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1) Semantics, maybe. But to me, it’s a streak when you win a bunch of games. It’s a roll when the wins are impressive and complete, when the performance goes top to bottom, and when the best, most important players are playing like the best, most important players. So the Rangers are on a roll. Six out of seven. 10-3-1 in 14. And 6-1-1 at home.Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

2) The Daily Nash-O-Meter. The needle is in danger of breaking off. Holy Shishkebob. Nobody on the Rangers and not a lot of players in the league who score the goals he scored the last two games. I mean, he pounced on that puck and was past Dmitry Orlov before Orlov could curse at his turnover, then, at that pace, put such a sweet back-hander off Phillip Grubauer’s glove. The 5-on-3 goal was pure sniper, too. But the first one, and the one he scored Saturday in Kanata were just beastly goal-scorer’s goals. Seven goals in eight games now. And he spoke (listen to the audio below) about how he’s playing inside now, not outside.

3) And the second guy, the most important guy on the team, is the goalie, and boy has Henrik Lundqvist turned the corner. Not that most sane people ever doubted he would. His numbers the last six: 5-1-0 with a 1.34 goals against average, .958 save percentage. They’d be even better if not for the majestic brainlock in those nine seconds against Tampa Bay. He even got a piece of that Alex Ovechkin rocket launch on the 5-on-3, said it bent his shoulder pad back on its way into the net.Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

4) The power play is just so good, even when it doesn’t score. Have I said that much? Two 5-on-3 goals in two games. It makes a huge difference. Last year it lost games. This year it wins games.

5) Derek Stepan scores again. He also took some shots where he might have passed the last few weeks. But he looks to have more jump (confidence?), looks more involved, making good decisions in both ends. He is their No. 1 center, and they need him to play this way.

6) Speed kills. Again. Chris Kreider’s pressure caused the turnover on the first Nash goal, and the Rangers’ pressure has caused a lot of turnovers resulting in offense lately … in fact that was the third straight unassisted Rangers goal. Speed. Mats Zuccarello’s quickness created the penalty off a nothing faceoff loss near the blue line that resulted in the 5-on-3. Ryan Callahan’s speed beat Orlov to the Dominic Moore’s rebound.

Washington Capitals v New York Rangers7) Kreider took a really dumb penalty, up 3-0. You don’t want to give a team any life there, especially in the offensive zone, against the goalie, after the whistle … all those things. Then Carl Hagelin took a slash vs. Ovechkin … not on the same level of bad. He’s defending, against one of the best in the business on the power play, in the derensive zone.

8) So Ovechkin broke his slump against the Rangers. It was his first goal in 10 games against the Rangers (including playoffs), first point in nine. And though Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh — who are most responsible, other than Lundqvist, for Ovechkin’s skid against the Rangers were on the ice, you don’t blame then for a 3-on-5er. McDonagh-Girardi haven’t given up an even-strength goal to a top-line forward in so long. They shut down Henrik Zetterberg’s line, Jason Spezza’s line, Martin St. Louis’ line, Tyler Seguin’s line, and pretty much Ovechkin’s line, among others, in this roll.

9) Michael Del Zotto’s not playing great, but he’s hitting absolutely everything. Saturday too. And, again, Marc Staal has been as good as McDonagh lately.Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

10) A couple of Caps had great nights, other than Grubauer. Martin Emouse, er, Erat, took those three nice penalties, including the skewering of Brian Boyle’s onions. Orlov had the cough-up to Nash, got beaten to the net on the SHG by Callahan, and I think he deflected Stepan’s goal, too. I just don’t get that team, how disappointing it is with one of the best players  in the league, lots of skill, big rugged guys, mobile defense. Decent — not great — goalies.

11) Speaking of which, maybe every season the Capitals should trade their two goalies to Philly for the Flyers’ two goalies. Seems they both always get rid of the wrong one and are always in flux in that department.

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks12) I’m disappointed that I haven’t had a lot of time to weigh in on the John Tortorella stuff. But a few  things as he awaits his suspension. A) This is why he’s not part of Team USA, which he coveted. Heck, he might have been the head coach if he wasn’t such a public donkey last season. B) I don’t necessarily agree that, if the visiting coach starts his cement-heads, that you have to counter and have a line brawl. If Tortorella had put out the Sedins, they wouldn’t get jumped there. In fact, Calgary’s thugs would probably run for a player change when the puck hit the ice. C) Where in holy hell was security? How do Tortorella and Mike Sullivan get into it with the Calgary players without security tackling somebody? Fortunately for everybody, and the NHL, it appeared some of the Vancouver players decided it was best for them to leave the fracas/circus. And D) I think Tortorella loves that situation, where he can blame it all on the visiting coach, can claim he’s doing right by his team by putting his goons out there and inciting a riot, and then go into his crazed-dog act while playing the innocent victim.

13) That said, those brawls happen. I thought the goal in Los Angeles-Detroit the same night, off the netting, was a bigger disgrace, and the two points Detroit got, when it deserved none, could greatly impact the Leastern Conference playoff picture. Probably will.

My Three Rangers Stars:Washington Capitals v New York Rangers
1. Rick Nash.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. Good Morning Carp. One major difference in the NYR now is that AV has finally started coaching. He is much more involved and animated on the bench now than he was early in the season. Arniel & Samuelson deserve some credit too. I really thought AV was the wrong guy for this job. Now that he realizes he actually has to work at his job, we are seeing results.

  2. Great to score early and when it’s your star forward doing his thang, then you could see the whole team relax and just play.
    There were a few minutes in the 1st where we got penned into our zone and I thought we might never get out, but then with our speed chasing a cleared puck we got a line change when none looked possible.
    The Kreider has so many of the un-recorded assists on Nash’s goals (or Step’s) – the speed, the screens, the puck pressure, the hits, the back-checking. Apart from the stupid penalty he took last night he clearly is making his linemates better and giving the opposition defense fits.

  3. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    And if torts was still ranger coach I think todays post would be entirely different, I believe the players who are playing well would be languishing .

    maybe torts should seek some time with the dog whisperer.. he acts like a mad dog

  4. Ah, sweet victory. Great review Carp, JHW is right, you’re on a roll.

    #4 – that PP clicking along at a 1 in 5 rate is indeed winning games. It’s also protecting our boys from being abused somewhat. If we scored at that rate last year the Caps series doesn’t go seven and the B’s series is a different story, well maybe not but it sure would have helped.

    Easy weekend watching these games, I still have most of my fingernails. Stress free Ranger hockey? I’ll take it.

  5. Thank you for another great write up, Carp. Agree with most, but seemed to me that, perhaps, we should not think about dealing Calm at the deadline. A good example of what a sub-par backup goalie can do to the team. No match for Gnash. Interesting observations on Torts, but hard to know what would have happened had he started his top line, or whether he simply had his string pulled.

  6. Carp, great review and insights as always.
    What are your thoughts on the insufferable, overrated Mike Green who was a healthy -3 for this game? As bad as Orlov was, Green was not much better.

    You mentioned that my boy #4 did not have a great game, but he was a +1 for the match and it is good to have a blueliner with some snarl. He ate up about 17 minutes. Rangers will need guys like that against the Bruins, Flyers and Canadiens.

  7. Do we root for the Isles this afternoon? Painful as it might be, the flyers have two games in hand.

  8. Wonderful review Carpie especially the LOLs. Do you think that maybe Oates is the culprit? This team was hard to beat when Hunter was behind the bench.

    It appears that AV has told Carcillo to tone down his act. He certainly has been quiet and also quietly efficient.

  9. What a treat to see the Rangers playing like this.

    Hopefully some of the newer fans appreciate this stretch, because they are few and far between with this organization.

  10. Saw an amazing stat yesterday; Rangers’ PP is 7th in the league. 7th!!!! Impossible to believe, yes, but it sure proves that with the same personnel, the NYR PP has some skill and can win games with a power play goal. Safe to say that perhaps Mike Sullivan shouldn’t be in charge of the PP!!! “Hey Mike, I can’t be bothered, you run the PP will ya”, says Torts. Good luck Vancouver, with high-end skill players, I think is 23rd or 24th in the league!!

  11. Olga Folkyerself on

    These Rangers have all been traded here a hundred times so far this season. I still insist they FIRE SATHER! But I wouldn’t replace him with anybody on this blog.

  12. Great review Carp.

    Fortunately for Kreider he didn’t cost the Rangers points. I’m sure he’ll learn from it, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that he still hasn’t played a full season at this level. So much upside.

    While I look forward to a big test against St. Louis, I hope the Rangers collectively do not overlook the Icelanders.

    LGR!! Oh, and I still want to see the goal-cam shot of Cally’ SHG.

  13. Love the recent success of this team, as it finds cohesive chemistry and comes together, as Hank revs-up to the “Old Hank” level; Cally, and to some extent Staal rebound; Richards and Nash earn their way out of the “dog house; Zucc makes a major contribution, mostly on the stat sheet, almost every game, etc.

    BUT, enterprising, forward-looking organizations find ways to work their best young organizational talent onto the parent club roster, every year. So that the current momentum this club is demonstrating is just that – momentum, it is not long-term seeds being planted for an abundant harvest beyond this year.

