Rangers 4, Senators 1 … post-game notes


Post-game notes courtesy of the NYR:

Rangers 4, Senators 1.

Click here for boxscore.

Team notes:

–        The Rangers defeated the Ottawa Senators, 4-1, today at Canadian Tire Centre, to begin a back-to-back set. The Blueshirts notched four unanswered goals, while Cam Talbot made 29 saves in the win. New York has now won eight of their last 11 games (8-2-1), and five of their last six.

–        The Blueshirts improved to 26-21-3 overall (55 pts), including a 15-10-0 mark on the road this season. The Rangers have registered a point in seven of the last eight games (6-1-1) and 13 of their last 17 (11-4-2).

–        New York has won five of their last six games away from Madison Square Garden, including each of the last three contests on the road. The Blueshirts lead the Eastern Conference and are tied for second in the league overall with 15 road wins.

–        The Blueshirts have allowed two goals or fewer in each of their last six games, seven of their last eight games, and eight of their last 10 games.

–        The Rangers have won seven of their last 10 games at Ottawa, and have points in nine of their last 12 on the road against the Senators (8-3-1).

–        The Rangers power play was 1-4 (6:00) in the contest. New York has notched a power play goal in six of the last eight games (7-26, 26.9%) and 11 of the last 16 (15-56, 26.8%).

–        The Blueshirts penalty kill was 2-2 (2:25) in the contest, and have now held opponents scoreless on the power play in each of the last two games (4-4 over the span).

–        The Rangers out-shot the Senators, 31-30, including a 25-14 advantage after two periods. The Blueshirts have out-shot their opponent in 15 of the last 19 games, holding a 672-560 shot advantage over their opponents during the stretch. The Rangers have registered 30 or more shots in 19 of the last 23 contests.

Player notes:

–        Derek Stepan registered his 30th point of the season with a goal and two assists, and registered four shots, three hits, and a plus-two rating in 17:51 of ice time. He has now reached the 30-point mark in each of his four NHL seasons.

–        Cam Talbot made 29 saves to record his 10th career win, and improve to 10-3-0 overall with a 7-2-0 mark on the road this season. He has held opponents to two goals or fewer in 11 of his 13 career NHL starts, including eight of nine road starts. Talbot is the first Rangers goalie other than Henrik Lundqvist to defeat the Senators since Jussi Markkanen (23 saves) on Nov. 23, 2003 at Madison Square Garden (6-2).

–        Rick Nash notched a goal, a game-high, six shots, and posted a plus-two rating in 17:26 of ice time. He has registered five goals in the last seven contests, and 23 shots in the last four games. Nash has scored a goal in four of his last five contests against the Senators (four goals during the stretch).

–        Brad Richards tallied a goal, five shots, and two blocked shots in 20:09 of ice time. He has tallied nine points (four goals, five assists) in the last eight games, and is now tied for the Rangers lead with 13 goals this season.

–        Mats Zuccarello registered an unassisted goal and was credited with three hits in 14:27 of ice time. He has registered a point in five of the last six games (three goals, two assists over the span), including a goal in each of the last two games, and has 10 points (five goals, five assists) in the last 11 games. Zuccarello is now tied for the team lead with 13 goals this season.

–        Ryan McDonagh tallied an assist, was credited with two blocked shots, and posted a plus-two rating in 22:50 of ice time. He has recorded eight points (one goal, seven assists) in the last 14 games, and is now tied for fourth on the team with 27 points this season.

–        Benoit Pouliot led all skaters with a season-high, six hits, while Dan Girardi registered four hits in a team-high, 23:36 of ice time.

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  1. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I would probably do it, Stranger. I usually get overly sentimental about my own players but we could us a D-Man like him.

  2. if Talbot is an UFA after the season, you have to seriously consider trading him at the deadline. he has made himself a lot of money with his play this year. somebody is going to pay him.

  3. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Judging by what Scrivens and Dubnyk got I don’t think there’s a real market for backup goaltenders. I’m not trading Talbot for a 3rd round pick.

  4. They really played a good game.
    Cam is pretty steady, they got some bounces and made a hot Ottawa team look not so hot.

    I haven’t been so relaxed in a third period in awhile.

  5. thats just it Manny, you are looking at him as a back up. somebody is going to pay him as a starter. you look to a non playoff team that needs goaltending. Talbot has a lot more value than either one of those guys.

  6. Words from my mouth, Manny. Talbot’s value as a trading chip at the deadline would be minimal.

  7. bull dog

    I don’t think so, based on such a small sample size. And there is no way to assess how he would perform if suddenly thrust into a starting role. He has been money, no question. But I don’t think he turns into a huge
    lever for the NYR to work in March.

