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1) Wow. I’ve seen a fair number of 0-0 games, or games that were 0-0 late, but not many of them had the tempo that game had. Some pace. I thought it was a great 5-on-5 game for Rangers. Detroit was better on special teams, but hey, the Rangers have been looking for better even-strength play and they’re getting it now.Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers

2) I Seem to remember a game not long ago, maybe in 2011-12, between Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Brodeur — yes, against the Devils, somehow — where there were like 90 shots and it was scoreless into OT or a shootout, even. Anybody got a little help there?

3) I was talking to Andrew Gross between the second and third about how the great games to watch are often the worst games to write about. This was one. You have all this action, but no goals to describe, and right up until the end, almost, you have no idea who’s going to win it. So you’re basically filling space with saves and missed chances until somebody scores, and hoping somebody does before your deadline. Most of us have to write “running” stories, which means done at the buzzer or within moments of the buzzer. So these — or any game decided late or in OT or a shootout — aren’t easy in that regard, either.

4) Henrik Lundqvist. I guess it’s safe to say the King is back? I mean, Jimmy Howard was unbelievable, and Howard faced more rubber, but Lundqvist was just a wall in this game, and had to make some critical saves late. And it’s not like he had the night off because of all the Rangers’ chances. He had 38 saves!Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers

5) Howard beats Bishop. I thought Howard was actually better in this game than Ben Bishop was two nights earlier. Whatever. The point is, these last two games the Rangers really have run into spectacular goaltending, not just hit-the-backup-in-the-logo games. They created a ton of really great chances in both games. And, of course, Howard beat out Bishop for the spot on Team USA.

6) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Rick Nash’s game is just so much better than it was earlier, even as recently as a couple of weeks ago. He’s found his speed again, going to areas to score goals, not gliding around the perimeter. And, hey, Nash got a call. It seems to me that, among NHL stars, nobody gets fewer calls when fouled driving to the net than Nash.

7) He and Kreider were dominant throughout, I thought. And their center, Derek Stepan, was a lot more involved, too. Thought it was one of Stepan’s better games, actually. Kreider stood up for Dan Girardi against Justin Abdelkader. He also took a penalty, and he’s been doing that lately. But I think the edge in Kreider’s game will serve him well. He needs to learn to not take the hook/trip type penalties. I think you live with any penalties of aggression.Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers

8) Sure might have been a different game with Pavel Datsyuk in there. The Wings have been banged up all year. Still very dangerous. Still lots of skill. Still play a style that built a pile of Cups — with a lot of obstruction. Still one of the best teams in the Least. And may not make it.

9) It must be so weird for Dominic Moore to play against Todd Bertuzzi after what happened between Bertuzzi and his brother Steve.

10) Once again, an opponent’s No. 1 line goes up against Dan Girardi and Ryan McMonster, and once again it leaves with three goose eggs. McDonagh was just a dominating force in both ends. Again. Also, once again, Marc Staal continues to be so, so much better than he was pre-concussion.

11) To me it makes more sense for the Rangers to wear their traditional jerseys for Original Six games and save the third jerseys for Florida, Calgary, Dallas and Nashville. And I’ve said this forever. I’d love for the Rangers and Red Wings (and Rangers and Canadiens) to both wear their dark jerseys when they play each other. Why not?Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers

12) Here comes the captain. Another big step forward in his game, I thought. Really looks like Ryan Callahan again.

13) I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that, before the season began, the Rangers could have expected to have this type of production from the Zuccarello-Derick Brassard-Benoit Pouliot line. In fact, I don’t know which of the three is the biggest surprise, especially when you consider two of the three were benched early in the season, and we here were talking about how Zuccarello’s not an NHL player and Pouliot was another wasted free agent signing. The way they’re going, and with the other two lines picking it up, the Rangers are dangerous. They really are.

14) And yet, two games, two goals.

My Three Rangers Stars:Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Derick Brassard.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. tie, Ryan Callahan and Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. Brassard… I kind of expected him to continue at last years pace… he is pretty skilled.

    Zuccarello… he is a different player this year… never saw that last year. he is awesome.

    Poulliot…who knows… he is hitting people… winning battles and he has a lot of puck skill…. keep riding it.

