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1) Although the game was hideous at times, and I thought early on the Rangers didn’t take care of the puck nearly well enough — especially the line that eventually created the game-winning goal — this was a pretty good win. It was one of those whatever-it-takes games you need to have coming off the most memorable win of the season. As Rick Nash said, it put an exclamation point on the game in Chicago Wednesday. It did.

Dallas Stars v New York Rangers2) And again, I thought that line of Nash, Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan, gave up a prime scoring chance on each of its first four shifts, or four of its first five. But that trio got much better as the game went on. I originally thought Nash shot wide on that breakaway. He didn’t. He made a really good shot, above the right pad, below the blocker, and Kari Lehtonen robbed him. Thanks to reader cooscoos for pointing that out to me.

3) Which brings us to the daily Nash-O-Meter. The guy has been better lately, a lot better. Yeah, a stinker thrown in here and there. He was one of two Rangers who didn’t have a point in Toronto, but I thought he was good there, after a terrible game (by everybody) in Pittsburgh. He was strong against his former team, Columbus, on Monday, excellent in Chicago, and that GWG he scored last night, while being twisted to the ice, is what he is paid to do. And let us not forget that that play doesn’t happen without the good cycle by Stepan and Kreider.

4) But, boy, was that hard to watch, especially early. Terrible pace, which is to be expected from a Lindy Ruff team, on the road, in the second of back-to-backs. Alain Vigneault said there were more than 50 faceoffs in the first two periods (there were 73 overall, and the Rangers won 45). Marc Staal said it set a record for icings and faceoffs. Hideous. But the Rangers played into it with the icings, and with, early on, some stubborn attempts to carry the puck through the neutral zone or through two or three Stars at the blue line. There were probably more brain-locks with and without the puck through the first 24:00 than there were through an entire 60:00 against the Stanley Cup champs.Dallas Stars v New York Rangers

5) How nice must it be for the Rangers to finally have a power play? A really legit power play? The new first unit of Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard and Benoit Pouliot really got it done at a big point in the game. Pouliot with the screen, Zuccarello with the pass, Brassard with the redirection. You could count on not too many fingers how many PPGs they scored like that last season.

6) And Pouliot made a really sensational but subtle play on Ryan Callahan’s goal. He was going for a change and saw the puck laying just inside the blue line. He hesitated for his teammates to tag up, then made the pass across to Brad Richards, whose shot was blocked and caromed to Callahan. And he, too, scored while going down. Maybe there’s something to that.

7) Speaking of Richards, I thought he battled pretty hard against his former team. Got into a few scrums. Had the slapper off the crossbar — really, the Rangers had enough chances to maybe win it earlier — and did a lot of good things with the puck. And more than usual without it, IMO.Dallas Stars v New York Rangers

8) The 1-0 goal, Marc Staal — who I thought had another solid game — was behind the icing ling with Anton Stralman. I thought Staal was tripped (no call) and that created the chaos. But Pouliot and Brassard lolly-gagged back, and Zuccarello busted it but didn’t stop the goal scorer, Cody Eakin. It happens. On the second, Staal was up ice — as the coaches want him to be, and Stralman couldn’t prevent the pass on the 2-on-1. But give credit where it’s due. Antoine Roussel’s pass hopped and Ryan Garbutt showed some mitts by knocking the puck out of the air and onto his stick for a quick shot. Again, it happens.

9) And after watching those goals several times after the game, I don’t think you can blame Henrik Lundqvist for either of them. In fact, other than the short-sider in Chicago, he hasn’t allowed much at all lately. Is he coming around, ready to go on a little roll? I’m not ready to say that. I need to see more. But it sure beats the way he had been playing. Still the most important player, or at least the player the Rangers most need to get turned around.

10) A funny moment in the second period. Kreider was moving up the right wall with the puck took his hand off the stick to push Nash out of his way.Dallas Stars v New York Rangers

11) Daniel Carcillo. Hey, you know what I think of him being on this team. But … the guy was credited for eight hits. His hit on Garbutt was followed by a bigger hit by Michael Del Zotto on Roussel, and those got the crowd going and got the bench into it. We sure haven’t seen enough of that this season. I was talking to Dave Maloney and he made a great point. You can tell that Carcillo’s been in the league a long time. He handles his few minutes responsibly (other than the bad penalties, none of which he has taken yet). But has a basic understanding of where to be and what to do when he gets there. Carcillo played only one shift in the third. If he’s on the team, he has to play against Philadelphia. So I understand J.T. Miller going to Hartford to play at least a couple of games this weekend.

12) Oh, and once again, Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi put a blanket on Dallas’ first line of Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn and Erik Cole. Yeah, it’s not Pittsburgh, but, assuming my math is correct (big assumption) those three guys had 47 goals and 99 points coming in, and had 47 goals and 99 points when they left.