  8. Sorry boys but I’m with bulldog about this one. I said it over a week ago, with Hank signed and Quality Starting goaltending being expensive in this league, there may be a team that thinks he can be a clear cut no 1. if that’s the case he could very well be our best trade bait

  9. Good evening all! Missed the prior chat, so forgive me…are we talking about losing Talbot???? Aristophenes…


  10. And what about next year? They are cap stretched next year. They just released 2 goalies from Hartford. He makes minimum salary.

  11. And I have to call a few of yous out. Because as recently as two weeks ago some people were acting like he was the savior of the team and had stolen a starting job from one of the best goaltenders in the world. Now someone brings up trading him and it’s “well, he’s not
    Gonna bring much of a return”?

  12. Also, other than Talbot, the Rangers currently don’t have any goalies in the system that’s anywhere close to being capable of not embarrassing themselves in the NHL. Before the trade deadline I can see Sather acquiring a back up goalie, ideally a goaltender whom could play in Hartford and be recalled if there’s an injury.

  13. So now a team w a franchise goalie who just signed for the duration of his career and is in need of a top 6 forward and a dman should worry more about the stability of the back up goaltending position for the next two years?

  14. Talbot should be splitting time in goal with Hank, given the fact that he has a lower G.A.A. and a higher save percentage, at least until that changes. If it hasn’t changed a year from now, trade Hank, it says here. Montreal is always “open to suggestion.”

  15. It’s the combination of competence and lowest possible salary that makes talbot valuable.

  16. Got home after the game, watched the highlights without knowing the outcome (tricky, you have to blur your eyes) and if you go just by those, looks like Stepan finally got the memo. He may even get a shift or two in the Olympics if he keeps this up!

    And best backup goalie in the league, or what?

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Lov ethe way Calm deflects shots to corner and comes out ‘big’ on his knees to challenge shooters on doorstep.
    The bump between periods was the clincher.
    No Drama….all is Calm…

  18. Keep Calm! We need a backup and he’s got it! He could be #1 for a lot of teams out there!

  19. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _So now a team w a franchise goalie who just signed for the duration of his career and is in need of a top 6 forward and a dman should worry more about the stability of the back up goaltending position for the next two years?_

    This is precisely correct. The Rangers should try to move Talbot at this deadline and in the offseason for a quality return.

  20. Looks like we’ve been a valuable 50 game training camp for Step’s upcoming Olympic success. yuk, yuk.

  21. OK, as I said, am late to discussion, but trading Talbot should be ridiculous …. Prust saying….LGR!

  22. Why ridiculous? What’s so important about him? He’s having a great year while Lundqvist has had legit struggles for the first time in his career. Do you really think Lundqvist is going anywhere? Or that there’s a 1/1a thing that’s going to become the teams strategy and that would benefit them more than an upgrade somewhere else?

    Everyone wants to talk about trade Lundqvist trade Cally trade Staal trade Girardi trade Stepan..but the idea of trading Talbot is completely insane?

  23. Someone do me a favor and tell me the names of the back up goalies for the last 5 Cup champs without looking it up. Then tell me how they were an integral part of the playoff run as compared to top 3 forwards or top 4 dmen.

  24. Cam’s making 550 this year and has a sweet little $25,000 raise built into next year to go to 575. :) If he continues playing like a champ, when he becomes a UFA, doubt he wants to sit behind Henrik for another 5 years if he could start elsewhere. Lots of decisions all around.

  25. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    James G,
    Your entire posts are precisely correct.

  26. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Does the agreement with others violate the terms of service? (;

  27. I do wonder, though, how many GMs are willing to part with something of value for a backup goalie with 12-14 games of NHL experience, no matter how great those 12-14 games were. Took a while for Bishop and Bobrovsky and even Scrivens to have value, for example.

  28. That’s better than I could have done, Carp.

    Not saying I even want to trade the guy. But most of you argued the majority of the summer than we should/could trade Hank because you don’t need elite goaltending to win a Cup. Now you need him AND a back up/1a?

  29. So true, so true re; Cam’s present trade value. Glennie’s turning 71 this year. Would be very surprised, though, if he has a long term plan, think rather that he will be a buyer to try to win now, if at all possible.

  30. Definitely buyer. They only have four games in February, and after tomorrow only nine games left before the deadline. There’s not a chance they won’t be right smack in the middle of the Leastern playoff race on March 5.

  31. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _how many GMs are willing to part with something of value for a backup goalie with 12-14 games of NHL experience_

    That is a valid question. It is worth it for the Rangers to explore trade opportunities.

  32. If Hank pulled a muscle late, we would be certifiably up turds creek. For that reason alone, I doubt Cam will go anywhere this year at least. No?

  33. just remember when Biron broke his collarbone on the morning of the trade deadline and Lundqvist had to play every game the rest of the way.

  34. I think the Clowe thing, at least temporarily, broke Glennie’s heart and scrambled his visionary eggs.

  35. What a metal effort there today. We were a bunch of Paul baloffs. Senators did the toxic waltz. We were like piranha.