  2. 2 games, 2 goals – but really, have you noticed how opposition goalies relish the Broadway stage?
    The Worlds Most Famous Arena really does inspire the opposition sometimes.

  3. Good win! All wins are good but this game was the kind of game that, dare I say it, good teams win.

    Good review Carp. I think Zucc is my biggest surprise. Even earlier this season I was thinking that this guy doesn’t belong but what a change in his game. The puck seems glued to his stick and a good part of the offense flows through his play.

    3 and 1 on this home stand is satisfying, even Eric may have cracked a smile.

  4. Interesting how so many here had trepidation about the Rangers having to play Detroit more often, with the divisional realignment. Your team should feel confident when it comes to playing anybody and everybody. Not run scared from big reputation teams like Detroit.

    The Rangers and every other team in professional sports, raise their bar of performance when they play a respected team and organization. You can see the upgrade in discipline and team-oriented cohesion. Plus a win like this is a real confidence-builder. A lot more than whacking the Buffalo’s of the world, 5-2, or something, which proves next to nothing. This Detroit win means a lot to this team, going forward.

  5. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it the same as Kenny Albert, and that was before MZA scored the game winner. He was great.

    Carp I know the Devils game you’re talking about. I think it was a little further back than you’re thinking though. Like 09-10.

  6. As alway’s Carp, great review for a great game.
    On your last point, Zuccarello. The guy has been great. I seem to think
    the NHL game took a while for him to get used to, but he hits, plays larger than his Hobbit stature, and is simply a fantastic playmaker. I love when he gets the puck in the offensive zone. He’s a really fun player to watch, and for a guy his size he really goes into the corners fearlessly.

  7. Thanks for another great writeup, Carp…interesting facet of writing about close games, which I had not thought about until you write about it. Good team effort, but they missed a lot of opportunities that should have been goals, despite great goaltending. Still has me worried about their finishing. As you note, only 2 goals past 2 games, team high scorer has only 12. Nice to go to bed knowing they eeked it out in the 3rd. Maybe I’ll venture out of the hibernation den today.

  8. Nice to see some of the injured players come back and play closer to their real self…don’t understand why others expect them to skate back into their pre-injury form right away…including Cally, Staal and Gnash. Encore!

  9. Pouilot threw the body…..who knew? Hank finally looked calmer, I’m thanking the young girl who served him a de-caff Starbucks on the way into the game. No more high test for him!

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Wow – what a game! Lots of contact away from puck by Red Wings not called. Stripes definitely let them play.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Staal has really stabilized the D with his play. Best we have seen him in two years.

  12. Not worried about the goals they are consistently generating quality scoring chances and have run into some good goalies

  13. Carp, great writeup and review.
    Regarding #2, I believe you are thinking of a Ranger-Islander game in 2007. The game was in Madison Square Garden on a Sunday afternoon on national TV with Emrick announcing. The score was 1-0 Islanders until early in the 3rd when Prucha tied it up. Game stayed 1-1 and was won by the Rangers in a shootout.
    DiPietro was the Icelander goalie and there was one stretch when the Rangers kept the puck in the Icelander end for a full 2-3 minutes even changing lines during that stretch. The Rangers had almost 60 shots that game and the Icelanders added 30 or so. The pace was frenetic, and the Garden crowd was
    so loud that they drowned out Emrick at times.

    It was one of the very best games I have ever seen. At one point, DiPietro was spinning like a top in the goalie crease.
    Is that the game you are referencing?

  14. Good job Hank. ‘Gers need to work on finishing. Stepan is looking timid and reaching a lot. Still waiting for him to step it up.

  15. My first thought upon seeing The Kreider stand up for Girardi? “Say hello to the next Captain of this team”. If the kid isn’t wearing an A in a couple of years, I’ll be shocked.

  16. Another great game for the Italian-Norwegian. He really is a threat every time he gets the puck in the offensive zone.

    Also, again, love the energy of the 4th line and the way AV trusts them. BTW, anyone notice that Vancouver has the 23rd ranked PP this year??

