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1) Derek Stepan. Breakout game? I don’t know. He had that hat trick Nov. 2 after going his first 12 without a goal, then scored four in his next 36 games, including none in the last 13. And while I certainly don’t judge him solely on goals, he needs to pop one a lot more frequently than he has. That said, he needs to have more than 20 assists through 49 games, too, playing on what has to be the No. 1 line. And that all said, I’d been saying that I think his game is coming around lately. He is still — normally — a very good defensive center, and he has to be increasingly good playing with Rick Nash and Chris Kreider, who aren’t particularly good in their own end.staal vs. neil

2) When he does shoot it, you see why he should shoot it. The guy’s got a great shot. That’s the curse of a good passer, and it holds true for Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello, too. They are such gifted passers that sometimes they don’t shoot when they should. And they all can shoot it. Maybe, if there is one thing to be learned from Brad Richards — another terrific passer throughout his career — it is that shooting the puck is never a bad play. Richards shoots it. And shoots it. And he gets goals, sometimes from bad angles or deflections … whereas a bad or forced pass often turns into something bad.

3) And one more thing about Stepan … that was a good defensive play on which he was assessed a penalty. As was the subsequent call against Ottawa that evened it up. Pansification. Remember when you had to occasionally fight through a check, and when defending was a skill? Ridiculous calls. Then, when Cory Conacher bowls over Cam Talbot behind the net, ref Tim Peel didn’t call it, and why? Guessing, but educated guessing: Because power plays were 4-1 in the Rangers favor and they led. Refs always do that garbage, trying to “manage” the power plays and the score. It’s embarrassing.New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators

4) You had to love Talbot seeking out Conacher — he said post-game that they had some run-ins in the minors — and throwing a shoulder into the little smurf at the end of the period. That shouldn’t overshadow Talbot’s play. He was good early, as the Rangers played a dangerous game of trading chances with the Senators, then didn’t have to do much as the Rangers took over. But Calm was really, really sharp in the third when Ottawa started taking chances and were all over the Rangers. Another exceptional performance by the backup. And we sure had an interesting post-game discussion in the comments about whether you think about trading him, what he might bring in return, what with Henrik Lundqvist locked up for the next seven years. Talbot will be a UFA after next season. Doubt his body of work will bring back enough for it to be worthwhile before this deadline.

5) Daily Nash-O-Meter. That goal was exactly the game-breaking type of goal the Rangers don’t get very often, or often enough. Stepan banks a clearing pass off the glass, and Nash’s skill turns it into a goal. They have to work so, so, so hard for most of their goals. They have one guy who should be doing that more regularly, and it’s Nash, whose game recently is miles better than it had been. Nash had a big role in the Stepan goal, too, even though it was Norris Karlsson who coughed it up (shocker).

New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators6) Yeah, let’s get Richards off the power play. We don’t hear that more than a few times a day. That was some 5-on-3 goal, and critical to the game. Say what you want about his 5-on-5 play, and I’ll agree with a lot of it, but he’s a main reason the PP is so good this year. And next year they will have to figure out how to replace him there. Richards hit two posts, too, one of them after Craig Anderson made a lucky save with the handle of his stick. Nash hit one too. Big guys stepping up.

7) When was the last opponent first-liner to score against Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi? None the last four games, at least. NYR_FAN noted it was Geoffrey Lupul’s goal in that 7-1 blowout in Toronto. That is some amazing stretch, And now McMonster and Block Ness get Alex Ovechkin and John Tavares back to back. Girardi, I think, is all the way back from his early-season woes. And I don’t want to beat it to death, but Marc Staal has gotten better seemingly every game since he came back from the concussion. Throughout this stretch of six games in which the Rangers have been really reinventing themselves, the one constant has been the way they defend. Top to bottom, start to finish.

