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1) The Blues obviously got the memo from Coach Ken Hitchcock, or maybe they figured it out themselves. They were embarrassed by the Devils two nights earlier, and as we all knew, they would be a lot better at the Garden. Much, much, much tighter. Nothing that we didn’t know, but man, that’s a big strong team.

St. Louis Blues v New York Rangers2) I know you guys hate to hear this after a loss, and no, I’m not saying the Rangers are on the Blues level in terms of talent or size or compete level. They’re not. I wouldn’t give them a chance in a best-of-seven. But, I didn’t think the Rangers played an awful game. Made some dreadful mistakes, yes. Made some poor choices in the offensive and defensive zones, and especially on the power play. The Blues were better all night long, but not a lot better. This wasn’t as bad, to me, as the Islanders game.

3) Then again, I don’t watch with my heart and so I don’t feel the pain of a loss like you guys do, and it took me a while, but I really understand your fury and frustration better now.

4) The Rangers got some chances … and a goal,  when they got it deep and went to work. But I felt they  didn’t do that enough, especially early. And they tried some really fancy, low-percentage passes on odd-man breaks, on situations where they had opportunities to shoot (Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello and Ryan Callahan).

5) The worst point, to me, was when they didn’t get a single shot on the late third power play.

6) Henrik Lundqvist gives up two or fewer again. And loses. He was good enough to win this game. Not saying he should have won it.St. Louis Blues v New York Rangers

7) I didn’t mind Kevin Klein’s game at all. Except this. I’m not used to another right-handed D, and from up in the pressbox his No. 8 looks like a 6 and all night long I thought he was Anton Stralman. Going to take some getting used to. But, for a first time out, with just a morning skate under his belt, he looked fine.

8) Speaking of right-shooting defensemen, how about my local boy Kevin Shattenkirk? Writers love it when they do a feature on a guy and he comes through like Shattenkirk on the game-winning goal. Kid’s a player. Hope you saw my story on him. At least you don’t have to see him against your boys until the Stanley Cup final, and you can root for him in Sochi. Ryan McDonagh-Kevin Shattenkirk pair?

St. Louis Blues v New York Rangers9) The Daily Nash-O-Meter. Mixed bag again. I thought he was on the outside a little more in this game. When he was inside he didn’t have much room. His defensive-zone play (and not just his, but several forwards, and I don’t think I need to make a list for you) leaves something to be desired. But he’s paid to score and he scored. Again, not as good as he’s been, IMO. But he’s got 10 in 10 games. Where do you sign?

10) Nash and Chris Kreider, I thought, were sloppy on the 1-0 goal. Nash got back but didn’t do much once he halted the rush. Kreider took a nap on Alex Steen, who was left all alone in front. Not sure that goal should or should not have counted, and I’m no longer sure what should and shouldn’t count anymore, and I don’t think they know up in the bunker in Toronto, either. But it was Dan Girardi’s cross-ice turnover at the offensive blue line started it that whole mess. That was the fifth straight goal allowed by the Rangers, since up 3-1 on the Islanders. And it was the fifth goal against on which Kreider was on the ice in two games. Not blaming him, but yeesh.

11) That kick-in looked exactly like some that have been disallowed and some that haven’t. Looked to me like J.T. Miller’s no-goal in Philly. Not a lot different.St. Louis Blues v New York Rangers

12) The Rangers D-men sure did get hammered all night by the Blues’ bigger forwards. And hung in there pretty well, I thought.

13) I’d like to thank the fine folks at Metro-North for running such a piece of crap outfit. Really gone to hell lately, hasn’t it?

14) I’ll tell you this. Ya boys better be ready for a hornets nest at Yankee Stadium, because this is going to be the Super Bowl, the World Series and Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals for the Devils and Islanders.

15) 0-1 without Michael Del Zotto.

My Three Rangers Stars:St. Louis Blues v New York Rangers
1. Rick Nash.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. Great review Carp!

    Loved seeing Kreider undress and flatten JayBo, not impressed with the non-call on the butt end to the head by Backes moments later (are those types of head contact allowed now?). Opposition right defensemen must have fits when the kid is on the ice and using his speed and size with or without the puck.
    The play leading up to their kick-in goal was started by a shoddy pass and poor coverage by Nash and Girardi, topped off with THE Kreider’s missed coverage on it and Hank’s missed poke and open 5-hole. Bad goal all-around.

    PP looked out-of-sync all night, did Sully replace Arniel for the night?

  2. Friendly(ish) schedule i’d say ORR:
    Wins vs Rangers, Jets, Canes, Lightning, Caps, Sabres, Kings, Flyers – they’ve got Sabres, Caps, Canes, Panthers and Sens coming up before they have to play the Ducks, Kings (again) and Sharks.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Lose on 2 goals off skates, one obvious, very obvious. There is definitely an anti-Rangers bias in Toronto. Bunch of lugs gulping Labbatts and chewing on back bacon while they comb their mulletts.
    How is the first a legit goal? That is a textbook example of redirecting puck with skate.