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Wonder why when the Step line gets pinned in their own zone, Nash and THE get all the blame…hmmm….usually it is the center who is down low supporting the D

  18. Stranger Nation on

    One thought re PP play; NYR v Van. AV is very loose and wants the team to play up tempo and take smart chances. Torts was very intense and wanted the team to play low risk, low reward hockey.
    This style may translate to the PP where the players cannot transition easily from one style 5v5 to another on PP.
    Last time I looked, Vancouver had some top line skill, right?

  19. All I could think of was, a month ago, they lose this kind of game.

    Shows how this team rides Hank. When he’s on, the team as a whole plays much better.

    That said, I have been saying all season, that it’s going to take half the year to get used to AV’s new system. First the PP clicked and now 5×5 is going on all cylinders. We have three strong scoring lines which means that the opposition can’t just check one line and hope to stop us, and the 4th line is really effective now, they keep the puck in the offensive zone more often than not. I hate to admit it but that piece of Carillo has been fine and he actually has a bit of skill.

    They have to finish…yeah, but it’s not like they were taking bad shots. Howard and Bishop were really pretty great, making a lot of saves on what should have been goals. Keep putting up 40 shots a night and the goals will come.

    And Zuc…I remember when you’d put the puck in the corner and Zuc would go in after it and he’d get knocked off the puck pretty easy. Now? He looks so different. I wonder if he’s done some upper body strength training, or balance training, because he looks SO strong on the puck now..and he can really create.

    This is so much more fun to watch than Torts style. Hopefully they remain on the roll because it could be a fun playoff run.

  20. Bertuzzi should have been kicked out of the league for what he did to Steve Moore. Dead to me.

  21. Carp:

    The game you are referring to Hank against Brodeur was several years ago and Brendan Shanahan scored in OT a 1-0 game.

    I remember it because it was my youngest nephew’s 1st hockey game, which he loved.

  22. Bertuzzi, Burke, Crawford and Brad May – all guilty of inciting, sanctioning and delivering the blow that ended an NHL career and permanently altered Steve Moore’s life.
    None of them should be allowed on the ice or near to any NHL team.
    I hope the hearing in September finally ends the saga and compensates Steve Moore properly.

  23. I’ve been wondering what kind of contract Zucc is going to get off this year. 3 years 9 million seems about right to me. Would he sign that deal? If he ends up leading this team in points, he would have the right to demand a bit more.

  24. The Devils an almost impossible 1 for 25 in shootout attempts.

    I guess the results are not just random.

  25. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Well, Zucc has been pretty much a *borderline* NHL player for the last *3* seasons. The team has sent him to the *KHL* before. So I don’t think the team is going to toss him *$3M* I really think he gets a *Hagelin* level contract just south of $2M/Per and maybe 2-3 years.

    Thoughts ündèrlings?

  26. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Amen Headzo. What *Bertuzzi* did, although injuring someone and *ruining* their life forever, was *anti-metal*. That was pathetic and awful and I can’t *believe* that *Bertuzzi* is still playing hockey.

  27. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I’m *personally* happy that the *Rangers* will keep Dan “The Man” *Girardi*

  28. I think Zucc has been *slapped* around by Sather a few times now and finally has some *leverage* on his side. If he would sign for *less* than 3 mill per, then he is ever cooler than I thought.

  29. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Well, *Zucc* is a *Viking* from Norway so he probably makes a lot of *Money* on the side with his *Pillaging*

  30. _I’m personally happy that the Rangers will keep Dan “The Man” Girardi_

    Manny, do you *know* something that we *don’t*?

  31. Good morning *Metalheads*!

    Wow, what a game! That was a true-blue goaltending dual. While I was happy Zucc scored, I almost kinda felt bad for Howard. What a stupid goal to let in.

    Carp, *cannot* agree more with point #11. Why not have red vs. blue?! It would be beautiful, and hey, they did it in the Winter Money-Grab Classic.

    Surprised you didn’t mentioned *Ted Lindsay* here. Nice he got a standing O.

    Will *Mr. Maloney* be joining us at noon?

    Finally, *Marty Biron* retweeted me last night, so I’m quite happy and pretty much a big deal at this point.