8) Chris Neil ran over Dominic Moore, clean (for a change) and hard. With Daniel Carcillo on the ice and in the vicinity. Just proving once again that the presence of a tough guy — middleweight or heavyweight or whatever — will not change for a moment the way another tough guy plays. Nor will it stop a Conacher from bumping a goalie. That “enforcer” tag is prehistoric and extinct. You need guys who can play, like Neil. And, to be fair, like the way Carcillo has played so far (5-1 record, by the way).New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators

9) Speaking of the Rangers’ fourth line, I thought they had a shift against Ottawa’s No. 1 line, spent entirely in the Senators’ end, that helped turn around the game as much as the power plays. Then they had another one to slow down the Senators as they charged late. Say what you want about Moore and Brian Boyle, and they’re this and they’re not that, or whatever. Those guys are pretty valuable when your team needs to settle down with a good puck-posession shift … and even more valuable when protecting a lead late in a game. Look at their third-period shifts in the last two games. If you can’t accept that, then please don’t read any more paragraphs with the names Boyle or Moore in them.

New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators10) Going back for a moment to the Red Wings game Thursday, when Mats Zuccarello, Benoit Pouliot and Brassard combined for the only goal. I forgot to mention that it was Pouliot who set up Brassard for the OT winner in Detroit at the end of the nine-game trip, which began this beastly road run the Rangers are on. They are 13-4 on the road since starting 2-6 on that trip.

11) Another pretty nifty goal by Mats Zuccarello. On a day when Martin St. Louis scored four, this potential St. Louis Jr. continued to be the Rangers’ best forward.

12) So at the end of each period there was a bit of a fracas, one involving Nash, one involving Talbot. And MSG Network missed both of them live, stuck in a pre-determined unrelated closeup. Just like NBC. Pay attention, dammit!

13) FOMOH. How does access to games on a mobile device help you watch the game while you’re carrying furniture up and down stairs? Wouldn’t that ad make better sense if it was for a DVR?

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Calm Talbot.
3. Rick Nash.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Cam Talbot.
3. Marc Staal.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Cam Talbot.
3. Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. First!
    ..didn’t get to watch the game, saw the highlights. What a shot by Nasher and what a move by zucc.

  2. So if the enforcer tag is prehistoric and extinct, unless the enforcer can play the game with some skill… Was it a bad idea for Sather to draft an enforcer d-man like McIlrath, who’s right handed and rated by most analysts at his draft as having enough skill to warrant being a 1st round pick? One could argue that we could have drafted Fowler instead, but Fowler plays on the left side and would be rated behind McDonagh and Staal in the depth chart.

  3. Missed the game due to business travel down here in Tampa. Saw the highlights…great goal by Nash and the 5-3 goal by Richie was excellent…..and needed.
    Listened to the Tampa-San Jose game on the radio. These Tampa announcers are the worst ever. Nothing worse than an announcer who screams at every goal like he wants to be on ESPN and almost cries when the opposition scores one. Tampa had a 4-2 lead on St Louis’ 4 goals and it was great to hear the oafish Ben Bishop blow the lead by allowing 3 straight. I thought the color guy would have to go to the emergency room, he was so upset.
    Really makes you appreciate Sam, Joe, Kenny and Dave Maloney.

  4. Outside shoveling snow for the second and most of the third period…but saw the 4th goal and love that move by ZA, sweet payback making Neil look like a dim-witted oaf with clever anticipation, loved it. Inexcusable for refs not to call hit on Talbot, interesting observation, Carp, on the reasons. Thanks for your always interesting and stimulating write ups!

  5. Agree about enforcers, and also agree Carc’s physical play is needed on this team to make it successful.

  6. Great review Carp. Really good effort by the boys and an easy game to watch from a nervous fans point of view.

    NYR have given up the second fewest goals against in the Least and seventh fewest in the league. I didn’t look at the goals for, why bring myself down?

    Important game today in the standings, so let’s get another two points (in regulation) and wrap up a perfect Ranger weekend.

  7. I think the bigger problem with the FOMOH tv ad is how one ” friend” is so insensitive to his friends food allergies. He asked them to help him move so they must be close right? I mean the guy isn’t Keith Hernandez.

