets hurt.

    But I can’t see St. Louis giving up legit younger players for Miller.

    So, I think in the end, it comes down to the Caps and Sens. The Sens I can see making the move in order to just make the playoffs since they are really desperate for money. The Caps I can see making the move because they have just really struggled with Holtby, Neuvirth, and Grubauer.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Or maybe the Penguins make a big move and ship out Fleury as part of a package for Miller. That would be something. And probably a really good move on their part.

  60. Rob in Beantown on

    Miller would probably love to be moved to Dan Bylsma’s team in advance of the Olympics

  61. I’ve got Halak and Miller in mine. Halak is 22-7 with a .912 sv% whereas Miller in 13-19 with .926 sv% and Miller has faced nearly 400 more shots this season.
    If they’d swapped them around that’s about 10 goals less STL would have shipped, could easily have them above Chicago in their division

  62. Miller to St. Louis would be a *bad* trade for *The Gravy Train* because it would mean *Halak* would lose starts.

  63. Rob in Beantown on

    I must have missed it, Manny. Usually I just ignore trade requests because 90% of the time it’s Sioux trying to unload his garbage on me

  64. Rob in Beantown on

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 10m
    I don’t doubt BUF intends to trade Ryan Miller but I don’t sense anything is necessarily imminent, even tho rumors seem to be rampant.

    There you go

  65. Carp, thanks for braving the elements for a firsthand report!

    I’m still thawing out! That was so much fun. It was my second time in a MLB stadium, the first being for Frozen Fenway college hockey a few weeks ago, so that was exciting. The crowd and atmosphere were awesome, especially after half the devs fans left during 2nd intermission hahaa that was my favorite part – the shift from them being annoyingly smug to so sad :-D Why were the Devils dressed like elves? And whyy was the ice in 60 degree LA perfect but sloppy in 25 degree NY. Boo on whoever bought the discount compressors.

  66. Great win yesterday. Had arguably best seats in house. Center ice upper deck behind home plate. Row 1. Little pricey but a win makes it worth it. Can’t imagine being colder on Wednesday then I was yesterday.

    Highlight of my day a $12 coffee in a Yankee mug. I hate the yankees

  67. CT Blueshirt, regarding your post at 10:08…as I recall, the Rangers beat Chicago a few weeks ago and matched up quite well with speed. St Louis won because the Rangers could not match their physicality which IMO is the real concern for the Rangers going forward.
    To put it bluntly, can this team withstand a pounding at the hands of a Boston or a St Louis in a Best of 7 series? We have the speed, the goaltending, an improving defense, solid special teams.
    I really liked the way Rangers like Cally, McD and Stralman threw the body and finished checks yesterday. They need to upgrade that part of their game.


  68. I bet the blues 15-1 odds win cup back in Vegas in July while there for work.

    I hope miller goes there.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Can I be in the fantasy league next year? I remember I was in it a few years ago but stopped paying attention when it became clear that the scoring system was broken because goaltenders were scoring three times as many points as the skaters.

  70. Doodie: I *invited* you to it *this* year but you refused. I will *absolutely* save you a spot Next season.

  71. Sioux was trying to trade me Gaborik and Nash forever. I stupidly took *gaborik* finally because he wanted like …. nothing for him.

  72. How priceless would it be if Brodeur opened a chain of restaurants following his *mediocre* Hockey career?

  73. whammo – i like the stralman vid. i especially like that nashty was skating right there and made it look planned as he picked up the loose puck in stride.
    great write up carp – fun game to be at. the crowd was great and ill hand it to the debbies fans, with some boozed up exceptions, they were in good spirits all day.

  74. That save that Brodeur made on Gaborik in the ECF, where he did that scorpion like dive and saved the puck with his skate in the air, will haunt me *forever*

  75. @TSNBobMcKenzie Guy Boucher is off to Bern in Swiss League. Two seasons beyond this one. No confirmation but belief is he has “out clause” for NHL offer.