    Rewatch first goal and Girardi, who has been very, very off the last two, was beat on board battle and watched player as puck is passed to crease. We had 3 guys in corner below end line (DG, McD, Step) and they 2, but they got puck and that is Kreiders fault???

  4. Carp,
    Sam Rosen was calling the Right D “Stralman” all night long!!! If Sam were accurate, Stralman would have logged 55 minutes last night. You litterally have to look for Marc Staal to figure out who is on the right D!!! He is the only guy that appears distinctively on the ice!!! MacD abd Moore look similar too…

    I wonder if that causes problems for the scouts?

  5. Carp,
    Sam Rosen was calling the Right D “Stralman” all night long!!! If Sam were accurate, Stralman would have logged 55 minutes last night. You literally have to look for Marc Staal to figure out who is on the right D!!! He is the only guy that appears distinctively on the ice!!! MacD abd Moore look similar too…

    I wonder if that causes problems for the scouts?

  6. You can redirect the puck in as long as there’s not a distinct kicking motion.

    I still like the suggestion I remember hearing from Scotty Bowman, you can redirect it in as long as the skate blade doesn’t leave the ice.

  7. The Blues played a hard game, but not terribly exciting. If the message was to play a safe road game to make up for their fiasco in NJ they played it to a T.

    Backes is a freight train, plays at the line of dirty but expect to get hit if he’s near you and you have the puck. He’s what Callahan would be if he was 6’2″ 215 lbs.

    I still wonder what Blues fans will think of Steen when his shooting percentage isn’t twice his career average.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    I, actually, enjoyed the game last night. Not terribly exciting, but very hard fought, and high paced game. Sometimes you play as well as your opposition allows you to play. They had their chances, and Halak left plenty of rebounds. They couldn’t get to them. Just confirms again that they need a little more size on the wing. Bot 2nd and 3rd lines. Blues are big and very impressive, they score enough. But I think their goaltending will be the reason they won’t come out of the West.

    Where do we get ourselves a David Backes? Wow!

  9. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    Carpy, great, dead on review.

    Not much you can say. St. Louis is bigger, stronger, a little bit more talented. Their goalie isn’t as good but the high priced goalie we have is usually not going to be the equalizer when its men against boys.

    Does the size intimidate our peewees? I think to some extent it does. And it may force some errors. So maybe it’s not so much what we didn’t do as it is what they forced us into doing.

    Could we beat this team in best of 7? Nope. Boston? Nope. LA? Ducks? Chicago? Nope.

    But Sather’s oblivious as to the reasons.

  10. its only a kicking motion when the Rangers score…need to save these morons from themselves and either allow or disallow anything off skate..worse was non-call on Backes hit..not only high but several seconds after Kreider shot the puck…clear interference

  11. By he way, Kevin Klein skates much better than I thought. Certainly an upgrade in that department. Is it me, or does J. Moore, who obviously was given a green light to join in more often with Klein on his R, rushes successfully with his speed and stick-handling, but oftentimes has no idea what to do with the puck once he enters the zone? Sometimes he is too fast for his own teammates, lol. AV will work on that, I’m sure.

  12. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    Your point about it being highly frustrating? Earlier this season, I looked at our team as if it has a ‘terminal illness’. Satheritis. It helped me.

    I no longer expect the players to overcome the paltry mix of the team. It’s futile. A game like this highlights what we can and can’t achieve. We can’t beat a team like this or others in a long series. We can’t go more than a round in the playoffs. Period.

    Am I frustrated? No. It’s all expected. I circled the date for last night because I was curious how far we had come. I like the new system. I like the 4 lines. It’s fun watching. The players are playing pretty well the last 15 games and it’s fun to watch.

    Yet, there are just some teams we can’t beat. Square pegs into round holes. Glen Sather.

    Untile he’s gone we have no chance.

  13. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    Backes? Freaking ran our players last night at will. Monster. We could not stop him. Darn good player having his way with our women.

    We have no one like that.

    Jack Johnson? Hard to believe his talent is showing through in Columbus. Gee what a concept a 6.1″ , 230 lb. defenseman. Guy’s a freaking rock.

    It has been obvious to many of us. Our size is our biggest detriment. It isn’t the late 70’s and 80’s, Glen. Can’t get buy with smurfs.

  14. As big and bad as these Blues are, did we have a good chance to win this game? Yes. But in some respects, especially offensively, the time regressed to where they were when not playing well. I don’t know if it’s all the pretty goals they’ve scored recently, but your #4 comment is spot on. They had chances, but they passed them up trying to make the perfect play. Michelleti made the point all night about how the Blues goalies have had rebound problems recently, but rather than get the shot on goal and drive to the net, they passed it to the outside to try and setup the perfect play, or, if they were close to the net, rather than shot and attack, they tried for low percentage cross crease passes. That might work against Buffalo or Philly who don’t have the horses to stop them but they aren’t working against a defensively sound team like St Louis. It’s not going to work against Boston. I thought the Zuc line was especially bad with this. Brassard and Zuc kept passing up open shots.

    BTW, where has Pouliot been lately? Is the hot streak over?