  8. We would be happy to have Carcillo if we ever play Calgary…doubt the league will do anything to discourage future conduct of this type…looked more like an anticipated mugging and tag team match than a hockey game opening faceoff. Yikes…And vintage John Tortorella in the way he went after Hartley (knowing he’ll pay for it) I say send the refs from one of our games to work a Flames-Nucks game! Sure had their hands full from the start!

  9. I’m sure Yzerman (and team Canada) had his reasons, but St. Louis is lighting it up. You would think his skill and speed would be even better suited for Olympic sized rinks.

  10. Cross Check Charlie on

    If I didn’t know better I’d say that the Rangers are playing as good as anybody in the league not named Anaheim. How can this be when most of the players should be traded and the new coach isn’t any good?

  11. Can we officially say that the problem with the powerplay the last few years was more a coaching problem and not a personnel problem?

  12. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp.

    Interesting tidbit on Talbot. My take is that they should definitely explore trading him at this deadline. See if someone thinks he can be their #1. He isn’t playing many games after deadline anyway. And if the return isn’t great, keep him. He is signed through next year at just above league minimum, and he is an UFA after that. He isn’t staying to be Hank’s back up for years. And if he continues playing the way he has, he may become their best trade asset next year.

  13. #9. Yes, that was the shift when Teddy was able to deploy his first line against Rangers’ third D-pair, Joe mentioned. Well, they ended up spending it in their zone against our 4th line. Dime a dozen.

  14. With you there ML. Skill players loosening up and looking more dangerous 5 on 5 now, too – although confidence may have as much to do with that as coaching.
    What about Callahan holding his ground vs the D man on the PP goal? Kind of a boxout that lets Stepan’s pass get thru to Richards. Really a beautiful effort by that whole unit.

  15. Sather Must Go! on

    nice review. i have to admit that dom moore, the signing i hated, is a better player than i orig thht and actually gave a nice push after soneone was messing with zucc..- but, it stillwould be a plus to have a couple guys in the bot six frwds or bottom 3 dmen that will drop yhe gloves… the sens were still taken runs thru the games at nash, strahlman, zucc etc

    i wouldnt call carcillo an enforcer.. really more of an agitator.. i do think his presence had had some impact on the team play..

  16. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    Carpy, what can one say? Astute? Wonderful? Creative? On point?

    It’s an addiction that most of us have to wait to see what the Master has to say the next day. Thank you!!

    Great job!

  17. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    Step has been afraid to shoot all year. It has been especially problematic for him on the PP when he’ll chose option A (pass) most every time over option B (shoot).

    That was a darn nice eye and set up for Richards PP goal, let’s not forget.

    Hope the kid learns he has a good, accurate stick, and can shoot more.

    No one on our team has a better smile when things go well :).

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We finally have a 4th line that competes. When #15 comes back what gives? Right now 13, 22, and 28 are playing inspired hockey. The Carcillo hate must abate, don’t be late, seal your fate, what’s the date, is it mate? Thurmond Nate, train Freight, mr. Slate, blanchett cate, kitty crate, Sharon Tate, make me wait, jerry pate….


  19. Kudos to nash for stepping up. He looks much better these days and not what we saw for much of the year.

    Re mcllarth, lets also not forget tarasenko, Schwartz were available at the time and for me, should’ve picked tarasenko. Is mcllrath that much better than noreau?

    Team is on a role and hope they can keep it going against caps

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “up strap me. I’m gonna ******* rip his ******* lungs out of his ******* he is a ****** ***** and I’ll ******* knock his ******* head off”

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – ” open the ******* window, I can’t ******* reach the ******* button. I’ll craw the **** out and ******* pound his ******* brains the **** in. I will stomp on his *******. ***** and then shove them ******* down his ******* throat”

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – ” I’ll kick every ******* one of your ******* ***** and then make you ******* beg before I ******* stop. You will be ******* sorry you ******* ever heard of me. I’ll ******* kill every ******* one of you”

