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1) Well, that was a pretty good start. Maybe the Flyers were thrown off by that rouse-’em-up battle song, “Oh you look so beautiful tonight” they play when the teams enter the rink.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers2) Seriously, I want to get to the Daniel Carcillo topic and all in a minute, but just gotta say, “don’t look now, but ya boys are 8-2-1 in 11 and 5-1-2 in the last eight at MSG, and actually have an actual winning record, you know, more wins than losses.” And I’ve been telling you what garbage the Lesstropolitan Division is, and you saw a team last night that had just gone on a tear. And that team’s not very good.

3) But the best news for the Rangers, more than the win(s) or the standings — the most important fact here for the bigger picture and the longer haul is that their best player and their most important skater are both figuring it out now. A lot of guys are hitting their strides at the same time, but most crucially, Henrik Lundqvist is starting to look like himself again and Rick Nash is starting to be a force again.

4) Hey, the Rangers never beat the Flyers because of an advantage in goal, right? And while the Flyers have some forwards I’d take in a heartbeat — Wayne Simmonds, Claude Giroux, probably, still, Vinny Lecavalier, their forwards 1-12 are probably not as good as the Rangers’ forwards. And their D 1-6 aren’t even close. Seriously, would you trade the Rangers’ D for the Flyers’? I always liked Braydon Coburn, but that was as bad as I’ve ever seen him play.

5) And before I forget, all six Rangers’ D-men played pretty solid games, even the third pair (Michael Del Zotto’s been a lot better lately, and John Moore not only played strong, but you gotta love it when that kid throws hands) but in all the early scoring and the goaltending, and with all the extra-curricular stuff, don’t lose site of something that’s a trend: Dan Girardi and Ryan McMonster once again threw a blanket over an opponent’s No. 1 line. Obliterated the Giroux line. After doing same to Tyler Seguin and Co. the other night, and taking care of the likes of Ovechkin and Crosby and Tavares so many times this season and seasons past.Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers

6) The daily Nash-O-Meter is now pointing upward. Four goals in four games. Could have had a couple more. Hit a crossbar. Had a break. Imagine if his line could get it going on the power play the way Derick Brassard’s line has.

7) This might have been Brassard’s best game of the season. Just dynamic. Chris Kreider, too. Both were involved physically. Kreider ran over several Flyers, had a PPG and a primary assist. Drew a penalty — the kid’s gotta learn to stay down when he gets boarded, and should have learned that when Fedor Tyutin did it last week and Kreider got a major and a game misconduct for the same hit he absorbed last night. Back to Brassard … nobody ever said he doesn’t have skill. He sure does. When he plays like that, his ceiling goes higher.Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers

8) Daniel Carcillo. The guy has some sideshow in him. He was yappy all game long, and he didn’t back down (not a shocker), and even if he was 0-1 in his one official fight, and even if you could argue that maybe with a nice lead you should turn away, hey, that’s an ingredient the Rangers haven’t had nearly enough of this season. He made a  great play on the 1-0 tone-setting goal, scaring Mark Streit into coughing up the puck and tucking it behind Ray Emery. He had one second-period shift after his fight and made a really good defensive play. And post-game he shot his mouth off a little bit about how Simmonds won’t fight him — Carcillo and Simmonds went nose-to-nose when Carcillo was on the bench, and after Simmonds roughed up Brassard from behind in a scrum — and how he’s asked him 50 times. Listen to the audio.

9) This was one terribly officiated game. Again. Both sides. Not sure at all how the fourth goal was wiped out by a delayed penalty against the Flyers. Rangers have to be traling 7-1 or 8-1 or worse in goal/no goal, quick/slow whistle, penalty shot/no penalty shot calls this season. The goal Cam Talbot allowed to Nazem Kadri was about three seconds later in terms of being blown dead than that one. And no call on the Benoit Pouliot breakaway? Just wow.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers10) After Brassard’s goal made it 3-0, for a brief moment the Garden was kind of like the old days, as a short-lived “We Want Hextall” chant went up.

11) Now, about those Flyers. It’s great to have size, but the Flyers sure have some big useless guys. And of course, they get behind and they start the stupidity. At the end of these games, Scott Hartnell always manages some cheap-shot, and his sucker punch on Carcillo started a melee. And of course, Hartnell doesn’t end up fighting Carcillo. He seeks out Dominic Moore. Then Brayden Schenn started with John Moore and got pounded, then landed a bunch of noogies, and finished it off with an eye-gouge that should get the attention of Brendan Shanahan’s office today. That’s also often going to be the downside of Carcillo’s act. Linesmen keep an eye on him, and so he gets carted off and his teammates have to clean up the mess.  But, again, he’s a weapon the Rangers didn’t have, and need.

12) Back to the main topic. Count how many Rangers players in last night’s game are all of a sudden playing very well. Nash, Lundqvist, Brassard, Zuccarello, Pouliot, Kreider, Hagelin, all six D (again, McDonagh is just sensational). I think Richards has been good lately. I think Callahan and Stepan are getting there, but not all the way there yet. The fourth line has been good for a while, since before Derek Dorsett’s injury. The Rangers have scored three or more in five straight games, which should be enough, and in this case could have been a lot more. That’s why I picked them to finish second in the Lesstropolitan. I still think they will.

13) Wonder if  Talbot starts against the Lightnings Tuesday or the Red Wings Thursday.

My Three Rangers Stars:Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Chris Kreider.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Daniel Carcillo.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Daniel Carcillo.

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  1. This is one of the stretches where they are fun to watch.

    But the other kind of stretch is comin’.

    Take THAT to the bank:-).

  2. We let too many solid scoring opps get away…even Kreids goal needed a little help…btw…Stepan sure looks like hos struggles are continuing.

  3. Nice write up, Carp. I do disagree on a couple points, though…BR should be a team leader, and he seems to be out for himself…almost all his shots were easy stops for Emery, was BR simply hoping for one of his seeing-eye goals? He shoots and releases…I have to think hard to remember a play where he actually battled for the puck. McDonagh had a good game, but for part of the 3rd period he was coughing up the puck an awful lot and seemed to be having a hard time. I hope this is the type of game which gives the team confidence and leads to a winning streak. Yeah, gonjon, could go either way. Like the way Kreider exacted his revenge on Rosehill by scoring the 4th goal. Rangers gave the Phylthies a chance in the 3rd…remember the old days when we would fold at times like that.