  15. jimG the desertrat on

    How come we don’t buttend players to the head. Big sob running around like a runaway freight train.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was throwing darts with Brassard the other day and he told me that he will score the winning goal in each of the next three games. I asked him about Hags vs Hank for prettiest ranger and #16 said that both Hank and Hags are dreamy, the players all believe Boyle and his porn stasche to be the prettiest. I don’t agree but it’s what he said…

  17. I hate the rulings from TO on pucks in off the skate. It should either always be disallowed, like a “hands ball” in soccer, or you should just be able to kick it in.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On radio, Dave Maloney thought the goal should count. I agree with cousin Tom…but that you should be allowed to kick it in…

  19. Agree Steve.

    What we need?

    more “Drive to the net.”

    But, maybe we’re just a tad too small?

  20. To me, that game shows why this team is in *big* trouble if they make the playoffs. They simply cannot compete against a team that plays a tight game. They don’t have the talent or size to take it over.

  21. Out of all the reviews we had go against us this year, I thought this was one of the easiest to accept. No kick.

  22. If you guys didn’t know already the *Dallas Stars* are one hell of a *funny* organization. Great sense of humor. So last night when they have the *Maple Leaves* in town they put *Justin Bieber’s* photo on the Jumbotron with the worlds *TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS FAN* below it.

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Last night’s game proves are team will be remarkably better when we get Wrath of Mac up here to play with Dan G and Klein to have a heavy hitting right side of the back line and good size up and down the D corps.

    Need size on second line and third lines. Pullout’s glass slipper broke in the penalty box last week.

    thought Cally played a very strong game last night. His shift at the end of the 2nd period was an example of guts in action.

  24. ?@TGfireandice Cast of Jersey Boys and Southside Johnny among those scheduled to perform Sunday at Yankee Stadium for Devils-Rangers.

    @TGfireandice CeeLo Green, Michelle Williams among those to perform for Isles-Rangers on Wednesday.


    This is *NOT* a positive sign. I have heard of 25% of that garbage.

  25. I thought the same thing about *Klein* and *Stralman*. I couldn’t really tell them apart. Which, at first, I thought was a good thing for *Stralman* but then I saw *Stralman* just fall over on a play and, of course, I knew *instantly* that *Coach Klein* would never do that.

    I think Klein will be fine in a top 4 role. Not a lot of flash but definitely solid.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Last night’s game proves we will be better when we get Wrath of Mac up here to play with Dan G and Klein to have a heavy hitting right side of the back line and good size through out the D corps.

    Need more size on second line and third lines. Pullout’s glass slipper broke in the penalty box last week.

    thought Cally played a very strong game last night. His shift at the end of the 2nd period was an example of guts in action.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Justin Bieber is one rugged hombre. Even though he is 5 ft 2, weighing 110 pounds, and prettier than a girl, I’d hate to drop the gloves with that bad assen.

  28. *OH* and before I forget, the comments that *Vigneault* made post-game about the PP letting them down and how these games will *Come down to special teams* really infuriated me. Because the PP can be fantastic but if you can’t possess the puck 5-on-5 you aren’t going to compete in most games and certainly not *any* playoff series.

  29. Carp, Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet but….

    Man would cally look great on that blues team? Who could nyr get in return? He would be a great 2nd or 3rd liner and I think could make them a legit cup contender if they aren’t already. If he can’t win the cup in ny then let’s see him get one elsewhere.

    We have to agree that it’s going to be best for him and the team to trade now rather than completely overpay him in July. No? Unless he signs before trade deadline for a discount rate. I don’t want to see him go but if he is going to ask for $5 mil + then it’s bye bye.

  30. Sather Must Go! on

    Backes, another power forward/Captain/player out of the 2003 draft, i know, 10 plus years ago, but just sayin’…

    JD put together and left behind a heck of a team and organizational structure in St Louis; hmmm, didnt he just take a on new job, while we are left with… Well, you know…

    Klien is an upgrade over DMZ…

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    I agree Manny, about why games like this are proof this team can’t win a Cup as currently constructed. It’s easy to get carried away and exited when the team goes on a little run and wins a few games, but there is no way this team can win a seven game series against a tough and physical opponent like the Blues or Bruins. They are simply outclassed

  32. Rob in Beantown on

    Also, the talent gap between the Leastern and Bestern conferences is *humungous big*

  33. I would rather play the style of the Blues than the style of Vigneault. I love that speed, toughness, hard forecheck, relentless work on the puck.

  34. That is *incredibly* impressive, Rob. You just became my *second* favorite person on this blog *instantaneously*

    “From who, Michael? The Nazis?”

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Plus, my completely unscientific opinion from watching games is that the Vigneault style is easily disrupted and bested by teams that play the Blues style of hockey almost every time. The Vigneault style can beat other teams who play the same style but when they play a team like the Bruins or like the *Tortorella Rangers* who play that style effectively they will lose more times than not.

  36. Rob – perhaps that’s why *Vigneault* style of hockey couldn’t win in the playoffs. His talented team, could play playoff hockey in the end.

