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  1. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    potential=zippo in real world
    results mean everything

  2. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Potential only makes a player valuable for so long. Eventually, his results become the focal point.

  3. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Thanks, Carp! You’re the man for getting this to us so *rapidly*

    “Keeping up with the times….”

    @NYRalumni Final #NYR stats for @MichaelDelZotto (2009-14) 292gms, 26G, 95A, 121pts, 116PIMs (Playoffs: 32gms, 3G, 9A, 12pts). Good luck in Nashville!

  4. Again, and this time I don’t blame any of the writers on the call for not doing so …. but what I would give to hear someone ask him, “Glen, do you think GMs have shelf lives?” And what I would give for the answer too.

  5. Potential is great — when the player has hockey sense. When he doesn’t? And MDZ has shown he doesn’t again and again and again? It means little, because it is extremely likely not to be fulfilled.

  6. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Also appears that Klein was playing 2nd pair for them. So he better displace Stralman.

  7. Hope the medicos checked Klein’s right hand for broken bones. He threw a couple dozen on Monday night.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Who was typing during the first answer? Thank god it only lasted through one question.

  9. for what it is worth? I played golf this summer in a group that included #19 in a tournament on Long Island. MDZ came up, and I asked if all the baloney about #19 being his mentor was accurate. #19 snorted (okay neighed, maybe) and said after his rookie season, MDZ was a clueless boob. all he wanted to do was tell his teammates about the women he was nailing, and in too much detail. richards made it clear mdz had hardly any respect in the room.

  10. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Cool story, Aaron. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a typical young, rich athlete.

  11. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Oh my god, YES. Stralman on the PK, especially since this team insists on playing a Diamond PK leaving the rear most Defenseman to cover two men at once, is insufferable.

  12. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    If *Stralman* moves to the 3rd Pair I absolutely *PROMISE* to stop complaining about him.

  13. doobie — kreider and miller are young 22-year-olds too and #19 could not say enough good things. All I can tell you.

  14. I’ve heard unimpressive stories about 19 and if we’re to believe he’s gossiping about teammates to a random 4-some pairing, they seem even more solid.

  15. Rob in Beantown on

    _I’ve heard unimpressive stories about 19 and if we’re to believe he’s gossiping about teammates to a random 4-some pairing, they seem even more solid._

    Totally. Some things should stay in the locker room. If #19 really told you that then it makes it sound like he’s the boob

  16. Sather Must Go! on

    Think we all understand mdz is a party guy – thats fine; but it obv impacted his development and , put him a year in the ahl.. Thats not fine… I thinks torts tknew this and gave him ultimatums.. Long story short, he isnt worth waiting for and was not good at what he was drafted for (offence, PP, after rookie yr and outlet passes (awful))

  17. the chances that a professional hockey player was ragging on his teammates to some stranger at a golf tournament is about as likely as del zotto hitting the net more than once every ten shots.

  18. Here’s a stat you didn’t know.

    Klein picked 37th in 2nd round in 2003.
    Weber picked 49th in 2nd round in 2003.

    So Nashville thought a lot about this guy.

  19. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    But it’s an *awesome* story and I certainly never get that *close* to these players. So *thank you* for sharing *aaronburp*

  20. When I play *golf* its usually with my dad and sometimes he’ll talk about his *coworkers* but I think that’s ok because we’re *family*.

  21. I’ve been screaming since i joined the boneheads 2 1/2 seaon, wont win a Cup with DeLZaster as a top 4 Dman so trade him while he still has value.

    Typical Rangers, they think he is going improve so they continue to hold him until his value is zilch.

    I have no idea who Klein is and how he plays, so I hold judgement.

    But after watching DelZaster’s play and confidence disintegrate over the last 2 seasons my only question is, why so long ?

  22. Yup, I musta made it up, I guess. Oh well. Green is a major color here!

    I will say that #19 hits it a mile, plays from the left side (most left-shooting hockey guys play golf righty) with a swing that is way too fast but powerful, and that day shot a respectable score in the high 70s.

  23. last word: The day Tortorella was fired, #19 and eminger were on the 12th hole of the same course. they were so happy that a cartload of adult beverages were dispatched to them by caddies who were longtime nyr fans.

