Game day … but first a Live Chat at noon



Just a reminder we’ll have our long overdue Live Chat at noon today.

Be there.

I will post the pre-game notes after the chat, and then we’ll have our regular game night routine, with It’s Go Time around 7:45, and the game at Chicago — an NBC “rivalry night” special — around 8:15 p.m.

Rivalry shmivalry. These teams haven’t met in the playoffs since, what, 1973? That’s 40 years ago. Didn’t even play each other last year.


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  1. Canadian friends want to know is Nash as bad every night as he’s looked on the few times he’s been on the CBC. The answer is………

  2. Could it be that we have so many Olympians on the Rangers that they are all afraid of hurting themselves before the start of the Olympics?

  3. Rob in Beantown on

    Hawks are probably the Rangers 13th or 14th biggest rival, so its not _entirely_ inappropriate

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Geez, plenty of positive attitude this morning, I see. If the players feel the same way, expect a long night. :-)

  5. How’s the weather in Odessa, CCCP? Has the Global Warming reached all the way out there yet? We are certainly feeling it here for the last couple of days.

  6. Interesting how the rumours are hotting up about Girardi today. Elliotte Freedman and Larry Brooks essentially saying the same thing: Bruins or Sharks – in exchange for a Top D prospect, Top F prospect and a draft pick.

    I wonder if we (slats) will make another move before the Olympic roster freeze? Or is it so cold over there the rosters are already frozen?

  7. If Kreider didn’t get a misconduct, we would have beat Columbus. Dude is turning into quite a force…he could’ve easily had a hatty in the first if a few things went his way.

  8. UK: Ducks always seemed to be mentioned as well. I’d much rather send him out west than keep him in conference so I can still root for him. That’s not happening in Boston.


  10. jimG the desertrat on

    Oh boy a lets see how we stack up against the BIG BOYS game; tingley with excitment

  11. Without THE Kreider’s screen Nash doesn’t score either. I still don’t see how you can give a game misconduct to him – he tried to stop, it was an innocent bump, there was no intent to injure.

    The quotes from Kreider and Vigneault say it all, he has to put pressure on the puck, he’s not hit a vulnerable player between the numbers but shoulder bumped a guy of similar size 4 feet from the boards. 2 mins for boarding at worst.

    I love watching this kid play, he’s fast, he’s big (and not afraid to hit – Mr Nash take note!)

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Global warming is not the correct term. It’s “climate change”, and if you don’t notice that atmospheric temps. and pressure systems have changed, you aren’t paying close enough attention….

  13. Mister D – Ducks also have a bit of a glut of defensemen too.
    Sami Vatanen is a young Finnish righty offensive d-man, although he only has 10pts in 45 games.
    Lindholm and Sbisa are both young, cheap and under-control, but lefties

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Low 60’s throughout the week, low 70’s next week, and we are facing a drought crisis. The resorvoirs are at very low levels. While “it never rains in southern California” was a catchy tune, northern California ain’t seeing any rain either…

  15. UK: They have numbers, but they’re also relying on Lovejoy to pair with Fowler right now. Seems like a nice match because, like you said, they can afford to give in an upgrade, preferably Vatanen. That’s pretty much the ideal target for Girardi, a younger, also righty guy we can control for far longer and far less than Girardi’s projected UFA number.

  16. I don’t like the idea of moving Girardi. But I assume that if they do it then it’s because he wasn’t into accepting whatever lowball offer Sather made.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Just don’t trade him intra-Conference or to Lumbus, god forbid.

    Sharks or Ducks would be better for him (good opp to win Cup) and us (better return with their assets)

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks aren’t that good. Every team has at least 7 regulation losses. What did they do last year? Over the last 5 years?

    Rangers, with Tam in goal, win in a rout:

    Rangers 1
    Hawks 0

    GWG Brassard.

  19. It really is, UK. You’re right. That shows that he can get paid.

    What’s the highest the Rangers should go? Would you give him 4 years and $4.2M/per?

  20. Easy, Manny, but he’s blowing both those years and AAV out of the water. +2 years, +1.5MM?

  21. Still can’t believe St Louis was past over in favor of Carter & Kunitz. Sad. He belongs on that team.

    Hell of a player. Hell of a competitor.

    The rumor was Torts tried to get him in 2010-2011. I wonder what it would have taken.

  22. Also, who are we replacing Girardi with? That UFA market is pretty bare and those guys are pretty expensive.

  23. He’s going to be looking for $5+m and 6+ yrs i’d say. He could well get more $$ given the lack of alternatives

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Duguay – “you’re like bad medicine, bad medicine is what I like whoa ohhhh”

  25. I meant + on your number, so upwards of $5.7MM per. I just can’t see him falling under David Friggin’ Clarkson’s AAV (7Y/$5.3MM) especially, like you say, at such a shallow position.