    Hitch / Sutter / Torts all turned “less” talented teams around playing this hard nose style, old time hockey. It may not always be fun to watch, but it’s VERY tough to beat.

    Rangers aren’t going to win to many games playing 3/4 it their own end.

  37. Manny and Rob nailed it.

    This ranger team lacks size to get past round 1 assuming they make it which they lead east in games played. By Olympic break other teams will be caught up

  38. Aside from *Girardi’s* GIANT *mistake*, I thought the *Rangers* held their *own* against a *far superior* Blues team.

    Henrik played really well too, I think, despite probably having to *Shat*tenkirk the whole time.

  39. My question. Do the Rangers have to cut their smallest/best forward and go Lucic on everyone they put in?

    OR Just STOP drafting the wrong “size” player.

  40. May someone please explain to me what “AV style” is? Because I’m still not sure. Is it the fact that one D pinches in?

  41. Blues should have won and did win that game. Rangers could have won it, though, and would have, perhaps, if they’d converted one of their A chances, or if Lundqvist had stopped one of those two stoppable shots. They would have been great saves, especially the second — that was tough finding the puck with Girardi joining rather than pushing away the screen — but they are stops goalies make when they steal games. One bad sign, though, was Lundqvist sitting back on Schwartz’ shot off the post late (on that great rush: Backes to Oshie to Schwartz). I would take Backes and Oshie on my Olympic team…

  42. AV style is all about puck possession, tends to possess the puck a lot from the outside. To me it seems a lot more open, has a faster pace, and can be a lot of fun to watch when it wins. It seems less defensive.

    Torts Style – Play from the net out. No mistakes. Finish you checks and block every shot between the shooter and your goalie. Has a lot more JAM and a 4th line that will throw them. (If only he could coach a power play)

    Did I miss anything?

  43. Contact rates again, hits for + against per 60 minutes …

    Daniel Carcillo: 24.6
    Derek Dorsett: 18.1
    Justin Falk: 17.5
    Brian Boyle: 14.9
    Ryan Callahan: 14.4
    Chris Kreider: 13.8
    J.T. Miller: 13.5
    Benoit Pouliot: 12.5
    Dan Girardi: 11.8
    Dominic Moore: 11.5
    Carl Hagelin: 10.5
    Taylor Pyatt: 9.7
    Mats Zuccarello: 9.5
    John Moore: 9.5
    Derick Brassard: 9.1
    Anton Stralman: 8.7
    Marc Staal: 8.1
    Michael Del Zotto: 8.0
    Ryan McDonagh: 5.6
    Derek Stepan: 5.6
    Rick Nash: 2.9
    Brad Richards: 2.8

    (Note where the average is relative to the list of players. Tells you a lot about not so much the roster itself, but about how the top end of the roster plays, right?)

  44. I’m not sure if its the size of the Rangers, the size of the opposition, or the skill level, but someone seems to have solved the Rangers (starting with the Fishsticks) and found a way to disrupt AV’s offense and power play. If they don’t adapt, they’re finished. No better than 2nd round (if they get the lucky bounces). I’m headed back to the snow cave for the day. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold out there.

  45. Seems like I’m not missing anything after all. The Blues do play a tight game, on top of you, no room.

  46. Oshie has always been one of my favorite Sioux players. Rangers sure could use more POWER forwards like him.

    Ducan – Toews – Oshie almost as good as the Hrkac Circus.

  47. The Rangers stunk against the Islanders, but competed against a very good Cup contending team. I’m not ready to say they’ve fallen off the cliff yet.

  48. Gravy, the way I sort of look at it is at 1-1 after 2, do you think any Blues fans coveted our team or style? That’s just a better team playing a better game than we do / can. We played well, but it was playing up against a much better overall team.

  49. The Blues played a very Hitchcock game. They did not let the Rangers use their speed (be it legally or illegally).

  50. funny, beginning of the season I predicted the jackets would be better than the rangers. Don’t look now but the jackets have won 8 in a row and are knocking on the door with 2 games in hand.

  51. MD, the Blues are in a different class than the Rangers. We have the team we have, so I’m trying to look at the positives.

  52. Manny what’s the best place to have a pre game Stout beer that I can take my 18 year old son into?

  53. Because I f’ed up the math, Sioux, I had goalies in there. Its 9.6. Which is still down the list but not as drastic.

  54. Gingerman is the best near MSG rec for good beer but I know they card at the door. Not sure if there’s a father-son exception or not since they do serve food.

  55. I guess Hank isn’t throwing enough hits :)

    Sioux, I had a feeling that Nash was ready to go on a tear, although not to this extent. You got the best player in the deal, so I think it will work out for both of us.

  56. SPM
    _Manny what’s the best place to have a pre game Stout beer that I can take my 18 year old son into?_

    _That would have to be a pretty huge beer, Sioux._

    Good stuff.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    Not a great sign when our top two centers don’t hit or like to be hit

    Derek Stepan: 5.6
    Rick Nash: 2.9
    Brad Richards: 2.8

  58. I know, especially for a guy who doesn’t do anything on offense.

    (My point, although diminished, is that we don’t have a completely contact shy roster. If you go player by player, we’re better than 50% in terms of guys that can and will hit. The problem is that 3 of our top 4 forwards in terms of ice time are our softest players. That’s why a team like St. Louis can just wipe us out. Its also why (2) a guy like Backes is sooooooo awesome and (3) Callahan is sooooooo necessary to this team going forward, even at an acknowledged overpay.)

