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1) Best win of the season for the Rangers, who are now two over NHL-.500 for the first time this season? Maybe for several reasons, one of them being that it came against the defending Stanley Cup champs who were 15-2-6 at home this season. But for many other reasons, too. One of those, that the goaltender gave up a weak one and rallied to save the game.

2) But I also liked the way the Rangers managed this game against a great opponent that played well, that came at them hard in the end. I thought they handled the Blackhawks’ surges, the momentum swings. I thought they deserved to win and did, and that at 2-2 it would have been a good point, if it turned out to be that. The Rangers played very well defensively, sticks in lanes, bodies on bodies around the net — especially in those frantic final two-plus minutes. They were as good as Chicago for pretty much the entire game, even as 2-0 became 2-2.

New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks3) Henrik Lundqvist. The best thing that could happen to him is a game with a lead for a change, then a two-goal lead. And he deserved the lead, or at least to be tied, with some big saves early especially on Sharp. The worst thing that could happen for him was to lose that lead, with one of the goals another softie. The best thing that could happen to him was to hang in there, to battle, to keep his team in it until it regained the lead, and then even better, to protect it as he did at the end. We know better, given how this season has gone, to declare Lundqvist to be all the way back. But if there ever was a game, a win, on which to build, this should/could/might be it.

4) The big change in the game came after the Derick Brassard penalty — it was indeed a penalty, but I am not blaming him on that one. On the PK, which was really good, and has been for a while, the Rangers’ two most reliable players — Ryan Callahan and Ryan McDonagh — got caught watching the puck instead of the man on the rebound goal.

5) Then came the softie. And it did feel as if the Rangers were trailing 2-2.

6) So it was a real gut-checker. I thought the Rangers had as good a scoreless PP in the third that you could possibly have. Then Carl Hagelin, who’s been very strong again lately, got the go-ahead goal. He’s a critical piece to the Rangers offense because their game relies on their speed. Same with Chris Kreider, who I thought had another superb game. I meant, THE Kreider.New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks

7) Corey Crawford looked pretty bad on the 5-hole goal by Brad Richards and worse on the wrap-around by Mats Zuccarello … who continues to be, by a lot and for a long time, the Rangers’ best forward. Say what you want about what Richards can and can’t do. One thing he can do is shoot it. Give him time and he will find a spot, with some mustard on it. He did there.

8) The daily Nash-O-Meter. Three good ones in a row for the big man. He gave the Hawks’ defense some problems throughout. This is almost as good a sign as Lundqvist’s game improving incrementally. Almost.

9) I found it interesting that Pierre McGuire — a big fan of Torts — questioned  Alain Vigneault’s defensive-zone system. He’s not a big fan.

10) It’s also interesting to hear how important McDonagh is going to be to Team USA — and he is — when some people had him outside the bubble (ridiculously so) earlier this season.

New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks11) As I said, the PK and PP have both been really good. Zuccarello and Richards deserve a ton of credit for the latter, but assistants Scott Arniel and Ulf Samuelsson too.

12) Daniel Carcillo drew a penalty and was fine in his debut, with just over seven minutes of ice. The Rangers scored on the PP that he drew against his former teammate, probably with some classic yapping. But that call? Pansificatsion. I’m still not sold on Carcillo being in the lineup and J.T. Miller out. So predictable. I wouldn’t have as big a problem in a game where the going is expected to get tough.

13) Dominic Moore almost solved the goalie controversy when he hammered Shaw on top of Lundqvist, didn’t he?

14) The champs really are loaded. Skill, speed, defense, grit, great coach. The Rangers’ best forward would be No. 5 in Chicago. I would trade any two Rangers for Toews. Any two.

15) I thought the D-men, especially Marc Staal and Dan Girardi, were exceptional. Girardi had six blocks. Did Torts come back? Actually, other than the Pittsburgh game, when everybody stunk, I think Girardi’s been on his way back in most games, and Staal’s been better since he returned from his concussion than he was in the weeks before it. Had two assists. His shot off the post was almost the gamer.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Marc Staal.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Brad Richards.
Eddie Eddie Eddie’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Hank. An amazing performance. That was clutch. The save on Sharp (off the Rocket’s horrible turnover) and then in the third on Tays’ jam on the near post were the best saves I’ve seen all year.
2. Hags. Great effort all game long and a superb second effort on the GWG.
3. Marc Staal. A great game defensively and several great plays keeping the puck in the zone. Huge assist on the GWG. His play in his own end resembled a pre-concussed No. 18. Three good games in a row.
*************************************Blackhawks vs. Rangers
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Carl Hagelin.

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  1. Last night..the windy city became the Lind(y) city….solid game Hank….solid game! Oh crap….that be Lindqvist..not Lundqvist…never mind! Lundy city?

  2. Shows what happens when you suck for a few years and accept the rebuild process. Plus 10 years of solid drafting.

    Since 2002 they have drafted: Duncan Keith, Babchuk, Wisniewski, Burish, Byfuglien, Crawford, Seabrook, Bolland, Bickell, Brouwer, Skille, HJalmarsson, Toews, Kane, Saad, Andrew Shaw – and we haven’t seen much of their last 2-3 draft classes yet!

  3. shoot the puck Barry on

    Great post however zuks “wrap around” went off a D and into the otherside of the net…. No chance for Crawford

  4. Not to mention trading for Patrick Sharp and Kris Versteeg and signing Hossa, Brian Campbell as free agents

  5. Sioux-per-man on

    Hawks draft the best player available at the time. Not a whole lot of projects there.

    Great win!!! Why can’t they play like this every night?

  6. huge win..Staal’s best game of year. He keeps playing like that the defense will be fine

  7. Maybe I’m on the outside in thinking this, but I think it has been a tale of two teams for much of the season between Lundqvist and Talbot. Here, Lundqvist got the goal support and even some of the defensive support that Talbot has enjoyed through many of the games he has played. Not to say that Talbot hasn’t played well, because he has, but the Rangers thus far this season have played far superior as a club in front of Talbot. Many of the games Hank has played have been where if Hank lets in 1 goal, good or bad, the game is over. Especially so since the Rangers have had a hard time getting the first goal. Now we can look at this game in Chicago as a possible turning point because Hank let up 1 softy and rallied? No, we look at this game because that happened and they managed to score 3 goals and won. Wins make everyone feel good. I’m not saying that a goaltender is entitled to a softy every game, but I am saying that every goalie should have some goal support. Even when Hank was on the top of the world in the past few seasons, the Rangers still had trouble scoring and winning games.