  36. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on


    I do dispense common sense, which seems to be uncommon in these parts (:

  37. Just read through the last 2 hours worth of posts. James G killing it from the logic *prospective*.

    Disclaimer: Have had some scotch. In laws, ya know?

  38. Lots of other people have, but since I *haven’t* …this place is, by far, the best place to get accurate, insightful, and most importantly, some ballsy commentary aboot the NYR. You sir, are soooo *metal*!!!

  39. John Cheever said, of numerous writers he knew, that he could detect the ‘sound’ of gin on the printed page. :)

  40. :) I think more people know of the ‘Chekhov of the Suburbs’ from Seinfeld than from Knopf/Doubleday.

  41. ‘Schmucks with Underwoods.’ – Jack Warner on his writers :) Anyone remember what an Underwood is? :)

  42. eddie went to the beach. Imagine those long knobby knees sticking out of a pair of Tommy Bahamas? Ain’t pretty.

  43. “Fear tastes like a rusty knife, and do not let her into your house.
    Courage tastes of blood.
    Stand up straight.
    Admire the world.
    Relish the love of a gentle woman.
    Trust in the Lord.”
    –John Cheever, “The Wapshot Chronicle

  44. @rangersreport

    Only in Philly could they sign their goalie to an extension and have him yanked from the game that night.

  45. ‘Whatta you do?”

    “I’m a goalie.”

    “Goalie? What the hell’s a goalie?

    “I’m an athlete. I protect the net.”

    “You protect what? You better get yourself a job, pal.”

  46. just listened to islanders capuana interviewed on
    nhl network
    when his coaching career ends he need to go into the radio booth

  47. btw Carp
    the only thing better than today’s Rangers WIN?
    the pasta sauce (gravy)
    jpg’s mom
    made today!!!

    (i think i ended up dipping a loaf of bread in the pot on the stove. it gets my blessing (and then some)!)

  48. Torts
    just redid the beginning of the nj-NYR
    with fights happening all over the place
    at the drop of the puck
    in first period

  49. Carp
    you should be!

    only bad thing was i just came from
    dinner with mrs. jpg
    so i was only able to do only a small amount of
    bread and sauce (gravy) love

  50. btw
    since we have this discussion
    can someone explain
    why we call it sauce
    and youse call it gravy?

    what do you call the liquid you pour over your
    turkey and mashed potatoes
    ’cause we call that gravy?

  51. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Couldn’t agree more with your 7:40 post. Had he stayed healthy, clowe would have filled a couple of holes on this roster.

  52. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would trade hank before I traded talbot, mainly because I am not a fan of 8.5 million dollar goalies.

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I wonder if we could get jvr from the leafs for step?

    Lmao @ d Moops tweets about the Ottawa showers!

  54. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It always amuses me to see a torts team “goon” it up as much as he whined about other teams doing that when he was here with the rangers

  55. now
    there was almost a fight in the flames’ hallway
    when the team was heading to their locker room.
    they said Torts was there but it looked more like
    Sullivan and another staffer

  56. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg – my red sauce is uber really a lot super thick. Gravy or red sauce, but never just gravy….

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Funny part on the link I posted when the announcer is talking to pj stock between the benches towards the end of the clip

  58. I hope people are watching this..

    Torts is out on the bench for the second period…. no teams…. just Torts

  59. did you guys also see the goal they allowed in Detroit … puck about 15 feet over the net, hit the screen, came back and bounced in off the goalie. No officials saw it. Not reviewable.

    Bettman must be so proud of this league.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – in the Detroit game, Babcock, after seeing that play, was furiously scribbling away as Det pulled their G and were on a PP. Horrible call and if it winds up affecting a playoff spot – not good.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Didn’t see it but Tam shouldered Conacher at the end of the second as he was pissed about being run earlier…

  62. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Torts is going to end up bussing tables in a pizza shop in CT if he isn’t careful.

  63. a good day —
    jpg’s mom’s sauce (gravy)
    Rangers win
    Cooke get just a small taste of just desserts
    Torts Goes Wild!!
    St. Louis Hat Trick+

  64. btw Carp
    i hope you’re holding off
    THE kissing Calm pic
    for the review

    with Center Ice i was stuck w/ senators broadcast which kept cutting away and i missed the THE Kiss

  65. i think after this skills competition
    they should let
    Torts and Hartley go at it
    mano a mano
    at center ice
    winner is assured a playoff spot
    (for today)

  66. Instead of the shootout, it would be so much better if Hartley and Torts duked it out to decide the winner of the game…that would be more honorable than damn shootout!

  67. great mind yerself NYR_FAN

    that’s it.
    outta here.
    off to bed
    and dreams of sauce (gravy)

    we talk different in Ohio

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Someone must go a poster of Duguay from 78-79 season, streaking down the right wing,,,,hair blowing in the garden air…

  69. someone needs to find a way to add some inches to Tortorella because he is seriously a clown

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