  32. Has anyone noticed that Hank doesn’t seem to be glued between the pipes as much. He moves out of the crease on some plays, and in general, seems to be more mobile in defending the net. His game has improved as his style of play has changed.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    _remember when you’d put the puck in the corner and Zuc would go in after it and he’d get knocked off the puck pretty easy_

    100% – first 6 games of the year he was getting slapped around on the wall and knocked down repeatedly. Got sat down, and someone must have told him to man up, because he has in a big way.

    Got to get to the nasty areas to stay in this league unless you are Wilburrrr!

  34. Carp – thanks for another great review. The best around, period.

    (THE) Kreider is really coming into his own – great point about penalties of aggression. He’s one of the few guys opponents really need to watch out for. Do you think he gets OT ice time if Zucc’s miracle didn’t happen?

    Maybe a Richards buyout makes it impossible for AV to leave Kreider on the bench in those situations next year and beyond.

    Thanks again for great review!

  35. Pimp, Booby and Manny… thanks guys. I’m not a heavy metal type but I’m no tin star either.

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but like so many here I was DISGUSTED when Carcillo was brought on board, but… he’s been a good addition to our fourth line. Just like Avery and Dorsett, he’s better when he concentrates on playing, using all his tools, instead of just being a hammer. With AV’s preference to roll four lines most of the time, our boys will be in better shape come PO time.

  36. Jay Riemenscheider on

    Corey Perry gets very few calls, perhaps even moreso than Nash. The other night against the Wings he took a high stick that clearly split his lip open and could only manage 2 minutes from the striped clowns. Just one example of many. Aren’t there rules in this league?

    The Rangers wearing the dark jerseys against Montreal would be real tough–the colors are just too similar. I hated playing against teams like that in my rec leagues, can’t imagine how much more difficult it could be when something tangible was on the line. I think they could probably get away with it against the Bruins though and Detroit i’m on the fence. But yeah, 3rd against Detroit is odd, but in many respects, the third looks more like vintage Rangers than their 1st–which is probably what the team is thinking.

  37. I noticed this last night, and it could have been because he beat a slower player to the puck a few times, but BEN WA is sneaky fast. He doesn’t look quick, but there a points in the game where he seems to take a stride and get to the wall or to a point on the ice much quicker than you would expect him to. Anyone else notice that?

    Great write up Carp, and I agree 100% about Staal. Having him healthy and in the lineup makes a world of difference. Loved seeing THE KREIDER stick up for G. The kid is an absolute force and bring on the aggression. Players are starting to realize the brute strength this kid has and by doing what he is doing now, he is creating “future space” for himself. I am not saying he is creating space like Messier used to with his elbow, but, he is creating “future space” none the less.

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    _And then, the Olympics will come. They will lose all this momentum and continuity_

    Good point, that’s why they need to keep winning and bank a lot of points now!

  39. THE KREIDER has a tattoo across the inside of his eyelids that only he can see when he closes his eyes, and it reads, “Take the shortest distance to the puck and arrive in ill humor.” HAHA

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    I can’t stand looking at games where the teams are both wearing solid colors. It’s pretty much the worst. But it would be more appropriate than wearing non-throwback throwbacks

  41. When THE KReider wakens the beast inside him, he truly is a better player all around.

    He’s going to be fun to watch.

    I can’t wait till Miller & Kristo show up with the same edge in their game.

  42. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Yergs* for Blog PR president! He’s clearly got what it takes!

    Yergs: what’s your Twitter handle?

  43. 666 or something like the Hell Line should really be what we call the third if they’re serious about giving a nickname to a line to contains Benoit GD Pouliot. Don’t jinx it, guys.

    (3*6* – 1*6* – *6*7 … get it?)

  44. As usual, nice review Carp. Thanks.

    Good observation about the Wings obstruction. It is often subtle, but there is a lot of it. They interfere just enough to throw off the attacking team, but not enough for it to be called. It’s an art really. Almost like Louisville and VCU fouling on every hoop possession so that half of the fouls don’t get called.

    As I wrote during the game, Mark Staal was very good, as were all the D-Men. Some, obviously better than others.

    THE needs to keep throwing his wait around and practicing what he learns at The Dan Carcillo School of Face Washing.