    I read somewhere that Kristo is “slumping,” lately. I think he is demoralized, knowing that he has earned, yet will get no chance to shine, at the NHL level, this season. And, no doubt, Kristo and Miller talk about their being relegated to virtual obscurity, at a time when they would be getting the a shot with just about every other organization in the league.

    Kristo, Miller and Allen are being royally shafted by this G.M., who insists on promoting from outside the organization via free agency and trading for veteran “role players,” rather than promoting younger players from within this organization. This G.M. is a patchwork dunce, in my book, and the biggest threat to the Rangers long-term success, albeit he has sold that out for the titillation of some extremely short-term glitter.

    Boyle REALLY has to be here, now? D. Moore REALLY has to be here, now? Stralman is indispensable and REALLY has to be here, now? Give me a break with this journeyman “clinging vine” nonsense. The real journeyman around here is the gutless journeyman G.M.

  14. Carp, your write-ups are to my working days what crack cocaine is to, to… damn, it’s gone.

    A minor quibble, though: there’s nothing to quibble with in this morning’s report, and I live to quibble.

  15. ^^ You’re just now realizing that our GM is horrible and stands between ultimate success and mediocrity?

  16. Robby, you need to work on your timing, no? I’d love to get Carcillo out of there, for example, and Sather as well. But this is his line-up, the result of his drafts and his trades, made and not made. I hated the Gaborik trade with a passion, but the three the Rangers got back are working fairly well as solid second-stringers, and the coach (449-309 NHL) obviously knows what he is doing, and it’s all paying off. Credit where credit is due, for now. It will be interesting to see what happens against a real team like the Blues this week.

  17. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp! Never thought of it this way. Semantics it is, but I’ll take on a roll. Washington is awful defensively, but they can still pound you physically and keep you in your zone for stretches. If these two teams meet again in POs, we are looking at another 7 game nail biter unless Sather addresses a little physicality on defense and on the wing.

    I think Grubauer gave his five hole to Nash deliberately. He thought he’d have enough time to close it. That’s why this goal was so impressive. You can call it a bad goal, but the truth is, he had no chance. That’s how fast his release was. Goal scorers goal.

    I don’t mind Kreider being a little nasty, he’ll learn to pick his moments better once he gets more experience.

  18. Watched the game from Key West.

    Read the review from my shaded porch of my cottage overlooking the Gulf on the Isle of Sunset Key.

    75 and no humidity.

    Nash playing like a star. Hank back to his old shelf. The Kreider is a beast.

    Beastly power play.

    Top 3 lines as fine as we had since the Jagr days.

    Checking line getting it done.

    Girardi and McDonugh playing like the best combo in the Eastern Conference.

    2nd pair D: Staal back to playing like a solid NHL top 4 DMAN. Stralman unspectacular but playing solid hockey again ( perhaps he missed having Staal on hosleft when Staal was out with the concusion? Ya think?)

    Carcillo ( yuk?) keeping opposition honest?

    No TRAIDs – Just Bring on the Cup!!

    How cold in New York area today? Suckers….

  19. I’ve said it before, and it’s not to say that the coaching hasn’t been a big part of the PP, but the personnel is not the same as last year.

    THE wasn’t ready for the NHL. MZA (who has been unreal during this stretch) and Brassard were only around at the end. Pouliot wasn’t here, and he and THE are big bodies in front of the goalie. And I remember the PP being better when a healthy Clowe was doing that last year.

    You could argue that McD should have already been on the PP, I’ll concede on that because I thought that last year. Maybe you can attribute Richards’ PP resurgence on the coaching. But really, the personnel is a lot different.

  20. Yeah, Kreider looks utterly “demoralized” at the moment because he spent most of his time in AHL last season. Please…Kristo can only be here if he plays top 6 minutes. Who’s replacing, especially if he isn’t ready defensively. Using Miller as a 4th liner on this team wouldn’t do any good to his development. Allan will be here to sit instead of Falk.

  21. Let’s replace Boyle and Moore with Kristo and Miller and see how that works out with a minute left and a one goal lead.

  22. Norm –

    Interesting comment of yours, re my “timing.” My ENTIRE little rant has to do with the out-of-synch/delayed timing as regards organizational promotions, by this man. Does this mean you AGREE with this man’s philosophy of stonewalling the seamless flow of young blood onto the parent club roster, via the glut of floating, journeyman-reject garbage he annually saddles this roster with?

    Does this mean you AGREE that the Conor Allen’s and the J.T. Miller’s of the world need to be jerked around, up and down, with their emotional growth, confidence, and hockey development stunted by this man, as a major consequence? I certainly hope not, for your sake.

  23. It might be interesting if Torts gets a long suspension and the Canucks react positively performance wise, power play starts working etc.

  24. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    This is why I always am so down on the Capitals. You simply cannot build an offense that is so one dimensional. You can’t have a strategy that is “Ovechkin’s scores on PP” It just doesn’t work.

    I’m also really sick of hearing comparisons of Ovechkin vs. Crosby. Crosby is on another planet.

    Ovechkin can score 50-60 goals this season and his team will miss the playoffs. Is that really valuable?

  25. Dubinsky and Anisimov when they were here. Fast started the year here. Again, no one loves Sather, but to say they haven’t given the kids a chance doesn’t really hold water.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – nice write up with one exception: hags penalty was much worse. The rangers were getting lots of calls, caps on the pp, and hags swings his stick at ovie like he was fooled by a low and outside change-up. Rangers had been given a 5-3 already…no way it wasn’t going to get called….what was the point of hags’ penalty? Ovie was skating along the boards away from the net…..

    Gravy – since the rangers didn’t seem to practice their PP much last year….personnel aside, matters not…..the rangers don’t seem to get A LOT of practice time this year given the squeeze in schedule, yet they practice the PP much more….that’s on Torts, IMO

  27. ilb is right, as usual. Kristo and Allan are college kids making the transition, and it’s not as though either is dominating the AHL. Miller could play, has played, but he’s 20 years old for crying out loud.

  28. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    The Hagelin penalty is silly but it’s totally acceptable because he’s defending against a beast of a player who’s on the PP and who they previously left alone during a 5-on-4 PP.

    The Kreider penalty was simply stupid and served no purpose. It wasn’t even during the course of play.

  29. Conor Allen will be on the team next year as Rangers will need inexpensive players on the roster.

    My opinion Kristo is not NHL player at this point. Seen in person few times.

  30. E3, I’ll give you that. If it really wasn’t focused on, then it should have been, considering how bad it was. But, at least 50% of the personnel is different than what played most of last season.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers look very good right now. As much as I like miller, I wouldn’t change a thing. Miller replaces Richards after this season. His time will come 2014-15.

  32. Robby, to which “floating, journeyman-reject garbage” do you refer? And go to Anaheim or some other organization that presumably does it right and tell me how many college boys from last year are playing right now. I don’t know the answer, but I’m guessing: not too many.

  33. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Hey *Cap Geek’d*: can you tell me what gave you that impression? I have never seen Kristo play.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – gabby, Nash, Richards et al. Should have been enough talent to produce 5-4. Heck, the rangers’ pp sucked bad 5-3 under torts…..

  35. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I know a lot of you want to heap praise on Vigneault, and I’m sure he deserves a ton of it for the PP, but if you recall, his PP last year, with the Canucks, was only *1* place better than the Rangers. Both were awful.

  36. Talbot would be a valuable asset to trade because he has proven to be a good back up and just as important he is very inexpensive.

    If you want quality in return for him it is more than likely you would take on more salary for next year. With all the expiring contracts the Rangers have that is not an easy task.

  37. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You’re not getting *anything* for Cam Talbot. Ben Scrivens is a proven backup goaltender and all he got in return was a 3rd round pick. Dubnyk also got nothing. Talbot hasn’t even played 15 NHL games.

  38. That’s why swapping Thomas for Kristo wasn’t a big deal. Swapping players who are probably career AHL players.

  39. Speaking of Kristo, I went to the Wolf Pack vs. Sound Tigers game in Bridgeport with my family yesterday. I was hoping for big things out of Kristo. He didn’t impress me much, if, at all.

    It was clear to me that JT Miller and Connor Allen are NHL-level players languishing in the A. Darroll Powe, Aaron Johnson and Arron Asham didn’t impress, although Asham got into a haymaker fight yesterday.

    All-in-all, our AHL squad wasn’t very impressive, makes me nervous if the team really gets hit with an injury bug.

    Nash put the afterburners on after retrieving Orlov’s turnover and loved the backhand over the glove. Made me feel not so bad about us giving up Dubi and co. seeing goals like that.

    Hopefully you are all enjoying a day off like I am.

    Carp, you are the man. I don’t contribute much but you are the 1st website I check out daily. Your thoughts and reviews are amazing. Keep up the great work, sir!

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom – ” there were times the last few years that the ranger pp sucked the life out of their team”

    I see a direct relationship, in hindsight, between their lack of a PP and being able to go deeper in the playoffs in previous years.

  41. Manny:

    Kristo did not impress me with his work ethic especially when he is in a situation where he is trying to make an impression.

    He’s playing first line with Miller and top PP unit. His skill level was OK but not a stand out.

  42. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Thanks for the impressions *Rangers75*. It’s always much appreciated to hear about the kids on the farm!