  8. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Joe, interesting vantage point. Well, as Hank (many say) wanted, it sure is nice for him that he got some goal support.

    And, despite what some here say, I feel as well, that he has not gotten the same tight team in front of him as Tam has.

    So many good signs, but BEST was the fight back after being tied. Has not been there most of this season.

    Must be Carcillo. (S).

  9. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Carpy, you’re a master. A master. Your comments are so insightful.

  10. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Staal played well in many ways. But he sure still has trouble chasing that little black thing in the d zone at times. Better overall effort from him.

    And when the top 3 or 4 are good, it softens the mistakes by other players, like MDZ, who looked ok and had a nice pass or two.

  11. bull dog line on

    you guys can make all the excuses you want for Hank. the fact is that he has not played well this year.
    a deserving win for the Rangers last night. the key save Hank made was right after Hagelin’s goal. it is all about timely saves. Hank has been good for the last 4 periods now. maybe he is turning a corner.

  12. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Chicago was awful for a few years. What did they do differently than Edmonton, who also has sucked for 4? 5? Whatever.

    THIS team, like LA, Boston, Pitt, emerging from the same ashes as Edmonton, is brilliantly put together with some great chips.

    Why are they, LA, Pitt, Boston, as similar down then up teams, SO good and Edmonton flailing for so many years???????

    Is it the GM? Is it luck of the draw?? What’s the secret to the formula????

  13. bull dog line on

    I did not think the Rangers sat back and played a typical road game last night. they went right at the Hawks, exchanged chances, and really showed some skill. they have 3 lines that can really attack. they are getting closer.

  14. bull dog line on

    Edmonton has put nothing around there number one draft picks. plus they spent there top picks all on forwards. they do not have a Keith, or Letang.

  15. Carp, you’re telling me you’d trade Hank AND Talbot for Towes???

    Can’t say I support that one. :)

  16. CARP, guys:

    You want to know when Poulet’ll “come back down to earth?”

    In the playoffs. Guaranteed.

    So trade the clown now.

  17. Carp

    If only this team worked as hard as you do all the time.

    Speaking of which, the effort last night was what was most noteworthy and gratifying to me. It felt like there was a sense of purpose and of
    mental toughness that has been sorely lacking since Day 1.

  18. @Matty, I can think of 3 differences in chicago/edmonton.

    1. Chicago basically hit the lottery with Toews, a leader on the ice and a dang good player
    2. The got a couple of defense man along the line. something Edmonton still is yet to do.
    3. They found a coach to bring it all together

  19. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc has been there most effective pp forward, has been good 5v5 and is not very good defensively. Most improtantly, his engine has been pumping all game along when in the past he would float in and out of games.

    Pullout has been one of the most physical forward throwing checks and now they have Kreider, Cally and Pullout throwing checks on the top 3 lines.

    Henk played great, he still is having trouble snagging pucks with the glove, but at least the glove is getting to the puck.

  20. Sather Must Go! on

    Nice review Carp and that was a good hockey game all around – prob the best watch of the season.

    The PP (esp w/MZA) is actually very good – it does what a PP is suppose to do, even when it dosent score, it changes the momentum of the game; cant recall, the last time a Rangers PP did that… I was thinking, during the game (pro discussed here before) – what if it was Torts w/Arniel and Ulf instead of Sully?

    Also, I think Milbury (clown) said that players that some liberties when falling into the Goalie, I actually think Shaw tried to protect Lundqvist (maybe himself) when he was pushed into the net by that goon Dom Moore

  21. ThisYearsModel on

    See, I told you guys/gals. These guys would need until January to gel. No need for moves, we are going to the finals!

  22. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it staal-lundqvist-Callahan.

    Big win for the boys. Without question their best win of the season.

    If lundqvist doesn’t give up that bollig goal, it would have been his best game of the season. It still might be.

    Nash looked really good, too. Had a tough time deciding between him and Cally for the third star.

    MDZ had a pretty good game, too. Very decisive with the puck and a great read on the pass to MZA.

  23. To look at the positive side of this year. I have not once seen the opposition take a penalty and though ” NO DECLINE IT PLEASE”

  24. If they had this power play two years ago, they are definitely in the finals. Still wouldn’t have won, but they would have had made it interesting.

  25. draxen – lol, first time for years to get a powerplay and expect a goal almost every time, instead of being pleased with just a shot on target (or near it)

  26. Does Chicago take any two for Toews? I bet not. As spectacular as McD is, I don’t think Kreider or Step or whoever is enough to finish the deal.

  27. (Which is in no way a knock on either of those guys and in every way a “oh man is Toews awesome or what?”. Glad he really wants to come to NY after next season.)

  28. Yeah, IF…
    If Nash, BRich, Hank would play this season with the best of all theirs former peaked star’s power…
    If Grandma would have the balls, you would call her Grandpa. Amen.

  29. I agree. Hank has just not been that good. He lets in way too many softies, his positioning is totally out of whack from what we’ve seen in the past and he’s been giving up big, juicy, sparkling rebounds.

    This was a good game Because the Rangers battled, persevered and competed. Not getting emotionally destroyed after the second Hawks goal was huge for them.

    I don’t see how the Rangers can trade Girardi. Personally I think they *have* to extend him. If only for the last five minutes of every game where his upper body becomes a second goaltender and his lower body a third goaltender.

    Love seeing the Hobbit Wizard, “for he is Lord of the Rink”, flourish. NYR and I have been on him from the start. Love the little guy. But even I admitted early this season that I might have been a bit over zealous on that one and that I thought he had no chance in the NHL. But the kid can really play when the game gets wide open. And this stupid system allows him to do so. He’s also tough as nails and strong on the boards. Must be the *onion factor* or that *huge stick.*

    Really thought that when the Rangers were playing their best they were much better in the neutral zone (both ways).

    And yes: The hawks are very, very good. And they aren’t even the “best” team in the league according to Bettman’s scoring system.

    Great review, Carp. Thanks for putting in the OT (unlike The Kreider) and burning that Midnight Oil (good band).

  30. Great review Carp!

    Tweeted at Carpie last night about what the Rangers would do to have a right handed d-man like Rozsival who is capable of playing top 4 minutes now and then. B-Hawks got a great deal getting him for 2 million last year, now 2.2 for this and next year.