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Remain Calm…I mean, Retain Cam
    1. Contrary to recent success, this team and this style is ill suited for the second season; trading him will not put us over the top.
    2. So-she said…Henk will be coming back from Olympic stretch of high intensity hockey with lots of gameplay, Cam can play to take the load off so Henk doesnt have to play 30 games in a row.
    3. Insurance if Henk gets hurt, regresses again, joins the Zoolander Spring Fashion circuit
    4. we would have THE most important position on the ice secure for at least the next 2 seasons.
    5. Market for quality back up goalies is soft given 3rd round pick for Scrivens
    6. He is the better goalie right now even with Henk playing better, less drama, better rebound control, not afraid to get dirty.
    Retain Calm…

  24. Enjoying another Sunday morning Coffee and Carp. Great road win for the boyce.

    Item #7 is the key to the recent turnaround. Defensively, this the best stretch by far under AV. Who, by the way, had his name pronounced correctly by the announcers for the Hockey Day in Canada feed that I watched since MSG was blacked out here. You’d think Sam and Joe would figure that out by now.

    Great point on the PP, especially on Richards. On the rare occasions that he is set up down low on the right side with that lefthanded shot, he buries one. I’d like to see more of him there.

    Regarding D1 and D2, I am looking forward to the continuation of O for 8 streak Ovie has vs. the Rangers.

  25. Happy Sunday everyone!

    Carp, you really thought that Niel hit was clean? I thought it was dangerous, and then MOORE is the one who gets the penalty? Ridiculous! As a ref, if you’re going to allow Neil to lay that hit, you better let Moore defend himself and not call roughing. Come on!

  26. This team is ill suited for the playoffs? Shut down defense and great goaltending or the softness up front. Need more metal up front.

    Metal militia up front!
    Bow down for exciter.

    On a more short term note the caps will have no clue what hit them tonight.

  27. If you want a definition of ill suited for the postseason, look at tonight’s opponents. Just 14 ROWs and leaky goaltending.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tam is the man, Marshall plan, Girardi Dan, Musial Stan, dessert? Try flan, old spice or ban, Black and Tan, Peter Pan, Charlie chan, I’m on the can


  29. Happy 35th bday to me today. Wife took me to great tasting of diff foods last night. Great red wine. All I want today is 2 pts vs caps.

    Torts definitely is entertaining.

  30. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    Stranger @ 10:27;

    As usual, good points. There MAY be a team out there that needs a first stringer and might be willing to bid him up, thinking Cam’s there answer. If so, his price might be higher, yet, goalies rarely get a pirates chest!!

    Cam’s replacement would likely cost our team more and might not be as solid. So when adding up all the costs, it simply may not be worth it.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You say you will love if I have to go…..someday when I’m lonely wishing you weren’t so far away then I’ll remember things we said today

  32. Matty"ILikeOurNewStyle"Boy on

    And, Stranger, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say. This team may look really good right now. Nice style and all. But with the bump and grind and fight of the first round…good luck!!! Not built for it at all.

    Ottowa played a regular season game last night. True, they don’t have Carkner, but in the first round, they were a different team 2 years ago. Is our team this year built to battle like that???

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “hey Eric, Happy ******* birthday, you ******* piece of ******* ****. I’ll ******* kick your ******* *** all over this ******* blog”

    Happy birthday, my optimistic brutha

  34. Really Carp, exploding the forearms into the face of a crouching player is a clean hit? The rules governing head shots are not intended for players to look for ways around them and not get caught, it’s to make them stop.

    That hit puts an already concussed player out of commission.

    I judge it in two ways: did the offender know it was his head, and did he do it anyway. It wasn’t a case of Neil not being able to hold himself up.

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    snation – 2 great nates….thurmond and archibald…..almost went with thurmond strom…


  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dave maloney said weeks ago that the rangers needed to rally around each other come scrum time…and that’s what they have been doing….they are fighting for each other and finally manning up…no more leaving their mates out to hang in the breeze flying solo

    just a little of that human touch….

  37. Did anyone catch this quote from Tostitos regarding the CAL-VAN opening faceoff brawl last night?

    “They started their goon squad over there,” said Sestito, who leads the NHL with 167 penalty minutes in 47 games. “I just don’t think we’re going to be backing down from guys.