  43. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Thanks *Cap Geek’d* I really appreciate it.

    *Rangers75* please post more often!

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – in previous years under AV, the Nucks PP was anything but awful….you can look it up….

  45. I would resign Talbot and extend him if possible for 2-3 years. If he continues to develop and play this good than maybe his value would go up but I rather have him as our backup. With Talbot the rangers have the best tandem in hockey. Lundqvist is now in his 30’s so it’s possible Lundqvist could get hurt so Talbot is a good backup to have so I would not trade Talbot, extend.

  46. King Metal, yes, but the year before that, Canucks 4th in PP, the year before that, 1st. AV knows what he’s doing.

  47. Rob in Beantown on

    Talbot is more valuable to the Rangers as a low cost, cap friendly backup for Lundqvist than he is for what he would fetch in a trade, which I don’t think would be very much.

    If you trade Talbot you need to find a new backup. There is nobody in Hartford, so you’d be replacing him with somebody else who probably makes more than league minimum and might not even be as good

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matlock – I know you mean well, but you are sounding like a delusional torts lover when you post about anything
    PP related….and this has nothing to do with Avery, if that’s your rebuttal …

  49. I love the way every Kreider penalty is categorized or commented on. Give it and the top line 22 year old left wing, who we were all pining for to become more of a physical aggressive player, a break. It’s getting old. So what, he got a little physical with the opposition goalie. Honestly, Id like to see some more of that from other players on the team.

    And as for time of theinfraction (being up 3-0) that’s okay too. Rather it happen at 3-0 than tied or behind.

    Advice to Kreider. Stay physical. Stay aggressive. Play like the beast that you are.

  50. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That’s certainly true, guys. I am just noting that it was a rough year last year. So it’s a bounce back for him as a coach as well.

    Do we know if he has Scott Arniel coach the PP or if Vigneault handles it himself?

  51. Staal seems to have come back with confidence and motivation. Looks like the Staal of old for the most part. Maybe bouncing back from that concussion so quickly gave him some self confidence that he lost in the face of all those injuries.

    WHAT IF SCENARIO: What if the Power play stays this effective and we buy out Richards next summer (still a no brainer) and then the PP struggles next season? That’d suck but make for wonderful blog banter

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If talbot can remain patient, he will be Hank’s replacement someday. As bad as Hank was, he is the polar opposite now…..I take back every stupid comment I made about him being finito Benito

  53. Teams have signed crap goalies to big contracts just for the sake of having a “number one” guy in net. Please don’t tell me there aren’t at least 1-3 GMs out there that would take a chance on Talbot with all the noise that’s surrounded him in his “limited appearances”

  54. Rob in Beantown on

    If Hank plays out his contract Talbot will be older than Hank is now when he becomes his “replacement.” If the kid is any good I think it’s more likely he seeks out a starting job before then

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    James – I agree. Besides, Tam is dam good and will be a star in net someday…hopefully, on the rangers….

  56. Eddie do you really thin\nk that’s realistic for Talbot? Wait 5-7 years on the bench in NY so he can be the number 1 guy at 34 years old?

  57. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Talbot will replace Hank? They are basically the same age. That would mean that Talbot would take over a starting role at age 34.

  58. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That sounds like something that would happen, James. More likely is that Sather chooses not to buyout Richards and the PP struggles anyways.

  59. Great win best bday present I could have asked for. Unfortunately I have flu like symptoms and got sick on my birthday.

  60. Carp, thanks as always for your insightful perspective. I had a slightly different view as I thought this game was a bit sloppy on both sides. As good teams do, the Rangers took advantage of the Crap’s mistakes in the first period and Henrik stonewalled them when they set up shop in our zone for extended periods of time.

    I want to know more about Carcillo. Last night, it appeared he got several invitations to dance but declined as he smartly perceived there was nothing to gain. With his well established rep he is a lightning rod and will undoubtedly receive more invitations to future parties, especially when the opposition is looking to change the momentum. I think his presence will also embolden his linemates/teammates, knowing that he’s got their back. I’m impressed that he’s made a strong and consistent effort to be a player. He’s a decent skater and passer and seems to play within his abilities. He’s made several strong plays on both sides of the puck and hasn’t hurt the team with a selfish or boneheaded (couldn’t resist) move. I’d love to know what the Rangers thought when they considered bringing him on board.

  61. Rob in Beantown

    There is no reason to resign Talbot as he is under contract for next season. Extending him now would be a mistake as we still really don’t know what he is yet.

  62. I agree with you Eddie. I just don’t think it’s very likely. And what if- for the sake of argument- we could get a really special player back for a package that he was the center piece for? Wouldn’t it be a blessing in disguise? I mean this team has no chance at a big draft pick any time soon and there aren’t any “can’t miss” guys in the system at the moment. It’s worth exploring. no matter how much Cam Loving or Hank hating some people do.

  63. I remember Dubinsky taking “dumb” penalties too, especially at that age. He figured it out.

    I don’t know if a good PP necessarily equates to a longer playoff run. Case in point, Boston, who barely had a better PP % than the Rangers.

  64. *vibin’* Manny. We’ll get burnt by Richards in the end no matter what. they have to buy him out though.

  65. The only trade chips we have worth anything are Cally and Girardi.
    Del Zotto couldn’t be traded for much of an upgrade, he would just be swapped for another young d-man who isn’t quite playing up to expectations.
    Talbot, Pouliot, Stralman, Moore are all only worth a 3rd rounder at best.
    We would have to package a couple and a good young prospect to get anything in return.
    ..and i’m not saying these guys aren’t playing well right now, I just don’t see the value to another franchise

  66. Advise to Kreider: don’t be a p—y and an idiot, slashing the goalie up 3-0 and smirking about it. His physical play has been outstanding, but that’s not physical play — I imagine AV will explain that to him once or twice.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oleo – the sample size re: Tam may be small but it’s like having 15 marbles in a bag, say what you will, but 100% of them are round.

  68. As far as injuries are concerned though, here’s my outlook. It’s much more likely at this point that we’d see a guy like Nash, Staal or McD or even Zucc get hurt before we see Lundqvist on the shelf long term.

  69. the only change i would like to see is J.T. Miller back in the lineup and Boyle out. He needs to get a shot he is a playmaker and has defensive awareness Boyle gives nothing but penaly kill and winning faceoffs. He is much too soft to be playing in this league

  70. Tam seems pretty happy in his role right now. I’d expect him to be here another 1-2 seasons. You never know what will happen, Hank could get a major injury in which case, what other Ranger farm goalie would you stick between the pipes? None.

    As much as i’m liking Richards play this year – I agree with James G, he has to be bought out – the recapture penalty is like an axe waiting to fall.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – how many time did the rangers come up short on the PP during that run 2 years ago? Neither series in the first 2 rounds would have needed 7 games otherwise. What were they that year 3-34 on the PP? Or something adismal like that? To say the rangers weren’t hampered by the torts pp in the playoffs is disingenuous.

  72. I agree that Talbot is worth more than we will be able to get for him. If we could get a serviceable backup and really improve another area (unlikely), then sure, you trade him. But, I like the security of having a goalie that can fill in I well if Hank should get hurt.

  73. We will probably see Miller for Boyle next year as Boyle is UFA. I don’t think they want to or be able to resign him at more than the $1.7 he gets now.

  74. Team is on a roll, let Kristo and the kids develop on the Farm. Don’t get too down on the Kid, maybe he had a bad game, who knows. I’ve watched him for 4 years, he’s the real deal when it comes to scoring. He’s a playmaker that can pass the puck, has speed, but he also has another gear in him with the game is on the line.

    So my thought is this, Miller is 20, Kristo, Lindberg, Fast, Allen. Pretty much playing together for the first time. Let them dominate the AHL, playing together, they will get their blueshirts in time.

  75. E3, that particular team may have been helped by a better PP, but I don’t think it would have been guaranteed to get further.

    In fact, I just looked up the 11-12 stats, and they were 17.8% in the playoffs that year. LA was 12.8%. Chicago was 11.4% last year (though Boston was 17.5%).

  76. I would give Kristo a chance, the way we gave Talbot a chance. You never really know what it will be with young players until you see what they can do vs. the top competition in the world.

    Lots of kids with solid OHL and AHL credentials disappoint up here. But there are major surprises, too. I would rather be giving talented kids a shot, than suffering those downside journeyman who are just blocking the immediate forward progress of the organization.

    And the sooner you find out a kid doesn’t have what it takes up here, you can make that decision and move on. How many lame-brain years has this organization coddled career AHL’er Brodie DuPont, in Hartford? It really gets ridiculous, at some point. Five years ago they should have given DuPont a full shot, and then moved on, clearing space at the AHL level for another, maybe much better NHL prospect.

    This organization annually gets clogged with either dead-wood guys, or NHL-forestalled career guys at Hartford. I cannot be the only one who is sick and tired of it!

  77. Talking of Trading Talbot is ridiculous. The Kid is the perfect backup for Hank AND he has great numbers. Besides his entry level contract is perfect next to Hanks MONSTER deal. Got to have balance right?