  59. Sure, Gravy, there are some guys thrive on the contact game. Not me by any means, I *hate* being hit, but you guys wouldn’t like me on the Rangers.

  60. I was wrong. Jackets have 3 games in hand and are 1 point back. These next games for the rangers are going to be like game 7 because if they lose any of these games they will find themselves outside looking in.

  61. Stranger Nation on

    Let’s just say some are more willing than others.
    Part of the game Gravy, take a hit to make a play for the betterment of the team. Shy away and don’t make a play doesn’t work as well.
    For examples see NHL Playoff success.

  62. How about a guy like this? 11-23-34 stat line in 44 games with 18.4 hits + taken per 60. Think we could use that sort of game at forward?

  63. Take your son to the *Flying Puck*… it’s not quite as *big* as *Stout* is, but it’s a *cool* bar for any *Rangers* fan.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Before heading to Flying Puck, take the subway during rush hour to properly prepare for the experience.

  65. I did some really quick and dumb math (hits per NHL.com times two divided by total games to date times 4.75 (trying to account for PK time)) and it was just under 10.0.

    Rangers are actually 12th in total hits thrown per game.

  66. If this were after the season, I would absolutely add up each team individually, I just can’t justify to myself doing it now for something that’ll be obsolete in a matter of hours.

  67. ilb – spot on with the Moore comments earlier. He skated his way into the zone a few times and looked around to see everyone shell-shocked that he’d got that far and had no-one to dish it to!

  68. Gravy… do you need a hug?

    The 3rd to last episode was a *Clutterbuck* of emotions. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    I’d ask you what you thought of the ending, but that would be a spoilers-filled conversation.

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bieber is from Toronto. He plays Hockey. Would the Rangers sign him as a free agent? He could be the rugged gritty player that puts us over the top. Bieber vs Lucic? The Beebs kicks his assen. I’d bet beebs’ mascara and lipstick never even smears….

    The Bieber for Captain

  70. Bieber vs Semin would be an awesome fight and a comment I make knowing someone is going to try to take the easy joke out of it.

  71. Mister D…thought you might want to know that *Kane* will be taking over the Cloverleaf on 2/18. 24 varieties on tap.

    If you have a friend who owes you a favor, you should invite him/her to drive you there and have a few beers. Then wait around for you while you have a few more.

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bieber vs Johnson. Each very familiar with the other…Beebs would just try to grab Johnson and hold in until the whistle blows….

  73. I saw that Booby, thinking I might take a *long lunch* that day. They were actually much closer to me (Stirling Hotel) last night but I would have felt *guilty* heading out because I’m going to Philadelphia to see *friends* on Saturday.

  74. I think what you saw last night, was the “2013-14 New York Rangers” meeting the “2011-12 New York Rangers” and the better team came out on top.

  75. There was also a Maine Beer takeover at Blind Tiger yesterday that I forgot about and now I feel bad because I didn’t tell anyone. Maine Beer is tremendous.

  76. I need to nominate SiouxperMAMA for the greatest wife ever!

    She snagged a deal on line to send me and my son a trip to NY vs Flyers game in March.

    It’s his Graduation Gift!

    She feels we need more Father/Son time.

  77. Any good albums we should be listening to *Manny*?

    I believe the term is “Shatten your kirk” as in “Oh man, if I don’t find a bathroom soon I’m doing to shatten my kirk!”

  78. So If I give you Boneheads enough notice, we could all go out for a hot dog or beer. On or around 3/26. But I won’t be able to take him into a Pub.

    Better to ask the natives for suggestions correct?

  79. Now if you want to sleep in an Igloo for a night in the land of the Sioux. I got you covered, and yes the igloo has the center ice package :)

  80. Stranger Nation on

    Caught up on Thrones – what an amazing production, how do they recoup that money spent. Tremendously tremendous series.

  81. If they don’t find a way to get up for these outdoor games they’re going to get embarassed in both of them. The Devils and Islanders are usually 3x as pumped for them. imagine this whole event thing adding to that?

  82. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I posted some albums but the comment got stuck in *moderation* Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  83. Manny…I’d feel bad if I said *Evander*, because you would probably haul out to NJ for the *chance* to hit on him.

  84. Anything with “head” in the name (Overhead, Head High) by Kane has been *tremendous* IMO. Like legit top 10-15.

  85. Go to flying puck tell them you know Eric and Scotty hockey. Will get a free shot.
    Order boneless wings. Make sure your full.

    Better off full then hungry watching our crap team whose ceiling every year is 1 and done. This year will be no diff.

    This just in Nash busted for PEDs.

  86. Real Estate has a new album out in the beginning of March that I’m pretty pumped for. They’re great and from NJ but Manny won’t like them because they’re very un-metal.