    There goes the coach I *like*

  76. Rob in Beantown on

    How close are you to solving the logistics of replacing your water bottle with a Big Gulp of soda? #AskBrodeur

  77. There are reports that you *ate* a one of the lockers in the Yankees Dressing Room. Is that true? #AskBrodeur

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    What percentage of the 65,000 hot dogs consumed yesterday did you eat on the bench during the 3rd period? #AskBrodeur

  79. Have you ever seen Kobyashi or Joey Chestnut eat over 100 hot dogs and think that it’s a better job then being a goalie because you get to serve your *passion*? #AskBrodeur

  80. What’s the craziest thing you have ever eaten in an emergency*? #AskBrodeur

    *Emergency is defined as you having not eaten for the last 15 minutes.

  81. one of the coolest experiences of my life. my recommendation…always sit mid to upper deck. I was in 328 behind third base, perfect view of everything. it wasn’t THAT cold yesterday, though I admit I wanted to take my $12 cup of hot chocolate and have it hooked up via an IV in my arm. Lots of goals, good hits, TERRIBLE ENTERTAINMENT, but overall I’ll remember yesterday until the day I die.

  82. Carp: Marty has said many things over the years that seem to exhibit on his part a lack of class.

    What has your experience with him been like?

  83. He’s mostly been good to interview, isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He really pissed me off (and others, too) after the Cup finals loss in Denver when he wouldn’t speak to the media. The beat guys love him.

  84. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    He was probably upset he had not yet tallied a third Stanley Cup to his Hall of Fame résumé.

  85. Apparently Jeff Hanneman was *snubbed* during last nights *death* montage at the Grammy’s. *Metal* factor *zero*.

  86. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Eric, those are REALLY good seats you had. Just cold as nails up there!

  87. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hello all,
    Moving sucks!!!!

    Did manage to catch the game (great review carp btw)…

    I’ve been saying all year Pouliot takes the body and isn’t afraid to hit

    Imagine how good we would be if the D stood up at the blueline and hit more

    One very good hit and game by NATW doesn’t make him a keeper, he still needs to go for size and grit back there (I’d rather see engelland or mcilrath in his place).

    I like Klein a lot.

    Once again, who sits when dorsett comes back? I do not think it should be carcillo who has played very well IMHO.

  88. Not that he deserves to, but I think that D. Moore would sit when Dorsett comes back. Carcillo and Dorsett playing responsibly agitating roles with Boyle in the middle is a usable fourth line.

  89. By the time Dorsett is ready to play the Rangers may have made a *two* for *one* type traid or someon (Pouliot) may play themselves out of the lineup.

  90. The way the 4th line has been playing I wouldn’t touch it for now. That could all change when Dorsett is back (which is after the Olympic Break)

  91. IMO, Moore’s been excellent the last several weeks while this team has played much better. I think carcillo and dorsett are redundant, and dorsett is a much better player.

  92. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Carcillo and Dorsett are redundant. Moore has produced and played well the last several weeks.

  93. I agree with all of that, Carp. If Dorsett and Carcillo remain in the lineup together we have a problem. To me, that assumes that D. Moore has played his way *up* to the 3rd line.

  94. In a sense, Moore and Boyle are *redundant*, too, but Moore does kill *penalties*. It’s good that no one has *played* themselves out of the lineup.

    I wonder if Dorsett coming back means *Carcillo* gets *released* so we don’t have to surrender the *pick*.

  95. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Moore and Boyle are redundant. It helps to have two faceoff specialist C on the ice simultaneously.

  96. Boyle and Moore might be redundant but they are pretty flipping effective right now.

    I still think that Sather wants to move Boyle because he will never give him the raise that Boyle wants or deserves.

  97. Manny, I agree that they have been effective. There’s not a lot of commitment to the bottom 4 right now, as only Dorsett is signed next year. I could see any of the other 3 being moved.

  98. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Boyle deserves a cut in pay. He is already a 4L making nearly $2m.

  99. on the other hand, if Boyle’s not bringing back something that helps this team this year, why trade him? If you don’t want to sign him after the season, he walks? What’s the big deal?

    They’re not going to hurt the chances this season to get a relatively low return, I would think based on Sather’s annual push to get into the playoffs.