  4. Just want to give a shoutout to a guy that has played almost every game hard…at both ends of the ice…and always against taller and heavier opponents…never backing down….MZA….sign this guy for a long termer…

  5. Seemed like Kreider was standing there untouched for ages with the puck on his stick before he scored. I guess he really did back off their D to the point of hanging their goalie out to dry!

    Carcillo to me is one of those guys you hate when he’s on the other team (similar to Avery). He really does put guys off their game with the yapping and a few after the whistle antics. Glad he’s doing it to the other team now.

    Difficult decision for AV now but i’d give Hank the next 2 and start Cambot on Saturday against Ottawa

  6. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it lundqvist-Nash-kreider.

    My brother and I are in the lundqvist stick throwing picture. We almost caught it. It went a little too far for us, though. Right over us by about three rows.

  7. iDoodie Machetto on

    Carcillo remains a piece of carcillo. I refuse to cheer for him or support him in any way.

  8. Long Live the King! Guess we can say that he’s back for good. Those saves with the flyers crashing the net and all that traffic in front was impressive.

    At times the Flyers were playing roller derby mixed with wrestling, not hockey. The refs let that game get a bit out of control. How do they not call goalie interference on simmonds . Also, that takedown on brassard was a mugging. Some of the boys are waking up this AM feeling as if they were hit by a truck. As much as we hate them, they are gonna be a “tough” out in a 7 game series. Their recent run came out west against non metropolitan teams, so I have to disagree wtih Carp on that comment about them not being a good team.

    Zucc is amazing! I wish I had a replay of that move he pulled in the D zone where a much larger player was going for a big open ice hit and I think he sidestepped him and put the puck between his legs in one motion, then skated out of the zone. Sign the Hobbit long term!

  9. Great write up Carp. The ledge is vacant now I’m sure. All(well maybe not all, but as close all as it’s been all season) is right in Rangertown. Lines are shaping into form. D pairs playing like pairs, great play in net…This would be about the time for Sather to make a 5 or 6 player trade and upset the proverbial apple cart.

  10. This is how this team can play when they give us 60 minutes a night. If everyone can continue there is no reason to add a player via trade.
    We have a legit powerplay which doesn’t include our top line, we have 3 D pairs all playing well, our 4th line is providing the odd goal and playing hard everynight.

    Our best player has played like our best player for the last 3-4 games. Our biggest threat has played like that too and is starting to find the net regularly. Long may it continue.

  11. So I guess all Carcillo stinks, but somehow you don’t mind the stink when it’s your Carcillo?

    So far, love the edge. But it won’t be pretty if (more likely when) he crosses the line again.

    We will see….

  12. We must have finally turned the corner- three straightening against three of the last forty Cup winners. Let’s continue to knock off the recent champions in the next two games, boys! I hope San Jose, Anaheim and Pittsburgh are taking notice if this giant slaying, red white and blue juggernaut!

  13. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp.

    One thing, though. Starting just before Christmas, Metropolitan division is *25-10-2* against the other 3 divisions ( source- LB).

    Speed and passing. That’s what makes this team dangerous and difficult to play against. They aren’t built to withstand a long and physical POs though. It will interesting to see how they address that by adding a few physical players without sacrificing their main strength. It’s probably easier to do on defense, but it needs to be done if they want to make a run.

    When they traded Gaborik I remember mentioning that to me Brassard could become the centerpiece of that deal because of his skill set. You can’t teach that. Last night showed what he can do when at his best. Too bad he can’t do it more consistently. I still think he will be difficult to walk away from this offseason. That shot was unstoppable. Even though I think if he Hank let this one in a few geniuses would call it a soft goal.

    You know what was even a better shot? Nash’s goal. A laser low shot just inside the goal post.

    This is what I wonder. How difficult was it for AV to stick to his views, and his system, when they were being outplayed for stretches of this season and seemed to be lost? Give him a credit, he made a few small adjustments, but didn’t change what he believes should be this team’s playing style.

  14. Yeah, at times those zebras seemed more in place in the Serengeti, not an ice rink…the non-call on Brassard’s break away was unforgettable, if unforgiveable. It changed the momentum of the game for a while.

  15. Awesome review. I thought you nailed it on giving Brassard the first start. Really liked his game last night. Playing with an edge to his game seems to bring out the best in him.

    I’ve been of the mind that Stepan is getting closer to form, but I still think he is lost on the power play. Way too stationary and way too pass happy.

  16. Carp, love your game reviews because more often than not, there are a few points that I thought of just like you. This one, #7!! First thing I thought was, “THE Kreider, stay down, stay down”!!! Same hit, even worse since the Flyer left his feet to deliver the hit, and it’s called boarding; 2 minutes. Kreider gets 5 and a game. WHAT?

  17. did anyone else notice carcillo wearing a visor at the start of the game and after the yapping with simmons he came out in the 2nd with no visor?

  18. Always a great wrap up Carp.. Thanks!

    Had so much fun at MSG last night with the wife!


    1. Spot on about McMonster. He is a revelation. The skating and the skill set is world class. I wanted him on the PP point last year. Thought he had the talent to add offense to his game. He does and he will get better. He is still so damn young. Seems as poised as a 10 year vet.

    2. THE KRIEDER! The kid is a beast. Last year, they screwed with him. He is not a 3rd or 4th line player. He has top line talent and will be a force for years to come. Don’t look now, but he is tied for the league lead in Rookie scoring with #1 overall pick Nathan McKinnon. And McKinnon has played 5 more games. He will be in the conversation for Rookie of the Year.

    3. DelZaster. I thought he played a pretty good game. He made sure there were forwards back when he jumped into the play and pinched. When he takes the body, he plays with a snarl. He is also so darn young. If they trade him, I pray they get some value. You CAN NOT give the kid away.

    4. That piece of Carcillo. OK, I HATE to admit it, but he has some hockey skills. He is a good skater and positionally, he was excellent last night. As Carp mentioned, he used his stick to make a terrific defensive play and prevented an odd man rush. He agitated, took the body, fought and scored a goal… Not bad…

    5. Hank, looks like Hank…

    6. Sorry, but the Flyers DO NOT impress me.

    7. The new MSG is to damn quiet.

    8. Had an EXCELLENT Italian meat at Lugo Cafe at one Penn plaza right across from the Garden. Pricey, but good food and nice atmosphere.


  19. ooppps, one last thing.

    I have said this before and I stick by it.

    The Gomez trade will turn out to be the best pure trade(non salary dump, like the messier trade was) in ranger history. It is Rick Middleton in reverse.