13) The Captain was pretty darn strong in this game, too. Finding his game in a big way lately.

14) Did Dallas really trade James Neal and Matt Niskanen for Alex Goligoski? On the other side, how do you get a guy like Antoine Roussel (8-8-16, 109 PIM)?

My Three Rangers Stars:Dallas Stars v New York Rangers
1. Rick Nash.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Brad Richards.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Brad Richards.

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  1. Onions game. They showed onions. I am impressed. Taking the boy Sunday night. Hope they have onions left for that one.

  2. Faust?

    As always great review Carp. Didn’t see the first half of the game but did think there were plenty of positives in the second half. Seguin – who has been on a tear as has the rest of his mates – was nearly invisible…yes, that late chance to bury it when NYR came back with the go ahead…but still. Speaking of that chance, obviously he scores we’re all singing a different tune but for NYR to press back and then Nasher with that goal…you are exactly right…that is exactly what big money players get paid to do and its good to see that he’s doing that more often now. Good for him and good for hank who seems to be finding his game.

    Trading James Neal…let alone Niskansomething (who i would love to both have on NYR)….for who? I mean, that deal is McDonuts level steal by Shero..i mean really?

  3. Great review Carp.

    Big win, maybe as big as the Chicago win. Hank playing well, Cally rounding into form, everyone doing everything just a little bit better. Easier team to watch and cheer for.

    This comment is a good one and is something we talked about back in the Summer.

    Jonathan E
    The Rangers best enforcer is their power play.

    January 11th, 2014 at 2:17 AM

    Amen, Jonathan E.

    LGR !!!

  4. Accurate write up, Carp. I was amazed how Carcillo improved and matured after leaving the Phylthies…thought he provided a nice cog to the Blackhawks last year. Inspiring, athletic goal by a prone Gnash at game’s closing moments. When BR plays as if motivated, it seems to rub off on the rest.

  5. GM Carp,

    I doubt too many people would agree with you about Hank’s performance. He looked inept on both goals; one the guy came in and just shoved it between his legs. An NHL goalie has to make that stop. Even the crowd gave a sarcastic cheer when he stopped the next one. To me, he looked ill at ease most of the night. He seemed to be fighting off pucks instead of handling them smoothly. I wonder if the smaller pads are affecting his confidence.

    Del Zotto playing with more confidence, especially his skating, but when he and J.Moore are on the ice, that’s usually when the Rangers get hard wired in their own zone.

    I think AV has shown that he’s a top echelon coach. The scheme and efficiency of the pp and the pk.
    Also, the Rangers are tied for 5th in the league for shots on goal. AV has got them all shooting first, passing second and they all seem to be crashing the net. The Rangers problem is that even though they have more SOG than, the Penguins, Blues, Canucks. Bruins and tied with the Ducks, their conversion percentage is much less than these teams. That, unfortunately, is from a lack of talent.

  6. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Hank is looking better, but has a ways to go. Very unsure of himself. Sees some, not all.

    That Brass-Pull-MZA line is a godsend. Not only working effectively, but it takes 3 guys that are only good with each other. If that line works for the remainder of the year, we have a fairly balanced lineup.

    Nash’s goal, big assist from Kreider, was an elite player’s goal. Dare say no one else on this team could do that.

    Many players are coming forward with much better play.

    The special teams can win PO games. They are like a new team, in that respect. Gotta credit the coaching. HOWEVER, this is not a PO team yet. PO”s are rugged, hard hitting, physical. Where are we going with that?

  7. STILL, the best part of a Ranger game, win or lose is Carp’s post game review. I sit down with a cup of coffee, fire up the computer and always enjoy Carp’s observations. Thanks for what you do hear carp. I am a lurker for the most part, but an avid follower of your page!

    You know, last year, and when Torts was here, I criticized the players for the poor power play. I just thought they weren’t executing. But man, was I wrong!! What a difference coaching has made with the same group of players. They look like a completely different bunch.

    When they won the cup in 94, they were first on the PP and first on the PK. We ALL know how KEY special teams are in the playoffs. (OK, I know, the Bruins won the cup and their PP sucked) when you are up or down a goal and get a PP in the playoffs, it can be a true turning point in the game. Last year, when the rangers got a PP, I found myself YELLING… DECLINE!!! I thought the PP killed momentum because it was so bad and they were so much better and cohesive at full strength.

    Well, that has clearly changed! Who knows, maybe they are better positioned (I know, they have to make the damn playoffs first) for playoff success with the PP and PK this year than in past years?

    Just a thought.


  8. While I’m in self-imposed viewing boycott, I note with interest that the Rangers have been winning with three players who obviously need benching: Richards, Lundqvist and Nash. No idea why AV sticks with these soft, washed-up clowns.