  31. ” Stick and Onions” – Nice name for the roadside tavern/pub. (with the sign: “For real men only”).

  32. Great review, Carp! Agree with you that the second PP was much better than the first in terms of the number of chances generated. You also forgot to point out that the Rangers outhit the Hawks 27-10. I thought this was one of their best physical games last night; they were not afraid to throw the bodychecks.
    Watching Kane reminds me of Pavel Bure in the 1994 Finals. Every time he touches the puck you tighten up expecting the worst. He is a brilliant playmaker.

    Good to see our old friend Roszival throw one over the wall for old-times’ sake. Only Crawford’s acrobatics prevented a goal on that PP.

  33. What a game to build on!

    After all the ups and downs in the previous 42 games. They put up the biggest win of the year so far, against the Champs, in there building, where they are 15-2.

    As they sit today, they are in the Playoffs, 3rd in the division.

    Here’s hoping Henrik has found his groove.

  34. Marian Gaborik @MGaborik10

    What other shows r good? Suspense and drama like? Im on 3rd season of Breaking Bad and love it! Walter is the best! #breakingbad


    40 goals scorer at his best! lol

  35. Also, seemed that the crowd was very quiet last night. Is it always that way or was it due to the visitors playing a solid, workmanlike game?
    The crowd was so quiet that the goal horn sounded louder than even the obnoxious Islander horn.

  36. True Mister D. At least I could pretend he was on the Hawks.

    Still, wow, what a freaking game. How did we escape with the win? Hopefully we build off of this and don’t lay another “Chase Egg” (c) at the Garden tomorrow.

    Regarding Pierre’s comments about the D, I’m curious what other teams use this defensive system?

  37. Here’s a useless non-stat to show “physical engagement during the game of ice hockey” or something. Hits plus hits absorbed per 60 minutes of ice time …

    Derek Dorsett: 20.3
    Ryan Callahan: 19.2
    Justin Falk: 18.7
    Brian Boyle: 17.8
    Chris Kreider: 17.6
    Dan Girardi: 15.5
    J.T. Miller: 15.1
    Benoit Pouliot: 14.0
    Dominic Moore: 13.8
    Carl Hagelin: 13.3
    Derick Brassard: 11.8
    Taylor Pyatt: 11.5
    Mats Zuccarello: 10.8
    John Moore: 10.6
    Anton Stralman: 9.8
    Marc Staal: 9.6
    Michael Del Zotto: 8.7
    Ryan McDonagh: 8.0
    Derek Stepan: 7.8
    Rick Nash: 3.9
    Brad Richards: 3.4

  38. Gravy, Season 4 is by far the best on that show or any show on television. But you just wait til Season 5… let me know if you need a hug by the end of it.

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    Speaking of hits absorbed (or not absorbed), remember when Nash ripped a shot from near the faceoff circles instead of skating in on a breakaway because that might have opened him up to be hit? Not surprsing Nash is near the bottom of that list. That play really spoke volumes about his state, I think

  40. Here’s Chicago just for comparison’s sake …

    Andrew Shaw: 25.3
    Brandon Bollig: 19.6
    Sheldon Brookbank: 18.4
    Joakim Nordstrom: 18.2
    Michal Rozsival: 17.5
    Bryan Bickell: 17.2
    Brent Seabrook: 14.6
    Jeremy Morin: 13.8
    Marcus Kruger: 10.7
    Ben Smith: 10.4
    Michal Handzus: 9.9
    Jonathan Toews: 9.6
    Nick Leddy: 9.3
    Kris Versteeg: 9.2
    Johnny Oduya: 9.2
    Patrick Sharp: 8.8
    Brandon Saad: 8.3
    Niklas Hjalmarsson: 7.3
    Marian Hossa: 7.1
    Patrick Kane: 6.5
    Brandon Pirri: 6.1
    Duncan Keith: 5.1

  41. Good morning, boneheads!
    Great review, Carp. You don’t disappoint. Considering how late you have to write those, it’s even more impressive. We are very lucky here, I don’t think we tell you that enough.

    This is at least three games in a row this team gives it all, and plays very well as a team. And I would’ve said the same even if they lost last night.

    Best news- Hank might be getting his game back. He needs to show it in one or two more games though.

    Second best news- Nash and Staal are getting better, it’s at least 4 games for Nash, iirc.

    Couple of interesting, if not unexpected, trends. This team is capable of giving opponents hard time with their speed and their transition game. Even a team like Chicago, with their very mobile and fast defense, had problems with it. Give AV a credit, he was able to spread that through his three lines, and is using it very well. And the 4th line does what it’s asked to.

    The second one is this- they have a very dangerous PP. Both units. Threat to score almost every time. I don’t remember when was the last time NY had such a dangerous PP. Enough for the opposing coaches to tell their guys to stay away from the penalty box. Considering how this team is structured, it’s very important going forward.

  42. Use to play for so long on offence, but never knew that forwards ability to avoid opponent’s hits, leaving ’em out of position is players negative,downside.

  43. Agree with Carp and ilb.

    The two player combos that I’d have to think very long about for Toews would be any combination of McD, THE, and Hank (assuming he’s who he has been).

  44. Right on! I need a good show to watch now that I’m over my Breaking Bad withdrawal.

    Thanks Rob, Booby, and Doodie (if I had a dime for every time I had to say that…).

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    “The second one is this- they have a very dangerous PP. Both units. Threat to score almost every time. I don’t remember when was the last time NY had such a dangerous PP. Enough for the opposing coaches to tell their guys to stay away from the penalty box. Considering how this team is structured, it’s very important going forward.”

    Boy, you talk about coaching being the problem with the PP last year with Torts. He and AV literally trade teams, and Vancouver’s once mighty PP (which admittedly was just as bad as the Rangers’ last season, but was great in the seasons prior to that) has remained in the toilet from last season, while the Rangers once floundering PP has excelled.

  46. Rob, on that particular play Nash wasn’t avoiding the hit, Hjalmarsson was in no position to hit him, Nash felt that Hjalmarsson’s stick and his body were close enough to prevent him from moving forward and from shooting altogether.

  47. Seriously, regarding the PP, you have to wonder what the heck Torts was doing this whole time! Did they even address it at all? Could you imagine in 2011-12 if our PP was like this… sigh…

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually also thought it was a really good shot by Nash that Crawford was lucky to get a piece of.