    I think McDonagh will be an all star in this league for years….

  20. Say what you will about Carcillo, he’s a less talented Avery, but not only does he have an edge, it is an infectious edge. If the players don’t like him they don’t come to his rescue (see most Rangers teams throughout the ages). All of a sudden they all grew a pair. We all knew that J Moore can throw them from last year and he engaged. Boyle engaged, he would get knocked around, but he engaged Simmons! This doesn’t make them a team with Orland Kurtenbach or Reggie Fleming but it is a sign we haven’t scene here for a while. Speed and perhaps some toughness, time will tell

  21. Morning all,

    Yev – agree with your asssessments of last night’s game and your thoughts on McD. He is an amazing player.

    One thing to add: slowly but surely, Marc Staal is also rounding into form. When he is on his game, he makes great poke checks and uses his size/range to his advantage. Starting to see that more and more as each game progresses. He’s been to hell and back the last couple of seasons with the concussions and the eye injury. Staal means more to this team than most people realize.

  22. yarp!! great review carp! always love gettin here for the game reviews. my fave. you can definitely tell getting cally back, even if he wasnt at his best when he returned, plus the improved play of hank n nash and even maybe carcillo not just for what he does, but maybe has given the team a boost in confidence just having him there just like with dorsett. we do need a true heavyweight though. mcilrath could work out, but hes gotta be able to at least be good enough in his own end or why bother? maybe do like bickel and put him on wing? people slayin hes slow so maybe not. anyway, we are definitely gaining some momentum and getting some awesome pp conversions and ive seen some sick ass passing lately too. very creative work by that newly formed first unit!. consistency has been the main problem but im seeing a much better cohesive, confident group out there now. lets keep rollin boys!!! maybe we wont have to trade dz as urgently? i hope he gets better n stays. i hate seeing number 1 round picks traded. also, i think the most improved player from the early stages till now has been pouliot. good for him. keep stayin pozy rear baby!

  23. Nash has been much better these last few games, ditto with Hank…if those 2 can be consistent then the Rangers will make the playoffs, just like Carp said.

    How about Mats Zuccarello though? Guy keeps putting up points night after night…he’s the Rangers offensive MVP this year and it’s not even close. If Torts had played him on the PP he might still the head coach…TORTS!

  24. As much as I flipped out about Carcillo he’s definitely what this team needed. Maybe not *him* personally but he has the stuff that this team was lacking. He has a pretty high *onion factor*. Not as high as Zucc, but pretty high.

  25. It’s weird, something I’ve noticed. Appears since the rangers and Lundqvist are playing better the past few games I haven’t noticed to much negative, instigating post by a certain poster, troll?

  26. I’m so glad you saw that *Pimpster* because I was so excited when I saw *Cookie Policy* and thought of you.

  27. guys, its no longer just “THE KREIDER” ok. hes beyond that right now. from now on, he shall be thy named ‘THE’, thats it. just ‘THE’. and he also she be mentioned as THE, the artist formerly known as THE KREIDER.

  28. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Ode to Doc Emrick (repost)

    The boys foisted, crunched, spun, ladled, one-handed, banged, rattled, spirited, wove, lobbed, rifled, challenged, toe-dragged, angled, nudged, outletted, scorched, twisted, scissored, butchered, chopped, peeled, and rocketed their way to a nice win.

    Go John Moore!

  29. oh oh … someone compared Carcillo to Avery! Here come the haters!

    Honestly tho…i dont give a damn what Carcillo did to what’s his name 5 years ago…as long as Carcillo helps this team win! And i dont care if once in a while he steps outta bounds…so what?

  30. _God, I hate the fact that I’m starting to like Carcillo._

    Oh man, me too. I thought my hatred ran so deep with the guy that I actually got really mad when I started to enjoy his play. What an inner conflict that was.

  31. Sather feeling pretty good right now. Carcillo, even if I can’t bring myself to watch him play, hasn’t cost him yet.

    And the overall Blue Jackets trade, the 2nd part of which I thought was robbery in the wrong direction, is sure looking good at the moment. The numbers, though, even if injuries are a big part of it, has Columbus still up by a whisker if my math’s right.

    Nash: 11,9
    Brassard: 8,17
    Moore: 2,7
    Dorsett: 3,2
    6th Rounder
    TOTAL: 24,35

    Gaborik: 5,7
    Dubinsky: 9,20
    Anisimov: 12,9
    Erixon: —
    Rychel: —
    TOTAL: 26,36

  32. …..and *YES* as Grabby says we need two things: A *true* heavyweight (Bickel would be close enough!) and a D-Man who can protect Hank post whistle. An Engelland type (or Bickel).

    I know a lot of you have been saying McLlrath but I really don’t think he’s that guy. McLlrath is a physical player that can stand up opposing players at the blue line. He plays high in the zone and very *physically* in open space. But I don’t think he’s a *fighter* first and a *player* second. I think he’s a *player*

  33. brad park- lmao good one but u forgot to mention that they forearm shivered their timbers and the gwg was squibbed in and just barely crossed the goal line!

  34. I’m going to have to become a *cutter* to get over my hypocrisy with Carcillo.

    Re: *Bickel* I think he should be up here instead of Falk. He is never going to crack an NHL top 6 or NHL top 12 so he’s always going to be an extra man. Falk can probably actually play on an NHL team (just not this one apparently). So if we’re going to have someone sitting in the press box and jumping in every *now and then* I would love for it to be *Bickel* because he would have come in handy last night.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    _The Rangers have scored three or more in five straight games, which should be enough, and in this case could have been a lot more_

    Ain’t that the truth. If this team pots 3 a game, with Henk and D playing better, they got a run in them.

    Traid everyone!!

  36. Stranger Nation on

    _The ledge is vacant now I’m sure. All(well maybe not all, but as close all as it’s been all season) is right in Rangertown_

    Rumor has it Eric is off the ledge, but standing close by just in case things turn…

  37. Q: Who [co-]leads the team in scoring and is the only player with a point in each game of the current unbeaten streak?

    (Hint: you’re going to hate the answer.)

  38. _I’m going to have to become a cutter to get over my hypocrisy with Carcillo._

    No *EMO* allowed, Manny.

  39. What about *old* school *EMO* like Mineral, Fireside, Vitreous Humor, Christie Front Drive, The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids (4 minute mile era), Boy’s Life, etc….