    Visiting MSG tonight for the first time since the 70s to see the national champs play Harvard. Hoping Carcillo isn’t playing.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    carp – good stuff, fun game, fans got their money’s worth

    Richards best game by far given his hustle and hard play through out game. Playing the pivot with Hags and Cally has energized him finally. He even tried to skate through traffic once and threw a check or two.

    Girardi is another guy who has played much much better. Hes been slamming people into the boards and doing a better job moving puck out of zone which can be a real challenge for him.

    Still think Hank is fighting it and Nash is slumbering for half the game. Step is becoming an enigma. some weird plays in last few games, hope he is not hurt.

    Must beat the Filth of Delphia at home!

  10. Terrible first period, was just awful to watch all the mistakes, icings and poor shots. But, eventually we got going thanks to our powerplay, which I get really excited about seeing when that arm goes up now!

    I thought Richards and Cally were very good and the refs were letting a few too many trips and grabs by the Stars go, especially the one on Staal for the goal.

    Roussel looks a heck of a player

  11. Yev, I think the reason behind the change in strength (pun intended) of the PP and PK in lieu of even strength is practice time on each…players have said the AV has them practicing the PP every day and focuses on it. Torts focused more on 5-on-5…as a result, the PP has been an effective weapon for a change and I always feel we have a chance if given a PP. I think it’s more a matter of priorities than overall effectiveness of the coach.

  12. Richards best games last year were with Callahan and Hagelin.

    The PP has much different personnel on it than most of last year. Kreider wasn’t ready. McD wasn’t given much if a chance. Pouliot wasn’t on the team. Brassard and MZA both came late in the season.

  13. If Stepan can find his game, and Callahan can stay healthy, the offense will look like many being us thought it could be at the beginning of the year.

  14. Paul in sunrise on

    Roussel comparable may be Avery. Grit and speed. Some skills. Pest. That’s a guy suited for this team and the leastern conference

  15. And somehow the PP goals keep coming despite Richards playing on it almost all the time, often up top. Weird.

  16. _@JimCerny: HOT! RT @JRNYR: #NYR prospect @aduclair10 extends goal streak to career high 8. 1+1 tonight and 9 goals and 10 assists over the 8 game span_

    THE Duclair?

  17. Stranger Nation on

    _AV has them practicing the PP every day and focuses on it. Torts focused more on 5-on-5_

    and the PP is doing great and 5v5 not so much. Wonder how that will shake out over the long haul

    Our centers (Step, Richards, Brass) have a combined 33 even strength assists this season in 46 games. That has to change.

  18. Another big game tomorrow against Philthy. Philthy has 2 games in h and so it makes tomorrow’s game even bigger for the rangers to win. As usual the rangers are fighting for the last 2 spots in the playoff race. Don’t look now but the Islanders are red hot and are creeping up into the race for the last 2 spots. the rangers will be playing them soon along with the devils. Because the last 2 spots are up for grabs for so many teams the last few months of games are going to be like playoff games.

  19. Interesting question Stranger…Torts’ philosophy seemed to be strong PK, strong 5-on-5 and avoid the penalty box (he would bench players after bad penalties). AV is counting on penalty calls against opponents but, as you note, seems much weaker on the 5-on-5, which is an important component of most playoff games, when coaches stress avoidance of bad penalties.

  20. Agree on everything Carp. And watching the post game last night Maloney hit the nail on the head. Miller is not a fourth line player. It really is doing him no good to fill in and play few fourth line minutes up here when he can play on the first line in Hartford. Also, having Carcillo play on the fourth line allows everyone else to fall in to place now that the team is healthy. I will also add that I still think he will be traded, but DelZ has put together a few strong games in a row. Last night he had a very good game.

  21. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review,Carp. Hideous game describes it well.

    Don’t underestimate this win. They were fighting it all night long, this game is a certain loss at the beginning of this season. They found the way to win it.

    Someone needs to look up the PP opportunities for this team this year comparing to, say, last two. I bet you the coaches are telling their players to stay away from penalties against NY. The PP is deadly, and it’s a threat to score every time. Utilizing a player ( usually Pouliot or Brassard) down the slot is almost indefensible. If a D-man tries to cover that spot, it leaves a back door play on the other side. Both MZA and Richards are responsible for their success. Along with coaching.

    Carcillo doesn’t look out of place. Yet. As much I dislike the guy, he’s done exactly what they wanted him to. Brought a little edge and physicality they’ve been lacking so far. Along with a little craziness.

  22. Remember when we used to say ” decline it” when the rangers drew a penalty?

    Not too long ago.

  23. http://blueshirtsunited.com/videos/4798/rick-s-nashty-game-winning-goal-friday-night?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=tweets&utm_content=twitter_1389413800#.UtFpymRDue4

    They never mentioned it on the broadcast, and maybe it is my imagination? Look at the Seguin deflection right before the Nash goal. I think it hit the crossbar? You don’t hear anything, but looks like the goal is shaking after it deflects off the crossbar. Did I see this correctly?