  87. We were in the Flying puck when Tampa Bay had to beat Carolina to get into the playoffs.

    Mama doesn’t remember that bar :)

  88. Stranger Nation on

    Gravy – had never seen any of the episodes other than picking up random scenes. Sat and watched S1, E8 a couple of weeks when HBO was running S1 one aft.
    Needless to say, finished them all now.
    Just wow

  89. Sioux there are some good pubs that are a little more family oriented near by. Even Mustang Harry’s is more of a restaurant at this point. We ate there before the Wild game last month and there were families sitting everywhere. 2 minute walk to MSG.

  90. Word, Booby? I’ve never had a bourbon non-porter/stout I’ve liked (and I downright hate the Kentucky Bourbon ale) but that sounds like my best shot.

  91. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on


  92. I think that anything that “rocks” is too heavy for me. If I can’t listen to it laying on the couch with my eyes closed its just too much energy. I’m a Richards in his own zone, flatline kinda guy.

  93. Share you feelings on bourbon aged mostly, Mister D, but this one is special. Don’t know how they do it.

  94. GoT is shot beautifully, has great characters, well acted, and well directed. They make you really hate the antagonists, and you never know who that’s going to be episode to episode. And, if you didn’t read the books (which I didn’t), red wedding.

  95. Mister

    I meant win a round lose round 2. Obviously conf finals was 11-12 season not withstanding.

    Take this year now say we get in and that’s a question mark with log jam of teams and us having most games played.

    If we finish 2/3 in div likely to play jackets/flyers/devs/caps. Leaving isles canes out for now. Too many teams jump over

    If we survive that does anyone really think we could beat penguins. The way to beat pens is out score them that’s why isles match up well. We don’t score 3-4 goals a game consistently.

    And we certainly don’t have the makeup of the bruins forwards to lock down Crosby and Malkin and a chara on def.

  96. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You guys don’t like *aged* Bourbon? I am not the biggest *Bourbon* fan and much prefer *rye* whiskey because that whole *Secondary* grain in *Bourbon* Being heavily *Wheat* and *Wheat* tending to lose it’s *Spunk* over time.

    Also, I find that many *Mashes*, specifically *LDI*, tend to end up *hot* and I think that is because of how they are aged.

  97. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You guys who *Didn’t* read the *Game of Thrones* books, and thus *aren’t* metal are in for a *REAL TREAT* in the *4th* season of the *Show* which covers the other 50% of *Book 3* a/k/a *Storm of Swords*

  98. I love IPAs and really like bourbons but the combination of the two has always made me *sick* and *mad*.

  99. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    Hey all… for those of you who are familiar with the story of Liam Traynor, and his love for the Rangers and MDZ…
    please check out this link liam.myevent.com

    Regardless of how anyone may feel about MDZ and his tenure as a Ranger, he was Liam’s favorite player, and i’m trying to set up a trip for him and his family to go to Nashville.

    If you can donate, great! If not… please help me spread the word through whatever mediums are available to you!

    Thanks everyone!

  100. Then again Chris VandeVelde just got called for the Flyers, and has 15 games in this year.

    I suppose we could Fly the Sioux Flag behind Mason since we will be sitting behind him.

    I did this for the Parisie Game, and Zach stops and throws a puck up for the kid next to me. Class act!

  101. Let’s face it boys and girls – this is a PO bubble team yet again and if they don’t stumble and bumble their way in it’ll likely be only because the weakness of their division.

    Assuming they do get in, they won’t last long. How are they doing to beat the Bruins or Penguins?

    And against everyone else, it’s rather 50/50.

    Worse, there’s nothing in the feeder system to suggest anything will change next year. In fact, with the imminent buyout of Richards this July, it’s not unreasonable to believe the team won’t be as good next year.

    So tell me again why Sather should resign Girardi and Callahan to fat 5 to 6 years contracts again please?

  102. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Oh I *agree* with that *Booby* I think the Bourbon *barrels* tend to *over* mellow out the *Beer*

  103. *GAB* I’m thinking you should get DZ involved :)

    How cool would that be!

    I should ask Cullen if he could get Carrie Underwood’s Suite for a game :)

    Boy that would ROCK!!!! Who’s all in?

  104. Or we could get Liam in on the Cully’s Kids……


    work to be done GAB.

    Send me your email.

  105. Gab!!!

    You Rock!

    Looks like it’s going to happen someone dropped $1K into the fund yesterday!

    Great Story!

    Can’t wait to see the Video.

  106. Booby, this is the perfect opportunity to get an *iPhone* so that you can change your screen name to *iBooby* when you post from it because it sounds *funny*.

  107. Booby, my coffee grinder died last night. I know exactly how you feel. I’ll send a casserole.

  108. Lots of rebounds out front of the StL net all night. #5, instead of moving lurker, aided in screening of Hank. McD lately seems to be encumbered by having to play both sides on deep D simultaneously. A healthy Clowe would have made a large difference added to this assemblage.

  109. A healthy Clowe is a great start to getting this team exactly what it needs. Still bummed about that not working out.