  78. Who is Kristo realistically replacing in this lineup? And you can use the 4th line because they are playing completely different roles. Pouliot? What’s the point right now with him playing well with Brassard and MZA?

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – my recollection is that in 2011-12 playoffs, at critical times, the ranger pp came up very short. And given the rangers lack of 5 on 5 scoring, it was made to seem worse

  80. leetchhalloffame on

    Why all the talk about trading Talbot? Thanks to feeble drafting by (FIRE) incompetent Sather there is absolutely nobody right now in the pipeline to replace him as backup G.

  81. I’m assuming if they buyout Richards they are using that money to try and replace his point production.

  82. O.k., Norm, we can agree the signings/acquisions of the Pyatt – D.Moore – Pouliot crowd, this season’s version of the annual addressing of serious team upgrade needs through the pipeline of mediocrity, is “THE ANSWER” if that makes you happy?

    Allen, Miller, Kristo who? Hell, let’s just make AHL career Brodie DuPont’s out of all of them, right Norm?

  83. Wake up Normie. AV doesn’t talk to the players, his assistants do. He communicates with his players through the media.

  84. Wasn’t Brodie DuPont a 3rd round draft pick? He was never close to making the team.

    You need bodies to fill out minor league rosters too.

  85. E3, have to admit that I was surprised it did so well, percentage wise. But, I think you touched on the bigger problem, in that they had trouble scoring 5 on 5.

  86. I absolutely agree that Talbot is best served in the role he is in now, but there have been plenty of goalies to have a great start to their career and eventually come back to earth.

    15 games is simply not enough to know what we really have. By the end of next season we should know whether he is an NHL starting goalie or not as he’ll have 30-40 games under his belt.

  87. We can place blame on Sather for a lot of things, but is not using draft picks on a backup goalie one of them?

  88. And I don’t give a rip that Pouliot is playing much better now, than he was in November, when he was invisible, except for his glaring mistakes. Importing the Pouliot’s of the world BLOCKS the flow upward of organizational talent.

    I swear, this organization could just disband the Hartford Wolves and not skip a beat, so long as there is a journeyman, waiver wire, trash bin out there.

  89. Robby – Nobody wants to see Kristo get a shot more than me! I’m with ya on that one. BUT as his first pro year in the AHL, Playing 80+ games for the first time at the PRO level is a step up. The game is bigger, faster, stronger.

    When I look back at Nelson, Frattin, Zajac, Stafford, Oshie, even Parise. They all played a full year at the AHL level before they were promoted. The only Sioux that dropped right in was Toews, but the Blackhawks were weak at center, and he’s the “real deal” at that position.

    Now am I comparing Kristo to these guys, only because they came out of the same NCAA hockey factory, and only because they lead the Sioux in scoring their last year they played.

    It’s a hard league to play in, ask Tambellini he didn’t have the balls to play in it.

  90. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – I was surprised too by those numbers. I’d live to see a breakdown of pp chances, pp goals, at the time/score of those playoff games. And the lack if 5-5 scoring, and producing any offense whatsoever, is what brought the Nash deal to fruition.

  91. so we’ll have balance in the net because of a solid back up but we’ll lack it on the top 2 lines and top 4 on the blueline.

  92. no matter how you slice it, theyre going to have to go out and get another centerman. Stepan Brassard Miller Moore down the middle isn’t going to cut it.

  93. CAP GEEKED –

    Meaning what, we should keep around, for the better part of a decade, in the AHL, players we know have no NHL future?

  94. Last night on the post game, Nash gave credit for the successful PP to Scot Arniel. Yes, AV definitely plays a role, but you all are making it out as if AV is doing it himself. He isn’t succeeding himself just as Torts didn’t fail by himself. What I will concede; however, is that if it isn’t working, a good coach will admit it and find a way to fix it…Torts did neither.

  95. The thing with the powerplay last year was it wasn’t working, like ever, and Torts did nothing.
    This year Arniel has taken it over, they practice it more, and he’s not afraid to stick the 3rd line out as the 1st PP unit.

  96. Robby:

    Every organization has their Brodie DuPonts career minor leaguers. It would be impossible to fill 22 man rosters without them.

    DuPont went to lower level than Hartford also. It’s not unusual.

    They have to fill lower level roster also.

  97. Siouxperman –

    You are right in your assessment, good things take time. Another factor I take under consideration is a player’s age. Kristo will be 24 in June. The time really should be NOW, to get him up here and put him under the microscope. Not wait until he is 26!

    Of course a valid response would be “Who would you have him replace?” That is a major problem, the fact that the roster is crammed with outside the organization guys who never should have been acquired. Sather ~always~ paints himself into a corner this way – but, he knows what he is doing, it is the entire crux of his roster construction “philosophy.”


    Yes, every organization has career AHL players. My point is that the Rangers turn theirs over much to slowly!

  99. boxcareddiehospodar on

    The team is playing good but reality sets in and we ain’t beating boston or pittsburgh.

    Strike while the iron is hot and see what value, zuccs/hagelin/stephan have and unload. Would be nice if we could include Boyle in the deal.

    Outside of kreider and Poulion MDZ is the only guy who hits like a freight train!!!

  100. Robby – you’ve got to drop this mindset that prospects are “owed” a chance. That’s little league. This is the top level of hockey on earth. They will get what they earn. Period.
    Pyatt is gone, The Kreider is up and dominating, Pouliot is earning his ice time – progress! If there’s an injury in the top nine, or someone goes ice cold, I’d love to see Kristo, Miller, or Lindberg get their shot.
    Next season, Boyle should be gone, Richards (hopefully) is bought out. More chances for youth.
    Rushing the kids now is not the answer – and playing them 9 min/gm on 4th line isn’t either. You need 4th liners who can defend a lead late, which we have now.
    Don’t interpret this as defense of Sather – it’s not. BTW – I would trade MDZ right now while his value is up some, and use Allen 3rd pair, 2nd PP, subbing in Falk against Philly, Boston, etc.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    I had it McDonagh-Callahan-Nash.

    Hard to have a guy who scores two goals as only the third star, but did he get dressed and go home after the first period?

    The top three defensemen continue to play great. Staal is really starting to look like his old self again.

  102. I’m not a big fan of the stick-checking done by the top 3, i’d prefer guys taking the body like MDZ, but Staal is one of the best stick checkers in the league and uses his reach brilliantly at times.

  103. Drafting and developing players is such a crap shoot. Very few players can come straight into the NHL and have an impact.

    Look at the players drafted recently by Detroit (http://goo.gl/rFj02J) and Anaheim (http://goo.gl/U2hYWF). I’m using these two team because they’ve been successful for years. Detroit hasn’t developed an impact player from the draft since 2006, Anaheim has Fowler from 2010 and that’s about it in the same time frame. I would argue it’s difficult to crack the line-up of perennially successful team but still ‘good drafting teams’ and not much impact in terms of games played plus points.

    Now flip it around, look at an unsuccessful team with high first round draft picks, the Islanders (http://goo.gl/Hp9Y2R). Tavares was/is a legitimate star. They’ve been quick to pull players into the NHL, guys like Bailey and Okposo. But has it translated into a winning team? Nope.

    You have to build through free agency and the draft is a nice supplement where you can get lucky (see Pittsburgh). Everyone bitches about the 3rd/4th line free agent signings but I get it. A guy like Pyatt or Moore who’s played in the NHL for years knows and has proven they can do the job as a professional – there’s no reason to take an organizational risk on a young, unproven guy. GMs understand this and act accordingly.

    I’m not saying that some of the younger players don’t have what it takes but they’re going to need to be in the right place at the right time. There’s no empty spot in the Rangers line-up for a 10-15 goal,unproven, defensive liability – Kreider beat them to it and has that developmental role, sorry Miller, sorry Kristo.

    A lot of luck is involved in making the jump and it’s a lot easier on bad/middling team that doesn’t want to pay up for free agents. I’m confident there are probably more than a few career AHL players who if they had gotten into an NHL line-up and stayed there for a year/two would now be considered bona fide NHL players.

  104. Gravy
    “I remember Dubinsky taking “dumb” penalties too, especially at that age. He figured it out”.
    Actually he never did. Always leading his team in PIM by far. (with most of it – so called “unnecessary”). Bad example.

  105. I agree, rangers are to soft, need guys on the back and front line who bang bodies. That wears down the opponent and you need that style in the playoffs to go deep especially if you don’t have top end talent.

  106. I went up the Bridgeport yesterday to take in the Whaler game against the Isles .We lost 5 to 1 and player that way .The new kid Beach was the best Whaler on the ice and boy can he throw some hard checks ; McMonster looked slow Kristy not much better and Fast and Lindberg played so so games .Miller did have assist on their only goal and you will not see either one back up at any point in this season . Ashem and Powe are just going thru the motions right now .You won’t seenither back up in the show any time soon. Great wim tonight LGR

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nyr faithful – Who hired Scott Arneil? I suppose it was AV……besides, AV is the head coach….he gets the blame and/or the kudos….and your right on with your torts comment…

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t remember there being “5 on 5 issues” under Torts. The past two seasons we were a dominant team 5 on 5.