  24. Sather Must Go! on

    Nice review, Carp! MZA does something every game..he made2-3 nice passes on thesame PP before the Brassard redirect..

    With some players (unfort not MDZ) putting up some points, maybe raising their trade value..i still think some added toughness thruout the lineup is needed…not to mention organizational depth hartfordis really bad this year

  25. One more thing. Give AV some props on coaching. He outcoached his opponent, Lindy Ruff, a very good coach himself. On the GWG Nash was being covered by Aaron Rome. I’ll take Nash against Aaron Rome any day of the week.

  26. Out of the last 3 games,tomorrow is The Most Important one – 4 point worth.Count on Carsillo, who’s name I still have difficulty to imagine with a capital letter and probably, will associate with a descriptive noun for the rest of my life when disgusted.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    _Count on Carsillo, who’s name I still have difficulty to imagine with a capital letter and probably, will associate with a descriptive noun for the rest of my life when disgusted._

    That’s funny. Whenever I hear somebody say “Carcillo” on TV during the game there is always a split second where I think to myself _did they just say carcillo? Can you say that on TV?_

  28. Coffee and the Carp write up, love it.
    Thought the 1st Stars goal where Staal was tripped and or interfered w/ was on Stralman, who left the slot, was late to the puck and below goal line..
    Agree on Richards. Stepan line is going to be interesting to watch when #21 gets his Game back on track offensively..with Nash gaining confidence and his legs and TheKreider playing like he is.
    Still think MDZ forces too many stretch passes. Supposed to be a puck possession squad, and 9/10 x’s, it’s icing or TO.
    Overall good to see them winning in different ways.
    Torts Sullivan power play ineptitude was coaching or lack thereof. The players often stated last yr that they rarely practiced man up. It showed. Now the puck moves, the players move and they are more decisive and attack based on how they’re D’d up.
    This is good coffee.

  29. Carp, I always enjoy reading your post-game thoughts with a morning cup of coffee. Especially on Saturday mornings! Thanks! Was that Don, Dave, or Mary Maloney you were talking to? :)

  30. “On the second, Staal was up ice—as the coaches want him to be, and Stralman couldn’t prevent the pass on the 2-on-1.”

    Enough with this comment already about the d-men…
    The defensemen join the rush or jump up into the play when you know the your team has possession of the puck and is in a good position to create a scoring chance from him joining the play…
    Staal should not have jumped up on that play because we were not in “solid” possession of the puck…It was a misread by him…

    The coaches do not “always” want the d-men to jump on…You make it sound like they are told to always jump up and into the rush…

  31. Good point on the PP. You might not need as much “drop the gloves” toughness if when the other team gives you a man advantage the puck ends up in the back of their net in the next two minutes.

    A good deterrent. Still would like to have someone that can do both though. In my mind, Brassard, Zuc, Pouliout, Hags, Step, Richards, Moore, Nash, the Rangers just too soft up front.

  32. The rangers are lacking in having a few guys who can play hockey and who can drop the gloves when it calls for it. The problem with those type of Players is they don’t grow on trees.

  33. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _2011-2012 was the best season of my life._

    Were you born following 1993-1994?

  34. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I liked 95 and 96, 97 and 03-04 until the deadline.

    94 is a no brainer and 11-12 was also a gooder.

  35. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d like to see a 3rd line of roussel Lindberg dorsett and a fourth line of bordeleau lapierre carcillo.

  36. I think my Favorite Hartford Whalers season was 95-96 when they almost made it (in Whalers terms). But then the next season was the worst of my life when the team randomly left town years earlier than expected because that *liar* Peter Karmanos moved.

  37. Maybe one day your third and fourth lines could fight each other, Wick? That would be a *heck* of a line brawl at practice.

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    My favorite Hartford Whalers memory is when I would go to my friend Chris’ house to play NHL 94 for Sega Genesis, but since it was his house he would always get to be the Rangers. So I would either be the Whalers or Red Wings and would usually *beat* him

  39. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The thing is none of those guys are pure fighters and all of them can put the biscuit in the basket.

    Lindberg is the only non scrapper of the bunch and lapierre isn’t great at it but is willing. The other four can hold their own in their weight classes but still score. Perfect bottom 6 IMHO

  40. We were having this discussion about Lindberg, Wick. I still have my Center depth being

    John Mitchell

    Is that horrible? I don’t really get why Miller isn’t being given a chance but I guess he can develop while we have Brassard around.

  41. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    He can’t develop while we have brassard or Stepan or secretariat (if he isn’t on a wing)

  42. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Don’t just pin it on brassard, step is as much of the developmental problem for miller as brassard.

