It’s Go Time! … Blue Jackets at Rangers


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Blue Jackets at Rangers.


The Rangers come off (yet another) roller coaster of a road trip in which they went 3-2.

They have won five of their last seven overall and their last two at home. The Rangers are a game over NHL-.500 for the eighth time this season, In each of the previous seven times, they lost the next game.

Henrik Lundqvist, coming off a loss at Pittsburgh in which he allowed five goals, starts in net. Otherwise, Alain Vigneault will use the same lineup that beat Toronto 7-1 Saturday night. Justin Falk and newly-acuired Daniel Carcillo will be prucha’d.

Ex-Blue Jacket Rick Nash has scored one goal in his last 11 games.

Ex-Ranger Marian Gaborik, who was injured in his first game back from an injury, is out long-term after collarbone surgery.

Goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, who has been out since Dec. 3 with a groin injury, is scheduled to return tonight for the Blue Jackets, who have lost three of four following a three-game winning streak.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS win tonight!!!

    Bets on OLGA!!!! I took Olga’s bet and im IN!!!!


    LEts gog gog og gog gog og ogo!!!


  2. iDoodie Machetto on

    Snow Angirardi or Snow Angelrardi?

    Wish Manny was here to help me
    Figure that one out

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    close close 4ever , like wise for me too!!!

  4. Hurriedly watching a replay of last game against the Leafs since I had to miss it…Pouliot, Kreider, and D Moore’s goals in the 2nd period were incredible! Nash actually showed glimpses of the real Nash in the 1st…and I haven’t noticed him since. Nash didn’t even end up with a point in the 7-1 win, right? Awful.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  6. Callyman, it was Nash, Stral and someone else I’m forgetting that got shutout. That’s it.

  7. iDoodie Machetto on

    I understand, but I think if you put Girardi with a mere mortal partner, he will look very, very average.

    He had that one great year in 2011-12 (as did many players) and has just been on a downward slide ever since (as have many players).

  8. I thought he was pretty good last year, too.

    and conversely, if you put Stralman or J Moops or Del Zotto with McDonagh against Ovechkin and Crosby, I doubt they ever slap up a zero. Ever.

  9. iDoodie Machetto on

    Carp. We need to talk about your sponsors. One day it’s a strip club, today it’s an old naked lady in a therapy tub.

  10. _I understand, but I think if you put Girardi with a mere mortal partner, he will look very, very average._

    Just pretend you’re pairing each guy with the mirror of themselves, right? There’s no doubt Girardi has benefited greatly from his time with pre-injury Staal and McD.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    IN DA Hooouwwseee!!!!


    Superpumped boyss!!

  12. You’re right, it was Zucc. Crazy when you realize Boyle is actually outscoring Zucc over the last one games, huh?

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Brassard gets the broadway hat and a hatty Tonight!!!!


  14. Great for Topo to play in the Olympics, but I don’t want to see his little energetic figure fade late in the year.

  15. And while Girardi wouldn’t be a No. 1 on many teams, if you paired him with any other No. 1, I think he could play first-pair on just about any team.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We need to Carcillo all over this team!!! Then kick the snot outta the Champs Wednesday and I will be HAAAAAAPPY!!!

    LETS DO THIS!!!!

  17. Girardi is not McD, but he is smart and rugged. Limit the snowangels and things will look up.

  18. Girardi’s in just about everyone’s top 20 NHL defenders, rightly or wrongly. You would get something back, but given how thin the D is, why look there unless it’s a complete rebuild? Staal’s a hit away from being out again (though great to see that Leetch-like pause and pass against the Leafs) JMoore and DelZotto erratic, Stralman solid but no more than that, Allen a good prospect but no more than that.

  19. Carp, he can play on teams top pairs now, agreed. But would you want to bet on him doing that for the next 5+ at presumably $5MM or more per?

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Girardi is Us , We are Girardi .Dan Girardi resembles what a Ranger Dman should be. Nuff said.

  21. iDoodie Machetto on

    If you think Snow Angelrardi is a top 20 defender in the NHL you need to have your head examined.

    If he was a top 20 NHL defender he would be on Canada’s short list for the Olympics, and yet, his name isn’t even mentioned.