  49. ilb, Mrs. Gravy and I watch it after games and on off nights.

    Breaking Bad is gut wrenching and great. I could rattle off a bunch in a row, but it’s too depressing for Mrs. Gravy to do that, so we usually watch 2 at a time (3 last night). I won’t rank it until I’m done, and I’ve never watched The Wire.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That win was phantasmagoric. It’d be nice if this is the start of a 10 game run….given some good teams coming into the garden.

    Hank was clutch when he needed to be and hopefully it’s the spark that sets him afire. Richards, even though he had three bad giveaways, played a good game and threw his first two checks since 2005. Big game against the Stars followed by the Flyers which could be a preview of the first round come April.

  51. Absolutely *Rob*. Nash saw someone cutting across and thought, SHOOT OR GET TAPPED, so he shot. Way to put the team first.

  52. Gravy – Mama and I do the same, nothing on lets watch Breaking Bad. She cheated on me and jumped ahead when I was playing in the last couple of poker tournaments. So I’m still on season 3, she won’t tell me how far ahead she is.

    Gravy I sweetened the deal from last night. Check it out.

  53. The personnel on the PP is not the same as even last year. You can blame Tort(s) to an extent for ice time, but this year’s team has MZA, THE, McD, and Brassard. Not to mention a less incompetent Richards on the PP.

  54. Gravy, how could you say that? Torts had the personnel there. He never used them. For example, Staal has a great shot from the point, but Torts never even tried using him when things were dire. Same with Mac Truck.

  55. Pouliot – Has been the better screen in front of the goalie. So there’s that as well.

    But he off sets it with his frequent flyer miles in the Delta 200 penalty box :(

  56. I just don’t see how Richards has been good / better on the PP. His TOI numbers are pretty insane (only guy within a minute per is Stepan) and he’s 4th in points, 4 behind Brassard and Zucc and 2 behind Step. McD and MDZ both have better point rates back on the points. Richards has been out there, but I’d hardly call him a catalyst.

  57. If only we put THE on ice for shorties.

    In time, let him grow.

    Could you imagine if Hags & THE could manage that task in the future.

    Dial up the “Zambonies” and play “BREAKAWAY”!!!

  58. Three games in a row where I thought they played hard, and didn’t quit. It’s what I’ve been saying all season, this team has it in them to play fast and hard, they just haven’t done it. And don’t underestimate that this is about the healthiest they’ve been all season. If Hank gets his game together (and as great as he was last night, he still fought the puck WAY too much, even in the late flurry it looked like he could have handled a couple of those shots a bit better and controlled the rebounds), this team COULD make some noise in the playoffs. I thought Staal and Girardi played terrific games. Girardi looks like he’s getting it back, and Staal as well. I thought even the third pair made some good decisions with the puck. And Nash has looked better and so has Richards, who’s finally found the side of the barn he keeps missing.

    One funny moment I thought was during the 1st intermission when Liam asked Mil-Moron about the 1st period and rather than say anything nice about the Rangers and how well they played, he started joking around with Jones. Is there a more biased anti-Rangers person than Mil-Moron?

  59. Aside from nearly breaking all of Lundqvist’s beautiful ribs, I thought Dom Moore has really improved recently and made me eat crow on a lot of what I said about him. He is a very good defensive player, good Center and really doesn’t let the team down defensively.

  60. I thought Dorsett/Miller – Boyle – D. Moore actually gave us one of the better 4th lines in the league now. One that could be effective and give the team energy. Can Carcillo stay out of the box long enough to keep that going? I have to say I can’t stand the guy, so I’m kinda hoping he gets suspended and JT gets back in the lineup.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Like the way the TOI is divided among the 4 lines. Much different approach than the previous administration.

  62. McDonuts is indefatigable. I think he could play for Canada AND the USA (and Ireland) all at once, just change uniforms every 12 hours. :)

  63. This team is going to start seeing some outfits who try to slow us down with physicality. That would mean that we’re being taken more seriously. Are we up to it?

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    McD brings an interesting set of intangibles to the ice. Carcillo wasn’t as incorrigible as you’d expect. Many were incorrect – but only a 1 game sample – it’s immaterial at this point.

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    How can Miller see ice time if our new found pest plays too? Who should come out? Even the Rocket played fairly well last night.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let me take you down……living is easy with eyes closed…….it doesn’t matter much to me……strawberry fields, nothing is real…..

  67. I still don’t trust this team. I need to see the rangers play good consistently and not the win 1 lose 1 or 2 and win 2 and lose 3 that has been the case this year. I need to see lundqvist be the lundqvist of past years, Nash to be the so called Nash he was in Columbus, Staal be the Staal rangers are use to seeing over the years, same goes with Girardi. I need to see consistently. It’s amazing the rangers beat the hawks and all of a sudden the rangers are going to the cup, jeez.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – Moore did him with a nice shot and it was embellished….but I don’t think it was possible for Shaw to avoid hitting Hank.

  69. If Torts made one error, I think it was in not using people like McD and Staal on the PP. I suppose he was worried about burning them out, and within the style he employed, that might have been understandable. I think he underestimated their superb focus and conditioning.

  70. Pouliot is starting to play his way back out of the lineup. But, he’s showed enough during the stretch to give him a look. I think Carcillo rotates out depending on the opponent for now.

  71. Torts did use Staal on the PP from time to time, and with some success, but he was wrongfully married to the idea of developing Del Zotto as a point man, along with Richards.

  72. _McDonuts is indefatigable. I think he could play for Canada AND the USA (and Ireland) all at once, just change uniforms every 12 hours._

    Speaking of this, if he and Suter really do play 25+ per night, its a joke. You had an entire country to pick from, there’s no reason you have an elite shutdown pair and then four other guys you don’t trust. Unless you just picked two of your guys, I guess.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pouliot has been throwing the body well. Great screens too. Good problem to have – But Miller deserves ice time…

  74. _Gravy, how could you say that? Torts had the personnel there. He never used them. For example, Staal has a great shot from the point, but Torts never even tried using him when things were dire. Same with Mac Truck._

    Yergs, that’s why I said you could blame him to an extent. Definitely with McD. THE wasn’t ready last year. I’m still not sure why Staal doesn’t get more of a look on the PP. MZA and Brassard were brought in later in the season.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jefferson Airplane : ….It’s no secret, when you got me jumping up and down…..as I get older, the years they get heavy for you ohhhhhhhh

  76. Mister D – I am not surprised at all to see such a huge drop off when it comes to Nash and Richards. McDonaghs number is low because of his skating i’d say.