    I’d still keep brass over step either way and I’d use one or the other to get stastny and keep the other one as a 2 centre.

  43. leetchhalloffame on

    Stepan’s whiffs last night were both comical and pathetic. What has happened to his game?

  44. Okay everyone, just IMAGINE how this team would be doing with Pär Mårts! I bet THE would be able to play in OT.

    Pär Mårts!

  45. No way, Carp. Just saying that I don’t think Brassard hangs around at $4M+ next season. Therefore, Someone has to slot up or they have to make a move or terrible UFA signing.

    I think Stepan is, by far, the best Center in the organization.

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not in the least bit. Manny just doesn’t like brassard, so he blames him for millers lack of sticking. I think miller is 3rd line centre material, but centre is the one deep position this team has.

    I think step and brassard are better than miller by a substantial amount at this point and I think brassard is slightly better than step (certainly more physical) at this point as well.

  47. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also think both brassard and step are second line centres in the nhl and both can slot in as a first intermittently but are true # 2s.

  48. This is the same argument I have been making forever. 1st line centers are few and far between. There are not enough of them to go around, And some teams, that develop well, have more than one. So a team like the Rangers is going to have to make due with a 1a on the first line. Stepan is that guy.

    I don’t not like Brassard. If he made $2.5M I would like him a lot more. But he’s not good defensively, he’s streaky and has been in the league for a *long* time and never put up 50+ point numbers, and has only been close once.

    Miller is a 3rd line Center (and I think he should be fulfilling that role right now) but We just don’t have the depth for that. Next year someone has to go and it’s likely Brassard with his excessive price tag.

  49. We are clearly the best team in the league

    After all, we just beat two of the past fifteen Cup champions

  50. Fine: Can I at least say that it’s incredibly rare to be able to obtain a bonafide #1 Center without developing them yourself? Sure there are exceptions but our GM isn’t the guy that can pull that off.

  51. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Messier in a trade, Gretzky to several teams in a trade, Ron Francis, brad Richards (not us), just to name a few off the top of my head.

  52. Well who are we going to go out and get, right now, in Today’s NHL, which has a salary cap, that can be our bonfire #1 Center?

  53. Are you willing to trade some of our best prospects for Stastny immediately and then re-sign him to a UFA contract where he’s the best Center on the market? How did that work out with Richards? You’re also getting Stastny as he hits 30 and signing him through age 37 for probably $8M/Per.

  54. Might as well just hand us the Cup now. We’re 2 and 0 with Carcillo in the lineup. He’s the missing piece to the puzzle. Nobody will be able to stop us. : )

  55. Wolfpack lose yet again and are basically dead last in the AHL. Why can’t they finally fire that clown Gernander? His record has been getting worse and worse every year. Hire some ex NHL coach with a clue.

    This organizational incompetence is getting ridiculous. Wolfpack has a great roster except maybe average goaltending, with a good coach they should be one of the best teams in AHL.

    Every game I look at the stats and I see that Nash, Richards and Stepan threw 0 hits.

  56. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Depends on the prospects.

    Is stastny better than any of the centres we have now?? Yes.

    Is he a legit # 1…yes. Is he worth 8+ for 7 years…not sure, but lack of options might force that.

  57. John Mitchell is my dream center for the 4th line. Love that guy.

    I don’t like going after Stastny and spending all that cash. Is he _that_ much better than Stepan. I would say he’s not $4M better than Stepan. That would mean Stastny has to be great on defense, good on the PK and put up 90+ pts since he’s paid more than double what Stepan is.

    I think the real hole is an organizationally developed, inexpensive 2nd line Center.

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not to mention we wonder if paying brassard say 4.2 mil for 3 or 4 years is worth it, but what is step going to ask for after next season? I’m sure it will be more than 4.2 or so…a lot more.

    I’d rather have brass at 4.2 than step at 6.2.

  59. Despite the team’s terrible start to the season and poor play from Lundqvist they are in the playoff hunt. I don’t think they have been ranked this high combined PP,,PK in a while. I am not convinced that Hank has returned anywhere near to form as he looks like he battles every shot and rarely makes any save look easy.

  60. Re: ARod –

    ‘The louder he talked
    Of his honor,
    The faster we counted
    Or spoons.’

    R. Waldo Emerson

  61. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So you are saying we dont have a organizational first line centre, nor do we have an inexpensive 2nd line centre?

    I think first line centres on the pk depends on the type of centre the player is. If he is an offencive player, he may not be. If he is a two way first line centre then he might be.

  62. The main reason for NHL re-alignment has been happening the last few days as Crosby visits western Canada.

  63. I think Stepan is our #1. He’s the best we have. He’s a two way guy (currently covering for The Kreider and Nash who are defensively inept) and he outs up close to 50 every season. He was even pro rated at over 70 last season.