  109. —Eddie Eddie Eddie
    Nyr faithful – Who hired Scott Arneil? I suppose it was AV……besides, AV is the head coach….he gets the blame and/or the kudos….and your right on with your torts comment…—

    And who moved heaven and earth to bring in, and then keep, Mike Sullivan?

  110. Yesterday was in “newly renovated” with my sons…Level of noise were deafeningly low, except occasional weak and unsynchronized chants about 2 suckers – Ovi and Potvin…and we’re talking about the game where Rangers were leading from the first minutes and after beautiful goals. As a matter of fact it was so quiet, that I could talk to Ovi, Graby and Orlov (they were afraid to talk back)in Russian,from our Section 200, explaining to them basics of their characters flows and coming inevitable disastrous failure in this particular game. I sounded very lonely thou to my sons embarrassment.
    Other then that it was pure fun.

  111. Where do you get coverage and insight as we do here? Coffee and Carp! Hey, I know it’s noon; I just got up. Sue me.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers had one set play under torts – that deep in their own pass to center ice off to a speeding Hags down the wing……..Now there are quite a few set plays – much more puck movement, quick passing, cute tic tac toe attempts….under torts, no one moved their feet especially on the PP. The rangers of a few years ago took forever to set up and enter the zone on the PP….it was far too deliberate…now, it’s much quicker and faster…

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers under torts were far too deliberate on the PP. They took forever to enter the zone and once set up…no one moved their feet…Poor poor coaching

  114. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I thought we *banned* talking about Torts and/or Avery. It should stay that way. It’s all over now.

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers are oodles and oodles more entertaining to watch this year….that’s a fact…

  116. So what’s the fine going to be for TORT’s storming the Calgary’s locker room????

    2 games?

    Another $20K?

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In the last 6-7 years, how many coaches have been suspended (including playoffs) once much less twice?

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    JJP, Detroit hasn’t drafted an impact player? Almost their entire roster is full of players they’ve drafted or developed. You arbitrarily chose 2006 as a demarcation point but Detroit is notorious for giving their prospects long development stints. Zetterberg spent three years in Sweden after being drafted. Datsyuk spent two in Russia. Kronwall spent three in Sweden, then half a year in the AHL, then the lockout season in the AHL. Jimmy Howard spent three years in college, then four years in the AHL. Tatar has spent four years in the AHL. Abdelkader spent three years in college, and a year and a half in the AHL. Helm finished out his junior eligibility and then spent two seasons in the AHL. Nyquist spent a few years in college, then a few years in the AHL. Detroit notoriously does not rush its players.

    As for Anaheim, you say Fowler is the only impact player since 06, but I see these other names that you’ve just glossed over as unimportant: Lindholm, Etem, Smith-Pelley, Palmieri, Vatanen, Beleskey. They also drafted Schultz who refused to play for them, Smid who was traded for Pronger, and Gardiner who was traded for Beauchemin. They also have John Gibson in the pipeline, who I consider one of the top 3 goaltending prospects in the world. I’d say they’re doing just fine with their drafting and asset management.

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – good post. That said, Detroit has had an incredible run – 28 years? But they are now an old team and their immediate best days are behind them…

  120. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I don’t see Detroit falling off. Why would they? The got DeKeyser and that shows, to me, that they have an interest in procuring young talent.

    Furthermore, Detroit has about $15M coming off the books this year, including that horrible Quincy contract. I’m sure they will use the money wisely as they always have.

  121. Great review, Carp.

    This win streak is refreshing. It’s great to see guys we know can play doing it right:

    Nash, Callahan, Staal, Stepan, Lundqvist…

    All of those guys are really making it happen. If we continue to get production from all three lines, it should be a good finish before the playoffs. However, we need Dorsett back before the playoffs…

    Can’t people who hate Torts just move on? Forgive and forget :)

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Detroit might miss the playoffs this year. But what a run they’ve had….the rangers should be so fortunate. Their core group is getting long in the tooth….how many guys do they have 34+ ….6 ? 7?

  123. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Torts, at times, is every bit as much a sideshow as Avery was at times. That being said, I liked them both as rangers.

  124. Rewatching the Sens game. Man, that first PP goal was a thing of beauty. Ridiculous pass by Stepan….”Datsyukian”, as Dave Maloney would say…

  125. The management has to be smart with Talbot. His contract expires after 2014-15 season. Signed for $575K, just above league minimum, and becomes an UFA. He will be 27 and is sure to test the market. Especially if he feels he can be signed as #1 somewhere. He knows he isn’t getting that money in NY. He hasn’t played enough for someone to give up an arm and a leg and make him their #1 yet. But it’s worth exploring at deadline. If the only offer is a mid pick, I’d keep him for next season and see if his value goes up. The more he plays, the more they will be able to get for him next season is the time to trade him, IMO.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    We were dominant on the score sheet. Our 5 on 5 goals for/against was 3rd in the league last year. In 2011-12 it was sixth. Just because we didn’t score a ton doesn’t mean we were dominating. At the end of the day, it’s about scoring more than the other team. At 5 on 5, we were an elite team the past two years under Torts.

    Or if you prefer, we could have been like the Islanders last season, who were 7th in goals scored at 5 on 5 with 94, but still were a negative team at 5 on 5 because they got score on so much. Meanwhile, the Rangers were 13th in scoring 5 on 5, with only 3 goals less at 91 goals scored, but were second at goals allowed at even strength with only 70 allowed (the Islanders allowed 96, good for 22nd in the league).

    In 11-12, Tampa Bay was fourth in goals scored 5 on 5 with 172, but were a negative 5 on 5 team because they allowed 186, which was worst in the league. Rangers were 15th with 150 scored, but 4th with only 132 against.

    At the end of the day, I just care that our number is higher than the other team’s. If that is 1-0 or 4-3, it makes no difference to me. But I’d much rather be winning 1-0 than losing 5-4.

    You want to criticize our PP under Torts, I’m right there with you. It sucked, and he had no clue how to fix it. But our even strength play was excellent, especially at 5 on 5. So was our PK, although last year it definitely was not up to the standard set in previous seasons.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alfie, Bertuzzi, cleary, datsyuk, franzen, Samuelsson, zetterberg, kronwell

    You ain’t replacing that with 15 million coming off the books…..they are yesterday’s news – but a tremendous run….best team over last 25+ years imo

  128. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I am assuming that *Talbot* will be a career backup. I’m sure he will take the $1.3M, Biron-esque Contract to stick around and ride 1-2 year deals until he retires in his late 30’s.

  129. Papa…for a bear, you’re headed in the wrong direction! Nice, toasty cave up north, even when the temps are in the teens (like they will be for the next snowy few days here in NYC.) U must have that patented toothy smile due to the hot weather down in the sunshine state! P.S. weather should be winter-like and cold for the Yankee Stadium matches coming up.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Eddie, what you’re saying about Detroit is exactly why I don’t like Sweden’s chances in the Olympics. If you take Detroit’s team on paper, I like them in one game against almost any other team in the league. But the NHL season is too long and grueling for their graybeards.

    Likewise for Sweden. 7 games in 12 days on Olympic size ice is too much for their old squad.

  131. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I still think that, with Hank in net, Sweden can compete for a medal. That’s where I expect them to place. I think USA/CAN compete for Gold and there are really only 2 other wild card teams in Russia and Finland.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – at the end of the day nothing matters except making a deep run in the post season. The rangers under torts had 1 good year. Making it past the first round twice doesn’t quite equate to being elite under any definition..

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    Eddie, the real losses there are Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Franzen. The other guys are role players, and undoubtedly important ones. But Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Franzen have been relied upon as elite options, and are much harder for Detroit to replace.

    That Weiss contract needs to get off their books. What a disaster. Can they use a compliance buyout on a guy signed after the lockout?

  134. Cooscoos, getting up around noon just doesn’t cut it here — we need to hear from you during normal business hours. You’ll be hearing from my attorneys tomorrow AM.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, all I was addressing was someone saying we had “5 on 5 problems” under Torts. And we just didn’t. PP problems? Absolutely. PK problems last year, too. But we were a great team 5 on 5.

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – we were good defensively which is why the 5-5 was good…but the rangers were woefully offensively challenged…

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, weren’t we one of only like 4 teams to make it to the second round the past three seasons? That’s a pretty good thing to hang your hat on.

  138. If Russia shows up to the tournament, unlike 2010, they should easily win a medal.

    You know Ovechkin wants this more than anything. Probably more than a Stanley Cup.

  139. And we were on the bubble because??? Perhaps the special teams then are where games in a low scoring league are won and lost. All I know is that offensively, they were a difficult team to watch. He opened the season with Nash, Gaborik and Kreider. And did worse than nothing with them.

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – true. But the expectations were higher for that 2011-12 team. I really think torts was out coached against NJ.

  141. Torts had his run, made his [very good] contribution. Last year’s team, though, was borderline unwatchable. Can’t have that on Broadway. This year’s team, whatever its flaws, is fun to watch. I actually look forward, for example, to seeing what might happen on the power play.

  142. Norm, I have to squeeze in some actual remunerated writing work between the Ranger blog and zzzzzz’s. Too often that happens at 2 AM! Agree that this year ‘whatever its flaws, it’s fun to watch.’

  143. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    The Rangers lost the way they always lose: a 4th line beat them. That’s what happened in NJ.