  22. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Girardi is not McD, but he is -smart and- rugged_

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  24. If I was the rangers I would trade Staal, if not this year than in the off season, while he still has a year left on his contract.

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Pick up your POZY , Put the kids to bed and FIRE OLGA!!!!!

    LETS go og gog go gogogo gogog!!!

  26. Knock off the caffeine, Anson! And he’s picked Del Z as his player to watch. Plenty of others to choose from if you’re a fan.

  27. Ask McDonuts what he thinks of Danny G. There’s a reason he is first pair. That’s how it works.

  28. _Undrafted, Girardi was a find no doubt_

    Totally. My reasons for moving Girardi have nothing to do with past and little to do with present.

  29. iDoodie, 6th in the Norris two years ago, his all-star year, lots of folks surprised when he wasn’t named in the prelim. camp, but then again he’s not a big-sheet guy at all, much better as a stay-at-home NHL-rinks shutdown guy, though as Coos just pointed out the snow angels need to diminish. So, maybe not top 20 by the selectors, but certainly some GM will think he is.

  30. Its wonderful, Papa. Made a lovely kale, potato and a lot of other stuff soup in it yesterday.

  31. More important, how many other guys in that top 20 or top 40 will potentially be available?

  32. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Is there a metric that measures how smart a player is?_

    You will have to ask coosie.

  33. He’d be one of the top D men actually available on the trade market if the Rangers list him.

  34. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka Hanka with an early stick-handling mistake.

  35. Kate Smith, of ‘God Bless America” Filty fame, was 5’10, 235. Might give Boyler a run for his money.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Nash may want to move to Left side – he never shoots back hand and every time he comes down with pressure from middle, cannot get shot off cleanly.

  37. that’s a different argument, Mister. Problem is, if he’s not back at that price, how do you replace him? If you sign a guy like that, you’d be lucky to spend less than $5M per for five years.

  38. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    That defensive display by McDonagh was skillful.

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider knocked down Mr. Knee hockey – no hook, if anything ‘holding’ on Staal with free hand

  40. Carp I just finished reading your review for last game. Completely, 100% spot on re: your Carcillo evaluation and how his Gaborik shenanigans eventually forced the Rangers to toughen up into our beloved team from ’11-12. And now he’s on our team…

  41. BJs with more pp zone time than Blueshirts.
    i guess they’re taking this game a little more serious
    than the Broadway Boys

  42. If Streit got 5.5 raise my Girardi estimate. he’ll probably land between $5.6 and 6.0M per if he eats to UFA.

  43. agree Carp
    but at least BJs got the puck back
    just being snarky
    hoping 2nd pp shows a little more

  44. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Del Zotto hit the net in the only way he’s capable. (:

  45. The Kreider is a threat every time he’s on the ice.

    Except for Overtime. When he’s not allowed on the ice.

  46. if shooting into the goalie’s chest got you a
    bettman point
    then the Rangers would be leading the
    Eastern Conference

  47. Ranger breakout when The Kreider is on. Throw off boards high, let The Kreider chase it down.

  48. wow!!! rangers have had some good opportunities, not sure why Kreider didn’t skate in instead of taking a slap shot, had a breakaway if he kept skating. Than again as usual the rangers making the opposing goaltender look like a Vezina Trophy finalist.

  49. I have a feeling that if/when they lose this game the story of the night is gonna be Bob-o-pedic, the goalie.

  50. So it takes playing his former team and the guy that he was traded for scoring against his team for Nash to show some signs of life..maybe he just knows that they don’t have anyone in Columbus that can concuss him with a big hit?

  51. Irrelevant Carp. Dubinsky’s just a third line center. Expendable. Makes too much money. (s)

  52. i was in the process of screaming at MDZ for not taking the shot and then Nash scores.
    i can live with that.

  53. oh yeah Carp
    Rangers adjusted nicely on 2nd pp
    there i said it.
    feeling a little less snarky
    even though Dubie scoring stings (but not surprising)

  54. Good evening all!!! Carp, You mean J Moors, right?

    Off to pass out while watching game….long day, and another carcillo-y one ahead….

