Rangers-Penguins in review



1) This is not an excuse. Just a fact. The Pittsburgh Penguins are helmets and shoulder pads better than the rest of the East. They played almost the entire month of December with their JV on the ice and ran away and hid. They could play the entire second half of the season wearing just socks, no skates, and win the Lesstropolitan Division like Secretariat.lundqvist vs. pens

2) So … you are a mediocre .500 team going into Pittsburgh. Well, then you damn well better take care of the puck. You damn well better plan to do the right things to get a forecheck going and hang onto the puck a little bit. You damn well better put on your meanest face and compete and make things difficult for your opponent. The Rangers didn’t do even a little bit of any of that. Just awful. A very, very easy game for the Penguins.

3) And Henrik Lundqvist hasn’t been the magic elixir that can erase nights like this for the Rangers. Tough to put a lot of blame on him for this, but he did give up five, which is three too many for his team almost every night.

4) To repeat, the Rangers didn’t take care of the puck very well in their own end, and it began early. A terrible turnover by Carl Hagelin led to a Craig Adams wide-open shot off the pipe. Another by Derek Stepan at the red line led to Rick Nash taking a penalty. And that led to a PPG, which was a whole pile of puck luck, Derek Dorsett injured and hobbling blocking a shot, and a ricocheting puck in front of the net.

5) Then Benoit Pouliot gave the puck to Derick Brassard in a bad spot in the neutral zone, and the Penguins countered … only Pouliot and Nash left a man wide open with two D-men  behind the icing line, 2-0. …

6) They open the second period — Hagelin with another neutral-zone turnover. 3-0.

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins7) Marc Staal, very sloppy giveaway deep in his own end. Sidney Crosby backhander up top. 4-0.

8) If this team doesn’t defend it will lose a lot more than it wins, and the reason, as always — for years — is because of their lack of offensive skill. And let’s get to that for a moment. When the 2013 season began, post-lockout, the Rangers thought they had three legit first-line players, plus Stepan developed into what looked to be a fourth during the season. And right now, 42 games into an 82 game season, the Rangers have zero legit first-line players. None.

9) To take that a step further, if you take the Mats Zuccarellos, and others, and put them on a second line behind legit first-liners, this lineup sure looks a whole lot different. Zuccarello cannot and should not be their best forward, not by this much, all credit to him for what he’s doing. He’s been beyond terrific.

10) Which brings us to the daily Nash-O-Meter. He had a couple of scoring chances, and created one for a linemate. Maybe two. Joe Micheletti said that Brooks Orpik told him he thinks Nash is one of the most difficult to defend when he’s skating and being physical. Just wondering, when was the last time he did either?New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins

11) And when, by the way, does somebody, any of the supposed top guys, get held accountable? Because there is no accountability when the only guys held accountable are named Kreider, Miller, Pouliot and Del Zotto.

12) Ryan Callahan returns. He threw a couple of checks in the game, typical Callahan hits. You had to love it when he went at Deryk Engelland after Engelland squished John Moore cleanly. Otherwise, Callahan didn’t look like himself, which is and should be expected upon returning early from a knee injury.

13) And now Dorsett, their only toughness, is out with a broken leg, 4-6 weeks. I imagine that J.T. Miller goes back in, since he’s the only healthy extra forward going into Toronto tonight. Or maybe they can ask Arron Asham to  come up and play that role again, or Micheal Haley? Or Stu Bickel, remember him? I don’t know. None can play the forecheck/penalty kill like Dorsett does. Not that he’s irreplaceable. But do they have a player who can replace him?

14) This talk about Chris Kunitz making the Canadian Olympic team? Because he has chemistry with Crosby? I don’t know. Team Canada’s brass might think, well, if Sid can make Kunitz one of the top goal scorers in the league, imagine if we give him a real star winger in Sochi? Seriously, Kunitz is a good player with some skill and grit. But if you swap Zuccarello or Kreider in his spot, they would have 20-plus goals. If you put Kunitz with Stepan and Nash, he has nine or 10. Just sayin.

15) Seven times the Rangers have crept to a game over .500 this season. They have now lost the next game all seven times. They are what they are, a mediocre team. Fortunately they play in a crappy division in a mediocre conference.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Chris Kreider.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Rick Nash.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Conor Allen.

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  1. Didn’t bother watching.
    No point.
    Hard to watch Sathers disaster play soft every night.
    BTW… How is our GM for life?

  2. No offense? Check

    Defensive turnovers? Check

    Poor start to the game? Check

    Hank letting in 3+ goals? Check

    Rick Nash doing nothing? Check

    Zuccarello being lone bright spot? Check

    AV holding nobody accountable? Check

    – As a lifelong Rangers fan I’m trying to even be apathetic about this team, but I just don’t care

    Outside of Zuccarello, Kreider, McD and Cam Talbot this entire roster has been an embarrassment to the sweater.

    Rick Nash needs a career ending concussion so we won’t have to suffer through watching him barely break a sweat on the ice. Is it wrong to wish that on someone? Not when they obviously don’t care what happens on the ice.

    Derek Stepan sure loves that new contract. Used to be he only played this invisible in the playoffs.

  3. “We have 110% urgency to fix this” – Rick Nash quote from last night

    This coming from a guy who is redefining the term “floating”. I can’t say enough how much I dislike Rick Nash as a supposed player and as a clueless human being. I never, ever wanted him on this team and certainly think he’s one of the worst acquisitions in the last 10-15 years.

  4. Hard game to watch , they did have one shift that help the puck in the o zone for a while … That was it

  5. You’d rather have the points than the positives, but at least the Rangers came out and played in the third, a pipe away from making it truly interesting. Zook looks as though he wants to be a star in this league.

  6. You guys want to know what I heard about the Rangers?

    They’re a bunch of midnight golfers. Weather babies. Their lawnmowers run on ginger ale. They’ve got bowls of magic markers in their basements. Like to wear sunglasses in the sauna.

    They might as well work in a paperclip factory …

    Cause they sure as hell can’t play hockey.

  7. I specifically like when the penguin players fall on hank by accident. Maybe it’s just me but playing in men’s league hockey I get pissed when we are losing 4-0 and someone goes anywhere near our goalie, gives me a free shot on a player to take ouut my anger. Our guys more resemble the nfl where they put out their hand and help the other player up.

  8. Does anyone think the team would play this careless and passionless if Coach Messier were behind the bench ? I think NOT !! and he wouldn’t have a problem holding everybody accountable. even the high paid floaters.

  9. Richards was as brutal last night as he was last year. And as I posted the other day, his numbers — for all the hype that he had pretty much returned to his TB and Dallas form after the Marty St. Louis workouts this past summer — actually pro-rate WORSE than last season.

    Fire Sather. And then prosecute him.

  10. I totaly agree on what you say Carp!
    Where are all the so called stars on this team. Its a shame that this team is held up by a small guy from Norway that so few had confidence in this summer. Most People talked about his size, that he was to small for NHL and so on. BS!
    When it comes to grit, heart and killer Instinct, the stars does not reach Zucc to the knee!!
    I would expect some of the guys to line up to Return some of their million dollar contracts.
    So, million dollar men, who`s first in line??

