It’s Go Time! … Flyers at Rangers


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Game 47.flyers3
Flyers at Rangers.


Light the Empire State Building in orange and black, Mr. Snider’s team is in town!

Unlike the first time they met, in the eighth game of the season-opening nine-game road trip (a 2-1 Flyers win Oct. 24), the Rangers and Flyers both come in as hot teams, though the Flyers were beaten by Tampa Bay Saturday afternoon.

The Rangers are 7-2-1 in their last 10 games overall, and 4-1-2 in their last seven at home, since dropping the first four games of that nine-game homestand in December.

Philadelphia is 10-3-1 in its last 14.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his fourth in a row in goal.

Rangers favorite Zac Rinaldo is out with an ankle injury, and the Flyers’ other pest, Steve Downie, is prucha’d by new coach Craig Berube after a horrible game Saturday. Ray Emery, who relieved Steve Mason Saturday, gets the start in goal.

Ex-Flyer Daniel Carcillo faces his former team for the first time wearing Blue. Justin Falk is prucha’d.


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  1. De Niro couldn’t even hail a Taxi Driver on the Mean Streets. He keeps hollering, ‘Cab, Cab!’ All in all, not a Goodfellow.

  2. But moving Staal leaves a huge hole on Defense in which Del Zotto moves up I guess and ayes with Stralman. Ouch.

  3. LGR!
    Fry the Fly-girls!
    Sure Father!

    I agree with Eddie x 3. …3-1 Rangers…Brass un-yuns with gwg

  4. Headed to IHOP to watch game. Waffleboards, ladles, shovels, knives, Pitchforks, pancakes. Oooooooh, and the syrup won’t GO!

  5. Carp- thanks for passing on the Raptors stuff to the staff. Amazing that even a nice story gets troll comments.

  6. Wow! That’s the reverse Ranger effect! A Ranger scoring against his old team, rather than a former Ranger scoring against Hank!

  7. Why bother touching that puck? Just skate away and let the Orange Crud grab it instead of giving up a defensive zone faceoff.

  8. @LW3H

    What’s the Flyers’ Plan B in this situation when “Have Rinaldo run around like an idiot more than normal” isn’t available?

  9. I’m very scared, Carp. Three goal lead against these guys means Berube is gonna put on a long haired wig and turn back the clock to Goon-Thirty.

  10. Carp – Mike Doherty wrote up a blurb about the NY Raptors special needs hockey game yesterday. I emailed you about it. Thought you may have passed on the info.

  11. If Lundqvist sent that rebound into the netting on purpose, that was a great play. Staal needed to get off the ice.

  12. Just thinking that Latona..but then again it was probably luck given he’s the worst puck-handling goalie out there

  13. When you get a three goal lead against the Phlyers they try to injure your goaltender. Don’t get your goaltender injured.

  14. Kudos to Brassard there and super tough Zucc. Wow.

    Definitely enjoying hating Carcillo on our team.

  15. @rangersreport

    Rangers will start the second with :15 5-on-3 as Vendevelde takes goalie interference penalty at buzzer.

  16. Vibin’ Romeo.

    Carcillo said something about “I’ve got your fight right here if you’re looking for one”

  17. Is it too late to get McIlrath on the bus? Never thought I’d say this, but thank god we have Carcillo for this game.

  18. I hate Carcillo. But man he’s got what this team needs. I hate him though. And I’m embarrassed he’s on our team.

  19. If Carcillo plays smart and helps us win, I’m all for him. He’s gotta stop the cheap shots tho.

  20. I really hate Carcillo. I can’t believe I said something complimentary about him. Ugh.


  21. ThisYearsModel on

    A couple more Ranger goals abd the goon squad attack will commence. Henrik better keep his head up.

  22. I’ve never wanted to trade Del Zotto, but now’s the time to do it if you’re going to do it. He has some value in the moment which he didn’t have two weeks ago. I think he’s going to be a star, though.

  23. Wonder if AV or the staff had a talk with Carcillo about keeping things in check. Or if it would matter.

  24. The way to stop the flyers from the goonery is to score on the PP. Rangers need to score a few on the PP. I don’t know why but I got this ugly feeling this game isn’t over by a long shot. I have a feeling the flyers are going to get back into this game.