  55. yea, Dubi is the type of players the rangers need when I talk about playable toughness that they are lacking. If and I doubt they make the playoffs but if the rangers did make the playoffs they would be 1 and done, way to soft.

  56. Nice by The there. Misses a half-open net, screens for a goal a minute later. If an American Olympian gets hurt this month…

    …well, they’ll go with another guy, but Kreider is really turning into something.

  57. I’d love Dubinsky on my team playing second or third line. A little different feeling when he is the #1 center…and maybe the best player on the team…

  58. Rangers will play an equally flawed team if they make it. Probably Washington again.

  59. yea, rangers play the caps in the playoffs, if they made the playoffs would still be 1 and done.

  60. Not a bad period. Hank made some good saves, THE looking good, Nash and Stepan maybe starting to come around?

  61. Gorilla Salad says he will bring “leadership.” Sounds like Reggie Jackson stirring the drink. Do we have a Munson to rebut?

  62. I can’t imagine a player going to a new team and announcing to that team that he will deliver the “leadership” they lack. Zowie!

  63. The irony of Dubinsky’s tenure as a Ranger will always be that very few appreciated his actual attributes because they kept waiting for a 30 goal season from him..The guy struggled offensively more than just about any other Ranger in 2011-12 and was still one of the most important players on that team that year. Just another chapter in the book called “hey that 2nd or 3rd liner we have isn’t scoring 50 goals. TRADE HIM!: An epidemic on Broadway”

  64. just a reminder during all this Dubi Love:

    he’s playing his former team so he’s just a bit inspired
    he actually went to the net, which he was inconsistently doing during his last year here
    he didn’t shoot the puck, he tipped it.
    remember the many shots that went wide?
    do i miss Dubi and wish we had him in a top 9 spot?
    sure….in comparison to current roster
    but probably at a lower price than what he’s making

  65. McD and The Kreider will lead this team to its next Stanley Cup.

    Book It.

    Hopefully as players and not as Coach and GM.

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    Papa- do you know something about Sather in April or are you just toying with me?

  67. just a reminder about THE RANGERS post Dubinsky. They’ve missed everything he brings to the table in 95% of the games they’ve played no matter his flaws. If you want to talk flaws let’s discuss our current top 6. plenty to keep us busy there..

  68. Streit getting a pretty dumb deal with the Flyers shouldn’t be used as justification for us giving a pretty dumb deal to Girardi. Only way I want him for $5.5MM and 5+ years is if he promises to start aging backwards. And I agree he’s not readily replaceable, but I’m not sure that’s a good reason to give out a huge contract.

  69. I think almost everyone in the world would reverse the Nash trade, but that says more about Nash than Dubinsky.

  70. (And I don’t think signing Girardi to be Girardi works out anyway, if that makes sense.)

  71. Dubinsky sticking up for a teammate. You hate to have that on your team.

    Papa, he’s extended to five years beyond his life.

  72. Papa, I don’t think you’re in the minority at all. And I think Columbus would laugh if Sather were to go to them asking for two of their top 4 forwards by avg TOI, a young defenseman and one of their 1st round picks from last year.

  73. Stranger Nation on

    that is total BS – Tutin should have to sit out game as well. If the hit was THAT severe.

    Just total BS

  74. It’s also funny that nobody talks about Artie Anisimov…another key player on the 2012 team who is better than half the current top 6…

  75. Right, but Carp, Dubinsky isn’t a great fighter which means his standing up for guys doesn’t matter, just like Boyle!

    Also, Stralman sucks so hard.

  76. This is for real: this game is over. BTW, with Kreider it was thing long awaiting to be happened. Changed moral momentum + long PP for Columbus, – best player(himself) out of the rest of the game. Stupid!

  77. I agree that it was boarding (2, not 5), I’m just surprised that he sent Tyutin flying with a half arm shove.

  78. if Nash played remotely like Nash then there’d be a lot
    less complaining and a lot more goals

  79. I’m withholding judgment on the Kreider call until I actually see the play even though my instincts say defend Kreider no matter what.

  80. ugh! i meant remotely played

    can’t get the awful major penalty outta my mind
    what a Carcillo call!!!