  40. LB finally mentioned what was the condition on Carcillo trade. Apparently, Chicago gets 7th rounder if Carcillo remains on the roster the remainder of the season. If not, NY keeps that pick.

  41. Left my coffee on the roof of my car this morning, then drove away. Great start to the week, but at least the Rangers won last night.

  42. start shopping Nash, now that he’s awoke. Staal is on a nice run, also a good time to hear offers. Dan Giardi best days are behind and he is coming up on free agency. Canada loves Nash so much send him and a package to Winnipeg for Big Buff & Evander Kane….solves so many problems. Great game dont mean to be a downer but….are we the worst team on breakaways during the game? how many do we miss/score?

  43. *Ilb* – Can you help *Me* and *Wicky* clear up what *Stepan’s* actual status is at the end of this current contract?

  44. According to Cap Geek Stepan should be an RFA _with_ Arbitration rights at the end of 2015, correct?

  45. Are we sure Byfuglien is really a top 4 D and not just a 2nd or 3rd line wing who puts up points pretending to be a D?

  46. What do you mean, Manny?

    Stepan will become a RFA at the end of his current contract. He will be eligible for bot player and team-triggered arbitration. He will will have to be qualified at $3.85M

  47. Stranger Nation on

    _Are we sure Byfuglien is really a top 4 D and not just a 2nd or 3rd line wing who puts up points pretending to be a D?_

    Just because he is -17 on the season? Guy is enticing from a distance, but up close, he may not be so fun to watch. Love to have that Righty shot on the PP though

  48. They moved him back for a game and then the coach got fired, so I have no idea how permanent it is. He just strikes me as another guy with no D responsibility but a lot of points so he’s smiled upon.

  49. Thanks, Ilb. See that *WICKY* I WIN! This is why I like Stepan. He could be signed for a very long time for under $5M.

  50. I’d have Buff as a 3rd line forward who handles the left point on the pp. Not crazy about his defensive prowess.

  51. That $5.2MM and the presumed cost in assets is enough for me to let some other team take him. Kane, Ladd, Wheeler, any of them would be great.

  52. I’m not going to get ahead of myself with Hank. He’s had a stretch, if only small, where he was “the old Hank”, but then he has one bad game, and it shatters his confidence.

    I know he’s going to break out of this slump eventually. Hopefully this is it, but I’m not getting ahead of myself

  53. Byfuglien? He scares me. Whenever I listen to TSN Winnipeg the hosts are always, and I mean always, talking about getting rid of Byfuglien because he doesn’t care and has a bad attitude and is super streaky.

  54. I’m pretty sure there are other factors there, Manny. Seems two players on Winnipeg get pretty much 100% of the blame for things going wrong.

  55. Hey *The Doctor*, now that *Nash* has been playing *better* would you trade him for say, *Pacioretty* or Evander *Kane* ?

  56. By the way, Carp, the song they play is “City of Blinding Lights” by U2 and for the record, the only U2 song (if you absolutely must play a U2 song at a sporting event) they should play to get people going is “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

    For what it’s worth, I still think they should play “Lonely Boy” by the Black Keys like they did in 2011-12.

  57. Manny, I would *trade* Nash for either Pacioretty *or* Kane. Or both, if possible. That would be *amazing*.

  58. That would be amazing if we could trade him for *both*. I guess Montreal and Winnipeg would have to work out some *share* system for Rick Nash.

  59. I saw the WolfPack play the Isle’s farm team Bridgeport.

    It is easy to see why the Pack are a last place team as their goaltending was atrocious.

    Fans of old-time hockey would have loved this game as there were 5 excellent fights. Bickel kicked the crap out of a Sound Tiger.

    If you are waiting for Kristo to be called up unless there are several injuries it will be a while.

    While it was only 1 game his work ethic was not impressive.

  60. Yes. *Booby* is right. The Rangers should come out to *Death Metal* or maybe some *Viking Metal*. A nice *Amon Amarth* song would really get the *Crowd* going.

    Also: *U2* is horrible.

  61. Cap Geeked, funny you say Kristo work ethic is lacking, if my memory serves me correct, that was why Montreal gave up on him.

  62. It must be hard to play 3 games in 2 1/2 days with bus travel but that is even more reason to work hard to make it to the show.

  63. Byfuglien brings it from the right, has a power play shot we havent had….i know our PP is now good. Plus we do have to get past the Bruins if we are going anywhere. size is not over rated especially when you dont have it along with grit. Need Kane in that deal. i’ll stick with Nash and either Staal or Giardi for those two. changes us to a fast gritty bigger team with a better playoff make up, unless you like Nash’s GOOD playoff last yr. Our guys are a check away from sitting in a dark room with soft U2 on for the rest of their lives. Act now.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    _the only U2 song (if you absolutely must play a U2 song at a sporting event) they should play to get people going is “Where the Streets Have No Name”_

    Anything pre-85 U2: ‘Out of Control’ off Boy is good one

  65. Hope Hank is OK after everyone fell on him, ran into him, etc., all game long … jeez … would Bickel help minimize that? Problem with the Bickels of the world is they are rarely on the ice.

    Wonder what Hank would say if you asked him, would you rather have Bickel play a regular D shift and tamp down on the goaltender abuse, or would you rather a better D-man who offers less protection from said abuse.

  66. I stayed at a real dump in Seaside (I mean bad for even Seaside standards) as a teenager, and someone had burned the words *Manowar Kills* into the bathroom door.

  67. shoot to thrill would be the best opening and during the game shoot on net would be good as well.

  68. Yes! My cousins listen to that stuff and introduced me to Tyr. I think the Zucc could appreciate it.

    Oh man, Manowar? The newly transformed Garden (presented by Chase) would crumble under the volume.

  69. Seaside is the worst place on Earth. This opinion was formed years ago, and I can’t even imagine how awful it is now.

  70. Sounds like a Really safe place, Gravy!

    I can’t believe they play such pansy music though. Seriously. They need to step it up.

    Little Zucc would come out to Manowar eating the heart of his opponents!

  71. I think all the references to women and sex that AC/DC makes would *distract* Del Zotto from the task at hand.

  72. E3 and I were *musing* last night, when I was having trouble falling asleep. Would you *traid* Stepan and MotZ for E. Kane? Then call up Miller and Allen, assuming the *cap* situation worked?

  73. I covet E Kane, but I’d have a hard time giving up Step in that deal with the lack of top-line center depth in the organization.