  110. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I love doing the *iManny* thing but I recently switched to *I, Manny* like that *Asimov* book

  111. So, how do you like meine Klein(e) Ballettänzerin? Will Stralman haters hate him too by association?

  112. I feel like Klein is the type of guy we’ll all happily ignore until we decide there’s a kid who should be in his spot.

  113. Lots of pretty little pucks bouncing around out if front of their goalie. I will get them for you, coach. Put me in.

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    _The Rangers stunk against the Islanders, but competed against a very good Cup contending team. I’m not ready to say they’ve fallen off the cliff yet._

    That was the really maddening thing about the last two games. If the Rangers beat the Islanders I don’t even mind losing to the Blues very much, but losing to the Islanders makes the Blues *must win*

  115. Rob in Beantown on

    Have you guys heard *Sunbather* by *Deafheaven*. I don’t like *metal* at all really and I kind of wish the dude didn’t scream so much, but I really *dig* this album

  116. SN – don’t think so. He grew up across the river from me.

    Played hockey for Moorhead,MN then skated 4 years for the Sioux.

    Same high school as Cullen.

  117. Fun team to watch in High School.

    Not so much against our team. Our Bruins team won as many state titles as they’ve beat the Moorhead Spuds.

    A grand total of 3.

  118. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on


    Hit me up on twitter @Bleedblueshirts
    i’ll get you my e-mail address

    If you’re not on twitter let me know, and i’ll figure out a different way to get it to you!

  119. Sather Must Go! on

    Maine beer is good … Belfast lobster ale (or something like tht) on tap.. Oldie but, Good. Im sure Del Z had a few in his time!

    Keg room on 36th is pretty good.. Bar / rest but good for all ages .. Solid beer selection. Good bar food.

  120. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on


    I’ve calculate the trip will cost the family $4800.

    Included in that calculation is the following:

    Round trip airfare for 5 (Liam, his twin sister, younger brother, mom and dad)

    5 Tickets to the Preds game

    Hotel accomodations for 2 nights

    Full size SUV rental for 3 days

    New DZ Preds jersey for Liam

  121. I will donate half of my Poker winnings this weekend :)

    If I win the whole thing you’re covered.

  122. Interesting to see that the Sharks extended Thornton and Marleau at $6.7 each and the Rangers will pay Hank $8.5.

  123. Thornton and Marleau re-signing puts a checkbox in the “Do not buyout Richards” column in Sather’s head.

  124. Gravy to your question, “Does anyone like being hit?” I would say, “Yes, anyone who’s ever played the game.” Nobody I played with ever liked getting broken by a hit or liked getting hit when carrying an upper-body injury, but if you don’t enjoy getting one as much as giving one, you’re in the wrong game. You say to yourself, “Nice one!” and get his number if you’re so inclined, or not. Gretzky not so much, but only an idiot would have told him to hit more.

  125. Stastny is going to wind up being the only potential #1/2 center available and get overpaid, probably by the Rangers.

  126. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s going to be fun in 2017 when we are paying $5.7M towards the cap for a player not even on the roster

  127. Norm – notice how the players stop hitting once they get their $10M contract?

    When they first get called up, they all play like Callahan, once the get their first big deal. Not so much.

  128. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _We are doomed in the playoffs unless we more consistent scoring by then._

  129. No State Income Tax in Tennessee. Players have a convoluted tax situation when they are on the road, but MDZ just got himself a sweet and considerable raise. Klein not so lucky.

  130. Stranger Nation on

    NO STate INcome tax is nothing – think of COLA in Nashville v. Manhattan. Heard the escorts are half the price…

  131. Wait until Klein starts looking around for a $250,000 house for his family and finds out it’s a million nine.

  132. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Rob* I totally understand why non-metal fans would *love* that *Deafheaven* album. My buddy and I go back and forth a lot but *talk* about *Sunbather* A LOT

  133. …Funeral’s arrangement in Nashville is cheaper than Hot Dogs in “newly renovated”…

  134. Running from the angry mob after the Modifiers concert, the guitar hit me in the head and almost knocked me cold.

  135. Klein: “Gimme one of those roast beef sandwiches.”

    “That’ll be eighteen and tax.”

    “What am I buying, sandwiches for the building?”

  136. Thornton and Marleau were 2 of the scarier Sather-friendly names approaching UFA so I’m pretty cool with that. And I’d be cool with buying out Richards and overpaying Stastny into his spot as well. Very cool.

    Even cool: 2 bottles of Maine Lunch are now in my fridge.

  137. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I really, really want *Lunch* by Maine Brewing Co. but everytime I go to get it there is a *thundersnow* or something else annoying. Now I’m *sick*

  138. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    If this thing goes down how I envision it… seeing the look on Liam’s face, in the Bridgestone arena, wearing a cornea searing gold Preds jersey….. gonna be something special.

  139. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Todd *Bertuzzi* is a healthy scratch. That’s kind of weird. Time for *retirement* ?

  140. Bit *jealous* there, Mister D.

    The other day I tried Flying Fish Exit *16* for the first time. It’s their wild rice *Double* IPA. It was *awesome*.