  81. Does this mean Kreider watches with Carcillo in next game? Young plus mistakes plus AV equals uh-oh …

  82. On the bright side, they didn’t give up another goal on the PP. On the other side, their best player tonight is out for the game.

  83. Mister D

    THE Kreider literally stopped as he hit tyutin
    a should to shoulder hit
    but because THE Kreider is so big it caused tyutin
    to bounce off and flop into the boards

  84. Cheap major, cheap game misconduct. Do these Zebras think that we pay big bucks to watch THEM?

  85. might be boarding but a major, really. Remember the next time that happens to a ranger, guarantee it will be 2 minute penalty.

  86. Agree with Carp on that one. Whether or not you think there was intent, there was a hit and it was in a bad place and I’d rather see those overcalled than undercalled.

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you go to defend Cally after one punch, you’ll sit for two just like Dubinsky did.

    Suck it up and take the power play.

  88. NHL Rules and Officiating are becoming absolute disgrace. This goes much, much deeper than simply Brendan Shanahan. It is the culture of the NHL management. It is the culture of the GMs in today’s NHL. It is the NHLPA and their army of lawyers and agents.

  89. 2 breakaways for the Rangers, 1 for Bluejackets (unless I missed one somewhere). 0-1 result.

  90. This team without The Kreider is like have spaghetti without meatballs.


  91. Terrible by Richards there — rookies try to shoot repeatedly through the pad. Vets you expect to pull it back and lift it.

  92. Facto: There isn’t a team in the Universe that wouldn’t want Rick Nash. Only dollars might hold them back.

  93. My favorite part of that Richards thing was that once the puck was taken away he tried, flatfooted, to hook the Columbus defender with the puck. If he had been successful it would have been a penalty.

    That’s Brad Richards.

  94. They are 2-0 last two at home, eric :) … and really, there hasn’t been any momentum shift in this game at all. Wouldn’t be surprised if NYR come back tonight.

  95. tommyG
    at least this one is an actual Vezina winner

    still, all the previous shots to the chest or wide sure do help the Brob out a lot

  96. this has the feel of one of those ranger games where they dominate but can’t score and lose, book it.

  97. _Facto: There isn’t a team in the Universe that wouldn’t want Rick Nash. Only dollars might hold them back._

    And how many teams would hold back because of the dollars? I bet a bunch.

  98. If I’m a Columbus fan, I’m whining that the refs are trying to make up for the major.

  99. Maybe Rangers can pull a Bobby Valentine, put a false mustache on the Kreider and give him Dominic Moore’s jersey for the 3rd period???

  100. yes
    and if Dubi was doing this type of play
    when he was here
    Slats wouldn’t have even considered the
    Nash trade

  101. there you go, told ya, game, set, match, still they stink. If I was a Toronto fan I would be concerned with there team.

  102. Facto: There isn’t a team in the Universe that wouldn’t want Rick Nash. Only dollars might hold them back.

    “And how many teams would hold back because of the dollars? I bet a bunch.”

    That’s why I said only dollars might hold them back, bozo. Read much?

  103. Again, you can’t fault Lundqvist, but it’s a save he’d have made last year. All this dominance, two down.

  104. JPG: That’s horse poops. If Dubinsky were doing exactly this on the Rangers he’d be the same guy we had just playing more minutes. Nothing has changed.

  105. _That’s why I said only dollars might hold them back, bozo. Read much?_

    I was hoping you’d elaborate on how many teams you think might pass. Otherwise, “Rick Nash for free would make any team’s top 12” isn’t exactly a comment worth posting, is it?

  106. Retire Brad Park's #2 on


    32nd in GAA
    35th in Save Percentage

    The prosecution rests, your honor

  107. whether he was making $4 an hour or $60M a year he has to stop some of these shots. the money is irrelevant. More can’t make him better.

  108. We are an utter disgrace. I despise watching this team. Really I hate that I love the rangers

  109. why isnt talbot playing? when he plays we win. when will contracts n past performances stop being a factor for av? its getting late now so enough already. start benching guys and start giving talbot a fair shot.