  11. Thanks for the doses of truth, Carp. A sad sack bunch, from top to bottom with little spark or passion in their game, aside from ZA and The Kreid. Little day-to-day excellence aside from McDonagh. Wave bye-bye to the season little blueshirts. I’m headed back to my cave for the winter…and a good morning to do it! Yikes, 4 below zero F.

  12. A new regime and fresh direction is so desperately needed I’m starting to hope the Rangers get blown out in every game going forward until it becomes even unbearable for that idiot Dolans.

    That’s how bad it’s getting for me….


  13. And I get the lack of top end skill means the Rangers are not a cup contender and won’t be for quite some time (if ever) given the lack of quality in the feeder system (not that I’m happy with it because the reason for that should have been fired years ago), but the lack of compete on too many nights is on EVERYONE in this organization, starting with the doddering GM, his staff, the coach and equally importantly, the players.

    What a bunch of embarrassing overpaid stiffs, privileged to have the raw skill to play one of the most wonderful games in the world and get paid handsomely to do so. How the hell do you look in the mirror at night boys?

    Shame on you.

    That said, everyone shares the blame, but at the head of that sorry class is Glen Sather. Not only can’t he build a team that has skill (after 13+ years of trying), he can’t even put together a team that has the balls to compete.

    You know what? This team actually mirrors its architect, a man with a ‘job for life’; a man, in other words, who performs like he doesn’t have to worry about his performance. Just like the team he’s put together.

    Shame on all of them.

  14. BickelsPickle on

    The fact that the players themselves probably know they are a mediocre team doesn’t quite help. I’m sure they feel somewhat hopeless, if the end goal is to enter the playoffs and win the cup.

  15. Doesn’t mean you don’t compete.

    Does mean, however, the problem is deep and the longer it lasts, the more difficult it will be to rectify.

    This is why coaches and more importantly, GMs get fired – when teams lack compete and become an embarrassment on the ice more often than not, it finally becomes enough for ownership to wake-up and call for a regime change.

    However, in DolansLand, who knows? Maybe Sather will just retire?

  16. In the early 90’s ,,,,the Rangers made a deal with the devil to win that elusive cup….in 2000 the devil demanded and got his due..the GM spot…and the rest is history!

  17. Sather Must Go! on

    Time for some wholesale changes…but no team wants the stuff sather has putbon this roster…is there one guy on the team that would return a first rd pick? a second?? Trading gabby for players COLUMBUS didnt want (save dorsett) and not a first rd pick back then rounding out the team with pouliot moore etc – put them in this situation, h will require donnie walsh to repair

  18. It’s funny how under the Torts years we screamed about fixing the power play, it stunk. Well we did that! And now everything else is broken!! I don’t get why this team lacks consistency. Some nights they do all the right teams, others they take off. The turnovers were glaring. You can’t generate offense when you are turning the puck over constantly in your own zone. I thought Hank was fine, really. Maybe the 4th goal he could have stopped but the others were a result of poor team play not him. I felt bad for him taking it on the chin like that.

  19. Sather Must Go! on

    I was pro-Torts but also understood his departure; but he was the guy to get the most out of the Rangers team he led-despite what theplayers may have said… He did preach “identity” ,,, this team’s identity is the worst possible – no skill; soft; easy to play against.. Big departure from the team’s last full regular season

  20. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    I leave you silly geese for one game and I see only Negys and no Pozys?

    I thought they tried really hard. They tried to win for us. If only we had our pozy hats on, our boys were sure to win for us. We let them down.

    So, tonight I want all of you to put on your 2014 Pozy hats!!!!

    Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!
    Never Boo Boo Boo!!!

  21. Carp re: #9 IVE BEEN SAYING THAT SINCE JUNE! How is this team more like a Blackhawks team or a Pittsburgh team as Sather said he wanted when he danced around his reasons for firing Torts?! He’s trying to build a steel fortress using gummy bears and bubble gum for God’s sake! I’ll say it again- DISMANTLE!

    What are they really doing here with AV? It took almost 10 years of Sather being a cancer to get a coach in here who could help form an identity and what’s the ass hat do? he goes “no I don’t like the identity I’m going to fire the coach and change it” after a 2nd round playoff elimination. And a 26-18-4 record season that came after a lock out – a record by the way that doesn’t look so bad compared to the current record and that was after they previously won 51 games the year before. FIFTY ONE!

    AV has mishandled Lundqvist. He’s mishandled Del Zotto. He’s shown you exactly what happens when you play your top guys no matter how awful they are after everyone’s incessant criticism of Torts’ line juggling over the years. And all the alleged players that wanted the old coach gone don’t exactly look motivated now, do they?

    And I’ll go a step further- even Tom “line generator” Renney had a better record when he was dismissed for “losing the team” So we’re currently reaching a Trottierian state of existence right now.

    Enjoy kids. Torts was mean? he was an asshat? he had a lousy attitude? no one wanted to play for him? Now look..maybe the players in question had a bigger problem. Because they seem to flat out not want to play. And they obviously have the perfect coach for that system.

  22. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on


    Yes. It’s Yay! Woohoo! Bazinga!
    All of the above.

    All Pozys today!

    Everybody repeat:
    We are rangers fans!
    We couldn’t be prouder!
    And if you can’t hear us!
    We’ll shout a little louder!


    No Negys today guys! Only Pozys!

    Yay Rangers!

  23. Sather must go, it’s not that
    hard to find takers for a lot of the problems on this team because most of their contracts are up at the end of this season. I wont run off a list but go look at capgeek right now and consider who you’d actually resign after a Richards buyout..

  24. And regarding “understanding Torts’ departure I will say this much as I did when all that happened- if you hire a coach that’s going to change the face of your team then you let him do just that you stick by the guy you trust him and you stay loyal to him and if players come to you whining you say “know something kid? you’re not the right fit for what we’re doing here. pack your carcillo” and you find players that can help you do what you did in ’11-’12 every year. You don’t pull some ancient alpha dog crap because you’re sick of hearing how you’re not the man with the plan anymore and set the team back another 5-10 years because you think you have a plan that may finally work. especially when your last one worked but you just didn’t appreciate what you had.

  25. And yeah I’m in that kind of mood today so it’s going to be long semi dramatic rants if you engage me or try to justify THIS clown being coach.

    Miami you had it right with the first blog post after the AV hiring announcement.

  26. It’s ironic how I’ve said in the past how I’m glad dolan doesn’t get involved with the rangers as he does with the knicks but now it’s long past due that sather needs to go. How many gm’s has the knicks gone through since Dolan’s been the owner? The only way to wake Dolan up is to stop buying tickets to the ranger games people. When the garden is a ghost town at ranger games that will wake up Doaln.