  74. Zowie summary on every point by Carp! He sees the ice like a literary Gretzky. Only question: Carp hates ’embellishment’ but recommends that THE should stay down to sell the hit? Of course, it could never be called ’embellishment’ by the zebras, and would be a ‘smart’ action. Subtle difference, so in the end, in this case, I can into buy his recommendation, and see the logic.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    I will never fear hypocrisy when it comes to Carcillo. He was a piece of carcillo, he is a piece of carcillo, he always will be a piece of carcillo.

    Manny-O-War, King of Metal?

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Can’t move Step under any circumstance which doesn’t bring back a center that is as good or better.

  77. All- not a frequent poster, but a frequent reader. If anyone is interested, I have 4 extra tickets to each of the stadium series games at Yankees Stadium. All seats are side by side. Section 202. Just looking to get my money back. They cost me $172 each. I am told that these are th beat sight lines of outdoor games. If interested, let me know.

  78. I am *not* giving up Stepan. I love the youngster. I assume we can sign him for a long time and for a reasonable salary as well. Who would get rid of that?

    E. Kane is the *MAN* though. He would help our cred with the *Viking* Metal Community as he’s über tough.

  79. Love Kane but moving a good young talent for another is a *lateral move*. Pair with Step, don’t add and subtract.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    I feel like you need to add the King of Metal portion. I rarely refer to Man-O-War without adding Kings of Metal.

  81. Manny, I don’t think it’s *giving* up Stepan. Give something to *get* something type of trade.

    What about MZA and MotZ for Kane?

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers would be crazy not to instantly do that deal, but Winnipeg never does that deal.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    “E. Kane is a poison , and New York would only be a brief rest stop before the end of his career in Columbus ”

    How exactly is he a poison? Because of an organizational failure to hold anyone accountable at any point, ever, until this past weekend when they fired Claude Noel?

    Ondrej Pavalec has been their goaltender for the past four years (going back to ATL) and they’ve done absolutely nothing about it. This is a franchise that just does not care about what is happening on the ice. With some actual coaching and an environment that makes winning important, I think Kane is a star.

  84. I have never heard or read anyone, bitching about the officiating, calling for a reversion to ONE referee system, which was in place forever, until it was decided to fix yet another part of the game which was not broken.

    Why do I have to be the only voice on the planet who makes a connection between all this bottom-feeder referee expansion, and the fact that maybe one or two games in this league are well officiated, every week of the season?

    Going to two referees was a moronic idea then, and now that we know the effect of bringing guys who should be doing Belleville and Moosejaw games up to the NHL has corrupted the flow and the outcome, in too many cases, of these games.

    I know, Bettman is still around, and ego-maniac, control-freak, and meddler with the status quo that he is, no policy or rule in place in his time is going by the boards, unless he proposes it, and it is obviously detrimental to the game.

    But if this league is going to expand (as it is, within three years) this crass officiating incompetence, on display almost every game, needs to be seriously addressed. And not with “scotch tape,” but with a cut-back to one referee, whether the union likes it or not, and they never like changes which are GOOD for the game, only changes which give them more leverage and power. This time it’s time to get something done on behalf of the players and the fans who support this shabbily officiated administered product.

  85. If Kane is a poison, you should want Kane to go to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh or NJ or whoever you hate most. If you want Kane to go to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh or NJ, we strongly disagree on things.

  86. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    There isn’t much I wouldn’t give up for E. Kane. That guy is absolutely a beast.

  87. *True*, finally that organization made a move worth a damn. The Jets just have to keep him in check is all. Make sure he eats his *fruits* and *veggies*.

  88. When’s the parade. Rangers blues final. Ok someone wake me up.

    Still plenty of work to do on this home stand. I won’t get caught up in they turned the corner nonsense. Time will tell

  89. Would not: McD, Kreider, Step

    There’s others I wouldn’t pair and guys I would almost die giving up, but if it was them or no Kane, I’d have to do it.

  90. I think you’re kind of right, Eric. This is a good streak on a still flawed roster. If people think Carcillo was what was needed to round things out …

  91. lib, if that’s the condition on the Carrillo trade, couldn’t we just waive him right before Game 82? Seems like it’s too easy to get around, unless I misunderstand, which I probably do.

  92. Kreider may run away with the Calder if he has the most points among rookies in the fewest games but it seems to me that they like to give it to a goalie whenever possible for some reason and there’s a couple who may be up for it.

  93. eddie eddie eddie on

    getting ready for the 7th race at Arlington, #19, Ritchie Rocket, ridden by tiny dancer, being led into the gate…

  94. Will be interesting to see what happens with CarBomb once Dorsett is healthy. Carcillo is making 850M, UFA after this season. Dors one more year ’til UFA, @2 mil.

  95. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    It’s really kind of annoying that The *Kreider* has any chance at winning the *Calder*. This is like Hideki Matsui winning Rookie of the Year at age 36 or whatever.

  96. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Coos – could very much depend on the makeup of the *roster* as a whole since the *Trade* deadline will have passed when *Dorsett* is healthy.

  97. eddie eddie eddie on

    miller is ready for the big show…stepan and mdz for kane and a pick opens a spot for miller…and gives the rangers an answer to Lucic, et al. come playoff time…

  98. I don’t know if it works, but Hags + for Kane is far closer to the direction I’d want to go than moving Stepan. Even if the + is a bigger one than with Step. And I’d really love it if they had a thing for someone(s) in Hartford.

  99. _He’s just been in the league for 3 seasons now._

    Right, but he has Pacioretty disease where he’s not playing 82 games, be it injury or coaches decision or because the season itself isn’t 82 games. His fault, no one else’s.

  100. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *JT Miller* ias possibly too good for Hartford. That kid might *need* to be in the NHL right about now.

  101. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    It really does, Coos. I feel like The Kreider has been on the team since ’87.

  102. Don’t know who compiles these Stats, but he has Hags with the lead last night, (3) tied with Cally.

  103. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I, for one, really don’t see how we can afford to move Hagelin with this stupid version of hockey that we play. Anybody?

    I think it’s time to move Boyle though, only because he’s probably not going to re-sign because we all know that Sather is going to low-ball him.

  104. Boyler’s making 1.8M. As a UFA, he’s due for a nice raise, but doubt Slats will have a major problem signing him.

  105. Manny – Miller played 26 games last year and is NOT eligible. THE Kreider played 23 eligible.

    I hope he wins the Calder. HE is getting stronger and stronger every game he plays.

    What a difference from last year.