  110. Here’s your difference with Dubinsky. His last year in NY he played just over 16:00 per game and 1:15 on the PP, this year he’s playing just under 19:00 per game with 2:30 on the PP. Same player, different usage. (And the worst part is that he was a guy who still did things when he wasn’t scoring. That’s the killer.)

  111. MisterD
    you must have short term memory
    because Dubi did NOT play like this
    during his last year as a Ranger
    he was missing the net. he was passing on 2 on 1s
    when he should have shot
    he stood up for his teammates but he wasn’t having a whole
    heckuva 2 point games like tonight

  112. wanted to trade lundqvist before the stupid contract, now that he is locked up I would definitely see if there is a team out there who idiot sather could possibly fleece but I doubt it would ever happen.

  113. I can’t imagine a team on the planet who had any cap space available who wouldn’t assume Nash’s contract having to give up nothing in return. Can it be made any plainer?

  114. Stranger Nation on

    _the money is irrelevant. More can’t make him better_

    Only the next 8 years @ $8.5M makes it very relevant.

  115. Problem with sell mode is who is doing the selling / buying . Still Sather and the 3 Blind mice.

  116. JPG: You’re basing it on his points this game, not the game he’s playing. Its the same dude, with a pretty similar shooting percentage and a slightly higher shots per 60.

  117. Rangers will lose tonight, win in Chicago, beat Dallas and lose to Philly.

    And so it goes, and so it goes, and so it goes..

  118. BickelsPickle on

    re Hank the Stank: The contract of DEATH (see: every star player who signed with the rangers)

  119. Stranger Nation on

    _Here’s your difference with Dubinsky. His last year in NY_

    he had 10 goals in 77 games and was relegated to 3rd line winger duty because he was could not bury the puck nor stay on his skates.

  120. We miss #15. Even with him we were softies. I don’t need fights, I need aggression and banging. The one guy who delivered it is sent to the showers.

  121. Granted, JPG, I won’t claim a lack of bias here (obviously), but the numbers back it up.

  122. the rangers couldn’t be anyworse and might be more fun to watch if you can unload lundqvist, nash, girardi, staal and get #1’s picks and good young nhl prospects and have Talbot be the #1 and pick up a serviceable backup.

  123. henrik has a fragile mindset. he gets rattled easy hence the playoff chokes. hes got a very avg playoff record. besides the big games against the caps and that 1 huge win in ottawa, he hasnt proven anything in the postseason. we need to be a torts type team if we wanna go anywhere with this group

  124. How come I was able to see the play on CBJ’s last goal coming all the way from CBJ’s defensive zone, yet no NYR seemed to have any idea what was happening? That goal is in no way Hank’s fault.

  125. Dubinsky is on pace for like 15 or 16 goals this year (18 for 82) … half the people saying they see some drastic change would be the ones still whining if that were his pace here because ONE TIME HE DIDN’T SIGN THE OFFER HE WAS GIVEN AND NOW HE MAKES $4MM!!!!!!!

  126. And Stralman is a #7 who should sit and return if an injury, just like it was always thought to be.

  127. richie can make a nice pass if no one is near him. He can get off a shot if the puck falls on his stick. The end.

  128. Dubinsky was frustrating because he would get so many scoring opportunities and miss the net or put the puck in the Goalies breadbasket.

    But, I’d take him back in a heart beat.

  129. So here’s the question. If Sydney throws that check is it a major and game misconduct?

    No effing way.

  130. Not Hank’s fault, but needed the big save, didn’t get it. 17 out of 20, not what you expect from this guy. Half the season is over and still he’s a lower-tier goalie on the stats sheet. At some point, you have to switch his role, money or no money.

  131. Younger athletes DO very often get smaller this generation when retired. What can we infer from that, one wonders.

  132. Papa Bear

    “Dubinsky was frustrating because he would get so many scoring opportunities and miss the net or put the puck in the Goalies breadbasket.”

    that’s weird, sounds like the current ranger players from what I’ve seen this year.

  133. thanks Papa Bear
    for putting the Dubi thoughts in another way

    i said in an earlier post that i would still like him on this team
    but he was frustrating during his last year because of all the “shoots wide” moments

  134. its never hanks fault according to some people. but its more than halfway thru the season now. he got his contract, after that, he shouldve relaxed and played like the highest paid goalie but its not the case. soooo, some of us want tam in net. how do u think hank got to be king? out of nowhere. now its tams turn

  135. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    At some point, you have to switch his role, money or no money.