  27. Sather is a cancer. think of it this way. if you have a tumor in your chest, and you eat right and work out get your rest keep faith in God or wherever your faith lies and stay positive you STILL have cancer. and your days are numbered. That’s what Sather is for this organization. They can have good coaches, record years, players that come in and score 124 points. ultimately until you cut it open, reach in and rip the cancer out and heal it doesn’t mean squat. aside from in nets, it might as well be 2003-04 again.

  28. Sather Must Go! on

    I hear ya, James…i was thinking that none of their players (contract aside) is worth a firster…they have to make big decisions on two of their loyal soldiers this year in Cally and girardi… Dont know what either is worth as a rental to another team. otherwise, the underlying problem is Nash, thebinevitable BRich injury (preventing buyout) and orgaization depth

    HMM, justvthinking if richards does get injured and cant be bought out (leading to a mess for next xxx yrs).. Do u buyout nash?

  29. I mentioned buying out Nash instead of Richards the other day and Carp sent a horse’s head wrapped in news paper to my house. But if Richards was injured that’s a totally different scenario. Right now I think of it this way- Nash is young and skilled enough to be ok if A, he’s healthy next season and B, you surround him with some players that are also young and skilled. Right now he’s just another guy strapped into a seat of a plane about to crash into an ocean full of Sather’s bile.

  30. Sather Must Go! on

    ..and i still think torts had a fairly large say in personnel, and knowing the guys he can coach in his system.. Gonna sound revisionist, but zucc wasthe one guy I tght shld have been given a chance – convrsly, AV was given players and tried to fit them in his sstem.., at least he figured out del z is nt very good in any system.

  31. leetchhalloffame on

    Most NHL teams this year are head and shoulder pads above the Rangers. Thanks & congrats to Dolan and Sather for putting together this joke of a team.

  32. Nash needs to sit so we may see 110 percent when he comes back…he just does not want to go anywhere near traffic. That Stuart hit really screwed up Nash and Ranger offense. Unfortunately no one on this team will answer next time Stuart and Sharks are in town…..gutless

  33. Thanks for the link, the other Peter.

    Happiest guy in the league right now.

    It’s funny,” said Taylor Pyatt, barely stifling a laugh in the home dressing room. “The Rangers seem to struggle coming here to Pittsburgh, but it’s nice to be on the other side tonight, playing in front of these fans for the first time.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some of you are placing to much emphasis on winning. That, my friends, is secondary. Big contracts, nice pay days, having fun, and not exerting too much effort on the ice are far more important.

  35. Worse thing to happen to this organization was Jagr having that incredible year in 05-06 and taking the team to the playoffs. I think they were finally planning to do a true rebuild. But that season gave Sather delusions of grandeur and he went back to his old ways. Now we’re caught in that same old vicious cycle of mediocrity.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seedub – the lone bright spot. If he’d only go shirtless, unleashing that thick mane of chest hair, we’d all feel much better.

  37. Bobby make no mistake, If Nash played like this under a coach who preached accountability he’d be on the bench more often than Ulf and Arniel

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    During games, when the rangers fall behind, the camera should cut to Duguay in the studio as he brushes his hair, does 10 pound curls, and flexes in front of a mirror while Peedo, Trout wig, and JoeM admire his form.

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    I meant if Richards gets hurt at least we can buy out Nash. Not making any sense this morning

  40. Stranger Nation on

    My take is Richards and Henk complained to Uncle Glenny about Tortles the Magnificent and Cigar breath listened to his stars and not his leader.

    Easy on no one would get a first; McD and Kreider for starters

    Step got smacked in the mouth early and disappeared again. What a wuss. Thought Brass was the best center again.

    i KNOW Boyle is not the reason they are playing this way, but he is stinking up the ice. Can you hit someone please? What is with him lying prone on the ice for 30 seconds in the offensive zone in front of the crease

  41. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    I am mortified. You’re all Negys today.

    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)
    We want Pozys :)


  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stepan will captain team USA. Too much skill, grit, and toughness to go unnoticed.

  43. John Moore needs to eat his Wheaties. I forget which Penguin hit him, but hot damn! I’m surprised he didn’t end up in the 10th row!

    If the Penguins actually started real, live penguins, they’d still win the Metropolitan Division.

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gnash is a lock for first line RW on team Canada. Richards, meanwhile, has been invited to represent Earth in the inter galactic games starting in April.

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Hard not to notice the Fool on Hill is back from Nowhere land with all his ‘friends’

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What we need, what we need……is solidarity….solidarity….

    Everybody want to see the game on Saturday….

  47. If Richards gets hurt were DEAD. It’s better if Nash gets hurt and then put on LTIR. Then you buy out Richards. $14M cap space! Buying spree.

  48. Cross Check Charlie on

    Somebody needs to show Nash how he played before the concussions where he would back the defense up and if they didn’t he would rush the net while shielding the puck. Now he just takes long shots, most from bad angles and he probably wonders why he can’t score.

    If he’s going to play like this then the Rangers are better off selling him at the deadline or using the “regular” buyout in the off season (not the compliance buyout – those goes to Richards).

  49. Remember when John Moore valiantly tried to finish a check against D. Engelland but the stronger man pushed him away and he almost broke his face on the dasher?

  50. Watching the World Championships…now this is entertaining good hockey…fast…flowing…creative…and just bigger, better, back and forth hockey.
    NHL…constipated…slow…little flow…boring.

  51. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on


  52. I don’t think there is any way the Rangers could buy our more than one player. They only have one buy out left.

  53. On Nash:

    I started to get the bad gut feeling about half way through last season.

    Face it’s now a fact. Nash is a major bust.

    Definitely the most disappointing acquisition in the Sather era.

    Arguably one of the most disappointing acquisitions in Ranger history.

    Anything they can do to get him off the roster and payroll is a must.

    Get it done.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Captain Callahan, come -get your Stanley Cup- here and get your team certificate for almost trying in some games this year.

  55. jimG the desertrat on

    Pyatt got a crash course in toughness from Pens hit from behind was manly indeed.

  56. Manny:

    Teams are entitled to buy out player contracts for a portion of the remaining value of the contract — paid over a period of twice the remaining length of the contract. Following are the buyout amounts:
    Younger than age 26 at the time of buyout, 1/3 the remaining value
    Age 26 or older at the time of the buyout, 2/3 the remaining value
    When a player is bought out, the team still takes a cap hit for the player over a period of twice the remaining length of the contract. The amount of the cap hit (by year) is determined as follows:
    Take the actual salary due for each remaining year
    Take the Averaged Player Salary (cap hit) for the current contract
    Calculate the buyout amount (as described above)
    Spread the buy-out amount evenly over twice the remaining years of the contract
    Take the number in No. 1 and subtract the number in No. 4. This is the “buyout savings.”
    Take the cap hit from No. 2 and subtract the buyout savings from No. 5.
    This calculation is done for each year, meaning the buyout cap hit is not necessarily the same for all years. It can even be negative, meaning a team can receive a credit.