    And while I agree it’ll be almost impossible to replace him, signing 30-36 year old Girardi to do what 20s Girardi did isn’t any smarter. Trade that brings back a top 4 upside RD makes the most sense here, even if it hurts.

  26. A girl was expelled from her school for casting a spell on her teacher which made her teacher feel ill. They expelled her because they said she was a witch. Why does anyone ever go below the Mason Dixon line?

    Anyways, I think the Rangers should hire her to cast spells on the other team.

  27. At 27, Brooks Orpik signed for 6yrs and $3.75 with Pittsburgh. He’s now 33 and a UFA this summer. What do we think he will ask for?
    Letang is 2-3 years younger and just more than doubled his money from $3.5 – $7.25m.

    You have to think a top pair shutdown guy like Girardi can get at least $5m on the open market.

  28. The smart move would be for the rangers to trade off a few veterans as a mini rebuild but the rangers organization isn’t smart so expect more bad contracts and more mediocrity.

  29. If they can get Girardi for 5 years and $4.5m AAV i’d do it in a heartbeat, but longer than that is a risk as his body won’t hold up much past 35 given his style – and given other teams need for his kind this year (and our lack of potential to win the whole thing) I would try and get 2 top end under control youngsters (including a righty D-man that can be inserted straight into the lineup) and see if we can get a draft pick thrown in there too.

  30. I will bet you guys any limb of mine of your choosing that Girardi gets more than $5MM per.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    The idea is trading a productive proven player for younger less proven alternatives to handle the rigors of NHL Playoffs

    Trade Hank, Nash, Girardi and Cally; get some younger, cheaper, unproven yet very talented players. Cut Richards as well obviously.

    Never happen, but one can dream

  32. Very energetic, no give-up tussle between a young Dorsett and a 2 year older Carcillo on Youtube, circa 2008.

  33. Is it reasonable to expect 70 year-old Glennie to be building this team for the next GM by getting rid of McD’s proven partner for “prospects” or to put his energies into winning now? Just axing.

  34. Mister, i’d go for an arm, but I think you’re safe. He’ll get his $5m, and then some.

  35. If you’re smart, you’d take the left. The right is damaged goods from pre-pitch count city ball.

  36. So chat in 57 minutes means its 2:57 until I get pissed off like I do every year despite telling myself its stupid to get pissed off at the MLB HoF announcement. Can’t wait.

  37. My attorney Bernie says never sign anything that promises you a limb in return for your cash. You might end up with a tree branch.

  38. In 10 or 20 or 50 years, its going to look ridiculous to have a huge player gap when pretty much every period in baseball had something you could moralize against.

    (Also, how the hell do writers justify leaving “suspected” guys like Bagwell off their ballot? Either its baseless speculation or they were complicit with the PED era by turning a blind eye and just covering the game. And this is the same group that waved Kirby Puckett right in and later found out “wow, this guy fails the morality clause by a massive margin”.)

  39. Sandy Alderson to Fred Wilpon: “Message on my machine from somebody named Bonilla who said his check didn’t come yet this month.”

  40. In a perfect world, Maddux gets in with a record percentage and admits he used PEDs throughout his career. Just blow up the whole eyeball-test mindset out of the water.

  41. Good one Rob. That’s an all time clip.

    This rivalry runs deeeeeeeep! Argh! Those Blackhawks! From that one time! Those jerks!

  42. Eddie – but slowly your comments will become more and more angry by the day and eventually you will grow moobs and your balls will shrivel like walnuts

  43. _Bagwell hit 6 HR in his minor league career._

    Which isn’t some new revelation, it was known in ’94 when the same sportswriters gave him the MVP. _Everyone_ turned a blind eye. And half the pitchers he hit those HRs against were on something. Pretending you’re sure Bagwell did and Maddux or Glavine or whoever didn’t because one is big and strong and the other is smaller and crafty is so, so, so dumb.

  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hmm…re big buff

    “What could Cheveldayoff expect to get for Byfuglien?, asked Lawless. “If we’re talking futures, maybe a first-round pick and a Grade A prospect. A roster player? Maybe a second or third pairing defenceman and a third-round pick. Or a top six forward and a late pick.”

    That came from spectors hockey, so the mad bomber and a third?

  45. Mister D,
    it goes so much deeper than just the players. I coached with someone with major league baseball ties (well I stood in the 1st base coaching box and patted kids on the back), the stories he would tell. it goes right up through management.

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    i just punched myself in the solar plexus. I was so pissed at my right hand for doing so, I chopped it off with an axe. Blood is spurting everywhere…..But where is my wiener?

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    everything should be ok…i just injected another dose right into my eyeball…..I can see freaking far

  48. Byfuglien is horrible defensively and he is a defensemen. Unless you move him back to forward like he played for the Blackhawks, no thanks.