    Sather won’t.

  136. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Kreider tried to pull up, he didn’t hit him in the numbers. He won’t get anything, including an apology.

  137. eddie eddie eddie on

    Tam is better than Hank by leaps and bounds. Too bad playing him isn’t politically correct…..Hank plays and I expect the Rangers to lose….no joke

  138. Nothing wrong with this line-up other than in the nets. Hope AV makes just that one change for the next game.

  139. iDoodie Machetto on

    “Facto: There isn’t a team in the Universe that wouldn’t want Rick Nash. Only dollars might hold them back.”

    Tomorrow team Canada might decide they don’t want him.

  140. Shouldn’t you play the guys that give you the best chance to win?

    Calm’s numbers should make that an easy choice.

  141. bull dog line on

    oh, and by the way, tonight shows the reason you trade for Carcillo. Dubi running around out there. send out Carcillo and he would slow his ass down.

  142. ps, Tyutin played one :12 shift in the second (that’s according to; I didn’t see him) … so maybe he is hurt. And you know that will be a factor in further discipline.

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    toot-in’s numbers were not facing Kreider…..2 minutes maybe….5 and a game misconduct? an adismal call

  144. iDoodie Machetto on

    At what point is there a serious conversation of rolling with Talbot?

    Jose lundqvist. Henrik Theodore.

  145. Everyone’s forgetting that we’re destined to lose tonight, regardless of who’s in net. 7 chances of going 2 games over .500, 7 losses. Tonight will be the 8th.

    And as I say that, Boyle scores. Boyle!

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    If hank continues to start 3 out of 4, the rangers will miss the playoffs and finish 10 in the conference

  147. If Kreider gets suspended, its going to be an “ease up young man” suspension that includes the whole Phaneuf thing.

  148. Just saying he wouldn’t have been on the ice when Dubinsky went after Kreider. Or when Dubinsky hit Girardi to cause the 1-0 goal.

    and, yes, it was a boarding penalty with an injury — hence a major and a game misconduct was the correct call.

  149. If Kreider gets suspended then we’re in an alternate dimension. You can’t get a suspension for bumping into a guy from the side.

  150. I hate penalizing to the result, Carp. If you think that’s 5 + a game if he’s not hurt, that’s cool, but if its simply because Tyutin stayed down, I hate it. Penalize (and suspend) the hit, not what the hit leads to.

  151. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – maloney, on radio, disagrees…..but I’m on radio feed…didnt see it…

  152. iDoodie Machetto on

    Romeo, I’m agreeing. Someone else said every team wants Nash. I found one that doesn’t.

  153. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    As long as Columbus doesn’t get any breakaways, odd man rushes, or shoot over Hank’s glove hand, we might have a chance.

  154. Great stuff from Nash — Lundqvist MUST save this point at the very least. His teammates have bailed him out for the first time I can recall this year.

  155. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    What a turnaround!!!! Nash is great again, Sather is a genius and Lunqvist can be the game saver. And Dubinsky? eff him!

  156. Hopefully Montreal is watching, I’d love to trade Nash for Pacioretty. And cap space.

  157. “Girardi giveth away, Girardi taketh back away …”

    You forgot the immediate regiveth away.

  158. _Who else thinks the rangers lose in regulation?_

    On a 4 on none and everyone blames Lundqvist.

  159. iDoodie Machetto on

    Is Nash having a bad Gaborik year where he just beats up on a couple of teams but otherwise sucks?

  160. Stranger Nation on

    Suspension would be double pain as he will be a repeat offender should another harmless, yet pain inducing, hit take place in the future.

    When you watch the play, Tootin is taking his sweet time playing he puck facing the boards – much bigger issue – in the past no one would dare do that.

  161. iDoodie Machetto on

    Staal started the season ok but wow has he been bad ever since. Team canada wanted him on their squad so badly because they are short on left handed defensemen and he has just done everything he can to play himself off of the team.

