Live chat at noon … or you can view it here later (but it won’t be live)


Welcome to today’s (long overdue) Live Rangers Chat. We can discuss the Rangers’ inconsistencies, the Olympic selections, Chris Kreider’s overtime performance (oh, wait, never mind), anything you want …
Please use a screen name when you comment, and be aware that when traffic gets heavy it might take a little while for your comment/question to show up. I will post the pre-game notes for tonight’s game after the chat. Thanks for playing.

If you cannot view the chat above, find it here.

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    Tambellini not strong enough for the Sioux program. 4pts in 16 games.

    He looked like he should have played in juniors/ ushl to get stronger. He was just to thin to skate against the players he was on the ice with.

    I lost count how many times he went to the bench with his tail between his legs.

    The kid has skills, until he gets hit.

  2. eddie eddie eddie on

    wonder who is this steady eddie on the chat? there isnt room for 4 eddies on this blog…I’m calling him out

  3. oww! i tried getting up too fast off this plastic chair and my sweaty hiney was stuck to it i almost peeled my butt skin off! that’ll learn me for wearing no underoos in the house!

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