  77. Yes, better to have a tough time deciding who should come out because of what they bring rather than having 3-4 candidates because they’re poop.

  78. _I am not surprised at all to see such a huge drop off when it comes to Nash and Richards. McDonaghs number is low because of his skating i’d say._

    Yeah, that’s why I threw Chicago up to, so you could see even a guy like Kane is taking more contact. And agree on McD, he’s probably on the finesse side because he’s just so talented, but he can use the body when he needs to. Richards and Nash its either making a play without the body or don’t make the play.

  79. The thing with playing Staal and McD on the point is they have the skating ability to recover from those bad blue line bounces (usually thanks to the garden ice) unlike Richards or Del Zotto.

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – I won’t be surprised when THE pops in 40 goals next year, 50 thereafter….the kid, THE, is special.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    THE is a first ballot HoF’er. THE is nearly the Tom Poti of forwards in that respect.

  82. One thing THE should never do is try and stick handle with the puck. Last night THE almost cost the rangers a goal when he tried to come out from the side of the net in front of lundqvist and gave it right up to a Hawk player who got a high percentage shot off that Lundqvist made the save on.

  83. I’d say THE Kreider is a lock for 25 goals this season and hopefully becomes a regular 30+ guy.

  84. Stranger Nation on

    _I just don’t see how Richards has been good / better on the PP. His TOI numbers are pretty insane (only guy within a minute per is Stepan) and he’s 4th in points, 4 behind Brassard and Zucc and 2 behind Step. McD and MDZ both have better point rates back on the points. Richards has been out there, but I’d hardly call him a catalyst_


  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tommy – THE’s best skill certainly isn’t stick handling in traffic….he’ll improve I bet…

  86. Miller by his game can’t be just Dorsett 4 line replacement, he simply doesn’t belong there and should play not lower then 3rd line. Therefore, pukeable Carsillo (proper name not a noun)is not his concurrent for the place.

  87. Anyone have the feeling that all this Yankee stuff on Hank is little more than a prelude to a large auction? I want my goalie wearing old, comfortable equipment and helmet/mask in a real game. And what makes Hank or his pinstripe artists think he’ll be in net anyway, if he gives up 5 or 6 the previous two games? The Devil’s Advocate. Sorry I even brought it up. Sort of.

  88. Pullout from other hand, is objectively better, doesn’t matter all this people wits exercise.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ….In the maritime sailors cathedral, the church chimed till it rang 29 times for each man of The Edmund Fitzgerald…

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, that’s exactly what it is, and you know what? good. Charity is more important than 4 pts.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m growing tired, and time stands still before me…..Too late, to save myself from falling….I took a chance….

  92. Talbot should get his artists busy on a Mickey Mantle mask and a Joe DiMaggio stick. Or would that be presumptuous?

  93. I just think that Richards’ entries have been critical to the PP success, and that he’s been very good on the left point. A lot of that has to do with the No. 2 unit displacing the No. 1 unit, because Zuccarello, Brassard and Pouliot are better than Nash, Stepan and Callahan as puck movers.

    You can hate on Richards all you want. My eyes say he’s been a key contributor for a very good PP.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Halloween jack is a real cool cat and lives on the top of Manhattan Chase. The elevators broke and he slides down the rope….

  95. Craig Patrick, now there’s a guy I wish was working in the rangers organization as a advisor/gm/scout/head of personnel, take your pick.

  96. Aren’t Richards entries as much a factor of having guys who can (and will) work the boards? I just can’t see how a guy who is an obvious defensive liability at the point and isn’t putting up the points while the team does gets much credit. The change has been, like you said, the second unit, both in production and in eating up the other teams top PKers for the ostensible first unit.

  97. ‘We’ll find the German battleship that’s makin’ such a fuss
    We gotta sink the Bismarck ’cause the world depends on us
    Yeah hit the decks a runnin’ boys and spin those guns around
    And when we find the Bismarck, we gotta cut her down!’

  98. Richards is a defensive liability BIG TIME. BIG. His 20 goals are a pittance. Give us 50, we’ll talk.

  99. Who in hell complains about charities? Because I don’t want my starting pitcher wearing US Open Tennis shorts in a regular season game that will be later auctioned off means I hate charities?

  100. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is great on 5v3, good on 5v4 and bad 5v5 unless he gets a clear shot like last night.

    His PP performance; good passing, weak shot, weaker entry attempts and weakest need to defend a rush. The fact he plays both is a testament to his unwillingness to hustle most of the game.

    $6MM powerplay specialist?
    Stomp you hoof one for yes, twice for NEEEEEIIGGHHHH

  101. Honestly, if the recapture wasn’t so horrifying I would be fine keeping Richards. I don’t think he’s THAT overpaid as a 1st line Winger that puts up 40+

  102. 40 points and zero defense for 7 mil and a genormous, franchise killing health risk? Name one team that would take him off our hands and give us a # One or Two.

  103. Rob in Beantown on

    His contract is so front loaded that a small market team might take his contract on to reach the cap floor. If only that same front loading wasn’t also a retirement and recapture risk

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    “‘We’ll find the German battleship that’s makin’ such a fuss
    We gotta sink the Bismarck ‘cause the world depends on us
    Yeah hit the decks a runnin’ boys and spin those guns around
    And when we find the Bismarck, we gotta cut her down!’”

    Hey! I’m the one here who has the gift for rhyme…

    …Most of the time.

  105. _He plays on both units, MisterD._

    I know, I was referring to our technically more talented unit no longer having to face other teams’ top PKers as an additional boon to the PP as a whole.

  106. The answer for now is *ZERO* coos. I’m not saying he’s worth it. I’m just saying he’s possible overpaid by $2M and we can’t really go out there and replace him without overpaying similarly for another guy. Thus, at a $6.7M cap hit, a guy that puts up similar numbers to Stastny, without the defense, I’m relatively OK with it.

    Plus after *2016* his salary reduces to a measly *$1M* while his cap hit remains at $6.7M. You think a *Cap floor* team, like the Islanders, wouldn’t LOVE to take that contract on?