  162. Ha, I saw the left 1 and the A and thought “Holy ____ did Richards go hard down the middle there” but it was just Staal so that makes sense.

  163. Carp
    Sam and Joe just said that Tyutin’s injury
    had nothing to do with the boarding

    besides, it wasn’t an injury RIGHT when the boarding occurred
    which is usually the case when there are suspensions

  164. This Taco Bell commercial comes off as pretty pervish unless you believe that kid running is 18+, doesn’t it?

  165. Brandon is a dad and I’m a dad me and Brandon would totally be best friends if only we lived close to each other!!!!!!!

  166. Del Z falls down, gives us a PP, and does the only productive thing he’s done all game.

  167. Zuccarello can’t miss the net there with Richards in deep. If DZ or Nash or Richards had done that, we’d be killing them.

  168. Richards-hate runs deep here, but he has been excellent on the PP tonight. Zook needs to hit the net on that great set-up.

  169. PP is better because McD, MZA, and Kreider have been on it consistently. I know someone said the same personnel earlier, but it’s much different this year.

  170. “Why does Sam always say “Sudden victory for the winner, sudden death for the loser”?”

    Better than Edzo’s “forwards have the D, D have the forwards.”

  171. Also, any traffic in front and Henrik may as well dive. These refs are just calling to the reaction (both ways).

  172. _Step-On banging on the glass made me laugh._


  173. When the ref sees that replay, he’ll be relieved he got bailed out. That point would have been all his.

  174. there is no doubt this league has the worst refereeing in the sport. I would like to know where they get these clowns and who trains them, the nhl or is it the wwe or mickey mouse league, take your pick.

  175. Lundqvist superb closing this one out. Great character for this team tonight whether they get 1 or 2 points.

  176. Stranger Nation on

    Brass and Zucc both should have had hat tricks tonite – this team has to learn to bury the puck on the PP and break aways

  177. WTB happened to Zucc deking. He literally shot the puck into a stationary glove. That was absolutely pathetic.

  178. That was so…anticlimactic. Ugh, shootouts are terrible. At least we got the point, but still.

  179. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Can’t wait for the post game. They should just replay the “No more excuses” commercial again.

  180. First one was stoppable, second one was a great move, but Hank being money or not, there was no way NYR were going to win the game.

  181. Dubinsky gave the shooters some good tips Henrik is not the shootout goal tender he used to be

  182. Hank saves in overtime mean nothing now do they. He doesn’t win games on his own anymore. 2nd and 3rd goal in regulation he needs to stop.

    Granted rangers had enough chances to score 7-8 tonight.

  183. Wow looks like we have a real consensus among non-avatared users and that never ever happens!

  184. _Hank saves in overtime mean nothing now do they. He doesn’t win games on his own anymore. 2nd and 3rd goal in regulation he needs to stop._

    Agreed. If you can’t stop every odd man rush and breakaway you’re just a pile of junk and its your fault, not the rest of the team’s.

  185. Just interesting that some of the people who bemoaned the Gaborik trade because he’s a proven goal scorer are the same people criticizing Hank every which way. Isn’t he a proven goaltender?

  186. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    My six-year-old niece could have told Letestu to shoot over Hank’s glove side. It’s not exactly the nuclear launch codes.

  187. Garbagerik Garbageqvist is more like it with the way he didn’t post a shutout AGAIN!!!

  188. Carp, it was noted by the BJs that the player was injured on the NEXT shift. In addition, Kreider’s hit was shoulder to shoulder after he sprayed ice, stopped. A little too much PC going on around here, including from Ulfie who should spend more time worrying about his defensemen.

  189. I’m not kidding here, laugh all you want but I would ask around the league to see what GM’s are willing to give up for Lundqvist, Nash, Girardi and Staal. Play your cards right it could give a return of #1 draft picks and good young nhl ready prospects. Rangers have nothing to loose and won’t make them anyworse than there are now. Lets face it, not winning any cups with this team.

  190. eddie, you were most definitely not who I was talking about. Besides, why would anyone want to look at you? :)

  191. Tommy g that’s the 4 I would be shopping, then cut Richards and go from there with a ton of Cap space. I would put any other of our throw ins as well.