  106. I don’t really want to move Hags, but I accept that he would have to go if a team were asking for a young, NHL level forward in exchange for a better one.

  107. eddie eddie eddie on

    Matlock – were serious about hoping that Simmonds would pound on The Carcillo last night? If so, for shame

  108. For a change Hagelin has been scoring regularly this season. He’s enhanced his trade value or becoming a 2nd/3rd line fixture.

  109. Boyler sure does a lot of Gettysburg Addresses during scrums, wrestling dances. What’s he saying?

  110. _And I’m trading Hags over Miller 100 times out of 100._

    Why’s that MD? Contract status? Hagelin averages a bit over .5 PPG and kills penalties. He’s a solid third liner. Not sure Miller profiles as more than that at this time.

  111. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    @SNHockeyCentral Cheveldayoff: Paul Maurice will play Byfuglien at forward tonight.

  112. Step is not going to get any faster, has some slick moves available when his feet are going, not very interested in traffic or banging. Seemingly a sweet kid, but replaceable in the right package. (as I duck)

  113. Manny, Miller isn’t cracking the top three lines right now.

    When Dorsett is healthy, do you go Boyle-Moore-Dorsett, with Carcillo-Boyle-Dorsett against the tougher teams?

  114. Gravy, even if you top Miller out at 3rd line (which I wouldn’t but I wouldn’t scream at you for), he’s a C, a more physical player and he’s cheaper.

  115. I would trade Step in the right deal. I’d trade *anyone* in the right deal. I would not be *looking* to trade Step.

  116. eddie eddie eddie on

    Miller might not be top 9 this year, but next year, watch out….he’s outgrown the AHL

  117. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I want Miller to center the 3rd line. Richards to play Wing on the 2nd line. Stepan to Center the 1st and Brassard the 2nd. D. Moore can continue to center the 4th.


  118. I think Miller easily cracks our top 3 as soon as its fully accepted that Richards is no longer a C.

  119. I don’t think Richie likes the wing. Too crowded, and badly exposed in the neutral zone. Hard to do figure eights and triple toe loops along the boards.

  120. Let Miller tear up the AHL with Kristo.

    Both of them are going to make some noise next year.

    Just think if Miller takes off next year, like Kreider has this year.

  121. Richards will be bought out at the end of the year, and Miller will slot right at the 3 line center.

    Here’s hoping Kristo will be on his wing.

  122. So Richards plays left wing with Miller and Cally? I’m not breaking up THE-Step-Nash or Pouliot-Brassard-MZA right now. Then Hagelin is on the 4th line?

  123. Manny do you pull Carcillo out for Miller?

    You really can’t with a 3 game win streak….. right?

  124. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    That’s a tough one, Gravy. You got me there. I don’t know *who* comes out.

  125. Hartford needs a goalie in a big bad way.

    Cam was the only one winning games for them, on a consistent basis.

  126. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I wouldn’t because Carcillo and Miller are totally different players.

    It’s more like a “Miller gets back into the lineup when Pouliot plays himself out of it”

  127. I have no issue rotating Moore and Carcillo as the scratches until Pouliot earns his way into that rotation. Keeping veteranness over talent isn’t helpful long term.

  128. Many “soft” teams. Against them, Carcillo plays only if he can draw penalties and maintain discipline. Right?

  129. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    It’s just probably better that Miller play every day in Hartford instead of every third game up here.

  130. eddie eddie eddie on

    67, 16, and 36 too good to separate….Best PP in the game right now…67 has ramped up his physical game…he mad the play on the Brassard goal allowing zuc to make that pass….

  131. JT has two season’s with 25+ games in the NHL, with 4 points each. He is only 20 years old, he is going to be a solid player for the blueshirts.

    Pouliot/Richards/Boyle who comes out to put him in?

    10 games in the AHL, off to a good start with 10 points.

  132. eddie eddie eddie on

    if we play a soft team, even more of a reason to play tough snarly hockey…this team’s personality has changed…and I like it…

  133. _JT has two season’s with 25+ games in the NHL, with 4 points each. He is only 20 years old, he is going to be a solid player for the blueshirts._

    But so much of that is usage, both minutes and linemates. He plays with more talent down in Hartford than he does in NY.

  134. Pullout is big, has shown hands, will monolith himself in front of the net. Such players, if consistent, have made themselves very valuable.

  135. I agree Doc.

    Just look at THE KREIDERS jump playing with talent this year.

    I like the idea of Miller playing center in Hartford. He will develop more there in a position the Rangers will need him in next year. Who know maybe developing chemistry with Kristo will pay dividends for both of them next year.

  136. To refresh my flowers and palm trees, I use Mister A through Mister D, depending if I need a water mist or an insecticide mist.

  137. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Carp*: Did you get a feeling for *Carcillo’s* general opinion on *Corsi* (both the stat and the person)?

  138. I wonder if Moore will have a headache today after all the lumps he took to the back of his skull last night?

  139. Were those punches legal? I know its pretty proven that’s the most dangerous place to get hit, but I also know its pretty proven that the NHL isn’t exactly proactive in terms of punishment setting.

  140. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Schenn is a baby. He fought twice with a visor on. Once against a guy who wasn’t wearing a visor. He hit Moore while he was down. He’s pond scum to me now.

  141. Yeah, and it also looked like Schenn was jamming his thumb into Moore’s eye towards the end of the scrap.

  142. Lundqvist one of NHL’s three stars of the week.


    Lundqvist went 3-0-1 with a 1.97 goals-against average and .943 save percentage

  143. Carcillo vs. Miller makes me insane. What did Miller do vs. Toronto and Columbus to play himself into the minors, and was Carcillo a key ingredient in getting his team going against Chicago and Dallas, with his 7-8 minutes of ice? I didn’t watch, can’t watch, so all I have now is the stats. And a little piece of my soul died when I learned he scored against the Flyers. Now we’re stuck with him. I wish he’d just get whatever atrocity it’s going to be over with so I can enjoy watching my team again.

  144. eddie eddie eddie on

    Miller was playing great, agreed…..But as Avery was my favorite player, I like Carcillo warts and all….

  145. Miller didn’t do anything. Dorsett got hurt. Who else was more worthy to come out of the lineup?

  146. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    @AGrossRecord However, *John Moore* said when you’re met by a gloved punch, you have to show a little *pride* and stand up for yourself.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    In fairness, I don’t know many opera singers. I’ve listened to a fair amount of it (I’m more of a fan of the music than the singing), but I wouldn’t be able to name you more than a dozen opera singers, across all ranges.