    “Torts told us they were starting their idiots over there so we had to match that,” Sestito said.

    At least he embraces the fact that he’s an idiot!

  38. Aside for the playoffs last year, and the time he spent coming back from concussions (which also happened before the playoffs last year), Nash has been all you could have expected.

    Let’s hope he stays healthy and see what happens in the playoffs this year.

  39. Regarding #8 – It’s a shame that the pansification of the NHL has eliminated the enforcer’s role. I used to love Joey Kocur and the presence he had out on the ice. Always felt he was respectful of the game, and that he was so feared, that a simple “knock it off” from him generally stopped the nonsense on the ice. Also, who remembers when he ripped that shot THROUGH the netting!

  40. Agree on the Neil hit, and if Moore is a few inches closer to the boards, he could break his neck.

  41. E3, noticed the same thing with the scrums. Coincidence or not, they’ve been better as a group since Carcillo has been here.

  42. watching John Taveres play, I have noticed that he only plays hard on offence. he is completely disinterested on D. star player my ass.

  43. The actual quote from Tostito’s is…

    “Torts told us they were starting their idiots over there so we had to match that. Derpity, derpa, derp, uh huh huh huh”

    That whole thing last night was as entertaining as it gets.

  44. Can’t wait to hear what Milberry has to say aboot what Torts did. Maybe he’ll compare it to what he did at the Garden.

    Hawks/Bruins at 12:30 on NBC. Emmy Winning True Professional Doctor Emrick with the call alongside Edzo and Penis.

  45. Hope it’s not one of those games where third stringer Caps goalie plays like a hall of gamer….

    I am cautiously optimistic about how things are going but feel like a bad loss in the coming days could begin the win lose win lose seesaw. Guess I like my cautious optimism sprinkled with more caution….or something like that

  46. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it Stepan-MZA-Staal.

    Honorable mentions to Richards and Talbot. I had Richards firmly placed as the #1 coming out of the first period, but he was quiet for the rest of the game. Talbot wasn’t even on my radar until the third period when he was superb.

    That five on three goal was what I’ve been saying for years. Two quick passes: high to low, across the goal mouth. That’s it! Stop overthinking it. And that wasn’t even executed that well because of how far from the goal Richards was. If Richards moves towards the net while Stepan passes, that’s an easy tap-in as opposed to needing Anderson to get no push moving across the goal.

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    i retract my my post…had gabby played 6 games ago, he would have torn his other ACL, separated his shoulder, and pulled a groin..

  48. All good points by Carp. Re: #8, however, if an opposing ‘tough guy’ takes a nasty run at a skilled player, your (on ice) ‘tough guy’ takes him on and prevents your irate skill player from taking a retaliation penalty and gives you the PP plus the two goons are doing 5 apiece. Understood that Neil was not penalized in this particular situation.

  49. Torts this morning to wife: “You know that $50,000 kitchen renovation you were talking about? Forget it!”

  50. Hartley is a real punk for doing that. Reminds of when DeBore did the same thing at the Garden a few years ago when a hockey broke out after a line brawl.

  51. Thanks for the write-up, Carp — always good, especially when — shiver — life forces one to miss the game itself.

    A quibble on 6), though. To be fair, you yourself have given Richards the business for his PP performance up top. I agree he’s good as the wall pivot, but this year I think he’s been just as good at the blue line. Regardless, his quick puck movement has made a huge difference this year — that and having competent PP coaches — and it will be tough though certainly possible to replace next year.

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is playing well. The entire team is playing responsible, smart hockey. All 4 lines are contributing in every phase….

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stemmer – jake Gibbs behind the plate, Ron Bloomberg at first, and Steve Verbanic/Hamilton in relief…remember the folly floater….

    Holy cow

  54. The quibble or disagreement is that I like Richards up high, whereas I believe, perhaps unfairly, that you do not.

  55. The real reason Torts went off last night? Because at least right now AV is showing that “the right way to play” can be interpreted differently.

  56. I remember Hamilton striking out Tony Horton from the Indians with the Eephus pitch —- and Horton, God love him, CRAWLED on his hands and knees back to the dugout.