  49. Totally, Bull Dog. _Everyone_, from the commish to front offices to the writers who are now sooooooo offended by PED usage to of course the players, was involved. Its like somehow sacrificing a few stars can eradicate their complicity in the entire era.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – might miss the chat…..have to go pull a hundred year old oak tree out of the ground…..with my bare hand (only the left….since I chopped the right one clean off)

  51. Stranger Nation on

    _Byfuglien is horrible defensively and he is a defensemen. Unless you move him back to forward like he played for the Blackhawks, no thanks_

    You would not trade El Zotto for Big in the Buff? In a nanosecond I would do that. A bigger better version of El Zotto who can hit the net with a shot. In a nano…

  52. eddie eddie eddie on

    must count to ten slowly….breathing erratic……34, 67, 88, 95, 456, 743, 3847, 5784, 475648384,….

  53. I’d take Byfuglien on the roster but he would cost a ton in assets. If we’re buying hard, that’s not the guy I want to buy.

  54. Lyle Alzado said that he got off the ‘roids for one year and he was thrown around like a rag doll.

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    i’m on the roof, dont try to stop me….Im going down one of my chimneys and there is a fire lit…..WHERE IS MY WIENER?

  56. My ex-wife accused me of taking steroids. Ridiculous. Got me so upset, I threw her car into a lake.

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mr d
    I was just going off what was said on spectors site that would be the “price” to acquire buff in my 11:23 post

  58. eddie eddie eddie on

    I really don’t see why Tam shouldn’t start…..Hank gives up 3 at best…does he really think the rangers can score 4?

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Bull dog
    I just think talbot gives us a better chance to win on a nightly basis.

  60. that’s why I don’t want to vote anymore, Mister … I think the best (or worst) thing that can happen is we vote in some clean guy and find out later that he cheated. Then we can just open the door to Bonds, Clemens and all. But I won’t vote for them until then.

  61. your dreaming if you think your getting Byfuglien for delz and a pick. That spector’s article on who the jets gm wants covered every combination of want he would want and I doubt it very much he is giving away Byfuglien. That’s what the jets gm would be doing by getting DelZ and a pick, not happening.

  62. Slats to AV: “I want Hank in net, Richie on the point, and showcase Del Zotto. Now, go out there and get the job done!”

  63. Ah, gotcha. Unless Winnipeg just wants to bail on a contract, MDZ + 3rd can’t be nearly enough, right? But yeah, if that’s the cost, absolutely.

  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    mark my words, I’d be happy to eat my words, swallow my pride, digest a great game by hank……in a heartbeat…….just don’t see it happening….

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    Barry Bonds’ head is larger than the goodyear blimp……try fitting that hat on a bust in cooperstown…

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Tommy g
    I agree with you that’s why I put that last line in my 11:23

    On the large conspiracy theory side of things, hank wanted torts gone and most others didn’t, so they play with less effort when hank starts (s)

  67. “Bruins or Sharks – in exchange for a Top D prospect, Top F prospect and a draft pick.”

    If that’s what Girardi will fetch, I’d do it in a heart beat, although I doubt it will be that much.

    From BOS, give me Matt Fraser and Joe Morrow. That’d be sweet.

  68. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mr d
    Agreed! If that actually was the asking price, would have been done looooooong ago.

  69. Hell, throw in Boston boy Bran Bole and try to make that draft pick a 1st rounder. Who cares if it’s late on.

  70. Jets might take Miller/Kristo, DZ, and a 1st rounder for Big Buff.

    Buff has 2 more years at 5.2.

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Girardi will bring back more than cally. If you could get Marchand and a d prospect and a pick, I’m all over it

  72. I say trade Nash, Lundqvist, Girardi, staal for picks/nhl ready prospects and start a mini rebuild but we all know that’s never happening and the mediocrity will continue.

  73. Then, take BOS’s late 1st round draft pick and trade it to WPG with Nash and MotZ for E. Kane and Stuart/Bogosian. I should be GM!

  74. Jets have Kane locked up for 4 more years. It would take The Kreider to get him out of there.

  75. Stranger Nation on

    Big in the Buff, Big Daddy Kane, and Big Bogosian for Nash, Girardi and El Zotto

    get her done

  76. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _that’s why I don’t want to vote anymore, Mister_

    You have the option of relinquishing your voting rights.

  77. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Send girardi to Dallas for roussel, Dillion or that huge kid whose name starts with an “O”, and a pick

  78. _Jets have Kane locked up for 4 more years. It would take The Kreider to get him out of there._

    Agreed, it should. But if it doesn’t …

  79. Stranger Nation on

    Hey! We are offering Nash Potatoes and he is on the Olympic Team!! He must be great!

  80. You really think he’s going to get 6 years and $6M/Per? That’s a bunch of coin. Is he that good? Those are Phaneuf numbers. Girardi basically doesn’t contribute on offense and never plays on the PP. I think he’s worth closet to $5M and maybe for 4-5 years. But you make valid points, as always.

  81. Phaneuf got 7Y/$7MM without hitting the market. I’m sure he would have gotten even more with 29 other bidders.

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