    It’s the second line that concerns me and I don’t like brassard a consistency although think he’s a cheaper option than Stastny.

    I want Miller as our third and Mitchell as the 4th.

    If that happens then we can afford Stepan and Brassard up top.

  64. So sorry for all the auto corrections that make that hard to read. I will move to the computer from now on!

  65. The Phlyers just failed to score on a 1:50 5-on-3. Good kill for the Lightning. Always a friend to the Rangers those guys!

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I just compared stastny and Stepan’s stats for the season and this season I like stastnys in 6 less games far more!

  67. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    It will be interesting to see how our team fares against a physical team like Philly. Chicago has good size, but that game was not rough. In fact, these last two games did not feature ‘tough play’.

    Further, both teams didn’t have imposingly huge defensemen. One of our issues has been the size/strength of our small forwards, or wimpy big forwards vis-a-vis getting to the front of the net. We were able to do that the last 2 games. Is this a trend? I’d like to be wrong, but I think not.

    Sorry to pour water on this nice little 10 game 7-2-1 ‘streak’, as there is little question something has clicked and many players are playing better. The PP looks good for the first time in decades!! Special teams look serious!!

    However, the type of play in the PO’s, against teams like Boston will be rough and rugged. Until our boys can show that they can withstand heavy checking, grinding, and possible fisticuffs from a big, physical team, I am not, at this point in time, thinking we go far in the PO’s IF we make them.

    Prust saying.

  68. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Of course, we also have trouble with size on ‘d’, too, as our, in general, average sized defensemen have trouble clearing the front of the net.

    Let’s see what happens when we play an imposing team that WANTS to play hard, like it’s the PO’s. Let’s see.

  69. Panthers just about $30 mil under the Cap AND asking taxpayers for more help. Destination Saskatoon?

  70. Carp, you are the best. Even in this Jekyl and Hyde of a NYR season, your analysis is refreshing and spot on. From all the boneheads, we appreciate all you do!!

  71. Who would have believed that Mats, Derik B., and Benoit would be our #1 PP group AND lighting it up to boot?

  72. thanks Rob.

    the most memorable of that Q/A with Messier…..

    Have you ever spilled something and then said, “I’m messy, eh?”

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Filthy’s D is not huge save for Colburn and Grossman. In fact, they are old and under sized. Their forward lines are deep and their goal tending has stabilized.

    Should be a fun game to watch…if we win

  74. What I’ve noticed this season is that Zucc is a spark plug wherever you put him.

    Early in his career, some of us viewed him as a shootout specialist and PP QB and it stopped there. Borderline NHL’er, right? Many of us thought he was “too small for Prime Time”.

    Well, we can all see now that he is much, much more than that. He can grind, he can pass, he can kill penalties, he can hit, he play on the wall, he can score at even strength, he can even win you faceoffs, and be a pest to the other team.

    And, he is the team’s primary offensive weapon. Whatever line he has been on, he has made his linemates better…

    Now, he isn’t Gretzky, but he is a very good player who they are lucky to have. They need to sign Zucc now…

  75. Flys battle back from 3-1 down to tie, Bolts then get two to go up 5-3 after two. Seven goals in the second period alone.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dateline tomorrow night:

    Ranger goal, number 16, his 4th of the game, and 11th on the season….Derick Brassssssssssssard.

  77. This Phlyers/Lightning game is insanity, eh Carp? Horrendous defense. Sloppy outlets. Breakaways. Ugly Goals. It’s awful.

    I’m with you, NYR. Zucc has really shined this season. The guy can just flat out see the ice and move the puck. I can’t believe he doesn’t play Center.

  78. “Flys battle back from 3-1 down to tie, Bolts then get two to go up 5-3 after two. Seven goals in the second period alone.”

    Didn’t they play like an 8-7 game in Philly not too long ago?

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The zucchini has stumbled in the post season in previous years. He hasn’t fared all that well in a tight checking, physical series, yet. This year maybe things will be different. To be fair, the whole team disappeared against the Bruins last year, save Dorsett….

  80. Actually, Eddie, Zucc and Brassard were our two best forwards in the playoffs last season…

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – against the caps both were great….But against the B’s the entire team went away, except Gnash who as Ricardo just pointed out was good…

  82. Flyers is one hell of a lot better name than “76ers,” truncated to “Sixers.” Talk about an enfeebled, default, bottom-feeder name, reducing a team’s name to a variation of the number “6” is as dreadful as it gets. They even call their farm club the Delaware 87ers, which sounds like a really bad joke.

    I would have gone with Philadelphia Atomics, or Philadelphia Arizins, both which can be reduced to “Philadelphia A’s,” which has a nice historical basis for it, anything but that Sixers crap.