  25. Carcillo does not need to stop the cheap shots. cheap shots is what makes him effective.
    is Cally hurt?

  26. I hate Carcillo almost as much as I hated Keenan when they signed him. Still not crazy about Iron Mike.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    If it comes to it, just roll into a ball and protect your head, Hank. I won’t think any less of you

  28. I thought Flys got some traction late in that period, and Lundqvist kept it 3-0.

    Some guy just yelled “Get off the ice, Richards” after that icing.

  29. Pouliot, Stralman and Stepan need to drop the gloves and show the Flyers what’s up. If they don’t drop them to fight, they could drop them to engage in some polyrhythmic patty cake-esque hand clapping.

  30. @rangersreport

    Rangers will start the second with :15 5-on-3 as Vendevelde takes goalie interference penalty at buzzer.

    Now Rosehill. Same thing.

  31. like I said, rangers got to make the flyers pay by scoring on these PP’s. That will stop the flyers from there cheapness.

  32. There you go boys. Let the flyers keep taking cheap shot penalties. Rangers now have a legit PP.

  33. Anyone see the disallowed goal in the NJD-TOR game? JVR outside the crease, contact with Schneider is minimal IF any happens at all, Schneider falls backward and TOR puts the puck in the net. Waved off. It was such a terrible call that even Chico, CHICO, couldn’t defend it.





  35. There was a poster who posted on here back in November who isn’t not a regular poster and I forgot the name but that person predicted it would take the rangers until mid January to learn AV’s system and it sure appears that way. It also helps that Lundqvist is starting to play like lundqvist and Nash is starting to play like Nash and same for Callahan.

  36. TommyG, Staal and Girardi have been better too. I still think the D was killing the Rangers the first third of this season, McDonagh excluded.

  37. Why do we need McIlrath when we have Carcillo?

    Id rather have DelZaster, Stralman, Miller than McIlrath if he cant keep up.

  38. iDoodie Machetto on

    I got a seat upgrade. Or, the guy next to me did, then was nice enough to get them to upgrade my brother and I. Two seats in row 2 right behind the bench, two seats in row 14. I’ll be in row 2 for the second ten minutes of the third. The two or three of you that actually know what I look like can look for me.

  39. iDoodie Machetto on

    I continue to hate Carcillo and continue to refuse to cheer for him. I was silent after his goal and only wished harm upon him during his fight.

    He will never be true blue.

  40. Twenty long minutes ahead. Where’s Eric ? Need a little pinch if Eric sauce on this lead, don’t we?

  41. Some don’t realize that a few Phlthies try to antagonize Girardi and McD, especially, and without someone like Carcillo in blue, it would go unanswered.

  42. Mrs. Manny is not happy that I just claimed Jon Voights greatest achievement was his inclusion in Seinfeld.

  43. 2Leetch2 —

    But if big Mac cant skate well enough to defend effectively, what good is he that he can fight?

    John Scott was a heavy weight who couldnt do much else.

    Its interesting its taken them so long to give McIlrath a legitimate shot. He seems behind Justin Falk and Connor Allen on the depth chart, for now.

  44. McLlrath will be here and deservedly so. Come on.

    A lot depends on Del Zotto being traded or not.

  45. The more DelZaster plays, he seems to fit very well on the PP. I dont know if they want to “mess” with the PP by trading him… Unless its an offer they cant refuse.

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Any one that roots against a guy in a ranger jersey in a fight, regardless of who he is or who he played for, shouldn’t be a fan of the rangers!!

    “That’s how you make them pay for cheap shots and trying to injure us” is some of the most ridiculous logic I have ever heard, especially if you are one of the guys that got injured!

  47. How can we say that McIlrath can’t defend? We haven’t seen enough of him yet. He is the crease clearing D-man we need, and he will improve.

  48. The Kreider got boarded and them scored on the PP for that penalty that he drew. That’s pretty good of him.

  49. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mdz and hags for ruutu

    Boyle for bordeleau

    NATW for engelland

    When healthy, bring up mcilrath

  50. Latona– you are probably right. In fact, blow this game against That philthy team, and I dont know if i can stomach watching them the rest of this season.