  100. he won’t get a cut in pay. he’ll get paid by the Rangers or somebody else, and will get a raise on the open market.

  101. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I prefer Moore to Boyle beyond this season. He is cheaper, more effective, more productive and a faster skater.

  102. I think Boyle would bring something back. That’s the fear. Every year we hear how every other team is interested in him.

  103. Of course he will, and we’ll put a less effective player into our bottom 6 and people will wonder why we’re giving up more goals.

  104. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _he’ll get paid by the Rangers or somebody else, and will get a raise on the open market._

    Yes, he will. He still is deserving of a pay cut instead of a raise.

  105. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _in your opinion._

    Based on comparisons of Boyle’s contract to the contracts of other 4L

  106. I think a more likely scenario is Brassard gets traded, Boyle becomes your 3, and Moore is your 4. I don’t like Boyle as a 3 as much as I like him as 4.
    Dorsett and Carcillo are not redundant. Dorsett is much less likely to keep the oppositions heads up. what makes Carcillo effective is the other team never knows if and when he may do something stupid.

  107. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The contracts and ages of similar 4L are irrelevant. Thank you, wise one. (:

  108. i don’t think they see Boyle as a No. 3 anymore, and I think they need to keep Brassard with the Richards buyout looming, though I am not nearly convinced he can play No. 2 C.

  109. the Rangers right now do not have a true checking line. I know you are going to say the Boyle, Moore line is, but it really does not get used that way. for the most part Stepan is the number 1 center and the top Defensive center. AV like to go top line against top line. I guess this is a long winded reason as to why I think moving Brassard sort of makes sense. they can then use Boyle or Moore to center a true checking line.

  110. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Replacing Richards’ production is not going to be as easy as it seems_

    You are right. It will not be easy.

  111. I like Boyle and Moore in their roles, but if they are 3C and 4C, then the team is in trouble. It probably also means they overpaid Stastny to be the 2C.

  112. of the 3 centers I mentioned, the one I would like to trade the least is Brassard. I would keep Boyle, and move Moore.

  113. I don’t know if AV feels the need to have a real checking line, or if he just doesn’t use one because he hasn’t got the personnel. Besides, the Rangers need goals from their third line because they struggle to score (usually). I liked Boyle in that checking line role two years ago. But he also had responsible checking wingers. Him with Zuccarello and Pouliot, to me, isn’t a checking line and it sure isn’t going to be a scoring line.

  114. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _of the 3 centers I mentioned, the one I would like to trade the least is Brassard. I would keep Boyle, and move Moore._

    Why would you move Moore? More is cheaper, more productive and more effective than Boyle. Doling out a raise to the 4L Boyle leaves less money to fill other team needs.

  115. The hope should be that Klein gives J. Moore confidence to open his game, and that translates to PP time and success. I don’t think there is anyone on the current roster that can handle that much time on the point. Staal maybe could help.

  116. Kenneth,
    I don’t think either of them are going to be on the team next year. I am just speaking for this year. if you have to, and can move either one of them this year, I would move Moore.

  117. I traded Brassard Carp, one of the players I got back is going to play LW on the 2nd line.

  118. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I don’t think either of them are going to be on the team next year. I am just speaking for this year._

    I understand your reasoning. That is valid.

  119. I like Miller, and Lindberg may turn into something, but neither of those guys is giving the offensive production Richards does. The only UFA that fits is Stastny, and he will cost $7M+. Then you have have cheaper options like Legwand, Grabowski, etc., who are probably no better than Brassard.

    And I don’t know if there are any 2C on the trade market. Or even 3C for that matter, if they go with Brassard at #2.

  120. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _productive and effective than Boyle_

    Moore has significantly more points/60 and points/game than Boyle, slightly higher CF% and FF% and similar PK statistics.

  121. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Moore has significantly more points/60 than Boyle, slightly higher 5v5 CF% and FF%, similar PK statistics, less height and weight and faster skating speed._


  122. Boyle has more than twice as many hits and blocked shots. Points are essentially the same this year. And Moore is not going to be making significantly less next year.

  123. Boyle is going to be paid better than Moore next year. justifying paying Boyle 2 mill plus next year is going to be hard to do.