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yankees of the late 60’s and early 70’s – perhaps baseball’s greatest dynasty..

  58. I actually agree with Milbury here…Hartley sends out thugs and Torts responds appropriately…

  59. No, Norm. I have in the past said I’d prefer him at the half wall … but have said repeatedly in the last several weeks that he’s been really, really good on the point and that he deserves a lot of the credit for the PP’s success this season.

  60. Is the theory that, if the visiting team starts the game with 4th line roughnecks, that they’re planning to beat up your first line?

  61. When I was a little kid I sent letters to all the Yankees. Only Bobby Cox and Tom Tresh replied with autographed pictures. I still have them.

  62. Tresh was my first experience with a pro athlete who was so so good for a time — and then mysteriously was so so not good thereafter.

  63. Norm

    Thanks for the link —- in my advanced state (age not wisdom) I had Horton striking out, and I also remembered him crawling for more than the last two feet. But that was a hoot.

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Clete Boyer – most under rated fielding 3rd baseman to play the game….the guy was a magician

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Marchand’s left hand dropped real low on his stick….better control….sick move…

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I had zippo problem with the start of the ranger devils game a couple of years ago and zippo problems with the start of last nights game.
    I thought it was great and very non pansification. Fans loved it too from what I could tell on the tv.

    Love, absolutely love, what bieksa did at the beginning of that fight. Wasn’t prompted by the coach to take the faceoff, he just told the rookie to get out of the faceoff because he knew it was westgarth.

    I would trade pretty much anyone for him.

  67. What memory does to us old farts, Stemmer, is a source of continual amazement (and amusement) to me. Your version, in any event, is better than the real thing — though nice play by Munson!

  68. Except for moving Richie low and putting McD on the ice, methinks the PP’s success is due more to them being allowed individual creativity rather than due to brilliant coaching.

  69. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Norm* – you were cracking me up the other night when you said “A few weeks back I would have started Talbot a few games in a row. Maybe I shouldn’t be the Coach” or something like that. That was great.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are using set plays on the PP…along with their extemporaneous play, it’s looking good….

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    While I liked torts (didn’t love the guy), and as I have said zippo problem with the fights, torts only made the whole thing worse and he acts so innocent which is a bit odd IMHO.

  72. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Talbot seems like a playoff goalie, a guy who isn’t bothered by a lot of traffic in his crease and can take some bumping (obviously).

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Caps moving chimera into top 6 vs rangers…we have nothing to counter him in the top 6 which is part of the overall problem with this team.

    Brooks says we should go after garbut from Dallas, I say roussel!

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank pitches another shutout. THE and Brassard each with a Hattie…

    Rangers 6
    Caps 0

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider would be on the 4th line getting 2 minutes a night. Pyatt would still be on the team on the first line….Hank would have started every game, McD and Girardi averaging 46 minutes per game….

  76. Coos, I must disagree with you (my therapist disagrees with me on this). Torts was the creativity allow-er, no? Go out there and create in their end, boys. Then get back in your end and start blacking shots.

    Seems to me I’m seeing more deliberate play-making this year, most particularly in how they get the puck through the middle and into the zone; and how they work the puck and the bodies once they’re established. Their bad PPs are better this year than last year’s good ones.

  77. From Torts’ own words “We don’t practice offense and we don’t practice PP” …and judging by how many shots this team used to block under Torts, they didn’t practice much defense either.

    So yeah… greatest of the greats!

  78. Norm, your point is well taken. I do believe, however, that McDonuts’ multidimensional talent has made a lot of the difference.

  79. McDonuts, as you call him, is my mid-season MVP. Followed closely by Zucchini and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Neighed. Talbot and The get some consids. as well.

    Missing the McD. toe-drag, though. Gotta pick your spots for that, true, but, still… maybe my head’s been in the fridge at the wrong moments.

  80. I took Okposo off my Totem Pole list once I heard him speak. Intelligent and talented. And, he’s got a 2.8 mil cap hit through ’16.