  24. I got to play and meet a lot of the players that come into town for the Cullens Charity tournament.

    The best was the 1’st year. Golf on Friday, and Poker tournament on Saturday (ALL hung over). Boy can the Parise & his brother both play.

    My first table draw was Cullen, his dad, Richard Parks, and Mark Parish – just signed by MN.

  25. the thing I like best about this trade, most of the guys here that have been wrong about pretty much about everything in the last season and a half, don’t like this trade.

  26. Coos @ 3:52 (Key West Time) exactly.

    The nerve of Wilburrrr to talk behind a teammates back like that. I wonder if he ever pulled DelZaster aside and gave him a personal chat, man to man, some one on one counseling, criticism or advice?

    What an effing turd.

  27. I saw DelZotto in a candy store last week and he pulled me aside and told me that Richards had the smallest Johnson in the lockerroom.

  28. My favorite part the 1’st year. I got to work for the Charity, and sign up business to sponsor a hole/table. So we got to play, when a few of the pros cancelled.

    My wife didn’t want to go to the first board meeting, so I thought my 9 year old son would get a kick out of it. Sure enough Matt, takes my son Chase aside, asks if he plays hockey, and walked him outside to shoot pucks on his practice net. My kid was beaming for a month.

    I laughed on the ride home. “Dad, Matt has like 26 – $300 EASTONS just sitting in the corner.” Funny how kids judge the stick by the cost.

  29. richie should have taken DZ out behind the barn and explained a thing or two. No need to saddle him with too much all at once.

  30. The second year. Matt brings home the Stanley Cup, won in Carolina. Chase stands in line for hours just to eat ice cream out of it.

    The Boys play a wiffle ball tournament in the back yard, winner gets to raise the Stanley cup :)

    Matt on one team, Commadore on the other.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    Wouldn’t Ritchie have been too occupied by his impending buyout to drink to the fired coach?

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    “kreider and miller are young 22-year-olds too”

    Yeah, 22 year olds who had spent a total of 49 and 2 games on the NHL roster, respectively.

    Please note that I referred to MDZ as a “successful” young male. And by that I mean the kid has some money and was living in NYC. Kreider and Miller hadn’t earned much yet, at all. Kreider had a about half a mil and his signing bonus. Miller just had his signing bonus.

  33. Have you guys ever heard of the Zambonies?

    Fun hockey band from the East Coast. He flew them out here to play on the silent auction night.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I’m not saying the trade is the worst thing ever, I just think it was a bit early to give up on MDZ.

    As for Klein, I would have been a lot more excited about getting him two years ago. But at 29, signed through 34, I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the return.

    Everybody can be traded, but the price has to be right. I just think Klein was not the right price for MDZ, that’s it.

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Yes, Sioux. I saw them play at the division III Frozen Four at Herb Brooks Arena in Lake Placid. They’re fun

  36. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That’s my complaint Doodie. Why give up on him and trade him at the lowest point possible?

  37. Doodie

    You’re protesting too much. The point is that not all 22 year olds with money act in such a way as to make them seem less mature than they were when they broke in.

  38. Doodie if it balances all 3 lines, and makes us better defensively, maybe it’s the best deal right now.

    Besides 2.9 for 4 years is a fair price for a top 4 dman.

  39. “That kid, Bobby Orr, is he left or right handed?”

    “Left, boss.”

    “Forget it, I need a right hander.”

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll say this about it: at least it was to the West. Last thing we need is for MDZ to all of a sudden become really good within our conference.

  41. Coos he had 25 games at the NHL level. That would be 272,865 on the NHL level, and 70k on the farm.

    Not bad for a kid that should be a junior in college.

  42. This idea that MDZ was all of a sudden going to develop hockey sense, and therefore was given up on too early, makes no sense to me. You either got it or you don’t. The rest of the league knows this. His value, given his play, was only going to go lower with time.

  43. I was not referring to you with my comment Doodie. I understand where you are coming from on MDZ. I have seen the Rangers give up on many Dmen to early.
    Mark Tinordi, Kjell Sameulsom, Terry Carkner, Mattias Norstrom, and Sergie Zubov to name a few. so I get it. I don’t believe MDZ has the potential you think he has. I think he is immature, not the greatest of skaters, and not the greatest instincts.