  124. How many more times do we need to see that jettisoning regular rotation players for not being goal-centric isn’t helping matters?

  125. Good God, Lemon. Did anyone else notice — I just did — that the Rangers were wearing plain red pants? No blue-and-white, t-shaped piping? Isn’t that some sort of sacrilege?

  126. Carp, repetitive MZA comment refers back to a debate at the beginning of the season between some posters that more teams would want someone like Boyle than MZA. It was probably around the time he had 1 goal and 7 assists through the first 5 weeks of the season.

  127. Wonder what next year will look like when we’re noting how the Rangers lack a big, effective checker, forechecker, pk guy. and how they let one go over what will amount to minor dollars.

  128. Oh, I would have agreed with that earlier this season. I wondered if Zuccarello could even play on top-three NHL lines. That player wasn’t this player.

  129. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _For years the NHL has made a variety of defensive-minded statistics available to the general public, including hits, blocked shots and faceoffs won. These statistics can be used to evaluate certain aspects of a player’s defensive game, but not their overall defensive abilities. Even taken together, these statistics only present part of the picture, because there are a number of non-recordable ways that a great defensive player can prevent goals without throwing hits, blocking shots or winning faceoffs. Beyond that, there are still other limitations to this approach. For instance, there is currently no quantifiable relationship between these statistics and the actual prevention of goals. How many goals does 100 block shots prevent? How many wins does 100 hits contribute? While a goal is a goal, the definition of a hit, blocked shot, takeaways and a won faceoff are all subjective, and can vary from scorekeeper to scorekeeper. You can look at road-only statistics to eliminate (some of) this bias, and get some value out of the NHL’s real-time scoring statistics._

    Rob Vollman of Hockey Prospectus

  130. Rob in Beantown on

    One day when I have absolutely nothing to do, I’m going to build a regression model including every player in the league, their stats, age, height, weight, etc. and figure out precisely how much Brian Boyle should be *paid*. That seems like a “fun” way to spend a day.

  131. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _how they let one go over what will amount to minor dollars._

    It is not minor dollars. His cap hit of $1.7m this season and his increased cap hit next season, assuming a raise, reduces the amount of dollars that can be spent on other team needs.

  132. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Carp, just about everyone agreed with that at the time, except for_

    Yes. He always had the skill and speed that Boyle will never have.

  133. Rico Fata had skill and speed that Boyle will never have.

    Pavel Brendl had skill and speed that Boyle will never have.

    Jaime Lundmark had skill and speed that Boyle will never have.

  134. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Zuccarello’s offensive style of play was not conducive to John Tortorella’s system and he had not yet had enough time in Vigneault’s system to bolster his effectiveness.

    In my opinion.

  135. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Rico Fata had skill and speed that Boyle will never have. Pavel Brendl had skill and speed that Boyle will never have. Jaime Lundmark had skill and speed that Boyle will never have._

    Those players had skill? You are funny. (:

  136. Man. Hating on Boyle and Zuccarello is ridiculous.

    What happened to ignoring the *What’s the Frequency Kenneth* ?

  137. No one is *hating* on MZA. Unlike some people, I am *happy* that I was wrong.

    Back to our *regularly* scheduled programming.

  138. The absolute *Worst* I have ever seen Zuccarello look was in the beginning of this year. I was floored by how *awful* he was. I am *so* happy to see him back!

  139. I’m not talking about *you* Gravy. You’re awesome. I’m talking about that *jackwagon* that refuses to leave.

  140. I know, *Manny*.

    You smile like a cartoon, tooth for a tooth
    You said that irony was the shackles of youth
    You wore a shirt of violent green
    I never understood the frequency

  141. ThisYearsModel on

    Boyle is a very valuable player, playing 4th line and PK. Torts over-used him. of course, Torts played Jody Shelley and Brandon Prust over Marian Gaborik. I like Boyle and believe the Rangers value him also. I expect that he will be re-signed. If they trade him, it will only be for a serious need or upgrade.