    That said, I just really don’t like her phrasing.

  148. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Yea. Opera is for *europansies*

    Everyone should be listening to *METAL* and Metal alone.

  149. Gravy, Dorsett got hurt, Miller stepped in, played well, and got replaced by a piece of Carcillo.

  150. Stranger Nation on

    This ‘fighting with a visor on’ is a little bit of a catch 22. After watching Staal’s injury last year, crazy for anyone not to wear a visor.
    Better off advocating they cannot drop their gloves, making it harder to grab and wrestle and easier to hit a visor without cutting your hand open.

    Too much Game of Thrones recently, but it would be some awesome scraps.

  151. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If you think step will sign for that long term you are nuts my friend. Step will make 5-6 mil IMHO and I’d rather have brass at 4.2 than step at 5.7 any day!

  152. Brass vs. Step:

    At those salaries, it would cost you about $108,000 per point for Step, and about $92,000 per point for Brass. But Brass is 26, Step 23. Interesting problem.

  153. “Lundqvist a star??? He had a .057 save percentage!!!” – E3

    [15 minutes elapse]

    “Sorry, I used goals as the numerator, not saves.” – E3

  154. carp, just stopping by to ask, sorry if you answered this before will check later for an answer.

    Any news if the league will review the eye gauge incident?

    Pierre Mcguire tweeted about it and NHL Network highlighted it in stopped action highlighted photo and chastised Schenn about it.


  155. Stranger Nation on

    Only 4 forwards with both more goals (>12) and hits (>103) than THE
    Hanzal, Backes, Ovechkin, Kane

    Tied with 12 Gs w/ more hits; Lucic, Foligno, Shaw

    THE leading Rookie forward in hits

  156. One too many Schenns. Brayden gets 5 mins. fighting major against JMoops, 19:49; Luke gets 10 min. misconduct re: JMoops, 19:49. ???

  157. Miami Pimp, Is that Vinny Prospal on that Twitter page instead of The Kreider? Looks like the wrong #20.

  158. great review (as usual)

    9) awful Awful AWFUL. glad you pointed out the difference between the call which nullified a goal vs. Cambot holding on to the puck yet no whistle to stop play.
    here’s the link and the rule (SHOWS the ref was WRONG in blowing the whistle!)

    “Should an infraction of the rules which would call for a minor, major, misconduct, game misconduct or match penalty be committed by a player of the team not in possession of the puck, the Referee shall raise his arm to signal the delayed calling of a penalty. When the team to be penalized gains control of the puck, the Referee will blow his whistle to stop play and impose the penalty on the offending player or goalkeeper.”

    during the scrum NO flyer had possession of the puck. didn’t occur until puck was in net.

  159. When someone clears waivers and is sent back to Hartford, the team (if it had any class) should accompany him to the train and waive him off.

  160. btw Carp,
    was pleasantly surprised
    and pleased to get the twitter responses
    during the game last night

  161. as for the flyers size, using it
    along with the overall
    organization stupidity/thuggishness/psychopathic tendencies

    last night was a GOOD test for this team.
    good to see them not wilt with all the physicality and give some back. whether that has anything to do with Carcillo around or just timing…either way i’ll take it.

    but watching the game i do wish we had one or two more BIG players who play BIG ala the way that the flyers smashed into our guys for nearly three periods.

  162. jpg, yes, these zebras constantly and incorrectly blow the whistle when the puck is ‘touched’ by the offending team when the rule is ‘Possession.’

  163. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Very much so. I really wish we had a couple more guys that played with some tenacity like carcillo.

  164. not that i’ve become a Carcillo fan
    at the very least
    his signing has (so far)
    been leaps and bounds better
    Scott or Brashear and probably even

  165. Think about how awesome THE is, and then consider how exponentially more awesome THE would be under the hockey visionary Pär Mårts.

  166. “Sam,last summer, I was invited to a cookout in the Staal back yard. Mr. Staal couldn’t have been more gracious, and the Stall sons….”

    “Goal! Sorry for interrupting, Joe. Finish that story!”

  167. Carp,
    you have always been a they don’t have enough skill to play up tempo guy. are they changing your mind at all with there recent play? or do you still feel they are not skilled enough?

  168. i did like Shelley
    and at that time wished we kept him.
    probably should have stopped
    after Brashear

  169. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Here we go….guy BEGS for a goaltender then gets mad when I attempt to help!

  170. I am also loving how it is sometimes shortened to just THE, which I find perfectly acceptable but of course defer to the Pimp for a ruling.

  171. bull, I still think they lack the real legit first-line talent a lot of other good teams have. This team, as is, will compete during the season. I don’t believe it has enough skill to challenge for the trophy. some teams that don’t have that top-line skill, like Boston, make up for it by having great defensive players and/or pounding skilled teams. I can’t see the Rangers doing that, either. Nor will they play a smothering system like the Devils always have even in the years where, other than their goalie, they had no stars.

    Long answer.

    I also think the Rangers’ little streak here shouldn’t be mistaken for them having a lot of firepower.

  172. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I would prefer a Boston type team to a Chicago type team, Carp. That’s pretty much the point I’ve been trying to make in the past, _some_ teams can win on physicality. I want to be one of those teams.

  173. What Carp said. Its never as good or as bad as it looks, but relative to the entire league and the end goal of a Cup, its closer to bad.

  174. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Well this is why I *hate* you, The Doctor. Because you don’t agree with me.

  175. These are the acceptable ways to refer to him:

    The Kreider

    THE Kreider




    Anything else shows lack of respect, including “the Kreider” or “the kreider” or “The kreider”

  176. long answer, but a good one Carp. I think they are closer than given credit for. a physical 3rd line winger to replace Pouliot would go a long way to getting there.

  177. Carp –

    Did Carcillo say that Simmonds won’t fight him? I didn’t hear that in the audio.

    From the context I thought Carcillo meant ‘he’ had been asked to scrap 50 times by 5 different guys so he finally did.

  178. I hope Carcillo said Hartnell wouldn’t fight him because it was really very obvious that Hartnell wouldn’t fight him.

  179. I’m good at Goaltending now.

    I was just short two weeks ago when both of mine went down.

  180. Following Miami …The Kreider even comes up as a suggestion on top of my phone now when I type “The”..

  181. Torts’s ’12 team was almost there. The Rangers were a VERY tough team to play against. Just one scorer short of the finals.