    Nash looks like he is almost all the way back. So, was he gliding around and staying out of the dirty areas because his noggin was still not right? If so, how was he allowed to play like that? Or, was it just a mental thing that he needed to overcome? Or, was he just playing like a lazy, Euro-Pansy (I know he’s Canadien) that needed a kick in his Ashen by AV? Hopefully the Olympics will not set him and the team back.

    Hank looks great! Good observation by Bob above. He is coming out of his net more and getting much better angles on the shooters. I would think some credit probably should go to Benoit Alair for that.

    See you all around noon time.

  45. Oh man(ny), I can’t stand the “who are they going to replace _______” with logic. An aging player is not necessarily a replacement for his former self.

  46. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Wowzers, Yergs. That’s pretty awesome. What a weird bounce.

    The Doctor: Girardi is a damn good player. He dropped *25* solid minutes last night. My point is more of, “sure *Girardi* will get a few extra bucks but there is not replacement out there for a similar cost.” I can list *29* teams that would love to have Girardi

  47. I watched the end of the Devils/Avs game last night, and man, I want O’Reilly on our team. I wonder what it would take to get him. He is a free agent as season’s end and I am sure he will want a decent chunk of change. I wonder if they will try and move him at the deadline? I know things got ugly with him and the Avs the last time around.

  48. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp. May have been a tough game to review, but it was one of the better games to watch. Real hockey. Played well by both teams. I think I’d say the same even if they lost 1-0. It’s been a long time since you see this team deploy 4 lines and think that each line can do something each time.

    666 line was their second best last night even though they scored a GWG. I think Pouliot is the biggest surprise there. His best season was the one he played for Boston, but I think he looks much more involved this year. Could be his linemates, but could also be that he finally realizes it could be his last chance to be a true NHLer. He wants some stability I think.

  49. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Asmodeus* or *Beelzebub* or *Behemoth* or *Lucifer* would all be awesome names to throw in front of the word *LINE*

  50. I can’t decide on Girardi. Last night’s game screamed YES sign him. But we all know we’ve seen the other side a bunch this year too.

    More often than not, i think re-sign.

  51. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I think that *Girardi’s* heart and his *will* to win make him pretty invaluable. That guy will *literally* do anything to win. *Anything*

  52. Manny, I’m referring to the belief that a player remains the player he’s been. Odds of 30-35 Girardi being the same as 24-29 Girardi can’t be very high.

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nucks lose to Pho. last night 1-0 going 0-7 on the PP. That 3 games now, 2 goals scored. I sure miss torts and that Offensive display.

  54. 2 things:

    1 — Zook continues to embiggen this team with his noble spirit.

    2 — I tire of Carcillo chewing his stick on the bench just in case the Rangers need a complete idiot to bust out a futile and stupid gesture. How about 10 minutes of Miller playing hockey instead? I get it that you don’t fix something that isn’t broken, but that’s was the case just before the Piece-of arrived. Dare to improve, I say.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Correction : last 3 Nucks games, 1 goal total. 4 goals in 4 games. Last night 0-7 on PP (one was a 5 minute major)

  56. BleedBlueshirt on

    Per Elias:

    Rangers’ shootout loss to the Devils at MSG on Jan. 12, 2010. The teams combined for 96 shots in that game (51 by the Rangers, 45 by New Jersey) but no one could score against Martin Brodeur or Henrik Lundqvist, so the game went to a shootout in which the only goal, by Patrik Elias on the eighth and final attempt, earned the Devils a 1–0 victory. Lundqvist, the shootout loser in that game, was the winning goaltender for the Blueshirts on Thursday night.

  57. Who knew a 3rd line of Zucc-Brassard-Pouliot would end up being our best line….. night after night after night.

    If it isn’t broke don’t fix it!!!!

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I just wonder who sits when dorsett gets back…you sure as hell don’t break up the coneheads. Hagar seems to be the out of place player to me, but too good to sit him (trade him and the mad bomber for a solid d man?).

    I’d sit Boyle or d Moops, just don’t think you should sit carcillo despite how many of you disagree.

  59. Release THE Kreider!

    Seriously if he keeps this up he is going to win the Calder THIS year.

    He has become the most fun to watch on the entire team.

