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  1. Ovechkin is one of those ogresome characters who comes up from the basement of a candlelit, lonely castle on a dark, rainy evening where the bridge is washed out and you have to stay the night.

  2. I don’t like either the Seahawks or the 49ers. What am I supposed to do? Can we drop the puck already?

  3. I think I agree, Eddie.

    Can anyone really say that enforcers don’t keep the peace in the NHL after watching Brian McGrattan’s performance in the hallway?

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    I hate the Niners. I hate the Seahawks. I kind of like Russell Wilson. So go Seahawks I guess. You can be the team I root for to lose to the Broncos.

    To get you all ready for the important game, here’s Ovechkin washing his dog: http://i.imgur.com/9psbC.gif

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