  57. So, they would pay Nash 2/3 of his salary over 8 years and take a $3.9M hit (more or less) over those 8 years.

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Row 5 minus 3 times row 2 which is added to 6 less the Twice row 4. Then do 3 hokey pokey and turn yourself around…

  59. Rick Nash buyout from CapGeek.com
    2014-15: $2,566,667
    2015-16: $2,566,667
    2016-17: $2,466,667
    2017-18: $2,266,667
    2018-19: $2,666,667
    2019-20: $2,666,667
    2020-21: $2,666,667
    2021-22: $2,666,667

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A players reputation is far more important that his actual productivity. What happens on the ice isn’t relevant. It’s what could happen that matter. Glen Sather

  61. I wonder if team Sweden is thinking of starting this kid who is playing in the WJC instead of Hank.

  62. I don’t know about anybody else but I’ll be watching the nfl playoffs today/tonight. I won’t waste anymore time watching or wondering what the score is with the ranger game. I knew this team was in trouble before the season started watching the preseason games but people said it was only preseason, ok. Than they got smoked by west coast teams. Than it was give AV’s system a chance, ok. Well, they still stink.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    Nash offensive productivity in last years regular season must have covered up a lot softness…

  64. Were we a better team without Nash in the lineup? I think we were at least defensively. We had that run of two goals or less against with him out if the line up, I believe.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    outside of our D, do a lot of top NHL players beat a Dman 1 on 1?

    Need to get Kreider away from Step and Nash. Put Richie on that line so at least we dont kill the entire top 6.

    Norris Sweater Tug was really. really bad last night

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    So on the first pens goal, dorsett with a broken leg is throwing checks harder than NATW!

    January 4th, 2014 at 1:56 AM

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    I get tootoo from the dead wings for bole and trade Staal to canes for ruutu.

    January 4th, 2014 at 2:00 AM

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Need mcilrath to be healthy soon

    January 4th, 2014 at 2:02 AM

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Hanka hanka burning glove

    January 4th, 2014 at 2:03 AM

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    It’s about time to admit talbot gives this organization a better chance to win on a nightly basis than hank!!!

    January 4th, 2014 at 2:04 AM

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Anyone else notice how d Moops sweater just says Moops on the back, but j Moops says j Moops on it?

    January 4th, 2014 at 2:11 AM

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Engelland is a stud!!!

    January 4th, 2014 at 2:22 AM

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Mcdonut is such a wuss! He looked like a submissive dog getting humped by an alpha male in the backyard by Crosby.

    I’d trade him for phanuef in a heartbeat!

  67. The grossest part of this grossness is that right now we have maaaybe 9 forwards I’d be fine keeping long term and like 5 of them profile as 3rd or 4th liners.

  68. Nash sucks. His offense last year was one dimensional, off the rush. No cycle. No one timers off the pass. No rebounds or deflections. He’s a puck hog.

  69. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re the accountability of stars…I wonder if the perception of the last coach holding a star accountable (torts holding secretariat accountable in the playoffs) it didn’t end well for the coach.

    Or maybe AV just doesn’t believe in accountability

  70. AV has too much reverence for his high paid players.

    Easy way out. Path of least resistance.


  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nash and Richards are big game performers. Remember last years Bruin series? Didn’t they combine for 1 goal? Or was it Zero goals?

  72. @AGrossRecord

    Lundqvist Del Zotto Falk Miller on ice at ACC. So figure Talbot in net DZ Falk still healthy scratches and Miller in for Dorsett.

  73. Stranger Nation on

    The goal Nashed Potatoes scored at Boston this year was an all world play, muscling past 2 of the better Defensive players (Chara, Bergeron) in the league in tight.

    Where is that guy been since?

  74. Carp Point 2 spot on. However, we need tho play a speed game early with aggressive checking and paying attention to detail in the defensive zone. We tend to watch other teams play and react. You don’t win games that way. It appears every time Callahan comes back (usually too early) he screws up the chemistry of the lines. You have Miller out after having the team wins 4 0f 5 games with him in the line-up. re-instate the line combinations with Cally replacing Dorsett on right wing with Boyle & Moore. Cally & Dorsett are sure injury prone. Will miss him. He’s the poor man’s Prust. Game wasn’t Henrik’s fault but would sure love to have his play of two years ago. Could be a long season.

  75. I didn’t realize Mcllrath reinjured the same knee he injured in the past. It’s bad enough when the rangers drafted Mcllrath the book was he wasn’t a good skater and needed to work on his skating but now he reinjures an already bad knee. I hate to say it but before this guy turns 22 he already has a bad knee now and couldn’t skate well before the first injury. That dude will never amount to squat. Another first round bust under the sather administration.

  76. Is Nash now the Rangers equivalent of Caramelo for the Knicks?

    Pretty sad watching McDonagh get pummeled to the ice by Crosby of all people.

  77. Nash would be the equivalent of Carmello if Carmello scored only one basket a game.

    Rick Nash is, by far, the single worst “star” athlete in New York Sports right now. And probably one of the most overrated players in the National Hockey League.

    I’ve never, in all my years as a Rangers fan, seen a player play so deliberately soft and so disinterested in what’s going on around him.

    Chris Drury was that bad, chewing on his mouthpiece while skating around thinking of new toppings for his pizza.

    Rick Nash? I want to go to MSG and smack every stupid fan who actually paid money to have that losers jersey on their back

  78. I am definitely giving Nash the benefit of the doubt because of the concussions … but if this is all he can do, because of the concussions, then maybe he shouldn’t be playing at all until he’s healed and mentally prepared to play a contact sport.

    If it has nothing to do with the concussions — like the playoff performance last spring — then that’s a major, major concern, IMO.

  79. First thing I would do is fine anyone who chews on his mouthpiece $500. Got to start with the quality of life issues.

  80. Going after Engelland would have been ridiculous — he didn’t do anything but be bigger and stronger. Not even remotely a dirty play.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Nix collapsed last night….JR – “I forgot the score, thought we were down by 2, so I heaved a 3 pointer” … with 10 seconds still on the clock….talk about a moron….

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In his best years, Nash played soft, this year he has gone Goose Down Feather…..

  83. Anyone besides Dorsett and maybe Cally would have immediately hit the ice with a broken leg and been carried off in a stretcher. And I wouldn’t blame them, but it tells you something.

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is giving minimal effort. But given his talent level, it’s ok. Like a man among bigger, stronger, faster, better men. That’s good enough.

  85. Sather Must Go! on

    Last nite game two semi subtle things, re: identity:

    i) at the very End of 2nd Period, Nash wound up for a slapped was in motion to shot right as the buzzer went off, he opted to stop and not take the shot – likely knowing it would have stirred something up

    ii) Realizing it was Cally first game back and not questioning his will: I forgot the exact point – when Crosby was aggressive jabbing his stick into Brassard in front of the net, he came in and face to face with Sid – could have dropped the gloves – “C” vs “C”, Im sure Crosby would have been okay with that – if nothing else to provide under this team..