  44. Watch DZ ends up on the top line with Weber, and scores 50 points.

    Then the roosters will come out.

  45. Coos we had a goalie become a lawyer. Graduated in 3 years played college for 4, took grad classes.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Marek Zidlicky, Kim Johnsson, Fedor Tyutin (although at the time, he had to be moved because Sather gave him way too much money, throwing off the team’s salary structure)

  47. bulldog

    And don’t forget Moose “Hey Give Us a Twitch” Dupont. Given away for nothing. Ouch.

  48. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    my secretary suffers from Carp-ed tunnel

    NATW will be far more tolerable when he is on another team

  49. Klein broke broke Roussel’s visor with a punch his last fight.
    Gave up a boy and gained a man.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I would’ve been much more excited if it was Roman Polak on St. Louis.

    Look, I get that Klein helps us now. No argument here on that point. But I’m just so nervous that we are hurting ourselves long term over this.

  51. “Crosby wanted to make sure it was OK with him because of the fact that he’s won a couple Cups,” Babcock said. “[Toews is] held in high regard, to say the least, amongst coaches, amongst management, amongst players, and he’s a huge reason [the Chicago Blackhawks] win as much as they do.”

    Nice read. Crosby makes sure Toews is ok first. That’s showing some class.

  52. Stranger Nation on

    Sounded like Uncle Glennie just awoke from his afternoon nappy. Sauer update!!

    MEZ – good riddance – immature, slow, and scared.

    Klein sounds like Girardi-type player without any offense. time will tell…time will tell.

  53. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I would love to see *NATW* on another team. Then we can burn him for *goals*

  54. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I think the situation and lack of grit on D had every bit if not more to do with the trade than *POTENTIAL*

    You have to give to get and klein seems (everything i’ve *read*) to be a 18 minute per game eater as well as more physical and a RH shot. If this team had 5 RH D men, you probably don’t see the trade happening.

    Or if the D had a lot of gritty guys with no offencive minded D men, I also don’t think the deal is made.

  55. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I’m awaiting moderation…must be *potential*

  56. Glennie thought he had outsmarted the world with Sauer and Clowe and they let him down. He wants you to remember it’s not his fault that we’ve floundered.

  57. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Clowe was a very good trade until the repeated concussions, there would have been a lot more success here if he had stayed healthy.

    Still badly needing a healthy clowe type element on this team

  58. Stranger Nation on

    Still need size and grit up front – can’t have the pee wees on the 2nd and 3rd line we have and make any noise in April and May.

  59. I’d like to go on record stating I will not be gracious about things if DZ is playing well in Nashville. I’m not anti-Klein, he looks like a nice fit, I just don’t like the exchange.

  60. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Yes. We need Size/Grit combo deal. We have some size and we have some grit. They are just completely separate.

  61. I’ll miss MDZ and his winning smile, flowing locks and his glass seeking missile.

    Let’s see what Calvin can do.

  62. Turd:

    Generally, a log-shaped piece of Carcillo.
    Nevertheless, they are also found in coil-shape,
    mushroom-cloud shape,
    and even loch ness monster shape.

  63. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I absolutely expect *Del Zaster* to be successful in Nashville. I’m sure he will be fine. I expect Klein to be inadequate and an eventually overpaid 3rd Pair guy.

  64. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    The thing is sather also has a trading partner .. Edmonton phoenix nashville columbus all bottom feeders , well so are the NYR

  65. and we’ve entered a new phase of Ranger trades, one where the response is a slight variation of the old, “who?” to the new and improved:

    “Oh, him, for who?”

  66. Stranger Nation on

    We were overstocked on the left side. Vino decided El Zotto was the odd man out, so there you go.
    Do think Staal is playing much better, so his value is higher, so I would trade him as well before another hit on the noggin sends him to see Sauer on the farm.

  67. I don’t know Klein from Adam but you have to ask yourself, why would the Predators sign him to a five-year contract if he was only a marginal player? I have a feeling Rangers’ fans are going to warm to him pretty quickly. Based on those fighting highlights, I’m anxious to see him play.