  142. Stat of the day. Well, OK, stat of this minute:
    Kreider, Stralman, Richards, Zuccarello, and Brassard are leading the team in the 5×5 Fenwick. For you Corsi fans, it’s Kreider, Stralman, Zuccarello, Pouliot and Richards.

  143. What did Corsi ever do to bring about such drastic restrictions on freedom of hockey speech?

  144. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    When you are increasing an already excessive salary for a 4L from $1.7m to $2.3m, the increase is signficant. The difference between signing and being unable to sign Paul Stastny in the offseason could be a $1m cap hit.

  145. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    BTW, at yesterday’s game, Boyle’s presence may not have allowed him to score a goal, but it was felt IN the stadium much more than Moore. Yep, Dom got a goal and 2 points and played solid ‘d’. Right place, right time. But there’s a heck of a lot more to the game than being the one to put it in the net.

    Boyle set the tone early with a big hit (and mistake of a pansification penalty). While he’s not a fighter, his size makes this team better.

    There’s a reason he earns what he earns and Moore earns what he does.

  146. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    When someone says they would rather have Boyle than Zuccarello, they are essentially that they would rather have a peak 4L than the chance at a skillful and productive forward.

  147. Try and replace that $2.3M player with a $1.7M player next year and you get Taylor Pyatt, Jeff Halpern or Daniel Carcillo.

  148. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _There’s a reason he earns what he earns and Moore earns what he does._

    He commits a penalty and you are giving him credit for it. Yes, there is a reason why Boyle earns what he does. The reason is incompetent management.

  149. if Boyle makes it to free agency, he is as good as gone. someone will overpay him. much like Prust.

  150. Agree, bull dog. If they intend to keep him, then they should try to re-sign him in the 2 year, $4.0-$4.4M range.

  151. Although, now that I think about it, Hendricks got four years for less money, so it may take an extra year or two minimum. Dollars may be close though.

  152. Dorsett, when healthy, is shockingly fast. That guy can really get to the puck. His health is really annoying though. He could be more like an Avery character and less like a fighting character in my opinion.

  153. I think that is an overpay Gravy. in my opinion 4th line centers are replaceable. if you can get him for 2 yrs, i’m in. 4 yrs is to much.

  154. I don’t think Boyle will require $3Mto keep around. But if he tastes FA market, he may get close to it. They should keep him, IMO. Unless they can get a decent return at deadline. Doubtful.

  155. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’ll say it again, I move Boyle or d Moops for lapierre.

    I do a 2 for 1 deal with Hagar and the other 4th liner to address some size/skill issues at the fwd position

    Or I do a 2 for 1 with Hagar and NATW for some size/grit on the blue line

    Either way, I keep carcillo and dorsett in the line up at the same time. I think dorsett has the skill to play 3rd line

  156. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d be fine with a dorsett secretariat cally line, and a carcillo lapierre d Moops/Boyle line

  157. Bull dog, last few years it’s been obvious that even fourth liners who come on the market are either older and less effective, or end up being overpaid. Replaceable, yes. But to what extent, and what the price?

  158. I was just saying, ilb, that if they determine they want to keep him they shouldn’t mess around over an insignificant amount such as $600G. If they don’t want him, then they should let him walk because he won’t likely bring something at the deadline that improves the team this year. And he will get more than $2.3M on the open market.

  159. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree Boyle is a better player than carcillo, not so sure he is better than dorsett…different yes, better not so sure

  160. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I didn’t mean Hagar and Boyle Moops for him, I meant Boyle or Moops for him

  161. $600K makes no difference considering next year’s cap will go up over 10%. No reason to walk away unless they aren’t planning to keep him and already have his replacement somewhere.

  162. I agree, ilb. How can we sit here and continue to say that 4th line Centers/Wings are replaceable. Haven’t we previously learned the lesson that they *are not* replaceable?

  163. Wicky *loves* LaPierre. I believe I was completely with *Wicky* when LaPierre was available and we made *other* choices.

  164. *LaPierre* is awesome and only signed at $1.1M AAV. That’s pretty good when compared to D. Moore (no offense)

  165. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Boyle will easily command $2.3 on the open. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t in the $2.6-8 range.