  51. 2Leetch2

    If McIlrath is the big, intimidating, crease clearing physical presence he is predicted to become, than yeah we need him.

    But if he cant skate well enough to keep up, then let the kid develop further in the minors.

  52. next time they play the flyers the rangers should do a 1 game call up and bring up Haley to help Carcillo with this flyer nonsense.

  53. ORR!!

    That is an astute read – i do not wish to see a Philthy “bloodbath” at the end of this game. Give ’em credit for tryin’

  54. “Bad news for Eastern Conference, but great news for the New York Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist is back.”

  55. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Hanka Hanka has returned and secured another victory.

  56. Half a year to learn the AV system, and a hockey lifetime to unlearn the Torts “system” of getting black and blue from doing the goalie’s job and blocking shots,and emotionally drained from getting called out/benched for every screw up, in the regular season, so as to make the playoffs with nothing but vapor in the tank.

  57. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    The boys foisted, crunched, spun, ladled, one-handed, banged, rattled, spirited, wove, lobbed, rifled, challenged, toe-dragged, angled, nudged, outletted, scorched, twisted, scissored, butchered, chopped, peeled, and rocketed their way to a nice win.

    Go John Moore!

  58. I would normally agree, Carp but the Phlyers are absolutely despicable. Just out there to injure.

  59. Johnny Moore can throw them. He just doesn’t do it very often. Hate that they don’t take their visors off to fight. Weak sauce!
    Carcillo is going to get his linemates killed with that crap of his!

  60. It shames me to admit this, but i think Carcillo is the type of creep this team needs. They are too vanilla without.

  61. Pathetic that NJD got one, potentially two points out of a game they should have lost, or at least have had to tie at 3. One of the worst calls I’ve seen all season.

  62. Still pains me to see Jagr in a Swamp Rat sweater. Loved him on Broadway, but the dude’s just a sellout now.

  63. If there was one Phlyer i could take on my team, it would be Simmonds. What a nice player.

  64. Carp, when Hank throws his stick into the crowd does security come and take it from the fan? Or, do they let them carry it out of the building to smack a few Philthy fans?

  65. The king is playing great, but I won’t declare him back until he blanks the next shootout peeps

  66. I know +/- is a misleading stat, but does everyone realize that the entire team is “-” except for THE Kreider, Hagelin, and Carcillo?

  67. Long Beard Since 1994 on

    NBC actually showed the scraps at the end of the game. Someone upstairs realized that this might be a part of the game for the past 40 years or so.

  68. Good point, Longbeard. Cameras are always pointed for ten seconds at a disinterested goalie or a non-combatant after a fight breaks out. Can’t be a coincidence, must come from…somewhere.

  69. Hartnell started that late bruhaha, then tried to skate away until his boys took over, then he jumped in again. Punk.

  70. I can’t believe the islanders and devils keep winning. Those out door games coming up are going to be huge games for the rangers.

  71. Jagr will have to alter his plans to play for the entire division. All he needed was a one year deal with the Islanders next year, but the reMalignment ruined that.

  72. Long Beard Since 1994 on

    Didn’t see the eye gouge by Schenn. But it was hard to miss his back of the head slaps to Moore. I saw that same thing on TV yesterday morning when Moe slapped Curly upside the head.

  73. For truculence, the beer bottles have to be flying (no pun intended, a la Boston Garden)…nice cap to the weekend, but they let up in the third and let the Phylthies take it to them and the King…nice all around effort. Agreed they need a bloke like Carcillio to keep the opposition on edge…and it is a balancing act. But he’s not sneaky like Avery…he’s right up front with his nasty play.

  74. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Norris after the whistle? Stralman. Wicky wants to trade half the defense.

    January 12th, 2014 at 9:27 PM

    I’ve been saying all year, only 2 d men I would keep is mcdonut and j Moops.

  75. Stranger Nation on

    Wow – just flipping WOW

    J Moore – beast, dude needs to drop the mitts more often
    THE – Manbeast, his pass on 2nd goal was beastly
    Nash – thanks for rejoining the team. Your sleepy twin brother is not fun to watch
    Henk – back on the throne, was under constant assault at times
    Zucc – Brass – What a goal!!
    Boyle – needs to fire skating coach and hire boxing coach

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