  68. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Didn’t the Predators trade Hendricks as well? So that’s *two* players they traded that were *both* in the *first year* of their new *contracts*

  69. Sather: “Ever since Sauer got the concussion in December, we knew we needed to replace him. Wait, that was 2011?”

  70. remember when we thought Del Zotto had value on the trade market?

    boy we were foolish in those days

  71. Haven’t heard anything bad about Klein so far ( unlike, um, another recent acquisition) but be honest all. A lot of smart hockey fans I know are saying, “Who?”

    In fact, Anthony from AZ … who knows his stuff…called me and asked why we traded MDZ for an actor. He was joking, but that’s my point….Carp, profile now!

  72. fighting highlights for a guy with a career high of 21 penalty minutes? you’d better look quickly

  73. I guess if you were paying him and/or reliant on him to stay healthy you could make a strong case for hating Gaborik

  74. beating up Dorsett and hurling Boyle would be akin to Jerry snatching the marble rye twice

  75. Who knows maybe DZ will turn into another Suter playing next to Weber.

    He was never 1’st line material in NY. *That’s* for certain.

  76. sorry hard to believe #19 would say that about a teammate. If he did , he was wrong to do so.

  77. I’m actually pretty impressed he’s only taken 3 minors this year in almost 900 minutes.

  78. A friend of mine, Martin van Burpin’ his name was, was eating at a steak joint with a friend of Barry Trotz’s last week in N’ville and said that Trotz told him that MDZ told him on the phone that #19 said mean things to him all the time, and that he likes his steaks rare. I thought for a moment that it might be classless to blurt out this private (but reliable) information anonymously on a sports blog, but then I thought: what the heck, it’s a great story, woot, woot, everyone will believe it because why not, and it would make me seem important even though nobody knows who I am.

  79. From the look of some of his fights, I’d say Klein is a pretty tough hombre. Watch the one where he knocks Dorsett on his wallet! I think he adds additional toughness to a team that sorely needs it. I never like selling low, but MDZ was not getting it done and needed to be moved. This will free up J Moops to use those wheels of his and not have to worry whether, or not MDZ is waving to a blond in the 3rd row. I think this will make the team better now. As always, time will tell if that holds true down the road a few years.

  80. Klein does have good hit and blocked shot numbers although those are on paper and need to be seen to be believed. The video clip of him hurling Boyle into the glass should play in the reel that accompanies the Rangers onto the ice before games.

  81. The toughest guys don’t have to win fights, they just have to relentlessly and willingly engage, a la Dorsett. Wish we had more like that.

  82. Jonathan E – Thanks for your response. Let me clarify, I am not upset with the trading of Del Zotto, I am upset that we got no comparable youth or a decent draft pick in return. And I am ~really~ upset that this puts Allen, Big Mac, or Skej, on hold, NHL career-wise, to the extent that one of THEM is going to be traded for yet another fly-by-night journeyman.

    Christ, how it never ends when it comes to this moronic G.M. never being able to see beyond next Tuesday. I bet this pinhead G.M. thinks he just put this team into the Conference finals.

  83. Robby, this only sta(a)lls out a D prospect if we resign both Girardi and Stralman, right? I can’t imagine that’s the plan. I hope that’s not the plan.

  84. 3 Lady Byngs between those #19s. I played golf with Ratelle once, and he told me that Gilbert liked sex.

  85. Was playing a little Bocce Ball with MDZ last summer in Coney Island, and he told me that Richards was a blowhard know-it-all who never picked up a check either in a restaurant or on the ice. Swear to God. I never even asked him, he just told me.

  86. Del Zotto is the best example in Rangers franchise history, of the psychological damage Sather, and in this case Tortorella, too, heap upon a young player (with J.T. Miller a close second). Understanding that EVERY young player in this organization for over a decade now, has been treated like “retard city.”

    I look for Del Zotto’s game to pick up dramatically in Nashville, now that he is finally free of both of his New York tormentors. And this will prove my case that this organization is the worst organization in hockey, when it comes to the maturation and development of young players. Sather is, first and foremost, a destroyer of young men’s poise and confidence.

  87. Going to be really interesting if Nashville does sign DZ long term early on. Could get hooked into an enigma or could get a steal of a rate if the 2011-12 version returns.

  88. remember the time Tortorella physically shoved Del Zotto the end of the bench after his third or fourth bonehead play in a row? good ol’ days.