  81. Doodie – Yummo! Found a primo old steakhouse near the Garden as good as Luger’s, more atmospheric and more convenient, great selection of single malts. Keens, W 36th. Bring thick wallet.

  82. No need for the Torts lovers to argue with the Torts haters. It’s as old as Chelios.

    Either you appreciate what Torts did for this team, or you hate him for dumping Avery and treating the media badly or for some other reason.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Funny to watch Pullout skate – he is fast no doubt, but his ankle cave in like some Random Dad on a weekend skate with his kid.

    Torts stifled their creativity by reinforcing defensive play at the expense of offensive play. What gets managed/recognized, gets done.

    PP Personnel; McD (complete package this season), Brassard (wizard on the puck handling in tight spots), Zucc (great hands/vision/hustle), and an in-shape/motivated Richards (last year he was out of sync to be kind) and Pullout (playing in the dirty area very well)
    All of the sudden you have your first line as your 2nd PP unit – not too many teams do that…

  84. Stranger Nation on

    Coos -= Keens has been an old standby for years – clay pipes, lamb chops and some every cut of beef one could want.
    Great Old NY spot

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts has more skill than he did with the rangers and yet their offense is heading south faster than a KKK grand wizard…..

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tom Brady is prettier than Duguay. Those two in the same room and heads would explode

  87. How is it possible to *hate* Tom Brady!?

    Peyton was amazing to me until I found out he owns a bunch of Papa Johns.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tom Brady has a winning smile. Tom cruise is my choice to play him when the movie comes out

  89. ORR

    You think the only reason I dislike Torts is for what he did to Avery? You’re more delusional than i thought lol

    _appreciate what Torts did for this team_

    THIS is why I dislike Torts the most… for a coach, who was fired TWICE by the same organization, he somehow gets hailed for a pretty mediocre job he did while he was here. I don’t get it…sorry.

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    I hate Tom Brady, Bellicheck the cheater, and everything about the Patriots organ-eye-zation. Go Broncos!

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – sorry I have to disagree. When we won the cup 2011-2012, that was the greatest coaching ever done

  92. CCCP: you have definitely had it out for Tort for a whole. And you love Avery. So ORR’s opinion makes sense.

    Also, saying Tort wasn’t successful here is silly.

  93. Why would anyone hate Torts for any other reason than Avery’s treatment?

    We didn’t win the Cup, sadly, but they came close, they made a little noise in the playoffs last year. Beat a damn good Caps team. Lost to one of the best in the league after that. The team was competitive. Respectable.

    I mean, c’mon. It all revolves around Avery. For once I wish all these fans would just admit it, cause there’s literally no other reason for a fan to not like this guy.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – up 3 games to 1 vs the caps….he has a hissy fit, gets suspended, rangers lose in 7. That was enough for me. He effed that series up big time…

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts never established a pp and a result the rangers were hampered in every series they played….needing 7 games for Ottawa? Washington? Against Holtby? Pathetic.

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – I thnk that ranger team was good team and had Babcock been the coach, they beat NJ

  97. I’m with ORR. He went to the ECF. Let me know when the team gets back there or when the team was last there

  98. It’s ALL about Avery with you guys. You both adore Mr. Sean Waivery. So……….. I can’t think of another reason.

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny -ECF?? some people call that settling. Sorry, but my hopes are a bit higher.

    Metal sux

  100. They could have missed the playoffs in every year except 11-12, and I’d still have respect for him for that one year, and not a bad word to say.

    Best year to be a Rangers fan in the longest time. But lets find *any* reason to hate the guy.

  101. _I’m with ORR_


    Yes…it is all about Avery! Torts threw him out for being a clown and yet turned out to be the biggest clown of all!


  102. Torts also helped the organization. Actually develop players. The whole organization is better off

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lets see how long Firedellla lasts in Vancouver. Then we will see who’s unemployed…

    Delusional Torts lovers are ok people, just misguided

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Teams have interest in torts? One did….it won’t last long.

    Let’s welcome back to the studio John Firedella.