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    “Auction Lot #3:

    Pinstriped goaltender pads worn by Henrik Lundqvist on the climate-controlled heated bench at Yankee Stadium during the 2014 Coors Light Stadium Series. Do we have an opening bid?”

  108. Wow, I got to get a sandwich and come back to find out Coos hates charities? What kind of monster?

  109. The Islanders have a up a #2 for Tim Thomas last year, so the Rangers could, conceivably, get a decent pick in that scenario. Especially since the cap floor is now tied to the ceiling and will be rising.

  110. Rob in Beantown on

    Hank better play well because if he gives up 5 goals the auction value of the pads will go down…

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I’m with you. Before the season even began I said that he could win the Art Ross, Richard, Selke, Lindsay, Hart, Norris, and Vezina trophies and he would still have to be bought out at the end of the season.

  112. Stranger Nation on

    Yup, its’ true. Coos hates charities and poor people. I read it somewhere on the internet.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, incorrect. The Islanders gave up the 2nd because they got the cap hit without having to pay any actual dollars. Paying actual money isn’t worth anything to them.

  114. Doodie, it’s a given the Rangers would have to send money the other way in any deal like that. It’s all moot, anyway, since Richards has a NMC and would likely just take the compliance buyout so he could choose where he wants to play and get a 2nd contract.

  115. If I were playing wing, THE Kreider would be back in Hartford and we could toss Dorsett to the highest bidder! :)

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Christie is too big for most britches. I he probably has to shop at Governor’s Big and Tall.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The international Space station, visible some nights with the naked eye, can see Christie…..impressive girth….

  118. FLASH: Richie wearing Don Mattingly smiley face horseblanket for Winter Stadium Spectacular. Will be auctioned off to the highest barn offer. Then, barn and contents going to flood relief.

  119. I have been asking this question for months and no one really answers it: *How much is Richards overpaid?*

    That number needs to be figured out. Then we need to figure out what we could replace him with if bought out. Thus, we could find out if it’s worse to keep him (recapture aside)

    That said, he *has* to be bought out immediately due to recapture penalty.

  120. Lucic playing one game while carrying Ted Williams’ severed head. Auction money goes to restoration of USS Constitution in Boston Harbor.

  121. Stranger Nation on

    Wade Boggs will ride a lap around Yankee Stadium on Richards’s back prior to Devil’s game wearing a Rangers jersey to be auctioned off after the game.

  122. Manny, I guess it depends which way you look at it. I think that any UFA is going to be overpaid relative to production. As bad as he’s been at times, I think Richards is probably still a $5M – $6M player on the open market.

  123. Richards will get a pile of money in the buyout, then sign somewhere for two years, $4M per, and help that team in a lot of ways (and as we know, hurt it in a lot of ways, too). On the right team, he could make a difference.

  124. And I’m talking free and clear.

    Comparable players coming off buyouts (Briere and Lecavalier) got $4M AAV and $4.5M AAV, respectively.

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is good in the room, provides leadership, and has an amazing set of molars…..

    Extend Richards…

  126. _I have been asking this question for months and no one really answers it: How much is Richards overpaid?_

    Can I just use a comp? Richards sole contribution to the team is scoring and right now he has 3 more points in 8 more games than Brandon Dubinsky. So either Dubinsky is severely underpaid or Richards is double overpaid.

  127. Send THE down to the Wolfs NOW so that he will be next season eligible for the Calder for the 5th consecutive year.

  128. _Can I just use a comp? Richards sole contribution to the team is scoring and right now he has 3 more points in 8 more games than Brandon Dubinsky. So either Dubinsky is severely underpaid or Richards is double overpaid._

    That’s what I’m saying…depends how you look at it. MZA has the same exact amount of points and is making $1.15M. But if Clarkson and Clowe got $5M per, then Richards is getting at least that if he was a normal UFA at the end of the year.

  129. The UFA market is insanity. That’s why I have been whining for months that you simply *cannot* build a team through signing *UFA’s* and picking up everyone’s garbage off *Waivers.* You need to *Draft* accordingly and make crucial *Trades*

  130. It always appears to me that Lou Lamoriello always gets his moneys worth out of the ufa’s he signs.

  131. Tambalinni has a great game in the WHL.


    Looks like his numbers will be better playing against 16-19 year olds.

    His body 6’3″ 165 wasn’t big enough for the NCAA.

    This is a win/win for both teams. But he would have been the real deal in a year or two, had he stayed and put on some muscle.

    Makes you wonder how soft Canadian Juniors numbers really are. St. Croix put up 100pts a year, and can’t make the Wolfpack this year, so he has to play in the ECHL.

  132. there’s always a exception to the rule but it’s early on clowe to say it was a complete failure but the Lou knows he can buy him out so there’s not that big of a risk.

  133. Tambellini scores 4 pts in his first game in the WHL.

    Looks like he made the right move, for his game at 18.

  134. I don’t understand why the rangers in there history draft small players. It drives me nuts.

  135. No idea why Carp didn’t want that dead baby Buffalo skull. Must clash with the Louis XVI decor.

  136. Clowe is pretty much exactly what I see/fear with Girardi and Lundqvist. You so badly want (need) what that guy was that you keep him thinking he’ll stay that guy. Clowe was just nice enough to make it obvious up front.

  137. tommy – McIlrath wasn’t small, but neither is Fowler.

    Tambellini is 6’3″, he’s just thin. In 4 years he could be the real deal. But he won’t be working out in juniors as much, if he’s playing 80 games a year.

    Personally, he would have gotten bigger, faster, stronger in the Sioux program. And developed more playing against better players.

    I guess it’s all about the numbers, and the ice time.

  138. I haven’t been able to find anything to confirm/deny that you can use a compliance buyout on players signed *after* the CBA agreement. I would suspect that it wouldn’t apply. There still is the traditional buyout.

  139. That’s ok. It looks good on my wall :)

    The Bison of ND just won their 3rd consecutive national football championship, in the FCS Div I tournament.

    The Sioux painting on the skull, looks pretty sweet.