  89. Oh, yeah, well, MDZ dated my niece for seventeen minutes and he told her that #19 not only refused to tip her when she used to date him, but that he had a stand-in do all that alleged charity work for him. Not sure why she shared that me, except that maybe I’m such a great guy.

  90. “I never even asked him, he just told me” is the funniest thing I’ve read on this blog, by the way. Well played.

  91. MR D. – I hear you, good point you make, but here is the real problem – Sather will never cease acquiring old blood from outside to block this organization’s young blood down on the farm.

    Take my word for it, Big Mac, Allen, Skeij, Oscar Lindberg, et al, have no future in New York. Sather will see that they become the next Brodie DuPont or that they get shuffled for the next journeyman roster filler some other G.M. floats out there.

  92. Off to dinner. Gonna get me some great New Hampshire sushi tonight. I’ll let y’all know later which NHLers I run into…

  93. I don’t even know why he told me that, Norm. I was in a totally different grouping, on the other side of the field, and he walked over to me and started ranting. Matter of fact, I didn’t even know who he was until later I asked somebody. I thought he was maybe a waiter or something. God’s honest.

  94. If I could just convince myself that all you honks mocking the guy who told the golf story about Richards aren’t just a little bit peeved that someone had maybe, just maybe access that you didn’t?

    After all, by definition if you’re posting here as much as many of us do, and I include myself, we are essentially down in (metaphorically speaking) our mother’s basement with our thumbs up our keisters.

    I have no reason to doubt the guy. And human nature as it is? I can absolutely imagine getting inside stuff during a golf match with a
    professional athlete.

  95. Facto: DelZ was never very good on an NHL level. He looked like he had promise and would develop. Simple as that.

  96. I actually have really cool and more direct access, Stemmer. Like for real where I don’t have to lie.

  97. That’s not entirely true, as of 2011-12 he had developed at the NHL level. Then he regressed. Thats pretty different than totally busting.

  98. I met Ted Wlliams’ head at a Freezetronic Charity Event and it told me that the rest of his body had his finger up his azz.

  99. I play golf on Long Island and have seen Messier on more than one occasion as the guest of some muckity-muck. Admittedly I never played with him or even said hello. But Wall Street guys are friendly with high profile athletes in NY, and undoubtedly the two sides exchange war stories about their colleagues, etc.

  100. I kinda liked MDZ. I don’t know what went on behind the doors or at practice but I thought people were too hard on him. It was a business move. Wish him well.

  101. Undoubtedly, on the third tee, current players tell their rich brokers what unfathomable chitheads their owner, GM, coach, and teammates are, as do the brokers who tell the athletes their bosses are shmucks so it will be carried all over the internet.

  102. Whatever. I was struck by the Eminger detail. If the guy was making it up, would he actually place Eminger at the scene of the crime? EMINGER?

  103. Freakin’ Slats….

    He trades Del Z, so he decides to do a conference call to talk about it, even though we say a bad deal coming for weeks.

    He also did a call when he fired Tort so he could make sure everyone knew he was still head honcho.

    When he traded Gaborik, one of only 3 players in Rangers history to score 40 goals in a season more than once, there was no conference call.

    Freakin Slats…

  104. Wondering now if Zucc’s absence for a bit of last night was related to the deal. Maybe it got leaked to him that things were close and it took him a bit get his emotions in check?

  105. 23 year old for 29 year old with marginal cap savings…Not a great deal from a NYR fan’s perspective, especially if you consider MDZ’s age and career as a whole so far and not just the struggles for the last season and a half.

    NYR gave up on a talented kid. It’s as simple as that.

  106. Hey, stranger things have happened. And do happen. I wasn’t making fun of the guy personally, but rather musing. We had a guy around here long time ago who was always bumping into someone or other at the airport who was the sister-in-law of of Geraldo Rivera’s dentist and who supposedly gave him all kinds of straight skinny off the cuff. Will say, though, that retired guys will be more forthright. Safer that way. :)

  107. LOL. Zucc still has Hags. Saw Hags giving a TV interview and Topo walked behind on-camera and started playing with Hag’s golden bird’s nest.