    Philadelphia Warriors worked extremely well in its day, especially with the glut of “savages” running around Broad Street, back then.

  83. Shoot me, but I’d just as soon have MDZ as Stralman. Still potential upside with #4. That said, I get nervous whenever Girardi and McDonuts are watching.

  84. Rob in Beantown on

    Knickerbockers is about as bad a name as 76ers. Which is to say they are both kind of cool, I think

  85. Man. Who would have expected the Phlyers to start gooning it up and trying to hurt the Lightning late in the game? Not me. Especially not with Berube as their head coach!

  86. Despite anything I say about Brassard, because everyone thinks I hate him (which I don’t), he was one of the best, if not THE best, player for us in the postseason. Pyatt was also terrific.

  87. Thanks for the link, Carp. Great point by the Hockey Central guys that Tim Murray is now the GM in Buffalo and he was previously interested in Del Zotto when he was in Ottawa.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Objectively, Brassard was their best player last post season. He likes the big stage. Hoping this year it will be no different…

    Round 1:

    Rangers – Flyers

    Rangers in 5

  89. Enjoyed the write up as always Carp. Yes it was, at times, as hard to watch as a late September Mets game. Hard to say who looked worse in the first 20, the Rangers or Stars in their Hess Trucks sweaters.

    But Nash indeed stringing together some better efforts. I am feeling a lot better about this team than I was 2 weeks ago The Friendly Ghost count has been steadily dropping and there was increase in the Onion Factor.

    Another good test on Sunday. Glad I was wrong about them losing to Dallas.

  90. Knickerbockers is a great name, I think. OK with the truncating to Knicks, that was inevitable, but both are just fine and wonderfully suggestive of the New York City Culture of 80+ years ago.

  91. Not on Madison, not Square, and not a Garden. Much like the Holy Roman Empire, which was none of the three.

  92. leetchhalloffame on

    Can’t believe what I’m reading here about people thinking Stepan is having a good year. He’s been one step above awful. Not saying he should be traded or doesn’t deserve more time to prove himself but can we really count heavily on him to be our future #1 center?

  93. What do I know, but I really wonder at the financial feasibility of that enormous complex Mess is working on in the Bronx unless NYC Bd of Ed initiates mandatory student skating and pays for it.

  94. leetchhalloffame on

    As of today only 2 NYR players in plus column. THE KREIDER plus 10. Has plus 1. All others minus except for Carcillo at 0 after 2 games.

  95. Stranger Nation on

    Mess’ Folly – hope he hasn’t put up capital. Can count the number of skaters in The Boogie Down on two hands. No accommodations to use for tourneys – don’t understand the biz case

  96. Step was probably the best forward on the team last year. This year, well….

    But he is far from the only top 6 forward to underwhelm this year.

  97. Would love like to see Haley brought up to play on the fourth line with Boyle and Carcillo against Philthy and against other more physical teams.

  98. Wonder if they’ll keep Carcillo when Dorsett returns. Hope so. Or Haley. They’ll need more than one hard noser when the heavy lifting arrives. Can’t complain about Boyler and DMoops on 4th line, maybe promote Dors to third?

  99. Who sits? Probably Carcillo out for Dorsett. But there have been others due for a Prucha this year.

    I was in favor of benching Nash a little while back to maybe light a fire under him, but he seems to be warming up. It’s been pointed out here many times, these “top 6” guys have no fear of being scratched. Play your ass off or you will sit. Brassard, Hagelin, Stepan, Nash and even Callahan have, some for extended periods of time, played rather ….ehhh.

    It worked with Poulliot and Zuccarello. It could work with Stepan or Brassard.

  100. Stranger Nation on

    Brass and Hags are not guys i would put on that list

    Bucky, Mashed Potatoes and Step are on the top of that list and they will never sit IMHO

  101. Seems someone lit a match under Bucky’s saddle to play a little 2-way, after watching him last night. Then, AV gave him verbal ink in the Presser, like a father does to pump a kid who dragged his D average up to a C. Must admit, though, in the O zone, he’s still a factor.

  102. Stranger Nation:

    I would not put Hagelin or Brassard there now either. I meant at different times so far this year I could have seen it, but injuries kept them safe.

  103. Really like the way McD can slyly zip and dip from outside and find a shooting lane, looking for a tip in front. Shades of old #2.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alysheba is playing as though he’ll finally catch Affirmed….this is a good thing so long as he doesn’t race as a 4 yr. old…

  105. Kim has Rod Man’s nose, lip, and ear rings removed, boils and eats him, admits, “I was a ritter drunk at the time.”

  106. Stupid question: JT Miller’s NHL salary is $925 grand; AHL salary is just 70 grand, leaving out his signing bonus. When he is up and down, if his salary pro-rated? In other words, does he make under a grand a game at Hartford, and eleven grand per up here?