  144. You guys who wanted Konopka … he’s had a run of bad penalties and will be a healthy scratch tomorrow … for the Buffalo freakin’ Sabres.

  145. Norm, they won a round in the playoffs and that’s “borderline unwatchable”?

    I have a feeling this year’s team wouldn’t fare well against the Bruins in a 7 game series either.

  146. Torts might better dig himself before he ends up coaching the hockey team at McMurphy’s Cuckoo Nest Sanatorium.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, first off, we weren’t that bad offensively at 5 on 5. We were middle of the pack (15th in 11-12, 13th in 12-13). It was our PP ineffectiveness that made our offense so completely impotent overall. Last season, our PP was 23rd in goals scored at 5 on 4. If they score another 5 goals, which would have moved it to 16th, they would have gone from 15th overall in goals scored to top 10. In 2011-12, we were actually 11th overall in goals scored, which is pretty good. An extra 7-10 PP goals moves us up as high as 8th.

    Second, who cares if it’s because of defense we were better at 5 on 5? Were we scoring a lot more goals than other teams were at 5 on 5? That leads to wins. Scoring a ton of goals without defense doesn’t.

    Ideally, you’d like to do both, but rarely is any team elite at both. Chicago was last year, and Anaheim and LA were at the fringe of the top 10 at both.

    In 11-12, Boston and Vancouver were elite at both, with Detroit and Nasvhille on the outside of the top 10.

  148. Somebody asked me about the Rangers in this year’s playoffs. Here’s what I thought. Better hope Marc-Andre Fleury implodes again and somebody else knocks off Boston. Then they have a shot.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – I disagree. This team will give Boston a much better go this year should and when they meet up…

    Rangers Ducks : cup finals….

  150. But, point well taken, they are more fun to watch right now on the PP than I can ever remember….

  151. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Great write-up Carp….

    The Olympics….does it help or hurt the rangers?

    I would say that it hurts them. The team is coming together nicely….

  152. If you enjoyed watching them, NYRFAN, then good on you. Me, I’m not missing the grindy, snow-angel fest that was on display.

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, maybe it was just making the playoffs.

    Or maybe it was being one of two teams to make it to the second round for consecutive years.

  154. In fairness, Norm, would you prefer this style of game if they weren’t winning? I know a lot of people were swearing off this team just a couple of weeks ago when it was playing the same style but losing (largely because of Nash and Lundqvist and a general lack of scoring).

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I’m arguing results are all that matter…the PP under torts is in part why they failed….

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, I’m arguing about results, too. The results were there at even strength, especially 5 on 5. But that PP, what a disaster. Really, it was all on Sullivan, and Torts’ loyalty to him.

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    No fair assessment can ever be made until the last game is played. Should the rangers win the cup and go 0% on the PP, no one complains…

  158. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The process is always more important than the results. If the process is well-formulated, the results will be there.

  159. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m off to the hot tub …enjoying this discussion….and loving this team right now…brb …

  160. Carp, yes I would rather see hockey than results if that’s the only choice, which I don’t think it ever is. I’ve always rooted for a positive approach, to try to beat the other team with superior play rather than negating what they have and hoping for puck luck — recognizing that of course you need elements of both.

  161. Even if the Rangers win the Cup, I want to know what they’re going to do next year!!!!!! Slackers! :)

  162. I’ll say this about the Torts years, he taught the team and especially the defense some responsibility as defenders. But, they got stagnant. The teams were tired by the time they go to the playoffs and the PP was just terrible. So you look at guys like Girardi and McD, and Stralman, and Staal who are great defenders. Now AV puts a little offense in their game and it took half a season for them to balance the two. But now that they have…
    The other thing that has improved SO much is the breakout pass. The problem with Torts style is that they had no transition game because they were concentrating on shot blocking. Now that they are standing up, their first passes have been great. That makes all the difference in the world on your offense, especially when you have a fast team that can beat the other team’s D.

    On Talbot, you keep him. You’d never get the value that would make it worth moving him. He’s cheap and he isn’t complaining about not starting. If you could package him for a star, that’s different.

    On last night’s game. I thought they spent a bit too much time in their own end for long stretches. It wasn’t as good as the Sens game. But they were definitely better than the Caps.

    Other thing I like about AV over Torts. He keeps his lines together. You can see the cohesiveness in these lines, and the chemistry. Players know where the other will be. Torts constantly changing players around meant no chemistry. I hate coaches who do that. St. Louis will be a test, but we’ve beaten a few “test” teams recently. Chicago, Detroit, Philly, even Washington. No reason why we can’t play well against the Blues.

  163. Doodie Machetto on

    Norm, I think at 5 on 5, the past two years, our team did try and beat the team with physical play. Black and Blueshirts. Our forecheck in the offensive zone was ferocious. On defense, we sat back and blocked shots, sure, but on offense, we worked our tails off in the offensive zone.

    If our PP was just a little bit better, nobody would have called the team offensively challenged. It was such an achilles heel for us.

  164. Carp, regarding that theory on the playoffs, they had that very opportunity present itself in ’12. If you told me today that they’d have to go through Ottawa, Washington and the Devils to get to the Cup Finals I think every Rangers fan in the world would sign up for it. Not very likely it’s going to happen again though.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    And that was the team three years ago. Losing Callahan in that game killed us in the playoffs. I think we take that first round series against the Caps if he had played.

  166. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Like everyone else here (I think), I want the rangers to win and be successful, but anything less than a cup isn’t really successful IMHO.

    While it is great to make the playoffs, unless you win it all it, it isn’t a successful season to me.

    I would rather win the cup by being the 7 or 8 seed and barely making the playoffs than by winning the east and getting knocked out in the second round.

    This team needs to make some grit and size/toughness moves prior to the playoffs or we are going nowhere in the playoffs.

    Of course Dolan only cares about a few more home playoff concession sales.

  167. Once upon a time a man called his pony a one trick pony. Then one day, he didn’t have his pony anymore..

  168. Glennie will do everything he can to win this year. Does he have the acumen? Can he core a apple?

  169. Kristo Kid work ethic:

    1) So far, Playing professional ice hockey = C+

    2) Trudging across the frozen tundra and desolate campus through a blizzard on a late nite booty call, sans winter clothes, six pack in one hand, condom in the other = A+.

    Say whatever you want about the kid, but know that his priorities are in order.

  170. I totally understand the style over substance thing, but the Rangers played this system in the late 1990s and early 2000s under Muckler and Low. Did you prefer that to ’11-12?

  171. Doodie Machetto on


    The big difference is they are much better at keeping the puck out of the net this time around. Although they weren’t to start the season.

    And frankly, that’s a great comparison to what this team looked like at the beginning of the season. Just call Nash Eric Lindros.

  172. Sour Power with the game winner. Miss that guy!

    I wonder how much better that 2011-2012 team would have been had he not missed that year. His replacement was Bickel, unless I’m mistaken.

    Bickel, Eminger, Woywhatever. I’d take Sour Power of all of them.

  173. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I totally understand the style over substance thing_

    I do not. The players should be placed in a position to succeed by the coaching. The style should fit the strengths of the team and its players. If the Devils trap system fits the personnel and is more likely to result in a Stanley Cup, then I would want the trap system.

  174. A couple of posthits a half inch more inside and we would have been fighting for our lives late.

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, losing Sauer definitely hurt the 11-12 team. They never replaced him. That holds true even today.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    2-21 for sure, 9-11 for sure, the third guy was almost irrelevant. For the record, I liked 22 and 33 the best there. I hated 36, especially because of how much I loved 22.

  177. I don’t want to overrate Sour. He was defensively. But it goes without saying how much better he is than those three guys.

    I remember in the OT’s in the playoffs, Torts going with pretty much five d-men. He didn’t trust Bickel, or the others. Just went with the guys he trusted.

    I don’t know if we would have beaten the Devils, but it would have been huge to have him back.

  178. @ChuckGormleyCSN

    Caps reassign G Philipp Grubauer to Hershey. Place D Steve Oleksy on waivers


    #CapitalsTalk Alex Ovechkin on what needs to be said in Caps locker room: ‘We say too much. We have to go out there and do it.’

  179. One thing that is often overlooked is that with very few exceptions no team is competing for the Stanley Cup year in and year out. The Rangers this year, for example, have virtually no shot at the Cup, though of course with a hot goalie any qualifier can make more noise than expected. So then it becomes just as important to play with some style — to actually entertain — as it is to win. To fool the fans into thinking it could just possibly happen even if, deep down, they know it won’t.

    Americans, I feel, have a math problem when it comes to our sports. Half the teams lose the games, and not because they’re trying to. The coach who fails to win a championship, or at least to reach the final, is routinely fired after three or four years. Do the math, and it makes no sense at all. I have no problem with getting rid of Torts; indeed I was firmly in the camp welcoming the news. Not because he didn’t win, but because he had become a parody of himself and his team was a snooze-fest.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    I still don’t know why the Caps started Grubauer over Holtby. Grubauer had just been shelled, and Holtby has traditionally been very, very good against the Rangers (game 7 last year, notwithstanding).

  181. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _you’re agreeing me while trying to disagree (again, of course) Kenneth._

    I was agreeing with you.