  108. @MichaelDelZotto

    Crazy day for me. Want to thank the @NYRangers organization for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. I met so many amazing people


    During my time in NYC. Want to thank everyone who has supported me along the way. Excited for the opportunity to play for the @PredsNHL


    Also want to thank the people closest to me who have always been there for me.

  109. NYR fan I actually had dinner with him the day he traded Gabby. Long story, don’t want to give too much away but bizarre. Then we go out n hammer the Pens with the new guys. Weird day

  110. Zipay suggesting NYR probably didn’t go for Fowler in 2010’s draft because they thought they already had a puck-moving d-man in Del Z and didn’t see need…

    Interesting…he’s almost certainly right…what an awful mistake

  111. Stranger Nation on

    _This will free up J Moops to use those wheels of his and not have to worry whether, or not MDZ is waving to a blond in the 3rd row_


  112. Stranger Nation on

    Del Zotto had a great series versus Sens two years ago. Just lost his willingness to battle hard.
    Bright lights, Big city…

  113. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – low of -2 here tonight. forget a Sauer update, unless you are talking Whiskey Sour…

    Enjoy the heat, snow in texas tomorrow, 25 degrees in forecsast for Jax, FL

  114. People will doubt the guy’s golf story because:

    1) The person who posted it rarely (never?) posts here.
    2) No avatar. Not everyone knows how to get one, but when tied to #1, raises doubts.
    3) Richards talking about the locker room to someone he just met?

  115. I think not posting here is a notch in favor of his possibly telling the truth. Posting here can do nothing positive for your character references

  116. The night of Gabby trade is the night I met Carp in the press box. Very impressed, still am, not so much with Uncle Glen

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just got a phone call from Hank. He told me he didn’t have the flu, but that he was having a horrid hair day and thought it best to just stay home. I also asked him about MDZ banging chicks and he told me that there were lots of banging alright, bit it wasn’t chicks….he swore me to secrecy…

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    *rangers just traded MDZ*

    Klein : 16 goals in 403 regular season games
    3 goals in 28 playoff game. Sounds like he could be a playoff big stage player

  119. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Michael Richards was just telling some fascinating Chess stories on _Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee_ Eddie. You might have been interested….

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hags just emailed me a video of him dressed up like Barbara Eden’s “Jeanie” – told me is far prettier than Duguay.

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nakamura, USA #1, former world #3 (now 6th) is having a terrible chess tourney in Holland @ Tata Steel (formerly wiik an zee)

  122. hey all of you who don’t believe/are skeptics about what I wrote earlier today about golf with richards: i totally understand why and if I were in your shoes i would prob have the same gut reaction. I am first time long time I guess, enjoy the blog without posting ever, and thought today i’d chime in with something that might add to the talk…because my experience was firsthand.

    But even in saying that i get that i’m still barking up the same tree in a way, so anyhow i’ll let it rest, peace to all, let’s go rangers

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Aaron burp – I believe you. I made up the stuff I posted except for my hags post….he makes for a wonderful “I dream of Jeanie”

  124. e3

    Saw a YouTube thing on our boy Captain Trips today, which led me to another site which went into detail about just how often he was strung out on smack over the last 15 (!) years of his life. I knew that was there, but had no idea how prevalent, how persistent.

    Hockey content:

    a LEAF of all colors plays a golden string fiddle to a double-e waterfall over my back

  125. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Aaronburp* it would be cool if you posted more. I appreciated the story. Thanks!

  126. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    AaronB, I thought it was a pretty cool story. I’ve been around a few players and retirees. It’s a fun thing.

    Best time I’ve had was dinner with Gravey. Awesome, great guy.

    I could see Richards saying something like that. I could.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stemmer – true story – jerry (supposedly) died in in Forest Knolls CA in a rehab clinic…very near PT Reyes CA, a popular designation for e3 and family (in fact we were there over Xmas) and the word I heard, no bS, was he died elsewhere and was brought back to the clinic for “insurance” purposes…..

    Hags is pretty

  128. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Everyone says we sold mdz low, but what if it wasn’t low compared to where he might have ended up?

    I mean what if he regressed more and slats could only trade him for a 5th round pick or John Scott?

    Sheesh stop complaining, pretty good return for a guy playing below his projected ability (and if his projected ability was overestimated it is a better deal) and clearly not fitting in this organization any longer.