  60. _Who knew a 3rd line of Zucc-Brassard-Pouliot would end up being our best line….. night after night after night._

    It should be noted if I were running the team Zucc would have walked, Pouliot would have never been signed or waived long ago and Brassard would be on the 2nd line. Mister D for GM!

  61. Bonus points because when Pouliot comes down to earth, Hags can jump on and we can keep the name.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m on the verge of tears by the time we arrive at the second half of the third period, since I’m positive we won’t score a goal. But we do, and relief washes over me in an awesome wave.

  63. morning folks.

    @Nasty, not sure if anyone addressed this RE: your comment on Ben wa’s speed but I think it’s just that he has long legs and a good first stride

  64. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Pouliot has not played fantastic all season, but he has forechecked all season and has thrown the body all season.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Pullout made the pass to start the break from below the dots and was flying down right side toward off side post on goal.
    Two great plays; support down low to start break with smart short pass to
    zucc and the hustle to make it down the ice.
    Pullout has hit from the beginning, his earlier penalties have been High Sticking, Holding, interference; usually in the 0-zone when he wasn’t offsides.

  66. He also took horrific penalties and I’m pretty sure would go offsides on purpose. Just want to make sure we aren’t revising history to “he was fine and now he’s really taking off”.

  67. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    How does the person that wanted Pouliot banished from the Rangers feeling about that today?

  68. Rob in Beantown on

    Zucc has played really well and he’s been the Rangers’ best forward this year, but we probably shouldn’t induct him into the HoF just yet. Pouliot either.

  69. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _shouldn’t induct him into the HoF just yet_

    Is anyone doing so?

  70. Mr. D –

    If I were running this team, The D. Moore, Pyatt, Stralman, Eminger types don’t check their luggage in here. Plus I find room for McIlrath, Kristo, J.T. Miller dresses and plays every game, Coner Allen is up here and treated like a future all-star in this league, not like a dishpan from hell. And maybe even “Oscar Meyer” Lindberg gets a look? Carcillo, yes, too, so long as we need muscle.

    Also, I would be shopping a package of Del Z., Girardi, and most regrettably Callahan, right now, given that Cally is much too fragile. Jury is out re Staal, as to whether he remains a long-term “keeper.”

    Plus, I don’t care how well Nash and Richards play, from here on in. Want out of their contracts at almost any cost, asap. F.A. Ice Capades stars and over-priced veteran trade acquisition-types not welcome.

    So that I like the above approach better than the team we we have now, simply because it is long-term in its composition, and on the rise, not just this year’s version of the tired old turnover remake of essentially the same composition team, every year.

    Oh, yes, if I’m the owner I “Sunset Village” a certain “stick in the mud” G.M., tout de suite.

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Stranger, that is bad aasen. From the camera forward was about the size of the venue I saw them in. It was great.

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    Good quote from Lundqvist in that 4 year old recap:

    _”The shootout is fun, but it is a lottery sometimes,” Lundqvist said._

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fwiw, I said Pouliot was a good pick up from day one and everyone knows I think brassard is the best centre on the team, but I thought the hobbit was redundant and we didn’t need him and Hagar (still don’t think we do) and I’m a bit skeptical still about him in the post season.

    So I guess I was 2/3rds correct about the coneheads

  74. Yeah, dude, Hags is being traded by GM D in a forward upgrade move. I’m also swapping Nash for Pacioretty (and cap space). I’m also giving Manny an office in my front office and it’ll be office #6.

  75. Robby: Mostly agree, although I’m cool with one Moore type and one Eminger type as 13th / 7th guys. They make the world go ’round.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    I was in the old 200s for that game Carp, right behind Lundqvist. Was a terrific game. Wish it could have ended 0-0.

  77. Anybody know what the Ranger win-loss record is since Marc Staal’s return. Henrik was right when he said we need more “Puck Luck” There are times where we should have buckets of goals. Del Zotto just got to go. He never stops making mistakes. I’ve never seen him take a shot that was on net. The King is looking good and that’s a great sign. Zucci doing a great job. He’s just all over the ice making things happen. The little train that could.

  78. Seems AV is a tiny bit sensitive about being taken as “softer” than Torts. He repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly) brings up how certain players improved after him scratching them. Not that it matters, just an observation.

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