  86. That’s not the point, Norm. It was a clean and hard hit. The point is, there is no one trying to respond to anything, including dirty hits, and “bumps” on Hank. Callahan shouldn’t be the only one willing to respond to anything. It is a mismatch more often than not, let alone against Engelland.

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards had he broken a leg would fear for his like….”They shoot horses, Don’t they?”

  88. I don’t know that anyone on this current team could fight Crosby successfully. Seriously. Maybe John Moore. If he’s angry enough.



  90. Sather Must Go! on

    I agree, Crosby would have taken a couple from Sid (Bt not as bad as Engelland), but geez – the team was just getting picked on left and right..against any team with any size and grit…

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    _Anyone besides Dorsett and maybe Cally would have immediately hit the ice with a broken leg and been carried off in a stretcher._

    McDonagh would have skated to the bench, bit down a little harder on his mouth piece, and would be back on the ice for his next shift

  92. Did you guys see LW’s tweet following Dorsett’s broken bone? Hysterical.

    Did Dorsett stay out on a broken leg as long as Gregory Campbell?

  93. Except for a couple of year period where they competed hard under Torts the NYR have been the laughingstock of the league since 1998.

    Nash, Richards and Sather must all say to themselves “The Pays the Same” Why go into the corner and get hit, the pays the same if I don’t. We hate Sather but he laughs all the way to the bank.

    His biggest issue is figuring out whether to have organization meetings at his home in Banff, Palm Springs or NY.

  94. I agree with what you have been saying, Carp: If Nash is playing this way because of Concussion issues, that’s horrifying. If he’s playing this way just because he’s playing this way, that’s WORSE.

  95. You know what would be sweet? If hanks cool, new mask and pads don’t see a minute of ice time during the stadium series, which is a puke fest, btw.

  96. McDonugh had the chance of a lifetime to smoke Sidney. What a shame.

    Almost as bad as Bongo Staal and Semin.


  97. Manny- you’re correct about the donuts- perhaps it’s time to dispose of them. Except of course, mcdonuts

  98. McDonagh gets a pass from me because he’s an all world defenseman. Can’t rattle his confidence. Need him badly.

    But yea, that was embarrassing.

  99. Amen, C-Dubs. That masks and pads crap is so annoying. Just have a simple helmet that isn’t an expression of who you are. Play well. Worry about your on ice fashion later.

  100. And I don’t hate Hank, just tweeting out the pics irks me greatly, particularly so after such a beat down.

  101. Trade Boyle and DZ for jake gardiner or a righthanded shot defenseman.

    Boyle = Hossa.

    Marcel, that is.

  102. Two years ago, after a loss like last night, they would come out swinging and make Toronto’s life miserable. I don’t have enough confidence to say it will happen tonight. Different team, different coach.

  103. Problem number one: extremely bad talent
    Number two: no grit
    Number three: no heart
    Number four: bad contracts
    Number five : bad ownership
    Number six : bad GM
    Number seven: bad coach
    Number eight: bad minor leagues
    Number nine : maybe most important see number five, because whenever the big change, shake up comes and it won’t come soon. It will be another huge mistake. It will be a PR stunt TGO or Mess, false hope and no good management sense.
    Did I leave anything out? Slowly turning to the Caps after 39yrs of this junk.

  104. you can trade Boyle and Stralman and Del Zotto and D. Moops and Dorsett and Hagelin and Brassard and all of them for players slightly better, and the same problem will still exist at the top of the lineup. And in goal.

  105. I know about the Caps just living here and going to games with some atmosphere, plus you got to enjoy a little pain. Also didn’t really have a order just a stream of anger. I would say number five is bigger than six, though

  106. Also BTW free MDZ what does it matter, play the boy. Just maybe he gets some confidence, then if you all like trade him for some washed up, never been good Dman. But play him you fool

  107. What, exactly, is Richards’ function and excuse? He’ll never get a headache or ulcers; he’s a carrier.

  108. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Your 12:54 is dead on! Vibin’!

    I don’t think it makes a difference of AV or torts with this current roster regarding physical and intimidating response. This roster doesn’t have anyone to do it so the coach doesn’t matter.

  109. ilb, if it’s a clean hit, get his number and get him a clean hit of your own later on if you want. Getting in someone’s grill right after a good hit is as much as admitting you and your team got nuthin’. I have no problem with the way Callahan plays — need more of it — but saying “grr” after a good hit is pointless.

  110. Matlock Manny on

    News Flash: Jake *Gardiner* sucks. He’s EXACTLY like Del Zotto. He just plays in Canada.

  111. Matlock Manny on

    I hate the Capitals. A lot. A ton. I HATE them. I wish terrible things on them all the time (Except Carlson because he’s on Team USA)

  112. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’ve grown very weary very quickly of hank and that ridiculous contract.

    I quite honestly would move him before his new contract kicks in and address some of the other holes in the lineup with the deal.

    For whatever reason the “team” seems to play better in front of talbot and that is all I need to know.

  113. A monster hit that could cause injury and is considered clean and not worthy of a penalty, is still anathema to a team that is being pushed around. That team, sure, should respond in kind, but when that’s not in your team DNA, it falls to the Captain to show the way and energize his troops.

  114. Matlock
    I hate the Fylers, fishsticks, devil, pens, Canadians more…. And the Rangers as of today

  115. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    RT @NYRangers: No formal morning skate for the #NYR in Toronto today, four players on ice now: Lundqvist, Del Zotto, Falk, Miller
    Retweeted by Steve Zipay

    Does this seem very sad to anyone else but me?

  116. If you played last night, flew to Canada, and are playing again tonight, no need to skate unless you’re going to learn something, which ain’t happening.

  117. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hate the fishies, devils, flyers, bluejackets (because of all the idiot love they get here), Blackhawks, and fighting Sioux!

  118. That’s SOO, especially for back-to-backs on the road, Wick.

    I also think the “play better in front of Talbot” thing is typical … teams do play more responsibly in front of backups, generally speaking.

  119. what are they gaining by playing in Pitt, flying to TO, getting in late and getting up early the next morning, on a game day, just to take a twirl on the ice then go back and take a nap?

    optional morning skates in back-to-backs makes sense, and resting for guys like McDonagh, Girardi, Zucc, etc. is more critical than taking part.

    If I was a coach, I’d think about doing away with morning skates anyway.

  120. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I understand it’s optional and there is a game tonight, but if I am a player…especially a core player or a team leader, my aasen is there leading by example regardless of the turn around time because the way this team is playing is inexcusable!

  121. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m not putting this on AV, I think he should have zippo to do with this, it is ALL on the players IMHO.

  122. I just don’t see how attending an optional skate, with the head coach not on the ice, is leading by example. It’s counter productive in many cases.

  123. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    About Nash…

    No one was going to (or should ever) confuse his playing style with lucic. That being said (I’ve said this a lot since the hanzal fight), I think the way he is playing now is directly related to concussions and career preservation.

    He needs to sit the season out!!!