    Sather has the opportunity to lock up a guy he likes BEFORE the player hits FA, and his price goes wild. This isn’t 1985 where you let the player test the market only to get deflated offers then come back on his knees. All it takes is one team to do what Montreal did with Prust.

    I know what I’d do. He is not a scorer, but he sure does a lot of the intangibles.

  166. I love looking at game logs and seeing a game where the *Vancouver Bench* was assessed a *Misconduct* for *Abuse of Officials*. LOL TORTS

  167. Bull dog, those were replaceable because they were bouncing from one team to another and were becoming less and less effective. Boyle is certainly replaceable, no question. But he is still, and will be for a few years very effective. There is nothing wrong with having a stable fourth line whereby each player is still effective and knows other players tendencies. One of the reasons why Boston’s and NJ’s fourth lines are effective and gave Rangers fits in the playoffs two years in a row.

  168. ilb,
    I have no doubt that Boyle can play the role he is playing for many more years. the question is, what is that role worth? if you are saying 2.3mill, or 2.5 mill per for 4 years, not sure that a any 4th liner is worth that. i’m good with those numbers for 2 years, not 4. and I suspect Boyle on the open market is going to command more than that.

  169. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _$600K makes no difference considering next year’s cap will go up over 10%_

    The salary cap rising only means that player salaries will rise as well. Also, nowhere did I say that the $600k difference Boyle’s current salary and his potential new salary was significant. I said the difference between his new salary and the salaries that comparable 4L faceoff specialists and penalty killers receive is significant.

    On a positive note, it’s significant for the Rangers that they already re-signed their franchise player to a seven-year extension for a reasonable cap hit.

  170. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _One of the reasons why Boston’s and NJ’s fourth lines are effective and gave Rangers fits in the playoffs two years in a row._

    You are using the 4L of two teams to suggest that it is good to commit years and money to maintain a stable 4L. Sample size.

  171. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _if you are saying 2.3mill, or 2.5 mill per for 4 years, not sure that a any 4th liner is worth that._

    You are enjoyable to read, bull dog line. Knowledge is power.

  172. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Adam Rotter: Rangers talking extension with -Brian Boyle- Mats Zuccarello.

  173. Boyle on the 4L, LW?

    I’ll take it.

    When the big man plays LW and has between 8-12 minutes TOI, he plays better.

  174. I don’t care for Boyle, never warmed up to him. However if his role is a 4th line center and PK , and it looks like he loves NY. The offer, far for both is 5 million for two yrs. put some grit with him Dorsett and a missing piece. Cap room is there as long as Dolan eats his oats and cuts Richards. No more yrs than that if he test the market so be it.

  175. The question is …if you were BB would you take 2 yrsto stay in NY….50/50 at best he probably tests the market. When in doubt they take the $

  176. Hedberg, Boyle will go for the most money available if he hits the market, no doubt. But if they want to keep him, they should be proactive. Not Sather’s style. I think he should be very proactive with Staal too. And if there is a chance he won’t sign here, they should get the best available deal for as soon as they can. Waiting till the end of next season isn’t a good management.

  177. ThisYearsModel on

    Boyle is not only a useful player, but he is also a Ranger through and through. He leaves it all out there for the team every game. If he goes UFA, he will get more. Don’t blame him if he does, this is his one chance at the big payday. I like him in this role on the Rangers. He might get more ice time in Vancouver though.

  178. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Boyle like any other player, will go to the money._

    Not all players go for the money. A recent example of that is Chris Neil.

  179. If Boyle could actually fight well and add that element we aren’t having a conversation over his value and everyone would want to keep him. And then the Devils would sign him for 5 years, 5 mill per.

  180. We are all Kenneth on

    _You are using the 4L of two teams to suggest that it is good to commit years and money to maintain a stable 4L. Sample size._


    _Not all players go for the money. A recent example of that is Chris Neil._


  181. If we cut Boyle in half, attached his legs to Zuccarello’s torso, and his torso to Hagelin’s legs, we’d have two 6’2″ power forwards who would never win a fight.

  182. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    We are all adult enough to refrain from ad hominem, yes?