    AV is clearly trying to make this a “Blackhawk” style team. With Nash showing flashes, and Henrik finding his old self they’ve put their first 3 game win streak together.

    They are no way near beating a Pittsburgh or Boston in a 7 games series.

  182. CARP, gentle men:

    THEKREIDER.COM is upon us.

    You’re all represented. (Yes, you too CARP)

  183. “jpg, I thought Shelley was pretty good in that role for the short time he was here. The other two, not at all.”

    I was at the first leg of the season ending home-and-home vs. the Orange Crud that year. I think Shelley scored early in the game, and then missed the GLORIOUS change when Boucher vacated his net and made a diving stick save on a shot that should have been in the net long before he had a chance to react.

  184. To Carp’s lack of firepower, he’s obviously right at this point in the season, but it’s possible they could develop some on a team this young. I watched the replay of McDonagh’s spectacular open net miss last night, for instance — he got there and will get there again in AV’s system; he’s not the only guy who might score more. Nash and The have legitimate big-total potential, and who other than Zook and Hagelin — maybe Pouliot — has more goals than expected by now? I think there is a big upside with this group, but low odds that they’ll realize it.

  185. Miami
    just bookmarked
    THE Kreider website

    have you mentioned to
    THE KREIDER about
    THE Kreider

    curious for his reaction.
    he’s enough of a goofball that he’d probably enjoy it

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – “hey THE, lots of fans on the blog”

    THE – “it’s all good, tell e3, what up yo”

  187. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – seriously, tell The Brassard, all three Eddies think he one bad assen mutha….

  188. Miami Pimp – like the site, but was hoping for some type of dog’s breakfast, two-bit reference to the rest of NHL when compared to TK.

  189. Milan Lucic is an older, less talented, more expensive Evander Kane with all the off ice baggage people like to pretend Kane carries.

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dateline NYC: Tuesday Night:

    Rangers goal, his third of the game, and 11th on the season, number 16, Derick Brasssssssssard

  191. ‘I’ll never let you see
    The way that PP was hurting me.
    I’ve got my pride and I know how to hide
    All my sorrow and pain
    I’ll do my crying with Alain.’

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ranger power play goal, his 4th of the game, and 12th on the season number 16, Derick Brassard. Assist number 20, THE

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha Kane, down the drain, feelin no pain, it be pourin rain, spilled and stained, my man a-lane, billy Zane, knee I sprained, slain and maim, babes and dames…


  194. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Veal parm, sound the alarm, bet the farm, melo-carm, hurt and harm, door and barn, dang and darn


  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD thinks he’s so smart. Well he’s not. He thinks he’s number one, but he looks like #2. I’m the greatest, I’m number one. No one can defeat me….I’m the greatest of allllllllllllll timmmmmmmmmmmmmme

  196. Miami. Long time lurker. @THE broke my silence. You, sir, are one consistant “gnagsaar” as we put it in theese parts. And that’s meant in a good way. I will follow

  197. When Carcillo was yapping on the bench last night, do you think everyone else beside him was wondering “hey, is that allowed?”

  198. Notice that AV didn’t tell Carcillo to pipe down. He just smiled and said later “boys will be boys.” I think that’s a mild validation.

  199. Norm Merton

    “Bruins fans up here drooling over Girardi, BTW.”

    Wait til they get a sniff of our Ah Beetz!

  200. If Carp ever collects on the hot dogs due, he’ll be in the Weiner’s circle. For months.

  201. ARod throws another 5 mil into the attorney pool. Too bad he couldn’t toss Manny a C note.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “I wasn’t bread to be a hockey player. My parents wanted be to get an eradication”

  203. Although never a Giants fan, my all-time favorite player remains Bobby Thomson, for obvious reasons, and for the fact that the two times I wrote to him at his home address in New Jersey, he responded with a nice, extended, hand-written reply.

    What a man, what a gentleman! Don’t think they make them like that, any more.

  204. “There’s a long one-timer, it’s gonna be, I believe – The Rangers win the Stanley Cup, The Rangers win the Stanley Cup, The Rangers win the Stanley Cup, The Rangers win the Stanley Cup – The Kreider just hit one into the five-hole. And they’re going crazy, they’re going crazy, The Rangers win the Stanley Cup, The Rangers win the Stanley Cup – I do not believe it!”

  205. Samuelsson to his cocker spaniel: “Wanna take a walk?”


    “You just said the magic word, pal o’ mine.

  206. Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane
    I ain’t got time to take a fast train
    Lonely days are gone, I’m a-goin’ home
    ‘Cause Berube just wrote me a letter

  207. Just like Eruzione has made a fortune off that goal …

    Herb Brooks used to say, “Eruzione believes in free speech, he just doesn’t give them.”

  208. Holy wow. Orr really hung in there while at a severe disadvantage. Erskine is a big, beastly boy.

  209. A cross between a set of G.I. dog tags and a side of beef = “The Unknown Sandwich!”

  210. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What do you call it when there is an absence of birds eating a farmer’s crops?

    No crows

  211. You guys should try listening to your Eürøpånsy opera through some Grado Sr-225i’s

  212. Eruzione! Would be interesting some time to make a list of people who have made a lifetime income from one moment in time.

  213. Or those who were insignificant but have become at least forever known by a few small seconds of flash. I think of Mazeroski and Bucky Dent off the top of my head.

  214. I was talking to an Eskimo,
    Said he was hopping for a fall of snow,
    When up popped a sea lion ready to go.

  215. Because Slats started the entry level deal early on The Kreider, he is a RFA this summer. Think anyone would throw a monster offer sheet at him?

  216. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    that was a good one, too bad we can’t seem to find a wilson in the draft

  217. Bud Selig with his victory lap on 60 minutes…….doesn’t he realize none of the 13 players suspended in the Bosch scandle ever failed a random drug test?

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like how AV, for the most part, keeps in lines intact. Torts couldn’t go 2 shifts without changing it up….

  219. @kfraserthecall

    All bets are off now gang after the slew foot by Weise on Doughty! The inmates are going to run the prison with the guards on leave!

  220. Hi folks, anyone going to the game vs NYI at Yankee Stadium? Any pointers seat-wise for an out of towner?

  221. The line on Tostitos last night is awesome!

    Shifts: 1
    TOI: 0:01
    PIM: 27

    The only way he could have improved that would have been a game misconduct from the bench before his first shift!!

  222. I’m not native or a Yankee fan but given the position of the rink on the field i’d say the best seats will be the upper levels near to 1st and 3rd base as possible.

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