  124. Why Michael Haley isn’t here is beyond me. Especially with him now healthy and after how well he played last year and how pathetically soft this team is.

    Fix the problems? It starts at the top. This coaching staff is awful. AV is NOT a good coach. He may be a nice guy and put on fun practices but he SUCKS and the record shows it! We need a coach who will hold these pansies accountable and actually build an identity. How about a system that plays to strengths? How about a defensive system? How about a forecheck?

  125. I know before the signing I didn’t want the rangers to sign a 32 year old goaltender to a long contract making 8 mil a year just like when I first heard about the nash rumors coming to rangers I argued I didn’t want him and how he was overrated and how he was a one dimensional player and if he was so good he would make players around him better and on and on and on. Now the rangers are stuck with three bad contracts, nash, lundqvist and Richards. it’s over folks. There is no future to this poorly run franchise. All I can tell youse is stop buying ranger merchandise and stop going to games. Than maybe Dolan will wake the fugg up.

  126. Robby Bonfire on

    I have often wondered about the value of morning skates in hockey, and morning shoot-arounds in basketball, when the actual games are played at night? Seems to me that whenever possible teams should practice a full 24 hours before the next game time, so as to not make tired athletes get up early in the morning to work out when there is a game that night.

    It’s just another form to “jet lag” when the practice time has nothing to do with the upcoming game time. These teams seem to think that the human body can just turn physical activity and emotion on and off like a water spigot.

  127. Matlock Manny on

    Yea but this team is horrible, Carp. And since EVERYTHING they do seems to be optional (protecting the puck, playing in the neutral zone, body checking) it is just another layer.

    Amen, NYR. Haley HAS TO BE UP HERE NOW to replace Dorsett. Miller is not a Dorsett Replacement (although he should be in anyways)

    I’m out on AV. OUT I say!

  128. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fair point. Just my opinion, but I think it makes a difference in the lockerroom. I don’t mean you have to bag skate yourself at an optional, but work on shooting, do a few drills with other guys, something that shows “hey we aren’t playing well at all right now and we need to work on everything”.

    Just my opinion though

  129. Mark Messier, greatest leader of all time, wouldn’t be at today’s optional skate.

    Brian Leetch would be, because he felt he needed to put the skates on every day, take a little twirl, then go back to the hotel and rest up.

  130. Matlock Manny on

    I get it, Carp. I’m just saying, it’s annoying. As a fan you want to see them do SOMETHING that makes you think they actually *care* about winning a game once in a while.

    These players are *NOT* Messier or Leetch.

  131. Robby Bonfire on

    HEDBERG – Really sharp list of yours, above. One point I would add is the “Hartford Shuttle Syndrome,” constant treatment of the younger players in the organization LIKE THEY DON”T BELONG HERE – when they are called up.

    This is my number one grievance as regards the little fat man with the big cigar. He is the world’s WORST sports psychologist.

  132. that’s mad-fan talk, and I understand where it’s coming from, Matlock. Just doesn’t make a lot of sense to the tired athletes and their coach.

  133. No more fancy hotels for these guys! Put ’em all in a Driftwood Motel until they smarten up.

  134. Matlock Manny on

    This team takes *WAY* too many days off. Way too many. Far too many optional skates. Not enough bag skates. They need to be up at 5AM bag skating on days they don’t have games. Have to get them to feel some sense of accountability to at least pride.

  135. Put out a crappy spread and make some of them spend some of that enormous CBA-negotiated meal money that goes directly into their wallets. :)

  136. I heard the Rangers had a great time in South Beach for NYE. It must be nice to be young, rich, and .500

  137. No more Hellmann’s Mayo and Poupon mustard on the table. Stop and Shop private label!

  138. Matlock Manny on

    *Carp*: Maybe I am insane. You are around these players and people. You have been for at least 26 years now. So do you think *they* , the players* actually *care* about winning?

  139. So sick of this hovering over .500 already …at least if they start sinking we would be spared boring mediocrity and maybe it would lead to radical changes.

    How does A/V justify sitting Zucc and Pouliot during their struggles and not Nash?

  140. Matlock: Yes. I do think so. Are some of them willing to do what it takes to win? Not nearly enough in some cases.

    I will say this. 27, 5, 18 and even 4 … 24, 28, 36, 22, 15, and I think 62 really want to win. Some of them just aren’t good enough to achieve that without some of the others. I know 19 hates to lose, but he rarely shows a willingness to do what it takes to win.

  141. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _That’s not the point, Norm. It was a clean and hard hit. The point is, there is no one trying to respond to anything, including dirty hits, and “bumps” on Hank._

    That is not the problem. This team does not have the skill to match other teams.

  142. add this: If I’m AV, the next time one of my guys with letters on their sweater goes down, 27 gets an A, not 61.

  143. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _ you find players that can help you do what you did in ‘11-’12 every year._

    Most of 2011-12 was attributable to good luck. The only players that could help replicate the _success_ of 2011-12 are skill players, like Rick Nash.

  144. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You are questioning the desire of these players? Ask the players whose heart you question in your next press conference.

  145. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I should have added 30 and 33 to the list willing to do whatever it takes_

    If that is the case, why has Hanka Hanka not improved his stick handling once in his career?

  146. Great point, Carp. And I would un-stitch #19’s A in the middle of the night, except it would probably send him into a death spiral. So, I guess he keeps it for now.

  147. ThisYearsModel on

    Torts had differing levels of accountability for his favorite players too. And as for Kunitz…..he is Rob Brown with Crosby being Mario.

  148. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _which ones am I questioning? and why would I ask them?_

    The players whose numbers you did not mention. Most notably Rick Nash. You should ask them to see if you are right or wrong. Rick Nash wants to win as much as anyone else. He has come back from two concussions, need I remind you of that?

  149. Rob Brown is a great comp. … There was a guy, Young, too. Warren or Wendell Young? Heck, Mario made Kevin Stevens a great player.

    I do think Kunitz is a good player.

  150. Dumb, as usual. To Ricky – “Do you really want to win?”
    “No, I’m glad you asked that.” Get a grip, K.

  151. Vaguely remember Sonny Jurgensen being asked by a young reporter about his not being “in top shape.”

    “I don’t throw with my belly, son.”

  152. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – make it easier on those not with programs and say WHO DOESN’T want to win….

    Del Zotto sucks BTW

  153. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka Hanka:

    _I can’t score goals._

    _Too many defensive breakdowns in front of me_

    _I was screened on those goals_

  154. I think what Carp is saying is that all of them WANT to win; how much individual effort they will put into achieving that dream is up for discussion.

  155. Kreider’s been here 10 minutes. I don’t know him well enough.

    do you think Stepan has shown this season, or in playoffs past, a willingness to go above and beyond?

  156. Too often, players want to win while playing THEIR game. That is where coaching comes in, to turn a group of disparate personalities into a team.

  157. bull dog line on

    so MDZ, who has been sent to the minors by one coach, and scratched by another, is doing what it takes? I am not going to go after Boyle, because I believe he really cares, and wants to win.