  183. Thanks Manny! I normally do post sometimes but I usually post under “Ryan From NJ”. I switched my name to my twitter handle. Carp followed me on twitter so I’m kind of a big deal now (In my own mind at least) LMAO.

    I just watched the game for the first time since attending and I have to give myself a pat on the back….I set my DVR to record 2 hours past the stated time, and it ended right after Hank’s interview. Yahtzee!!! lol. The telecast was awesome, It’s crazy how much I paid attention to the game but I remembered darn near every play and weird bounce that happened. The snow made it pretty magical. The atmosphere was amazing, best $115 (face value $280) I’ve ever spent. One thing that kind of stunk was we had trouble hearing whistles, we would just kinda see everyone stop skating and knew something happened.

    From what I saw I think the goalies biggest troubles were vision, and lack of sliding across the crease. The goal Zuc scored where he shelfed it on the 3 on 1, I saw brodeur slide over but it was like he hit a wall and just stopped, Zuc had plenty of time to settle the puck down and roof it past Brodeur for basically and empty net goal. Hank same thing…couldn’t get a good push off his skates from side to side. Ah well…Rangers Win….Devils lose…Fans won big time.

  184. If the cap is $70MM, the average cost of a roster spot is between $3MM and $3.5MM depending on how many guys you’re carrying at a time. Boyle gets a nice raise here or elsewhere and he’s a solid role player here or elsewhere.

  185. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Boyle gets a nice raise here or elsewhere and he’s a solid role player here or elsewhere._

    He’s still a peak 4L here or elsewhere.

  186. Thanks Carp! I thought Boyle was as strong on the puck as I’ve ever seen him yesterday. He made a few solid hits, never really shied away from the contact at all (the first penalty was such a beautifully timed hit, like you said tho…pansification). Not saying one game deservers an re-sign or a raise but if he played like that each night, kept opposing teams in their own zone, then they would have to take a look at it. His consistency is what is lacking though.

  187. could say that about seven or eight of the forwards and a few of the d-men, and until recently, one of the goalies. which is why the record is what it is.

  188. I know Pouliot has had a nice run, but we can far more easily replace him from inside (Fast) than we can Boyle. That’s where you save money, by having kids with some offensive skill play on the 3rd line, not by nickel-and-diming the anchor of your 4th line / penalty kill.

  189. (When Rob is doing his study, I’ll be doing a parallel one about how the successful teams structure their roster in terms of allocating cap space.)

  190. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Boyle can be replaced by Moore. Faceoff specialist and penalty killer. Does it get any easier than that?

    What is going to be your criteria for successful teams?

  191. Carp,

    It’s nice to see DMoore play well and get rewarded with a goal. Feel good story there. He seems to be a decent guy, good teammate. Hard worker, skates well, honest effort.

    Good for him.

  192. _What is going to be your criteria for successful teams?_

    In order …

    1. Niceness

    2. Best interview givers

    3. Grit

    4. Cumulative can do attitude

    5. Points per game adjusted for schedule

  193. _I wonder who it is they’re looking at._

    Best case scenario is due diligence on Stastny, right?

  194. I can’t wait to hear the Potvin sucks chant at Yankee Stadium! That ranks up there with the 94 Cup!

  195. They did? I missed it. Kenny Albert was funny. I had the game on with the sound off. Listened to Kenny and Dave though I was shocked at how far the radio was behind the tv! As much as 20 seconds. Anyhow, Kenny said something about the “first ever, Zucc cheer at Yankee Stadium.”

  196. Islanders caught looking ahead?? Boston offensive juggernaut?? Dress warm kiddos. I was there Sunday. My kid was one of the little rangers in front of the real rink.

  197. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    If the Rangers are scouting the Avalanche how far behind can Nathan MacKinnon be?

  198. Could ROR really be in play for the Blueshirts? Tyson Barrie is a young, puck moving RH dman…would Avs move Barrie/ROR?

  199. WIth MDZ gone, it will be interesting to see if Allen, Skjei, Andersson or Graves end up having better NHL careers/being better d men than MDZ. Waiting is the hardest part. Too bad Pashnin never came over from Mother Russia. Liked his game and arrogance.

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