  192. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    If the Rangers are going to pull the flush handle, I don’t want Sather’s hand on it.

  193. Simply outplayed in net, and that was one of Hanks better games this season. Nash floated but the bar is set so low on this game it appeared he hustled. Out of shape as well.

  194. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Hank just has the green flu, just like every other overpaid veteran Sather signed.

  195. _hank save % 89.74 not good_

    Luckily that’s not the right percentage and the real one was good.

  196. Just watched the replay repeatedly. There won’t be a suspension, as that’s shoulder to shoulder with Tyutin twisting away from the hit and going into the boards face first. Not even close to hitting a guy in the numbers or head-shotting. Arms down. Routing boarding call if anything.

  197. Zucci Bad nite He used to able to deke any goalie out of their jocks . Two best players on this team are The Kreider & Big Mac. Cally has a way to go. Boyle is a plesant supprise. Henrik real weak right side everyone knows it. Could be a very long season for him. Very hard to play wen you re trying to find your game & you re costing your teram 59 Mil

  198. Hayseed, EIEIO, West Virginia bordering, Deliverance bunch of leaf chewers come into MSG and leave with a W? Ignominy!

  199. LOL, Mister. Don’t be annoyed. I won’t ask … though I thought that for 65 minutes it wasn’t a terrible game. Never had the momentum of the game taken away, even down 1-0 or 3-1. They were in it throughout. CBJ’s goalie made more saves.

  200. Anson Carter: “Tonight, the Rangers can be very happy.” Get this guy a one way ticket to Saskatoon.

  201. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Hank’s save percentage is .905, 35th best in the league.

    Never thought I’d say he’s not keeping us in many games this year.

  202. All around, McD is the most talented, energetic, and heady guy on the ice. Where’s the ‘A?’

  203. Carp
    we all know that Hank stays deep in his net
    is it possible he’s got a shoulder or rotator cuff
    which is the reason why he took time off with
    Unknown Injury
    earlier this season
    and why he’s been awful with shots to his glove side?

  204. If Dorsett were here, Dubie wouldn’t have been so frisky. In the absence of anyone else, I’ll have to swallow hard, and semi-welcome Carcillo.

  205. Dubinsky had 6 fights his last year in NY, 1 this year. But sure, maybe he’d be unfrisky with Dorsett around. Its not like he’s ever fought a bigger guy, right?

  206. No, coos, I didn’t feel that way. They were behind 3-1 and I never felt they were out of it at that point or any other point. … unlike a lot of games this season where things have gone wrong and it’s just over. They weren’t outplayed for any significant stretch of the game, IMO.

  207. Joe Mich: “Sam, I met John Moops dad down in Florida at the dad’s trip and he seemed to me to be a fat, loud-mouthed crumbum.”

    “I agree, Joe.”

  208. Three lines in a row kept the puck in our end, on and on. You must have been in the executive bathroom for that stretch. :)

  209. If Lundqvist is dinged, it wouldn’t surprise me. Such a big drop-off, hard to understand. Still, he came up big in the end and the two he missed were hardly soft.

  210. Stranger Nation on

    entertaining game – defintely had more than enough chances – some credit to BOB, but are shooters need to bury some.

    Brass, Zucc, Richards, Pullout all had goal mouth opps they couldn’t bury and that was the game.

    Lumbus d is not good.

  211. _If Lundqvist is dinged, it wouldn’t surprise me. Such a big drop-off, hard to understand._

    That’s the hope, because the other potential answer suuuuuuucks.

  212. Mister D – perhaps I should have said that Dubie would at least have been challenged. Dubie’s not a fraidy-cat. Just sayin’ that someone has to interrupt his, or anyone else’s flying around and attempted intimidation

  213. Anyone who hangs around with Avery, has a tan in mid January, doesn’t like a coach who lauded him, and goes into the restaurant business with old #16, deserves some scrutiny.

  214. They’d forcibly escort me off the premises if I ever attempted to get into the executive bathroom.

    But three shifts? That sometimes happens in a game, no? (s)

    *fresh new post.*

  215. I was happy with the tie.

    Nash finally scored on one of his 50′ shots.

    Our best player was needlessly ejected. We’ll get em next time.

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