  158. Matlock Manny on

    Since Del Zotto makes that list, then I would keep him. Simply cannot get enough in return to justify it.

  159. Matlock Manny on

    Carp didn’t say they “had what it takes” he said that they have a DESIRE to and CARE ABOUT winning.

  160. bull dog line on

    I am also starting to believe that this team struggles are as much about coaching issues more than anything else. I guess last night finally did it for me.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    27, 5, 18 and even 4 … 24, 28, 36, 22, 15, and I think 62
    30 and 33 and maybe 19
    for the record: 17 – J Moore, 16 – Brassaard, 20 – The Kreider, 10 – JT Miller, 61 – Rick Nash, 67 – Pullout, 6 – Norris Sweater Tug doesn’t wan to win…
    But Del Zotto wants to win and
    Gabby wanted to win too, right?
    and maybe Mr. Ed and Zoolander, right…

    Basically the BJs save for Dorsett and the rooks save for Talbot…wow

  162. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _so MDZ, who has been sent to the minors by one coach, and scratched by another, is doing what it takes?_

    All the players want to win. MDZ is not hockey-smart or talented enough to succeed.

  163. Matlock Manny on

    Also, the reason I asked *Carp* was that *he* spends a lot of time around the team and, like it or not, has spent more time around hockey clubs than any of us. He definitely knows much better than we do.

    That’s why Rangers Report rules. We don’t have a writer who’s a 23 year old kid who paid $8 for his dot com domain name and declared himself an expert. He’s not just another fan. Carp is an actual hockey writer that knows REAL PEOPLE in the business and is AROUND the team (and has been for some time).

    Thus, his opinion is valuable. I know you guys recognize that. That’s why you come *here* instead of other “blogs” run by people without press credentials

  164. bull dog line on

    Carp is pretty good at defending his position on his own. he doesn’t need his posse. and I did not say had what it takes, I said doing what it takes.

  165. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    It’s mindless to make claims like that. The claims have no foundation in reality. Rick Nash wants to win as much as DZ and Hanka Hanka.

  166. “I think I played good. Couple few of the other guys around here pretty much sucked.” File that under ‘things you will never hear said.’

  167. ThisYearsModel on

    Vanbiesbrouk called Rob Brown a “goal-sucking pig” because after Mario would beat 3 guys, then pass to Brown for the slam dunk, Brown would celebrate in the opponents’ grill, running his mouth. Once he was separated form Mario, his career was over. Kunitz is better than Brown, but there would be zero talk of Kunitz for Canada’s Olympic team if he was playing with anyone else but Skidney. None of this has anything to do with the softest team in the NHL, the one at 2 Penn Plaza. So long as the nameplate on the GM’s door remains the same, there is no hope for improvement. None.

  168. Good afternoon all! Some interesting chat here today. Me, I feel like banging my head against a wall….I am so confounded by this team and don’t tell me AV doesn’t have something to do with it.

    (Well, you can tell me of course, but that’s besides the point)

  169. Look, I didn’t say those players don’t want to win.

    I just told you the ones I know, in my opinion, definitely do want to win and will do what it takes to win.

    6, 17, 16, 20, 21, 37, 44, and others … they all might want to win as much or more than the guys I mentioned.

    I’m not sure about Nash, and that might have plenty to do with his concussions. And his playoff performance and post-playoff evaluation.

    I know 19 wants to win. But he doesn’t show me that on the ice.

  170. and in some cases, No. 4 for example, he’s just played terribly for a long time and he’s probably done here. Doesn’t mean anything about what’s in his heart.

  171. bull dog line on

    they were totally unprepared for the game. it was as if they had never seen Pitt play before. and his personal choices make no sense, and as Carp has said many times, there is accountability for just a select few.

  172. Matlock Manny on

    What kills AV for me is his in game management. So many times he chooses to put out a 4th line in an offensive zone situation following a TV timeout. I don’t get it.

    I think, as I was angrily barking about before he actually started “coaching”, he relies far too much on statistical analysis and scientific mumbo jumbo rather than just coaching with his gut and actually actively participating in the game occurring in front of him.

  173. Carp:

    Do you ever get heat from either management or players for some of your comparative outspokenness?

  174. all the time, CAP. I am hands-down Slats’ least favorite, and I hear about stuff I’ve written about the players and coaches. Almost daily.

  175. I think AV is a good coach. One thing I noticed though is that he doesn’t adapt his strategy, and his lineup, within a game though. And it’s not about motivation or yelling at players. It’s about adapting to a specific game flow. Sometimes you need to switch from defensive man-on-man to more zone/hybrid system, depending on who you play, and back. It seems it may take him much longer to get his system work than I originally thought.

  176. Matlock Manny on

    Cap Geeked: Since you’re around here a lot, and not just another made up account, you should probably get an Avatar (a/k/a Gravatar) so you have an image. That helps make it easier to read the posts that we want to read.

    https://en.gravatar.com <–if you go there you can have one in under 10 minutes. I suggest an awesome Violent Gentlemen logo.

  177. Adrian Dater
    3 minutes ago

    Two scouts from one Eastern team are here to see Avs-Sharks…

    And that team is the…New York Rangers. It’s becoming an open secret that the Rangers may be thinking about a deal with the Avs. I’m hearing they may be interested in Tyson Barrie. But Barrie is not playing today, and neither is Ryan Wilson. If the Avs are trying to showcase either player for a deal, they aren’t giving the Rangers or any other team much to look at.
    The Rangers are the only Eastern team with scouts in the building today.

  178. Can you imagine if the Rangers were in one of the major more heavily followed sports in this town? The ridicule would be non-stop.I don’t think Sather would be able to survive. Dolan would be under so much more heat. Like with Isiah.

  179. Keep the crossbar, but the top of the net should be removed so that shooters can loft up …no, never mind.

  180. even a lot of the people covering for major news outlets don’t realize how poorly-run the organization is. and forget about the major columnists. complete lack of understanding … it’s always the coach.

  181. ilb, you hit the nail on the head. I agree that AV DOESN’T adapt. I remember Dave Maloney saying the exact same thing.

    IMO, that’s exactly why he isn’t a good coach. Good coaches adapt.

  182. Both Torts and Vinegar are hampered by a bazillion dollar one trick pony; big bucks that should have been spent elsewhere.

  183. It’s sometimes the coach Carp :)

    And as
    much as like to comment on other “columnists” I need to stay employed so pass ….:)

  184. boxcareddiehospodar on


    Bullseye with point #11!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hagelin/d.moore and stephan are horrible.

    can’t belive stephan made the olympic team.

    gotta be able to trade stephan and hagelin for a big body.

  185. Very true, coos. Big reason why I think Torts isn’t here. Of course, Richards cried and complained to Slats about him. And, now, Richards won’t be held accountable on the ice by AV.

    Here’s to hope that they will be gracefully buying him out. With the cap going up, do you think Slats will keep him around?