    Not to worry, I’m going to butcher another one this spring. I’ll have to make another one :)

    Baby Buffalo steaks for the house :)

  140. eddie eddie eddie on

    If you let me take your heart, I will prove to you…..open up your eyes now tell me what you see,,,,

  141. Thought this was interesting. If the Rangers used a *traditional* buyout on Richards, these would be the cap hits:

    Brad Richards buyout from CapGeek.com
    ? 2014-15: -$333,333
    ? 2015-16: -$333,333
    ? 2016-17: $1,166,667
    ? 2017-18: $7,166,667
    ? 2018-19: $7,166,667
    ? 2019-20: $7,166,667
    ? 2020-21: $1,500,000
    ? 2021-22: $1,500,000
    ? 2022-23: $1,500,000
    ? 2023-24: $1,500,000
    ? 2024-25: $1,500,000
    ? 2025-26: $1,500,000

    They’d actually get a credit the next 2 years, but it would jump once the $1M salary years kicked in.

  142. I have “Carps” Baby Buffalo *BONEHEAD* right above my Matt Cullen Stanley Cup winning Jersey chair.

    Another drunk whistle we don’t want to talk about.

    I had to cut the church off for 6 months :)

  143. MSG Pre-Transformation Urinal for auction. Whizzed in by some of the best! Profits, after expenses and appearance fees to Clyde Frazier, Rod Gilbert, Earl Monroe, Chazz Palminteri, Edie Falco, and numerous others will go to Men’s Health Magazine.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, when my stuff goes to moderation, it’s usually because I have two links.

  145. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – can’t go wrong with any of Brad’s calcium…..impressive grill….

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    He should get a grill plate like Marshawn Lynch, except instead of Beast Mode, it could say Least Mode.

  147. No biggy it was Tambarena Boys first game.

    Not happy that he left our team in mid season.

    But when you look at it, he really wasn’t ready to play against 20-22 year olds at 6’3 165 lbs. He just wasn’t strong enough. He scored 2 goals in 16 games, had only 4 points. But he could have been really good in a few years. Now – not so much.

    Oh well, it makes it easier for the next class. There will be on more slot to fill.

  148. eddie eddie eddie on

    It’s been said many time but bears repeating….when the Rocket has a cavity, there is a run on the silver market….

  149. I’m thinking he will fall into the St. Croix category of Ranger Prospects. Lots of points in juniors, none afterwards.

  150. My family had a vacation house in St. Croix. Right on the water, next to his kidney. Crowded, but comfy.

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dentist – “cancel my appointments for the next week….this is going to be awhile”

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    How can you stay when your heart says no? How can you stop when your feet say go?

  153. ‘Long hair, beard, and sandals and a funky bunch of friends
    Reckon he came back, they’d just nail him up again.’

  154. ‘If you’re traveling to the north country far,
    Where the winds blow heavy on the borderline,
    Remember me to one who lives there,
    For she once was a true love of mine.’

  155. eddie eddie eddie on

    Rangers were far from perfect last night, but that game was plenty exciting to watch….hope springs eternal

  156. Auctioning off Brian Boyle signed and game worn Martina Navratilova panties. All net proceeds allocated to MDZ defense fund.

  157. Robby Bonfire on

    COOSCOOS – Call: 1-214-373-9334. When Linda the secretary comes on the phone, tell her you want to speak with Nelson Bunker. I promise you he will come to the phone, listen to what you have to say or about what you are selling, and respond in kind.

  158. eddie eddie eddie on

    where do bad folks go when they die? they dont go to heaven where the angels fly…

  159. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Always great feeling the next day after a well played win, tough opponent.

  160. eddie eddie eddie on

    ….she bangs the drums, have you seen or have you heard, the way she plays there are no words to describe the way i feel….

  161. Good news, Rangers are in 3rd place in the Metro Division.

    Bad news, the Caps have three games in hand.

    Good news, they’re tied with the Leaves (who have a game in hand) and they own the tiebreaker.

    Bad news, they’re only two points clear of 11th.

  162. Stranger Nation on

    The key here, I think, is not to think of death as an end. But to think of it more as a very effective way of cutting down on your expenses.

  163. SN – LOL. I guess you get into Rangers games for free, and you don’t have to pay for the Prime Rib Sangwich.

  164. I read he bought a lot of *iPads* for players in *Hartford* which is ok because Hartford wasn’t *college*.

  165. anyone–in a nutshell,if the rangers traded Richards,would they get screwed in this recapture stuff…if he’s traded,so is the contract,i would guess

  166. @ctalbot33

    Want to congratulate Wade Redden on a great NHL career! It was a privilege to have played with one of the best guys in hockey. #PapaReds

  167. Which *college* in Hartford because there are a *few*. Connecticut *is* a very *smart* place with a *terrific* Music School. *Mark Twain* was proud to call *Hartford* his home at one point.

  168. Redden had a good run!

    I could see him coaching somewhere. He was pretty much a $6.5M coach for the Pack when he was playing.

  169. MJugger, yes, we’d be screwed no matter what, but every day we keep Richards we’d be more screwed for having a higher percentage of the cap gains. Here’s the recapture schedule assuming he retires at the end of each season …

    2011-12: $5.33MM
    2012-13: $10.67MM
    2013-14: $13.00MM
    2014-15: $14.83MM
    2015-16: $16.67MM
    2016-17: $17.00MM
    2017-18: $11.33MM
    2018-19: $5.67MM
    2019-20: $0.00MM

  170. Good news for the rangers, Rinaldo out 6 weeks with high ankle sprain. The rangers won’t have to worry about this knuckle head when they play the Flyers coming up.

  171. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Very *classy* by our starting goalie can talbot about redden!

    Sylvain lefebvre was the most explosive skater I ever saw!

  172. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on


    Want to congratulate Wade Redden on a great NHL career! It was a privilege to have played with one of the best guys in <> hockey. #PapaReds

  173. Happy day for us fans, solid win, solid review Carp.

    Everyone playing a little better. Cally too, starting to look like his old self, I don’t think that can be underestimated.

    We need to validate this one tomorrow night at HOME. Three over NHL .500? Shut your mouth.

  174. Mister D

    While that is all correct, what about a team like the Panthers or Coyotes for example.

    Since none of those teams go anywhere near the cap, wouldn’t they prefer to trade for Richards, who is still a productive player, and pay him the 27 mil left on his contract and take the cap penalties that go with it, instead of spending money recklessly just to get above the floor?

  175. They could, Oleo, but they only take a little bit of the recapture. After this year, $13MM of the $17MM max badness is ours and not transferable.

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Muckler’s corpse should have been a first ballot HoF’er……not Muckler….just his corpse. Talk about stiff along the boards..none stiffer.