  107. Little incentive for guys like Ash, (as an example) except to showcase himself for another contract somewhere, which won’t come.

  108. Just think, if players on the Philadelphia NBA team were implicated in a points-shaving scandal, the team could change its name to: Philadelphia Fixers.

  109. From Adrian Dater
    less than a minute ago

    Scouts from the following four NHL teams are at Avs-Wild tonight…

    They are: Calgary Flames, New York Rangers, Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets.
    Word in the press box is the Jets are almost practically in selloff mode, and the Rangers need to make a move too.
    The Avs have a long history of making deals with the Flames, though not making in the Avs brass are too good a friend of Brian Burke.

  110. Yes, Coos. Pretty much what you said about two-way contract. Except it’s prorated on days spent on the roster, not games played. This season is 186 days long.

  111. Is it BRich telling Sestito “this is a fantasy camp for you” ?

    That would be a great photo!

  112. Lots of thanks and well wished from Wolfs to Wade Redden. He must have supplied the poor boys with tons of free pizza and beer on that super bloated ‘AHL’ salary.

  113. @WolfPackAHL: That is Kristo’s team-leading 14th goal of the season. Assist from Danny Syvret. Danny to Danny connection

  114. I meant personality wise. I think I’m one of the few people here that thinks Brad, although overpaid, is a good hockey player on one end of the ice.

  115. Sather & the boys looking at Statsny perhaps? If he makes it here he’d only need to add an r at the end of his name to make a sweet twitter handle.

  116. I wonder what the price on Stastny is. He’s basically a rental. Does Colorado want him back at all? And I bet he get signed from age 29-36 at about $8M per. Can we afford that and do we want to afford that?

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Wife out with her friends. Baby asleep. Fridge full of beers. Team America on TV? Yes please.

  118. Stastny will be looking at 7 year, around $50M deal. I don’t believe Colorado is going to keep him at that price to be playing behind Duchene and MacKinnon.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think Stastny gets that much. I think something around 5.5 per year.

    He’s definitely taking a pay cut from where he is now.

  120. Why would he, Doodie? Unless he is dying to stay in Colorado, and being paid less than Duchene, he isn’t going to budge in his contract.

  121. Doodie Machetto on

    But I don’t think he gets that on the open market. Well, I suppose he does, but not by much. This is a guy with declining production and no playoff numbers to buoy himself with. He’s not a physical player, either.

    I just don’t see it for him.“

  122. The AVs for some reason have always been my adopted west team. Loved watching tang-gay, hey-duke, and sack-ick back in the day. Adam Foote a good d-man too. Stats for a decent price I could see fitting in nicely here.

    And Doodie…enjoy your night!

  123. The open market is insanity. The Avalanche have to move him if they aren’t signing him and he’s going to get a boatload of money. I definitely think he gets a raise to over $7M AAV.

  124. Everything you just said, Doodie, is why I want the Rangers to stay away from Stastny

    Richards 2.0

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    I still just don’t see it for him. He doesn’t have the numbers and “intangibles” for it.

  126. I believe he gets $7M per in open market this summer. He will be the youngest center this offseason that most teams can fit as their #1. Rangers included.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I definitely understand the insanity of the market, but I can’t see anyone trying to sell him as a top 20 cap hit.

  128. It’s just that each off season, despite a new CBA of whatever, salaries continue to rise. So he gets more money than he’s worth and even more more money than the guys last off season.

  129. Think D Moops is @ Msg watching Yale vs Harvard? The most appropriate name on the ice is a guy named “Learned”

  130. Just because, here are my Team USA combos:

    Parise Pavelski Kane
    Backes Stastny Kessel
    Kesler Brown Callahan
    JVR Stepan Pacioretty

    Suter Carlson
    McDonagh Shattenkirk
    Orpik Faulk

  131. It would be nice for Stepan to get used to playing with Pacioretty as they will be line mates soon.

  132. Well, I know you’re all just dying to know how Norm’s trip to MSG went. First of all, I hadn’t been there since my first trip there to see Stemmer beat the Hawks in Game 6, triple overtime. School night, memorable, and you might understand why I never had much interest in returning after that. Anyway, hardly recognized the place. Was looking for Cosby’s, but I guess that ship sailed.

    Strange foursome to introduce this inaugural — Richter, Messier, Dominic Moore and the Secretary of State. Not a terrible game, a couple of future pros perhaps, but I noticed when Messier came out to award the MVP he was bigger in street shoes than most of the college boys in skates. Big crowd considering the teams. At one point, after a puck flew into the stands, there was the announcement, “Is there a Doctor of Philosophy in the house?”

  133. I forgot…. its only two hours away now…. some of you are still awake..

    I am watching the Pack game …1-1 right now….P ack dominating

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