  186. Funny that we are complaining about AV’s inability or unwillingness to adjust or adapt in game, and I don’t disagree at all. In the end of torts time here, we were saying the same things about him. At least I was and honestly I was expecting AV to be more dynamic than he is proving to be.

  187. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Both Torts and Vinegar are hampered by a bazillion dollar one trick pony; big bucks that should have been spent elsewhere_

    Hanka Hanka?

  188. boxcareddiehospodar on

    The only way AV can adapt is call up 9 players from Hartford.

    This team is God awful. Scotty bowman could not win with this team!!

  189. NYR, Despite Torts liking Richie personally, I strongly suspect that Slats dictated staying with him as long as he did. Once Torts just couldn’t take it anymore and sat him, the die might have been cast. AV seems to be in the same sticky situation.

  190. I agree Coos. I really think Sather is the mind behind keeping Richie out there. Torts was probably fuming over it.

    I miss Torts.

  191. The grass is always greener!! I want the grass in Pitt or Boston or Chicago but all I got for Xmas was this NYR grass and it’s not so very green.

  192. Point # 9 about Mats Zuccarello reminds me of the Rangers of the early 1980’s when Eddie Johnstone was one of their better offensive players, he scored 40 goals. Good for Eddie but not good for the Rangers.

  193. I’ll take a few players form Colorado. Even Bordeleau. I’m sure we won’t get any of the good ones though.

  194. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    All my retorts are meaningful. Few are able to grasp the meaning (:

  195. well, Johnstone scored 30 twice … and he could and would fight anybody.

    but, yeah, those guys can’t be your best players.

  196. EKLUND (aka “clueless clown”) reporting that Rangers have interest in GABORIK.

    What is this court jester smoking?

  197. Eklund in Colorado?

    why would they have interest in an impending UFA they didn’t want … who is out for the season?

  198. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _All teams would want Brian Boyle. Not all teams would want Zuccarello_

  199. re: ilb’s last comment – as a basketball aside (possibly non applicable) Jeff Ruland at Iona was often zoned to death, then when he faced man on man in the Pro’s, he became a monster and flourished.

  200. CARP,

    I’m with you …

    EKLUND must be in downtown Denver right now trying all his different options.

  201. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I’d take a healthy Gabby six times a week and twice on Sunday rather than #19._

    You would also take a bag of pucks over Richards. You are unable to see clearly in the case of anything, most notably Richards. (:

  202. Mannu, you escaped a thrashing recently in Hamden due to semi-blizzard. Monday reschedule.

  203. Bordeleau? I watched him play for a few games in a row because Wicky seems to like him. He can really fight. But his _skating_ makes John Scott look like Apolo Ohno.

  204. That’s right, ilb. He can fight! He’s perfect for that 4th line role no one believes Bickel can handle.

  205. bull dog line on

    I would not dress Miller tonight. I would play 7 Dmen. dress MDZ as your 7th. if he is going well, ride him. if not use Allen.

  206. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If the Rangers ever acquire more skill, Zuccarello would be perfect for a 4L role. Tough, gritty, skillful and fast. What would be the reason for employing a fighter for one of twelve forward spots? The Rangers have tried that with numerous players, yes? Brashear, Orr, Boogaard and Bickel. Have any of those four players contributed to winning games?

  207. bull dog line on

    we have seen Bickel. he is not that good a fighter, skater, or defender. he is where he belongs.

  208. Orr was awesome and they should have never spent seasons attpring to replace him

    Zucc absolutely cannot play on the 4th line. Ever.

  209. You’ll have to be more specific, Ava. I think they certainly plan on giving the Toronto fans something to cheer about.

  210. carp, lotta great spirited debates on here i agree! lotta lawyers i think! and some comedy thrown in too. i’m digging james g’s no nonsense demeanor and miami, eddie n coos lighthearted banter. now, this hanka hanka carcillo is mindblowinly brilliant though. give the man an A for effort

  211. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Zucc absolutely cannot play on the 4th line_

    Is there a set type of player that can play 4L?

    A. Skill-less goon. B. Faceoff specialist with no other skill

  212. Heavyweight——Defenaive Center/Face off guy——–speedy, middle weight agitator


    That’s an NHL 4th line.

  213. bull dog line on

    nailed it Kenneth! if you want to play 4th line on the Rangers, those are the things you need to be. because there have been no lessons learned here, even after being beaten by 4th lines in the last 2 playoffs.

  214. We’re beaten by 4th lines because they play with more panache than our first and second lines.

  215. You’re the man GRABBY. Love having you back bro. You’re stronger and tougher than most of the Rangers players. Aw hell, you’re tougher than the whole lot!

  216. watching this Colorado power play…. wow.

    and that Mckinnon is really good…

    probably better than “THE YOU KNOW WHO”. At least at offense.

  217. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _We’re beaten by 4th lines because they play with more panache than our first and second lines._

    They play with more skill and speed.

  218. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Are the Avalanche still trading their United States Olympian Paul Stastny?

  219. eddie floating in his hot tub with an Andy Warhol DelMonte ketchup bottle filled with sun lotion and a tall flute of Dom Perignon. On vacation, checks direct deposited. Who has it better? Who?

  220. kenneth, i usually dont think its funny when i see the “hanka hanka” i noticed you put up a 5 spot of hankas after 5 goals last night. i literally spit my drink all over the place and almost choked to death. not kidding. i love hank n all, but that 1 post i saw had me in tears. its just one of those things u normally dont laugh at, but thank u for the gigs. i’m being serious

  221. as Mckinnon goes down and rips his second goal on the new SJ goalie…4-0.

    its gonna get ugly.

  222. bull dog line on

    number 1 overall, and number 3 overall. no to tough to hit on your picks when you are drafting that high.

  223. thanks mannzu!!

    mama- got in a 2 on 1 brawl, then drove home battered n bruised, no glasses and crashed. not kidding when i say if the one guy who stopped and helped me, i’d be dead. i wish i couldve got his name i feel so lucky somebody finally stopped n gave a crap to help. i’ll tell u more on fb ok.

  224. Duchene is better than both of them.

    they got lucky on some lottery picks…

    but they used them well..

    its hard to miss when you draft that high.

  225. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You are welcome, grabby. It is intended to be humorous.

  226. well, now anytime i see a hanka hanka i have a chuckle. anyway, i just hope we either get some decent players in a trade or 2, make a good run, or completely bottom out. no more in between crap that we cant even draft a top prospect.

  227. Carp
    as usual a great review
    (was at a family gathering — a GOOD one for a change, my little cousin’s birthday party — so i didn’t watch the game but i checked twitter and know enough of what happens against pens to visualize the horribleness)

    i can’t remember where i read it but someone wondered, based on last night’s game, if AV has already lost the room.

  228. Since the eye injury Staal has been an absolute liability on the ice. He was always brutal offensively, but at least you could live with since he was shutting down the opposition.

    I know he wears an A, but Staal is hurting the team and needs to sit.

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