    But I guess some of you probably expected him to bring back Wweber or Seth jones straight up based on his potential lol.

  129. Stranger Nation on

    If Norris walks, Girardi signs, and Wrath of Mac plays up next year we will have slow, slower, and slowest on the Right side.
    As long as they can slow opposing forwards down by plastering into the glass…

  130. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    I guess when a player of over a few years, one of our first rounders, gets traded, my immediate sentiment is that I don’t like the deal. I liked his hair. His smile. His high five/handshake at the end of a game with Boyle, Prust, Zucc, etc.

    I don’t like losing 6 years or giving up on a 23 year old.

    Yet, I think he needed to move. He does have potential and I hope for him he does well.

    I get why Klein was brought in. I would have preferred a righty that is 6’4″ and 230 that can clear the crease against Lucic and company OR a PP point man.

    I get that there are none out there for what we were offering.

  131. e3

    Yikes. What a story. Poor guy. A genius in any case, maybe that’s the price he had to pay. Btw, I was also reminded by the YouTube deal today about the cat fight that started between Mountain Girl and widow Deborah when his body was still warm.

  132. Something tells me we might like this guy. Nashville knows a thing or two about defensemen. They lost Suter and still have a tremendous depth in that position. There is a reason they signed him to a 5 year deal.

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stemmer – Same guy told me that The dead played many off hand summer gigs at Samuel P Taylor State Park ( 5 minutes from Forest Knolls one direction – 5 minutes from Pt . Reyes in the other) in the mid to late 60’s. Before my time musically, never heard any tapes and not sure any exist…..but I’ve been to that park about 50 times (great redwoods great camping….and killer oysters at Drakes Beach – moments away…)

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MDZ for pecker rimmer, injured or not, would have been the trade…..Johnson, Falk, and Pecker on one team….

  135. Thanx for the scoop, Aaronburp.

    I vaguely remember Tortorella blaming DelZotto’s inconsistent play on him “needing to grow up a little when outside the rink…” Which I understood as Tortorella suggesting DelZaster was partying too much. Does anyone recall Torts saying this?

    I remember this pretty clearly from a few years ago, although not the exact words Torts used. Anyway, this fits Aaronburp’s story perfectly.

  136. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I do remember some pictures, that I cannot find right now despite trying VERY hard, of Boyle and Del Zotto at a party (possibly at Fairfield University) and they were clearly intoxicated and clearly being absurd. Del Zotto was 20 at the time so I remember us talking about it like it was a big deal (they grow up so fast!). I think that was part of the problem…

  137. “Nashville knows a thing or two about defensemen.”

    I completely agree, ilb. In a similar context, that’s why they wanted MDZ. They were willing to move a guy that they locked up for 5 years. Tells you how much conviction David Poille has in MDZ.

  138. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I find it fascinating that they moved both *Hendricks* and *Klein* who were both in the *first* year of their deal.

  139. MDZ had potential…

    if he only had a brain.

    he will do OK in Nashville…. but he will still make the same mistakes.

  140. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – agree on your 9:51 – not sure where this guy was going and we were going to sign him for another 4 yrs @ $3++MM.

  141. I wish they had traded for Steve Eminger and a 6th rounder. What a rip off. Klein is all toast and no jam.

  142. What it’s worth. I knew nothing about this guy Klein. I went onto a predators blog and everything I read about Klein is very good. Good skater, there best 5 on 5 defensemen, also there best PK defensemen, never loses a fight and is a team player in the locker room. predator fans were really bummed outlosing Klein. It’s funny because on TSN a lot of the posters on there said the rangers got fleeced but it’s ironic that those fans were mostly canadien, maple leaf, flyer and Pittsburgh fans, more like ranger haters than actual objective statements. Sounds like sather did very good in this trade. Time will tell.

  143. Sounds like Klein is a solid defense first d man who takes the body and can drop the gloves. Don’t know a lot about him and haven’t watched a lot of Nashville games. But if this is true, it’s a good pick up. Chances are decent that Calle Anerson, Allen or Skjei will be better prospects than MDZ. Only time will tell.

  144. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Senseless trade for both teams. Neither isn’t fit on either team. Neither will crack the top four on either team. What was the point besides allowing us to solidify Girardi who really hasn’t been a favorable asset.