  182. Snow angel by Martin on that GWG, Doodie.

    Those core guys … 18, 24, 5, 17 all in on those goals in those games. 17’s gone. IMO they need to keep the other three for as long as possible.

  183. it throws me off when you put my stuff (and everyone else’s stuff) in italics. Seems like disagreement to me. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

  184. Doodie Machetto on

    And 17 was a key cog in the Boston video as well.

    I was at that Boston game. It remains one of the top 3 best games I’ve been to in person.

  185. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, do you see any chance that the Rangers chase 17 next summer? Would it even matter if they did? It seemed like in his comments about “being wanted” that he wouldn’t really consider coming back if the Rangers came calling.

  186. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I was agreeing with you while disagreeing with fans that would rather see an entertaining brand of hockey rather than a winning brand of hockey.

  187. I think Dubinsky would come back in a flash. Not sure Sather would do that. Dubinsky will go to the highest bidder, just like every other player.

  188. This game, as is every game, as much about entertainment as it is about winning. Both. That’s why there are new rules in the ‘modern’ era.

  189. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    It probably was entertaining to some. Those same fans scorn the Devils for their _boring_ but successful trap system.

  190. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Olesky is waived!? Really? He’s probably better than Stralman…….. (S)

  191. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _This game, as is every game, as much about entertainment as it is about winning._

    The game is about entertainment for the pink hats.

  192. “All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.”

    Aristotle (then, I think Frank Zappa claimed it as his own)

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    There was a Muckler-Low era? I just remember blacking out for like 5 years and waking up to a lockout.

  194. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers could wind up playing Flyers, Pens, and Bruins on the way to the cup final….This could be a glorious Spring…I hate all 3 of those teams…

  195. Doodie – my point wasn’t to denigrate either Detroit or Anaheim. I’m actually in agreement with you. My point was that each organization takes a long time to develop it’s draft picks and that practically none of the guys they’ve drafted in the last 7 years have been impact players – ie played a ton of games or racked up points. Yes, it was an arbitrary cutoff. And yes, their system works.

    The purpose was to show that some successful teams aren’t calling up their AHL guys right away and they let them season. The yahoos on this board think every AHL guy who scores 20 goals there should be in the NHL and put up 25 goals over an 82 game season, it doesn’t work like that.

    Even some the guys you highlighted from Anaheim, like Palmieri, have played limited NHL games and have yet to play a full season. Are they contributing, yes. Are they game changers, no. That sort of development program is the norm. I think we’re on the same page here.

  196. Doodie Machetto on

    I hear you on that point, jjp. But people in Detroit and Anaheim had been clamoring for some of their call ups (i.e., Nyquist, Palmieri, Etem) for a while, too.

  197. eddie eddie eddie on

    right before the TB game, I opined that the rangers were on a 10-12 game run…..had they won that game, we’d be on game 8….

    Can this team, with 3 in a row, 6 out of 7, close out the break undefeated….

    Do You Believe in Miracles? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  198. eddie eddie eddie on

    I used to watch Muckler behind the bench and, frankly, was amazed….How could a corpse actually coach a team?

  199. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am in a manic phase as regards the rangers’ chances this year. I like AV and think he’s doing a tremendous job. Watching Hank and Nash, and to some degree Richards, playing much better is like chicken soup for the soul….

  200. eddie eddie eddie on

    0-0, Game 6, 4th OT, Rangers vs ducks, rangers up 3 games to 2, let’s let kenny albert take over…

    Brassard and zucc, one man back for the ducks, The Garden rises as one its a 2 on 1 break, brassard to zucc back to brassard back to zucc back to brassard back to zucc back to brassard…..shoots and scoresssssssssssssssssss

    rangers win the cup…..and this one lasts 9 lifetimes

  201. I don’t think either of these teams is making the POs. Their defense is atrocious. And the goaltending isn’t better. It’ll be especially obvious after the Olympic break. It’s either Washington or Columbus.

  202. eddie eddie eddie on

    once the cup is in the bag…i want to switch to post game and watch Duguay…he is pretty

  203. eddie eddie eddie on

    ilb – in that case,,,,carry on….

    the west has the potential to beat each other up pretty badly to make it to the finals….if the rangers catch a break by having the B’s get upset before the ECF, ya never know…..I believe we can beat the penguins in a 7 game series…bruins..not so easy given their size and strength….

  204. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I don’t think it will be Washington. They were a team getting by on their lethal PP and that’s just not enough, especially since it’s tailed off lately.

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s next year’s trade deadline. We have no deal extending Marc Staal. Carolina is in the hunt for a playoff spot. Do you deal him to Carolina, and, if so, do you sell him or do you make him part of a larger package to buy a player from Carolina (like Justin Faulk)?

  206. Doodie Machetto on

    I like Philly’s chances to make the playoffs. I’d say it’s between them and Columbus for the third Metropolitan spot.

  207. This is the best Ranger team since 94.

    Brassard is the best Ranger Center since Petr Nedved.

    Bring us the Cup…

    (Barkeep…. Keep the Bloody Mary’s coming! )

  208. eddie eddie eddie on

    staal has been great since his return…but remember, we have future norris winner, and terminating eliminator, allen conor waiting in les wings..

    thats french for the wings

  209. eddie eddie eddie on

    rob – exactly. winning the stanley cup isnt the end all be all…..there were plenty of holes on that 94 team….they squeaked thru the first two rounds…they almost lost the islanders before sweeping them…same with the caps…

  210. eddie eddie eddie on

    any team can win their first 7 playoff games and 8 of 9……win 16 in a row and we can talk about a better than average team….

  211. Even winning 16 in a row, if the goal differential is any less than 5 per game, you really can’t go down in the annals as a good team.

  212. eddie eddie eddie on

    as regards coaching annals…all conversations start with hitchcock and babcock….

  213. Rob in Beantown on

    Should we read into the fact that Talbot has a stadium series mask that he is starting one of those games, or no?

  214. Goose Gossage, Robin Yount, Meadowlark Lemon, No U Tern, I know we’ve met before, but I can’t remember where or wren.

  215. cc, sorry to be late to this — I am ashamed to admit I was pulled away by my work job for a while. But to this “actual remunerated writing work” you mention, that which gets between you and this blog, you disgust and intrigue me. If I have gist of it, you imply that you write things down and someone out there remunerates you for that? One reads about people who do this sort of thing — like Carp for instance — but I had no idea they appeared on hockey blogs. As long as we’re the beneficiaries, though, I guess you may continue. Calling off my legal dogs.

  216. Phoebe Snow, Hank Snow, Tony Snow, Snow White, Snow Cone, “The First Snowell” and Bill “Snow Job” Clinton.

  217. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t know, I might let Talbot start the game that is 0 degrees wind chill and snowing. How much would it suck if Lundqvist got hurt in conditions like that?

  218. How come, like in a long, long blowout game they don’t bring in a goon to goal-tend like in baseball?

  219. In a snowy, outdoor game, the Rangers should bring back all their flakes to play one last period.

  220. New contest. Name the flakes. I am trying to recall the name of the goalie who used to smoke outside the lockerroom between periods. Real nut.

  221. Gratton claimed he had numerous previous lives. Wearing a lion mask, just before a faceoff in his own end, he started lion roaring non- stop and had both teams in stitches.

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    I know Middleton was a prolific smoker between periods, but that’s not a goaltender, and mostly [sigh] not a Ranger.

  223. Isles are too far back to jump over 4 teams. Glad to see they fought back against flyers.

    We have a 10 pt lead on isles. Unless we lose all three in regulation I don’t see them catching us

  224. I just went through the entire register of all-time Rangers goalies. Can’t find one who rings that bell. Must have been a visitor, or somebody JD told me about, or something.

  225. RePo

    Gratton claimed he had numerous previous lives. Wearing a lion mask, just before a faceoff in his own end, he started lion roaring non- stop and had both teams in stitches.

  226. Attended the game at MSG last night for the first time in four years (unfortunately physical ailments prevented my attendance). I was shocked at the seats . Although the sight lines were very good I thought I would get deep vein thrombosis with the lack of leg space. I could not hear the buzzer at the end of the period and the scoreboard is so busy ( hits, shots, etc.) it took a while to locate how much time was left on the penalties. Patrons below were watching the 49ers- Seahawks game and those around them seemed to be more interested in that game then the one on ice. I attended the first season in’67 and most of them since , but that place is a morgue. Someone mentioned Nash mailed it in after the first period but his play in the first period helped put the nail in the coffin of Orlov and Grubauer. He was marked pretty well after that second goal even with the Caps great defenseman (s) Green on the ice. I think the concussion affected his mental play but with his last run I would cut him some slack. A fine win and hope for the future but that’s what being a Ranger fan is unfortunately all about.

  227. Doodie, that link to the Boston game is a great one. I remember that game and that comeback. It set the stage for who they were in 11/12. I watched it several times and would still watch it but I got a new dvr. I think I woke the neighbors that night and they’re a 1/4 mile away!!

  228. speaking of goalies. the very first game I was at in 1974, the goalie of the Pittsburg Penguins was named Andy Brown. he was the last goalie to play without a mask.