  105. _They could have missed the playoffs in every year except 11-12, and I’d still have respect for him for that one year, and not a bad word to say._

    For that one year? What if that one year never happened? Would you still love Torts? And what about all the years before that one year? Were you in love with Torts then?

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts is an unhappy person. He probably got into a fight 10 minutes after his team won its cup.

  107. CC, I was always a Torts fan. I don’t know who else was available, or rumored to be in the running to replace Renney, but I wanted him above all else.

    Even if that year didn’t happen, and it was quick in and outs in the playoffs, like Manny mentioned, he helped the organization, developed players. He helped. You can’t possibly deny that?

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – no surprise there. Torts will never see an Olympic team again unless it’s on TV.

  109. I liked Torts in the beginning and was excited when he replaced Renney…but then I lost interest in him as a coach after it was obvious that it was all aboot him and not the team… and Torts’ teams were boring to watch!

    Who did he develop? Hank? Girardi? Stawhl? Maybe Dubinsky (which isnt sayin’ much at all) Callahan? As i remember Cally gave a lot of credit to Drury for becoming a player he is right now.

    Kreider? Zucc? LOL

  110. Mcdonut is a stud and would be a stud w/o Torts…he is just one of those players.

    Step? Maybe… who else? c’mon! Who else?

  111. Carp, do you know if it’s true that the Rangers are “taking calls” on Cally? And that “the right offer could make him available”…i read an article somewhere today, wish I had the link, that Sather has told teams he’s willing to listen because they dont feel he’ll be worth what he’ll be offered as a UFA…u know anything?

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts developed Hank’s puck handling skills.

    Delusional torts lovers < Delusional Barry manilow lovers

  113. Torts did so many good things for the organization. He changed the culture from a free-agent haven to an organization that develops youth and develops an identity. It’s not about “loving him”. He gave the Rangers a reputation as a tough team to play against. It’s about admitting he’s been the best Ranger coach in your lifetime. I personally think he’s a better coach than Iron Mike.

  114. At first I was excited about Torts hiring. The pp wasn’t very good under Renney and Torts promised a more uptempo style.

    I liked that he had some bite to him. However, he was a hypocrite when he talked about doing things the right way and being professional, yet he gets himself tossed from a playoff game by trying to attack a fan in the stands.

    I’m glad we got to the ECF in 2012, but playing every series to a seventh game was a huge problem. His style became defend defend defend and unfortunately it wore out the guys.

    Throw in his constant unprofessional behavior with the media, and I think his act grew stale with everyone from players to management to fans.

  115. a discussion about two guys who are no longer here. just for fun i would like to give my 2 cents.
    when the Ranger trade for Avery the first time, the team was floundering. he was a huge reason that team turned it around and made the playoffs. his first time with the Rangers he was a very important part of the team. then he took the money and ran. Avery was lucky that Sather was there to extend his career 2 more yrs. and how did he repay him? he acted like a clown.
    Torts had run his course with the Rangers. it was time for him to leave. he changed the culture of the team, but I would argue that he was out coached in the ECF against the Devs.
    I think the Rangers were better for having both of them, and better now that they have left.

  116. I’m pro Torts before he got here, while he was here, and while he is in the doghouse with the uppity upps. Good for NY and good for the game

  117. Avery was the defacto leader of this team, and, with Cally, the embodiment of its spirit and fire and competitiveness, and Torts treated him like a leper colony reject, because, as a leader, Avery could not always be controlled on a short lease, and Torts was and still is, I presume, a raging control freak.

    I’m sorry to disagree with your assessment of Torts, especially as I, too, was excited when Torts came here, and I was really excited what the Fat Man with the big cigar checked in, and I could not have been more wrong about both of them.

    At least the team now has a coach they seem to be comfortable playing for, and we are seeing what good morale can do for these athletes who, collectively, are playing at a level over and above their individual talents.

  118. The 5′ 7″ “Underpaid” #36 – also known as Mats Zuccarello is on the roll!

    Sather: Give this guy a new long-term contract worth 4,5-5M per year. Thats what he deserve. His NYR’s best skilled player as well.

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