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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mr. D – fair enough. I couldn’t believe you were arguing with me. Then, I couldn’t believe what I’d done. Then I couldn’t believe what I couldn’t believe.

    But we do agree on brassard.

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – matlock manny is still in closing arguments in the case The people vs why is # 6 given ice time.

  3. If any one of those 7(!) go in, everyone is talking what a dominant in-zone game he played tonight. I imagine now its just that “he’s not a finisher” or something.

  4. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – Tam wins this game tonight. As a fan, I have no confidence in Hank. None, zippo, nada.

  5. If no one threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder, it would have been more palatable.

  6. Maybe Hank can finish out his contract playing lead guitar for Jimmy Dolan and the Nut Shots.

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Until this year, there isn’t another goalie I’d want to win game 7. This year, I don’t want him mopping up a game up 5-0.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    See dub – the might have fallen. Slats should have held off….I’d search out trading partners.

  9. Hank is world class. Everyone has their moments. Let’s be more supportive for the face of our club.

  10. e3, as you said the guy has been money but this year we haven’t had that same Hank in net. I don’t think I can hang this loss on him but as a fan, I’m a lot more confident with the back up in net.
    We need him to find his way because I don’t think that contract is going anywhere and we aren’t either if he doesn’t.

  11. Stop modeling underwear, get out of the tanning box, and protect the net, for starters. Getting too cute.

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    See Dub – Absolutely. I hear you. I wish Hank would toss a shutout every game. I’m not hoping he loses in order to support my claim. Hardly. As soon as I see who’s starting in goal, I’m either confident (if it’s Tam) or extremely pessimistic (if it’s Hank)

  13. Stranger Nation on

    That first Lumbus goal, Miller takes a hit along boards to make a play, puts pass on Boil’s stick and he cannot clear zone 4 ft from blue line…little things lead big things

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I mentioned it earlier, but if Hank starts 3 out of every 4, the Rangers will finish 10th in the conference and miss the playoffs.

    I also think doubt will soon, if it hasn’t already, start creeping into the minds of the other players regarding Hank vs Tam. They look like 2 completely different teams when Tam is in goal…

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.nation – no doubt that it’s a team win and a team loss…, but Hank is unstealing (sic) games this year….not good

  16. The K was starting to become something of a physical force on a lean physical team. Hope this incident doesn’t cramp his progressing style.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Terrible call on that play. Two minute max. No suspension. Kid is too big, too strong, too fast.

  18. Coos, I hope the office of player safety/ Shanny’s wheel of justice doesn’t cramp his progression.

  19. Seee, Shanny, himself, played a rough, tough game. I think he knows the difference between just hard -nosed hockey and intent to injure. And since the guy wasn’t even injured and he was hit shoulder to shoulder, nothing should happen.

  20. Got to say though, even though they didn’t get the two points these guys have rallied back a few times in recent weeks, something they really hadn’t done much of in oct and nov. Which is nice.

  21. I was happy with the tie.

    Nash finally scored on one of his 50’ shots.

    Our best player was needlessly ejected. We’ll get em next time.

  22. Boyle, McD and Girardi in that 4 in 3 in overtime were superb. AV did make the right call on that one.

  23. Going to be pretty funny on the blogs tomorrow when Nash gets picked for team Canada. He got hot at the right moment!!!! So much more room to float on that ice.

    Hank better be in vs Chicago. That glove needs some work. Start that piece of carcillo, carcillo too let him run someone, get season ban and be done with it already.

  24. Found it. AV’s lips are moving, but some guy is on there with “You Bet Your Garden,” and it’s not MSG, it’s carrots.
    No harm for me, I heard the video, didn’t need to see the gum.

  25. Just strolled out to my Caribbean Room and felt the Hawk trying to seep himself through the stormed jalousies.

  26. I had to confirm by watching the video again on th team website….

    no mint…… no gum…..

    somebody upstairs must have told him how idiotic it appears.

    or maybe he chewed em all in OT

  27. It was so predictable that Sather would cave early on the Lundquist contract and that Lundquist in turn would shot the bed as soon as he did.

    Predictable but painful nonetheless.

  28. i saw the video… I had to reload a few times….. but your audio is always fuzzy.

    MSG has you there with their mic up front

  29. No supplementary discipline because it was at worst a 2 min boarding penalty. It’s a joke that they are allowed to issue the game misconduct without a review between periods. Kreider was flying again, losing him for 2 periods affected the outcome of the game.

  30. I agree Hank doesn’t look confident at all. I also noticed, though, how the team let up on the pressure once they got the third goal. Let the Jackets right back in it. No killer instinct.

  31. the audio on the video…I had to watch it….. it was so fresh and so clean.

    I quit listening to the audio clips… they always say the same thing. I can process a lot more information by reading than sitting through slow videos

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