  229. The Iona College ’80-81 team played without Rules. (probably only Carp will get this one)

  230. i actually went into Valvano’s office and told him I wanted to walk on. he stammered for a few moments before i told him who I was and that i’d be covering the team.

  231. Hey, it’s not impossible. I think I read somewhere that Tom Brady was 7th on the QB depth chart as a frosh at Michigan.

  232. Pretty sure it was ’79 when V’s Iona team beat that year’s eventual National Champions at the Garden, and large.

  233. Mrs G regarding Torts: “he’s Byfuglien’d up. He needs to take a Xanax” and she’s a fan..LOL.

    Carp btw- from the first bit of the nightmare book I’ve read it’s been very enjoyable. Something that Muckler-Low Era definitely wasn’t.

  234. TORTS: “book me on the later ****** flight back to Vancouver. I’m gonna stop at Katz’ deli for a ****** Corned Beef first.”

  235. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Colin Campbell – “what happened?”

    Torts – “are you ******* kidding me? Did you ******* see what that ******* ***** did? I wanted to ******* rip his ******* head off his ******* shoulders!!!”

    Campbell – “what should we do”

    Torts – “give me ******* 5 ******* minutes with that ******* *******”

  236. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Over flight intercom:

    Stewardess – “I have a request for a plane seat in first class, who is it for?”

    Torts – “it’s my ******* plane seat. Now ******* strap me the **** in before I ******* lose my ******* temper”

  237. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Torts can have no interactions with the Canucks during his 15-day/6-game suspension.

  238. And bring me a ******* bag of those little peanuts and a bloody ****** mary to calm my nerves before ******** take off!

  239. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pharmacist – “may I help you”

    Torts – “what the ****, am I ******* standing the **** here cause I’ve ****** nothing else to ******* do? Get me some ******* sedatives before I ******* strangle you”

    Pharmacist – “excuse me?

    Torts – “do I ******* stutter?”

  240. If he were on the Denver Broncos, Tom Brady would also be seventh on the depth chart, there. Right behind Torts.

  241. Looks like the quorum, above, is all for keeping the talented, young kids on the farm, even when they have come up here and demonstrated they belong, so that we can bring in a boatload of journeyman-sludge from other organizations, every year.

    So that Slats must have a lot of “fans” here, who hope he never retires. And who never have and never will wax critical of the New York Rangers General Manager for his prolific crapping all over system prospects.

    Got it!

  242. The first goalie to play with a mask was not Jacques Plante, as is generally thought. It was The Lone Ranger who played for the Texas Rangers before they transferred east and became the New York Rangers.

    Tex Rickard and Clayton Moore used to get drunk with Damon Runyun down at Jack Dempsey’s. Then they would walk over to the Old Garden where Moore would start in the nets for the Rangers and get “plastered” by Montreal, on top of getting plastered by Jack Daniel’s.

  243. “The league stepped up here and I think they did the right thing. Enough is enough. He’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed the organization, he’s embarrassed the league and he’s embarrassed his teammates, who have to look out for him. Send him home.”


  244. Robby, you’ve made yourself a straw man there. Journeymen-sludge?! And you never did cite a successful franchise (such as you want the Rangers to be) playing three kids this year. I suspect because you can’t find any?

  245. Torts gets 15 days without pay. So if he makes $4M, that’s $166,666 or do they get paid by per game basis like the players it would be $292,682.

    Either way that has to sting “a little” right?

  246. 3C – Well there was that water bottle incident :)

    And the bashing of the refs for a quick 20K after a game a couple of years ago.

  247. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s not that torts is an angry man, it’s just he’s plainly not very happy…

  248. surprised.
    thought Torts would have received more than 6 games,
    which may mean that CC agreed with him about the lineup hartley put out on the ice.

  249. btw
    anyone else read Bob McKenzie’s twitter feed?

    he said something earlier today about the senators owner along with Donald Fehr and someone else going into the NHL office after Torts
    and that it may have something to do with cooke’s kick on karlsson last season.

    apparently the ottawa owner has been doing something with forensics because he believed cooke meant to do that.

    was i just punked or is this true?
    would love to see that piece of cooke cooke get cooked!

  250. I haven’t seen a single kid outside of Miller who’s down there and looked like he belongs when he was here. And Miller barely. IMO he’s better off playing his 18 minutes and PPs in Hartford than getting Carcillo’s seven shifts. Plus, they kinda — hate to say it — need a little of Carcillo’s, ahem, element.

  251. guessing Torts’ suspension is entirely due to hallway scene. nobody gets suspended ever for synchronized staged fights, and that puke Hartley was fined couch change.

  252. from the nhl:

    NEW YORK (Jan. 20, 2014) – Vancouver Canucks Head Coach John Tortorella has
    been suspended for 15 days, without pay, for his actions during the first intermission of NHL
    Game No. 735 in Vancouver on Saturday, Jan. 18, the National Hockey League announced
    “Mr. Tortorella’s actions in attempting to enter the Calgary Flames locker room after the
    first period were both dangerous and an embarrassment to the League,” said NHL Senior
    Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. “Coaches in the NHL bear the
    responsibility of providing leadership, even when emotions run high, and Mr. Tortorella failed in
    his responsibility to the game.”
    Mr. Tortorella’s suspension is effective retroactive to January 19 and runs through
    Sunday, Feb. 2. He will miss six games. He is not permitted to have any interaction with his
    Club prior to, during or after games.

  253. was a little surprised that hartley even got fined.
    so much talk about Torts that i thought the instigator of the whole mess was going to off with zilch guilt

  254. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ya gotta feel for the guy. Perhaps if he could locate musky, this sort of thing would never happen…

  255. Honestly, tho… putting biases aside…how what Avery did is worse than what Torts did? How? Explain to me? Please…

  256. Or Musky’s grandmother.

    Seriously, C3, it’s not.

    What everybody misses is that Bettman hates Avery more than Torts hates Avery … and Bettman hated him before Torts did.

  257. Carp
    you don’t think Connor Allen is as ready as Miller?

    not being one of those bring the kids up types and don’t see why we should rush him here unless there are injuries but he seemed about as good or better as our other d-men were several weeks ago

  258. continues to disgust me
    that Avery gets ripped for
    some smartaassen trash talk
    and an inventive way to distract a goalie
    while cooke, bertuzzi and some others i can’t think of right now pretty much get a pass
    despite how their actions have ruined lives

  259. No, I didn’t. Plus it’s more difficult for a D-man … and they obviously sent him down even with Del Zotto in the doghouse and playing terribly, and put DZ right back in.

    Don’t confuse that with me thinking the kid’s not going to be good, or that he wasn’t very impressive in his first game. He will and he was.

  260. Thanks, Carp… I knew the answer…just annoyed at the way Bettman is running this league. Every decision made by the NHL is based on some personal feelings…sad.

  261. This is a bigger deal than anyone thinks. It may only be 6 games, but for two weeks Tortorella can have no contact with his team, not practices, not off ice, nothing. It is not 6 games, it is 15 days which takes through February 4 which is also not too long before the Olympic break. It will really be a full month befor Torts can really coach his team again. That’s a long time and how will they sync up after that? Just plain stupid on his part.

  262. I was neutral with the tortorella firing but now that the rangers are healthy and finally getting AV’s system down, I’m glad Tortorella is gone. Tortorella and his temper is way over the top, for a little guy he acts like a tough guy. I’m surprised nobody has knocked him out. I’ll always appreciate what Tortorella did in convincing sather to stop with trying to buy players and go with drafting and developing players but his style of play was boring with nothing but wall play and the tough guy attitude after a while wears thin.

  263. I’m the opposite Tommy. I loved the guy, he was perfect coach for New York. Who knows if the team will be better in the long run. But he sure coached them up a couple of years ago.

  264. _I’ll always appreciate what Tortorella did in convincing sather to stop with trying to buy players and go with drafting and developing players_

    How do we know that this is what Torts did? Wasn’t Sather sick or something and was not fully involved with the team? And as soon as Sather got better he went back to his old ways even with Torts still coaching?

    So once again… Torts is giving credit for something he might have or might not have done. Annoying…

  265. CCCP, because I saw a interview this year with Tortorella and he was asked what his most proud accomplishment was with the rangers and he said convincing brass to draft and develop. Straight from Tortorella mouth.

  266. PS, he didn’t do a good job convincing, tho…as half of the core players were traded for a big name…just as it before.

  267. CCCP, I agree, I like the way the rangers are playing. AV’s system is so much better. The rangers actually are passing like a NHL team and skating. Tortorella’s system with wall play, blocking shots and defensive zone play with everything off the boards was brutal. I agree, good riddance.

  268. yea, well, maybe like you said in your post that when sather came back he went back to his old habbits.

  269. ODE to Topo

    ‘Oh, I can’t break away; I must watch you everyday
    As regularly as coffee or tea.
    You’ve got me in your clutches and I can’t get free;
    You’re getting to be a hobbit with me.’

  270. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Like the Phoenix, Torts will rise again. But eventually, like Rome, he will fall and this time he won’t get up.

  271. Norm – Don’t become a fan of the Edmonton Oilers, they are too young to be anything more than an OHL team. lol.

  272. Torts could have stuck the Sedins out there, skated around the Calgary pylon line and been 1-0 up after the first shift.

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