  177. Ah so the league already took that into account. Well the Rangers have no choice, but to buy him out then.

  178. I got a Mattress jacket from India, but I got tired of looking at it. I got it at the Delhi.

  179. ‘Dissent’ and ‘Commentary’ merged. They’re calling it “Dysentery.’ (Woodster)

  180. Howard Cosell: “Aikman is on fire tonight. If he doesn’t find his primary or secondary receiver, he finds his tertiary receiver.”

    Don Meredith: “I played a long time in this league, Howard, but I never heard of that third guy.”

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Howard Cosell – “look at that little monkey run” speaking of Alvin Garrett

  182. Daneyko to Doogay: “You got some kind of a shiny thing growing out of your ear, Toots.”

  183. JR: “I think they call it Chaste Bridge because you’re not allowed to have sex up there.”

  184. JR: “I cam in tonight over the George, but I didn’t have the right change for the troll.”

  185. Christie Jeopardy:

    Answer: 1973

    Question: when was the last time Christie saw his Johnson without a mirror?

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Christie sat in 4th grade and 5th grade simultaneously. (They had to knock out some walls…

  187. MSNBC on a destroy Christie mission.

    Christie threatening to eat the MSNBC studios in three (3) bites.

  188. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    During the Easter egg hunt, Christie ate the other kids to keep them away from any candy…

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    After being blindfolded and swinging and missing the piñata, Christie threw off the blindfold and ate the piñata.

  190. Boys great job on hitting the grand last night. Sorry I wasn’t there to support the effort………I was matriculating my zzz’s

  191. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – late in the third last night, the Hawks were matriculating the puck like crazy

  192. Christie’s tailor:

    “This mother #%#^, he’s costing me a f&@ing fortune in material.” It would be cheaper to build an motherf/-:;, tent”

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Marty vs Christie : cage match….only problem… No cage on earth big enough…

  194. Breaking news:

    Christie boxer shorts to be used at Met Stadium as a retractable roof for the Super Bowl.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Student # 1 : Hey Sister Anne, Chris Christie just ate my lunch

    # 2 : mine too
    #3: mine too
    #4: mine too

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rachel used to be better…now he just drones on and on and on…my wife likes him tho….

  197. Assigned a mission to off Bishop Tutu, but all I had with me was a rubber comb and a plunger. Flew back in last night. Mission accomplished

  198. I had a friend who had a thing for woman who looked like Rachel. He lives in Thailand now.

  199. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Say what you will about MSNBC, but their intelligence quotient, politics aside, is a billion times higher than the tools at Faux News.

  200. Clouseau to detective sergeant dressed as a zebra: “I’ll have your stripes for this!”

  201. Clouseau: “There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.”

  202. Gov to waiter: “I’ll have Ms. Maddow, the Ed Show, O’Reilly and the stuffed mushrooms. I’ll order dinner later.

  203. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Waiter : Can I read you the specials?
    Christie : no need.
    Waiter: what will you have then?
    Christie: The specials

  204. Clouseau: Does yer dewg bite?
    Inn Keeper: No
    Clouseau: Nice Doggy (bends down to pet a dachshund – it snarls and bites him)
    I thought you said yer dewg did not bite!
    Inn Keeper: Zat… iz not my dog!

  205. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doctor – “your having surgery tomorrow afternoon, no eating after 6pm tonight”

    Christie – “forget that, the tumor stays”

  206. Jeffrey at Sears: “I’d like to order 25 large freezers.”
    “Are you a hunter?”
    “No, I’m having the Governor to dinner.”

  207. Christie Jepordy:

    Answer: 1978

    Question: when was the last good wipe Christie was able to get on his arse after a good crapper?

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Christie – “if the moon was really made of cheese, I would have been an astronaut.

  209. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jeopardy answer : what are the Great Wall of china and Chris Christie?

    Question: Two largest things on earth visible from the moon

  210. After 4 hour diet, Christie steps on scale. Wife says, “What does it say, dear?”
    “It says gimme a freiken break!”

  211. Christie Jeapordy:

    Answer: “Holy crap! Get the dynamite, lets blow this mess up”

    Question: what did Christie’s proctologist say to the nurse upon an-al exam of the Gov?

  212. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grey whale’s migrating south stopped short and turned around after seeing Christie bathing in the Pacific.

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chris Christie steps on scale and the dial spins so fast, it takes off like a helicopter.

  214. Plumbing contractors, 2016, installing 12 foot diameter water pipe from Oval Office loo directly into Potomac River.

  215. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s not the ocean levels are rising from climate change, that’s Chris Christie swimming underwater.

  216. Christie Jeopardy:

    Answer: where is my Haz-Mat suit?

    Question: What did Christie’s maid ask for upon being told by Mrs Christie to clean the Gov’s bathroom?

  217. Christie: “I’m not hungry, I’ll just pick” as he proceeds to swallow the Jersey City waterfront.

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Imagine waiting in line behind Christie at the drive thru….better bring a sleeping bag

  219. Hey, Mich, I don’t want to hear any more ” Nash protecting the puck with that big body.” He’s got no idea of a big body.

  220. Wife to Gov: “I’ll ask again, have you seen my father?”

    Gov: (belch, beeeellllch. Fart)

  221. Wife to Gov: “is that my father’s shoe on your chins?”

    Gov: uh oh. (Belch, belch, fart, fart, splash)

  222. eddie eddie eddie on

    chris christie – “call me anything but late for dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

  223. “Darling, you shouldn’t go out looking like that. There’s a foot with a sock on it hanging out of your mouth.”

  224. eddie eddie eddie on

    Aide – “Gov, great shot, you just bagged an 18 pt.. buck – should we tie him to the truck?”

    Gov. – “no, i will just eat him here”

  225. When I heard the news about Christie today, the first thing I thought of was this place and our fondness of the Gov of NJ :)

    You guys rule.

  226. Word to the wise: do not stand downwind of the Gov at County Fair, especially after he just competed in the homemade Chili tasting contest.

  227. Clouseau: How leong have you been a bellboy?
    Bellboy: Ohh.. too long monsieur
    Clouseau: Well, keep up the geud work and I’ll see that you become a bell-MAN.

  228. eddie eddie eddie on

    If chris christie were in the front passenger side seat, and Torts in his car seat were directly behind him, would torts be able to stretch those long legs of his?

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