  145. Anyone hear about a trade today? I’m too lazy to read any posts, so will someone come over here tomorrow morning and explain it all to me verbally?

  146. DZ’s first Nashville bar, cozies up to Betty Lou.

    “I’m a Predator.”

    Betty Lou: “I can believe it.”

  147. all this talk about right handed Dmen is such BS. Look at Stralman, he is righthanded and so what? 4 points and 0 goals in 51 games and -8. How does that help? They are talking about right handed Dmen as if it is striking gold.

    Klein might be a good dman, I am not sure yet, but this trade was pure garbage. We should have gotten a lot more than Klein for Del Zotto. Looks like Sather totally lost his mojo and his brains and needs to retire.

    And when will Gernander finally be replaced?

  148. denver and seattle… the only two places to legalize marijuana….

    are gonna meet for a super bowl

  149. maybe next step is trading Stralman for 2nd rounder and then bring up somebody from Hartford?

    Klein played on the same team in OHL as Girardi and Callahan.

    Del Zotto definitely had a reputation of partying a bit too much.

    Considering that Klein occasionally fights and MDZ never Klein takes much fewer penalties.

    So overall we got a bit older, but tougher and bigger and probably faster because Del Zotto’s skating was pretty bad.

  150. “MDZ wasn’t gonna get re-signed…this may be an upgrade”

    it better be an upgrade because we gave up a former 1st rounder, with a proven ability to get 40 points who is only 23 years old.

    Whether we would have re-signed MDZ or not is irrelevant, because he was going to be RFA and his rights would get traded.

  151. oh and at least we didn’t trade him for some enigma like Wolski or Zherdev or Lisin. Good job Sather trading good players for other teams’ rejects.

  152. I don’t know much about Klein, but I do know that Nashville just signed him to a five year contract. Clearly Klein is a top 4 core d-man or he would not have been signed for five years. Great return imo for Del Zotto… Del Zotto will probably go to arbitration before next season and get way over paid. While Klein is locked in long term to a fair $$$ contract.

  153. “I don’t know much about Klein, but I do know that Nashville just signed him to a five year contract. Clearly Klein is a top 4 core d-man or he would not have been signed for five years.”

    or maybe they overreacted by signing him to that contract after they lost Suter to free agency. Also it doesn’t look like Klein was having a great season so far, so maybe they got nervous thinking they made a mistake giving him 5 years.

  154. The sad part is our defense is so soft that by default Klein is now our toughest Dman.

    We really need to start moving these poke and sweep checkers like Moore, Staal, Stralman and get some player that take the body.

  155. QQQ – let me tell you something about Wolski… Sather traded Rozsival for Wolski and then Wolski for Florida’s high 3rd round draft pick. So you can’t really include Wolski on your list because a high 3rd aint bad for Rozsival. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Wolski changed his name to Benoit Pouliot…

  156. Pouliot can at least hit hard.

    3rd rounder for Rozsival is not so great. Florida gave up too much for Wolski, Wolski is still an enigma.

  157. QQQ – I’m actually kind of surprised because not too long ago it was a concern of mine as well, but the Rangers have not been pushed around lately… I think our power play being a treat now has made other teams very cautious of taking a bad penalty trying to intimidate. For examples, The Icelander healthy scratched their two goons before Tuesdays game. Also Callahan is back playing well and Kreider has turned into a forchecking beast! Carcillo seems to be keeping the peace thus far…

  158. Jonathan, PP and Carcillo are the reasons, plus we haven’t played too many nasty teams lately. Senators did get a bit nasty.

    But our defense is not just soft in the fighting department, they just don’t hit hard all they do is waive their sticks around.

  159. Actually I could see Faulk for Staal maybe on draft day if Carolina throws in their 1st & 2nd picks as well… Because one more Staal would give Carolina the charmed power of three and Faulk has played with many Rangers in USA’s developmental program.

  160. I might take Faulk for Staal straight up as well? Faulk did just now beat out some really good D-men to make Team USA…

  161. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers have just gotton grittier. Plus Klein played with Cally and Girardi so he will fit in nicely.

  162. leetchhalloffame on

    How many times do we have to see Callahan abused by Blues tonight and not one pansy Ranger skates in to help. One of the reasons this team is sickening this year.

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