  141. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    How can Bertuzzi be a healthy scratch with all the injuries if they aren’t making a move?

  142. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    I appreciate the sentiment Manny,

    but it takes many individuals to pull it off. Everyone who contributes in any way, deserves just as much appreciation.
    And the kindness I see from total strangers makes my soul happy. I know it sounds corny… but man does it make you realize there are still great people out in the world.

  143. Gab, you can count me in for some help. Sad that the brave lad lost Torts AND DelZ to the North and South. What ratty luck. John T rose a bit in my book.

  144. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on


    Seeing Torts like that with Liam was a delight.
    Just goes to show, we only see a snapshot of what Players and coaches are like.

    DZ went to Liam’s house and played video games with him. That’s a stand up move.
    I respect him a ton for the relationship he maintains with Liam through texts and what not.

  145. I’m happy they’re off, too, but everything makes me question the impact on the Richards buyout (in Sather’s head). I’d rather have one of those guys at 3 or 4 years for $6.7M than Richards forever at $6.7M (or not on the roster at $5M+).

  146. Gravy, admittedly, I started to worry about Richards buyout long before they signed Marleau and Thornton. The very moment they announced the cap may go up over 10% next year.

  147. ilb, it’s turning into the perfect storm. Cap increasing, pretty decent performance, not many #1/2 offensive centers on the market, etc.

  148. Between St Louis’ clear success and Columbus’ sudden ignition, it’s safe to say JD knows what he’s doing

    I’m sick of watching our mediocre organization produce mediocre results

  149. Mount Rushmore, Sioux, in Teddy Roosevelt’s left nostril, just above the mustache to keep the snow out of the living room.

  150. Francesa: “Did you ever consider going for two after scoring on a nice three on two rush?”

  151. I’ll find you, Sioux, if I ever get out there. Never called a snowmobile for a ride home from the bar before.

  152. Gentlemen, the PIMP is officially on the AutoTrain.

    Just me and the Golden Girls.

    Anybody ever been on this BS?

  153. I see Prospal just “retired.” That means he will be here within three days, after all, he is only 38 and completely broken down.

  154. Book fast, it’s filling up quick!

    This weekend and next are already booked.

    Who said the “Drunkest City in America” wasn’t the most fun!

  155. there needed to be a response by the Rangers after the Backes cheap shot on Kreider. if the Rangers continue to allow that kind of stuff to happen to Kreider without response, teams will run Kreider out of the building. maybe Kreider needed to respond himself. win or lose, he would have let teams no he is not going to take it.

  156. This team is definitively too soft. AV sees it for what it is and tries to emphasize speed, but plenty of teams have speed AND size/toughness. Sans help from Sather, AV will have no alternative but to just go through the motions, try to have everyone play up to his abilities, entertain the suits, and fade off into 2014/15. Hate to say it.

  157. did you notice how quiet the Garden got when Kreider stayed down. it was as if 18,000 people all thought the same thing, our young future star just got concussed.

  158. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That was really upsetting. Gotta love the way *Backes* plays though. It’s pretty amazing. He really is like a larger version of Dustin Brown or *Ryan Callahan*. Got some nice meanness.

    I’m sure Kreider wouldn’t hesitate to throw that hit on someone else.

  159. Manny, I have a little problem with the hit in that it was intentionally to the head. no problem with Backes taking a run at him to try and slow him down. even with it being late.

  160. Coos – this team makes the playoffs.

    But runs into Pittsburgh or Boston. Then what?

    Hank has to go ALL WORLD, pull out the Gold Medal Version of himself, and see what happens.

    Not sure they can pull of 16 wins in the offseason. When they haven’t done that in 20 years.

  161. the Rangers need to change the look of the 3rd line. Pouliot needs to be replaced.Andrew Ladd has been mentioned by some. I don’t see that happening. he would cost an awful lot. I mentioned Ryan Smith the other day. he would be a good fit on that line, and probably could be had for a pick.

  162. Men’s Winter Olypmic “uniforms” look like they were designed by Oscar Wilde and Jason Bieber.

  163. Stranger Nation on

    That hit by Backes was nasty because it was
    A) Late – THE had not idea it was going to happen as the puck wasn’t in the zone anymore. THE was not bracing for it, more surprised than hurt was my take.
    B) Cheap – Butt End/Glove in the face delivered by a 6’3″ 230 lb brute. Realize other teams are going to run our players, but at least do it when the puck is somewhat near them
    C) Unpenalized – how does that not get called and then Shatner’s Kirk gets the slash call?

    The reffing has been horrible this season. Are there ever any refs who date hate NYC or this franchise?

  164. Gerbils have unfair advantage on Sunday if it’s sub-freezing and Uncle Daddy’s in net with all that blubber.

  165. devils up 2-0 after 2. devils win tonight they will be 2 points behind the rangers with 1 game in hand. devils haven’t lost to the rangers yet this season.

  166. Gerbils! I hate Gerbils. We kicked their butt in WWII and we can do it again if we have to.

  167. I would bring in shopping carts from the Stop&Shop lot before I would play for a team called the Ice Hogs.

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